The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 19, 1961 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1961
Page 10
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By JACK COX Written for The Associated Tress before World War II, the United!nessmen-and all too often the i which communist propaganda is (not tolerated in our own system. | even in Texas the Ulin •tudcnt fcnrxva c tt k'l ill v> al 11, U1C UiUlWl I HvSIsIm II—aliu clu U«J Lflltll muiwim.u vuiiiiiiiuii^i [ States assigned near top priority j American tourist—have left be- skillfully exploiting. to building inter-American friend- j hind an impression of superiority, while our government usua ships. The tide ran with us. Since i The greatest single contributing! has wisely followed policies of the war. Latin America has been j irritant in the Latin world is the tying strings (o loans made in this region, American businesses —in very recent years— have not I been as discriminating and hard near the bottom in the priority!inability of most Americans to of United States interest and attention—and, directly because of this, the tide has turned against us. U.S. government policy is not solely responsible for this turn. speak Spanish—and unwillingness to learn. Latin businessmen, basically j headed For example, "no-string" friendly to the United States, fre-jloan funds secured by Mexico quently cited to me their own! privately from insurance corn- chief irritation that their Ameri- in the United States were ._-, . , "it. \ ""*"*"*^ *.^-uj*w»4»j*wi^. AUl UU*7 VUi. it, ', WHICl 11 1 IlCl t-lUII IJICil Ull_ 11 ^UllVrJ. i~ i (/liiin-u **J M»\- h.' »t *^. M — \\nat nas gone wrong wnn Our own business interests have,can counterparts invaria-1used to nationalize and socialize jnited States reiauons in l^aon dir&nt-i\r rn\n+T\t\n+aA +« +k« ~_~ lui.. ~j *~ i~~i, ^ .,., n »!«iiui;*> utiiiti^c in Mfivw-n Pitv United States relations in Latin America? On my trip through Mexico, Central America and South America, I asked that question over and over of both Americans living there and local government and business leaders. Also, I asked—and made my own earnest efforts to answer— the important question, what can be done in the future to improve our relations? 1 Clearly the United States is paying a price in Latin America more for errors of omission than commission. In»the period just Philadelphia Port Reopened As Fire Threat Subsides PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Coast Guard today re-opened the Port of Philadelphia which had been closed for seven hours as a precaution against fire after 7.000 gallons of a flammable chemical spilled into the Delaware River from a pipeline shattered by a ship. Chief Petty Officer William Taylor announced the port was reopened at 4:30 a.m. after an inspection showed that most of the chemical, orthoxylene. either evaporated, was absorbed by the water or went out with the tide. He said, however, that Philadelphia fire officials reported there still was a concentration of the chemical in the areas of two piers here. Smoking was prohibited in pier areas and vessels were asked to proceed with caution. The SS Dorset, a 10,000-ton freighter carrying lumber from Vancouver. B.C., to Philadelphia, smashed into the pier and cut the pipeline while trying to dock in a strong tide Wednesday night. The impact, which shattered a five-foot cement casing around the pipeline, left a two-foot hole in the bow of the ship. Mike Fakis, the ship's captain, and his crew of 35, walked off the ship without incident. Coast Guard headquarters in Gloucester City. N.J., ordered a)! traffic halted in a T^-mile stretch of the river between the Walt Whitman Bridge and the Pennsylvania Railroad's Delair Bridge. Precautions were taken to guard the USS Kitty Hawk, a super aircraft carrier undergoing tests at the docks. The New York Shipbuilding Corp. in South Camden, N.J.. and other waterfront industries doused acetylene torches and immediately ordered other fire prevention measures. A fireboat poured thousands of gallons of water on the river sur- facp to dilute the chemical which is used in the manufacture of paint and varnish. Firemen from Philadelphia, and Camden and Pennsauken. N.J.. stood by. The severed pipeline extends 1,500 feet from the pier to a group of tanks where the orthoxylene is stored for the Allied Chemical Corp. to the ero- i bly seemed to look down upon'public utilities in Mexico City sion of the prestige of the jthem, low-rating their intelligence,; just last year. "gringo" throughout the Lat-itheir modern business wisdom The United States, likewise, has in Nations—again more because land their own skills. This is the I been negligent in finding a way of errors of omission than com-j attitude among the educated to overcome the same problem mission. I classes. The resentment is far common throughout Latin Aer- thelica of money loaned for construc- mission. I classes. The resentment s American capital has provided greater, of course, among jobs, payrolls, opportunity and uneducated masses of Latin peo-jtion projects being siphoned off much else. But American busi- pies and it is this resentment i by graft and other malpractice^ Our governmental programs in enrollment at the University of ...atin America are conspicuously Texas—particularly from Mexico deficient in the use of propaganda I—has dropped to a low mark, to reach the masses of the people Our diplomatic structure in in these countries. Americans in (Latin America is operating on an most of these countries disdain mingling with or understanding the workingman or poorer classes, outmoded, underfinanced, less than effective basis. Unless we are willing, imme- and those levels are turning j diately, to face up to our problem against us. Russia is freely transporting Latin trade unionists to Moscow and our own declining prestige in Latin-America, the United States stands to lose its most important and making inroads with them.'base in world affairs. For Texas. The U.S. is making no use of either American labor or farm leaders as emissaries to Latin America and this is a blind spot that should be corrected prompt- Russia is inviting hundreds of this is especially acute. The Latin market is our own best hope for development of growing industry in the next 40 years. If these Latin lands move behind the "Castro curtain," we will suffer seriously as Texans and, most students to study in Moscow while'of alt, as free Americans. Ike Famih Stete GIAIT22 HURRY! SALE ENDS SATURDAY Lyndon Johnson Gets Biggest Reception Ever WASHINGTON (AP) — 'Vice President-elect Lyndon B. 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The party spread over the first floor and featured 16 bars and 9 buffet tables serving Texas roast berf sandwiches. "It's a crimr.' 1 one woman said as she watched Johnson using a hand-over-nand technique to speed up the line of hand-shakers. Therp was even a lady who insisted. "How about « kiss?" And Johnson complied. Toward the end Johnson pnv pflled the line forward in douhl* time, using both hands and virtually pullim? people past him. No one <wm*d to mind in the ffrwid- ir Includes: 2 butch attaoh- shcars, comb, cape, 24-Month GUARANTEE Wl/ARD "CirAMP" 6-VOLT BATTERY for POPULAR CARS 1J-V«lt "Champ" 31C1165 Absolutely the LOWEST Price in Our History! Davl^Wearwell with NO MONEY DOWN Your retrndjblt tr«dt-l« tir« it down payment! • Nor n Recap! Not a Retread! • Fresh From the Factory! • Time-Tested Tread Design! Tyrcx3tta a collective trademark of Tyre*. Inc. for fire yarn and cord. 6.70 x 15 Block Tub Typt 88 9 Easy Tornis it J'lii* Fed. 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