The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 2, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 2, 1962
Page 1
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Audit Finds Few Errors, But Suggests Changes On* ihArtao. And Mir.. ov«r*g B . ,how,d up in th* ,nd th* feet that this i. the first eomrlot. audit of enun l« TU... .jj.j it.i . „..,.... _,.,.. ' +"* On. ihortage and thr.. ov.ragoi showed up in the long-awaited audit report of Braioria County finances, out th.r. ii no indication from the independent auditors th*t anything other than an accumulation of errors over a long period might have caused the discrepancies. These included a shortage of $2,856.38 in the Tax As- ••sior-Collector's Account; excess of cash on deposit in fh. • mount of $1,366.48 in the County Clerk's Account; $2,924.20 in excess cash on hand and on deposit in the District VL ,,i ccount ' * nc( $178.35 in excess funds held by the Sheriff's Department. Members of the Braioria County Commissioners' Court expressed their approval of the report, and their gratifica. flon at its showing only a relatively small discrepancy, con- udermg th. amount of money handled by various officials and th» fact fhat this it the first complete audit of county financet in about 50 years. The independent auditors—the firm of Phillips, Sheffield, Hopson, Lewis & Luthor, C.P.A. of Houston—listed I number of specific recommendations for changes in accounting procedures in almost all county offices. TAX OFFICE Concerning the discrepancy found in the Tax Assessor- Collector's Account, the auditing firm stated that after a thorough check of those records for I960 and 1961, at well as reviewing some figures of prior years, they were unable to locate the reason for or date of the occuranc* of the discrepancy. "We found nothing to indicate that the discrepancy was caused by anything other than an accumulation of errors over a period of time," their report stated. They added that a review of the reeordi in that offic. Indicate* that the basic records "ar. in good condition and well maintained." They recommended that a summary control record of all receipts and disbursements, which would allow the Tax Assessor-Collector to determine the exact amount of hit liability at any time, be established immediately COUNTY CLERK Although a review of procedures in the County Clerk'j Office indicated that good control records have been installed there, the auditors noted that this installation took place recently, "and the possibility of discrepancies in the balances brought forward from the old system has not been «ompl*tely eliminated." In this office, too, the auditors noted that they "found nothing te indicate that th. discrepancy was caused by • nything other than an accumulation of errors over a perfed of years." DISTRICT CLERK The auditors reported that summary control accounting records in the District Clerk'i Office "did not furnish an adequate control of the Cleric's accountability." XL . ,,* y Iaid thay ' were not abl " te identify the cause of the difference between the liability of th. Clerk and th. sash on hand and on deposit." For this office, the independent auditors recommend•d cooperation between the County Auditor and the District Clerk in designing and installing "a system that will provide ths District Clerk with constant and detailed son. trol of the accountability of that office." (Continued on Page 9) THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SUNO " SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY,, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON «lo«ilfied: BE 3.2*11—All Other Offices! BE 3-3511 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1942 15 CENTS VOL. 50 NO. 158 Associated Press Member Freeport, Texas -^^ . --""?•• •"•••*""••;* *. -™* rreeporr. lexos Weekdays 10 Cents—Sunday IS Cento Trick To_Attack Us, CastroSays CONSULTANT HKI.PS ORKAMZK NEW c< MlM Davidson Of TEA; E. M. (Jody) Thomnvm f/VE COURSES ADDED Praise Spurs Pace Setting English Dept. ' WORKERS ORGANIZED Cox Slates County Iho Jack Cox for Governor. where he heads up Accounting, campaign has gotten underway in'Purchasing, Traffic, Labor Regu- Bra/oria County, with the an-'lotions and Plant Protection. He •"tincr.mrn! r.f a local steering is also n director «nd vice presi- committee and Ihe news that Cox dent of Freeport National Bank will visit the county next week, iand Riverside Country dub. lay Cox will be here on Saturday, i leader at Lake Jackson First Me- Scpl. 8. according to R. S. "Shep" jthodist Church and Associale Lay McKeithan of I-ake Jackson, who Leader for the Galveston District, |hns been named chairman of the and past president and dirocior Jack Cox for Governor Commit- of the Lake Jackson Farms Astee in Brazoria County. sociation. Plans are being made for Cox to speak in Alvin, Anzlcton and Bra/osport. with definite arrangements to be announcer! soon. It will be ("ox's third visit lo the county, lie spoke s! the John Tower R.irhr-cue in Anglrton last , "xSwamg** % •'*''• tal going-over the adminitrationj glow ing praise and trustees had asked, Ihe Eng- ; Far from causing complacency .department got a clean bilHlhis h«» *r>urmi the detwr'ment I lo an effort thai may make it the continued pace-seller in the Bra- ,. "' t ' ni! ' Jh /u! [ * uii( ' rtls at 2 Men Charged With Attack On FP Policy Of The Public' let's Keep It Open, J. B. Liggett Pleads was lakrn in addition lo Ihe regular mp etin;; ' n Danhury. seven,!, and eighth grade Knglish T^ ™"'" y S "T'' nC < - ommit ' pp - j . which will omrdmatc the gubcr- IR a total if Ihire semesters ra i o ,i a i campaign wuh Republi- f hntnfi\e nt fl.~..~ ,^ * can Party efforts here, includes:) ,„ ,,, '' . „ , Mrs. Hnrvin R. Lewis, former zosport district's ambition lo be " 1P """ nr "' cnllrsl> ln 1 '- ni -' llsh Republican countv chairman, as on an officer disturbing the (he top system in the s.ate. ™mmun,ca.,ons, to be offered in Ca [ twtMirman : A . C Burk - " " "", , ™ turbmR * p Heading this effort is K. N. ''™ of f^'" 1 ' 'V "> '^c „,„. ,,„,„ alsn H ukp Ja( . k a5 I™'- ""d drunk were filed 'JodyI TTiompson. the scholarlv not plan '" rntrrr treasurer: agamsi two Frerport men who but non-pedantic young coordina- „ * f ' .. , Jesse Armstrong. Ansleton. fi-. ^'-'"^ * rrn ' in * local tavern, lor of the school district's Ian- Boh " vi . lhr nlilnnln K "' lhr ^ nance chairman: with Roger S.. In "'" rnMjin:: fi = h; hel^ern the guagc arls program, ii is under : ™ Ir5rs ."^ « """S-slandmc Ira- Qiambcrlin. Uke Jackson, and " his supervision that the depart- _ n "!..""" Brazns Port schools. ment has been built up from a „ , ... , _ people, imhidmg students. are v, mman „•„„ r*!,,^. F r- Arrested and Charses of a-sravated assault US Hints ft Has Evidence Cuba HAVANA (AP) _ Cuba met White House charges of a Cuban gunboat attack on a U.S. Navy plane wih strong denials and countercharges Saturday. Prime Minister Fidel Castro said in a statement lo newspapers the charges were absolutely false and intended to cover up continu- . ous aggressive acts by the United _ States. ! j T" e Armed Forces Ministry, ! WASHINGTON (AP) - Author-:headed by the prime minister's !ilahve sources said Saturday thei nmtnflr R 30 "'. issued a -.jommun)- i IT s government ha= strong eve- qlle ( ' nar£ ri n e Uial U.S. aircraft ' 5»itwss evidence of Cuban shoot-i' ;ommitted lhe 147ln - llWtn a™ 1 „ jing at a U. S. Navy plane Thurs-j 149 " 1 incursions in'" Cuban air '* day, but no photographs. ' | spar ' e sincc Jul - v ] ** I Prime Minister Fidel Castro de- The ministr y further alleged Kcnbed as absolutely false Fri-'" 13 ' five shols were fired b V u - s !da\ s White House announcement ' soldiers ' rom Guantanamo Bay- that two small vessels—believed to be Cuban—fired at the U. S naval base in the direction of Cuban territory on Wednesday. The the Cuban coast northeast of " avana - Three naval reservists on . mpn and - . ., „ • . Ed Webh. Alvin, as co-chairmen; . lnjurfd arx1 w™"* treatment at The philosophy , c, ,->gn,,es that j a( , k Garrrt( Danburv -. Cntton condition which ^valuators six f^.^ lm 1|1(1 ";S students. are Kr( , rmari| W es! Columbia: E. C. Arr "ted »rxl charged Friday i- vears To Thp Perhaps the greatest advantage that hooks have oxer life Is their'"™ TT ar , c Pxp(H ' 1(xl lo tak(1 individuals, and ihrrefoiT differ- ,a hospital. Arrested JAYCffS WOO TRAVELERS S«m>ny jHjcre- arc mmine tired l.abor Day lra\p|prv «ith fre« eo(fep and travel Information at a special Safety Stop on Highway :« at Old Ocean. This rlub, along ulth 151) other Te\M Jaycei orcanhatiins. Is manning re«i stops over the state, where motor- When school opens this J»l!, five Pnl '. SornP navp . a ™' ei> ^ ;lhe schools a long stride toward the status they seek. constant accessibility. Mainly, one reads for ea., c —- ... either in Instruction or pleasure.-,. Iwo of I 1 " 1 npw '^""'^ arp »> But. when It is easier, say, to fl( .. : ' h l^'™[I^Ri'ade and two in the, tually visit than to read, one visits: becaus« the advanlase is then a sham. This, unfortunately, seldom is the case. But It is very unfortu- Qnate when one is DEPRIVED of the experience in both life and literature. For example, one desires t o visit Mexico City but cannot afford il, therefore drain's tn simply read of Mexico City: second- i"B lhe Labor Day Holiday grew, best is better than noihing (this with nine deaths mwded by Satis safe lo say here because it is „„,„ m ,„ R 3 Saturdav only polomlally dangerous lo the;,. ,. , ,, •"MUM}, Insusceptible, the marrow which :".' e n "" oni " lo " 1Tadl(xi )no - «'«" sustains the remainder of human- !)li rtu * '" '''"die. «Pityi. 'lliereforu, un»* g<M's In the Frcc- nort Library to boriiiw a imvel r inleicst in spetific subjects than others. Some are simply more capable. r i( Milan, **t->i \,uiuiiluiH, c.. |_, . " —• 'i.i,*, i, [ ".^.. .itic Tohrv Freroort- Mrv Paul \ "'*' wcr e John David Long. ?,:'. '«•'may h«e refreshments and relaj. along with reminders to :fired upon. But when thev report-• 'I' - -*'•• taul ' . nf evil t- . n .» .. i » '. rtriin i-nrcfiillv TT»^u> Slafofrj- Ctntu A VA ^A.~t»nnJ «_ !._!_ ....! i «J .1 : •!. . .. . -1 _ There are jectives. -.vide differences in ob- W. Gilliam. 4-5. of 1207 West Sec- : ond. Police Sgt. H. W. Clcpper (Otntitiiifd On Phibbs, Angleton; and Samuel E. Gant, Jones Creek, special arrangements committee: . Bubba \Villenh<>rg. Freeport; rereivrri a broken bone in a hand.: Ronald Taska. Uke Jackson: and p atmlman Kenneth Braune' Miss Janice Webb. Alvin, youth was bmpn on his !(lft nanrl h . v on*' artiviues ^ lhp mf>n - McKeilhan's appoin;ment was offl ''<-rs reported that Long had i announced by Peter O'Donnell ol l><x ' n » rr "'^ »' lhe tavern on Dalias. siate campaign ;-hairman Pme strr< ' t ahollt s P- m - Friday to. Cox. iwhen the mvner. Gilbert Urihe. McKeithan is with Ettnl Dow, < har K pri him «i'h disturbing the - - —.peace. 1/ing was released on SB of> 2 EJasi Bi-oad. and James: rtriv(> '•arefnllv. Th^»- Safety Stops are patrol craft in international wa-i air violaH °ns wp -i'e said to have ters, 15 miles off Cuba's northern' taken place on Thursday and Fri- coast day. Stale Department press oHicer. The While House said Friday Joseph W. Reap stood by the ltwo Cllban patrol boats opened i White House annoucement andi fi . re with ma(: hine guns on a U.S. denied Castro's renewed charge of ! Nav - v P lane Thursday while it was ! aggressive designs bv the United lover interna tional waters 13 miles I Slates. " -" "- ' Authoritative informants gave^ Uiis account: l a training flight were not injured. , The two-engined Navy patrol lTne Wnite House warned that 'plane manned by threr resrr\-istK.: Amc ' rican sh 'P s and planes had I was on a routine training flight' ftper ' aumolizc| 3 to use all means (Thursday afternoon when it spot- : '° P rotect themselves henceforth, jted the two small ships on its ra-' The Cornrn UKst newspaper Hoy idar. reporting Castro's denial in big The United Stales has been hcadlines - said the a lleged inci- keeping a close watch for Soviet clent and lhe w ' nile House threat shipments to Cuba, and the Amer- •'" shoot bacl< "' as ""'^ a pretext ican plane swooped near for a'' 0 attack us ' closer look. ' Castro said Cuba was unafraid It was at this point that ihe !ot such brulal threats, and added, ' ' - "U U.S. armed forces attack Cuba have to come ready lo Navy fliers believe they dimn on tr.iltic accidents during the Labor Day holiday. Cii-chalr- men fnr the "Sweeny Stop are I.yle Amnnr ami \e»1nn Brand. Brand l< «hown «ervlnj eoffe* to Mr«. Fred Ashcraft in » trial rtm. tn help rut Jed the incident higher U. S. au- P 5 ," 5 "' By TMK ASSOCIATED PRK8S 'Hie Texas violent death toll dur- Controversial Bills Are Paid Accident Injures Angleton Youth guns were not using easily seen Payment of Brazoria County use the hired trucks for several tracer bullets, the fliers acknowl- Onp's disputed hauling'more days, however, and Forest ius K-OII m:ide. .thorities at first were skeptical ' " Real incidents provoked by , The plane had not been hit. Onei Cuba wi " never occur," he as- of (be crewmen said he had heard : smed - t"" 1 ^ said the United jthe sound of the guns on the craft :States " lack sml ples." but this claim was doubted by in- ~ vesugators because of th* noise created by the plane's piston engines. Also, the U. S. plane was not outfitted with photographic gear, and the crewmen presented no; pictures of the shooting. And the Radiation May Linger Years In High Belt Thrw Wi«ttern |»mi-r* will not Hw forcf In pull dimn tin* Com- muni..! \>iill UirmiKh llH-ir Hly. diary since also one cannot af-i (ord 10 randomly buy iKioks. andj ((Vinllnin-d On I'agi* 10) | W'ASIIIMVroN - Senators AI.(.IKUS. Algeria — Algerian vi-stisatmj; allegfil pdhtical ri-Riilnr army (iini-s hiyal to f ncmv in ihe Hillu-Sc.l Kstc> d in bond. Police were again called to the same tavern about 11 p.m. where p..» .,_,. TT . .. r 11 i jilt l >^/[t^- .™ ui.-^^'ii 11:11 n n ut nit niui u vi<f*>, iiu\»i:\fi, aim rui e?»i .,-. bribe (om thorn Lone and another . ,, , . , Alter intensive interroeation i man were creating a disturbance. bllls lus '*'" made ' '' elused I0 ^"'^ the bllls (or that however, the higher authorities! Officer* reported that Long was """° b '"-' ; tolal aimut S-"-^'- anrf period. Without Forest's cerrifi-.were convinced bejond reasonable 1 A 19-\ear-oio Angle-Ion sffiitli being taken outside b\ Patrolman pa>ment was made to nine tnick-.cation, and under the circumslan- doubt that the Navy airmen werej.i. tro •• . "•' suffered a broken arm and severe Kenneth Braune when Gilliam re- 0 ,- 5 ani1 , n ,, u , pe r ..o ns f or sand, ces which existed concerning the "»""« a stra 'S ht s ">ry- 'bomb evnlrrinn^n"?^ 0h : VdrOSI? " „,„ in^es in a freak accident s ,,,l ar, s! by Pat.lman J. A. Bramri .> _ O^,^- .,_. Taylor ,, fllsed to ^ ^^^ f^^^^^ Commiss i o n ere' close-in observation e " ' Acknowledging this Saturday. While their exact distance from, = OVP ''»™™t said transmissions WASHINGTON IAP)-The mar,- Nmade radiation belt created bv wo persons for sand, ces win A- Kn.-oria at ,-IM Anglelon <eivice station Rhuboltom, hilling at the officer'ers' Const p;i i,l».(it n,»in Satuiday several times. sjl | ^j^ ^i,,^ , 0 County Auditor !^ii:trd Nwm:m was taken to As Uilliam was wivslk-d to tbe Frank A. TaMoi .u.xit two weeks 1 the bills. Subsequent An::leto>i Hospital and then trans- flour and handcuffixi, l^ong at- ago. alter passing a complicated,Court sessions braughl a number ' from • ~ • • M 11 ni >" i iv 1111'n n i 11".-1/1 mi in n iii}m^i in mm. sin King HI ci'iie; v Ahnietl It.-,, Ili-llu smashed Into s;ud S;iivi,-day they dmlii they c,m Hnii<ii<n In an Anslelon Funeral Braune. biting his left hand, and the re. Ihrec U.S. satellites ha\e knocked out. But the Atomic K-ierrllla dcf,-n», ,H^i| n ,,s IS hiind dnut) mlli'» frinu AI K | t -rH on Snlurdii) Mii-l bliMNly flRhtlnc was In pni- *rr»». KM> uiierrillii cmnninnil l«-re itnniiiin.'.'il Siitur<la\ vrrdic.'. K-foir Niiveinlwr clei linns. K O V <; TVI.IU , •• kOM. - !„*„.„ ANN and DICK i.UDKMANi and fumily, moving from Iheir Magnolu .ft reel home lo 419 Pnffpp SouUitm Onlffl Drive. Tin A. A., " OC PI.ATTKRS, who did live at lhal •ridrm, hav» mov WASIMNCTON - Mote i|,,,n 1,. WKI jet inlcrccpinrs and bombers will enjjugc m ,,,,,-k mnilmt ( ner a M.nilllioi, squaie-inilc arena; Sunday in "Kxcn-iso Sk\ Shield 111." Home aiiilHilalu untiei\\cnt piasti ll.xislon hospital cuts. The \outh was injured tin- he wa-> ullempiing i-ded lo meet of heated discussions of the prob- tne sn 'P s was not released, theiu.. ami the requirements of law as set lem. UH re were at least t w o airmen were said to have been I ^" ~" r ^"';'"": Cl " "'^f^"' iols- fond .n opimoiB Iran the Texas orders [Kissed for payment of inclose enough to see seamen us.I,', K .">, p r°", m _ s ' a ™, ,, e DP " Atioine^ C.eneral. bills, and opinions were request-;ing Ihe shoulder fittings of guns I£"£_°^" ment lnslstwi ' he ™' ..„, ,....,.'.. ..,., .... „.„ .j ..... ™l (,-nm ni=,,-,« i.i n ™=., « am -)iVn m nr w_..oiii— .:..- '• alatlon llo l* no menace to the |H. f .,,ns d.-»d. i:i B . :I»T In- jiir.,Hl nn.l m«r,- ll,»n '""'• He reportedly grabbing his pistol from its ho surgfiT, in the tor. ofiu-ers slat.-d. for Ihe facial Afier more ivsislam-e. the men I'aslor said lie appro\cd the «' from District Attorney Sam'about 20mm. or 30-ca!iber size j man-in-space nro"r WIM-I. hnxight to the Police Station bilK alter ihis mvler was passed, '-'^ and from lhe Attorney Gener- mounted on the decks of the boats, i .- Tne n ,.., d jaii n u. It I • Gillian, swung with his and tiwt lho> lii.-n went ihrou B h'al's office. . Administration authorities saidJij,,., above ti ' _.„.", I,.!;''!!!''' uffe<l hiimts. breaking a the nuiime , hanneis and have '" U,p most recent order for Iheir latest information indicates i manned flight* rH • t •.. ", u> air New olf lhe vim. slnkmsbone ir, Clepper's hand as Ihe n.-w tven p.nd. pa>mem of the hills, Commission- lhat: slitute anv " """ miccirtt Ins face from 'Hv hills in question were those ers' Court found J. Most of some 20 Russian ships. e ]|j, p pulicp slated. for hauling and n\ad maierials —Thai Ihe services were per- in the new wave ol Soviet aid have j r to re- IIOMi MOM. "' ..... " -"""I"'' "»«n »., IhNn- 1, IK «- cnm,!,,! Brlll.h c,,l,,ny .SMtunhi) und In » few nlghl. |, ;m n,e voulh w.,-: employ.^ ,-,. o( ,,,,, r ,u:.ri,h luiitrH 1,-tl HI Ic.iM SO iVrry's Texaco Sliituni on Somh ,hc blow h , Higlmay .'US in Anglrton. . , ., , . , O. W. i Hill .'cd It* {.o orado. !„ • , MR. and MRS. I. D. NIX of Kl!^',";"*,,,'™ , Dorado, Ark,, an'iving lo helpiu L*." " ,;j|l h r i r granddaughter, MAR ' ""fiARKT JOHNSON, celebmle li*r •evenlll birthday. .. ROBKRT KKRR. .IKANNH ,,.....,,.. ..,.. .... u .""'-| >t '"-- N ~ " duccloi of the 1 ^ Adimmsir:iti.,n s.ud S:tiiir- t (X la\ 9.'. ls "" " lk i """" e k ' H '"' LOIIK'N wife, Mrs. Martha Ann duim*; an eight >ia\ iwnod in mid- formed and materials delivered,.now arnved and have unloaded l-ong. 'J3. was also charged h> March Unlv will, diMurbinc the peace. 1>. M. Fotes!. who then .scrvori Unix- lold jkilice she pulled a av (."nunls Rtvtd Admmislrator. leiials. tar> equipment includes commti- Partly cloiidv and warm today, knife duriiiL; llu- fracas. She was wmic a letter to Prci HU t One —Thai Ihe prices charged were nications apparatus apparently and with soiithcasleil.v winds. lli^h released on bond dirtvnn.: ihcm I" MOD using hired reasonable and proper. ;desigr.ed to sti'ei^then Castro's and that Ihe County received the!various lypes of military gear as![| le Pentagon said' Ix'iielus of the services and ma-well as economic items. 'Hie m i I,-1 L. hazard to manned sai- 'hings that we ha\'p. the near future," a by the AEC and Ifcpuhlican (lay "Ilic lieutenant goM-rnai, Icd^calilc people 1 alvnn pintim Uke JackMin Slati-'lhc head.n he rcmevl> ingicdien from :> to t,; |.i Sun. pheiiacrlin c.ti picM-nplion 01 ord day (or coff.v and visiting ttithjcrinj; ,, s wiilnii.iwal fiom ihf friends. liuaikci. TJJ^ • HOB T.xlax 1 -- iiuh :> :ii H.m ixiw 10 ;ij a.m Hivi ,1: Hi pni and IP;.'-*) p.m. GIVING UP' days today. . . MR. mid MM. O W. KIKKK, marking An annivcrsai v today, while Hie HA1.P1I DAV'ill.S are aluo c»lebnitinK an annueisaiy this weekend. . . £ MR. and MRS. D. V. (.XH.U.VS, i man lo h« away m>v«ral d»>s as ihey' clilically biiincil Frccpiirl A\ei Is fighting to Mirvi\«'. nided w«> lake home her molher wlm has been visiting will, Ihcni for the past hv« wei'ks . , ('. «. IIASl.UNt). leiuinii hii home in Fieeporl alter •Mended slay in Aiislin. . . , . ! ^ ' le ' a< "' " lf *' ''is three children lo clcmi lar 1(1< lmve lu ' ( Long and Gilli.un were kept tsucks tor the hauling, because —'Uial Brown's a.clions in or - coastal and air defenses. ioverniijht in Cit\ Jail, then trans- there WHS no contract tor ihe derins the work to be done, be -'. About iOUO Communist-bloc ;(erred Siiturday 'allrriuwn lo SCIMMV The letter slated th.u latilitxi by the Court. technicians have also arrived in County Jail in Angleion umler hailing un.'ioui a conlracl was B - v making these Imdonus, the Cuba. Alwut -',000 of the;* are S.~i(»l rHimt each in the as^alllt illc;ai Courl was fallowing three ol tlie : arms experts. Trained Eastern charge.*, tiled in Ihe Justict- Court run n I \ I'oiium.^ion.-i l>i\ic '<'<l"iieinenls which Taylor had observers in Cuba, as opposed to jot E. W. fix-email in fuvporl. Blown oi Fieeporl continued lo ' 1MlHt ds iiecessary before h e comparatively untrained and un—— • couhi approvv payment. reliable Cuban peasants, see no In answer lo questions by the evidence oi Soviet combai units. .Couri. l.ce siid he tell tbose find-; :!. The Soviet shipments have in- 1 insis v uuld salisly the It-gal re- eluded some small patrol boats. ' .Hiiicnunt.s as sel forth in the -I. It has not >et been proved, Anoint^ iJcncrals opinion, and that the Russians have supplied! would allow Ta.Uor to pay the surface-to-air missiles for lhe an-' '"""• tiaircrall defenses. Bui ihis seems 11 n.ui apjiciticd lor a lime iliat likely sooner or later and .Mis. Anriu-w I'^u- (e.Hlin^ him his supper earl, r\cn- wuh mem when Iheir moiiier died another dcbl sun wwld be inves- .",. Russian-supplied communica- boiniHl when s ,,Miline. used nailc,^ uho ^,|h-,ale a nearby cafe ing. closing Ihe cafe at limes to 3 | )ou , 01S ,,, , n ,, n | )ls ago SJ O tu lk '- 1 ' U P ">•? situation, lions year may be used at Family Of Burned FP Man Located A. on Aug. S. His h,-i> IMI I of a local It to news media, n .Mile V. Miitheus. i"M.>nke>", was lak 'I.Ibmlied al his honii Ihroiigh efforls iKiiiied. who conlacirtl ArraiiKcnienls wci - s> to tran.stci lo Tom- Sunday lor i' lie \\as \\' h c n al win, h MH lime Tourriii.le v ^'ins: made M a , |,,, w s Malhcw^ 1.1 when- ilu- In. worked do so. She w;is able to locale M..thews as Inline.! pulling molher in Houston jus! alter tin 1 fiom Hi,- biilhniom fire, and Mrs. Malhews ha^ visit• was a|i|i.nenlly set ed Iniiuoiilly »nli her son MIKC us ago "Monke\'s muliu-r calloit me lixini the hospital last week, sav- ins her son was giving up—not lixiitmi: in act well. She was cry- lr. . .iiui .said he wanle.t to see -. some 1110 Couniy had teen involved in i point to monitor U.S.. missile one sun for pajniejii ot overdue : shots. Bui it is unlikely that lhe bills some inunihs aso, concern-j Reds would gel inlo jamming or ing a hansel over repair costs forleleciromc misguidinK of Ameri- ShcrifCs Department patrol cars. i- a n rockel shuls. This couH atari haulnii; bills made filing oi a siuliviels aie Milncrable to this type ill Ihis i>iiualion unnecessdrj. jol reiahatioa. Newsstand Prices Up For Daily Edition Effcrthe M<mda>, Sepl. 3, lhe SINGLE COPY price of the Monday through Friday editions nf The Brazospurt Facts uill be inrreused to 10 cents per i-op\. lhe Sunday edition remains 15 i-enl.*, p*>r co|>y. Thcrf is n,» rliangf in Ihe ro>t of hmue-'Jolivei'i'd suh- scriptions. All rpsular Mihscrip* lion rateb remain the same. The increase applies uiiiy to those copies purchased from amis, rut-ks, coin-opt*rated inuv'hiiift and copies pur- at The Facts or from

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