Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 3, 1946 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 3, 1946
Page 2
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*AMPA NlWS .Sunday* Mokh $, ' . • .'•' '; :'>"'?• '.'• .' ' \ Osborne Pool Exlended to East With of Oil by Texas Co. Wildcat Wildcat Rale h Drilling at 4495 The Humble Oil and Refining CO. No. 1 M. R. Scruggs, section 58, block 19.-H&GN survey, a wild- t$.t hole in Collingsworth county. Is* drilling below 4495 feet. The L. A, Helms No. 1 W. C. Wfltson, in wildcat, territory in Swlsher county, section 125. block M-10, BS&P survey, was shut down at 585 feet with the hole full of water from 535-45 feet. WPRA Service Agent Units To Be Tested Today or Tomorrow Units involved in the West Pnin- P£ RepreSsurlnR Assn. project in ihr Skelly Co. Kingsmill plant will In- tested cither today or tomorrow, Fjed Neslage, pool engineer, stated last night. Units to bo' loslcd nvo the hydrogen sulficle trealrr and the dehydration' units. High pressure uas will bn put in the main reprcssuring system which is" to be tested this week. If nothing is radically wrong; operation will start within I ho next 10 days. Pressures of all input wells have been tested and witnessed by the railroad commission. Sixiy-eight of the proposed 75 initial input wells have been officially approved by the executive committee, pool engineer and operators concerned in the project, and are consequently definitely designated as input wells. HUBER POLING "C" AT TOTAL DEPTH The J. M. Huber Corp. Poltnij 'C" No. 1, section 31, block Y-2, TT RR survey, 'Carson county, drilled to a'total depth o! 3001 feet and- acidized in two stages with 8,000- gallons. The; Gulf Oil Corp. No. 32 Faulk- V/oshed and Screened SAND AND ' High Early and Regular £ Cement. Transmix Concrete & - Material Co. i (Deliveries Anywhere) ; ; G20 S. Russell Phone 428 SHAMROCK, (Special)—One and one-half miles east of production in din Csborne pool and south and rast of any production in Wheeler county. The Texas Co., No. 1 Myrtle S. Bills, section 15, block 13, H&GN survey, has 100D feet of oil in the holo. . First showing of oil was indicated it 2138 feet which was struck on ihf mor.iing tour Saturday by J. A, Green. .Irillt/r for Colvin and Colvin, contractors of Alma, Ckla. The well was ilrilled to 2.146 and :hnt with 2f>0 quarts Monday morn- in;_,. Tlu hc.o is being cleaned out jiicl will probably be put on test to:lay or toniorrow. Cringing in of The Texas Co. No. j 1 M. S. Bills should greatly stimulate drilling in the Shamrock area. Thp Columbian Fuel Corp. No. 3 Mankins. £E 4 of section 54, block 13, approximately one-half mile east of Midway, was drilling ahead at 1700 loot. It is also being drilled by Colvin and Colvin. I'HII.Ml'S ANN IK No. 10 HOU; HAS (.'.,() FKUT OIL The Phillips Petroleum Co. No, 10 Annie. Gray county, drilled to a total depth or :J10S fcc't, set five and onf'-haH-ir.:h casing at 3000 fent will) 130 -;aoks. rMist showing of oil '.vis had at 3024 icpt and 3032 feet. (her' 1 was GOO loot of oil in the hole. TIIKEK WELLS COMING IN IV MOORE COUNTY The .1. M. Hubt>r Corp. No. 1 Geor- yia Owen, 1320 foot from the north and west lines of the Love survey, tested 7 million cubic fpet of gas after heini? shot with 300 quarts from 2975-3075 feet. The well was drilled to 3175 fret with increases of gas Irom first .ihosving at 7.945-05 feet lo total depth. Tlin Phillips Petroleum Co. No. 1 Need, section 03, block 3, G&M survey, drilled to 294G feet. First indication of gas was from 2475-85 feet which increased at 2940 feet. The veil was acidized with 10,000 gallons in two stages and is now being test-d, Shamrock Oil and Gas Co. No. 1 Otis Phillips, see.tion 6, block 1PD, G&M survey, and 12 million p :ubic eel o' ya.s after being acidized in Iwo stages with fiOQ'J "aliens. The well was drilled to 3100 feet, plugged back to 3075 feet. First show of S'as was at 2748 feet which increased down to 3075 feet where there was in estimated 5 million r.ubic feet of •;ns in the hole. ner "A," in the N'/i of section 27, block B-2, H&GN survey, Gray county, set 10 : ."i-inch casing at 376 feet with 125 sacks and were drill- in!, 1 in Hine and dolomite at 2632 feet. A slight show of f;as was indicated at J, r )5() feet. Road Classified Ads in tlin NRWS t. CONTRACTING ENGINEER — INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION Plans and Estimates Phono 254J Box 139G Oil and Gas Well Supplies GENERAL SUPPLY CO. 718 B. CUSXER fllOIVE 1413 RADCLIFF SUPPLY CO. OIL FIELD EQUIPMENT 113 E. BROWN PHONE JOE N KEY PHONE 250 BOX 843 Digging of Basements, Cesspools and Earih Tanks. Also Crane work. Greggton Parts Shop No. 2, Ltd. 103 S. Hobort Phone 674 $ Tulso Winches and Parts • Southwestern Wheel and Rim Equipment (§ Brake Specialists • Oeisel Mechanics • Truck Beds—Trailers—Floats General Truck and Tractor Repair ROCK 6LYCEEIN CO. A Complete and Efficient OH Well Shooting Service 211 Combs-Worley Bldg Phone $ Comulete Chemical Service FOR PARAFFIN Mojulene Master Solvent MIDWEST Staked in Week Nine notices of' intention" tb drill were filed with tHef rflili-tfftd com- rni^sion office and five additional locations were reported from the field during the week ending Peb- ruftry 28. Of the nine notices filed two were reported rom the field Inst week. CARSON J. M. Huber Corp. No. 1-1 Sanford, 1320 feet from tire south and west lines of section 13, block "s", HfrGN survoy, 17 miles northwest of Panhandle. Gil AY Sloan Cil and Gas Co. No. 13 RUby Sackett. 900 feet from the north and west lines of the SW/4 of section 148. block 3, I&GN survey, 8 miles northwest of Pampa. IfUTCIIINSON J. M. Huber Corp. No. 2 Lu:as, 4950 feet from the east and 330 feet from the north lines of section 21. block "A", DL&C survey, six milrs west of Pringlc. J. At Huber dorp. No. 1 Jasper, 1651 feet from the east and 33t) lept from the south lines of the KE/4 of tho NET/4 of section 4, block K-2. D&P survey, six miles west of Pringlc. Herrmann Bros. No. 9 Q. D. lAicns, 2r»10 feel, from the north and 3126 foot from the west lines of section 21. block A, DL&C Co. survey, 10 nvirK northwest of Stinnett. KINO The Ohio Oil Co. No. 1 Roos "C", 537 feet from the south and 575 Ic-et I'rom the onsl lines of section ?•'., block A, 17 miles west of Benjamin. MOORE The Shamrock Oil and Gas Co. No. 4 Brown, 23)0 feet from the north and west lines of section 138, block 44, H&TC survey, six miles southwest of Dumas. POTTER Canadian River Gas Co. No. 9 Masterson "B", 2C40 feet from the west and south lines of section 97, hlcok 0-18, D&P survey. •HARDING CO., N. MEX. Carbonic Chemical Corp. No. 8 T. E. Mitchell and Sons, 330 feet from the south and west lines of section 8, township 19-N, range 30- E. TEXAS CO., OKLA. Cities Service Gas Co. No. 1-B Tni'n. 212 feet from the. north and west lines of the SE/4 of section 27, to«'n''rup 5-N, range 14-E. Phillips Petroleum Co. No. 1 Obin, 2534 feet from the north and 2533 I'eet from the east lines of section 26. township 1-N, range 15-E. Phillips Petroleum Co. No. 1 Haven. 254 feet from the north and 2552 feet from the west lines of .section 25, township l-N, range 15-E. James H. Smith, Pumper, Retires James H. Smith, pumner' with the Texas Co., for about 17 years, was given ,i stag. party by members of I.ho company last night, in recognition or his retirement under the Texas Co., retiring: plan for employees. Smith has been tending the H. M. Davis and A. Holmes leases, living on the latter, about five miles south of Pampa. A chicken barbecue was to be hold at the officn headquarters of the Atlas Tank Co. Co-workers presented smith a S100 bond. The United States waterfowl pop- u'ation increased from 27,000,000 in 1934, to 120,000,000 in the spring of 1943. Oil Men 1659*Barrel Producer Added by Ohio Oil Co. in King County Total Field Potential 2116 Barrels of Oil, 52,940 Mcf of Gas A total potential of 2115.63 barrels of oil and 52,940,000 cubic feet of gns were brought into the Panhandle oil and gas field this week. The rapidly developing region in King county was the location of the largest oil producer, a 1659-barrel well by the Ohio Oil Co. Located in-section 24, block "1 R. B. Masterson survey, the No. 4 W. R. Ross "A" was drilled to 5294 feet with the top of lime pay at 5220 feet. Ten and 3/4-inch casing was set at 357 feet, 5'.4-inch oil string run at 5214 feet and 2 3/8-inch o.d. tubing, 5190 feet. The crude oil tested 216 cubic feet of gas to the barrel. A four hour rail- react commission test ian 276.52 barrels. Also in King county the Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. 19 Bateman Trust estate, section 102, block "A", J. B. Rector survey, tested 141.63 barrels of oil in 24 hours on a railroad commission test. The well was drilled to 5241, with top of pay at 5094 feet. It was acidized with 4000 gallons. CARSON In the SKeiiytown pool the R. S. and E. C. Sidwell No. 4 Gerthn McConncll, section 67, block 4, I&GN survey, drilled to 3210 feet and pumped 18 barrels of oil in 24 hours on a railroad commission last. Granite was pay was -from. 3180-3210 feet. It was not shot. GRAY The Magnolia Petroleum Co, No. 5 J. W. Cantrel, section 136, block 3, I&GN survey, tested 97 barrels of oil on a 24 hour lailroad commission test after being drilled to 3250 feet with granite wash pay from U198-3250 feet. The Plains Holding Co. No. 0 Chapman SE/4 section 49, block A9, H&GN survey, tested 45 barrels on a railroad commission test. The Phillips Petroleum Co. No. 2 Pan-Karrah gauged 128 barrels of oil in 24 hours. HUTCHINSON Gulf Oily Corp. ivb. 114 C. L. Dial et al tested 21 barrels in 24 hours. Recovery of Oil By Gas Pressure Is One.'Five Ralio WICHITA PALLS. March 2—(#)— Don T. Andrus, past president of the Pennsylvania grade crude bil association, asserted today that only one , f barrel of oil in'five cah be extracted by former gas-pressure methods. He spoke at the one-day meeting here of the north Texas dil and gas association. Stressing the growing importance of secondary recovery methods for oil, Ralph T. 2ook, past president of the Independent Petroleum asso* elation of America, and numerous other recovery .specialists from the Bradford-Allegflhy field in Pennsylvania and the EartlesvtUe' and Dallas stations of the bureau of mines spoke. Guests attending the meeting in- la the Kellerville pool the Magnolia Petroleum Co. No. 10 J. P. Koons, section 43, block 24, H&GN survey, drilled to 2473 feet with granite wash j.-.iy from 2405-40 feet and tested 24 barrels of oil in 24 hours on a railroicl commission test HARDING CO., N. MEX. Carbonic Chemical Oorp. No. 8 T. E'. Mitchell & Sons, section 8, tow:?* ship 19-N, range 30-E, drilled to 1798 feet with lime pay from 178096 feet and gauged 2 million cubic feet of fwis. SANDOVAL CO., N. MEX. The t. B. UmDaiger No. 1 Armigo grant, section 1, township 12-N, range 3-W, was found dry at 1000 feet and abandoned CIMARRON CO., OKLA. Pure Oil Co. abandoned their No, 1 1 McCoy, section 2, township 4-N, range 8-E, at 4841 feet. TEXAS CO., OKLA. The Southwestern Public Service No. 1 Oliver, section 3, township' 2-N,' range 14-E, drilled to a total depth of 2808 feet,, plugged back to 2790 feet and tested 16 million cubic feet of gas. Lime pay was from 2730-90 feet and rock pressure at 408 pounds. Cities Service Gas Co, 1-B Truitt, section 27,' township 5-N, range 14- E, drilled'to 2789 feet, was not shot, and gauged 28.3 million cubic feet of gas. Lime pay Was from 2765-89 feet, rock pressure at 435 pounds. Plan! T« Be Bttlll fet, March §.-(#) -A. floOO.iHie Synthetic g&ollfife plaht frill be' biiiifc ih tHe' jfifewrtS- viile area to pTpdtfc'e; gasolifiC fftJfn natural gas, "fiwbett T. WllSbfc, president of' La dlfir'ift, cqrpbtalldH, Corpiis Christ!, ahhonnced todayr Wilson, mayor-elect of this city, isaid he is one" oT' the' T»6je'cT§ backers and that the plant will be completed in about two yea|s. the plant will process around 60,000,000 cubic feet of natural- gas daily, Jlro* dncing about 5,80& bari-elS of high o6tarie gasoline, - i,26ti ' barteis of cliesel fuel, and alcohol and other chemical 'prdciucts. Wilson "said Ihe plant would produce fuels .by use of an entirely_new techiilcfiie. Eight Interests are sUppbttihg the project, he stated i • The; ,T$xfls company, La Gloria .corporatiph, the Chicago corporation, tfnitedj Gas corporation", Forest -Oil botpbratibn, Niagara Shares' corporation, GUlf States Oil company and Stone arid. Webster, Ine: ' " ' ~ ' '" Hydrocarbon Research, Inc., which 'developed the process to- be -used, will design the plant and supervise Ihe initial operation. Wilson said it Was anticipated the Reconstruction Finance corporation would' loaij. nVbney to cov*er half the costs of the project: ' One half of the" natural' gas utilized will be supplied by the La Gloria corporation and the other half by the GUlf States Oil 'company of El Paso. Man once believed it was possible to make gold, arid many men spirit their lives working at the task'.' These men were the first alchemists. eluded Dr.. George H. PaJicher'of the University of Texas, H.'H.' Hillof •the Dallas office of the bureau,'of mines; arid R: C. Eartougher and' E. G.' 'Dahlgreh. of'TuJsa;,';. • One Beautiful 8x10 Sepia- Tone Enlargement! & . .. .• ,••... <j*.-• ....i'.-.?., .• With Each Order of 3x5's or More Clarence Quails Studio 154 N. Yeager Rhone 852 observe the World Day of Prayer, friday, march 8 spelk perfection jog-olong jacket long on style, tailoring and. satisfaction' . . . self-folding for speed and convenience . . . replaces itself when put away ". 6,50 trikskirt koret presents tj>e smar.tesj; jacket of the 'season . . . the "jogi'a-Jppg" in blud pr bro'wn blazer stripe . as advertised in ANNOUNCEMENT! '• -- ..... •--—"-"' ..^-^~~~-±-~~~±~E. MY Stafford has purchased the P,E Stop Station and C. W. Shaw is still With hiffl saving the same fine SKELLY oils, and premium gasoline,--4LL AUTO SERVICE INCLUDING WASHING AND LUBRICATING, YOUR PATRONAGE WILL BE APPRECIATED P. K. ONE STOP STATION Corner West Foster and Somerville Why a Shortage of Women's Hosiery And What YOU Can Do About It Over half of the women in the United States will not have sufficient stockings (luring (Ke entire year of 1946. Many will not be able to obtain any. There will only be 54% of the total 1940 hosiery production in 1946. Why? DuPonts, sole makers of Nylon yarn, stated recently that only enough yarn to produce 30,000,000 dozen pairs of Nylon stockings will be available for the year of 1946. Production ' in 1945' of women's stockings of all kinds amounted, to 43,000,000 dozens, and this quantity fell far short of the demand. Where Are the Rayon Stockings? On Oct. 1, 1945, the War Production Board tli'few'out control-order M37-J) under which • • • • • rayon yarn'was set aside'and sold to the manufacturers of women's hosiery. This rayon yarn is now being used for other pur- . poses, The hosiery manufacturers are unable to prociire ANY' rayon' yarn. Consequently, yqu 'will get no more rayon stockings, We know you don't like rayon stockings as we|f as Nylons, but they're certainly far better than nothing.' If You Want Ray on Stockings--• during 1W, to help Nil your hosiery iwed^ , until more Nylons are available, (whjch will not he until 19*7) 't}»en wriie'a letter, ac^resse^ to— House of Representatives Washington, D. C, is surely interested in this AND TEM, l«M THAT HAVE B/VVON STOqKIKGS, and , that order M37-P should be reinstated |M : MEprATELV, cornpclliny the producers of ra^pn y»rp tQ v afa(>j"se|l to the hosiery manufacturers, who will theit make raygp , stock jngs, Write ' ve They were immediately put on saje without . advance notice to anyone. None were rei served','. None were cajlefl, Our salesladies^ along with our customers were aihjwed onjy one pair. We feel that H»js is »'Ulf'»»&/•* hi^j^ a tjjffiPijU sitiwtlon, futijjfe sWi lUs \vjfc be handlea ty 'a like jnip^j,

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