The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 18, 1968 · Page 16
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 16

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1968
Page 16
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BORN LOSER PACE 6 Section II THE BHAZOSPORT FACTS, Frceport, Texas, Wednesday, Sept., 18,' 196ft , ^,__.. ..„._...._. ' MV HAIR SWW? AT 1 BECAUSE WE'RE )( -THEY'RE )f^\ -THEV'RE. SlMPLV PROOFS OP OUR IDEALISM //- GOOD MORNING, STUDENTS WMATS TWE ADVAkJTAGE ^ . f t-^ NONE • • E XCEPT THAT WHENJ A MOUSe is CAUGHT; THIS L.ITTLE RED BULB LIGHTS UP AND THEY TOI-D ME LL I WAD TO DO WAS BUILD A MOUSETRAP SIR,WOULD YOU Ms INTERESTED IN AN ELECTRIC MOUSETRAP? SNUFFY SMITH WHAR DIDVE SIT TH' PURTV TEAPOT, MAW? ITS A WEDDIN' PRESENT I BOUGHT PER CLPIRISSV STOKES BUT SHE CALLED TH'WHOLE THING OFF SO I GOT IMVSELF A FREE TEAPOT IN THAT CASE — VE SHOULD A-BOUGHT VORESELF A FREE COLOR TEEVEE BEETLE BAILEY Z'M NOT 5HAVE, SI40WER AMP HOW WAS THE CVkNCE? T. THOU6MT I'D JOlM VOJ FOE A MAM8US<5EK WE'LL FIND you A 6IKL. CCM6 WITH U6 TO THE- PAMCE, SAB6E :K & MEEK BELIEVE THW SHOULD BE USED TO HELP Ate THOSE WHO HELP • NH % MM. IK TU I*. VX I'll 0(f. ALLEY OOF 'WoWDeRPUC. AM3 SOU CeRTAIAJLV S6T A GOOD EXANARjE BECAUSE IT CDMS TO GOVEWLJMauT ARE THE THE VtaJNG LADY IN/ OOOUk? WHV 3 \ SHE'S MORE THAN THE PICTURE, WHO/ SHE'S NO A..SHES\ THAT. KA.YHO, SHE'S BLASTED THE 1 FEA.TUREP / MV 1 YOUR BREAD DINOSAUR/ J^^. PLAYER... 1 GUIPE) / AND BUTTER/ VOU COME UP WITH USABLE COVERAGE OF AN HISTORCM. EVENT ANP VVE'U- MEET M3UR PRICE! BUT THERE IS ONE CONDITION... YOU'VE GOT A DEAL. 1 ...VOU MUST, _._. INCLUDE I GIRL THE GIRLi WEFg ONLV MINUTES BEHIND TH'LORRV ) FPI-t OF STOLEN ART OBJECTS WHEN THEV / ABANPONEP IW A FORE5T.., YOU AKID •T'Tni T (I -^ I NW VOUR LOOT IF VOU'P SWITCHEP CARS^QMt CHAP, A 50.v.e coTraeER BEVONP BERTIE ' WOW.P'VE 'EARp ir PA5& SAIP 'E ' A'EHCOPTBR GORDO OHiGEOF,.,'EMAV CAPTAIN EA5V, WITH IWPUSTKIES, UKE '£ CLAIMS i I'AVE'EMOMTHEPHOWei N030PV ME? GOKDO AW. «IS , POORS AN WINPOWS/ BUT-SHAMDS WOULD OUST WAVE MIS 7 AT THE , / LOOKS AN' \0P6N FKI&HD •SHAMUS MADE Hand Collapses With Big Boom By Otwald and Jam«t Joeoby The Television Picture NORTH A A J876 le A10974 WEST 4Q3 VK95 • 52 *KQ7543 EAST 4 K 10942 ¥72 # K83 4 1098 SOUTH(D) *S VAQJ1064 • QJ8 *A62 Both vulnerable West North Ea«< South IV Pass 1 A Pass 3 •/ Pass 5 * Pass 6 «J Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—• 5 4 PM • RM tor Ymir Lift (C) (R) B Ni> No the Clown (C) B Roto Ike Clown (C) I:J» PM B MniiMtr* (R) 5 PM 0 Cdfto Ch.nilkr (C) § MI»lffOfrpi' .Neighborhood KM Slonr (C) Truth or Conwqtwnrfft (C) 0 KaltMoMOpe Movkt — "Banjo on My Knee" (1M7) Joel McCrea, W»lier Brennan, Barbara Stanwyck B FllntaloMv (C) (R) Cartoons i:J» PM O Hunlley-Brlnklry New* (C) O Friendly Glanl O Walter CronMte N>»« (C) 09 Kranfc ReynoMs New* (C) CD lUtnmn (C) (R) Mad Ilatler threatens Dynamic Duo 5:45 I'M O Time lor John » I'M O (D ID .New* (C) O Wlmt'n New?-Moilel rockets i 111 '. 1 ffi I I .me l.iicy (R) Fnn ni,i«n?lnf wrltp.1 ahniil l.ury anil Rlrkv «:M PM D Virginia* (C) Series begins II* sevpnlh sp.isnn by Introducing new regular Daviil ll.irtninn as David Sulton. ,i meiliral sihiuil <lio|«>ul who RiMs rnugh treatment [mm Shiloh ritnchhnncls when he lpm|»rftr!ly ri 1 places Trampits wlm is KinvaloscinR from « broken leg; Ralph Hrllamy, thp Irish Rovers uuost O Four Hrnrn (R) / ID J«di »ml the KcBiHlnlk in UMciMI (Ri Q) Avrnxpn (Ci ili) CQ .Alffrrf Kllrhrm-li do 0:1.1 I'M ID KalrMiwnpr H'mp-l'p rCI atll- fer 0) Bi-vrrly Hllmilllm 1C) Roy Chirk, In n iltial sinning role us cons- In Roy ll.ilsry and his mother. Bin Mama llalsry, rrklnillw »n olil 1*1 whi-n ho visits thp Clampt'lls; pro- pmplcd Iw.illy on orifjlnal tdfcasl ilal(< ID I'ryton l'ta<» (C) Carolyn >«rn* ilisnuiPtlne news nlxxit her l»thPr; Rossi confronts thp R*v Wlntw; ulnpy n*ks Norman's hrlp with clly 3 Clwma II (C) "Kdplonagi' in .wlxm" (!»5) BrHt \Mtry, MarilU Toln; man and girl ngonl rack lo»n assassins of a srirntisl and r* liicvp his trcrrt lormula O »M« In I'lirrpsixiniUmts from the New York Times ilisruss Ihoir Kiim.s — |hp n>«pm-||ve remain i-haractenstlc.i Birds Aniwcr U Fritlovi Funlt The late Louis Watson was unique among bridge experts in that he liked to laugh at his own mistakes. Other experts groan over them or ignore them. One of Louis' pet remarks when he went down was, "The hand collapsed." South's jump to five clubs was a specialized bid showing support for the last bid suit and a singleton club. The call was somewhat optimistic. Two small trumps do not constitute much support but South had just learned the new gadget and wanted to use it. There was nothing bashful about North's jump to six hearts either. He had already opened the bidding and jumped but as North pointed out later on, the slam wasn't too unreasonable. Just shift the East and West hands around and South would have taken all the tricks. West asked the meaning of the five club bid and decided to open a diamond Instead of the more normal king of clubs. Dummy's 10 lost to East's king and South dropped the queen. East thought awhile and returned the 10 of clubs. South took his ace, entered dummy with the ace of spades, led a trump and finessed his 10. Most players would have pounced with the king but West was greedy. He wasn't going to lose that trump trick in any event and he was after something, worthwhile. He ducked quietly. South returned to dummy >• by overtaking his jack of diamonds with the ace and led a >• second trump. West produced the king and, in Watson's words, "The hand collapsed." Back came a low club to C East's eight. A third diamond was ruffed by West's last trump and another club put declarer four down. (Nrmpaptr fnltrpriit Ann.) 18 Q—The bidding has been: West North East South 1 V Pass 1 A Pass ? You, South, hold: AAQ876 VAK9543 «>2 *Z What do you do now? A—Bid four no-trump. Thli is an overbid, but you are will- Inf to camble on a slam If your partner holds an ace, TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner bids five hearts to show two aces. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow VUGS BUNNY _ W EXHAUSTEP W KEEP MOWN' FROM CARRYING^ OR VA DON'T ACROSS 1 Sea bird 3 Like, bird 9 Night bird 12 On the sheltered side 13 City In lUly 14 Fodder 15 Favorites 16 Remedy IS Overact (coll.) 20 Sheltered bay 2t Francisco 22 Turn to the right 24 Finished 28 Expunge 30 Odd number 31 Birds of prey 34 Jayllkc bird 37 Fly 34 Loses blood 39 Japanese coin 40 Vapor 42 Ensnare* 45 Table scrap 48 Vehicle 40 Mineral salt 51 Ancient 53 Red songbird 57 Female servant 58 In the past 59 South American monkey 80 At one time 81 Moistened 62 Cease 83 Soothsayer DOWN 1 Yawns 2 Moilem council 3 Sham (Scot.) 4 For fear that 5 Watering place 6 Flinches 7 Concerning (2 words) 8 Unsophisticated ft Exclamation of surnrlse 10 Know (Scot.) 29 Fireplace Barker.' Anne Hanmrfl. Mamie Vi>n f>oren; ninvie starlet i« found 'niir- ileretl ill swanky Utah rcsorl and the trail the investigator follows swiii* (o lead to hL« sweetheart . . . g™« O MtKlr X I'M Hull if) Don t'in- > '6 11 Alkaline solution 17 Low haunt 19 Plumed bird 23 Alleviate] 23 Opiate (slang) 20 Gcralnfi wife 27 Letter of Item 31 Direction 32 AHIrm 33 LollobrlKlda 35 Winged 30 Precious stone 41 Salad Ingredient alphabet (pi.) 43 Cushion 28 Gulclo's note 44 Apertures 40 Wading bird 47 Carroll heroine 48 American jialnlcr (1847-1917) 50 Distinct part 52 Hlbllcal prophet 53 Hook's cry 54 Lifetime 55 Decay 56 Mouth part V ! iv.l. p.. '•. ;,;. I Mr- .'.' r,:r! O in,. \ Q] lifr.'l E UK IT: l|(i .1! iK. Slghl ffl O I. in I'M !ftif •:''• 'I'll I'M r Olil.lilrr , I iUii< 1 •: l.f.l l.'.ll IMS m::,; I-.1H till,i •M s ( 1ul> III *i •r^^.^^^ Kr J O O or IH!* (D r;(Ki CO Ikoni I vljilw it'i iiu»»i • C'»rn«-v. Art's mm; - .n-j. lm<l All^n {Ci (>u«i« In !<• »n- ld' (Hi It I'M O 0) 0) »»« (C» 53 IVrr) .Moon |R) 1*:M I'M f] rnnljht (C> Jnhnny O) l^lr SJwm (C) Tru- (D )• I"- MI-/. ID Sf». (D v»« ,),v.<r, ihc i g M'.M il; HIVKTJ in whirh rjm |r>r jii 12:3) Sign 'ill only '.n II rt Sijn Oil I'M 0 ft B I _l 0 0 CO ij tO 0 0 Q 00 00 QOJ 0 ftQ (Lgf POQ 0 IV II.M I'M S3 ('"II .U ill i i.> SiKn nil MIDN'KiHT O N>-« 1C I i::U, Mtdnl«bt MmiA - Ti>n .Stvnfuh Hi Moll ' (|SM i Jrir Oiindl«r. Jack PjUncr. Mjrtm» Ctrol. in Borlm atli-r WWII, <•«. NJ;H join lorrr* to ili> luw u/ip». pi'Klwl tximh!i . . . nuKpcavplul drain i; I V> Siijn OH 03 Midnight .V|o»l» - "Tjnk Bjtul- ic. n ' 1 1 'Nil Don Ki-ll). rxl»4id (i. R', cr<^ member on An- .ilili^l link* lo tavr hi« tllKldlM . . WJf » I( , O ; J;J5 .Slljll Off Thursday -. « I'M cJ ID Kun tor Vour Hit 1C) («) "My father digs some of the far-out singing groups, but h« think* most of them need their minds renovated!" PM •D MuntU-n iRi Herman ii hit by i car SHORT RIBS BUT, SIRE/ I'VE BEEN ON MV FEET FOR HOURS! PON'T VOU HAVE A LESS TIRING JOB AVAILABLE? HMM! CO WE T THINK 0' IT/ I'VE GOT SOMETH1N' RIGHT FER YAi [ WHERE ELSE C'N VA GET PAID FER LVIKJ' DOWN? WHAT AS£ VOU SOlMS TO BE WH£M VouSROWUP? GRANDMA . TO HIPE THE POOPCTAIN* ON THE CTAJ*PETIN<3.

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