The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 2, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 2, 1962
Page 5
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I*|RAZ6SF6KT AND IMAZ6RIA COUNTY, TIXA*. lUM., llfTIMII* 1 1ft) T H f IRAZ6SP6RT PACTS Sdtterlol—Adv—BE 3-3511— Classified— BE 3-2*11 PASI S RECIPE OF THE WEEK Mayor's Wife Finds City Post Affects Home Life By FOM,Y O'CONNEIX Mr*. Bruce (Blllle) Runnels knew when her husband was elected mayor of Clute, It would take a lot of his time. She finds It rt- so my doctor told me to take It off the hook If It bothered me," Billie related. She said that once In someone will make a complaint to that Brian will be going to school.: interest. Rillie found La Villita,, I think It is a very useful| an outrloor th( , atre tne Mt!M ^i lion," Billie said. ! . . , She and her husband are mem-! p ' her* of Clute's Temple Baptist I " The musical, cast, across the Church. She has been teaching a liver from the audience, wore such Sunday School class of seven-! colorful costumes, and the singing year-old girls for about two; years, j was )ove] ,. sne Raid he teaches seven-year-old! ,,„,,. ., . , . i During the pinko, I also got out and quires him to he away from hlsjhcr about city matters. Friends "Home, church and children i m V recipe book, '25 Ways To Pre- take most of my time," Billie jpare Hamburger Meats'," Billie making Clute a better city," she; sa i f '. wadded. said. "I didn't know there could he. j The family recently had an un-i Strike or no strike, a favorite so many problems and headaches 'scheduled vacation while Runnelsjdish the year round in the Runnels le, until daddy was elected ma.yor."|was Idled by a labor strike. Theyjhome is chili pie with hamburger! Billie has lived In Clute since visited the Six Flags Over Texas!as a main ingredient. BilliB pro- family even mor* than she had : sometimes tell her the things they anticipated. "Some midnight t am to the Council Chamber and want her husband to do something ; 111: " & " mainly, people are unde.r- knock on the door In my night -Intending about the problems," she gown and tell Bruce it's time to come home," she joked She is no stranger to the prob- sh * is ""hind her husband all wn - v ln hi " nims "« ma .v° r - f)lH* m IHI (• ivr HIT; |»i «•/- • .. lem* of city government - her; "< ™ n <* lo ™ k * " «>«•*** "' CHIU TIB TASTY WAY TO USB HAMB11KGRR MEAT MM. Runnel* Servo* Pin To Daughter, Sharon father, Iff Price, was mayor of Clute about 10 years ago. She says she sometimes wishes her father had the job now Instead of her husband. "The phone starts ringing about supper time each evening, about i the Hme Bruce is due home from'j work. It was making me nervous, the things he Is trying toward 1!M7, coming there from Houston. She was born in Bryan, however. She and her husband have lived!Mrs. Runnels' parents. amusement park between Dallas jvides the recipe for other Facts and Fort Worth, accompanied by!readers. in their home at 217 Hargett about ine years. They have two children Sharon, 10, and Brian, five years old. Sharon is in the fifth grade this year, with Brian in kindergarten. I think I wculd like to join the Community Hospital Auxiliary now They report the park is a wonderful place to take children. "There are no hawkers, such as at a fair, and no beer is sold on the premises," Runnels commented. The Runnels family also took a trip to San Antonio where they visited the zoo and other points of Billie makes the chili pie, her original concoclion, without mea-j suring what goes into it. To provide a recipe for other cooks, she made a pie recently for Ihe evening meal, tasting and measuring ingredients as she went along. CHIM PIE l'/2 pounds hamburger meat 1. teaspoon salt '/4 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons chili powder 1 medium onion, chopped ',4 medium hell pepper, chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 eight-ounce can tomato sauce CRUST 4 cups water 1 teaspoon salt 2 cups white corn meal Place ground meat In skillet, sprinkle with salt and pepper and cook over low heat, stirring to crumble meat, until meat loses all its redness. Add chili powder, onion, green pepper and garli. Stir ingredients into meat, then pour tomato saure over mixture. Cover and let simmer until done, about 15 minutes. While meat, mixture rooks, bring four flips of water and suit to a boil. When boiling, add com meal, reduce heat, and cook until mixture forms soft mush. Pour meal mixture into a large casserole dish. Cover with corn meal mixture and hake in oven, 400 decrees, lor about 15 minutes. KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESE- ( September's Sped alMonth In Several Ways For Mom By MAKIB BETH JONES | I think this happens as I rum-inothlng lo play with. Sure enoughj ' September brings, among other ' things, Home Sweet Home Month, Better Sleep Month, and Clean-Up Time. I couldn't help but wonder, I noted all this, whether these * £ were not scheduled for Septem- mage around for a pair of shoes, \^ t(T (oy fhf \ vm are oare . W ith-! JTlie first thing I know, I'm dirty, disheveled, and the room looks as though an army of park rats were either moving in or moving out. the shelves in my closet are, I begin feeling sorry for the little dears, and let them talk me into -s , , ,. ,.. , , . • . , ' " '' " — buying them still another loy — 2 her to coincide With back tO School ("leaning Ihe eln»t In Hail) awl 5 iim. fnr th» ldrl« r,.T j j 8fM lwh eh eventually, because they rf time for tne was. j Dicks bedroom is an adventure! , , , ' . , . | At this point, after a long, hard| mmparah | p to hunllnK r | e ph an ts| won ' kee P the " icces P lckcd U P' 1 summer with our three, I'd be| or WHt( , r n ,rff,,i 0 _ on | y „„ „! lands. In my closet $ Willing to bet that home will be nj slightly smaller scale. You do not | This situation increases the more restful pl.ce after Tuesday.| s i n g as you clean out their closet. haMrd , rf { . |os , t clcaninR ^ You dont murmur to yourself! ' Whether it will actually be any r* tweeter remains to be seen. r As for better sleep, thai ties in i with the beginning of school, too. The kids have internal alarm clocks. Come the serand day, I the kids around watching. In or- ider to straighten things, It is ne-j Any sound indicating accom Jceswary to drag out the Tinker about what you are accomplishing. plishment would be ridiculous. >V .'.clocks. Come Uie second clay, The sounds yrw make when voui TO | n ^, Y ou intend this ^ av^to b^n dragging them ou, .„ _, „„- U^^^'J $.£ ". , . . . . :be shrieks of rage, screams of: <t- Z .ff * J" ? P' ace jtei-ror, and exclamations of dis - dn »«"? w ' ith « ome fiv "-* e >i*V«n the first dav of school, how-f , ! _M , ._t L.L : _J -j. sun the first day of school, how-l_ , l V'«ver. That is the day their inter-^ ' ' [Toys and the bricks and the Lin- move while you; •year old] imail order catalogs behind them.; i . j .u uj • n Instead Ihe kids move quickly i Fall clean-up time is tory. Everybody who knows that once you out from underfoot. has get the tills and "Oh, you the lovely expanse of; shelf which now remains — and I .walk into the living room to confound m> lizard," front a monumental pile of build- hotels. Jse is going to need cleaning. has needed It since Ihe day ol closed last spring, in fact. ille the kids are at home is no ie to undertake this sort of iject, however. Kids form attachments to a va Gary exclaims happily. "I've been ing toys and a full-scale house-' looking for him all week." ^cleaning job there. It is indicative ol my luck that It may be these frustrations I find lizards. which have caused the scheduling! Our closets are all cluttered:of Better Sleep Month for Septem- wilh games, toys and assorted i her. childish junk. This is because I j Once the kids are off to school, i iety of Itemi, and resent all ef- ;have ve <y little Patience. After I you can sit down for a second, s to discard them. We have have picked up the pieces of n break/asl (it's National Better! any number of family crises ; particular putzle a couple of thou-'Breakfast Month, tool; then open er my efforts to dump out cans I oyster shell, sacks of torn paper sand limes, each time remind-;the closet door and contemplate! ing the kids thai I am getting tired jhou.«ecleaning. Considering the aps, a cigar box half full ot|°< picking up the puzzle, I finally I fact that you have nine more, nge peelings, and a mammoth realize that I am not only tired I months to do that work before! lie of Coke bottle caps. °' i'. I'm fed lo the teeth. TJiatinext summer you're just apt toi <5f"It's my COLLECTION," some- is when the puzzle gets dumped conclude that you ought to take *,lMdy wails. "You just CAN'T inl() a box and stored in the,advantage of your real opportuni-; Vljltow it away." closet. ities while the kids are gone. j V Unfortunately, the cleaning bug; Th™. a '<?*' d»>'« later, the kidsj Opportunities like sleeping, for f bite* me at unexpected and usual-i slart complaining that they have'example. ly_ undesirable limes. This is apt to occur when 1 should he rushing! A II /*! • •• <*N "r > i> • !-• I I «bbut to finish writing a new, i All Christians Go To Mission Field Story or a column. Sometimes it; happens when I have exactly 2d| tnlnutes to gel dressed, deliver; the kids to their grandmother'-! " Evrry Christian either goes tOM-onlcntion hv Watch for th« GRAND OPENING of BRAZOSPORT FLOOR & CARPET CO. Formerly (Topp Floor Co.) 317 So. D BE 3-5258 FREEPORT E. C. PHILLIPS, Owner r | Or Send Someone, Missionary Says bouse clear to an important Court meeting. in a while I town and ^e. "" ' ° thp bp someone lo the Mission field. The New Testament describes no oth- , 0 Mark ]fi:15 . lfi ,. Go yf in|n fl| , ,„, ™™' ««« P™'* '"' V"!*\ to evers' criMlurc. He that bolieve- . . , ..,„.,.„ .j .. th and is baptized shall be saved: nd the urse lo clean that er kind of Chnslian. So said Mr..,,,,, hp ||w( MjPV(> , h not _,„„,, ^ closet. Nine times out of Parker 1.. Henderson, missionary mndpmnpd .. Bnd Rnmans ]n ., 4 . though. I find myself already:for Church ol Christ in Thailand ,. ..^ how involved In Ihe project Hint'In Southeasl Asia in « recent unable lo slop, and with no < port to thf F'reenort Oiurch mory of having begun lo dragjChriitl. hinga out onto the floor. i Mr. Henderson iupported Romans II they believe in him of whom they have not From The Maternity Wardi "' heard? and how nhall they hear without a preacher? And how "'* shall they preach except they be sent?" Mr. and Mrs. Henderson and their four children arrived i n Tliailand four yeari ajo to es i tablinh the Church of Oirisl in that country. Mr. Henderson reports that since that rime over .VX) persoas have been baptized, and more than a rlojen chinches ha\'e been established A self supporting churcb has b e e n fotiodetl al Bangkok, the Ted Allen will be making his Klnherly are the proud parents of home in l-ake Jackson with his „ n ,. w hHnv K |,-|. |{or name in rMrents^Mr. and^MrsJUrr>^Vil.^ 11l( , rc!W1 lff . (ni1 shp ma ,, p her capital nly. lliis chmx-h supports jliiiiu in at nix Hospital nnd she weiijhiV pounds IS uunccfc. pounds. HI'v minces. Klmim l-avcrn is Ihe new lillle "'* " ""> ! ' ol Mr ltn(1 M| ' N isii a( the Urnxorta htimf ol Mr. Walter C.ill Jnhmm of Alvin. His and Mrs. Ward Woodward. She "»"" ls • lam( ' s i:i » a " n I" 1 '"«rte i made her first apiM-arancr on AUK. llis (lrsl appearance on AUK. '.'S, h>7 at Community Hospital, vu-igh "PP 1 "" {he sral '' s Hl SPVt ' n P""nd« eight praindk and one half alKl nnr °>""' P |oiince. * * ti Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kdward."' Bramria are proudly announc- ini; the arrival of Kenneth Allen on AUK -^ at ('oiumunity Hospital iwilh a hull) Mi'ighl of eight pounds ! and one half tAince. s The leuularly scheduled week * * * ffVH't of holy conununion Allen Christian is the name Mr. St Paul's Kpisrnpal C'huirh in and Mrs. John Cliflon Anihtihl at spoil will liegin mi Tlmrsday 1-ake Jackson have selected for will be held every 'ITiuihday Ilieir new son who was born mi r that Aug 2S at Community Hospital, |Th« services or* it 6:30 and.ucighmg in at eight pounds, five; ».in. land a lull otuices. i tind supivirls one native missionary in other parts of Thailand. 'Hie Krcepori Oiurch of Christ, .Yy West Fourth, is conlrihubng legularly to Ihe financial support of the American missionaries servim: Hie churches <-4 Chrisl i n Communion Service fa.ol. 00 SPOT AM Tee Aral WORSHIP CH CHOICE ASSEMBLY of GOD Iroekman Road Clot* Edward Mllli. Pastor 111 W*»t 4th Fteeport I. C. Allen, Paitor 434 Aialea Lake Jackson Robert Peed!, Paste? Joites Creek Steve* larrert, Pastor t12 North AVI. D Frteport O. H. Deekroy, Pastor BAPTIST Calvary (SIC! Slaughter Read Harold Rltchay, Pattor first loprltt (SBC) S23 All." Rd., Oyitcr Cm.. K. W. Campbell, Paitor North Side laatltt 100 It*. N. D. Freepert Noble Hant. Pastor Temple Baptist (SBC) 404 E. Main. Clute A. C. Maxwell Velasce Heights! SIC) 1117 North Ave. P, Freeport Homer Nowell, Pastor West End BapH>> 1SBC) 1400 West 12th, Freeport Norman Fry, Paster Willow Drive Baptist (SBC) 200 Willow Drive, Lake Jackutn J. E. Jones, Pastor Shady Oaks Baptist (SBC) •arlaitd Drive, Lake Joclaoi David Simon, Pastor North Side Baptist (SBC) 114S Third St.. Clare O. Marion Vance, Pastor First Baptist 220 Shanks. Clan 0. T. Van Meter. Poster SP First Baptist (SBC) 324 West 4th, Freeport Phillip R. Brown, Pastar East Side Baptist Mlssioi 230 East 5th, Freeport Abe R. Smith. Pastor First Baptist (SBC) 401 Yaupon, Lake Jackson John H. Beard. Pastor Velasce First Baptist (SBC) 20 North B. Freeport A. ftordon Johnson. Pastor Friendship Baptist (ABA) S41 East Main. Glut. Carl S. Stephens, Paster Jones Creek Baptist (SBC) Hwy. 34, Freepert U D. Mahanay,Jr., Pastor Unity Missionary Baptist (ABA) Rlchwood Vlllaqe Da* Griffith. Pastar Emmanuel Baptist (SBC) 314 Ayceck. Clvte Cecil Unel, Pastor CATHOLIC St. Mary: Star ol the Sea 101t West 4th, Freeport Fr. George Beck St. Henry's I Latin-American I 31B East 5th. Freepert Fr. Gerald Orslnl Si. Michael's Corner Oak Drive and Plantation Dr. Lake Jackson Fr. Georqe Beck CHRISTIAN First Christian 224 West 4th, Freeport Paul B. Russell. Pastor Flnt Christian 4SO Oyiter Creek Dr. Lake Jarkso* Glen* F. Moore, Pastor CHRISTIAN SCIENCE 303 East Bread Freeport SljS|E'S THE CHURCH FOR ALL . . . ALL FOR THE CHURCH Tbc ChvKh n Ifc rrifril f»<l«r •• MrlJt far the tiiMiRf of chinckr and goad cititrmhip. It if a tlorrKovM of •pintwal valvn. WilKevt a uroet Gtvrth. •cither dmocr*?? R«r cirtlizttKM CM Ther* M« fowr ie«ad tr*MMn refilarlr atd nrpfMrl DW QMirch. Tltej are: (t) Fc.r hn o»a <atc. (2) For liri ci»1dre>', Ml. (3) For »V ute «( !,« cmajmvattT awj lutioe,. (4) For v>e uke •( cW Ooreri ibclf. wfe.fc xr<h U Moral and Material Hpport PIa» to fa dail,. But I John Ct»pOr Vena Tiondcr Frklar Sa»jrd» Fxlnt Mature. 4 n-ti Do you suppose Susie wants an addition for her doll family? Or ice cream and cake for supper tonight? Or a new pair of fancy black patent-leather shoes? I'm Susie's mother, but I wouldn't know! You'd have to have seven league boots to keen apace with her active little mind! For instance, she'd overheard us discussing our new family policy of having a suggestion box. Susie was determined to get into the act too. It is typical of her, typical of our family. We enjoy doing things together. We believe in unity in work, in play, and in prayer. We center our family activities about the Church. The children go to Church School—Susie can hardiy wait for each Sunday morning—and my husband is active in the Men's Club. I am president of the woman's group in our parish. Yet—it does take a lot of time and effort. But I am never happier than when I am doing church work, because I know how truly worthwhile it is. Don't forget that your church needs workers too! Just as you need the Church I 1W1. Koitier A*. Sernn, gtrubarf. T«. THIS ILLUSTRATED MESSAGE MADE POSSIBLE BY THESE BUSINESS FIRMS HARBOR FISH CO. 100 W. Iraios II 3-4101 Freeport GULF LUMBER COMPANY U7 South Main. Clute AN S-lSet FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK 103 Cherry. Freeport IE 3-5241 THE CAME7A MART 522 North Gull ilvd.. Freeport U 3-2461 MURRELL'S TEXACO STATION i2i W. 4th. Freeport, Teias FREEPORT LUMBER COMPANY o23 W. Iroad Freeport, Te«as YOUNG'S PRESCRIPTION HOUSE 231 W. Iroad Freeport, Teias McMUlLEN DRUGS 20 Iraiosport Savings Center Freeport, Teias 'CE COMPANY .i E. 2nd Freeport, Teias LAKE TELEVISION CENTER 3.-I Circle Way. Lnke Jacksea, Texas CY 7-2911 CHURCH of CHRIST Center Way at Yaupon Lake Jackson Stanley Shlpp, Minister Brazorla Church Calvin E. Reed, Minister Lake Jackson C. A. Bailey, Paster BS|DIV IVfc CHURCH of GOD 759 Vina Clute J. t, Coleman, Pattor CHURCH of The NAZARENE 802 West 5th Freeport R. Earl Cotton. Paster EPISCOPAL St. Paul's 1307 West 5th. Freeport William E. Sterling, Pastor St. Timothy's Circle Way & Oyster Creek Dr Lake Jackson George L. Carlisle. Jr.. Pastor LATTER DAY SAINTS LUTHERAN ".hrist Lutheran (Auqustano) Plantation Dr. & Amaryllis Lake Jackson '.eslie A. F. Carlson. Pastor St. Paul's American «3 West 5th, Freeport Charles D. Sherman. Pastor Grace (Missouri) 1302 West Broad Freeport, Texar E. J. Stelling, Pastor St. Mark (Missouri) 501 Willow Dr., Lake Jackson John P. Schuli, Pastor METHODIST First Methodist 151 S. Shanks, Clute L. R. Condrey, Pastor Flnt Methodist 1400 West (road, Freepert Archie W. Fleming. Pastor First Methodist 404 Aialea. Lake Jackson Carlos Davis. Pastor First Methodist. Velasca (also Oyster Creek Methodist) 320 North Ave. A, Freepert Alvls M. Coleman. Pastor St. Thomas Methodist Jones Creek, Route 1, Freeport Ferd Dawson, Pastar Congregational Methodist Irackman Road, Clute Harold E. Pitts. Pastor Chapelwaed Methodist (Temporarily In Junior High) Lake Jackson Faulk Landrum Pastor PENTECOSTAL United Pecan Lane at S. Main, Clute L. L. Stevens, Pastor PRESBYTERIAN First Presbyterlnn 1402 West Iroad, Freeport C. Kno> Poole, Pastor Gulf Prairie Presbyterian Peach Point, Rt. 1, Freeport Kenneth L. look, Pastor First Presbyterian 102 Yaupon, Lake Jackson. John C. Topptns. Pastor SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Hwy. 218 Richwood Village lob Jinks. Local Elder UNITARIAN Irasasport Unitarian Fellowship Now Meeting At ... Old lethal Presbyterian Church Straiten Ridge Road

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