Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 5, 1969 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Wednesday, March 5, 1969
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79th Year Phen* 793-3221 REDLANDS. CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 1969 $1.75 Per Monfh 20 Pages 10 Cenfs Nixon officials say Ten per cent surcharge must be continued WASHINGTON (LTD - Top Ni«n Administratioa officials told OooKTCts today tbe 10 per cent income lax surclurce must be continued. Both TtVMUT Secretary David y. Kennedy and Budget Director Robert P. Mayo, in tlie firmest word yet by the 'Administration oo tbe subject, said economic conditions roalce it neccssoo'm keep tbe lax in dlcct bo'ond its scheduled June 30 expiration. i Mayo said, "today's economic ioiitlook requires extension o( both tbe iordiarce and cx> rises." 1 Tlie excites include certain federal taxes. >ucb a$ on Iteiepbone calls and new car purchases. «- h i c h normally •twld expire or drop sJiarpb' in a matter U mootbs. '. Kennedy and Mayo both testified before tbe House Ways and Means Committee, siving the Administration's stronsest word yet on tbe oulIOok for tbe surtax, impwcd last year to pay for rising Vietnam war costs and to fight inflation. Said Ma}-o: "In the absence of a signfficant change in the level of our Southeast Asia in\-olvefflenl or in the ecooomlc outlook, extension of the surcharge and excises clearly seems required — along with budget nut lax- restraint — to help stem inflatioo." Totibing on President Nixon's plan for a redefined national debt ceiling. Kennedy said. "As best we can now look ahead, we anticipate that tbe surtax will need to be retained to maintain an appropriate budgeury posture." The secretary said the Admteistration bad to consider the consequcoccs of expiration of tbe tax. Kennedy said revenues from tbe surtax in the fiscal year starting July 1 were estimated at SS billion and for the current fiscal jxar the revenues would be SSOO million short of that figure. Thus. Kennedy said, taking away the surtax would mean anticipated surptu-Ms in the^ budget for this fiscal year and next fkcal year would turn into big deficits. word yet that President NLxon likely would ask that it be retained. Kennedy appeared before the tax writers to explain the Administration's proposal for a "redefined" national debt ceiling of S300 billion. Actually, critics said the new ceiling being asked is S382 billion. $17 bBlion over the present $385 union ceiling. Rep. Charles A. Vanik. D- iOfaio, attacked the Nixon plan In his last budget message, as a "fiscal fraud" and said it former President Lyndon B. was an effort to make the debt Johnson anticipated a budget! kMk smaller than it actually is. surplus of sua billion for fiscal' In his redefinition. Nixon 1969 and a $3.4 bDlion surplus excluded from the ceOhig all over .^pending in fiscal 1970. govcrament trust funds, such as Kenned}- and other Adminis- social security and highway tration officials had indicated funds. By excludfaig the trust previous!}' Uicy couW not'funds. Nl\on could seek approv- readily see an alternative to'al of a $300 billion liiw't continuing the surta.x. but Without the redefinition, he Kennedy's and M:vo's state-'wouM have to seek a limit el ments today were the strongest OSS billion. NEW PRESIDENT — Gennan Jlinlster o( Justice Gustav Heinemann (R) is toasted by Vice Chanoel- lor Willy Brandt after Heiiieinaim was dected tbe nation's new Preddent 1^. tbe West Gennan Ekc- (01^ CoIk>ge today in BetUn. In the center is Kari Wicnand, a deputy of tlie Social Democratic Party. (UPI Cablcplioto) SM B6iii8nino man Hjacb jet to Havana lOASO rCPI) - A }3co« weirinc a Fta Jfaaditt Buutacfae and « bcsaid Ujaekad a Kaaiooal Airliaec plane carrsnv 36 pctaons eatiy today and mbbed Us paEseneers as it flew to Cuba. Cuban amboriiies retmed Election goes on schedule TeiTorisfs fiy to assassinate Prime Mm'ster Russians close all land routes to West Berlin Russians may turn out to be Mideast, Viet peacemakers ^ , WASHr .VCTO.V(t«>I)-:"precedent" to snmmft talks ffi^T^^^^'IS; ^••««- ««P«nc opU-;;riU.,the Bussi«» "at a hter hill rmdnlMl hv «milh fift fOf WWM pCtCO With 8' ' _ _ „. . „_, „ —There has been "substantial progress" toward a Middle East but were fnutratcd by South "™ lor wnna peace wnn » —^ ^^^^ Union wffl "nse'^""? "1 J^. Vietnamese police in "nmning «niing to Hanoi, basj ^ X««" to X ii^ there win be foor-power eunbattle in downtoen Saifioo. come to tbe "cautions ccodu- Berlin situation rather than hurt d^KUSsioos. in the United Huong. 6. escaped without sion" the Russians may yet UK prospects for summit taOs.l^'Btians, on the troofalespot. injury. turn oat to be peacemakers in —There is no "great opti- T«« of tbe terrorisU. «bo both tbe MMcMt and \1etnam. mism" for improved rations _ . fired on the prime minister's In a iS^ninute news confer- with Red China in BEBUK (UPK-Tbe Soviets a»e to tratvl Ummgk East'affecled. However Uie Russtaas captured. One was ence televised from the White immediate fntuce. Itodar dosed all time land <*ermai)r. Tbe center leid kadi warned last week that becMsc drtuc^ in a South \1e^ -Hicsday nigbt, Nixon -He has readied •the ta Wetf Beriin lor Ike I* >W>Miedl and t^aaktot Ibeiaf Uie military uancm-crs Uiey jnny uniform. Tbe terrorists fieMcd a bairage of foreign cautious conctaston that the • eeeood leads sonlli Iwsird couM not be respoBstUe for the ^ cattying a deadly policy questions and. for his Soviet Union wffl play a Municb and Ibe Udrd "octh «frty of plane* fl>-ing the West ,n,jpj„oaori bomb. countrymen ibJockade eC 1M84I. Tbe action ,^ . ««s lakca to pralea tbe Wca Hamburg. (;ermaa legislators to West —There are "no plans" to withdraw any American tnwps the, from Vietnam hi tbe near future. Nixon discussed in detail the two -faced aspects of Russian . - _ _ foreign policy. In both the and tbe wwld to peacemaking role not only hi Middle East and Vietnam—a Ibe purloined tao&t to ^^ZJZTJLS^ ILJIZT W«i CMHUIK IMV «<• ^ii Beriin. '«» Huong made thwe poinU: the Mideast, but to Vietnam.", PoBcy he called "ambivalent" SJSTScn tbey* took t^^U ^^T^ ^ TnitS I^Z^ night .rooo 0 ««u. 'oit ' O ^V A *^ S .-^"'SS^^S-' U SIL'I ; pt^^^e ^Xlo tWucan *i «^a ^ Si Airiine siKtesmen said ibe Justice lUabter OOav IW- ^ spokesmen said kSed at lewt ~ - - ' • - ' ' - """^ IUjadww«bo «tid "l ««iMl|n««MM «w eteeted presideal »• «• T*e youths surged down ijoo Comnmiat ami pm«it- rather be in prison fa Ctf« than «».?««^^^ ... . ^'«*''*»»^ Kuriuewiendam ed a major Bed assault fa the ^^»M^t^m^,f^^f *^J^'^ ^^'^^J"*^^^^^ ««» northern provmces. tss^ ss* SI "tssf.'- f -rS- . "fiiis^. related town prison aboul H««««y»«.^,«»C «g>ng fa „^ ^ date mwt receive a majority on price themselves fa Operation tfarae months ago afier senfag military nanemers with Local mililaiy cemmanden the first or second ballot to be Oewey Canywi near the border' an eight-vcar lena for selling ^ Gennan anny. had made -- - narcwics.'lle toM tbe crew be PUyed ' ' spokesmen said killed at least ""^ 'PPropriate -He will make a decision on; want one with them, because response" if tbe Communist the fate of tbe controversial| each of us knows what a ot'ensive continues. antibaUistic missile system the|< —His European trip was a first of next week. coofirootation wouki mean." he sakL Swing-wing jet in Nevada crasit pilots escape Attorney reads from Sirhan's notebooks immediate prwesu to declared presidenL If this tails with Laos. Officers said at least cat-and-mouse same their RustiaB countcrpatu. but be can wfa by a simple ptarality u7 were killed and : LOS ANGELES (UPl)-Cbao- • tic scribbUngs fa notebooks fa fiS ^MTcotics no Sr«ffic o »ier Ibe mafa road Slate Dcpaitmeat oOidaU fa on tbe lUrd boUol. wounded. ^ to Ilelmstedl. 110 niies to the WasbingtM bad m immedbte On Uie fint \Dte netoemann Tlic SMnile^one A Shan was Uie second fa less Uian viile and family.** Hie Boeing 737. West comment Tbo' said Uxy were mtjml SH and Scfaroedcr 4S8 Valley. 370 NELLIS AFB. Nev. (Iffl)-which Sirtum B. Sirtian wrote on 626 Tlie crash of an FUIA fighter- page aner page Uut Sen. bomber fa a dry. lake Tuesday n,,j^ Kennedy most be killed oMT^ „ was Uie second fa less Uian ^^J ^^^TT^ JT^. miles northeast of three weeks and tbe lah since *«« read to Uie jury at his P1ilftt«7 catryiag U opened and ctoinl k at J^j!"!^??^ ?fc.^.!»J^!!?J^!".'«^ the_ffl^"t« piepim'becao ''"'^^l^:^ 3^*"«'Tfl2ri ^v«™'" • *'SL.f^'SSS?JS^JlS»«'»^ Jamiary. 19S7. Defense auornev Grant B vTi mL^U 1Z>tZ^i p .m. fS ..». EST) SSWlliS^ " t^STklS^ '^tAV^,^::^''^J^t a5rfato2HSud°fa''co.2i ~ ' - J It was Uie fourUi attack on a base. names of giri friends and alhi- MimtmlUmu UDtial fa Uiree monUis. An FlllA disappeared Feb. 12 skws to large amounts of mon- WVarnvr 1\ie«day. tefTorisu shot toon a night trafainc mJssion«r- deaUi Dr. lyan Aah. Uie acting from Nellis over Nevada andl Th* '•ooks were presented by Astronouts conduct senator. Cooper was attemptfag to bade up tbe defense contention of an unbalanced mental condition shown by the rambUngs fa the books. On one page Sirhan wrote. "Kennedy must be sacrificed for tbe cause of the poor expbited people." on another he wrote. "Kennedy most faU. Kennedy must faH." "Hie hand Uut is dobg lUs writing wai do Uw slayfag o( Robert F Kennedy." maneuvers Nixm puts Reds oeain ur. iran Ann. ine aeimg "wn sttua over ncvwa • ' -— ""JIIT" a» RedtofrfsM^r: HI.I>M,le»«i of Uie Saigon Uaivenily Utah. A massive search bvolv- ^ l»w«««™ All HOtlCe M <T» 1:30 pjn.) if,eulty of medicine. fag as many as SO planes at ?r«*l'*^?„'"„i*Jl WIIW VII new offensive faculty Year aso today- Hisb 71. kiw 49 SouUi Metnamcse beadqnar- times has failed to tura up a iTtetd«r ttScd. low M ten did not classify Uuoag's U^cc of Uie S6 mHUoo plane. aMailants as Met Qmg. al- An Air Force spokesman said " ~ • slayfag of Uie New Yoric' igned 9 Saer Xone Tfanrtday. WiUifa uwogb plans for Uie Cbmmn- tiie FIIIA Uiat dashed Tuesday SPACE CENTER. HtwsMBiSclwwictait Rported fa a] Sdmcidcatt was fint «o iSiSv'l^'sa^om ?l?*"^"^'*'t "•iJ?!^ ** "JJ^iiT^:?^ <UPI»-T«. ApiST « «t«i. private eo««mltai iriUi doc-ldimb fat« die cramped caUa of *»<« T^WW •« « P-«»- offewhre reportedly called for and was mi^ participating fa Uie nauts. one Cigttfas BaasM tkatluot oa Ibe pomd diat be kad Uie meoo bog. He cBicfBd UWSMI , Bite* «:U. seU J:« ««7* *S""'2l. * "**^ cmdd cansd Thursday's been side and wmiied "a lew sbfa ^bout ?:Z7 aJB. EST and ^* ^ Icmrists struck, wicr plane. sp«««B, a«W aib^ag^; ant be «.d he «t|M^ .•'Srnrr«S:;& sSSIStS^ WASHIN'Cnt>N .UPI>-1V.--"^er "an apprapriat. McDivitt Uter nferriaf to -Alri^. haw a alee ltaie,"|***' tonW«. Eisenhower progressing slowly WASHINGTON (UPl)-Pres- ident Nixon put North Vietoan on notice today to curb its new offensive which has doubled American casualty rates fa the naflbde Cram tfaefr autfienUp to ilt'atladied luur la craft today and teietteed bade a I OBstimfag view «C its fasides. OwnmaniVr iamec A. MCUH vjtt and <«»oe roolde BocsA L. Sebwddort were speodfag Btae oooMUers: rSiace MaasfareTVl stMi«i« M *e MitsMa ef Ihe MT ke miiiBH N MM mt mm •M. nr. Iktm mm «e Khdher er aeti in tfas mooD Indtt'i puitinc it flBwi^ tbfi iint may Ian Aawfcans mooB ttojBunaer. ParM B. Soott stayed behiiid in llie^ wUIe Us space save die sawlcy lander ther call -4ider" iU firat etWtd ewric- out wM mcB at Ibe ooafbels. After Ifaree bours of prrHwIn- arr tests, hone Idevirioa tMwcn sat as riltinilnfit look at tfw \ BtMHffn^ tft tti0 4S0Blrol flC lbs •eafiect apaoeerafL BCCHC Ibe ceven-iaiaula tde-j cast besHi at 9:29 a.ia. EST, not cobc Ik do Ibe EVA(«tta vcWmlar acUvily) laoMROv diere's no sense aastoiriBC R." Sjpace ftjMMy ^ffmafg said. bo«et«r. Ibat Sdtwddcait's ^taoewaik bad aat yet beta csnocMed as a retdt U Us told Scott tdd Ibe two we'icpOols as be prepared la aeal Uw AM three ApoOe • asbaaaab icdeady had colds that Iddaycd Ihdr laaadi three days. iThere was oe tadfaaUaa whit ScMdcart's aaasea. Mtadays Uasiaa:, he a aaottoB aUnen piD batch bctMca the tm ships. Be reported Ibe operaUoa wu eoot udsfaL Cosly wtads de- perfamed wHheot dIBcidQr. i creastag aaaighi. One iavQrtaat test wu IquicUr paaied whca McDMU uigDW m pniCB IBH muocno and loMded the spider's to»r^ ^ dnwfas Gusty Commnnisu fa two Derce'Edward Sdimit Jr.. ftescoti. to" _ _ baulcs Tberfay oa approedies Arte., were picked vp mfajnrcd »!«J 21„ CaWaraU: S«nr ^J^l"^ Uie «» «i«rte> .Rer Uiey ejeded g ^befora ^J^SoJ^^ nnisday. Oew andi"?* "'.'Hff* **"~ spindly la«M< h<«. He taitod oat a window aad lepeiled they jwece stretched out as Ihey boald be. The Idccast Irooi fasida the mr aodale. and a camera dedcaed OB later ffifMs! Ojto flash back a tdeddoa dew] of the BMB wdkfac OB dw yUpto was the lint for Tbe taaee deaiif lha OnRad Sales. Aad It wasitao pDMa, hot little dsa eodd the awtm first awRdinf be dtalfafliiWwd ia the dadtned, a&Uoaaiits iron eae apacecraft:cabfa of the wdrd-loQldaf aUp' to aaalher Ifarangh a pressor-designed to land men oa Uw ind chamber-a bnad as wide awaa. support dtea Uiere far 24 as a narrow doorwar ea earth, hours and Ibea fenr them bade Ibe SodeU pafaiaed a more to Uie mdhertUp. ridcy spacewaBc Iransler wbb Radfa cemmanlcaUnas w&h ISoynz 4 and S fa Jawarjr. Uie two pBeto was virtaally BOO- *VaBidrop, spider, fo ahead exicicBt at OM time, dder, gnaidnp,*' wen the "Gomdrop^ readtac ma OK .i fitst words radfaed la earth bat jw wcnaV McOidIt taUj IbetaceB the t«o cnMpunmlt afiUw steoad ceolni ctalcr doilag Ameriea's «S4oa BWOB voyage Uie brief period wha ooi assembly. ' lOoaUaned ea page 2> dey Fencest: QiaUmied athcriaSDaUMraCBlifoi^ ofa wkhlempcralares reoiafaiBij oa Uw wann aide t Jndt» tfie awfcfnd. .•^ "S^S. Pair rescued la jabdlcd about 30 laad bases, brtagiag a 'bom President Nfacoa _ IMraealhcriBSDaUMraCBlifoi^ipnpriale mpaaie'' it Iht crOSll IH SHOW He dkl not say what the response would be. but Uie Chief Executive made it gravely Allied ibrebearance bade his strengUi. des|dte'?'«';.*bat continued favorable progress. ;'»d inmu. Physidans at the Armyi "We win not tolerate attacks medical center have stopped tbe i>-yeer«U general's which result fa heavier casual- inlraven-IUes to our men at a time Uiat NoHana IWedhar HiahtjawP ndP. BMtaa 40 M CUeaSB 34 30 Ctadmali 44 a DeBwi 30 n M DCS Moiaes 31 n FUttaaks a -10 Fbd Worth SS 44 Bekaa u 4 at O Kaaau Ctty 4S 29 Las Vegas S7 42 Los Aasdes. a 4S Ufaaeepdis 34 22 T. New Yoric 4S 21 OUaboma City SO 34 T. Omaha 34 n Mm Spriags M 49 SSCIUMfllO <t 40 aak LakaCRy 4S 29 SBB likaadsco n 49 Seattle 46 4t M WadriaHeo St 2t lOftfUftHiirfrt oCCcBsive cootinocs* OveraU Iwses fa Uie blest BAKERSHELD <UP1>- Two tcred stace his iniestinal opera- bomfcs late IViesday aad|niea. whose private pianC'Uon 10 days ago. jeariy today were Ugbu accord->erBsb4andcd fa she feet of snow) "It sboukl be emphasized ttiat Tebaebapi Uoantafasfbe is still very weak and here. Uondiy. «e»>cnnsidenble time will be necessary for hfan to regafa his Itarmer strengUi,'' Itaesday's medkal boUeUn saU. It saU Eisenbower "cootimied to sbow| favorable progress." His beait condition was described as staUe and pnen- monfa symptoms were lessen- log. ous fccdtag and various medica-iwe an> bonesUy trytag to seek Uons Uiat had been adminis-; peace at the conference table m Paris." he toM a Ttesday night tag to ARicd spokesmen. U.S. fa Uie Iroepera UDed St 0teRitlas toeast of an alMay baUte Ttesday St^rescaed Tuesday by sberirsi miles from Sdsoo. jofOcers nsfag a qiedal Poine MRiied feiieadNASA WASHINGION (UPn Idcot NfatoB today appofaled Dr. Thomas O. Paine as head tt the .VaUood Acnoantics and Space Admtaislrdfaa (NASA*. The appointanent of Paine. poet Sforiey umer. Palmdale, and co^hit Donald Ken-' aeth Wood^ Lfttlerock* were spoiled by aa Air Force bdl- copter as Uiey walked down a ridge aboat 10 miles sootbwest of Tehadnpi fa Uie area of Whtte Ode Lodge. Tbe men were uninjured, tbe sherUTs department sakL Miller was forced to crash- wfaO'bas been servfag as acting land Us Cessna IS Monday fa admbdsbalar of NASA doce Uie ntireaKat of James E. Webb last October, was Boatwed at a WhXa Hooie ccreBMMty haaorios the ApoUo Oj asbeoauls wha cireled lliei HooB at OtristinasHme. heavy saow and timber after ndfafag Meadows Fidd faj BaketsOdd Uut be wu "fofag down.' Fdfawfag Ibe laodiag. ttie nea radioed they wen not hurt. Teochers stay hone LAWNOALE (UPI* — Elementary school teachers of the] Lawndale School District voted Thwsday nigbt to slay homel from didr jobs today afier a I8I2.00O tax overrida was voted down Monday. White House news conference. "An appropriate response to Uiese attacks win be made if they continue." The President met witti 190 reporters fa a one-bour tdevised conference to talk largely aboot his recent European tr^. Against the background of contfaued Commtmist strikes at American positions and SouUi VIdnamese towns, however, the Southeast Asian war tended to domfaate tbe cpiestian-and-aii- swcr session. Nixon was ctmvfaccd Uie current offensive represented a violation of Uie understandfag whereby U.S. bombing of Uie North was halted last Oct 31. Defense Secretary Mdvm R. Ldrd was leavfag for SooUi Vietnam today. Mxon asked him for aa oo-Uw-spot appraisal of Uw sitnatioB.

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