The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 25, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1930
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-Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, l'S.95, at post office at Tipton, Ind.. under the act of March 5, 1879 x'oi.oiio xxxy, NO 17- TIPTON, INDIANA, FRIDAY EVENING, APRIL 25, 1030; TO FIRE Aiiiericari-LaFrance Pumper ' and Ladder Truck Has 'Be2n Selected. , Ass?rts Maine. R.-puiiliciuis , Drunk-Krecly at C:IIIVOIICOII ON SALES CONTRACT Cost of New Equipment is; , $12,8c0, Less $900 for Old Truck. Bangor. M/e., April 2a. — A charge that liquor was "supplied in quantity and partaken of copiously" during the Republican state convention here last month was made in, a radio address the other night by Ducrnld B. Dewar, of Portland, "net" candidate for the Republican nomination !for senar jtor. The first man (o run for na- icnal officce in Maine as a "wet" in six years, Mr. .Dewar asked was the liquor "the reason for the hone dry plank the next morning. Big heads, sick, stomachs and remorse will sometimes work out his way." "1 did not furnish the booze, consumed at this year's Republican convention, not one drop of it." Mr. Dewar said. Conviet Heroes of Pri^ii Annual Session of Mission- I I ary Groups in Muncie District Next Week. AT ,TIPTON CHURCH First; Time in Many Years This City Has Entertained Conference. At a special meeting of the •oily council Thursday evening in the city building decision was made to purchase, cn a sales contract, an Anlerieaii-LaFrance fir-= truck, pumper and ladder erpiin- meiu •combined. The price is ?12.S&n wiih S900 ; off for the old Nash truck. The new equipment wil) be delivered in ninety days. : There will be 237 feet of lad- .ders on ihc truck" including on-?, fi0-foot extension sectiqn with supporting poles, one 35-foot extension ladder, two 2fi-fnot ladders and one each of the following length. 28. 2-1. 20. 16.-and 12 feet. \ Next Thuesday and Wednesday : the Presbyterian church here will ! entertain the annual Muncie Local People on Program at Kokomo Tuesday at All- Day Session. Presbyterial meeting. This is the organization of women's groups in: the Presbyterian church within the Muncie district. Close, lo one hundred visitors will, be in Tipton for the two days. A program of exceptional interest has been . arrangep. . The delegates will be entertained in the homes of members of. the congregation. The guests of honor foij this BIG DINNER AT NOON conference and speakers ori the program are: Miss Esther Lan- j don of Asheville Normal school; J Mrs. Andrew Todd Taylor, district A big Methodist meeting will:secretary, of Chicago, Mrs. Camp- Additional equipment includes i be held at the Main Street Methp-j bell MacKay, Sync-dical president tarpaulins lb cover roofs, furni- j dist church in Kokomo Tuesdayj of Elkhart; Mrs. W. H. Adams, tare etc.. PUS masks, hasenienKyApril 29, starting at 10 o'clock) Svnodical vice-president of Indi- nozzles and Foamitc tanks for ; and a number of local persons j anapolis and Mrs.. J. W.'Nicely of fighting ga--.oI:ne and oil fires. j will be in attendance and on' the! Crawfordsville. The members ot the city coanr j DSfljBram. I Tn€ session, will open at 1 :3a ril have been .studying all kinds! The.meeting is-, for^-pastors andl o > c i 0Ck Tuesday afternoon. Fol- of fire fighting oinipm-n't since j stewards of the Kokomo district,! j owing a son g service and devotee the first of the ! winch was formerly known as the Members have off they, 'took year. Mem hers have made- trips lo St. Louis and Chicago to inspect ladder trucks and combination trucks and ;the decision that they arrived at it would he-a . better policy to pay more money for a ••.'ombinatiojn ladder-pumper. I truck. The city now i can-7-a France pumper and since it has given sat; the council was' the same manufacturer should i furnish the new ; will start paying: ' pumper in' July years time will DEM AX D JPOR owiis an Am?vi- sfactory service, of the opinion truck. The 'city on the new 1931 and five lie given to conj- Logansport District, the name having been changed by the conference at Hartford City during. | the present month. In connection with the meeting the wives and ministers of the district /will hold a meeting and election of officers at the beginning of the afternoon _ses- • sion. Rev. John C. White, pastor of the Kemp Methodist church of ; Tipton will address the morning session on the subject of "How to ; Insure Monthly' World Service Pa3'ments." Rev. Lamoine Wright of Ekin and Shiloh and Rev. Leonard • Wright of Center and Nevada will' i furnish musical numbers at the morning session. plete the payments. The American-La France pumper which the city now owns, was purchased on ; the payment pl;m and the debt j M ^ afternoon seaaion Rev will be wiped;,oat with the pay- ; and Mrj . Rrw .J GTSilllim formerly ment next July, it is said. ! of sharpsviUe will furnish musi- • cal numbers. tionaLled by Mrs'.; Campbell MacKay of Elkhart. Mrs. G. H. Warne of this -city will welcome the visitors. Mrs. J. C. Garber will give a review of the year's work, followed by prayer by Miss Mabel Digel of Elwood. An address will be given by Mrs. Andrew Todd Taylor and the first session ends with installation of new officers ! and an executive session of officers and auxiliary presidents. . Supper will be served in the church basement. The evening service opens with music by Mrs. N. V. ' Andrews jof this city and worship period' led:by Rev. N. V. Andrews, pastor!' of the Tipton church. The address of -the evening will be given by Missy Esther Landon. Caryl Pakes of this city will play HOUSES. • ; ! At the noon hour a big dinner Sharpstille Said to Be Mora For- will be served by the ladies of ' ' i the Kokomo church and an inviji] ! tation is extended to all Metho- runate Titan Most Towns. a violin solo. 1 The Wednesday morning session jopensi with hymns' followed with talks; Negro in America, Mrs. O. B.Campbell of Marion; Work in Europe, 'Mrs. M. A. Drake of Kokomo; "Faith is the Gift of God," Mrs.iJ. W. Nicely; "Ap Ye Abound in Faith and Knowledge," Mrs. J.-C. Webb of Portland and "Fellowship In Our Country," Mrs.- Andrew Todd (Continued on Pa*e 2.) 800 convicts were bumed to death in their locked prison cells, is without doubt one of the darkest episodes in prison history, it brought forth evidences men who were Although the Ohio State Peni-, • othewiWsfflbii . ... tentiaxy fire, where more than j interned in; the prison. Above lonjri is pictuxed . VSpeedy" Green, Charles Horton, tand Clyde White, who i worked bravely and tirelessly to;save| their comrades from a burning death. ! :_._.-/' <tat«ra»Uoiiml NtwsrMli EO AT COMPLETENESS Representative of State Hospital Department Praises . Institution. Forrrer Tipton Young Man Struck by Automobile in Lafayette. LICENSED BY STATE j SKULL IS Tipton' county's hospital, small, but pronounced one of the up-to- FRACTURED Porter Lane of Lafayette,: formerly of Tipton, is in the Home date and completely equipped in-i hospital at: Lafayette, suffering stitutions of the state, ,was ap-' iTom ^ er ious injuries received in proved and licensed by represen-l acc ja e nt; Wednesday after- tatives of the State Hospitaliza-j noon when strl „}k by an automation department Thursday and is\ me ag ]fe ^Wea from a street- now authorized to received pati- entsSThe^ hospital known as 1 car. He is the son •Mrs. Hallie. Lane of Miv and of Lafayette, ori residents and e Oak Hill filling Beechwood Maternity Hospital, is; algo fo] . mer Tip , operated by Mrs. Clandie/Smith,; ^ manager - or tI j, registered nurse, and wife ° f , station in IjaE aykttL. John D. Smith, Miss Hill, state;. py onl particulars- received by. inspector, expressed surprise and. ^ godmother. Mrs.'Izora Lane. pleteness of • . L, I.-„ j of East Jefferson street and his grandfather Ben F. Vice of South after- ex- curb, when [stru'ek by the auto.. He.was rushed to! the hospital. Deputy Auditor E. L. Hoffman;:dists to attend the meeting, informed a Tribune man Friday- A number of Tipton people are morning that Isharpsville at this, planning toiattend the meeting in time was facing a house shortage! addition to Rev. and Mrs- White every available residence in that and the stewards of the local town being occupied.;.-The situa- - church . tion is different than that .faced > by most Indiana towns the. size of SharpsviUe. ! The Kraft Cheese-. Company's '•• plant has brought a number of persons .to SharpsvUle.iand several families the head' of which; Tokio, April 25.—-The coursei bringing the text to is employed in dredging work are j of Japan's ratification ot the Lon-j Foreign >. Minister Shtdehara residing there. ' ! don treaty is likely to he involved ~ Foot c-ivinK TroiiMr. { and long-drawn, although it was —j ! 'authoritatively .promised that It Herman Koprs who had the | would be speedier than ratiflca T Long Fight on Ratification of-London Naval Treaty Already Looms in Japan pleasure at the com the hospital. The state inspectors .unci, c»-i . amintng the surroundipgs, turn- Main street; ^o-te^r had just got- ishings and equipHent of this ten P r and stepped hospital stated^ that she. could around th£; back to -cross to the think of no ' better . place ' for handling maternity cases or other cases than Beechwood and that wnere 11 was Jound he was suf- ber report virould so state. ; fering from a fracture of the Beechwood hospital opened by' skull arid Other serious injuries Mrs. Smith, who is a former tn ? e™ el nat, H e | of which can county Red Cross nurse, has been not be determined;as yet. s, , • Visited by more than 300 persons; A. letter { received Fjjiday by since announcement ! was made! Mrs. Lane from his! mother said that it was ready for inspection.' the son was vomiting blood, and Mrs. Smith welcomes visitors and his condition serious ; although takes pleasure in showing them the physicians ire hopeful of his through the place, which at pres- recovery. \ ' ' j.,- ent is a five bed institution with The young nan is', aj graduate large airy rooms and every facil- of the Tipton 'high! school.and: ity for handling invalids or pa- left Tipton about ia year ago. He tients of any kind. ; is married; his wife being form- She has reservation ahe'ad for erly Miss Rose Jobin of Tjpton, several - expectant / mothers and who made her- home with an aunt now that the .institution is 11-, Mrs. Phil Lawrence, and husband censed andjunder state'- supervis- on Green stree:. ' i ! ion is ready- to take cases: ' p : . •••». . • 1 Beechwood is located • on Fed- * eral Road 31 about one' and one ; half mlles-south-ot State Road 28 W ,„GVl Mjfers; who resides and the surroundings are ideal B0Uthwe8t ot } lvton> ha9 . been misfortune to drop a heavy ro4i tion of the Kellogg pact* which on his: right foot two weeks agoj TC q U ired a - nine-months' .contest Is-still feeling the effects of the accident.: He was iiere Friday attending to business matters, but is unable to wear a. shoe as the foot is badly- a^roUen. bet Ween the Cabinet and the PMT vy. Council. ^ , " ' ' +1 The ( Asaoclated' Pre* was as- sured'ron the highest .Mthorlty that the Caiiaat was' ^afldant ratiBeatioa %o«ld -)5e obiaUad ;in due conrM. > It waa^athariUUTC- ly ^-i^lt^wtili^^^ The Foreign office will .-first submit the treaty to the Cabinet's legislative - boreal, which' pre-: pares an offlclal Japanese transla- Uon^^rlthePrtvy Council.' After a treatyreaches the PHvy Counr «ll fandVtherMtter^ <ls:-c\ rtfportad' the - whol« J couhcil f or-dfe claioii,\tbeooaneil-fiaally. advises tha-Baparor WrMlfy or withhold if Tha atom of eritWrn of tba lr« aa^f o. th. MEIIe^ Has '.Infection. LiNOY HOPS Will Leave Miami to ; Open j New Mail Route to Cris- I ' total,' Panama. ":.••] Will Return From Panama in Near Future With .Load of Mail. Friday. »t- • for an instltutlpn of this charac-^ C0I1 ( ins d ( !tb the home for. several d ays- from j an . in fectiori ! 'on ; tlie r!l"ght; f opt.' j-The. ra!-.|va^^ik';Y^p»raT!iE^ menJt :.ln'"-silil^Vcondi|ibn er'ated his" foo t; when ,;he' stepped ^ iaoimT>aJri*t :».: ter. It is not situated right on the -pavement but back ^ a" sufficient distance so that-traffic wl 11 not interfere J- with' the 5 Hnletude >: neces- aary'-for -many?cases?of ,lllness.' •: ^fptonjpeople],who '^Have, npt vbilted jthlsl- Institution;* ^should atall^themMlsW^iJ^avinTttatlbn pwee^ts oae.ot;the most Ideal, for was prompt attent ogf^and^ li thought t» be doing alright p/ti TOUCHES AT HAVANA 'Hoover -Rrjzci..; Dial Phones; White Housic-to Have But Two "Washington, .April 23.—Dial telephones might provide the white house 'with better service, but President Hoover does not think so. • ' • In fact, the. chief executive, who uses the telephone more than. any of his predecessors^ lias. rejected a proffer by 1 IU telephone company -.- to insi.-.;l- the dial system in the- wl.ite house and executive officer, at the-s"ame time that ii'.e dials are being placed in the downtown district. Mr. Hoover say? the white house service is excellent using the present system. Of the tweive 1 trunk lines entering the white house switchboard. .I'only two will be fitted with dials^and the four operators will remain at their posts. 14 SI IE! Bl FROM VESSEL jCraw Abandoned Freighter ! Aitsr Fire in Long-Isjl- i and Sound. FEW REPORTED SAVED PERFECT GIBGLE A BUSY PLACE Possible Sorre of Crewj on an Unhaliited- Island. Washington, April 25—Charles . A. Lindbergh took off from^Bolling field for Miami,-| Fla.,'! ijpday. He said he expected to make the fligh,t in one hop, arriving^".?.! Miami: late today. .-::). I Officials at the flying 1 fieid j B ay aQ( j Jfight Shifts NoWJ Are Total 220 and Production Is High... said conditions were ; good for a fast flight. The distance on an aiC line ! is 923 miles. Lindbergh's .has a i '-' ruising speed of 160 miles an! '..".-'• hour. It is the sa!me .craft in!- •'- ' which fie.and his wife recently .et] MORE WOMEN NEEDED a speed record . from coast to* ; coast. Lindbergh is flying to Mi-:). ami to start a flight to the' Pan -j­ ama cana] opening a .fast mail j With general . business condi- serviee to Buenos Aires. • tiqns acknowledged not to be the Lindbergh will leave ..Vienna j very l)est _ it j 3 P !» aS 5 n g to fin'd tomorrow afternoon, arriving in | Havana tomorrow night with the: Cirst load of mail to .be taken! southward on the opening-of the] Co- especially busy, new seven-day air mail-scnediile j .'The plant is employing anpro\- of• the Pan -American Airways. |injate.! ; y 220 people on day and Inc.; from' New York. . ' jniiht shifts and on April 21st. From Havana he will • fly to i Cristobal, Panama, ' and remain here to fly back with raajl at an undetermined .date future. -..-•'' Greenwich, Conn., April 25.— Fourteen men were reported j missing today after the Bridge! port freighter Thames caught fire 'and had to be abandoned in Long Island sound. Greenwich police were 1 nable to say. whether the missin? men might have drowned, been trapped in: the burning hull or had escaped to nearby Ci Jtains island, a barren, uninhibited body of land several milep off shore. the industries of .this city, moving along nicely. The Perfect Circle ; cine, million piston rings had been I manufactured during the month, in the near ! At Hagerstown the Perfect Circle COUPLE GIVKX HEARING. Co. is- starting'.a. night shift, it is reported. x The- Tipton plant has been operating two shifts tor nonie time. . • .Tames Beam mid Mrs. Pearl i William Prosscr, manager of Ream Before .lud™e Mount. • | the. Tipton plant. . aniiour ..-e.; : —7- • I more fenialc help can. he em- Friday afternoon James. Beam'ployed at this time, and his wife Mrs. . Pearl '• Beam j '.- The factory at this time is nn- Bridgeport. Conn.. Apr 1 25. -—The Bridgeport office o:' the Thames River Line. Inc., owners of the steamer Thames, which caught fire and was abandoned in Long Island sound, was informed in a message from-Providence, R. I., today that Ciptain -Robert Sherman; of Stratford, and eight of his crew had been landed there by the Colonial Ifn er Lexington. Reports received by the pany indicate ten have bean rescued. The exact number of the crew "Iiich started from New. York, wis uncertain.' officials said. ! • . ;:iise "'of crew shifts at point, but it was believed twenty-four. ARCADIA EXCITEMENT. were before Judge C. W. Mounts the former on-a charge of failure to support his minor- da^h- ter Martha and the latter for contributing to the child's tsuancy. . After hearing the, evidence in the case of the. -father,. Judge Mount fined the mafi. Si and cOBts and suspended a six months sentence at the penal farm- co'n- dltloned. that he pay the: sum-of $3 weekly for the support Of the defgoing a cleah-up and paint-np campaign. The inside walls are being painted" : with aluminum paint and machinery is being painted grey.' Those, who fail to keep their machines clean will he noted arid accordingly those who lake pride in their factory an! clean surroundings will also J;e noted. :'-.'••'.-.'• In the production of the plant Auto Accident and Fire the citizens Busy. Mr. and Airs. Tom Roby. who reside west of Arcadia, weie very seriously injured Thursday night in an auto accident when their Dodge cOupe was wrecked. Mr. .•nd Mrs. Roby had been ii Arcadia on : business and when startin;. uome Mr. Roby lost control of the wheel, and ran that to be Keep Monday May 5:. -. ' _ : j. When the Tribune went! 'to press' Friday evening the 'evidence in the woman's case had not all been heard. Mr. .and Mrs. Beam have been- separated tor some time and the daughter has been with the mother most of the Ime, it being alleged she was not kept In school. • • o"n.this ring and the demand for them -is increasing. These rings •are ;usee, by Chrysler, -DeSoto, Dodge - and . Hupmobile. Mr. and Mrs.- J. D. suffered a! very bad cut oier the^ eye and about two inches < f scalp j torn loose. Mr. Roby suffered a — I bad cut on the head. left lug bad- Mason of.. , y bruised and his chest In lured. Columbia Avenue, spent Wednes- j Dr . Hicks of Arcadia gate them day at Atlanta with the former's , medIcal attention and lat<x they n the brother, I John Mason and wife. Presbyterian Board Will Recommend Merer With United, Dutch Reformed into a B. •30,00-p Tungtite rings are being ! tree , n £rQnt of ^ R ihild. The payments, are to start j produced each ! day. -The Perfect; shaffer h0Jne Circle Co., controls the patents | ^ en ^ ire " front of {h t ma _ chine was wrecked. Mrs. Roby I removed, to their home Shaffer ambulance. While Dr. Hicks was giving relief to Mr. and Mrs.,' Rol »y. Are was discovered between tbje walla |s<Miis office building and had somei real excitement Arcadia for a Philadelphia,] April 25'.—M.efs-LStevensin of? Princeton, N. J., will! short time. The physlcia* could ing 'tit the Dutch Reformed and JJnll'e^ Presbyterian IchurcheB WiUi the Fraabyterian, chttrch in. the ^United Statesof America Will, be reebmmended. to the Presbyterian General Assembly when It meNks in Cincinnati on- May. 28 [^oaaibly .complete', organicmnion Sith^ha'aeven other, b^wiliea of li^o^«4^PcMbyterian ask the General Assembly at Cln-: not leave | his patients to aaaiat at cinnati to-aufhoriie the depart-! the fire: and neighbors and rnent to conclude final negotia-innd the ivolunteer lire ^^^^^^ about 11:00 o'clock. The Irelwas^ kept: confined between tt a walla ' and the building was net badly damaged.) The origin of tbjs fire ia unknowns iV tions' for the jnerger during the j ment succeeded In putting it-out coming year, so that the complete'" v ">™ 1 - ti-ina nvwk Tha Uni plan may be voted upon at the 1931 General' Assembly. The Daten.. Reformed Church: has t*<)j00(> - communicant, members.' the^jTJnited: Presbyter/an Chu rch »«;00(i; and^ the "Pr *sbjtteriaB 2,- ^W'tStavenson's departmeat. ac^ ^MQgftoi'U^port~in;th«oflcial Shajfjiairga ^inegotiatloM! fc ^^iaVadk«di»;Cplacopal tsiawk ALMN than «.•••.• j Tharsdar a .was-iaaaM.-to- ^Sapial »*r. 'Ttewm^ friends depart-

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