Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 15, 1971 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
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Thursday, April 15, 1971
Page 3
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State President Of Speaks Here Dr. Allena Pace of Huntsville, president of the Texas Division of the American Association of University Women, was the guest of honor and speaker for the dinner meeting of the Del Rio branch of the AAUW Tuesday evening in the San Felipe Country Club. Dr. Pace installed officers for the next two years, since the officers serve on a two-year basis. Mrs. Gratz C. Myers Jr. was installed as president and Mrs. A.L. Williamson, second •vice-president with Miss Otila Gonzalez the secretary. Other officers, who have one more year to serve, include Mrs. Charles Chandler, first vice-president, and Mrs. W.N. DeViney, treasurer. Mrs. Kathleen Howard Stanley, retiring president, presented a small gavel to Mrs. Myers, her successor. The American Association of University Women was founded in 1882 to open the doors of education to women and to unite alumnae of different institutions for "practical educational work." The organization's program today aims to improve, the quality of education ' and educational opportunites for women, increase their opportunities to share in the ''goals and achievements of society, promote study of public issues and seek to strengthen the voluntary association as an instrument for action in the American community. Women who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees from colleges and universities on the AAUW qualified list or a degree from a foreign institution recognized by the international federation may join. Guests at the dinner meeting were registered by Mrs. Alfred Bochat and Mrs. W.N. DeViney. The local branch in executive session voted to sponsor a queen in the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Miss Kathleen Abbett will be the AAUW candidate for the title. The U-shaped table held a center-piece of spring flowers in a black Cloisonne bowl WIN AT BRIDGE with black wrought iron candelabra holding tapers and encircled with spring flowers at either side table. The speaker was introduced by Mrs. Watt Murrah, a former student of Dr. Pace; the honor guest visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Murrah during her stay. The branch presented Dr. Pace with an Avery silver : chaparral pin with matching key chain tor her husband. Husbands of members were presented membership, cards making them members of the AAUW Auxiliary. Ordinarily the women form auxiliaries . for their husbands' organizations. Members and guests at the meeting were Messrs, and Mesdames J.P. Abbett, Alfred Bochat, Charles Chandler, Watt Murrah, William J. Hartricfc, Ernest L. Worley Jr., John G. Prude, Gratz C. Myers Jr., W.N. DeViney, Mesdames A.L. Williamson, Ray Bagwell, Kathleen Howard Stanley, H.A. R o bertson, Glenn Weatherman and Miss Mary Hartrick, as well as the guest of honor. Dr. Allena Pace. Hints From Heloise DEAR HELOISE: I am an antique hound. I'm one of those people who spend hours rummaging in antique shops wherever I happen to be. Recently, -I found a heavy iron shoe form that the shoemakers used for a last. And, it had a hole in the middle of it. I made a delightful candleholder from it. I painted It, glued felt on the bottom to protect my furniture and a candle fitted perfectly In the middle. A perfect way to preserve a relic of the past. Debbie * * * A shoemakers' children may not have shoes, but future generations In your family will have a "lasting" artifact of a by-gone era. Heloise Wednesday, April 14 SOCIAL CALENDAR THURSDAY The North American Benefit Association will meet at 7:30 jun. in the boms of Mre. Charles Roe, 504 Avenue E. FRIDAY The Fan American Round Table will hold a cocktail supper at 7 p.nx hi the San Felipe Country Club for members and their guests to mark Ban American Day. SATURDAY The Morning Glory Garden Club will present the annual flowed show. "Your Futuri—Your Choice," in the Del Rio Civic Center from 3 to 6 p.m. SUNDAY "Your Future—Your Choice" is the theme for the annual flower show of the Morning Glory Garden Club hi the Del Rio Civic Center from 2 to 6 p.m. CHURCH CALENDAR TUESDAY Court St. Joan of Arc. Catholic Daughters of America, will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall with Mrs. Ralph Tobin and Mrs. Stephen Baudo as hostesses. The speaker will be Police Chief J.R. Koog,. TUESDAY The Priscilla Circle of the First United Methodist Church will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the home of Mrs. Bob Combs, 201 Joe Rice Drive. TUESDAY The Mary Martha Circle of the First United Methodist Church will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the House of Friendship of the church with Mrs. A.L. Williamson as hostess. For the Girl-Watchers, Slits Will Add Allure DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Thursday, April 15,1971-3 Bid and Play End in Draw NORTH A 1098 7 V942 4Q63 *A106 WEST 4k 52 VQJ106 4K1082 *843 14 EAST A A 3 ¥753 49754 *K952 SOUTH (D) AKQJ64 V AK8 * AJ *QJ7 . None vulnerable West North East South 2N.T. Pass 3* Pass 3* Pass 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V Q By Oswald & James Jacoby South won the opening heart lead and went right after trumps. East cashed his ace and led a second heart. South won with his king. Later on South had to lose both the club and diamond finesses plus a heart to go down one trick. South criticized North for his Stayman three-club bid. He pointed out that with a 4-3-3-3 distribution, North should have just raised to three no-trump. North agreed that this might have been a better bid but pointed out that South should have made four spades. The winning line of play would be to forget all about finesses and play the ace and jack 'of diamonds after winning the heart lead. This would set up dummy's queen of diamonds for a heart discard before the defense i had time to set up a trick in that suit. We feel both South and North are correct but that no real crime was committed. We would prefer a raise to three no-trump with the North hand, but can set up many hands where four spades would be a better contract. The play is also close. South needed one of two finesses to make four spades the way he played the hand. This was- a 75 per cent chance. North's suggest line of play works but it is easy to set up hands with one or both finesses right that would collapse on the no finesse line due to bad breaks in clubs, diamonds or both suits. Our verdictl is that North and South were more unlucky than unskillful. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) The bidding has been: West North East South 1* Pass 2* Pass ? You, South, hold: - AAKQJ54 VKJ32 465 *2 What do you do now? A—Bid three spades. This jump after a two level response Is an absolute force. TODAY'S QUESTION You do bid three spades and your partner raises you to four spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Christian Environment Small Classes Creative Curriculum Readiness Program Applications Accepted Now For Pall Term Mrs. John Foster 775-373Q Testing For Elementary Grade* Being Scheduled Now Mrs. Charles Howell 775-4072 . f* I ~ TUESDAY The Sarah Circle of the First United Methodist Church will meet at 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs. H.A. Rountree, 203 Bougainvollea St. WEDNESDAY The Together Circle of the First United Methodist Church will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the House of Friendship of the church. Mrs. Gerald Leonard, Mrs. Leroy Hutto and Mrs. L.D. Whitehead Jr. will be the hostesses for the meeting. Mothers' L.L. Auxiliary Plans Meeting Laughlin Air Force Base Little League Mothers' Auxiliary will meet April 20 at 7 p.m. in the Youth Center _ at the base. Members' of the auxiliary have invited the coaches and the fathers to attend the meeting for a get-acquainted session and to plan opening day activities. The opening day is set for May 1 for approximately 100 youngsters making up eight teams in the minor and major divisions of the league. In Abraham's gold coin dot silk georgette, this blond beige dress floats to the ankle from a blousson bodice and sashed waistline. Marie McCarthy slits it up the side for allure in'Larry Aldrich's Fall '70 collection. Secret of a Good Yield i Is in Nature's Seed By Sheila and Allan Swenson Pick the best seed and mother nature will reward you with tastier meals. Horticulturists have developed amazing new varieties that feature disease and insect resistance, drought hardiness and higher yields than were possible 10 years ago. Big Boy tomato remains the best selling vegetable seed, but Big Early, Burpees VF tomato have added dis- ea se-r esist ant qualities. Pixie is a hybrid designed for pot, window box or flower border . . . wherever space is scarce. Grow tall with Kentucky Wonder pole beans; bushels of beans that grow on vines climbing six feet high. Bush beans require no staking, so Tenderpod or Bush Romano are good bets. Everyone loves sweet corn, the sweeter the better. Illini Extra Sweet combines both earliness and top flavor. Silver Sweet is a new white corn, both early and tasty. Burpee's Honeycross, Gold- en Bantam and Golden Cross Bantam do well in home gardens. A few cucumber plants supply summer salad abundantly. We recommend trying M and M Hybrid Burp- less and Spartan Valor Hybrid, an All-America selection that is resistant to mosaic and scab disease. In lettuce, try several varieties, Oak Leaf, Greenhart and Iceberg that stands hot weather. Hybrid zucchini squash yields well. Three plants supply a family all summer. The more you pick, the more they produce. As a bush, it takes less space. If you like melons, try Early Hybrid Crenshaw, the only crenshaw that thrives in northern gardens. Ice Box midget watermelon produces 10 pound fruits 30 days earlier than other varieties and has fewer seeds. A real space saVer. And in the exotic line, try some delights from the Orient, celtuce, tampala and Malabar spinach. Shrimp Egg Fu-Yung By AILEEN CLAIRE NEA Food Editor Eggs are as important to Chinese cooking as they are to American cooking. Egg Fu-Yung is a relatively simple dish to prepare and may have many different ingredients. Shrimp is popular with those who especially like Chinese food. • EGG FU-YUNG % Ib. fresh mushrooms • % cup cooked or canned deveined shrimp 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 2 tablespoons minced < onion l /-t cup diced celery 3 envelopes golden seasoning and broth 6 eggs % cup drained canned bean sprouts Z tablespoons salad or peanut oil Wash mushrooms and cut off bottom of stems. Slice into ¥4-inch thick pieces. Cut shrimp into small pieces. Melt butter. Add mushrooms and saute, about 1 minute. Add onion, celery and continue to co'ok 5 minutes. Remove from skillet. Cool. Beat eggs until bubbly. Beat in seasoning and broth. Stir sauteed vegetables, bean ^•sprouts and shrimp into egg- seasoning mixture. Heat oil in skillet. Drop mixture by large tablespoonsful into hot oil. Cook until firm and browned on one side. Turn and cook on second side. Makes 4 servings. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) 'S JEWELERS MEMORIES * : . ONLY MOTHERS COLLECT ORDER YOURS TODAY The pin for Mother from $12.50 wHh en* iten* •och additional <4on* $2.50 1 The ring for Mother from '14.88 631 S. MAIN EASY CREDIT TERMS',] mmommememm 775-7434 ||ANKAMMICMI\ Green's ALSO SHOP LAREDO-VICTORIA EAGLE PASS- CORPUS CHRISTI r SAN ANTONIO. PEAR ABBY. Groom] 9 s Mother Out for Trouble By Abigail Van Buren IO mi kr CfelttM Trlbww-N. Y. Ntwt inrf., Inc.] DEAR ABBY: My daughter Is 18. She is marrying the boy she went steady with all thru high school. He is 19. We are managing the wedding but must limit the number of guests to 125 because my husband has been out of work and we are not in very good shape financially. I told the groom's mother that she could invite 63 people and we were inviting 62. She said that wasn't nearly enough for her as she is presently separated from her husband and she wants to invite her boyfriend and his family, which is very large. I told her in a nice way that she could invite whomever she wanted but not more than 63 people as we had to hold down the expense. Guess what she said? "Either I have as many people as I want or I'll refuse to sign for my son!" Abby, he is only 19 and he can't get married unless she signs for him. So what do I do now? SAD MOM . DEAR MOM: Don't let her blackmail yon. In some states the signature of only one parent [or guardian] is sufficient. Look tnto it. Also tell the lady [?] that If she wants to pay for her own guests she may have as many as she wants. DEAR ABBY: A few weeks ago my husband died, and right after the funeral my children insisted that I go visit my sister in another town to get away for a while. Today I came home to an immaculate, but very empty house. I have two wonderful daughters and I love them dearly, but sometimes I wish they wouldn't be so helpful. They came in and cleaned my house from top to bottom. Every closet, every cupboard, every shelf had been scrubbed. My house shines from one end to another. But what bothers me most is that they disposed of all their father's belongings! There is not a trace of him in this house. It's as tho he never lived here. There are no socks to darn, no buttons to sew. My sons in law even divided up his tools. I suppose they did this so I wouldn't feel so bad sorting thru his things and doing it myself. I could say something, but the deed is done, however well-meaning it was. But now I have nothing to do except dust and wash my own few dishes. Thanks for listening, Abby. I feel a little better now. — LOST AND LONELY DEAR LOST: I understand your feeling of uselessness, but I assure yon your daughters meant well. They spared you what is usually the most painfully heart-breaking task a widow must face. DEAR ABBY: On my next birthday, I will have to register for the draft. I am opposed to the war in Viet Nam and I want no part of it. If necessary, I will go to prison. I can't honestly say mjy "religious convictions" are responsible for my feelings, which I understand one would have to swear to under oath in order to become a conscientious objector. In order to become a conscientious objector, what steps must I take? I do not want to be in violation of the law by refusing to register. But I know positively that my conscience will not allow me to take part in this war. Can you help me? J-QR PEACE DEAR FOR: After yon register, request a special form for conscientious objectors from your draft board. Yon will have 30 days in which to gather character references from your neighbors, teachers, your clergyman and anyone who will vouch for your sincerity in this connection. Your draft board will then review your case and decide whether or not you qualify as a conscientious objector. [There are standards set down by the national Selective Service and the Supreme £*mrt] If you are classified i-A, in spite of your objections, you can request a personal appearance and appeal it. Presbyterian Circle; Four Holds Meet Mrs. Femest Taylor was hostess to Circle Four of the First Presbyterian Church Tuesday evening in her home with Mrs. Ina Mae Gilliam presiding and acting as moderator. The program theme was "Salvation/' based on Romans 1 and 13. Miss Mabel McReynolds gave, a report on the meeting at Mo Ranch and on the Presbyterian Children's Home; a member of the home is sponsored locally. Refreshments were served to Mesdames Jack Sailors, Ray Nichols, E.L. Davenport, Gladys Graham, Mary Mullen, Ina Mae Gilliam, Femest Taylor and Miss Mabel McReynolds. Christian Fellowship Holds Meet Mrs. B.I. Brown presented the program, ''Changing Theological Concepts," at the regular meeting of the Christian Women's Fellowship Tuesday night in Fellowship Hall of the First Christian Church. The worship, "The Third Day," based on Matthew 24:30, was given by Mrs. Ernest McFarland. A report on the Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the Larger Circle April 21, was given. The breakfast will be held in San Felipe Country Club and will begin at 6:45 a.m. Those planning the breakfast said those interested may attend the breakfast and go directly to work, since it will be over in approximately an hour and the early starting time was set to enable this arrangement to be made. Mrs. J.P. Potter, vice-president of the fellowship, was in charge of the meeting in the absence of the president. Hostesses for the evening were Mrs. J.P. Potter and Mrs. C.A. Roll. Refreshments were served to Mesdames Joe. T. May field, Edwin Brown, B.L. Brown, P.M. Pegues, Ernest McFarland, Ignacio Esquivel, Philip A. Ricks, H.B. Harris, Leonard Mauldin, J.P. Potter and C.A. Roll. AQUARIUMS FISH & SUPPLIES 908 E. 6th 775-4998 GREEN'S JEWELERS FAMOUS for DIAMONDS • QUALITY • SELECTION • BRILLIANCE 2 diamond solitaire $149 STYLING PRICED RIGHT CONVENIENT TERMS 12 : Diamond Dinner Ring Reg. $299.95 $179.95 NOT FOR YEARS ... BUT FOR A LIFETIME THATS OUR Double row wedding Reg. $299.95 $179.95 TRADE-IN PLEDGE Wo guarantee to gfv» you the Ml purchase price of your DIAMOND in trad* for a larger DIAMOND. I* the wearing the DIAMOND she deserves??? - man's diamond cluster Reg. $299.95 $179.95 631 S. MAIN 775-7434 Shop Also In Sin Antonio, Corpus Christ!, Lirado, Eaglt'Pus ind Victor!*.

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