Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 7, 1969 · Page 9
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 9

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1969
Page 9
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646-2543 YOU CAN BUY OR SELL ALMOST .ANYTHING with G BROWNWOOD BULLETIN WANT AD FAST RESULTS Anneung§m§nt§ 1 j AUTOMOTIVE 3 "AUTOMOTIVE SilMPLOYAA&NT 1 \ FINANCIAL . - -meet* mi »nd ifh ruesd«n «« p.m tn iefamj sir«i cernmurwy cpn ter. C«ri Mri. P«ul Chaney, 784-lMl" tTuJ Tueso 1 ** en 'hi fltoMh f< t f/ffi ftt Art*ffi« S1tM Cofflfhunlt* Cenf»r f=r>f (nforfriBtidn call Mrj, 6. W. Stanford, 645-3053. Afhehcan V»fef«n» Auxiliary rneeti 6ft month Ppf inMrffiiMaft Mil il/fi J6* Latham, BROWNWOOD CHATER ' ORDER OF DeMOLAY Meets al /:S6 p.m u» xnd ita Wea m* Phi meisfj jrifl AM 4fh 7:36 'p.m. For Ihtorrhalloh can Phillip Pllnn, 446-1195. NOMADS 0£ AVftUDAI^A rneet fourth TuesrIAy ol each mofth «f 7 is p m In K ot P building, cornet trth Jt ana A/e E For Inform/if lort eall Mf'l K. D. WHSort, S44-490J, Iff) Ma lone. BIDS WILL he received tfi (he office of the tiallaS City Purchasini Ageht until 1:30 ,, rt t4mtrft lw p.m. July 0, 1969, for the sale ( of the following surplus auto-' motive equipment.- | n Ford 4 dr. sedans 1662-6& • 20 Chevrolet 4 dr. sedans ISfiS 19 Ford 2 dr sedans 1064-fifi 2 Chevrolet 2 dr. sedans 19fi7 10 Falcon 2 dr. sedans 1964-65 4 Ford Station Wagons 1964-65 8 Chevrolet Station Wagons , 1963-67 2 M.vmouth Station Wagons '. 1962 9 MERCHANDISE 10 — erfclfif '<«" Roufr) Z, Bo* M. Eirl* lvd.. Port Worfh r?«$on«hlS. tak* op pflvme-rtts or hsv» refinanced. Low mileage. Ph. 446-497) after S e.rii. H-34S7.JU.ff '« CHEvRdLet lhio»H i rJoor. Air. power steering, cleanest anywhere. J410 14th. St. Ph. 4M-9370. PERSONNEL JE^VCE 305 First National Offlc« 8lda. Brownwood, Te«as Ht,-Ui1 EMPLOYEES ARE tAi_Li"5 US Young lady typist and «wit:hhi,yd cs*r- ! ator. Young lady typist with nfice experience. Ynt'ng lady for ot'm/ir.ent part-time office work l-i nf!s.nni,n V.atur* Udy for General Of'iM wo'li. Expert lady typist with knowledge of m*rjic»i term, ftout* salesman S'sla^v plus camrhhisian. A-355S-2!7-tf MOWt Conventional — Home impr*vefri!r>t» P.H.A. SOUTHERN SAVINGS ANt) LOAN ASSOCIATION * MM t» •» •Su*"tv in«* at 715 C6g§ln Av*. AGEVCY lli Cost" fEXAS foil* CtUB .., .. third Tuesday 61 each month in glue Flame Room, Contact Austin Maedqri president, at 645-SJ47 of Clsrh Coursey TNA representative al 444-4249 LADIES AUXILIARY OP > VOI UNtEER PIRE DEPT 30 Ford 'i-ton pickups 1963-66 6 Chevrolet *,S-ton pickups 1967-68 FOft SALE W2 Ford GAMxl* 4 door , Akn 1954 Chfrvrolft Pick up. Both Ir I good running condition Ph 444-8988 8-.172I-225-J3I , )9«0 H»rrl fop Ford In 9o6d cond'tlon JI75. Ph 444-4973 after 5 p.m or 100) , Ave 6. A -3479- ifi 229 BUSINESS SERVICE 5 to sijy wifh elderly woman I itjht hous* Veeping Room, board, and salary provided. 130' Ciqqln Av* Srownwood DITCHING MACHINES t Fftl'd *i-(0tl pickups 1964-66 Jm«ll or Urge, you rent-you 0(9. Or w« 3 Chevrolet H-toh pickups | d " VA^NTAL STORE Jyu ' : 308 3rd St. Ph 4467543 8 Dodge *i-ton pickups T3537-223 If i l 96 "!,"^'. , , , , HOM6 REMODELING ; I rOI'd 1 Ion truck 1901 ', Additions, paneling spray acoustical, in- 1 Chevrolet 1 (on truck 1M7 ; l %^n*ng^i,abi p .? l W6 n ?66J B "''' e ' !rK - : Intorrnation call Mrs. Charles Allortl at 444-2294. OTHERS CLUB meets }nd and 4th Wednesday for noon lunch and buslnes meeting In Adams Street Community Center. Fn* Inffirrriflflrin crtll Mrs John Taylor, 1509 Ave. H. Ph. SEI.P CUl tuRE CLUB m*«ts 7na and 4lh tues at 1 o.m each month Call Mrs. G. W. Vales at SELF Culture club meets 2nd and 4th. Tuesdays at 3:00 pm each month Call Mrs. E. E. Geer at 44S-J452. ! WOMAN'S SOCIET> O* [ CHRISTIAN SERVICE I Of Central MethodIM Church m«ffs ! psch Tuesda/ «* ':30 i.m ut the church. Call Mrs. R. E. Daniel, 444- ' 2445 for Information. AMERICAN BUSINESS WOMAN'S ASSU. i Blue Bonnet Charter Chapter meets «! ' 7 p.m. 4th Thurs. of mo. In Ch-shoim's Restaurant. Call lor inlormation. E. C. Bartholomew at jW-OJ/4. : BROWNWOOD BUSINESS AND PROFES- I SIGNAL WOMEN'S CLUE m»tU the j first and third TuesSJvs at the Brown- , towner at 4:30 pm For Inlormntion i eall Mrs. David Camp Jr. (Eula Bellji ' 2 ton trucks 1966-G7 33 Ford 3 ton trucks 1064-67 2 KWJK-MJX concrete mixers 19G2 1 A Ills-Chalmers Maintainer 1949 1 Minneapolis-Moline wheel tractor 1 hilernalimial wheel tractor THE ABOVE equipment may CHILD CARE—6 days a week, by day or week. Licensed, fenced yard 1408 Brady. Call 646-7313. E-.1644-2JI-234 ROOM AND BOARD family style meals. ;' Price; reasonable Pearlee Snodgrass, 1303 Ave. B Ph 644-4865. S-3661-222-247 KEEP IT MOWED! It looks Mile' *"y size. Call after 4 00 P.M. t^ase. Ask tor Vernon, 646-5125. • tC 3614 172 It ' Help Wanted Full Time Cashier Good Company Benefits Pleasant Working Conditions Apply in Person Kentucky Fried Chicken 420 N Main on the Circle 3M8-22I-2J7 WANT TO HIRE-.High School Junior bry Interested in the H 5 Vocational r-'o- gram, for summer work -tid n'ler school Apply in p8rsnn, IJn^?rv.'o- d'- Cafeteria U-.W5l-r,5-tt i WANTED: Dairy Hwnd. ExppriencPd or y/oyld be willing to train a young mfln Work 2 days-ott svery 3rd. day. WO week. 2 bedroom house Don't app'y unless guallfled. Contact Jack Sever. 968-2607, Stcphenville. fl-3'46-U8-U MERCHANDISE 10 . - .......... - -Pofi SALE— Winchester Cnnl»nl*l Model " 7 * 3"-* ri "«' «"" ln be*. Never hern *hol S55C Also Colt 45 Cai. single action, J years old 43S. Ph. ^i-;7jjl C-34J2-JJJ-2S8 OUR "Plclr h ovpr t *d w H. 'om yourself" BUAch «*le h^nk". Watch fnr th« nent Smith rruit Farm, DeLeon, g^oS USSB r*trtd*r»tOfi, t* conditioned and guaranteed Smffn- < Lynch Co.. S0< N Flsfc. 646-5404 i •«!> W ft 19 ft. boat and trailer. Outboard, Aboard miter, Chev. II 120 HP. Sl?eps 2. C6 Equipped »nd Other e»tr»$. Fpv» hm'rs J3.000. IS ft f.shina ttj^t a,-(J -rail?', t« HP motor J200. 13 HP miter SI2S FI»B Ship Cate, stall 3, fh. 754-3203 Lik^ Brd^nwood, P-3.M" 217230 FOR SALE 1 « roornj o' nice l»-niti.r(, Spinet piano, deep fre»;S 5'"o»r tow- Ing machine-many items )W Sccncer, feangs, Texas Ph 752-1821. P..170< J?5-J2S FOS SALE: 3 rwi!»* East ot C'ensutt, 2 inch line and structural pip? J. F. Kllgore. 784-2450 or Mr*. G G A'-^nlrl, 725-3467. K.3r4-?25'/45 Mdricffly, July 1, SlAL'fiStAtl "" BROWN WOOD BULLETIN 9 TTTHClSTAfi IT Wanted to Hire: RUS8ER STAMPS Plastic engraving, I be inspected at the Muni.ipgl, ?j,° j&g"^ WT' ° rlve ', ~ ... w ^ ]w () . Garage, 2701 Municipal St., _ _ Dallas. Texas, at any time A CUMMINGS deposit of 5 per cent of the total hid In the form of cash, cashier's or certified check PIANO SERVKE-Tuninp. and repair New and used pianos for j saie. won, ouaranteed Ph *4M7«. made payable tn the City of "OBERrs & P6fTY_piumbing, heating Dallas is required with each """ """"" '" ""^ J bid. FURTHER information may be ' P ^ E _ s , s . lt °p? Al8r M S ^ " rpen ' er anri tooiino All 64«-*l52 or 646-7667 ouaranterd °h R-581 t( UMIfEO UAUGHTtRS OH THE CON- PEDERACY meets 2nfl Friday of »ach month In homes <if member* for in- tormati''n can Mrs. Vervla Evurlrt, 2200 Ave. D, 646-0185 obtained from O. B. Adams. Purchasing Agent. 102 City Hall. Dallas. Texas 75201. Phone Rl 8-9711. extension 1221. C3451 214 215 220 221 226 227 1944 Ford Custom 500 Clean, good con. d'tlon. Call 446-2029 after 5 p in Thomas Whlteley. W-IO(15-84-fl FREE PICK UP and delivery on lawr- mower repairs. Fa<t Service rail ^4*C376 SHELTON'S Flsk and 2nd. S-264l-i72-ff SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB meets secona and tourth Mondays at Adams Street Community Center tor coverca dish luncheon Por Inlorrnarlon call Mrs Ora Pippin. 646-9181. BROWNWOOO REACT CLUB meets «t 7:30 each 2nd Monday ai the Reddl Kilowatt Room. Por information cill : Marlon W»rri »> JUA.*m | OK Used Cars 19G6 FOKD Galaxie 500 4 door sedan. Power steering, automatic transmission, air. Radio. Clean. TV-Radio Service I Color or Black and Whit« CALL TODAY lor FAS1 wrvl;e on all • , rrtAket and models Picture tubes ft*- I : chiirgen and R*3iac*e. All work 9C day warranty CASH ONf* to the tremendous volume of business, the fastest growing seed company in the nation wants to hire additional permanent employees. OPENINGS AVAILABLE for the following: Plant Employee? Office and Secretarial Help Call for appointment Jimmy Deal or James Osborn TRIPLE "F" FEEDS Camp Bowie Industrial Park Brownwood, Texas 646-K55I T 3ti97 224 227 BARBER HOMfc DEMONSTRATION, Cl UB meets each 2nd and 4th Prtdav i »t Adams Street Communit/ Center . For information call Mrs. Effla Jack ! at 646-1367. CAMP'S TV factory jCa) , 646 . 91 45 . 646-1734 ' _ F ' or 646-2201 1962 CHEVROLET Nova. Auto- math- transmission. 6 cylinder. Priced to sell. WANTED—Experienced Operator. We have the business If you iav« the knowledge. Apply In person. Ooal Me- Bride. Magic Mirror Beauty Salon. 3ru ~" ' FOR SALE Bargain Priced SALVAGE MATERIAL from Austin Ave. Presbyterian Church Doors, windows, lumber Sec ALLKN WELLS at job site '• B-3381-JII-tf 14 FT GLASTRON boat, 40 HP motor and t trailer See 8t Gaines Boat Docks G-3700-224-227 FOR LONGER WEAR ke«8 carpets c\fft\ with BIU« Lustre. R;nt electric sham- pooer J! Colonial Food Store. C-224-231 GARAGE SALE—Items 5 cents, 13 cents,; 25 cent* end up. Some furniture, luggage. 1004 Av*. I.' S-.l703-r74.227 : LOOKING ' FOR FURNITURE? Look No Further QUALITY NAME BRAND FURNITURE at Economical Prices i^rtf Suitable Terms HARR7 COCHRAN Furniture & Appliance Co. 1307 Main Ave. SOUP'S ON, the rug that Is, so cl"»T the spot with B'ue Lustre 7»m »x.irle shampooer $1. Mod's Vsr'ety Store 5.3442-222-228 FOR SALE—20 sucker rods. •~" j 1000 ft. 2 inch good building i pipe Also pipe trailer, George i Bevlll. 2424 Durham. THIS SPOT. THAT SPOT, trifle ralhs too. removed with Blue Ljstrp ca r cet shampoo Electric shamoooer fi. wea*l<?y Walson hardware. W-2:*-Z3l SPINET PIANO We Mvp locaferl and stored this otflrto t?esponiibie D^rno" wllh qo08 credit can take on &rnai' payment (.onir«ct. Write befo-e we send IrutK— J"plin Piano, 315 South 16th, Waco, len.s 76703. J-3722i«-!J8 PxEAL ESTATE 11 NEW 3 hr 2 bsth brick, 20dO ft. floor space- carpeted, oodles of closet*, central heat, air, double garage, patio, 100 « 140 ft chain link fenced (ol. $29,500, one third down: ON AVE. E, lovely 7 room (rame, lifetime roof and paint, carport, double B*r.i9«, 44.tl50 ft. lot. l»rgt D?cai5 and shad* trees, S15.500 OM AVE 0. 5 rooms and bath, double garage, 40»120 It lot. shade tit- can, fruit tr»«t, grapes, berries, $8.000: ON Ff?ST ST 4 roams and bath, ga- rape, 75xUO 't shadv lot, oecanS and (rult trees. S6850 ON WACO, 5 rcoms and bath, SO » ISO ft lot, $3500. J7000 Idan: IN BANGS, 3 acres, 530 ft. Hwy front lovely 4 bedroom dome, 2 qocd barns, and ess* to trade 01 :and IN BANGS, real nir.e 4 br. 2 bath rom«, 24x30 It. stflro in iron), on Hv/v , <ar- port, chain-link fenced back, $12,000. IN SAN SABA CO. 640 acres, 40 farm, well fenced, watered and Improved, deer and turkey, 4125 an acre, 25 per cent down, will take home In or toward L'sno; NEAR ROCKWOOD. 312 acres, 250 farm, nice 3 bedroom home, $165 acre, has SI7.«GO loan, trade for place nearer Brownwood- NEAR BROWNWOOD, 43 acres, nice 2 bedroom home, large barns, tank* «nd City water, $21,000, SS.OOO loan DAN EDMONDSON 704 Early Blvd. Ph, mistf! E -3443-223-224 WITH 6RIVC IN 6ANKIN8, CARS GET A CHANCE TO SEfe , THEIft REAL OWNERS. J200 Down puts you In nice large 1 b«d- nsom home In Woodland Area, payments lower than rjht 1500 Down puts you in Kid First, Living, dining. Den, J bedroom, 3 e»r par- rag«. Carpet, trees, and few Interest. Casper than rent. $350 Down pyls Veteran In 3 B*dVoorrt, den, 2 bath. Mice. iW Down puts Veteran In 4 b*drcom, Dpn, 2 bath, Mew t^'pet. dishwasher, disposal. 2160 Sq. Ft. of living area. Sen cash or frade fnr smaller html BRAND NSW LISTING, Never b«h offered vet. and i have exclusive on it. Near High School, i bedroom, Den J bath, carpot. Central air and Heat. Double oarage, Urge 5'? per cent (can nn It. and well bffiow rsplacement cssf by $4000 Extra clean. 4300 down Puts Veteran in 6 r;xvr\, 2 bath, carpet. Corner lot. Wood'and a>-ea and i havj exclusive sn It. $7100 total price. 2201 Av* E. Clean ne«f itfgl J r»6m home and only J7900. 1702 11th. Real buy at $11.750. 1 VettrDnm, 1'> bath, carpet. Range, and will C*l 100 per cent BUY OWNERS equity and S'-'« P*r cent Interest. $U5 Mo. pays ail. 3 bedrOiim, deft. 2 bath, carpet, drapes, central heat and air. All built in kltcnei, first St Two Oak Dale Acre Fine homes. Two Ex'ra fins Soulhside Home?, you wanta buy, they wanta sell, lets get you together NEAR COGGIN Ward. Reflnlshed 5 room home. New every thing, carpet, and eu. $7750. Will 01. ELIZABETH DR, Brick, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, king size beds O K 38 it. n/in<j room, corner lot. only $11,006, an-1 will Gl 100 per cent. New Listing. J200 Puts Veteran In !2Cr? Willis, and low-Low payments. STILL Have 63 acres t bedroom, den home. 100 per cent GL Or trsd* for nice home In Brownwood. AWFUL HOT to show 74fl acres iti so low In pries I would show it. 17 Mi out WE NEED LISTINGS ALL OVER AMD ALL KINDS. Harry Forbess Realtor I 6*tt«dm, ) 6«n RouSM*)! *tfi. If. Schools, drugs, grocery iwMrby. t=6f Information call 646-3848 after *••& fi.m, - . small equity, tew interest, Quick 661* - pricefl Hght, la* dowft paymlnf, OAKbA*l!l ACR§*-iT*d 6f th* in the are*. Shpwrt By Sppo'immem. HOMES IN PRICE (UNGE POR EVeRf- ONE-Frofr) $3,000 to 117 COS. OWNER FINANCED. Th4se horns* all nst«»*« In south part 61 Br&wrnvflod ih8 tn E«r|y area. Call US todiv for and 4ddr«4ses. 1211 FIRST-L»re« 3 6r 4 drapes, carpet, new wilnut kHchM cabinets, separate dining rdom, Bsltef sH this on« today. EARLY-^-Neat. J bedrooms. H§4 «xtr» large lot— in commercial area. Dawn payment reasonable, Owner will finance. , . . • COMMERCIAL fficf on C8«9(n Av*. 1900 block. L«rg* and bn th« tsrtiif. NEW LISTING in oakdat* Acrei. total price $22,500. 3 bedroom"*, W b«(riS, small offle« buliamj 6n prop^Hy. • NEED LISTINGS OESPERATfeLYtl JUNE FORBESS 208-A Ph. 646-6717 Moaife 646-666S H. L. HART 646-2528 EMILY YOUNO 646-&33fl Dial MM70T Nights 646-794J Mobile no. 6J6-3130 rat Wlllisms «4j 9318 F-34J3-J14-H FOR SALE BY OWNER: 2 bed- j room house furnished. One ex-: tra large room unfurnished, '• Bargain priced. Inquire at 812 Ave. A. S-3618-220-229 R. C. RAMBO COMPANY 203 Fisk 646-8827 WANT TO live on the lake? Have a nice 3-bedroom lake cottagp. Not water front, buv weJJ located in good area. 220V. wiring, refrigerated cooling, carpeted, filtered wa« ler system. All for less than $10,000. HAVE BEAUTIFUL fl-bedrdom homes On South Side from £12,000-830,000 pricfe ran^e. ASK ABOUT our ranches that are priced right to make money, R. C. RAMBO—784-2301 JEAN McNEESE—648-7702 BEAUTIFUL LAKE BROWNWOOD we DO ArneNNA WORK ORDER OF RAINBOW GIRLS Brownwood Assembly No. 21 meets »t 7 p.m. the 2nd and 4th Mondays In Masonic Lodge Call Mrs. Evelyn Myrick office 646-863) or home 646-5514. 11966 OLDSM6BILE Delta 88 j 4 door sedan. Power steering. ; power brakes, automatic : transmission, factory. Extra clean. THE Btpw CLUB OF BROWNWOOO 1966 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4 door sedan, 6 cylinder, standard transmission, radio, one owner. Extra nice. meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at the Club Room of Browntowner Mo- tar mn at 6:30 p m. 646-6731. Mrs. Oavic' Camp, president, SOUTHWEST Appliance i Servlc*, Whirl- j pool heating and cooling Room air- ' conditioners. 106 N. Center, 646-8773 S-933-rB-tt CARROLL Refrigeration. Appliance Ser. i vice and repair -Commercial and resl- . dentlai 646-5155 C1885 134-tf , — ..-.. BROWNWOOD PLUMBING i SHEET ; METAL, INC. Phone 646-9690 I 8-1776-127-t! i YOU CAN EARN' S30, S40 weekly. No experience necessary, we train you. Avon Cosmetics are in great demand. Write: Jeanette Chew, Avon Dist. Mqr., 1105 W. 12th St., Brady, Texas 76825. A 3726 220 231 TOP PRICES paid for top roofers. Also need helpers. Rice Roofing Co. Ph 646-8219. R-3465-214-2J7 FOR SALE—29 x 8 It. Trailpr house. 2 bedrooms. 10 x 20 ft. room *tM'.K»d. Nice. C«M 446-S262. <-i639-!M-227 FOR SALE—40 x 8 ft. 2 •wdrorjm, fir- 'conditioned mobile home. Good rmrtl- Hon. Call 644-8J75. G-36S6-21'4-2iO MERCURY OUTBOARDS-Salef ^nd S*r- vice. Pactory trained Mechanics lake Brownwood Fishing Village, 784-3792 USED refrigerators, freezers, *asr.ers, : coolers, stoves. TVs. chairs, beds, boats. ; Reeves 303 Early, 446-5127. i 8ROWNWOOD GARDCN CLUB meets third Thursday at 2:30 p.m. ai Adams S»re«i Commimltv Center Cnr information call Mrs. Geo. Yarbrough at 446-24.13. , LADIES AUXILIARY Veterans of Foreign j Wars, Post 3278 meets 2nd and 4th , Thursdays For Information call Dolores \ Cvr, 646-7111. DEt TA KAPPA GAMMA Meets flrnt Thursday of month For Information call Mn. Walter E Olcktm at 646-7159 NEWCOMERS club meets second Thursday ol each month at noon Por In. formation call Mrs. Archie Hallum. Ph. 446-8854. TOPS CLUB meeis every rvesdav night »l ' 30 o.m at Brownwnort C Coll Mrs. F. D. Davli at 646-3212. 1965 FORD pickup Short wheel base. 6 cylinder, good condition. j 1963 CHEVROLET pickup A!so upholstering, new and used Long wheel base Stepslde. 6 furniture. SEE US for mattresses new or renovated. Full size mattresses renovated for as low as ... $14.95 DELTA THE1A CHAPTER of Epaflon Sigma Alpha meets on fi,-;t Tuesday of ea. mo. 7:30 p.m. For formation call Barbara Hlckman at 646-6718. cylinder. 4 speed transmission. A-l condition. 1964 CHEVROLET pickup. Long wheel base Stepslde. 6 cylinder. o t ley C ii ei/ro lei CHEVYLAND Brownwood. Tex. Ph. 646-9511 H-3240-202-tf .. New houses to go or build on your lot. LETBETTER & SONS 646-5536 , HEW MOBILEHOME Mlg plant nnw in i production. Lampasas, Texas. I JOB OPENINGS for experienced cus-on. 1 ncl. Chance for advancemeil if Interested write tor Job Application ' blank and appointmanl. i ALL INQUIRIES completely confidential. I TANGLEWOOD : M08ILEHOMES MFG CO. P.O. Box 911, Lampdsas. Texas 76550 i T-3710-225-231 FARM & "ANIMALS 81 NEW SHIPMENT-Men's Shoes-all styles buy Rife Store, 803 Third SI Ph. 646-0823. B-2509-!8Mf SUDAN HYBRID hay 60 cents bai« Heavy bales. Ph. 646-5169. A-3W 224 23J GRAVES Radiator Shop, 416 S. Briadway. i Save on Radiators. Fast Servlc;. 47 , ONE DAY SERVICE on Stock and NEW JO gai. waier neater.,. 537.50 30 fit 539 95 Bob Pitts, 211 S BrnJKwav Ph 644-7193. P-2045-U -It FOR SALE—ARA air cond Good 3^ new. Came out ot 3 1965 CMC Pick up. 575 Call 646-4950 night. L-3673-m-J29 TIRED OF Bad tasting water? Bottled quality water as handy as your tap Is possible witrc new Culligan Atjua I Call your Culligan man, 6467442. MW Belle Plain C-3669-223-229 years In business. Guaranteed work. ' G-:052-198-tf WATKINS & HARDMAN trailers and horse axles and parts. TOM'S AUTO SUPPLY trailers, Aluminum and roofing, acous- j Fort Worth Highway ti4fi-9186 BROWNWOOD LIONS CLUB meet* In Club Room each Tuesday for noon ,'uncheon and program Call Roscoe Smith, 646-7821 (or Information. BROWN COUNTY REGISTERED NURSES ASSN meetj 2nd Thurs. night each mo. t 7:30 p.m In memoerj homes. Call Mrs. Copelsnd at 644-44M for Information. UPSILON BETA CHAPTER ol Beta Sigma Phi meets 2nd and <lh Monia'/s. 7:30 p.m. F»r Information call Mr». Phillip Fllnn 446-11W. NOTICES IS YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE SUSPENDED? Call or write: V*nce Agency. 121 W. Pipeline Road, Hurjt, Texas 7«053. ph. 817-28J-JWJ. _ V " 3 ? 8 ' ?0 t??l' JAY'S COUNTRY A<JUARlUM--TroplC»l fish, five plantt and gold fish. Om- plete line of (pods and juoplies. 12 miles out Cisco Highway. Jay Allison, Rout* Z, Box 70, May, Texas 646-4l?8. A-33Y3-JI1-243 PfSCOUNT PiUCES on top quality name brand auto parts. Also check our prices on Hurst Shifters. TOM'S AUTO SUPPLY Fort Worth Highway 648-9188 T 3090 824 230 1967 CJiRYSJUJSR New Yorker 4 dopr. kpadecj. Estra nice. 1965 DODGE Coronet 4 dopr. kow mileage. Extra clean. 1964 CHEVROLET impale & door hard top. 1964 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4- door, 1963 CHEVROLET Iwpfla «• 4oor« 1964 PLYMOUTH 4 door. J964, FOBO fniriane 500 sport coupe. 1963 FORD station wagon. 196? ftJERCyRY station wagon. 1003 W, MOTOR CO- tical work. 410 South Broadway. Ph. 646-8239. W 8955 294tf T 3691 224 230 ; EXTERIOR AND Interior painting. Small carpentry work. Free estimates, reasonable rales. Ph. 646-5786. C-3594-219-232 GARDEN PI OWING-Non* too imall, nor too large Call 646-7815 S 450 (0 It BRING YOUR color film la fTogain Ave. ' Drug and get the Bonus picture FREE. ! C 3373 210-tf FRElDRIClTwiNDmf UNITS SALES & SERVICE Frigidaire and Scotsman ICE MACHINES v Pouncey Refrigeration 103 Main Ph. 648-0492 P 2907 187tf HYBRID SUDAN hay In the field. 75 cents bale Bean's Hog Farm on Walnut St. i Wayne Roberts, or call 646-5525. APPALOOSA STUD SERVICE—2 miles down Turkey Peak Road, after 6. Virgil McKinley, Box 12?4, Brownwood ' Texas or Brick Plant. MC-3001-190-tf ] NEED HAY TO BAl E on Shares. Call ! Charles Minsar, ! nljhts, 646-2306. M-3343-210-237 WATER SYSTEMS Pumps, Filters, Softeners Chlorinators, Planning Help All Available New Call or Come In WEAKLEY-WATSON W 3891 301U CARPORTS; METAL PRE-ENGINEERED. TERMS. ROY SPENCE Ph 646- I 6601. 2104 Belmeade. S-3033-l92-tf j There's a complete sell-out t in progress now at Weatherby Motor Company in Brownwood., Every new Ford, Mercury and Lincoln Continental automobile is Included In this great sellout event. There's a bargain hunter's paradise at Ford Square. Everything is PURNITURE REPAIR »nd refiniswng all set for a fast sell-out of I »»«. *"«• •"- c. M. Collier, PH. all 1969 models. There are < _™ 4 1. . c "' 49 ; fantastic price reductions, j MITCHELl. CONSTRUCTION CHINCHILLAS I Pn. 646-3W i Excellent breeaing stocic. Turn your i spar* tlma Into profit t,v ralslr.g chin- j chlllas Largest herd In W«st I MBS Over 1,000 quality tntmali. Compete avsliabi*. FINE DIAMOND WATCHES On Easy Credit CURRY'S JEWELRY 401 N. Fisk SEATQN CHINCHILLA 409 Longnorn Orlv* Brownwood, luas ! MORTARSANO, gravel, barny*rd fer- SUMMER IS COMING—stay mere comfortable at tew coollns cosn insviatt that attic. Smith Roofing Co S-2?»0- Check ut for your carpel n»edv Highest ! o'-iailrv Ipwesi orices. Morris A Holmei Carpet & Furniture. *44-f425 N tt4*» n high, trade-in allowances, COMPANY FOR SALE—6 »llver small miniature ' SEWING in D-3i)l-?)6-733 OFFICE „, Hlpl.r-1 GOOD TOP SOIL - Sana <md chat. Can Ph. •— - ' - Eauiornent-Remington Adding «A4Chirw>, Typewriter rentes;. 5|00 E, Ph. and attractive terms avail- Foundation wor« «no «n concrete con , , , , . . i ctriirflnn u/rtrk 9M W f"nmrr»*rna TWK aAUC—ft illvfr SrHotl mini able, everything and any- i pt> tt^na ST'w t> P 1 ** 1 * ww les - AKC Registered s thing goes to make this a j ~~~'—~-~-,'-- -_.- j ol <f- « 5 - » na »<>• Pfl ' *4*-*»w-. whirlwind sell-out of the j finest cars ever built by Ford. Falcon, Falrlane. Mustang, Galaxie, L.T.p., and Montego, Monterey, Cougar, Marquis and Continental, It's a complete sell-out event. Now at Weatherby Motor Company in Brownvvood, He- member the big sell-out is at Ford Square—that's where the bargains are! "Shop and compare, you'll buy at Ford Square" T.33»- Z io-235; REED MEMORIAL CO. ^ort Wprth Highway -, <46-?62i. Ret. 6<6-'!7li. Box 265 R <S056 302 t. s w. H. McFarland & Sons Plumbing Repairs it reasonable ratej. Ph. M4-83SJ MC-P-I10A-L5-W WEATHERBY Motor Co., Inc. Your friendly Ford, M|rcury (, Lincoln 0»»ltf Ford S«M4r« 500 fltjf FOR Country Sed.'n »U- tlon wagon LUce new. X),uOO mile;, ci?rnpl»tely loaded Call Padgett Flora), P-.I71? 2Ji-tf CENTRAL AIR-CONDITIONING Collier DUtrtbutin Co- Sales and Service 120 South Broadway, tU-W>. REGISTERED Po'eo Hereford:, fred jind Frank Leach. 50 years breeding polled caftl*. Rt, 1. Srowmvood t46- CUSTOM HAY HAULIf'G 644-I3J4. i S-3609-219-246 ENGLISH bull dog puppy. AKC register- ' «d- J months old, Ph, 446-6417. 8-3*75^23-250 : j REOISTEREO Pointer Bird Dogs, male ATTENTION—Farmers, Ranchers. Con • ; • fractorj. For sale 7'5 x 8 x 6 v s It. ', heavy saws* ***»' building, Coi"piet*iY I weather proof. On mptal sfcWs Goid ,' storage Call 644-7520 or 64S-2781 a'ler ; 1 p.m. C-3404.219-23I j NOW j A complete selection pre-recorded Ca»- } setu tapes. Nathan's Jewefry i N -361 1-y. 9 23J ; CLEARANCE SALE—Coon's 5*»p Shop, i Bangs, Texas. Bottles, dishes, turni- i ture. books, miscellaneous, Come, make «n otter. C-3& -W M. Lon, Sltr aluminum; TANK seBVICE~5«ptls sl«»n*d, repaired Clem Cop*. 1612 Elghih si. Ph. «4>V4i- C403-U-tt FOR RENT - Water skis, wrf boards, wheel chain and crutches- ROSiRSON HINT 7 p.m, L-36M-II2-22? ! WANTED—M8l« English Springer Spaniel for breeding purposes, rail 646 64?6 after * p.m. B-363M23-W 1200 BALES OF Jpnmon Grass hay. it) cents » bait In th* field or ?0 con's & bat* delivered. Call after S> >>.m. ; WANTED: FINANCIAL FOR SALE-US, CC Y«m»h» Endurs, LW down payment and take up payments. Ph. WHW4- FOB Like new, St« «t Tom's Auto WESTERN FINANCE CO, Owner and Manager ly lo men vhpqy»Hfy.'Writ* Manner, j LOANS Pr»w,r w . M«n»pr, Ohto ,4o«. , signature, furniture, auto "toan$ on Anything of Value" ^tOENSEO FAWN 8ROSER8 LYNs—Apply 9t Golden Age Nursing Home off Cisco High- IQi Center Ave. Ph. 646*6573 W 3657 FOR SALE — 8,000 wed. prick, »nd one baby oed. Ph, M6-W43. J-3448-ZJ3-H7 FOR SALE—19 ft. Giles Travel Trailer, ' sfil-coniamed, is'ie new- "49 rnod*>.' Ph, 7M-Z3«. tC-3664-223-229 : 5000 SIZE refrigerated air con- diiioaer. Like new, 2302 Bel- rneade after 5 p.(n. i M 3732 227 l'33'i _ .„„,.. , . „,„-, . ,-HHW } SUMMER CLEARANCE j For the best values in Fabrics j see your Fabric Super Market RS&JN4NT MART 220 N. Main %. 3731 ?§7 233 i £03 SAL E — Shamrock Shores 3 Bed- loo.n house. Call «^?4i7 or 64/,-8S?2. FOR SALE—Large Corner lot, r.ios« In Business or residence. Easy te'ms. Owner 400 N. Greenleat. S-3223-207-234 WOODLAND HEIGHTS—AtlrActi'/e 1'i story brick front home. 4 oedrooms. 2 baths, large lot Nice yard Central heat and sir. Pay eauity and assume 4 per cent loan. Ph. 444-8360 after 4 p.m. D-3408-212-239 ! " BENNETT""" 2400 12TH ST.—3 BR 1 M, B brick. Nice corner lot \\ilh large fenced yard. Completely air conditioned and in good condition. It has 5% r t loan too. Payments only $109. Low equity. Shown by ap- I polnlment. 3604 1ST ST.—3 BR 1H- B brick with 5 l i r 'f loan. Payments only $83 per month. This home is in good condition and owner will transfer S3.600 equity to right party. Must he shown by appointment. 800 OAK PARK DR. — Extra nice corner lot. 3 BR 2 B with complete air conditioning. Sprinkled yard and all of the buill-ins you can imagine. Carpeted and draped and in excellent condition. Has nice gas barbecue stand too. Carries 6'aCri loan. Has other goodies in number. This must be shown by appointment at $32.300. 10S PARKVIEW DR—4 bedroom brick, 2 baths. Air conditioning, central heat, fireplace, carpeted and draped. This home is different. Owner wants to have some horses and can't have, them there. Priced below replacement at. S31,500. Let us show this home to you. Good established loan that will transfer to right party. WE HAVE four new homes on Glenwood and one on Austin Avenue under construction, Drive by and watch them. ^i'j Herman Bennett Don Jordan 646-3116 646-4826 Jack Sherrod—646-6622 0 3704 225-277 FOR QUICK service on sale or purchase of properties, call or writs Hilton H. Bates 444-0487 or 44(S-74»7 The SMITH BELL Co.. Realtor! 107 Center Avenue B-3WO-206-M Carson Agency REAL ESTATE R. L. nsob) Carson Fort Worth Highway at Cisco HiEhway Intersection OAKDALf ACRES- 2240 fet of llyino area, Beautiful 3 BK. 3 baihs, living room with fireplace. Den, office room (could be used for -4|h t}M, range, dishwasher, disposal, central vacuum system, double garage, * JOd shingle roof, fenced yard w ; th pi-,o oak trees, lo«v inierest. EstabiUncd. loan. C'u.'ck possession. IC'h SOUTH OF COGG1N, LBrije 3 BH, 2 bath, older home. Ootiole. aar*g«, large lot. Owner will ti' to ouail- li»8 Buyer. 2304 OARTMORE 5 rooms »nd bath. Austin stone ar.d aspestos siding. G«rage. In good condition. E«)<)t>li;r>ed 5 ',» per cent loan, tiuy equity «nd assume i?3 00 month tol«l payment. WE NEED listings of all types, especially homes, w* pay cesh tor equities C-34M-2IJ-K Office C4C-7629 Residence Phones gob Carson 646-1763 Cleo Benson 646-1798 HOUSE FOR SALE by owner-3 bed- roorns, } baths, built-in kitcnen, central air and heat. Beautiful yard. Clpsn to schools. Shown by appointment oii'y. Ph. Closing out some choice lots at prices you can afford, In one; of the prettiest developments anywhere. Rollins hills, covered with liveoak and elm trees. We've .just opened a new section with view and water front lots for mobile homes. Up to 10 years financing. Come by while choice sites are available. Office open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Shamrock Shores, n»xt to Flagship Inn on Highway 279. 12 miles N. of Brownwood, Texas. i 3667 225 226 231 232 237 238j 3 bedrooms, 2 bath. Corner lot. A jjoM ' buy. | Hilton R. Bates FOR SALE BY OWNER— 3 oedrcomj, I'w ing room, Uen brick home on South Side. Built-in dhh washer, disposal. range and oven. Central heat and ilf. Carpet, double garage, fenced bacK yard with assorted trees. Ph. 646-9330. BLUFFVIEW— 5 *t percent FHA ai Is. Total price JB.DOO. Equity M,OOD. R. M, PerKlns, Box 2154, Conroe, Texas 7730!. P-3649-222-249 FOR SALE BY OWNER—All t'ec'rlc brick 3 bedroomj, 2 baths living, dining, built-in kitchen-den. Double garage. 3503 First St. Ph. 646-6U2. H-3659-222-22S The Smith Bi°H Co, Realtors i B-3715-225-723 1 IMPROVED Trailer house lot, paito *ml walk SiiO. Shamrock Tra.ller section. Lake Brownwood. Ph. 784-3203. Lake Brownwood. P-3567-217-730 ELLIE LOCKS REALTOR Since 1945 ONE OF the best ranches tn Ssn Sb» County. 1970 acre? with home. Good fen. ces. la's of deer. Good terms. 640 ACRES, some farm. Nice home. JI2.1 292 ACRES 90 In farm, 2 tanks, t well. Cart get plenty of shallow water. Gr-od fences, '-'a mile of pavement. 15 minutes of Brownwood. 481 ACRES, 60 in farm, will soon bive n large lake, no cost to owner. iWhen this lake is finished, this place will be worth a lot more rmrnpy. H25 acre. ON PAVEMENT 324 acres, all brush has been poshed and sowed to grasses. 250 ACRES 75 In (arm, 2 good welh Can irrigate some from wells. Will sell for $125. 156 ACRES, 40 In farm on highway, 15 minutes of Brownwood. 100 ACRES, 50 In farm, city water, 1 lank Close in. 225 ACRES, some farm. Might take hfme In town as pfirt of payment. 160 ACRES, 70 in larm, 7fl acres peanut allotment. 2 bedroom home, Near Colorado River. 157 ACRES lust right far 7 GIs. 43'-j ACRES with home. Goo-i barns, tltv water. Close in. 33 ACRES on Highway. With wster close in. ONE OF THE BEST—Appronlmatsly 33 seres with nice 3 bedroom none All will Irrlaals. Large nay ham. storm cellar chicken house, 3 rfcre lakp. tine fishing. Pecan trees. *ruit trees on pavement. ',•» mile of c/ty h'miis. Shown by appointment. 47 ACRES, 18 in farm, la.'ie 4 bed room home,, 1 tank, 2 we'iv 510,500 40 ACRES 6 miles out. 7 ACRES on Highway. City 'irni's. 7 ACRES with dome close in 5 ACRES with nice home on higr.way Lots ot pecan and fruit trees. Close m. ON WOOD ST. Neat 2 bedroom home Very reasonably priced. GROCERY STORE, ga» pumps witn Nome and 1 acre land On highway, doing good business. C'ose in. 20 ACRES with homo on Highway. NICE 3 Bedroom home with iirepl-ice %i acre Irrigated land. IS pecan trees. Also fruit trees. W.SQO 1307 Ave. K Ph. 646-4840 Thelma George, Agent, 646-7148 ONE OF Brownwood's best built homes. See the interior to appreciate the quality and beauty. Large landscaped lot. 3 bedrooms, 3 bath.4, living room, dining area, large den. \(-oodburning fireplace. Priced much lower than re» plac.'Pinent cost. ON TENTH ST. — 2 bedroom house, like new. Central refrigerated air and heat. Good location. Priced to sell. 2515 VINCENT—Price reduced for quick sale. Owner will I carry part paper. WELL ESTABLISHED bust; ness. Sacrifice price $5,000, i Poor health reason for sell- i ing. Owner will carry large ; per rent of paper. i SEVERAL new listings. ! L 3724 226tf FARMS-RANCHES 12 FOR SALE: Abogt 7 acres. J bedroom home, city utilities. Close In, Call i4t- 4051. C-33Sl-2D8-tf RENTALS 13 COLONIAL U. L GAMB1JN! COURT YARD Ft. WorthHighway Ph. 646 3894. if no; answer. ' HOMES BY ROBERTS & PETTY Ph. 646-6452 1402 ENGUSH, J bedroom home. UlS HIGHLAND Drive—3 bedrooms, 2 j baths, den, re'rlseraled air, brick new s new home ; 1413 Highland Drive, 3 bedroom*. 1 baths i den, refrioerated air, brick, new home. ' Ph. (S44-6452, R-2209-261-302 \ FOR SAI E; BAN6S AREA, farms, small 'i acreage 'reels, lots, homss. CEN j : SUUL IVAN, Ph. 752-3941, Bangs. j I S.»*<-188 It j ; I ROOM HOUSE at 5H W. Bakir to ' fraae (or 2 btdroom trailer hpui», ol . would sell for 12 000 cash, baiame S3J' month. C«» John Barnum at 444-4763, i APARTMENTS Furnished and unfurnished 1300 13th Street 646-0143 I POR RENT-J bedrooms »n<j i l.n breezewav with «it*ch«d ea'AM ! Corner lot to cowpl*. ZJ|« Vln* fi|. i Apply at 15i4 Vm* or c»U 6«-9«i, i mornmg, noon or nfgftl, W-34U.JIJ.ff : FOR RENT—Apartment, t "~ bath, kitchen Cable connection, ; furnished Ph 2 NICELY furnished bedrooms wl(h~!o*th'. Private entrance. M. week each to i working airli or students. Call 7M-3321 j after 5;34 pm. FURNISHED 2 room awrtmenl. Pr!v*J« bsth and entrance. C«bl« ' Carport, ems paid. Can FOR SALE BY OWNER: 3 b»<Jroom horn*. l"t> Btutlvlew Drive. lOCl per j cent FHA financing. Terms can be I made. Come by or call after 6 p.m. ,' FOB R6NT— S rooms »rn( b|tt» «t J1( Magnolia. Call W6-74M. FURNISHED »nd wilw nishtd » rtoni duple* apartment}. 813 AV*. 0- PH. 446- 4-3717-2JS-2T.1 f 2 tUroished (fciole* ap*rlm<fltl fw tjpl. 6V OWNER—For tal*. or rent, t tearoom home $300 otown, like wp S$t pay- 4 BEDROOMS, »,«X>. i8M down, monthly . 3 BE-OROOM home, cental best (<oo dowp $6i monthly. ? ROOMS, 2 baths, needi »om* repair. 12060. AND jy^lA HEARN SEAt ESTAfg f . Newly rewwdeted Ciotf to Cpoolg Schwi. Com* to 1106 Av* E.

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