The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 23, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1897
Page 2
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i?rs|trii0 hi* dttring the A. C* filaebfleld and wife, of Dayton, Oh% Aria viaitiftjj; *)lf, (tn» Jrnr, (ftrrwitt P. 0., tft <»ttnf* por w«w rM at th6 ofttee o' t, Stftt* f, M, MOS159, . ABOUT T1IE COUNT?, '4--. ^ ""'•• — •—•* " Jt -*v I** , r. > -r I -^ t _W f 1 1.' Jfawsy IipntH From Onr Cwrrewpofld- >A ••• ," > '» r", €>'• ,''"*- _ •S», If ^ ' /f •-«>'.-^ C^^'T w> "^^^fY'^MWVV^ Xi/lf'* " ^ &^$*$i&fr<J* Wietf8le& i^v^'S'M -'M^^v'ti'ilrilai^l^fi i 4*!» ,' \ * ,,-Ufc, ¥,,tWZLK.,,J.« » ! wai, >,. "i - -rorw «v Vs'fiu iiu M. 'avbjUnPiJWg, i ^ '*',',. •. • • —i— September 21, 'ftf." felfes. / *,' • apt> hotttp"fif^ni -U- i* * , • , ' 21, 1)7, t<psiie Ijoastyih. is sdfterlujjr from -an at tack of rmitnrw, Mir. Hustings, ot Horoer, isrtts the "at Mips Noll IP Austih one day ' Mrs. K. B» darrior wJta has been visiting her daughtp/ Mi's. WHliAnt8 y rfttnrn- to her hom<> in Lnnsiiig last week. ton who Is fco4jotho|)!W for the coming year arrived- )mh his family on Tuesday" last wf -rienrly si*tfcler| in hie new nome. rish him the bei?t &f «s«t«cp(«ii in his worft ' NEWTON.' Mo0t Hadwinis on thesiek list, Chloe Mack fc? sick with torrsilttift. frank Underwood was -home from Uovm Git/ where hw is attending Mr, and Mrs. Jnrob Spangenburg visited at J.W, Lee's Sunday. Mrs. Benton Frye and children^ of . Grand Rapids, are visiting friends arid relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burnham, of Pulton, accompanied, by Mr. and Mrs. JoTin Morehentd,-were the guests of Mr. and / Mrs. Samuel Mellor, Sunday. .Mrs, HortorfSandersdiod suddenly of heart disease Friday evening, aged 71 ' years. The funeral was held 'Stfndny at the house. . HOMER- September 2Wt, 1W)7. Sneak thieves are ir> operation tn this vicinity. On last Saturday night the cellars of the residences of Mrs, Cook and Mrs. Roberts were entered through the screen windows and a quantity of fruit stolen. Evidently the thieves were frightened, and went no further in their explorations than the eellaf. There is no clue tq the guilty parties. W. D. Warner who has been very sick a still in a dangerous condition, and hopes are entertained of hiw re- i-! , Tompkins, Nfu-hols, and Cava- niiuch Attended circuit court in Marshall -in Monday the 20th, that being the first day oKthe Heptemben term s ) \ Farmers irrthiB vicinity arecomplain- in« someiEhatat-the dry "weather as not beingf good for fall flooding and the cold weather being defniuontal to wheat already sown. \ " -\ Homer is progreBsivt\and has today af* many rtne cement walkftNfisimy plao(» of i\& size }n wntthern- Michigan, BUftLINQTON. Heury.Watkinfl mstde a busirt^sa trip to Marshall Thursday. \ Mrs. C'nrrit- .Sliftonmaker is visiting- friends in Bat tl«- Cr^ek. \ Her. K R. Randall and wife, of Gran> • Blanc, an- visiting Klinher Envies and other frieudts. N. H. GU'ation '& C«>.. have traded their merman tilt* bttsi«f*s to E* J. Seaman. Mr. Oleufiou IB vtienf our oldest business men and during hie long career has made in«t« "' trienifa who wish him sueeesef itvliis ftew vocation. Mr». Thersia. <»ifford, who has been vieitim; hor brothers in New York state returned home Thursday. • $. L. McPhftrs4»n fc-<ntiuu'ni'«d his school in Pine Creek AJonday, Uja family will join hifn next week. , MFSv'JDr, ,1. U Brown and Mrs. , Robert ait*.«»» the «iek list. . Bddie Ktvta eotmneumf H(,lu*ol Monday. , Rev. Edgar Randall, of Grand Blanc, its' spenVMrig- ft few days with Fefetrves here- Bay Haikes, the boy wh» wan. shot cbnflrrtd to nis b<*J. The wouodls 4i fe«teTfin|f and will have ,to be^ lanced atwi the shot extracted, , Ttskousha*!?, Albito4,i« thejwa^ the *CBrt! fSftd aftef tfig tratt gfirne "^ ' serving An jurorfl in the circuit court , . Erios, of Marehrtll, was in the y iilago Monday on basibem. ' ^Jnehiir, «**]rJoiBer f K»» he«Sft en Ibft JoTWisoff rfrwg ^bsvk'l^th; a the flam&. ' - " ' teulief^da ret^p- tidtt to th^ itftfttiteeri of the Y, fr S. C. Tuesday aiaa wi.,. of this We% A fttW I ixri at- tehdahee M visitors arid plenty m ^rrfhu- siasm made the meetings quite a success. Invitations are rtwt for4hd m«\rfiage of . B. WilHarofe to Miss Nellie Shield. MjxWilliams is one of our leadir)g.^ouni? btlsutase men and. the people will be, pleaseXto learn he is tf> tfike 'Jij so suit able a partner. Very fete arc Attending the Branch county fair\his week ftom th& village. All seem to boxwaitfna to follow the ball team to Marshall next weok. , Dr, Fowler's Est. o^Wilel Strawberry haft been used fur forty yearn and hns never yet failed to cure a cage of dm' rhoo», dyaeatery, or summer complaint in »hy el its various forme. N The state liquor dealers' league has bwsn reorganized. '* One tr Hve njipheationR of-Doan'« Oirtt- inent will cure the worst c«8e_uLJtohmg les there pv«r was. Can you afford to fferHtorturfrft when n simplft; nevtr.faHing retncd\ ift at hand? It never failn. Mrs, Merrill has a fine line of cycling hats for the fall trade. She also Shows the "cow boy" hat which is the latest at he east, Peaches I f oxpect Fancy Craw fords this week, price high, iitinlityjBup All fruit direct from orchard. J. CUNNINGHAM. St./ Mary'tt school of music will re-open on Monday, A«ft. 3(>. Thn Wst anil Int. Cot ruflthodB aT(» jised in this department and special attention gi tsu to tho theory and art of music. For further particulars call at the school or sisters' residence. - Carpet laying Htovee blacked and set up, furniture packing etc. Leave orders at W. 10, BoRley A- HOII'H anil K. B. Sny R. K. HHAW. dor's. F. V. JjiuulwrBon IB ban? in Marshall with his cold blast Feather Kenoviitor. Ho will' come right to your house with IHB f oathor renovating car and clean your feather Iwds and pillows. Work guaranteed. Prices reasonable. \ Watsou receives daily choice fn>o atone lionefltly packed, baBkot« well ' Burdock DlooJ BtttoVd ia nature's true remedy fur fconuliiiatiou and kiudred ilia. It act t* dirtsetly 01 the bowels, the tiyer, thu sktn, an*) wliilo clearming (ho blood iuijparti. »trength tir the di«e»tivt; ' I burned tny\fiDgere vo y bndly. Th(X paiu wi>8 intensev Dr. 1 homaa* Eelectm Oil brougt rciicf ih^thrce uiinute». IVwaa BVqritw'' magical. I Dover saw anything like it.'\ Amelia Swordf; S<iuaiaerflviJIe/O. Banders and M,tKary wlitx>pen drew making' rooms ovttr\tne jiostottice next to tu* x ttbwtract oflipe/\Wedne«dajv Sept. 13. -'Ktiey are ^Koth experienced ladiea at the business and will okpleasetl to secure the patpCfnage of their fiends nftd other« who may ueed anythingy in their lipo. / / \ VANTB0-AN"^" ' ^ rf * yfiu 'UulT.V «'"», j'iiii'dl AMor7i»>yi»rWr ' «/f ' fft th6 proeeftr1liiigS» nf thft comtami Motiflftj' fevoning, I notice tha>, ft ftn #a« jfldoptwt bstrticttng th£ city i6ttrBu«l t« ere^t a Erigfi on the iron i(t$Sj to ifei?utete the f fftvel over U. Perhaps the Hofl. mayor an# contmon Unctt futty MrHterflianfl thfc iioridHioh of thft iron «rbrk ^ thit >Mdgfe. Several "ytrnn ago I sold this sfcr'ncture to the erty, and lf»t Mftnday 1 looked it; bWf earisf «lly an5 am astorrished to see the cptictiMdtt in which, it trow is, «fid in ii fey Way 1 : • -SbllrP eaeed fierson o*> perfKins have at some «liHt%Hwn ffjflMIiiis *i»; 'Sim® tip& stay rods in sWeh an une<jttnt munner, s now twisted oUt''c* tte» proper siapft,- fb& archca ttf6 ot»t o^ , and fepnje ot Mso'flat Irtrtr bbftls sotwwhat, ot bfrrjkl*d." OfifVlefet of tjB6 cot ds Vmr «^fe thr* tnain f?fijiport re^wfiieh, {e so p«)]f^d out that the %ot ^ onet* tjb* Btip- 'arches te lifM eWtwoly frmtbe bed-plat^, and stone work Under another is iliflturljod. In this condition the bridge oscillates fearfully, Hot bflty 1 • verilMly , tkndisr the «safte fo which of o I do not think the bridge the Cords vVhich mainly slip I»ort it bwakj yet it might. Itt Biy opinion, tho work of adjusting the brioae and repairing it should bb done aa eooft as possible, under th6fittpervieioo of fat expert, bridge builder, ano. hereafCct no •jtio allowwl to monkey with the braces and stay rods, no matter how good a mechanic they tnay be, anlCSs they have have had experience in the erection of iron or steel bridges, and then only by di« rectioh of competent authority, .If the iron wbrk of this bridge had been lett as it was when erected, with an occasional coat of paint, it would have needed no work done on it {oday, nor very likely in many generations from this time. P. A. \ For Srfde- -A '97 model bicycle, will sell cheap for cash. Enquirea$ American^ laundry north of Greene's drug store. Mrs. Merrill is showing handsomP fall imlliner>\ .OonHWait un,til rold weather comes, but have that roof covered with asbeetus roofing. It is-only one-hall 'the price of shingles. Anybody can put it on BOSCKY'S Hsvrdware. Union Teacticrs 1 Agencies of 'Aincrica, Kcv. I., flk. HnHK, I>. I>. fftftnHger. ritMiura. I'll ; Tbrotito, Canada; Jfcw Orlean* t /../,' AW Jor/!, A'. 1"; H'<uJiinvin»,^U. O.: . », i/o. t <tinl 'I'll ITO ar« Ihonfttiidii of noMtloti* to wilhlti the next few months', all nppliciUiotiH t» UNION TcACiiKitiy ' IrtThy Itf ot Educate ,. . AND School/of Shorthand and Typewrtiug, IIATTI.K C of y^un« m«n and useful »twl |>r<jflt»bl« educatiun. On« »t equhtpeij bu»inwM coll*g«i) t» the i-oiinlry. Call on or wriu* (or parMcnlara 'and ' " • ' Established I88i. Incorporated I 896 < R. SHEPHERD Keeps none but the BEST MEATS To he hnd. Gocxla delivered to all wttrte pf the city but no peddling done.. Everything neat mid clean. Ifoa can always get a clean cut at TRY A Of Dr. Laue's Kola Com-, pound. It will not dis»p' point you. Prfee 50 ctmta Ko|a Compound SHEPHERDS', W ANTED-An a ' uukiog. A ,^,,. 10 Heua 6ahootOc, hnvo a fine Rasortaieut of or sale. Gall and «ee them * Misa 3i S. Monroe street. J&rnest' j from Vtt$e& he baa Vwa »t Perine, ojf cuuuvy; thetwfoa) all^rttdUoiao* pmeut tWlr thu prubalo «fflc*in th« city oC REVIVO hers last wgek looM&g To buy^Mu, bolted mea^ uieal, ground feed, bran or uiiddli Southard <m of ir WednMdfay.jto at court UB nwrt, »t itat o'clock * at C. A. Chesher 1 * will, All custoti grinding' drm<^ Lots of chicken ' *• ten wall filled uniiay. tttof l f *if ttfift gitlp wa* th* , Cfaaa. Wagoo« 17 unworthy prirecia or per8Oi«> Liucpio's gm ttepta in out of is the beat because ifr ia only one-ball the co«t of etungU*,, Jt «aa te applied on flat «t steep lOftfe, Ji i* flrs p *s«a put it^ *& -#4Xfa&r* itf At C-ttv'.Kt ttiKJma jiaB Miy"*»*rt • tftUMt Po»uit<)a Uofiptqi, 9«pt. &; utwkl «ooM*t ib former paitor hw*», ter Cu bis old *^W ^^H& ^£t ^Pfl^^W^Si* vWrflp'tJjf ™* • Bamuel T&iekie, was in y oa busi«aip cbnaccted with $10 ~ie)H r a • , • We mfide the . , W<! ^araiitec it tb bake witt two sticks Ojf wodd. We atsd have, staves for feess niouey. stoVc? c%m oar nairt^ ca-si in the-tieartli/ ••,.,/ >, *>- •" BOSLEY & SQN, DR. LOUIS 8, JOY Will give in addition lo general practice, special attention to diseases of cj# aud ear. Fitting of glasses a specialty. (Special diploma on eve, ear, nose and throat from Chicago Polyclmic.) Jas. Van Ztihj, xprosaman,- baa chairs and tables to rent for parties. ... A te B. U Co., y ' WANTS FOUND ETC. i .Twnnty cent*, ft ?rceK for cacli notice not ex ceeiliuR five lines; No change IMS th»n twenty cents. \ \ *krf OR HRNT—bcwae onvornor of/ Mnrvball Are. and Homer tit. liuinlre pa premlflcs or of George Mas»r. • \ / A OKMT8 WANTKO-For w*r In Crfba\bj Senor QucpRfliv, Ctilmn rypresctstative ul VVanhlngtgn. Kudoraod by Cuban natnottf. in (reineniUms (lomaiid. -A bonanza (nr SKciits. Only $t.6U. B!R book, We comnil^loiip. KyoCy- body wants the cinly wailoread.- retlablo, hftofe Oiitnt»lrpr, €rpdt given, Krdgbt patd. Di'op. nil trsnh ard make $500 K monci. with W&r in Cnba Addrew tod»y, THE SATJON \1, BOt/K CONCSltN, a5a-%« Uearhorn St., Chicago, / '''*"" " ' x "™" ' I/ORSAL&T-FlrstxOlaamierlght pisiwi nesrly r »ew. rrn;« law; totmx to *i»U / / MYHON ^/COOK. l^OH »At.^URAI'-Or exchrtngn ior a fa»m: r the ptrfpcrly fenown us 1U« Bo flag property rtu llnriftkrcet. , for terms tPjtl.r to D. . , hum tbo- insMiuice Inan, RKNT-UfHJCofi North M'dlpoo «tr«ct. Enquire ot / M^S. WM. CON NOR, 1 ;>yR RRNT—Two *tory hon-e on we«t tale 1 »lr. til. ErSoutfeof J. OARV. F 'Ull KENT-1'itMcK and rtmlrs for partlCB, Koqufre of VanZant, tha oxureHsman. F »OK HUNT—Table* and olmlrn for partlet , Koqiilru of J. W. Leator, the popular ei KKN'I'— O.dlce rooruu and an elosan ba'l. iuqulrv of . MK8. HBNRT BKNNKR KA^E-Tliu brick hmii-o opposite the Marshall Wagon work . A gyoil olmno)' for the right pa(ty to run a 'very profitable boarding bouse, Kuquh'c of • tilHH, HENRY BKNNKH. B OU8K FORBKNT-No. 9) N Eapfe alwet. Inquire Brat door Booth. K. McMANCS. H C-UHK for rout. Nu i bat a> North Svfle St.. »oaib ot C. U. Brew r'«. Inquire at H OC'SK of Mr ioom« ir>d«Btrable location, to rent Sopt l»t. For partlct)iara inqntnt ot Mra. W. L. buck, corner Ma»«l ntre«t«, . L ADIES, I a.alw big wage« at buae, and Haat all to hiwa ,ib« uaniu oproriuojty . The *ork IM very ulewitut and will aanilTpay fig *ork IM very ul wekly. Thin U at dec opt ion. I want no money »ud will gladly Bond partloularis to 411 MIBb M- A. ' L OST.- The latter part of \t#\ wek a puppy of If UK (lab Belter breed. Black with * bile •pot ot> br«Mt. Fiudor return to Pbllo Hoolt- I OFT.—Heturfuy, between Worthy P«lmar'a it »to«j at|d tb» Waifhlngton hm*.. * pocket book txmtftlQlnK* *WW of money. A llbecil re ward wHI tm'pald for ltd return to tht t nroohilu W AHTKD— a fuw Baud^ toj>t«|cf utunibara. W ANTKD -A ulrl to tiu ^oiiTiral h.;iinowork, U l«o% ol tftree. fiBiili«> W Mo. «» Futwit «tr««t. The Be Al Marshall, Hotel Royal, OCT. 1 One I^ny O»ily I» Knrti Month. (OojrRnUntionandexaroination free and strictly / Dro'B. S; & Op., tluvote their attt-vtlon to <ll»eiUM< of the eyu, ev, throat itnd lunga jisthnm mid (M-nsumpUon and all alironlc,, prl- v»tt und , tiroocbitlH, chronic coujjh, goitre (bl(tneck)fovor anre* and ulri'r» Hiti»lit'n dlcfune, rlicuinaHi-ni, all rtineostK of Ictclnryrt and bladder, beitrt, 'vtoiaacb aud ueryouB dlsennes, .elior**' (» (Unco) K<:ticral detiililv, fcchrofula, skin disBHttuo. JijMjisCii of men and wwmvn, and ftU m««a»ti« duu to had blood. KptlpttsyC or ttts, posiriycly cured by a new »n«l nev<sr (lUHog remedy. Orii. It . S. A Co iiiaku » specialty of all twms ot reclal di»««ece, pll»« Uternal and, sxltirnal, Itching uud bloudipe. rtctal nicer?, IiauM'»,flKtul» which aro oltoo tnktiu for • nAnroiia aud lupg trouble, fttl ciirecl. RemorabBrivo cnrd «11 forms of pilos without pttlniiitorrupttim o^ d«ientlon from ImBiucas, and without the use of kolftt, uauatlc Ar llga u(»>. Coqao and be corivinoed. TOYOUNO. MIDBI.BAQKD ANBOLUMKM Sutieflui! froiu pporujitorrbotariJUpotcucj— lost Di&Dbood — ot frfim wcaknewt brought tin from errora or IndiwreliOD* In youili or vvi'.r ittditl K«uec lo UUvr yunrs, aro given perroaufnt relief. AbuWutmfurua gnaraqleuj; Wrlctly oonftdeutlat, Tumors auu cuucerii iijred without ncl •knife, pain or stars . Mow uiiithod*. , Catarrh. New boiue treatmuut. v cure every «e,w of dvapepwa, «kk heudttcbv, pile»«, tape worm »uq »trt«ur«. ^Usivoepsdftt awratUm to dlfHcqli o CM»» oth«W iJiyeUiaittt U*Va fallad ^w«aR« #pB}ytpig far trtatmoM »lll nug a or )j OUIM^K* o! urUio for aaaly xls . who fti-u uuatile to cull, uau writtt lull particular* of ibclr a*w and born madir,<ue »eut eifprtaH.wllh full ii»»tructl(Jii»liow t<> bctafctn Th« tjrm of l»r». U. a/4 Qo. v w«r« iue l yew* aliice wuh a ea?tt»i o you Uke uu tUautas U y«« t-aiv'oy tt*n». They Wft tB«i»on«i We aaU woll fcnown, Reliable DR. LANE'S THE GREAT F0H THE,. Stomach, , Elver and Kola Compound Cares Dyspepsia and all derangements of the Stomach. Kola Compound Cures Si9k "Headache, Torpid JLiver and Biliousnees, Kola Compound Cures Constipation. / Is a Btain and Kefve Tonic «tndv N Blood Purifier. Kola , / CompouncUs iho_peer ofjUl other medicines. Kola Compound Cures Backache and Kidney Troubles. Kola Compound Is' natures remedy—potent yet h'armlesa. It tones and vitalizes the brain, nerves, muscles, heart and stomach, ° in brief rejuvenating and building up the entire system, enriching . the blood , and imparting to the whole X^ body the* freshness and vigor of youth. f Compound Is composed of life giving,. tis8tte\bwldingv Herbal and- Vegetable Extracts, and contains iiothing injurious to. the masK delicate constitution. \ -' \ ' - \''- 'N Kola Compound Is indorsed "by many omi- • ' • nent Physicians and Scientists. Otto Remedies May Relie?e KOLA Compaii Cores j If you are suffering from any derangement of the Btdimacsh, laver ax Kidneye, Blood. 0* Nervous System, r ' fir. Lane at bis office jft 1e Blpefc, eprjis? »jMtto te streets w&o will be pleased to furniah anyone with literature, testimonial^ etc., regarding this wonderful remedy. A been engaged ui the active pructioe of laedbjiie |or 35 yews, ffbe laut 25 oevoted largely to the study, trfetttrafcot %bd tiure of chroo- advice «| 4 limited number wiil rt*w&i»re jpfoa t atteiuJtion

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