The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 19, 1961 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1961
Page 12
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frun Thursday, January 19, 1961 Texas County Made Assemble Your Courage For This Spring - WASHING! 0 Cottrity, *!>>:.. h * AP K\ BOBBY SITPH1V sa of by Vacant Rental Property Got You Feeling Low? The Sun Classified Ads get you tenants, fast, have you smiling again! Wise property owners know every vacancy day in a rental is a big drag on profifs . . . and that's why they keep a Classified ad going every day to rent their places until they get the right tenant. For pennies a word, you can advertise your rentals every day. Dial JU 2-8234 now for an experienced, helpful Ad Writer. She'll help you place the rrght ad to get those vacant places full fast. Call between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. today. Your 3 line ad, is just $3.06 weekly on the low 6 day rate. Classified Ads Keep Properly Profitably Rented Corner Pearce and Ashbel JU 2-8234 - JU 2-8235 F | amboyant And E)egant f <i tfc?- p'.'t •••«". v.;-> v:r;; r; :.*-.-. c^- !ai-:;mi?ing \r>r^.'~.. bur nav.-r: i ;-, c^'or*. V.f.Hf- :* nc'.v.-v r;'ir,l;?;;. ri'- ,iih: «)'/! :-• haii the cr/ini}^-—-<io UBS >r::;^. :r. ?-.:;•;. <>.•••• WAV'S :-.r. r,;sr. : ~ ,-v.. ! vv ;'"r; w:th oU:-,c ; M ,'xi ran ;:':•:.;•• .-'..-.*• ••. s- -; ;i;:.f-r *• ••-..-.vjiy t-'-;s .•*.-..- ' '•':.. ..-.- .". . - ..".-.-:• :v •-.-.:_i :••-.> Wiina 8 '•'•'irr- r.'.'i: ;n t'.i. Dot- Ti-JS w.^l I*- '•;. •.';•:.•_• of sh'.~-'' \- „. - _ ra . . and fu .vo vet and •..*• u;re of '.• .::.- or., A > do sh:;r* ; s y,'- ort-j fi ;. nt- or-:- oi "he the top 1T C ! NA 1 'Miss Green, Ashcraft Tell Attendants, Plans SPRING HAT?-— srt? some iv-oas frcm I.'r.vy.o'? "AmerivV.r.a" oo:Uv:.-r, IT. New York. The dcsic'* are bv Ado'fo. (Central pressj Hi :',.'•• ar.o:i;i,in:s ;•.!•.: f;i:.!l wi-o liride . ;- ; or; i\.>. iA .;- uui jf-wis ih ,r («i; t-. ^c of ij^ s'rv\- Cri<p sailor of baku. twck- bow«] and with fluted brim. -„.'.: r,d r.:'X-r:t. i6aves ' v '^ -~*W- "^V df-n'/nr,:- liti],-. black straw a«*i tffjch-.wii! be hard to find this snrir.e. . Thr- har ;«)— But who \\- ; i' ( • ' ' "' • l«r 10 the be-:-r.;ve D..; puffs more i j. . •• Miss Ledbetter, Ammons Announce Wedding Plans f-rcwr. ri-irir-.) by <-s a high :">;! of. stra'.v ! straw furbarK- i skin s:- be Final ddir.s; of! .tcr r-rid; ns h.ive pic win: ?a!'ir- : r>: with; : n-i and dome style?. jMbs Karen LF-P Ledix- •aw in larse has-i Arthur Randolph .\mr.v. k-=t uc/;ves «-;;; comprise Die ma-: <*?™ announced, The <••••. jorit> oi thp hat creations. Sornfike married a- 7:!'fl p.i; will b>- combined with woven tulk'^y in Second Cb or iriu-rwovi-r: -.viih velvet ribbons, j ^e Rev. Paul Stephens as One navy blue straw has a brim I ls ' er - i of she linen straw with a tali,| The bride-elect's hon-jr at trod-i peakeri crown covered with plated i ant will be Mass Audfn Kuion' navy ••;,'!«. Another round cloche! w " Houston. Bridesmaid'; w:ii oe] is in black onion skin straw and i Miss Judy Ledbetter, sister o: the: is liberally sprinkled with jet! bride-to-be, of Bayto'.\~i, M i > s i wad!?. jPenny White, Miss Jf-irr.-.- Am-! Wv.v. n satin covers the tall ! nltjns - sisler of tne T-r.-i^'iive peaked crown oi another chapeau if 1 ? 0 " 5 - f^d MiSS Ferne Atkinson. in a deep, true red. i^! 5S "nite. Miss AtKin-m ;,r,d An attractive basket weav* on-| M f Ammons are ]I <-^'™-'ion sk)n straw in Wedgewood blue i -^""'ng a « best man w.ll be is t!-i:r,:r,f-d with a neat blue satin j~ u ru ' °° d Franke ol Houston. bow and a wisp of a veiL A large- portion of the hate will i>e lavishly trimmed with flowers. Base of most of the flower hats is a heavy stiffened net One at-1 tractive deep cloche, typical of this type, is designed with green net as a base. Miniature stephanotis in clusters of dusty wine and lilac shades cover the entire hat which is accented with blending leaves. Another low cloche is completely covered with velvet and organza petaled roses in tones of pink into pium. Tiny flowers in shades of plum, white and green are scattered over the green net [Groomsmen will be Freddy Burger and Johnny Burger, both ins of the prospective? groom, of Fairbanks, Jerry Patterson of Houston and Julius Sion" "s Houston. Ken Evans of Bnytown and Walter L. Puiiin cf Houston, broin- fcrs-in-law 01" the int?-ndod crocm { will perform ushering liutk 1 .--:. ! Perry and Terry "jri-os, twin' sons of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Jowsj of Hou.sfon. will or- i-.."dieii:nU-rfr. i Nuptial :r;'.i>ic uiil Iv provide---.-; i by Miss Syble CaU'.v,:-:y as u-i ganist and Miss ."-.' Siefftn as soloist. Both are from l-bus- j iton. i The reception will bo in thv! ; Fellowship Hall of trie churci). ' ' ; An invitation to the wedding arifi j'he reception is exteixJ-xi thr:.uj:;i | the press. | The couple will he honored at ithe rehearsal dinner Frid.'iv night iv.ith Mr. and Mrs. S. M.' Pack. 407 E. Wright, as ho?!' in then- home. Mrs. Pack 's mother of the bride-eipct. White baku sailor atop close fitting printed silk cap. Tiny flat beret in white bakn, with violets on chin strap. A profile In cloisonne straw, with hnes pink to raspberry. 'Age Oi Romanticism' To Be Bernstein TV Concert Theme What, Where And When - Nice for lunch: sand - 'I-V'M'SS ^Ivlvli'y Circi 1 " ;i!X'! '!'«'•!:-;j:vi"i liusrl; lid. A.-hrnift 1 -; p^i'cnis ;pU-'i. fiuy wili ]iUi:T\ -u'aic Mi 1 , and Mrs. Jark Asncralt : S p.m. Friday in Grace Mc!iw-\,f Uklah'^na. !di.«t Chuivh. I frirnds of ihc couple uro iri- i Hit- Hcv. C1u'Sti;r Steolp, pastor, | v i !r d iiiroauh !hc pi'^ss t" aittnd | will officiate. ijhe rt'T.Mivmy andjTn^tion. ^ Oi^gaiiist will lv Mrs. Keith;' King and soloisswiiilv Bill .S.-'JU.. ' K n , n , h,-r**ur:*n,,, wn JHelpful Hints honor wil; i-V N'i>. Ch;:r!c> DaM. 4 ; I of Da>u>n. Brivicsr.:aids \MI! bi ' ^i ; , n y 2l -Hxl c^.iks like to cover >liss J«m Ciirpbcli of iiiKisU::!. ,-,.';,;!.-•," ,.,V|'s v. ilh h'i'in;.; w ;i ( *.; r Mrs. U-e Roy Spcncc-r of Ba>- ., nc! lol ,1,,.,,,, s j a nd in a covered (town. Mrs. Ehr.or Nichols of IViy- con [ a iner for 5 nsinutcs or so be- i'towTi. [' u: v hroiiin.t,'. • Leland SwarU of Houston will be best man Named as .urooas— You may want to add a .mere en arc Charles Davis oi bay- red foixl .-olorins; to a glfi/e made ton, Le Roy Spcnc.T oi H;i>-t-nvn. from fresh or fro/en strawberries. Ray ConSay oi Houston. , . . , In charge of ^^ wiil. Lv!. " smokoi tongue .s to bo cooked Leo G of Baytown ^ _ --:-—. Houston. All arc unck-s of ih-'j ij^5^^r^^^VM^S=======;f| bride-elect. jii)! f> M ONTHS OF TRAIN- : !i! Miss Helen Tcten of Bayiov.nij!;! !N(i js; ,\I.I, IT TAKES !i and Robert Moore of Dayton «iii;|';j to O p ( , n the door to a,'; light candles. Nephew <.f Mi^ : l|l whole left as n member'!.' Green. Charles Elmer Davis. wUij::;! 0 { t hc proud unil profit- jj; be ringbearpr. l;|;l ft b!o beauty culture pro- ,!.• Flower girl will be Sherre Doii-jiiij; fesaion. cetle of Liberty. Mrs. James Dmi-:;i'.j' ^.,,.,,..1*. eetle Jr. of Liberty will resistor : i : ;|. LONNlC S guests* i ; SCHOOL OF HAIR Houseparty members include'li.i' DKSIGN Mis s Be-.-erly Moore and Miss'I 1 ::. ... , , Sherrv Anne Moore of Dayton.h ' ">' "• !«»«" -*»«•. In chai-go of u.* t T^' wiil be, If smokol ton^.s ,,™wu Leo Gla-s, of Houston. Fr:>nK Gbw'"". •' 1'rcs.^.p.. s.., P ; »: >.?" m ^ :,f Hi^hiands, William r.rtvn i; !o M,IK lh n«Mt fu.t to re Bavtown and Daniel Giwn t-f : » 1l)V(? s«no_;u^_tho_ w,t. 1 _ iwiches dipped in egg-and-milk and]cousins of the future bride; Mrs.!pa Baytown 1 fried until brown — as for French |Don Beal o! Baytown: MIT. Byron,j::i_ _^__^._.__ iMixon of Houston. ' is^s—^^^s JU 2-S326 toast. Bernstein has chosen of Romanticism" for Leonard "The Age his third television concert of the winter season to be scc-n on CBS- stations. Channel 11 in Hoti.s- i One eye - catcher will be cloches '•ovr-red with petals in a soft, feathered effect. One is 12 inches .high and is co%'ered with blue i petals fading to white at the petal bases. Another all - over .organ/a petal fashion was sivn in peach with soft green leaf ac- I cents. A deep cloche of white orjranxa rose pctals features five large igrcrn Ir^ivc-s arranged in a star pattern at tlin lop. Each of the leaves is doubled back with points to the center crown. Small bouquets of pink tea roses with green stems and miniature 'white and pink rosrs compose lanouVr smaller "gardpn" hat. Introduction To Mission Study Course Is Given i Doren Hawkins and Mary Ixngh 'Circles of Eastside BaptJst'Church met Tuesday for an introduction jto the mission study book. "The i Dreamer Cometh." It will be taught at future sessions. i Mrs. Roy Buckingham. 1107 i Sheridan Dr.. hosted five mem- 'bers of Doren Hawkins Circle. Mrs. H. S. Smith, chairman, and Mrs. Buckingham had the program. A church survey census will be conducted by Mary Lciyh Circle- as thr-ir community missions project. Mrs. R. L. Cole is in charge. Members met Tuesday with Mrs. \V. K. Robbins Jr. "501 W. Gulf. Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. A. H. Smith and Mrs, G. M Phillips were on the business and social program Next session will lie at an exec- 9:30 a.m. Jan. 23 j to ". from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday. ; 'ITie New York Philharmonic ! Orchestra ;md a group of talrnied KU^t performers will illustrate, ithe romantic movement, m music i w > lh excerjits from thf Berlioz, Verdi, Wagner, Schumann and Richard Strauss. Metropolitan sopranos Lcontynv! Price and Birgit Nilsson and Citvj Centre soprano Frances Bible will i Nancy Kwan Not To Marry For A While, She Says Tin: NEW YORK (AP) — Nancy Kwan doesn't think she should get married for a few years. 'junn ' It has nothing to do with her! Tlv a^i- (21i, romaiii-o (she's fxpcri-ifov th r enced it), or ambition (she's not;and <•< the career girl type.) But her favorite fortune? teller, a blind Tibetan in Hong Kong, i told her she should wed late 01 ; she'd divorce early. She shrugs: [ "So I'm in no hurry." The little Eurasian star of "Thei World of Suzie Wong" is no push-! over for predictions though. She's j pretty sophisticated about the:! whole thing: crystal balls and head bump reading are silly, palmistry and astrology are not to be sneered at, and that clairvoyant Wind fortune teller is the most. "He told me: 'Don't ever gamble. You're very unlucky.' but I like to waste money. "He also told me I was going to die at 64. That's a long time off." Nancy admits she frequently visits fortune tellers in Hong Kong. "My family doesn't believe in them, but 1 think it's up to you. "The best kind tell you something in the past that has really happened. And one told me I'd he- famous.'' That's one prediction that work- special quests on the hour and i a half concert. j Th<« propram will open with a i stately minuet to be danced by I the corps de ballet of New York's j works of i City Centre with Kd Villc-ilia as' 1 soloist. Iliusiratini; Bernstein's! 'commentary on romance in mu-j sic will be an aria from Purcell'si opera "Dido and Aeneas'" to he.-' sung by Miss Bible, and thonj Miss Nilsson will sine tile "Lie-! jbestod' 1 from Wagner's "Tristan! land Isolde." i Other selections will be froi:: Hector Bcrliox' opera, "Roni".>: and Juliet" and from Verdi's: opera. "Aida." THURSDAY Beauceant.s, 5 p.m at Masonic Hull. Baytmvn GraiKiniuthers, 7:30 p.m. in Optimist Building. Craigroont (iarden Club, 7:30 p.m. »ith .Mrs. K. M. Carr, 5311 Cn-stmont. Thursday Forum, 7:30 p.m. with Mrs.'R. F. Adams, 215 W. Hunnicutt. Kappn Kappa Chapter. 7:30 p.m. \\ith Mrs. Monte Young, 183 B:iyslior e Dr. FRIDAY Woman's Club. 2:3(1 p.m. with Mrs. T. I.. Satterwhite, 322 Forest. II rtt ROBSON EMPLOYES SNEAK GIVE-A-WAY ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT-FRL & SAT. IF YOU HAVEN'T TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THE TREMENDOUS DISCOUNTS, DO SO! DISCOUNTS THROUGHOUT BAYTWN'S "LEADING JEWELRY STORE" ROBSON'S Sliced raw mushrooms arc an! interesting addition to a chicken i salad d r c s s e d with oil and! vino'-ar. j JU 2-5402 Philharmonic Fnh. 2ti. closing number will U: Strauss' tone poem, "Don.-| fourth and final program; popular conductor, pianist! njKxscr and th-' New York! is scheduled for PIANO SA SATURDAY, JAN. 21st ONE DAY Baby Birthday Picture Rules ItillLGIH WcSchcs T;3 at 20% to 40% DISCOUNTS! Bur with NO MONEY DOWN OPW AN ACCOUNT M MIHUIES! t^m-'^y//- ~ -~ ^^ ~~^~~ •»' * (Duality Jewelers •AVTOWN * LARGEST JCWKLCRS 132 W. TO AVE I* Big. ifau * Hi Qnffi> (wealthy Chinese architect who df j !si>nied some movie studios in' • Hong Kon^, Nancy met the "Su/.n iWong" producer. When Frami j Nuycn left the role, Nancy steppe d i in. i "My parents don't care if I'm) iin movies, so long as I'm happy,": I she says.And it delights her three j i stepbrothers and two stepsisters j i at home. A brother is in England; I studying architecture. i I Nancy is a polite f)-foot-2. 103 : |pounds, with dark hair to her] waist, freckles inherited from heri British mother and dark eyes that' had to ho made more slanted for I her movie role. [ She went to school in England; and sradied with the Royal Baltr-t.! "I like dnncing but I'm not dedi- icated enough to make classical j dancing a career. You havo to (give tip too much for it." Nancy also likes: fast sports! cars and she owns one, Agatha! Christie mysteries. Chinese food, swimming, shopping in New York. Her worst experience in this country happened when a photog-j rapher took her oof for CMintry-i type pictures and unwittingly posed her in poison ivy. "It was very painful." she recalls. She hasn't been lonely in Anieri- j ca. In some ways it's almost like; home. "Richt back of this hotel is| a fortuneteller. I went to her thr first afternoon and I'm back, . . ." The Sun's policy on the printing of birthday pictures is thu.s: 1. Professional photographs in black and white tonics must fain the office at least six days before' thei birthday. 2. Pictures are accepted for each birthday celebrant through six years of age. ,'i. There is no charge for the printing of birthday picture*. 4. W« cannot guarantee publication of the picture on th<> <'\;ic( hi r fli date, but it is published on that date when possible. 5. We do not guarantee return o( the picture, although In most instance's it In returned. Ke-adeTs may contact the women's department of The Sun if there ure any questions concerning the pictures. Mexico Sends Group To Visit In Africa MKXTCO CITY (AP!—A goodwill mission from lh<> Mexican vrmrnent will visit some of I hi \V African nations starting on Jan. 22. 'i"hc mission will be IK ;td«l by 'hr MevK-an ambassador tn the I'nitfd Arab Republic. Alejandro rarillo, and will inrlude cultural, financial and agricultural ropre- If you ever Intend buyi'ng a Piano or Organ—Ihis is your opportunity of a life- time! Every piano and organ in this sals will be sold at prices and terms never before offered in our 60 years in business. Included are Trade-Ins, Repossessed in- struments (all we ask you to pay is the balance due), Floor Sample:; planer a-d organs used in our studios, and BRAND NEW PIANOS made possible' b/ a :psciai purchase. SEE THIS REMARKABLE BARGAIN! Brand New Full 88 Note PIANO * Yes, this is n brand now piano, s;i inchi's hiuli. with :i pedals, direct blow action, in walnut :m<l mahogany. And pricrd only OUT-OF-TOWN CUSTOMERS All of these pianos will be on our floor for your inspection THURSDAY and FRIDAY, Jan. 19 and 20. LARGE SELECTION OF FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS From $ T39 00 T!ipse>. pianos have lieen rebuilt in eitir own shop and ninki- wonderful practice pinnos, or for your church or home. Tnoludes Frro, I'ewh ,-ind l-'rre Deli\erv. MAKE YOUR OWN TERMS! Save $100 - S200 No Phone Orders and up to Flowing prineess lints with thoij jri"\vrst of necklines make the per- ; jfect. candidate for n spring jvislrl. ; or almost any fabric you can jname No. :il03 conirs in si/es ; IX. 2n. Si/e 11 takes \ .,f '.',", inch f'il;l ie t;r "i\ iti'-h. ... in cuitis for this pat- \ tern to IRIS LANK, fCaro of The! Baytmvn Sum. Box 1WO, Newjl York 1, N.Y. Add 10r for raeh : patti--rn for first - (lass mailing. Pattern book 50c. ' No C.O.D.'s . . . conif in and see for (JU! ynurftf what wonderful and Ix-aiitiful pianos nnd organs we aro off^rinc- Some of the savings are even more dur- Com?, in—inspect them Thursday and ing this ONE DAY SALE Saturday, Friday. Jan. 21. OPKN" TIU'RS., FRI., AND SAT. I VTTT, 9 P.M. rr\ ' :,c i ORGANS HAMMOND • LOWREY WURLIT2ER • THOMAS Hree i^ .1 on. r in ;\ llfflim, r>|i|ii.rlii m ir In buy thf-M- e.ininm makr nii-ani ill a It.,,lion n( iln'lr rrciilar iirm. • SIM.U; MAM Al, IKM 111.I MAM Al. $ 545 S 795 V2. 1-1, Ifi, , : IH \;nds S< nd BROOK MAYS PIANO COMPANY 222 E. TEXAS AVE. BAYTOWN

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