Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 19, 1937 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1937
Page 6
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*HB PAlfPX 1TA1LY NEWS, Pfimps, MOND.AY EVENING, APK1L 19, 19371 .,-. -.-.i .1 ,-...-•. .-- --.;.. ..•.•...,.. - r,--.^a. ••• ...x***-x*~*. THE FINANCIAL WHIRLIGIG By LOOTS SCHNMDKB PLEASED. With the Wagner labor bill constitutional the era of "sit-down" strlkte coffiCs to an end. To rnami- faetiifteg Interests it means that plant operations will continue while wage and hour negotiations are in progress. To coporate stockholders It tneans that operating income will h6t be lost while negotiations are in progress. In all, the whole financial world is pleased with the Wagner ttli decision of the Supreme Court. TRADE, Although wholesale buying shows a Sharp letdown mills have a heavy tificldog of orders . . . Spring building Operations to expand as weather conditions improve Paint and varnish companies operating full blast . . . Carpet prices to be lifted again as bf May 1 ... Dip in steel operations will soon be witnessed ae repairs start on blast furnices . . . Electric power consumption easing . . . Gasoline prices to move higher . . . Lumber shipments to Increase . . . Home furnishing sales will show expansion Ladles' wearing apparel demand to increase . . . Men's wear, hats and shoes Show better consumer demand . . . Pacific Coast reports increase in unemployment . . . Grocery lines show a bit of easing. Furniture demand larger . . . Electric appliance sales better . . . Shoes sales larger—mills operating at capacity ... As supplies shorten farm prices will increase . . . Coal labor difficulties having been ironed but rush buying demand will ense i>ry goods sales to continue larger . . . Bank clearances higher higher due to increase tax payments . . . Wool houses see better Bales prospects for close of year . . . Automobile output this week will show substantial gain over that of last week . . . Carloadings look lower this week . . . April retail trade results spotty compared with March. BONDS. Because refunding operations are at a standstill high-grade callable issues again in demand . . . As reorganization risk: Rock Island, Arkansas £.- Louisiana 1st Mtge 4 1 ,is of 1934 . . . Continental Roller Steel Foundry 1st Mtge 6s of 1940 held for yield . . . Business man's risk: Puget Sound Power & Light "A" 5'X.s of 1949 . . . Traders assuming risk positions in Associated Gas & Electric Deb 5',-is of 1977 . . . San Antonio Public Service "B" 5s of 1958 held for income ... As a wild speculative risk: 1st 5s of of 194G Western Pacific New England Power Association Deb 5Hs of 1954 held for yield . . . Traders long of South American issues didn't liquidate when bond market dipped . . . Because of business improvement in .territory served Georgia Railway Cons 5s of 1945 taken as a default risk. Bad price action of Italian issues dttributed to change in Spanish civil issues regarded as oversold . . . Speculative interests say move in Texas Corporation hasn't been completed . . . Harbison-Walker's first quarter net about 80 cents a share . . . Cleveland Tractor insiders say company is in line for large volume of Canadian business Market- letter services again "talking" Bendix Aviation—say March business extra good Because of $12.50 in dividende accumulations White Sewing Machine $4 preferred gets preference over common stock. Crown Cork & Seal to build two new can manufacturing plants—at Madison. Wis.. and St. Loins, Mo. . . . Market price of Holland Furnace has kept pace with actual earnings Virginia-Carolina Chemical common being avoided—preferred has $53.50 a share in dividend arrearages . . . Barndall Oil to spend $500,000 completing terminal facilities at Corpus Christ! . . . Earlier bullish packing company earnings estimates are being revised downward . . . Due to preferred dividend arrearages ... Barnsdall Oil to spend given speculative preference over common stock . . . And, that with labor difficulties settled Hudson Motors hopes to better 1836 output this year—193G output was greatest of any year since 1925. Copyright, McClure Newspaper Syndicate.) war setup Speculative buying reported in Porto Rican Tobacco • Sec. Conv 6s of 1942 . . . Business man's risk: International Mercantile Marine 1st Mtge Tr 6s of 1941 . . . Atlantic Coast Line Gen Unif. AV-s of 1964 taken for income . . . American — Foreign Power Deb 5s df 2030 taken as long-pull risk . . . Speculative positions in Utilities Power & Light Deb 5s of 1959 being D1T CftTTLE TO BE TILffi) IT PLAINVIEW, April 19. — Feeding Dairy Cattle on the Plains is the subject of a 15-mlnute educational program to be conducted at 10:30 Thursday morning in connection with the Panhandle-Plains Dairy show. The value of proper feeding methods has long been recognized by stockmen and a demonstration of this nature fits in well with the purpose of the show which is to constantly improve the quality of dairy cattle in this territory. The demonstration includes a demonstration of feeding methods in the bam and a trench silo adjoining the barns. It is to be conducted by C. B. Martin, Hale county agricultural agent and superintendent of the show, and E. R. Eudaly, dairy specialist of the Texas Extension Service. Trench silos are becoming more and more popular with stockmen 11 Texas. Their value in preserv- ng excellent ensilage the year around has brought them into increasing usage. A tie-in with the Dairy show was a natural and jractical operation. Last fall a trench silo was dug .utting out from one of the en- .rances to the daily barns. In it ,welve and one-half tons of hegarl jundles were stored. Its operations vill be demonstrated Tuesday norning and the feed will be available to exhibitors for their iiy cattle during the show. Mr. Martin hopes to construct a ;ract from the silo to the interior of the barn to show proper methods of handling the feed as well as correct feeding practices. retained Despite market hesi- tacy there'll be some financing done with turn of the month. COMMODITIES. Traders favor taking advantage of all recessions to assume long cotton positions . . . Barley prices to follow action of grain markets . . . Speculative interests believe top of wheat prices has been witnessed . . . Copper prices to ease . . . Lead demand slipping . . . Same goes for zinc and tin . . . Foreign corn arrivals will have correcting influence on existing shortage in consuming channels . . . Larger world shipments of rubber will again hit crude prices—London traders out . . . Cottonseed oil will follow line market but lard statistical position will act as disturbing factor. :Cocoa warehouse stocks continue to increase and afloats are substantial . . . Wool market steady but buying smaller . '. . Until there's a definite improvement in silk trade quiet markets will rule . . . Coffee traders aren't bullish . . . Hide prices expected to show improvement 1 from current levels . . . World or No. 4 sugar contracts liked by Liverpool —domestic or No. 3 sugar contracts subject to congressional tax action . , . Silver prices to hold . . . Gold demand smaller due to overhanging Soviet offerings. REPORTS ARE THAT: Aluminum Company of America to clear all preferred dividend arrearages before end of year . . . Torrington Company to split shares on three for one basis . . . Long-pull interests impressed with tape action of R. .H. Macy . . . Farm equipment AMBULANCE Phone P • Duenkel• Carmichael • Funeral Home • 321 N. Frost AUTO LOANS Pee Us for Ready Cash to * Refinance. ^P«y » new qw. * Reduce payment*. * Raise monej to meet bllle. prompt and Courteous Atten- (lon given to *U applications, PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY Experiments are under way in ;hree Texas counties to determine he relationship between the southern tenant system and soil produc- ivity. «»• William Dean Howells (1837-1920) author of "The Rise of Silas Lap- lam" and leading literary figure of his day, once wrote a campaign life of Lincoln. TO T x CORPUS CHRIST:, April 17 If President Roosevelt's Florida fishing luck holds during his spring cruise in the gulf of Mexico, he will lave the dubious consolation of knowing he was not the only president to be fooled by Texas tarpon. Warren G. Harding, then president-elect, tried his skill with the silver king and joined the hosts of anglers who have gotten many a ;arpon on the line, but none into ;he boat. Then Mrs. Harding came along and landed a five-footer. It's relatively easy to induce a ;arpon to strike at artificial lures— spoon, plug or feather jig—or live bait, but setting the hook in his rugged jaw and playing this jiscatorial tiger within gaffing dis- .ance is the rub. The hungry or annoyed tarpon, like the fresh- vater-bass, often will lunge at any bait presented. There's where most inexperienced anglers lose their fish. They either ry to set the hook too soon after the strike and before the silver king has clamped firmly on the bait, or they et him run too far. When the hook s set and the tarpon feels the sting of barbed steel, he explodes with the y of a depth bomb. Out he leaps In a silver arc. He heaves bodily out of the water, standing on his broad tail and shaking his' head in a struggle to disengage the hook. Right there, whether fishermen be president or pauper, the tale is told, If the hook has been firmly planted, then it's you, a 10-ounce rod and 300 feet of line against the meanest fighting fish spawned in the ocean's depths. If the tarpon does not throw the hook or snap the wire leader, if your line doesn't break nnd if the silver king doesn't get himself a one-way ticket for Pernambuco, Brazil, and points south, you will land your fish. The first tarpon of the season have already been reported from assorted fishing spots, but the choice early run usually does not start until early in May. The best months, however, generally are considered to be June and July in these waters. .«3». INSPECTOR TRAPS DANGEROUS SEEDS. THIMBLE THEATRE Starring POPEYE SACRAMENTO, Calif, (ff)—High prices for alfalfa seed, base of one of this state's principal crops, have given the state department of agriculture a new problem. Cheap seed shipped here has been seized and analyzed and found to consist of as high as 29 per cent weed seed. In one specimen, it was determined that In every pound of seed sown by a farmer he would be planting 105,294 weeds. Heating Engineer Glen Rngsdale, heating engineer and contractor, will furnish plans, specifications and estimated cost (or a modern steam heating plant free. Let us solve your heating problems. Glen Ragsdale Plumbing and Heating Co. 929 West Foster, Fampa, Texas P. O. Box 1203 Rebellious Son HORIZONTAL I Biblical character. 7 He was the son of — David. 11 To chopv 12 Constellation. 13 Stream. 14 Fuel. 16 Like. 17 Twitching. 18 Destinies. 20 Consumer. 22 Form of "a." 23 To rub. 25 Musical note. 26 Brains. 27 Hair tools. 31 Ass. 34 Abundance. 36 Contests of speed. 37 Blue grass. 39 Stair post 40 Frozen ';, desserts. 41 Stage play, 43 Valley. Answer to Previous Puzzle .lUIPIEI a nn SI3B L«J a:.' ; ;-;rafl HI MM- HHGS VERTICAL 1 Exclamation. 2 Commenced. 3 To kill a fly. 4 Musical note. 44 To scatter. 45 Personal contribution. 47 To perish. 48-E11. 49 Compensates. 50 To deliver. 52 Paid publicity.' 9 More iastid' 53 Fat lous. 55 Unit. >10 To depart. % .51 Period, 57 Soft feathers. 15 Furnishes .54 Measure p| 59 Valiant man. with sewersj area. 60'Sluggish. "17 Fell down. 56 Northeast 61_To carry. - JSHewas 58 Grief. "* 5 English coin. 6.Bulks. 8 Part of eye. ~> David's — child. 19 Local positions. 21 He against his lather 24 By. ..jrf 26 Stepped. ' 28 Bashan king. 29 Male. 30 Planted. 32 Balloon's basket. 33 He was killed by -.—•, 35 Having confidence. 37 Jail. 38 One that amuses, ,41 Arid. 42 Devoured. 45 Small child. ,46 Finish. 49 Golf teacher. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ...... with ...... Major Hoople AH, YES, YOU ARE TH' TWO BLOIAES WHO THIMK THAT THE ONLY TIME YOU SE&A &OOO THING \e> WHGW YOU tOOK IMTO 'A MIRROR-^ 1 CFPEP.ED YOU MY CVRCUS TOR * 2.OO-~-WBLL—YOU COUUD HAVE -CTZOFPEP-THIS <3T?.AVY ONI YOUR VESTS WITH .TH' -P.&&T OF TH' SPOTS— X EXCHAWfiEC' IT FOR THIS HEAP OP <:ABBA<SE~i--THESE LEAVES ARE * ICO BILLS IF YOU UEVE.R SAW ONE,' •BEFORE/ ~V( M-M--£ loo BILLS- 1 REMEMBER SAYlWcS HE? SAW rg« OME OVJCE-^YOU \v% MUST HAVE PICKED UP A HITCHHIKER WITH A GOLPEW THUMB/ AMP TAKEKI HIM FOR A RIPE / <3RAB HIM ( ^ HE'S WHAT WE'RE LOOK- IU6 FOR— A SALESMAN WHO' CAM SELL. OUR EAR MUFFS TO TH* BORNEO CAMMIBAL.S/ E £CUL.T> SELL A -WAY TICKET THE MOOW=» Otlt OUR WAY By William* _^± .jus-aia't NO IT AIWT.' WE GOT THIS TENT A&AiNSt TH' CELLAR WINDOW SO WE COULD DON'T GET FUNNY, NOW- TEUUKi 1 ME A KIP FELL. OFF OF A STEPLAODEC. IN THERE - WHV, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE/ \ GIT APPLES •X AN' STTUFF. BOO H-M-H HOOf THE FALSE PROMT "Hiding Behind a Woman's Skirt' * SHE DON'T SEEM TO HAVE N060DV TO LOOK 1 AFTER HER-SHE'S JUS'. GOT TO HAVE HELP? \ VW\ GLAD SHE IS , PERTICKLER AN'UJON'T' LET NOM&N INTO HER, ROOM, BUT I GOT TO GET IN AN' T&LKTO [ VBAH, \ JOS' GOT \ Vro HELP HER S • 4"^*-^_-i .-_,^r- .\I/M. —^ By E. C. SEGAK „ - - - ME NfWE_l LOOKS LAKE > POPENE ON ACCOUNT OF I YAM HIS MoTHCF J ALLEY OOP Bleaching Bones Along the Trail By HAMLIN fei^^' LE5 SEE, MOW. WM«!f THIS =^-^=rz,- : -1 IS TH' SPCT WHERE WE LAST TS__ .-...-.^^X SAW FCO2.V-TEARIN OFF ' JUW6LE OU -\-\.-,-i\TH' BAOi OP A BIG TH' OTTTEI2 SUlZE LEFT AM TEAIL TO FOLLOW- HM«!.' UNLESS I'M MISTAKEN, IT WA5 TW SAME KINP OF A CEITTEK THAT CARRIED MV PAL AWAV.' IT BY COLLY, IT WUSTA JUMPED INTO TH' RIVEE! WELLJHERE'5 BUT CROSS OVEE AN' SEE IF WE CAM , -. , .„.-. —, ., .' TRAIL OM fe> HUH' PIMOSAUR BONES.'.' WAS ABOUT TH'SAME WASH TUBES The Bad Penny SHERIFF WALLMJV1 f SPEAKIN&' EH WHAT'S HOLV SMOKE; C'MON, KCHS, A. CRAZY NUDIST IS SPANKING PEOPLE ON MAJN STREET., By CRANE BOWWOW1 LOOK WHO'S &ETTINS OFF THAT TRUCK. QUICK, WE GOT TO GET OUT. O' TOWN. WELL, THEM OLP CROSNS CAN'T ME. <: MYRA NORTH. SPECIAL NURSE Man Overboard By THOMPSON AND I lotw/ WE FINP MVRA AMP JACK ANPANTOM &REESE, ACCOM PASJ- IEP BV HVSTEE'S ORPERLV, HEAPEP FOR THE AVUWLANP IN .THE SMALL. MOTOR &OAT FAI2PON, VOUR EXCELLENCy-J BUT THE PRISONERS.' MIOHT THEY MOT E.B CAPE SOU OU THE \MAINLANP? I'LL THANK. VOU TO MIND VOUR OWN BUSINESS, CORPORAL.' /XT THAT INSTANT, 'fflE i^ BOAT LURCHES AND AS BREESE HASTILY CJEABS FOR. SUPPORT, THE STEEL GAUNTLET FALLS. TO THE FLOOR.. f WHAT TH'...? WHV, you POUBLE- ^CROSSIMS... V f EAS.V, CORPORAL( 1 HAVE VOL) \COVEREP .' ^1 =5^ SORRY, OLP =1 MAN, BUT WE'RE =j MOT TURNING BACK., NOW.' CORPORAL'S FACE GEOW5 WHITE WITH THE SUDPE.KJ REALIZATION) THAT HE HAS BEEN PUPEP &V HVSTER:S PRISONERS/ FRECKLES AND H|S FRIENDS A Disturbing Element By BLOSSER SH-.H! D6wT DISTURB BROTHER/TA<3..,. HE'S WRmSIQ A SCHOOL, FJENE DASCOUFZT EMTERS- AWD SAYS: ''STOP?THIS CAKI- PIPE SQUIRT! DowTevEW KHOW WHAT AVAFJLET IS.'f IGWORE HIM, FRECK THKT3XHS EDMUND RUSHES DOESN'T LOOK ) ONSTAGE, DRAWS WHO SAYS THAT, RENE PASCOURT OR THE SCHOOL- BOARD WILL. I HAVE TO IT MIGWT BE OKftf WITH GESTURES . r TJHEM GEKTUEMEW'S BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Aunt Penny Speaking By MARTIN WOK»OE« \V= I CRN SET A CPAX "W VWVVt Shorty says; Change over to the new Sensatiqnal FIRESTONE starting. Greater capacity for Electrical Accessories, Power All Jtubtxer Separator Battery. 40% quicker 403 W, Fester F, E, HOFFMAN, SERVICE STATION Phsne 100

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