The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 29, 1952 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 7
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** il f , c iicaliy. re 51 GALBBAITH patients are treated for non-serv- May 26 «B—A ice-connected illnesses or ail- w leaves the Vet- , ments — that is, sickness having with no con- no connection whatever with the of patients fact that the patient once served each year.' in the military. the only on -There is some criticism of this, js the number but Adm. Joel T. Boone, medical and this is in- director of the VA, said the'critics with construe- shoot at the wrong target. regU (rT"'hospitals. The law gives all ex-service- Pff £ on VA hospital men the right to free government "• two of every three hospitalization, Boone said, in an ' interview, and VA simply follows the law the way Congress passed it. The provision opening VA hospitals to all"ex-servicemen is this: law says non-service-connect- cases must be given VA hospital care if the individual veteran.— "in his opinion" — cannot stand the cost of it. Service-connected illnesses are 111 May 26 OPJ— given priority on bed space, but ' epared Mon- th<1 H+Tl ° r^t-^a "*~ ^" ~~;«;—" Ouster des Stand g little phrase sake 5To. d ' iq hntyis 19, npes ,n Mason easier, «. ™*™ a second lieutenants com- an ,r» : «s'on since tne an " h an Indian massa- H years sgo. Ready To Put es On Spot Calif OJ.EJ— Set- elieve 'they finally the number of - the in his opinion 7 by VA in any case. Some VA people have pointed thej r are helpless, when a veteran whom to have a good bank account chooses to avail himself of VA facilities lor, say, art appendectomy. Boone declines to state lus personal fee-ling ou whatever this is a good ur bad -situation, but among his subordinates the phrase is defended almost TO the las; uvui. VA's legal experts have considered closing the gap by prosecuting in .certain cases on allegations of fraud. But they always have concluded they could not make a substantial legal ca?e which it is not fraudulent to hold DALLY CROSSWORD ACROSS 2. Roman 18. Be off! 1. Animal's money (slang) foot 3. Humid 19. Sailor 4. Implore 4. Swell 20. A wing 7. A foray 5. City { Pa.) 22. Dross 9. Milton's 6. Alcoholic 23. Uttlc jobs F t A I •5 I T f ;c T • o o * N E <^ S ip§i s CfuTA N AJU R P BJE A fc 6 f< j A TY T S • &i K?jA.E ^ps ; gc Ata ^ ^1" & U|£ * A 5 L We 4 IS £ N ' < A V : P £ i£G 1&M ft TO H A 85 ' E N - NlOj "regent of liquor 74 Woffish t§a£&jYi£iAisrrES«« ,o l hesun " 7. Spar 25. Before 12. Stop 8. Always 26. Bo*- (naut.) 10. A drink of 28. Juice of 13. Cant milk ami plants 14. Determined eggs 30. Affected 15. Mature 11. Parrots with tediurr 16. Greece (New 31. Let down (abbr.) Guinea) 32. Pitcher 17. A braced 15. Lofty 33. Wither framework mountain 35. River (Sib. 20. Cuckoo 21 Surpa*"" — 22. Astringent fruit 23. Lucid 26. Ensigns 27. Injure 28. Body of water 29. Open (poet.) 30. Bracelets 34. Smallest state (abbr.) 35. Cut off, as the tops 36. To be in debt 37. Come in 39. Cruder 41. River (Fr.) 42. River <Fr.) 43. Tablet 44. An obstruction DOWN 1. Dish ^ 2 4 7 ^ 23 27 2? 3* 57 <*t ^ 8 m 2* tm m 25 % 33 «3 - / ^j/ / 8 21 % 35 ^ <? m 30 W. % %, S % 28 W, w w lo Ib [A [R 3 Eifl & v e 3£ L E N C HA 5 E ) 5 Np ss %a\ I%| Li3ii A R £ N / E f E O ? S 3 A S 1 , E e S Yetterdftjr'i Aeiwer I 38. Apex 39. Vein of a leaf > 40. Man's name 3 ^ 26 ^ 3* 42 ^ % H2 m •=10 % % 20 % 3 ' 36 ^ o 6 ^ 32 % % / % 33 m — Shepard Barclay On Bridge bfiei at ' the University of if a solvent veteran signs a statement that "in his opinion" he can not stand the cost ^_ show the housefly has o £ a minor operation or hospital- Ir'ous resistance to pyrethrum. jzation for other causes there could [rinin is not the most efficient hardly be proof of fraud. "" es but is most effec- in defense of the law, Boone's „„._ hte flies. associates ignore legal aspects. ; p"ff. \Vinteringham, visiting They cite statistics showing a ma[^ scientists, is experimenting jority of non-service-connected the u?e of radioactive syn- cases would end up in some other -'vrsihrum in tracing its type of public-supported hospitals "/action in the houseflies. if not under VA care. Si the entomologists learn This majority have what th3 doc- te material works, they hope tors call "community diseases'' l-the killing action of it and ailments which require long hc-s- Wrful new insecticides to P^H 23 ^ ^^ ^ fm ' inc - al ^wer.ji i v.,.:^ «n abilities of most persons. _ bou'efnes cant build up March 23 1952 for ex- Cute as they have to other ^ • ^ -^ -• --chemicals in the past ^ ^ A hospitals More ^2,, 70> . 000 - were non-service-connectcci cases. Of these, 23,193 were psychotics, 4,835 were other psychiatric or neurological cases, and 9,635 were tuberculosis cases. "If we didn't take care of these people, some other public s.eency would have to, in most case.s," said one VA official. IS Rice for Dessert Tontghf IT IS ONLY IN THE WORD OF GOD! HEAR IT PREACHED BY EVANGELIST M. J. CUNNINGHAM, JR, OF DALLAS, TEXAS commissioned hts disciples to go "info all the world and h the gospel to every creature." But, we find today that are other "gospels" which are NOT really the gospel of :t, but there be some who trouble the world and "pervert spel of Christ." (See Gal. 1:7). We pray that we of the of Chtst do not pervert it, but rather preach it in its t sense. Won't you come and see? We solicit your most ing eye of inquiry, "and your attentive eers io what we . Come! Bring your Bibles, family, and friends to the jcipel meeting now in progress at the church of Christ located SftH Street and Davis-Road. Services each evemnq at 7:45. ware welcome. "COME NOW, AND LET US REASON FOGETHER." i sa . i : is. "A Fence Of Everlasting Beauty' C 3 Years To Pay.. Estimates Without Obligation IS THE TIME TO BUY Your Boytown Dealer Today! PHONE 2024 HUMAN FACTOR COUN'TS WHEN" you say there is no such thing as "always" or "never" in bridge, you mean that such a thing is s e 1 d o m encountered.^ Common sense tells you, however, that there are some matters to which those terms can be applied. Even • w i t h those, however, the human factor may enter and override every other consideration. Lapses of a human type can include such things as revokes, accidental dropping of cards, memory lapses which result in absurd sequels, and others too numerous to recall. 465 ^ J963 , 10876 K 10 8 2 N W E S Q74 $. K 9 5 A J 10 6 2 A K Q J 10 9 A5 Cop Plays Fireman NEW BRITAIN, Conn, — (IP) — Stanley Gworek, a policeman, doubled in brass as a fireman. Ke spotted a parked automobile on fire, dashed into a nearby store for a fire extinguisher and put out the blaze. 4.KQ8 (Dealer: South, East-West vulnerable.) r ; South West North East ' 2 NT 3 NT A Centra! Press Feature After apologizing to North for not passing the sure g'ame bid of 3-No Trumps, he explained that he felt a slam would be in the cards if North could do anything except pass over the 4.-Spades. Obviously North couldn't. And just as obviousl3 r , South had no v.-ay to avoid losing four tricks in the side suits, so was set one. Poor South said after the deal that his was the only hand he ever saw, or heard of, which contained 150 honors at either suit or No Trumps. And to think, He didn't even get an ordinary not vulnerable game out of it., So if such a deal isn't a sure thing to produce a game, what is? When the factor of human I tendencies and erro rs is considered, maybe there isn't such a thing. Maybe any hand could be kept from producing a game if some one of the players should go berserk enough in one way or another. *__*•.*• Tomorrow's Problem Pass Pass Pass Pass 44 Upon seeing South's hand, you would bo inclined to say that a game was an absolutely sure thing for his side. But if so, you would be wrong. You might not have felt so sure if you had known what happened in preceding rubbers. South had t a k e n a bad licking, and was somewhat flustered. Also he was desperate to recoup his position, so went gunning for a slam. 4 9354 V A+ A Q 10 4,642 Tf T *> ^ J108 54 ' J2 N W E S 63 A Q6 ^963 4-K9S 4 i.710 4 A J 10 >', ' if <HE SAnOWN.SU^JHURSDAY^MAYjZ?,, ,1952 ~ PASXJ: HOLLAAY'S** Convenience Is o<nfy -one many easy-steps to big money _< javings when you shop ai Holla-" way's . . . low shelf fo shelf prices c and the finest quality foods make more and better food possible for. your family when you shop the Holiaway Way. FRESHLY DRESSED -1 8 IN ONE LB. PKO. $.75 4. AK85 (Dealer: South. North-South vulnerable.) What is South's soundest plan at 3-No Trumps after West leads the heart 3 ? KRAFT'S BALLARD .PT. CANS It's Good For Muscles, Says Dancer By ALINE IVIOSBY HOLLYvVOOD, May 26 flPt—That sizzling belly dance? New dancing star Janice Rule yawned Monday. ' -71--, -p^iiy dances for free all day long as exercise. fact, anybody fortunate enough to be driving next to her ' car can watch Janice belly dance while she steers, and there's no cover charge either. Belly dances came to the attention of American culture with the importation of Egyptian beauty Safnia Gamal, who's dancing at Giro's here. But Miss Rule, MGM's new luminary, shrugs she does that dance "to keep my stomach flat." "I don't have time to exercise regularly and practice dancing because I'm. acting in a movie, 'Rouge's Marc'," she explained. "So I learned these special exercises two years ago. A ballet dancer has to keep trim so the muscles don't fall apart. "Here I find out they're the same routine that a belly dancer gets paid S5.000 a week for!" Miss Rule leaped over to a mir- ror in her home to demonstrate. Her stomach, for the ^benefit of exercisers interested In trim tummies, is pulled in, up and out in rfrythm. This dance exercise gave her a 21-inch waist and a stomach as flat and firm as a board. "I feel slightly inhibited," she giggled. 'I usually do this when people aren't watching— while •I'm, driving my car, or between scenes; on a set. "I do it at parties, when I'm : bored, too." "A variation is to pull the stomach from side to side, kind of rotate it. "When you begin, you can't do this for more than a minute at a time. Then you work up to two or three minutes. Everybody should >try it. You can ched pounds that way." She says she knows a couple 1 of' he-man actors who belly dance for exercise when nobody's looking, too. Miss Rule doesn't think she'd ever want to see a beHy dancer in a night Club. • WILLIE •by Leonard Sansome FRESH BLACKEYE "Your Friendly Store" DIAL 2024 GOLLY/ ^OJ 6UKE LOOK BEAUTIFUL T'NIGHT, /V\O/V\/ UNCLE WILLIAM HONOR BRAND FROZEN N PEAS ........ 2 Pfc , 39c UBBTPS FRESH FROZEN BLUE PLATE, PEACH 12-OZ. GLASS IQ'/Z-Oz •" Cans 125 FT ROLL 50c SIZE WOODBURTS . . AfTER SHA¥i:lofON or SUN VALLEY

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