The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 28, 1960 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
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Wednesday, December 28, 1960
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Today: High 11:14 p.mVi.dw 7:56 p.m. Thursday: High 2:55 p.m. Low 7:03 a.m., 8:43 p.m. Weather Cast Gi-ouay' witn occasional r»i* «md turning colder tonight ant ,-.<ivai*d:!y,-LoW tonight-43, Higb Thursday 48. FK Names Texan Navy Secretary (AP) _| A Fort Worth Attorney, oil ope lator and businessman, John B I finally, Jr. was chosen by President-Elect John Kennedy to I c the new Secretary of the Navy. Connally, who Is considered by i.inny to be Vice President-Elect Lyndon Johnson's closest politi- i til associate, said he is '"flatter- <i.l and honored" by the appointment. Connally, who Is 43 years old, von two medals for his wartime icrviee In the Navy. ' Connally has teen nctlve In all i'f Johnson's campaigns since I he Texan urns elected to Coni s-oss in a special election in 1937. I'or a time, Connally was an' Administrative assistant of John I en. Connally made the nominating ipeech for Johnson at the 1956 l)v:nocratic National Convention Worth man was one of the leaders In organizing sun- port of Johnson's bid for the Presidency at the Dcmocrntic National Convention at Los Angeles. A native of Floresville, In south Texas, Connally attended the Uni- ycrsity of Texas and received 11 Chicago where Adlnl Stevenson named the party nominee the second time. his law degree there. A 49-year-old Washington! DC awycr and former Truman ad- nmistratfon official, Eugene Zuc- lert, was named Air Force Scare- today by President-Elect Kennedy. Zuckprt's appointment was announced at Kennedy's winter vacation headquarters at his parents' oceanside home in Palm Beach. Zuckcrt was an Assistant Air r orce Secrelary during the Truman administration and later was named by Truman to the Atomic Energy Commission. Since leaving (ho AEC in 1954, Zuckert has been in private law practice in Washington. He is a graduate of Yale College, the Yale Law School and the Harvard School of Business Administration. During World War Two Zuckert served in the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. After the war, Zuckert served as an aide to Stuart Symington who then was Chief of the Sur' USp r ° P e r 'y Administration. historical Cemetery Cfosed Out SAN ANTONIO W- The old ^^^^TS^SSSi IUn Antonio National Cemetery, '"" ~" WEDNESDAY- DECEMBER 28, 1960 vhere several men who mada •nilitary history are buried, is ,)cing closed out today. The last of the available jurial plot IB bein.-j filled by from Missouri. When Symington headed the Air Force, Zuckert was an assistant Secretary. Zuckert's appointment leav»s only the Secretary of the Army to be named among the civilian L 73-year-old private of World the service chiefs who will serve jn TOP FOOTBALL FORECASTER Ac,* ptortd no handicap io 14-year-old Jimmy Kelly, son of Mr and Mr,. E. W. Kelly of 328 Acacia, Lake Jackson. He -won none of lha 10 weekly football guessing contests .pon.oved by The Facts, but a continent high average through Ihe season gave him the grand priw. He correctly STTV5 9 " n - i ° U1 °' *"* I0 °' 8nd W ' 22 Wron 9 9"""' included four lie.. Four mi»e« oui ol 10 wat his worst weokly score. He's a ninth grader at Lake Jackson Junior High, rends new.pnper iports columns avidly, plays lean- ago basoball (Pirate,), and hope. /, be a pro baseball a "W reeeiVi " 9 lh * *" ch «*;*°'" Facts Editor Heath. _p holo „ Hed Joh Associated Press Member er fRKPQKT MEETING ing Victim Labor School Schedule Is Presented Thursday A meeting to outline the program of the forthcoming 1951 an nual Freeport Labor Sc h o o 1 wil be held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday Dec. 29, at the Operators' Union Hall at 22 South Avenue C in r reeport. All union members are invited o attend. H. B. Jones, chairman of the oint Education Committee, sale that the program would be ol officers, ste- special interest to wards and active members of He was James A. Owens of Waco, who died Monday in the .veterans Administration Ho'spi- ,.*--!»—,thf. central Texas . w Owens is being buriad will fii aiilitaiy honors. : There are more than 3,000 graves In tha cemetery, Ifestab- ished almost 94 years ago — on Feb. 22, 1887. Jfa IM^a war 'iaparbnent order'designated it ss the San Antonio National Cemetery. • Among those bulled -in the -•emetery, located just east of •.ho downtown section, is the "irst military man in thtfUnited States to die in a plane crash. He was Lt. F. J. Kelly, an Army pilot killed May. 10, 1911. :.<eUy Air Force Base in San Antonio is named after him. Also placed in the ancient Both the Connally and Zuckert appointments were'made after Kennedy talked with the man who will be then- boss, Robert McNarnara, who! is resigning,; asl?] pany to become Kennedy's j&e- fense Secretary. Kennedy's Palm Bitoch head- Morris Baby Found Dead; Services Slated Today l7 > iinai*Ql friMrfn^... /__ _ :«» _» .. ,-"• .... • U unions in Brazoria County. The general meeting will be a rort one, adjourning for coffee t 8:15. The Joint Education Committee will then meet to complete ans for the Labor School. Beginning at 7:30 p.m. Friday, an. 13, the Labor School will con- inue through Saturday, Jan. .14, nd will close with the annual Labor Banquet on Saturday night. Registrations for the school are now being accepted and will close on Dec. 30. Those interested in at- ... — ~ ..„...tending the school are urged to! Der " la * ' s - courtesy of the county attend the meeting this Thurs- derk 's office, day night. The Joint Education Committee, which conducts the Labor School each year, is composed of representatives of most of the union locals in Brazoria County. Jones is chairman, H. F. Miller and J. P. English are co-chair- men, and T. B. Crow is secretary-treasurer. Committees and co-cha i r m e n for the school are: registration, T. B. Crow and H. F. Miller; program, J. P. English and O. W. Carroll; arrangements, J. E. Vaught and W. F. Mays; banquet, H. B. Jones and K. B. Bingham- welcoming, John Henson and B D. Earnest. A registration fee Of $7 Includes the cost of the manual, refreshments during the classes, and a ticket to the banquet Most union locals are paying the registration fee of their delegates to the school, but individual union members may attend the school by registering before Dec. Registration is being handled by the office of the Operating Engineers at the Union Hall on Avenue C in Freeport, phone BE 3-5383. Jones urged those who plan to attend to register Thursday if possible. Further information is available from Jones, at CY 7-6561. ! & '<% M GEORGE A. WILDER Slain In Argument KBCB Letters To Litter bugs ram Is Being Revived Better not throw that trash on he highway, Mr. Motorist, • lor he people of the Keep Brazoria County Beautiful Association have 'our number, — your license num- ler that is, cou clerk's office. Anyone reported to the Keep Brazoria County Beautiful Asso- Funeral services for a 37-day infant, Michael Galen Morris, Durial grounds was General .fohn L. Bullis, for whom Camp :3ullis — a big World War U quarters also announced that KM- nedy will discuss foreign affairs with Senator J. William: Fulbright tomorrow. Fulbright tt chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. On Friday, the President-Elect has scheduled a meeting with Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. Kennedy's News Secretary, Pierre Salinger, declined to comment on whether a federal job would be offered the son of the late President. The New York Times says Harvard law school Professor Archibald Cc* will serve as Solicitor .y ™* w-<i"»-iJ»*i^(f^(Mi»p_ tuutfy ui Reshvood MeHiorifil '"PaHc with te Rev. Homer W. Nowell, pastor of Velasco Heights Baptist Church, officiating. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Freeport Funeral Home. The baby, son of Mr. and Mrs James William Morris of 423 Avenue A, Freeport, was dead on arrival at Dow Hospital about "0:40 a.m. Tuesday. According to Justice R, Clyne Thomas of Clute, who was called to hold an inquest of the death, Mrs. Morris had gone to a store to exchange some Christmas gifts Tuesday morning and Morris remained at home with the baby. iruining Antonio center north of was named. San Sun Data Sets Today 5:31 ,pjn. Rises Thursday 7:16 a General in the Kennedy Admini- station. Thff paper said the appointment was offered and accepted over the weekend and will be Morris said he "went to sleep and •whejjl,''Mrs;. ..Morris , re- 'and- 'founS-tbe baby, ajjplSrJ ently <fead.' ""\ Thomas said the in/apt apparently died of natural causes but the father requested Uiat an autopsy be performed to determine the exact cause. Thomas said Wednesday morning that he was awaiting a report on the autopsy performed Tuesday night before making an official verdict on the infant's death. Besides his parents, Michael Galen is survived by a brother, Curtis, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Galen Nixon of Freeport and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scherz of Detroit, Mich. Marine News S/s Naviero In Dock ' MRS. announced shortly. M e a n w h ile, President Eisenhower is keeping his day free of appointments to work on his forthcoming messages, to congress. The President's state of the union message will be presented to '- : '-^pv£3 a i'tv; liiiltS iilicr »l CGiV- venes Jan. 3rd. Messages on the budget and the economic report will follow. The word In Washington is that friends of V J c c-Presidcnt-Ele c t Lyndon Johnson apparently will keep control of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee in the new Congress. Party leaders are said to have agreed to fill two World News Briefs NEW LONDON — The U.S. Navy announced today that the submaiinn "Sablefish" will tour the Great Lakes for two months next summer. It will help train Naval reserve sub- marints from July 3 to Aug. 31. The submarine is based at New I ondon, Conn, Snaa. MUKKIS LANDRY — •—••. «s«cvu >" »iu iwu hostess for the TAC Christmas' « munjtt ^, wu:ai » des xvith Senators P,rty in U, attended by ^ I^d fflSlU? HSZ Island. Neither stacks up as an outspoken critic of Johnson. Parakeet, Gas On Theft List A parakeet was among the several Items reported to Freeport Police Tuesday as having been CHINA— Red Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Yi has China to halt what be calls US aggression in LOBS. Chen Yi made ihu request In letters sent to Russia and Britain, cochairmen of the Geneva Commission. .. S/s Del Mundp Due Dec. 28 Brazos Harbor S/s Amsteloyk Due Dec. 28 Brazos Harbor S/s Dolly Turman Due Dec. 29 Brazos Harbor S/s Aneos Due Dec. 29 Br.izos Harbdf S/s Albert E. Watts Due Dec. 31 .,, Phillips .Jock S/s Shelton Clark Due Jan. 3 PhilUps Dock S/s Gulf Shipper Due. Jan. 3 Brazos Harbor S/s Hess Voyager Due Jan. 5 ; Phillips Dock S/s Hess Mariner Due Jan. 6 Phillips Pock for the offense of Utter bugging, will receive a "Litter letter" recalling the offense, alon^ with the place and date it was observed. There will also be a litter sack enclosed with the let- KBCBA President John Glenn said, "Most littering offenses are committed thoughtlessly without lar program several years ago and feels it bears repeating to remind the public of its ov.-n responsibility to keep Brazoria County beautiful. In commenting on the letter. Yogoslavio Credit To Be Extended _., By Associated Press | away {„,„, ^ a ^ d bureaurowv ter and send if - a!on e "»* I •ar£^^j.y£ -«—-^ ^i£i-1"- rist think twice before he Utters up his own streets and highways." "The help of the public is paramount in making any anti-litter campaign successful," Glenn said. Anyone noticing litter being a long economic step toward the wesjt has been met lw> United *$fes -ffQ&i-T^eSit eSeSjrpTus'- Ident Tjto about' 100 miflton dol- llars more in credifs. The US move was made known in Washington shortly after the Communist country announced it will Kberalie foreign trade poli- des and^^furm exchange rates. . Ti;e Yugoslav actions are inter• , » . ,,. ... fieted In Washington asamora thrown from any kind of conveyance, whether motorcycle, commercial vehicle or private car, is asked to jot down the license number and send it, along with the .The Unftecf States Initiative i I 5 eep , E : aa3ria Coo^y Beautilul ^,0: Bojr.*?, Lake which are" sent out ^•^•^^sg^ reactions to the west.-3 •'-». ".•»»• — —' : 1 *" c """^ wiucn are sera out national Monetary Fund says it to offenders sue that Texas has will make available up to 73 mfl- .. . . lion jSbllara In various currencies, feo&yable in 3 to 5 years.. ;&)d the Fund says that an- Cjtter 100 million dollars in credits Ml be made available bjr six 100 young people CAROL JEAN HELPIN STILL and SKIP.PV SIDDALL scheduled to celebrate birth days on Thursday . . . BARBARA HENDERSON an children, visiting with relative in the Fort Worth-Dallas are lha rest ot this week ... MR. and MBS. H. FRANK CARTER, due to mark a wed cling anniversary on Thursday ESTELLE FREEMAN, and children LEE and SANDRA visiting relatives in Highlands tills week , . . W. K. WINDMEYER, spending Christmas with his mother in Taylor JOAN EVANS, spending the i-cst of ths holidays with her ilster In Houston . . . Friends of A. E. (PETE) PETERSEN, celebrating the an nual "Pete Petersen Oyster Dny," The event was originated a few years ago when PETERSEN and some of his friends •onsumud a gallon of choice oysters. As the group grew, so has the amount of uysters consumed . . . And Around Tha Countyi GEORGE WALL3R of Bnl- toy's Prairio, taking his annual \y.;ek off from his Angleton business ., . LAOS In Laos, the US military attache's office says an urarmc-d American plane was hit by machine gun fire while observii.n Soviet air-drops to Pro-Communist Rebels this week. The pluic made It back to the capital city of Vientiane and nonj of the five peisons aboard was injured. The gunfire may have Come from a Soviet transport plane. DALLAS — Attorneys for the Dallas School Dislric h«v« petitioned the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals at No-w Orleans again. The lawyers arc asking a rehearing of th» court's Nov. 30 decision approving a watered-down "stair •top" iDtegraUun plan for Dallas schools. stolen. R. R. Ellis of 330 West Second, Apartment I, told Officers (lint someone had entered his apart- nent between Thursday and Sun lay, taking his parakeet, groceries, towels and a flashlight yiis said a lamp was torn up am hrown on the floor. Dale Joiner, assistant driver of Wliarlon 'County Junior College us, reported that someone had akcn about 22 gallons, of gasoline rom the vehicle while it was arked on n lot behind Brazos- ort Senior High School on Mon sy and Tuesday liigiiis. He said lock-type gus tunk cap wus also missing. Joiner said that about 22 gal- ona of gasoline hud also been aken on Dec. 21, and that doors of the bus were found ojien niter each theft. HOUSTON -- The director of the Houston International Airport repnrts that It will make more nit profit this year than ever before. The director, Paul B. Kooncc, says the proi'its for the airport reached a record of naarly 700 thousand dollars for the first 11 months of 1000. WASHINGTON — The National Safety Council estl- mete* 3*0 persons may be killed in motor vehicle accidents during the New Year's holiday weekend. The highway death lol. ovt,r th* three-day Christmas weekend wai 488. CUBA — A semiofficial Cuban newspaper — Revoluoion has accused the US of supplying explosives to terrorists. The cliarjie came sfter a railroad collision and two bombings injured than 60 Cubans. PINE VALLEY, Calif. UH— Twentf monlhi after the manager of tha Hpbat House restaurant huny 600 silver dollars on leather straps as wall decorations, he decided lo count them. There were 69 missing. Belgians Use Gas To Break Up Riot BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (API- Police used tear gas and fire hoses today to break'tip. a demonstration in .Ghent, Belgium. Socialist union leaders promptly called for a general sbf "'"" ' • " —jp to retaliate. It was the first use of tear gas in the eight-day strike aimed at toppling the government of Premier Gaston Eyskens. Strikers in Ghent were trying to force workers out of the gas works' administrative office. •^"nviil, ijIKg lii U northern section, has not been hit as hard by the strike which has paralyzed the Socialist strong- ava governments - Britain,. France ~ Italy, Austria, Bie Netherlands ana Switzerland — and perbaps by^ group of West German banks. a law which makes it possible to levy a fine of from JB to $200 K a-person is arrested for dropping litter on tb«? highways. The letter conttenej, asking the receiver to become a booster of the movement to make Brazorii County cleaner and more beauli lul by using the litter bag accom panying the letter. Competition Gives Loral Milkman A Shock Today A short in a wire to a milk company sign at a Jones Creek grocery caused a milkman from a rival company to be jolted when walked through a water puddle Wednesday morning. Mrs. Tolly Broadway of Broad- vay Grocery on Highway 36 in Tones Creek, said a Borden Milk Mrs. Brcadway quickly reported the danger and a Houston Lighting & Power Company emergency truck arrived. She said ihe light coo-pany employee reported Ithat the wire was resting on a pipe holding the sign. The electricl a short holds in the industrial and French- had reported in a wire leading to a Sanitary Milk Company neon sign when ha was making deliveries about 7:40 speaking south. The government a.m. Wednesday. was disconnected repairs a back-to-work movement in Antwerp, except for workers at the big port installations. Harbor installations are still paralyzed. and Girls CBLO» THE PICTURE MB BEHOIIZE TIE IDLES GERMANY — Representatives of East and West Germany met today for the seventh time since Dec. 2 Jo try to work out a trade agreement between them beiore a Hed uUhn»li,m ever Bsrlis SK pJ«£3 Si BtAUMONT — Members of the House General Investigating Commit tee were due to be in Beaumont today for more hearings en vice in Jefferson County. Tnc Committee is conducting an investiantjnn into n h s .~~ inn gambling, open saloons and "narcotics traffic have recently flourished In the Coastal area. NEW YORK »», H pressed Former President Truman (ays he doesn't iOUlrl W8U '" The form " p «»Went ex. while on a morning walk in New York Depressed Area Aid Plan Readied By Associated Press A blueprint for a multi-million dollar attack on the problem uf depressed areas is ready lut Xl President-Elect Kennedy. Kennedy appointed a task force headed by Senator Paul Douglas of Illinois, to draw up the plan so he could carry out one of nls key campaign promises — to help chronically distressed areas typified by the coal fields of West Virginia. Douglas reported last night, after a severj-hour meeting of the group, that all substantive ques Uons have been more or less resolved, with only some of the language remaining to be redrafted. He said no further meetings would be needed before the report Is presented to Kennedy on Jan. 2, a day later than previously planned. Douglas declined to frfye any details of (he plan, saying the can be made. The» o? the ivdi ui tiie putidle of water where the milkman was shocked. Mrs. Broadway said he .vas able to continue with his work, however. Fire Can FP TAVERN OPERATOR CHARGED An argument that began wltl a broken beer glass ended witl iha fatal shooting of a 31-year old ex-convict at a tiny tavern- cafe in Freeport early Tuesda; afternoon. A charge of murder has beer filed by Freeport police agains tavern operator Andrew Odor Tournade, 58, in the slaying o George A. Wilder. Wilder was the captain of the shrimp trawler Charles Singleton, operating out of the Olt River Shrimp Company. Irene's Cafe, where the shoot ing took place at 2:06 p.rr Tuesday, is at 19 South Avenu A, a block south of the Freepor. Police Station, in an otherwis. unoccupied block. It has been operated for abou a year by Tournade and hi wife Irene. Wader was one of eight cu; tomers at the cafe Tucsde when the shooting took placi Witnesses told police that Wil der had been drinking bear, an that after a beer glass wa broken hs was refused furthe service. An argument followed, wi' nesses told police, and WUdc climbed over the bar onto th same side with Tournade. Th witnesses said Tournade pickc up a pistol and fired a singl shot ..Wilder staggered around th end of the bar and collapse on,. alnugV^e th • stboL?'of customers.:'" Hs was ; still alive when Pa trolman L. C. Williams arrive minutes later, followed by Chic of Police Nolen Lassiter. A Freeport Funeral Hoir. ambulance took him to Brazo: port Memorial Hospital. K died there at 2:45 p.m. Chief Lassiter said that tl: weapon used belonged to Tour nade, and was kept alongsic the cash register. It was a -,3 calibre Italian-made automatii The shot entered Wilder's lei ie and emerged below th right hip. Justice of the Peace R. Clyn Thomas ordered an autops.^ Thomas, received the charge t murder, and denied bond. Toui nade is being held at the Bra zoria County Jail at Angleton, A stop-father in Savanna!: Ga., is the only relative thi could be located. The body wii Minor damage was done to the wiring of a 1957 Plymouth which caught fire Tuesday about 2:15 b? shipped »o ! is tile victim's birthplace Thursday for funeral services. Wildor's police record includ ed convictions for forgery i Cameron County (Brownsville I for which he served four yeai ! in a state penitentiary. p.m. at 301 North Avenue D. Firemen of Velasco Station of in a state . Witnesses Included the opcr ators of the cate, and Dougla Savacoul, Bonnie Marie Peai son, William Pitts, Joseph \ the Freeport Fire Department Andrews Jr., Lonnie Ellis, Alii, were jaimmoned to extinguish the Vinton Matthews and Walte Charles Sweetser. Aiding in the investigation o e fire. The wife of one of the firemen, F. M. Murphy, had just started the car when the lire occurred. The car belongs to Mrs. Murphy's mother, Mrs. C. P. Marshall. the shooting were Police Sg) Billy G. Ferguson, Chief Deput Sheriff Bob Elder, and Deputie.. EUIy McCoy and Jimmy Joner , group was created to advise Ken- Weather Picture: More Fog, By Associated Press It was a dismal morning over the greater portion of Texas. All sections had an overcast except the Presidio-El Paso region, where skies were partly cloudy. Precipitation r a n g ed from a e»' snow flui'riea in portions of northwest Texas to heavy rain it FOR YOl'R PROTECTION, REMEMBER ' TOT town sifts few straater! RfUM rkto affw* ky stnujw * S * PV » u «f'*l!"V«CE The Fact, |, coo we *sd*xal Bai^u ot Iuv»»4gBtiou in «". to release the report U he wishes. But informants who took part Uie ilie opposile !.r, ths meeting jthree major parts; it contained Doubling the amount of surplus government food distributed '»o the needy in depressed areas. A temporary increase in unem- Iployment ccmpensaticn benefits. A long range program designed to put new life in areas of chronic 'uueinploynient. southeast Texas, In between were various combinations of rain drizzle, fog and even some freezing drizzle. Beaumont in southeast Texas has measured 1.85 inches of rain with showers continuing in area. Other rainfall totals: the other points. Temperatures fell to the lowe 20's in portions of the upper Texs Panhandle during the night, rh minimums ranged up to the iowe 60's in south Texas. The long-range forecast call for continued cold weatlif- through New Year's. ures in sections of Tempers northwes Texarkana .2ti of an inch; Gal- vcston .19; Victoria .17; Houston and Brownwood .10; Dallas and Waco .03; Fort Worth .05; and smaller amounts at scores of. the state in Texas are expected"o"a'verag as much as 12 degrees unde normal. Overnight temperature ows ir eluded Dalliart a degrees; Amt illo 24; Lubbock 29; El Paso 3k Vicliita Falls 33; Texarkana 3< Fort Worth 38; Dallas, Odessi Midland and Abilene 39; Brow wood 41; Waco 44; Galveston i Laredo 56; Beaumont 57; Austft San Antonio and Houston 59; Co. pus Christ! a and Brownsvil 62 degrees

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