The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 19, 1961 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1961
Page 9
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n r Thursday, January 19, 1961 W*yl»m FOUL PLAY—Things get a bit stormy down Florida way aa players from the University or Florida and Jacksonville U, -anti the officials—make like fight night at Madison Squmr* Garden during Gator Bowl cage play. Sun TeleScope By CYNTHIA LOWKY AP TV-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Nobody :-.--ems to over write stories like 'The Prisoner of Zenda" any :noro, full of dashing, nerveless heroes, hoautiful princesses and loveiy u n i f o r m s. But Suvnnor Locke Elliott's TV adaptation of '!ii? popular old rnytliical kingdom romance. \vas a thoroughly dolipht- • ; il and entertaining 90 minutes on i'RS Wednesday nidit. The adaptor and tin.' performers invented the Anthony Hope tale of • -:\!!M!i;:uery in Ruritania with ; ist tin.' proper atmosphere—hirfi i U'l'iiiiire and romance played •.'Mth just a surest ion of satire. •;!i of which made the sword play, ;ne poison wine and the sinister •'iottm:; trveat fun. Chrislo[)her Piummcr was properly noble am! brave as Rudolf :\ssendyll, the kind's English dou- hif and adequately ucak and ir- ••nsponsihle a? his majesty. Farley i'.ra.'if,'r and Phdip Hoseo were a p.-iir of lovely villains, while 111141'r >ti'Vi"is v. as all that someone named Princess Fla\'ia should be I <~'i. :-s we all had a furii'.'e tear in our eyrs when the Knulish P.'i- iio;[ tunvd l;ack the country and (double and sadly went home, with only a rose and his memories. <y\ The i ...^- soap operas, the game j shows and the reruns of old situa- • lion comedies will be brushed i ruthlessly aside Friday as Uje | presidential inauguration literally ! takes over the TV tube during the 'daylight hours. ! The three major networks will i start reporting the big event at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time jand continue on through the swearing-in ceremony a.nd parade. : Thnt means it will be around 4 ip.m. before things get back to the usual poings-on. Then, at 11:15 p.m.. all three will swing into their inaugural ball reports. CBS announced plans to convert its popular half-hour Western, "Gunsmoke," for years at the top of the popularity ratings, into an hour-long show next season. The idea, according to the network, is to give the program "greater scope," r»v:d l.»'loved >o his royal initlee. Recommended tonight: CRS Reports." 1001 p.m.—A report on tin congressional rules com- Sun's Television Log TUVHSDAY N1OHT :00 © World At Large Q5 TV, News Q) \Vhirlybirds :10 0 Siwr'.s :15 ^ NVHrrorl (0 \VcHther<:al Sports :'£> l-~! \.e: -M" (Q C.'onauay CouuiK'nts ;30 f3 Outlaws Q Ann Sothern j£) Gu' -'.v.varri Ho (X) fl lionn.-i Reed (D Aivcl 30 |J) 7,a;:e Grey ft) Renl McCoys {•3 Hat Masterson 00 0) Witness (J) My Three Sons Q P.afhelor Katln r Ti fj Tenn. Ernie Ford t-j ' -.v..v. Y'-> 00 0 Groucho Marx (U CBS Keporis 0 Jim Backus fH T''\;hiT News (Q Nielli Edition News :10 m Weather :ir, Q Laie ?ho\v :30 (P! News (0 Ernie Kovacs : (0 ftj M.I.: i About Sports :'1'i pj Jack Paar ;0(i (0 limner Sanctuiii ; 3() Jg) The Caliionv.ans '.(>T IV! Kin:: I N.-WS £0 Wanted hy the H5I I 6:')3 rOO 01 ' '! (D Daily Word 8:00 ,<:''. R:2. r i 9:0(1 9:30 l]l'l;0!l "o;i:iv Farm Report, News ffl Mr. Caboose O Today in Houston - Mr. Cabooee O Today © Morning Ne\vs OD Cadet Don fft Cnpt. Kangaroo O Today In Houston n-; 'Vn- :i-\voed Time O Say When >!<3 Our Miss Brook* CD t.« (0 IT! [0 My Little Margie I'lay Your Hunch Jack L-; Ijinne Video Village InauRiiration Ceremonies Inauguration Farads Inauguration Ceremonies 12:01 © Off i'J:0:> OS Pni'.y Word 12:'13 fl PiCTi <"*f' FKIHAY MORNING Jan. 20 fi-OO 0 Coi't. Classroom 6:30 © Cadet Don 2: On 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:40 ;i:00 5:10 5:30 5: -10 5:45 O Klv i i . . Y AFTERNOON :•' " lie Millionaire ">nv In Cour; CD Verdict Is Yours Itl lloiid To Reality I'.riRhter Day Room For Daddy Queen for A Day R) 'ecret Storm O Kdpr of Night 0 Here's Hollywood Who Do You Trust 1 Loonoy Town Early "Show- Amprican Bandstana People's Choice Kitirik's Party San Francisco Beat Rather News Popeye Cmb Chandler Sports Almanac Hunlley-Bri ikley Edwards News Unempfoyment Claims, Are At 20 Year Peak j AUSTI NiAP) —Texas Employ-j m , :it iV.i^Vii'-sioi! Acrinii'-lrator, {-• [ < 'i-ilii'' 1 !! ^''- i: ' 'I "' ' s "ay :ID-j eiiiployment nisiiranee claims last, \\r, i< 'hii tlicir highest pe/.k in '.'O; years for liiat dale. : Insurance p,;iynn. v iits tiled tori the \ve< ic riMini', .'an. U totaled! <)"i'..'i ;. rise- of I.SI/, over thi> XN.-' ii:! filing claims the \vcck before. New claiiiis. iinhcatinu new un- .•nljiloyment, rose by '..'.ffi 'o U- .)7o ('oiTi'iiui said. A year HK<> llpu ' claims totaled 11.%t. .„, T:IC .• .:nnii'!':'.oi', paid $1 Jil.i.iO.'l on claims on file lasl week com-1 pared to SUW.TSo the week before .uid .S1.IVV7-7 this time las! \car.' KWBA 1360 ON YOUR DIAL PROGRAM LOS ..iritSllAV KVENLNO ON nit; KOAD TKXAS. NKWS OS TIIK IJOAO ABC ,NEWS 1'AUL HARVEY—ABC SI'OKTS'COPE MUSIC Mi >V1 US KEV1KW Ji.iHN PALY—ABC l.ATE WEAIIIKR—ABO I.ATB SPORTS-ABC VAN HORN-ABC Kl>. V. MORGAN—ABC (.IN TIIK ROM) ADC XKUS (IN TilK P.OAD AH.' N'i:\VS ixnv.x HI:AT AH'' N'HWS I.'i\v:, BKAT A nc NK\VS MM: LINK SICN I'!-'!•' flIII).»V MO11.MJTO KK;N ON * NEWS Eastman Kodak Plans S70 Million Expansion ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AD -, I Ivistman K"dak Co. si\s it will' jj spend about SVO million in 1M1 fon 9 /iddition--'. rcpl'ic. jnrnls » n d i!"-', 0 provements to facilities in tnis'io o'M'.ntry. In The sum, announced Tuesday, ,u will r(|iial 1 ftirt's record r turc. 'Hie oitnipany plans (o mvesl million in Rochester plants, million in the Tennessee Enst; Hivisjori. Kinq«port. Tenn . the Texas Knstmfln Division.!: I/"ir.K"iew, Tf\., ;ind S'"' million for j <Al«?. (listriNition and procpssing ; units. TIMKKi.KI'KIt I-.NTKAI. BAPTIST i.ll"l<: LINK TIMKKKKPKR I.KON IIAI.K [ 6..>:> '.VcilLl.l- MOWS— ABC ! 7 10 -n-'.X \:-' NKXVS 1 «.r-, Hi!.i.i;o\Ri> TiMKKh'.KPKR J'.M'I. IIAP.VKT AH'' N'KAVS TIMKKFITPER Ai'.c > v,\vs IMIN MCMKAI^-ABC AH' 1 XKWS TAKK IT KASY All' 1 SKWS :-\Y IT \N!: T\KB TT T\KK IT F. \SY i.ii'>; J.INK TAKK IT EASY APC NT-AVS NK'IN NI-:\VS IT\RVF.T-ABC i: \N: II TIMK \P.'~ VFVVS FI.AIK ARC NFWS I \ PIM;TF. SHOW r.«fl Af" NTW9 ABC 1TEW1 On IV Half Save 2 Ways- LOW PRICES'"" BIG BOHUS 1 MAR STRIPE TOOTH PASTE STAMPS TRUSHA? With DUpenser HAND LOTION 53c TUBES 69e RES. 54c FALMOLFVE LATHER SHAVE NEW HALO REG. 39c.. Shampoo for Dry Hair ZrC REG. *i.oo 59c VICKS VAPO-RUB ........ Reg. 55c 39c SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY CA EDGE Bl <* BUNUb ou rncc STAMPS WITH PINEO-PINE P., 71c FRESH DRESSED Gov't. Inspected Whole Lb.... CUT UP Lb. Fresh Calf 4% .4% LIVER 39 Nice and L*m PORK CHOPS 39 RATH'S BLACK HAWK SLICED BACON LEAN BOSTON BUTT PORK ROAST PURE PORK MARKET MADE SAUSAGE SWIFT'S U.S. GOOD SHORT RIBS .Lb. 59 49 39 39 END CUTS LB. CENTER CUTS ' LB. 1 For Your Convenience c • PAY YOUR LIGHT & WATER BILLS HERE Maryland Club INSTANT Coffee GIANT SIZE $439 AUSTEX Chili With Beans 300 Can 31 £ SHEDD'S PEANUT BUTTER Quart Jar 69 AUSTEX Tamales 300 Can 15 ADOLPHUS RICE 2 Lb. Long Grain 33 C TRELLIS PEAS 303 Can 2 occ For 25 BUMBLE BEE TUNA 29 C NiAGRA STARCH 2 For DEPARTMENT OSCAR MEYER LUNCHEON MEAT I2-Ox. CAN 33 MD10RENE Gal. FLOUR 2 ^ 25 1 6-02. i I%C With Lemon L Can • FROZEN FOODS WELCHADE GRAPE DRINK LIBBY'S _ p BLACKEYEPEAS 2 V°c35 DANISH MAID BUTTER ROLLS GORTON'S - ^ OCEAN PERCH u-,43 COUNTRY CUPBOARD APPLE PIE - .Each U.S. NO. 1 CALIFORNIA POTATOES 10 Lbs. TEXAS SWEET ORANGES WHITE SWEET ONIONS FRESH GREEN CABBAGE CALIFORNIA LARKE STALK CELERY

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