The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 23, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1897
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5 ' 1 ' 1 Chronicle. *0 Roy*l Hrtlk*» th* find pure, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, 33, 1897, CENTS, otuteiyj»ur* Vacation l>tt?8* » • " • lp tho IftTte reboot* of Wisconsin, Northern MLnhiKftti, Minnesota, Iowa and South Dftholti, x aU>ng fihe U»e»a of .the ChicB«o, Mfl- Railway, are hundreds of charmin Joeal.ties preeminently for (rammer batnpg, nearly nil of which are located on or near lak^ which hat0 not been fished out. I'fttao resurta rangoln variety from the "full drefB for dinner*' to thft rtnnnel shirt costumeNfur every, tneul. A) none tlio list are nftni'-s ttitnilinr to ninny of our renders <w the pcrfeclion^of.northern «aumer resorts. Nearly aU of the points of m'ert-Bt nro within a shor$ distance f rofii Chicitffn or Milwaukee, and none of Ihetfl are so far away from the "bui marts of ci\ili/.Htion" that they cannot be" reached in n fi-n hour* of travel, by fjrequent trai'nHfOver tho finest road iu the northwest—the Chicago, Milxvaukce & St. Paul Hail way. Send a two cent stnmr) for a copy of'TiP catioi) 1) >ft*' tfivinjj a dt'sdripktofl Of the principal re^pits, atul a list of summer hotels Jtna boardmg hbupeft and 'rates, for board, r to Oeo*. H. Healford, General Passenger Agent, Chk'ffoo, III. ' The Gathering Called by the vention That Met at ther Bridge City ' , TO BE SHUNNED BY QOMPERS MEN. to pt» wWh It, hut to fcfHithitie |« it»l«* Money r«* r.i» Coal OTin<r*-SttiVie Dii- rt< •• JHhi-ilon* tar n^-wtt t?t»- ti< JUifurr M««tlit$it — Indtttna Mlit«**Not ;«t li'Ki-.J. with Operator*. •WashlijgUr,, Srf,f. "3.-— The eXPcMttve eauncll of tne Anwrican ^deration of Labwm*t at th*- headquarters of the organization tn this Htjf 4o discuss the ttJlnlnjf situation^ v council last ni^ht Issued an ad- W^ilch in part follows: "A call ftftS gorft! fol-th to thp trade unions, and feublic for a labor convention In Chi' next Monday, Jteets are to o'stteft^lWe measur*'« fn a.ld of the and to o:r^pt thesweep- thy -conn i iT granting it.'t!^ ^v <•* popular niSAonftKtNO «if CHnniil nfld jt«tliei'''oft Terrft, Hautft, Etld,^ Sept 23.~the sec- ot op^t'atol* And ittitiei* *aS held yesterday, Afternoon, ,5STo agpeenrrent Vfas reached ftnd adjoiirfttoe*tt Was tHften linllt nc*! Wednesday, when thfe fcttrnrn^tees V?lit again meet here. TJi« nuestion of differential bettvsett araiwi' C«?ek (Illfnofs field) ,and Aort.hern Indiana 16 the bone Tlte rftlnefS} plesftd * 1 o«#h| to fe-^ tlw Gh-ape fpr"fn!ne ' miners on inft powers of injunrtl^nn In rights during Ji J*»ets Rit> vet-y t..,.t'j' ridable "-and worthy the aetK.e prartlcai support of ? ,iutes. 1?hes«! ob--, " I'arnt Properly Insured. I nni prepared to insure farm prop atom* IKMP cent forthu-e >ears JD flrot class company doiiifj busipss un- il«r Her nso from. the f4:Ue insurance commissioner. ''This. 16, bettor tual companies. 1 am • prt'parpd to do ladies' and children's Bhiurip wmg at thoir homes. Clark's barber shop, or •.Jrccn street. V. W. CLARK. I>H Take Wanting.. ^ Ikiding oh the sidewalks in the city is Btrictly forniddon,, and hereafter the ordinance relating thereto will be enforced Tho penalty for violation is si Hue noi ei- By order of tho Mayor. > K. Marshal, A f nrc for Hilions C'tilic. / Co., (la. -t-'liav ber'u subject to utUicks of biluiue colic for etneral yoitra Chamberlain's Colic, duilem iind Di)trrli<M*a ,RtMu«xly is th« only sure 'relief. It acts liko H .cti.irin. One dos*- of it gu'*s relief when all other remoditiS (aih CL D. SHAKP. For suits nt ( »mW« Drug. "' CASTORIA Jnf»pt« and Children. " U<a Va. -We have a s sale on Chamberlain's Cough ftnd «ttr ov^tofljera tioming from far »«»r, swaftk of ttin the behest. tenjjs. Many '*»vft said that tiwir tOiildrwn would^bavfc.died ofi»roi»p if lafefe Cotjgh IlewedyJiad not beea given "* " - '„", KliLt^M 4f OvttKBSv *^ The §&*B^ r»0 cent Bueesfoi Bale a; WITCH HAZEL OIL Fissures & Fistulas, X \ 4: f ' A Erupttona. Hands, Feve Store Corns * Stings 4 Sues, Bites of trades unionist and- of evury lover his frlTow man. But c&nditions hkve samCTVhat changed since that eaiiWh- tlon was ftfireed upon. Thia WWK fully 75,000 miners have gone to/^vork on terms flxcstl jointly by the intncrA and ci^TBtorn. , It is the grejru$t viMory gained by trades unidry? in years. x It was won apafrist the comMncA power o: Vealth, Judicial usuppattons and inhn- rrm.ri tryranny, ' Only Ui Friwttcurinetliodft. Attierh'jm Foderatltin Of Lflbor, practical nrcthodsrlia* •t(>"v6ntlnue its support wlth-'or- rrioney utjtll a complete Ictoryvfof thk\riiiner8 is won: To this nd tr calls oriHta unions and on Uje to not-haltHn! their •full and un- Ssui-ed aid to thlsSw'orthy movettwmt. iany Sfamilles stIH, n^ed suppwrt, and money will be requlrfed^intil tho mln- rs aro mure fuMy at *orhland abl<« tp ielp thrmsc Ives. Let the triides unions H> liberal trt trreir donntionB \intil this Jg&lf is i roxvtii'd with complete sur- -sess. No \jttt, In tli<5 ChlriiRo Convention, 'We can_ .Bee :no need for the lafoi (invention in Chicago nt'xt Monday. We dvlse our unions noi ( to be represented here,. The money it would cost to send elegates had better, go to help t\\# suf- eriup mijiersj and their families. It,is not liy conventions with irresponsible alk, InHarriniatory declaration and evolutionary buncombe, that the cause jf 4abor can tie advanced. Violent appeals to the passions of the multitude •an' serve-' no tfood/ purpose It is only y systematic orKanization of the work- ng people in tradeXinlo'ns,- with••united;. learts and.unltcd.funds.-and afraternl^ty of.'-purpose'wlUcri. knows no bounds of color,^Hktior^allty or politics, that Will uplift,tlie : rnasaes, Aiiotlirr lllow at tlu> li^|iiD4*lioii. rade& <inl«n^ are not *he nro» moters of social disorder, or th«». uphold-of riot or revolution. Our course along the "Hnc^ y( peace and' hiw- torH-Hl, 6rderly. di-Vt-lopment. We are aw-abidinK citizens, and if tbe law oc ts administration at times Is.agatnsit vs we are contldent 'that an enlUjhtene* 1 . lie opinion will ultimately correct the wmtiK- Hence \ve here make ap- ieal to' all fair-minded moulders of ;pul»- ilc thouKht. to our public m,en, to the clergy, and to the pr«f*, to make a de-stand henceforth w-lth us against the unfair and 'Une.onfaUtuti<mal use <*t ludiclai injunctions, which are wholly subversive of popular liberty. i Would hfltlv It »i ttto 1'olU. •We further urge the eltlaenn o* our untr* t" rlae unitedly at the i«olls In every »tatc\,and elect, in«?n to make and administer our laws,'who will root out and- m»k«< forever impossible theae »ew forms of judicial-tyranny an* 1 ptrtitical _•, which »ofy inevail In tbee^rviee of corporate wealth'" CLOHK O* »MB DKMrrV HKAKJNO. that if their competitors i- Creetc Jtciil |b b$fow v ?T * * rait tfti' l»»d!aftlr hiintS** si ^ «rorfe)WOTi«li»f^ <^»t. A* ttic n !> i^rs.aWfliH at work ft appear"* that Un- ^t <'rat0£S do not- itttpna njakir(g u th e>r,t;< J f*»! i* as*ed by tfie miners. f • _ ,SH«ntlort In the HarA V Haaleton, t*a., Sepi 23,XThp peace, of the anthmcite district waa disturbed by onfy on<* Vmtbrea'k y^arerdftii'v When the jfflen, at Fardee's H^dweod" cflfliery fe» ported 'for -work a/m^eS of Wrik*r9,'led by women, a*W)Wed nfiout tTie. rhitje, and their threads of viot^ncpjoward the worker* wi»w! so- menaeing that troops Were asketKfor. A dfrtarhmenf rif cavalry was/writ over 'and- remained ^during the groat pr part of the day. ,'Fh"ere was no fftrihei trouble, but onljr a small ml- nor>ty of the miners were* ctnrageous Rh ^o Work. With the fjxc F ntlOft of e • Jeanesville ^oli:» ry t,f ' hte Lehlgh e^mpatiy, ,a«d ^the HardWood . Milan and Arlington, Tenn. Segt. SO tne ladies of Bloomln^ton -will e\rtH*t law* oh tfteWea tefefs fS^ttfer^ fty's sake. 1% toftrMse of!, criminality In Ffands colncrd«8 with tfifc enforcemfefit «f tfte tew fdr corapttfaferi* edticA'tlon. "Oom fAai" *t*atet, pr^(«eAt o| ihft eighteeft ,m&nth* w Bflflge* Uve by hte doctor, 6t th ftyan, ol the -Jodiana eowrt, has decided that loan Cam «<s»eW only tire - tvy Ua«i ftefft" discovered Ii Six jlifncoln park, as well « ttt Hutntoolt park a,nd along the entire north Chicago. I Seth Ijow has announced that he -will hot -withdraw from the New Ylorft men, who did not go to work, all''the mines of the 'regkin were ' working, though not th6 full complement of men. THE STRUBLE CftlME MYSTERY. Ryan In nn Vnpleamutt Position, 80 Shepherd, Mich., Sept 23.—For the .first Lime since the hearing Jn the Stru- feltf luvostlgatiim began John F. Ryan, T3»sb4cr of the Mount Pleasant bank* was present, with H, A. Sanford, of Mount Pleasant, as his counsel, ^Tuesday's testimony Isxregarded as conclusive tha,t Ityan knetv^vall about the irregular transactions ot, the banki a-ml he .ia to be recalled and given- an opportunity to make a clear; breast of It, and how he managed the affairs of 'the defunct Mount Pleasant bank. l,f he does not tell the story satisfactorily. It Is said, the directors will dp the telling In a manner that will make Ryan's enrs tingle. Prosecuting Attorney McNamara has received a ditepatch to<>the. effect that "Frank Button."• whose eignalur.e ap- prars on dishonored checks accepted by Cashier St ruble, has been located in Ann rbor. JDeputy Sheriff- was placed oX/the stand yesterday 'and testified to. theNfindlng of Struble and the mysterious revolver, """"kfTONCE MORE. Hen Hutter^rtli Han Not I)p«m Out of far a Week. pt. 23.—Commissioner of. Patents ButteWorth has l>een In W^ghln'gton ail',thls\(eek, St his office In the day. time and at Heine in the evening- Through some, caufce jvhoity base.- 1*S8 and.jinfounacdv reporis have been hi ('hculatIon that IIH had be&|),assaulted and robbed at Atlantic City, Atlantic City, N. J.. Sept. Butterworth, the-commissioner erits; waa'lined on a: charge of bH^iiK drunk atid disorderly, ~~ This was t result of his appearance, against tw hackmen, \Vho assaulted' and tried to rob him. Bath the hackmen were held, to .the, grand jury. Bulttcrworth ^e- the One an' ou-trage; that his only conduct was restlstlng the attempted robbery and that he was not drunk. oraHy race trhless the wants him to do sto. " ' Chicago jtnefi will,touiia a trolley lint- thirty mileft long over , the mountains frow'Canon City to Crlpptf ^Creek, Colo,. of witH t of the dep»th»arir*»tK the *•»/*£ ot at LatUm^r " Y«t«rain 1 Columbus, O-, Sept. 23. —The delegates to'thtt national convenjyion of the Union Veteran l<eglon and those to ihe mee-t- iner ot the Society of the Army of the iCuTftherJand m«t yesterday to join* session in the board uf trade aucllto.rlum and were, welcomed by Mayor Black;. Later 'the tvvu eocleltes held aeparate ttt a cost of TT»e Child Befttera' ttfiion fepOrts that a jrejieral advance nl wageo ftmountlng- to 55 per cent/ has been granted to' thf 'gold Twaters all over the TTnltea State*. Colored citizens of'AHon, 0 Tlls., took their children back to the old schools and placed them In seats. The principal rpfused'to let th^ colored children recite. JFwo negro tramps mnrdfr^d Jefffmtji Bfltey and acrltsiisly tvnunded William f>a%'t;?, t>rakemah s on the ttlinotfl Central railroad, near Cafbofidale, Jtil?".., and es- oaped, John R. Mcl>ah, \^ho is the Demo- cratfe candidate for l T nited States Sena* tor against Marcus A. Hanna, the In- cumb^nt, 'has arrived In Qhlo to carry nn the tight. • \ * The bpdy of Alexander TJebe!,- of the Flr?t regiment. I. N. ft., who was drowned off Camp I.ogan (near Chicago) Aiyr.' 29, was'found neaf, Bent'on,'north of Waukegan. The bank of Bluemotind, tils., located In the heart of the corn bejt. and op\ ««ratpd by tirnwb. Ayes & Co., has been sold to Armstrong & Owen, of Christian county. The change will take place 1 Oct. 1. J'. E. Gray, Pc-tmsylvanir ticket agent at Cambridge City. Ind i s assaulted and robbrd. Blcr.dhoui •: - \ ere i»ut on, thr tmii of his assuilai t. *? o r.r^d gave himself .up, -lie I? .Will colored. , •Evidence was taken at Superior, In the prellminarj* examination of An- rtrew Miller, of Brute, charged with aa- saultihg an 8-year-old glrl.'MlHle Soren- aon. The court bourfd Miller over for trtel In 1500 ball. Interflinmreahlc Mileage Ticketn. A new form ol TJiousand-Milo Ticket the result of careful consideration- anc discussion between tbe railroads anc their principal patrons, will bo placec on a;ile. Sept. 1st, at all importun 1 Michigan OentfAl ticket offices. The ticket is sold for $10.00 with a rebate to the purchaser of $10,00 when used up in compliance with its conditions and is accepted on all'the'lines ia tho Central Passenger Association, forty five in number and .covering a \sas extent of country, \No mileage hook, has yet bwn devise* so\ccer>table to nil parties concerned aftd «v advantageous to the holders. Every one who ia Ukolv to travel a thoiisttud loiles in a, year should avail themselvea, and should consult .the nearest Michigan Central ticket agent. Dr. Holman 8- x iHumphrey, thfr eminent specialist, haa cW'ided to make rejr- ular .visits to this city in the future. His first date will be ThuVgday, Sept. 23. O«kna Lodce J. O. O. If. tll« n Sept. 83.— At day's .»«f«rio»i ot thf. aoveretKD • gra,nd lodge of tnts Irtdenendent Order- WOfld FeUowa the ffrancl sire announ^ttji » committee to rfevlea the ritual of the Re- b*kah -degree- It was decided to the nwtt meeilne' a< Boaten- ' M- To Every Family. ! ' '' '" •* 5 f ~^ .;', - -.fftMrfffty to advertise f* to tell the whole , >X ,'IWjp l^ tf*fa* afWfcle language, in as fe.w j , *'i»dKl9*ak, possible. And as .direct e& a tifte '•^•'- r •?' shoots a bullet. Very ^e»; foefe Is < 0 V/f-:*' * >-> - V ' '. * We ilttre, '-*. The Detroit Evening News* -/ ' , Agents in every town in MichiR*n. What if Not Theereat Fottr-C kcmedy is doipg-worfc wfcdtever introduced as nearly miraculotw' £ as it ever falls' to the lot of any hutaan agency to do (I wilies 2em it * "Yj favor for any one interested to write the persons whose names appear below ot anyone 'Whose^name may appear among these testimonials.) Of BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE. Office of "KiHamsHBRfilUB." I Kingfisher, Ottla., Dec, 12, "93. f jMTTt«HW:-l believe It my duty to write you k line In record to tbe beneficial effect of Phenw* "Four 0 Remedy," no far IM 1 am personally oon- serned. A *»««k ago lost Thursday, t was taken with » severe attack ol to grippe and in a short time became BO hoarso I oould not speak above a ffbtAMr: The night previous I h»d couched nearly tb« entire night; just before retirinR I took »teaspoonf ul.and slept theeotlrenightMBWeetly is ev« Idlttln mjr jlfe.xiiot coughing oncfcl was sntiraly relieved befot* taking one bottle. Phelp»' 3oijab, Cold and Croup Cure should be In ovary lougehoM In tUe food. I s>end you th» Wholly innoltolted by anyone, for you are benefactors of lharaoe in giving it "the antidote for some of 4be •rottt »ffll<mp6» to wbioh H is heir. p / Very Truly Your«, -- C.J. NMBITT, Editor. A MIRACLE. Kama* City. Kansas, Deo. 2*, 'Ot / \ . , Last Frld»y. D«c. 19, my attending phystolan / itated unWss J wa$ better by mbrnlna lie could to oothiunvtor my relief. That night I com- nenoed takittB Phelp's "Four C" rewedy, stopped ill other medicines. The flrHt dose stopped ray sough; slept and rested well; j» few more doses •emoved 411 soreness from my lungs; the second lay I was up; tb8\third day I was out on the :oroh and to-day w»» up town purchasing holiday 100^ .^ »»8J*KjrttBA8S«T, i Ave. and Summit 6t CROUP CURED. On« dose of Phelpa' Cou^b,' Cold and Croup Dure, save my child Instant relief ^vhan attaokea *lth the croup „ W, E. Moojur, of Macro Bros., ^ Arkansas City UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. *. ^ M- HbUNo, M«na«pr T t Office Commvroiaj Printing Co., V 196 South Clark St. } K. It. Pheipa t Esq., City, DUB SIB;—I wish, to bear testimony to tin great efficacy of your "Pour C" remedy in throu' • and IUDR ailments. AS a rule I bavn been skoj> • ilcal of the merits of proprietary medicines, to have to confcastnat a trst of your "four C" t< oonvincinR -that at least one ready made remedy is worthy of use. My Children all take it wil.ti ' out the least objection, from oldest to younfcBs' and it i» particularly noticeable that benefit is almost Immediate. A (jinulo dost will chcoi WoHt coughs id their beginning; itKives an Un Broken rest at oinht. J».rny family "Pour C*. it- simply Indispensable auu I recommciHl it tin nuaJUteoU. Yours, i, J, B. Ilanw, —XCTJTE tARYNQITiS, ChicnRf., Sept. 38, 1» P*r years bank each winter 1 have suHerea with acute LarjuiRitis.' Last winter was sobwd- I oonld bot leave my room for two weeks or speak above a whisper. 1 <rl«-d cvnry fcnowu otnieti preparation from o^<» n drop* up and down with no 1 relief, then iu .0<...i.i>ration I wan induced la to'try Phelp's "Fwirt:." Theflwt dostvrrsUevcd. my cough. Riving niftlK' <'-r,t night's rest fr.j weeks Half the bottle cured mn. I have nevci been without this wonderful remedy flood. His a» different from other lifeeremedieaBB molasses front vinegar or sugar from -<and. • MBS. JiwKPit E CJnt'itB. ,5313 Madiaon Ave; , IT 19 A MIRACLE. Conductor Eckard,..thi- Corrospon. dent ef.thi* Neodftsha K(tn"ii!i U^'-Utor, Im to say of "Pour 0." "Ptoijw I< towtnK a d«rful sale of bia Couzh and OoW Remody. W» " • " ' what it U repr««ent' to «u.U lit lt« praiso. ed to Dd .Too mubli can It is a 1 miraclo. NOTICE TO pftgOOlSTS AND THE; PL JC. CONTRACT.—Druggists are {tuthorized in ALL CASES TO REFUN»> THE PURCHASE PRICE, if thfe Fdur-C Remj^y (Phelp^'Co'ugh'. Cold and Croup. Coie) fails" to give satisfaction in Croup, BroncIn.tis^lsthma,LaGrippe,Couyh-. a»;J C -Ids, no matter how long standing, or deep seated, in fact I guarantee i-, all manner of Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a CurejAH.but to give unboun Jed satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions.*r-i^ike all chances. , ' ft. R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, Proo, For sale by W.T.DRAKE. miners twenty^fftttr waa mid waj* marching • men we us to «l«t>- The irijerU? fame arnJ shwinr Bulled out bi« r»» it at the ni«n wlwi ear- 'and *»HT "I? > r o^ got .cm *jega«.*' dat to^see tli« fro»yj uuwifl hft^ «o *i* »iU£4ltiaia. said tie met the lit iy JEftroistiN i ..-te i P} tfl ami they the of I a«w Uie flaep witb , tjbp «*4 and we "^jr* the sbcrig. 8<gwe one i»W- grabbed .him and oa,* and th^ a' revolver At hist br«ea«t P the ebuoUnif twgan and I laid o» tbe ground until it wa^ over.. It two wtlattt*- Ttfc sfetrlfji did ool a pai»«r." A few <Hher witnewses gave j^ngtor te*jto?<soy an* PJjstriet F«U thes asfcjed tliat UM-'»ht-ri« aad SUM) Uewurd »100, Tb« readers wC ttti* pjspcr will b* pigweed to ia»ru th#t thete i« at Jea«t oue 4w*4ed MwaA toat JKsteBCe ha* item able (o e«w_ w its stages tmd th** in catarrh, Uatanb ww I* th* .only ppaHiv* cujfe m«dio«t fflESfljj^itMsssL ')«»- • -- -<- — - "*** "'•** * , • *• uptor the blood and wtw>o«« surface* of the i**>w, thereby th0 rJ tfiritfiiini'i «t rejigth b* ^WpOiSBf «W and ateifttma .nafcVM to (fe»JJ* it* earatir^ fM>|ief* that U»ey offur one dalJajr»fpjf any ca»a tjwt ifc.faito to cute. He ean be found at tho Hoy adv&rtisemant, wblcb wJH bo where, explains more fully the deaeabes of which he makes Hia ond elae- „ I. H, Holiday Sr. Two doore east of poet office, MarebaH, Mich., is &e plage you are tooking for if you ^ant harneas'blanltetB, roba, ' enrry ooiaba, tiruahw, §peat-pada, fly- aete, oik, fhoet leather, ahoa yom 1 hftrtMtfO pairing briog them in for Hay prices are ,AU.._«arJl^ i, hatpeea or poljuah, ante shoe nails. Or jf shoes nee4 re- & Walaoo h»v«i the in Walking Hate, Sailors, Bieyote Btate Street. lfy«i the purchase of ne* haf for the fair, eail OBI Mra, ICerriil IV*! 1 CM? pontage $e4 we will wajl yon lea _ and dair»oy»nt by apt&ial raqurat will return to this city Mooday for oae week, and cpt be oo»sujlted o» aU the affairs of and ht^nttti 4eatioy m. to 10 p, uouat JP*rb£ooa»>, lor , iaio court agate ifli«ta tbe bail au«ltb«Bherltt at few Cor *tt frjf » p»wc*6 full sheet uiufcic, ^ anarch**, ^., ar- woQ aaa daily i^viua "•"Hiw, ' wulk STOVES! Large Reduction in Prices on All s on . Cooking Apparatus. \ Qaa Banges $10,00, $13,OQ ? $15.00 and $16 Boiliag Stoves $i; to $5.,acco: THE WBLSBAO [CANDESCENT - GA^~ LIGHT ** >• » ( jf , •». i " ucedin Price " $ to sa.po each shade and chimney. "(&*e Y»t lnv«nt«<l. AJ»«>lut6ly StwMly. V«ry Bri«iw»», After Th»ch.»MrtArtH»elal , Mftsy of the best lighted atorea in JijtarehaU Welebach Lights Always Give Saiii *•. i. both w to light and owwoaiptiou of ga* Nearly 8001 during the past yetu-, . THE 4 1CAB£HALL LI8HT *, i i

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