Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 3, 1963 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1963
Page 3
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fATURDAY, AUGUST 3, 1963 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Socially Yours - By SAUY Mrs. James Wells of Pleasant Hill, California, is visiting with her mother, Mrs. James Ran- mar and with her aunt, Mrs. Glenn .Greene. She is the former Miss Pansy Irene Birkhead of this city. • * * Mrs. Shirley Ann Wheeler, who has been visiting In Wash' Ington, D. C, and New York City has returned to her home In this city. • * * Mrs. Jennie Mitchell and daughter, Helen, left yesterday for their home in Long Beach, California, following a visit with her cousin, Kenneth Bevis and family of this city. En route home, they will visit with her brother, Virgil Jeffers in St. touts. SOCIETY George Hatzenbuehler of 1821 north 10th street is 83 years old today, August 3, we have been told by Mrs. Eva Cullins . . . Mrs. Florence Holland of 508 Llebengood avenue will be 79 years old August 5 according to a telephone call received from Mrs. Mary Hampton . . . Aug ust 6 is the birthday of Mrs. Maude Dare of Route Four, Mt. Vernon. She will be 73 years old we have been told by her daughter, Mrs. Rollie Hughey . . . And, on August. 6, Mrs. Sally Cook of 1011 Westcott will be 79 years old we have been told by Mrs. Mary Hampton .. . We do hope each one will receive many other cards with the one we are mailing today. Baptist Women Meet At Benton PERSONAL Miss Mary Beth Compton, who underwent surgjry Wednesday morning at Barnes Hospital was released this morning. Her mother, Mrs. Charles Compton drove to St. Louis, and brought her to her home in this city. Mrs. George McCoy, Jr., of wh? e i!^?iU?S*SS? Rockford, the state president, presided and Mrs. Ellis Roane ,'^S^L^^^^vSJi fhrpt g 'r °aln PreSldent> The theme of the conference 1 ;^ ^vcSiT^SS The seventh state conference of the American Baptist Women's Missionary Societies of Illinois was held July 30 through August 1 at Lake Benton, WATCHING TV TONIOMT 6iOO— Plontert 3, Big Four 4, Dtath Valley Dtyi S, Tim* Out for Sport* 6, Country Show 11, Set Hunt 12. «s3C— Gallant Men 2-3, tuey-Deil Show 4-12, Sam Benedict 5-4. 7i30—Hootentnny 2-3, Tht Diftndan 402, Joty Blihep 5A Rlvarboat 11. •lOO-lawrente Walk 2-3, Saturday Night Movla 54. •:30-Heve Gun, Will Traval 4-12, Wrtitllng 11. ••00—Fight of tht Watk 2-3, Gunimoke 402. »i45-Matte That Spar* 2-3. 10:00—ChllUr Thaattr 2, Wrattllng 3, Newi 4-5-12, Saturday Night Jimbort* 6, All Star Bowling 11. 1000-Gold Award Thaattr I. 10i15-Movl*i Bitter Victory 4, Movla: Hangman'i Knot 12. 10:30—Waakand at tht Movlti 6. 11:00—Movla: Fighting Ktntuckian 3, Chuck Norman'i Saturday Night Party 11. 11:30—Movla: Suiplclon 3. 11:45-Movit: Th* Davll'a Htnchmtn 12. 11i55-Frankly Sptaking 4. 12:0O-Ntwi It. 12i35-Ntwi 5. 12:40-Movit: Northtrn Patrol S. 12i55-Ntwi 4. 1:00~Naw> 2 -3. 1:05-Mthalia Jackion ». SilO-Weather 5. SUNDAY PtOORAM Mamlng 7:05-Nawi 4. 7i15-Blg Pictur* 4. 7:45—Chrlitophar* 4. IiOO— Camara Thra* 4, Film 5, Air Forca Story 12. Btl5-Chriitophtn 12. 8:20-Mihalla Jackion Singi 2. 8.25-Ntwi 2. 8i3C— Rtllglout 2, Faith of Our Fathtrt 4, Hour of St. Francii 5, Paducth Devotion 6, Herald of Truth 12. 8:45—Faith For Today 2, Nawt 11. 9:00-lamp Unto My Faat 4-12, Mat. Church Federation 5, TV Goipel Tlmt 11 ti15-Ma»«agt of hta Rabbi 2, 10:30-Movle: Hold Back tht Dawn 4. !0i55-Movle: 20,000 Men A Year 11. 1:30-N*wi 2. 1:35—Mahalla Jackion 2. 2.15-Newi 5. 2:30-Newt 11. 2:40— Movloi Jallhouie Bluet 4, Newireel 11. 1.50-Newi 4. Receives Nursing Scholarship Loon was "Crown Him Lord Of All" with Miss Josie Childs, missionary from the Beaufort, S. C, school as the principal speaker. The school was organized in terday afternoon P. K. Baker of Carml made a business trip to Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Oscar Irwin of Bluford 1867 to meet the needs of child- 1 \ ren of all peoples and is called yesterday afternoon shop the "mother school." It is an edu- P |n 8 m the K,n 8 City, cational institution offering both 1 Mrs. Winifred Cantrell of high school and junior college jXenia visited friends and shop- courses. It is supported by the ped in Mt. Vernon Friday. Women's Home Baptist Mission Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Holman Societies and gifts from local and Mrs. Belle Hubbs of Carmi societies. transacted business and shopped Those attending the conference' in King ^ity Friday, from the First Baptist church in' mMr f- S? 1 ^^"^^"^* Mt. Vernon were Mrs. Eugene was • Mt - Vernon shopper Fri Holcomb, Mrs. Fred Purcell, Mrs. D V T r w«iwf «f Fred Towall, Mrs. Ernest Webb,' Mrs- J. C. Kellert of Mrs. Bertha Riley, Mrs. Lois JffSSSi^ MS KJO r $l JS. i Clark, Mrs. Lelia Epperson, Mrs. shopped in the King City yes-| Jim Maline, Mrs. Max Harris, I Ti^rni ^cnn «f w«t iprnnir and Mrs. Ceaton Bullock, ihtiJ^^^S^^SM^J^Mt local W. M. S. president. Iv ^rnon Friday Mrs. Maline and Mrs. Harris) Mrs. Clark Herbert and Mrs., c . , . , were on the program as vocalists iHomer Perryman of Farina' Sch ° o1, has beon an outstanding at ! h f Tuesday .session and pre-'spent Friday visiting friends andjfi^f" 1 - Her community activities sented "Calvary", In an inspiring'shopping in the King City, i include serving as a volunteer duet • - Eagles Honor Ex-King Peter Miss Hillard, a 1963 graduate of the Mt. Vernon Township High Hamilton Brother! Quartet I •iSO-Fliher Family 2, look Up and Live 4-12, Thli It the Life 5, Chrlttophtn 4, Allen Revival 11. •):45-Secred Heart 6. 10:00-Herald of Truth 2, Montage 4, Frontleri of Faith 5, Thli It the Life A, Frontltn of Science 11, Camera Three 12. 10i30-Tha Amwer 2-6, Way of Ufa 4, Induitry on Parade 5, Herald of Truth 11, Waihlnglon Report! 12. 10:45-Amerlcam At Work 5. 11:00—Catholic Man 2, Infer- tlonel Zone 5, Popeye 6, Newi 11, Thli li tht Lift 12. 11:30— Sacred Heart 2, Certoont 3, I might 4, Lone Ranger 5, Frontleri of Faith 6, For Your Information 11, Tht Amwer 12. 11:45-Aik A Prleit 2, light Time 3, Baieball with Dizzy Dean 12. 11:55-Game of the Week: Baltimore at New York II. Afftrnttn I2:00-Viewpolnt 2, Faith For Today 3, Movie: Romeo and Juliet 4, Family Theeter 5, -Beiebelli Pittiburgh at Cincinnati 6, Oral Robert! 11. 12:30—Pro and Con 2-3, Gold Award Theater 5, Rev. Beenty 11. 1:00-Newi 2-11, Educational 3. 1:30—Inuei and Am wan 2-3, Church of Chrlit 11. 9:00—Movie: Iniptctor Melgtrt 2, Oral Robert! 3, Victorian Symphony 4, Jtt Jackion 11. 2i30-Educatlonel 3, It'a A Great Life 5, All Star Bowling 11. 2:45-Hollywood Matinee 12. 3:00—Allen Revival 3, Communlim 4, Amoi and Andy 5, Weekend at the Movlei 6. 3:30—Take Two 2-3; Space: Tht New Ocean 4, Ufa of Riley 5, Movlt: Ellla 11. 4:00—Major Adami, Trallmaitar 2-3, American Muilcal Thaattr 4, Rlpcord 5. 4t30—Amateur Hour 4-12, Bullwinklt Show 54, Suptr Movlt 11. SAO—Trut Advtnturt 2, Roy Rogtn 3, 20th Century 4-12, Mttt tht Praii 5-6. *:30—Tht Aquanauti 2, Mlittr Ed 4-12, Sea Hunt 5, Newi 6. Evening CiOO—lanla 4-12, Enilgn O'Toole 54, Safari 11. 4:30—The Jetiona 2-3, Dtnnli tht Menact 4-12, World of Color 5-6. 7:00—Jane Wymen 2-3, Ed Sullivan 4-12. 7i30-Sunda"y Night Movlt 2-3, Car 54, Where Art You 5-6, Broken Arrow 11. 8:00-The Real McCoyi 4-12, Bonanza 5-6, Roller Derby 11. «:30-GE True 4-12. 9:00—Cadld Camera 4-12, Show of tht Watk 5-6, Movlt: Tht lady Wanti a Mink 11. t:30-Ntwi 2-3, Whafi My lint 4-12. 10:00—Summer Movlt 2, Movlt: Tht lait Command 3, Newi 4-5-6-12. 10i15-Newi 4, Movlt 9, Weekend at the Moviti 6, i Moviti Ntvar Sty Dit 12, MONDAY PROORAM Morning 5:50-Newi 4. 6:00—Town end Country 4. 6I30-P.S. Four 4. 7:00— The Morning Scene 4, Today 54, Breakfait Show 12. 7i25-Nawi 5-6. 7:30-Todey 54. 7:40-World of Mr. Zoom 4. 8:00—Mahalla Jackion 2, Capt. Kangaroo 4-12. 8:05—Farm Report 2. 8:15-Meet Your Military 2. 8:25-Newi 54. 8:30-Medlcal Profile 2, Today 54. 8:45—Cartoom 2. 9:00—Jack Lalanne 3, Calendar 4-12, Say When 54. 9.15-King and Odie 2. 9:25-Newi 54. 9:30— Romper Room 2, Tralli Weit 3, I Love lucy 4-12, Play Your Hunch 54. 10:00— Cartooni 3, The McCoyi 4-12, Price li Right 54. 10:30— Seven Keyi 2-3, Pete and Gladyi 4-12, Concentration 54. 11:00—Tenn. Ernie Ford 2-3, love of life 4-12, Your Flnt Impreulon 54. 11:30—Father Knowi Beit 2-3, Search For Tomorrow 4-12, Truth or Comequencei 54. 1l:45-Guidlng Light 4-12. 11:55—Day Report 54. Afternoon 12:00—General Hoipltal 2-3, Newi 4-54-11-12. 12:05-My Little Margie 4, Charlotte Peteri 5. 12:15—Pattor Speaki 6, Modern Almanac 11, Farm Picture 12. 12:30—Divorce Court 2, Religioui 3, Ai the World Turni 4-12, Jack lalanne 11. 1:00— Day In Court 3, Paisword 4-12, People Will Talk 54, Double Feature 11. 1:25-Midday Report 3-5-6. 1:30—Jane Wyman 2-3, Houie Party 4-12, The Docton 54. 2:00—Queen For A Day 2-3, To Tell The Truth 4-12, lorettt Young 54. 2:15—Double Feature 11. T-30-Who Do You Truit 2-3, Edge of Night 4-12, You Don't Say 54. 3:00— American Bandttand 2-3, Secret Storm 4-12, Match Game 54. 3:25-Newi 54. 3:30—Dlicovery '63 2-3, Millionaire 402, Make Room For Daddy 54. 4:00—Day In Court 2, The Hour 3, S.S. Popeye 4, Wrangler'i Club 5, Beit of Groucho 6, Capt. Il'i Show boat 11, Rocky and Hla Friendi 12. 4:25-Talei of tht Wait 2. 4:30—Movie: San Antonio 4, Robin Hood, Broken Arrow, Mr. Magoo 6, Induitry on Parade 8, Brave Stallion 12. 4:45-The Friendly Giant 8. 5:CO-Mlckey Mouie 3-11, Range Rider 5, Popeyt 6, Whafi Ntw 8, Yogi Bear 12. 5:30—Clutch Cargo 3, Sea Hunt 5, Amoi and Andy 6, Ann Sothern 6, Encore 8, Huckleberry Hound 11, Rettleu Gun 12. 5:35—Claud Moye 3. 5.45-Newi 3. 5:55-Sportl 4. Evening 6:00-Newi 2-4-54-12, Cartooni 3, Thli World 8, Three Stoogea 11 6:15-Newi 2-4-54-12, Rocky and Hli Friendi 11. 6:30-The Dakotai 2-3, To Tell The Truth 4-12, Monday Night Movie 54, What'a New 8, People Are Funny 11 7:00-l've Got A Secret 4-12, Muilc of America 8, Beat of Groucho 11. 7:30— Funny, Funny Fllmi 2-3, Vacation Playhouie 4-12, Movie: Mad Dr. of Market Street 11. IrOO—Stoney Burke 2-3, Reign of Terror 8. 8i30—Art Linkletter 5-6, Summer Playhouie 8. 9:00—Ben Caiey 2-3, Panword 4-12, David Brlnkley't Journel 54, Movie: The Woman and tht Hunter 11. 9:30-Stump the Stan 4-12, Biography 5, Dragnet 6. 10:00-Newi 2-3-4-54-12. 10:15-Steve Allen 2, Eye on louli 4, The Tonight Show 6, Law and Mr. Jonei 6, Weather 12. 10:20-Californlan 3, Movies Keep 'Em Flying 12. 10:30-Movie: In A Lonely Place 4. !0s40-Movlt: Swanee River 11. 10:45-The Tonight Show 6. 11:20-Movle: Newi li Made at Nlte 3. 1l:45-Dragnet 2, Newi 12. 12:00-Tonlght In St. louli 5. 12:15-Newi 2, Movie: Smart Girl 4. 12:30-Newi 3-5-11. 12:35—Almanac 5. 12i40-Weether 5, Newireel 11. Wed This Morning Miss Eleanor G. Smith of New Orleans, daughter of Mrs. Lela M. Smith of Route 6, Mt. Vernon, became the bride of J. Henry Tucker of this city in a candlelight ceremony at the First Baptist church at 10:30 o'clock this morning. The single ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. Gene Holcomb, pastor of the church, in the presence of immediate relatives. The bride's attendant was Mrs. Daniel F. Smith, of New Orleans, sister-in-law of the bride, and the bridegroom's best man was Homer Tucker, a brother of Mr. Tucker. After the ceremony a small reception was held in the church parlors. A number of out-of-town relatives attended. Mrs. Tucker, a R. N„ is a graduate of Mt. Vernon Town ship high school. She was re cently employed at Camp Leroy Johnson Army Hospital, New Orleans. Immediately following the re ception the couple left on t honeymoon trip to the Smoky Mountains. On their return they will reside on Route 6, Mt. Vernon. Barren School Reunion Held Elmer Cummings of West Frankfort was a business visitor in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Cora Banning and Mrs. Grace Butler of Carbondale were King City shoppers and business visitors Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sharp and Mrs. Bob Schmelter of Robinson transacted business and shopped in the King City yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Siper- _ as a nurses' aide, work in Girl Scout groups, and Methodist Youth Fellowship. In September, she will enter the School of Nursing at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale The loan was made to Miss Hillard following a meeting of the loan committee—which consists of Mrs. Stewart of Texico, chair­ man; Mrs. Wagner, Hubert Danner, and Arthur McMillan. At that time, the group interviewed candiates and drew up plans for the award. Next day, Miss Hillard received the check. She is the daughter of Mrs. Dolly Ventress of this city. The H. I. A. is comprised of Jefferson county —and other rural Illinois areas who are "helping themselves to health." There are some ninety units which have been organized over the past MISS SHERYL HILLARD, CENTER, has received a nursing scholarship loan from the Jefferson County Health Improvement Association. She is shown with Mrs. Herman Wagner, at left, director of the organization and Mrs. Forrest A. Stewart, chairman of the loan committee of the organization. (Mary Jane Studio) fifteen years. The Jefferson county unit cooperated with the P.T.A. Council to purchase an audimeler—which is used to regularly test the hearing of school children. It has contributed toward loan and scholarship funds both at S.I.U. and at the University of Illinois. And, this spring—for the first time— a fund was set up to assist Jefferson county young people who are interested in entering some phase of health science. CHICAGO (AP)-Former King Peter of Yugoslavia has been given the World Freedom Award of the Fraternal Order Of Eagles for his work in helping refugees. The award was made Thursday night at the fraternal order's con vention dinner. Some 12,000 members of the Eagles are attending the convention. The award was in recognition of King Peter's "tireless struggle for freedom in opposition to toe godless forces of fascism, nazism and communism." King Peter appealed for pray, ers for Yugoslavian relief from the recent earthquake in Skopje and "the man-created disaster of Communist enslavement." Dr. William C. Mennlnger, president of the Mennlnger Foundation, Topeka, Kan., received a $25,000 Eagles grant for work on heart disease. The foundation op- crates a mental clinic and re search center. Comedian Jimmy Durante, who entertained, received the "Eagle of the Year" award. Mrs. Bourque's Voice Students In Recital Tomorrow afternoon, August 4, a group of Mrs. Joe Bour» que's voice students will present a senior recital in Fellowship Hall at First Methodist church. The recital will begin at half past two o'clock. Students on the program include Jolene Backes, Linda Summers and Pam McKenzie. Miss Andrea Sue Marlowe, piano student of Stephen Barwick of SIU—and a former student, of Mrs. Howard Downey—will also be on the program. The oublic is Invited. The Bible Speaks To You 8:30 a.m. Sunday, KSD, St. louls 9:15 a.m. Sunday, WCNT, Centralla 9:00 a.m. Sunday, WJPF Herrln DIX and smith of Rushville were business„„ , UAT _, TJ„,. Q visitors and shoppers in Mt. Ver-: . M , r -. ^ d Jf™- "^..Jf"^ non Fridav visited in Odin one afternoon Mrs. Velma Torricelli of Ash>cent1y wi l h .J™ „b«»} h «. JJr ley spent yesterday afternoon shopping in the King City. Martin Zedalis, Jr., of Opdyke made a short business trip to Mt. Vernon Friday. Vern Keen of Keenes was a business visitor in the King City yesterday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Ballwig of Carmi visited friends and shopped in Mt. Vernon Friday, and Mrs. Arthur Hawkins, Mr Hawkins recently retired from employment as a mechanic at Chanute Air Force Base at Rantoul, 111. Mrs. Bert True has returned from Henderson Ky., where she spent 10 days with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fox. Mrs. Grace Douthit and daughter spent one day in Flora wilh her son and family, Mr. and Mrs Lon Heddrick of Deiafield made a business trip to the King i Gene Douthit. City yesterday afternoon. | Mr md Mrs . Dick Patton have Stanley Hucklemann was a: returned to meir nomc aftcr Mt. Vernon business visitor yes-! spending three weeks in Man- DEAR ABBY . .. He Sings-She Seethes! Abigail Van Buren terday. He was en route from Chicago to his home in Nashville, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Corley of Mt. Carmel were business visitors and shoppers in Mt. Vernon Friday, Mrs. Edmund Schnitker of Hoyleton was a Mt. Vemon shopper and business visitor Friday. On Sunday July 28, about 75 former students of Barren school and their families met at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gowler, east of Miller's Lake, for the annual reunion. Se - eral came from quite a distance. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gowler and son Jerry, came from Norfolk, Nebraska, others from Farmington, Missouri, and Newton, Illinois. A basket dinner was served at the noon hour. In the afternoon the singing of the old school songs by everyone, and a solo by Rod ney Harrington, Rodney Gow ler and a duet sung by LeAnn Shinn and Rodney Gowler, was very much appreciated. The "Inspirational Trio" sang many wonderful selections of sacred music. Mrs. Raleigh Isaac gave the closing prayer, after which all joined in>-singing "God Be With You 'Ti'. We Meet Again." The last Sunday in July 1964 will be the next meeting at the same location. Dorcas Mission Circle Meeting The Dorcas Mission Circle of the Southwest Church of Christ will entertain its families with a potluck supper Tuesday evening, August 6, at the west side shelter house in city park. Serving will begin at 6:30 o'clock. Each member is asked to bring a covered dish and table service. Bread and drinks will be furnished. All members are urged to attend. Wyoming has beaten Montana State University in football 11 straight times. That's all they have played. nhem, Germany with their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Patton and son, Randy. This is the first time Mr. and Mrs. Patton have seen their daughter-in- law and grandson. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jones and family of Indiana has moved on;him. DEAR ABBY: I hope you' won't think this is too trivial to answer. I have recently begun to go out with a distinguished bachelor who is in his fifties. I am a widow in my forties. He has escorted me to the ballet, concerts, and symphony. He is a patron of the arts and I love music. But Abby, when he sings along with the performing artists, or orchestra, I want to | run and hide. I haven't the courage to tell him how much this annoys me, and the "looks" he gets from those seated near us don't seem to penetrate. Is there a polite way to tell him how I feel? I don't want to lose 4 -H NEWS The Hall Hi-lighters 4-H Club achievement program was held July 30 at the Mt. Vernon city park. Talks and demonstrations were given by Annelle Bullock, Donna McDonald, and Linda Garlinghouse. Refreshments were served. Myra Cummins, a member of the Happy Homemakers Club, was a special guest and the mothers of the members were also guests. The group discussed a swimming party. Parents Mixed Up About Twins LOS ANGELES (AP)-For six weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fries have been arguing over their 6 month-old-twin sons. They couldn't agree which was which. To settle the dispute, the Fries took the twins back to the hospital where they were born. "The mother is right," one physician said. He based his judgment on the fact that hospital records show Samuel has been consistently heavier than Daniel. There was another difference, too, the doctors said that should prevent further mixups. Daniel got a vaccination on his right arm and Samuel the vaccination on the left arm. Or was it Samuel that got it on the right arm? the Butch Gaston place. Carolyn Schaubcrt spent some time in Herrin with her grandmother, Mrs. Sam Russo. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Treat and daughter of Centralia visited Sunday here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Treat. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bruce,: Philip and Phyllis were in St. Louis recently where they visited places of interest. Harvey Bruce who is quite ill in the Jefferson Memorial Hospital is reported as well as could be expectd after an operation Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Williams was shopping in Mt. Vernon Tues day. Mrs. Helen Pearson has rented her place to the principal of Kelll school and she will be moving to Taylorville where she will make her home. Peggy Arnett daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Arnett is in the Good Samaritan hospital in Mt. Vernon and is reported to be resting at this time. Miss Dorthy Tish of Louisville, 111. is spending the week here with her grandmother, Velda Tish and aunt, Mrs. Dorie Staley. Ruby Tinsley, Cor. EMBARRASSED DEAR EMBARRASSED: He appears to be a man who want everyone to know that HE i knows the score. Toll him In a friendly way that his "singing alonR" bothers you and those around you. If he has done this unconsciously, he'll appreciate knowing. If he Is aware that THE LITTLE PANCAKE HOUSE (West Highway Across From West Salem Church) Open Every Friday And Saturday Night Until 2:30 A.M. Com* out and try Doris and Mary's Biscuits and Gravy wilh Country Style Ham, Bacon or Sausage. Pancake* wilh 6 Delicious Flavors of Syrups. Also Short Orders — Salads — Steaks feel that your wise counsel will help me. Sincerely, WITHHOLD MY NAME DEAR MRS. : Under the circumstances you should not be condemned for refusing | to go through the motions of n grieving widow. You have suffered enough humiliation. Don't II let his family, or yours, punish | you further. The University of Miami at Coral Gables holds a 13-11 football edge over Florida. Michigan holds a 35-16 edge in its football clashes with Michigan State. Four games were ties. SPEECH TRAINING Starting August 12th ... A Beginning Class in "Speechcraft". An internationally famous system for improving your speech . . . Improve in conversation, public speaking, business conferences, salesmanship. Toastmasters Club of Mt. Vernon offers you this opportunity, we have over 10 new men signed up now, this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and learn the basic principles of effective speech. 8 weeks of intensive study, each Monday night at Mack's Pizza House, 24th and Broadway. GUEST NIGHT AUG. 5th For Further Information and Reservations Phone DR. WM. A. GRANT OR GALE HOWELL At Security Bank MT. VERNON TOASTMASTERS he's disturbing others and does n't care, he's selfish and incon siilerate, in which case, If you lose him, you haven't lost much. • * • DEAR ABBY: My husband (and I spew the words out of my mouth) was found dead with a woman in a suicide pact. I| made all the necessary funeral arrangements, but did not attend the rites, nor did I send flowers. It may seem hard to believe, Miss Abby, but in the 16 years were were together, right up to the day of his death, I had no knowledge that there was another woman. His family, and mine, condemn me for the 1 stand I have taken, but I cannot be a hypocrite. I have debated writing this letter to you for over a month but, somehow, DEAR ABBY: We have a seven-year-old grandson who is I smart as a whip. The big problem is that he uses some of the dirtiest words in the English language. At first we thought | he didn't know what he was saying, but he uses the words in all the right places. His parents said he must have picked it up I at school. His parents tell us toji pretend not to hear him. How can you pretend, Abby? My husband almost choked once, and I came close to fainting. What should we do? HIS GRANDPARENTS DEAR GRANDPARENTS: Seven-year-olds who are this smart in the head should] "smart" some place else morej often. CONFIDENTIAL TO "INTERESTS DP ARTY": Read Proverbs 26:17: "He who seizes a passing dog by the ears is he who meddles in a quarrel not his own." • • • Tell your troubles to Abby.| For a personal, unpublished reply, please send a stamped, self- addressed envelope. • * • Hate to write letters? Send | one dollar to ABBY, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif., for Abby's new booklet, "HOW TO WRITE LETTERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS." Nearly three fourths of the earth's surface, almost 400 million cubic miles, consists of water. The Dix River Dam noar Danville, Ky., is said to be the largest rock-filled dam in the world. It is 275 feet high. What would it cost in your size? Six months in a boot like this could wipe out the entire family's annual shoe budget—and then some. Vern Bond Dial 2444341 Bob Girrwon Dill 244-1756 Randall Jenklni Dial 242-4427 Grady Terhune Dial 242-4860 But medical cost is just part of the plague of personal injury. If you have to hire a man to do your work until you're back on your feet, it could cost you more than you've got You can never eliminate all chance of personal injury. But you can eliminate the chance of losing your savings—with a Country Life personal accident expense policy. Ask your Country Life agent about this low-cost coverage and other policies in Country Life's comprehensive health insurance program, Country Life INSURANCE COMPANY PERKY I PQJIABLE! 16* tuba overall dUaonit-125 sq. In. pictur* by RCA VICTOR The PETITE Series 64-A-02-M 16'tuba (overall dlaff.) 125 sq. In. picture THIS 16 INCH COMPACT TV imagine! c it's Yours for Only Trim and terrific, this RCA Victor all-new Sportabout travels! in the best company. It's slim, lightweight and remarkably handy to carry. Offers outstanding performance too. Features a newly-developed RCA Power Grid Tuner and 18,000-volt ] chassis (design average) to pull in crisp and detailed pictures. RCA Space Age Sealed Circuitry for extra dependability. Top-front "Golden Throat" sound from the 3" x 5" speaker. Sensitive built-in monopole antenna that adjusts for best | signal. Here's RCA Victor Sportabout TV quality performance and styling at a budget-pleasing price. Easy Terms No Money Down a Week Oatlgntd for th* iulura. Ml-channal Ntw Vista UHF tuning can be Installed at any tima (optional extra) In all ntw RCA Victor color and most black and whits TV modal*. Black and Whlta remote control TV can ba converted to receive up to 4 UHF channels, ' THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN TELEVISION • TOP BRANDS • TOP TRADES • TOP SERVICE 244-0322 * 244-0323 1112 BROADWAY

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