Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 24, 1961 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1961
Page 3
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Channel 4 »:00 Continental CUSS- 13;1S Weather room 7:00 Today Show S:00 Capt. Kldd'* Car» toons 9:00 Say When 9:30 Play Jour Munch 10:00 The Price Is Bight 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth Of Consequence* lUtp It Could Be You 11:55 News 12:00 News Channel 1 10:,10 Funz-A-Poppln HiOO The Texnh 11:30 Love That Bob 12:(io Camoflngc 12:30 Make A Kac* 1:00 Bay In Court 1:25 MId-Dny Report 1:30 Betty Mac Show 2:00 Number Please Program* [40 'Crime Kings' Object Of U.S. Justice Campaign KGN&TV, TUiSBAY 12:2S Woman's World 1:00 Jan Murrriy Show 1:30 Loretta Young Show 5:00 Young Doctor Ma. lone 2:30 From These Roots 3'.00 Hake Room For 10:00 Daddy 10:1S Weather S:30 Here's Hollywood 10:25 Sports 3:55 News NBC . 10:30 Jack Pnaf 4:00 Capt Ktdd's Car- 12:00 Sign Oft i toons 5:«liuntley -Brinkley 6:00 New* 8:15 Weather 6:25 Sports 6:30 Lftramle 7:30 Alfred Hitchcock S:00 Dick Powell Show 9:00 Cains Hundred Show KVII-TV, TU6SDAY 2:30 Seven .Key's 3:00 Queen For A Day 3:30 Who Do You Trust 4:30 One More Tonimo rrow '"6:00 Tombstone Territory ABC 7:Sd dftivln & Th« Colonel 8!00 The New Breed 9:00 Alcoa Premier lOsOO.Mlarhl Undercover 10:30 K.-7 News & Weather 6:30 Tue Bugs Bunny 101-40 SM Pashtone-tt* Show , • 10!45'Th"is Man DaWson 7:00 Bachelor-Father Channel 10 8:25 Sunrise Classroom 12:20 Furm 7:00 Jack Tomkjns News KFDA-TV, TUESDAY CBS :20 It Happened Last 12:30 As Night 8:00 Capt. Kangrroo 9:00 The Jack LaLann* Show 9:301 Love Lucy 10:00 Video Village 10:30 Surprise Package 10:55 CBS News ll:no Love of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11 MS The Guiding Light 12:00 Dan Tru» Weather 12:10 News & Tha Turns 1:00 Amos & Andy 1:30 Art Llnkletter's House Party S.-OO The Millionaire 2:30 The Verdict. Is Yours 2:58 CBS News 3:00 The Brighter 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 The Edge Of Night ,4:00 Giant Kids Matinee 6:00 Quick Draw Mc- 5:30 Ranch TfU* Markets 5:45 Douglas Edwards World 6 sOO Weather • Dan 6:10 News • Ralph Wayne 6:30 Marshal Dillon 7:00 Dick Van Dike 7:80 Doble Glllls 8:00 Red Skelton S:30 Icabocl & Me •9:00 The DlspO!>fessed Day 10:00 •weather - Dati True 84th graw Dldk Tracy 10:10 News ' Ralph " Wayne 10:25 Sheriff Of Cochlsa 10:55 Goodbye Mr. Chips Sign Off Car- Channel 4 KGNC-TV, WEDNESDAY NBC «:00 Continental Class- 12:25 Women's World d:15 Weather 1:00 Jan Murray Show fi:25 Sports 1:30 Loretta Young 6:30 Wagon Train 2:00 YoUng Doctor Ma- 7:30 Manhunt lono 8:00 Perry Como 2:30 From These Roots 9:00 Bob Newhart show 3:00 Make Room For 9:30 David Brinkley's Daddy : . Journal 3:30 Here's Hollywood 10:00 News 3:55 News NBC 10:15 Weather 4:00 Capt Kldd's Car- 10:25 Sports , -toons 10:30 Jack Paar Show 6:45 Huntley -Brlnkley 12:00 Sign Off 6:00 News room 7:00 Today Show 8:00. Capt. Kldd's toons 9100 Say When 9:30 Play Your Hunch 10:00 Price Is Right 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth or Conseq. 11:30 It Could Be You 11:55 .News 12:00 News 12:15 Weather Channel 7 10:30 Funz-A-PoppIn 11:00 The .Texan 11:30 Love That Bob 12:00 Camouflage 12:30 Make A Face 1:01) Day In Court 1:25 Mid-Day-Report 1:30 Betty Mao Show Channel 10 KVII-TV, WEDNESDAY ABC 2:00 Number Please 7:30 Top Cat 2:30 Seven Keys 8:00 Hawaiian Eye 3:00 Queen For A Day 9:00 Accent on Youth 4:00 American Band- 10:00 Tightrope stand 10:30 K-7 News & Wea' 1:30 Clndrella Jones. ther 6:00 The Deputy 10:40 Almanac News- 6:30 Setve Allen Show reel ; 10:45 Rough'Riders KFDA-TV, WEDNESDAY CBS 6:25 Sunrise Classroom 12:20 Farm & Ranch 7:00 Jack Tomklna News & Markets 7:20 It Happened Last 12:30 As The World • .Night • . - . I:00 Capt. Kangroo 9:00 The Jack.LaLanna Show 9:30,I Lova Lucy ; 10:00 Video Village 10:30 Surprise Package 10 -.55 CBS News 11:00 Love of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 The Guiding Light 12:00 Dan ther 12:10 News True Wea- . 1:00 Amos & Andy . 1:30 Art Llnkletter's House Party 2:00 The Millionaire 2:30 The Verdict Is Yours 2 -.55 CBS News 3:00 The Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 The Edge Of Night 4:00 Giant Kids 'Matinee 5:OOHopalong Cassldy 5:30 Dick Tracy 6:45 Douglas .Edwards 6:00 Weather • Dan True 6:10 News. - . Ralph . Wayne 6:30 Tlie ; Alviri Show 7:00 Father Knows Best .; -..: 7:80 Checkmate 8:30 Third Man P:00 Armstrong; Theat- ere 10:00 Weather - Dan True 10:10 £'»,vs - Ralph Wayne 10:25 Cimmaron City ll:25West Texas Talks Sign Off Sinclair Oil And Texas FirnvMerger Voided WASHINGTON (NBA) - At , torney General Robert F- l<!en- ! nedy's new nationwide drive on crime is centeYed on* 40 "Cfime' Kings" whose Matties, the Justice Department warily refuses to, announce until the men are "roped and tied." . Kennedy's aides believe < these unnamed men are bankrollers for a good share of - the organized crime in the United States. /The drive on these "crime kings" is under way now, say Justice Department d e p u t i e s< Most of the impetus comes from four and - crime.laws Congress passed shortly before adjournment. • .' • These laws give the federal government power to -act when:' Men cross state lines to commit crime. Money or information is " sent across state lines in connection with crime or for crirninal payoffs. Criminals of any type flee' across state lines. '< Betting paraphernalia crosses state lines- The Justice . Department m e n say the bankrolls of these 40 men buy public officials and police. They bankroll narcotics, prostitution and extortion- These men 'provide the funds for, taking over labor unions and for supporting "favorable" can- ditates in political elections. They bankroll strongarm men. They provide the lawyers and the pro tection for" a wide array of criminals. ..-.:.. Their bankrolls stretch across the United States. They operate in big cities and in small. Says one official: "If there are spots in your town or county where you can place numbers bets — even penny and five cent bests — there's a chance these men operate in your town. "For the numbers racket usual-', ly needs organization and protec tion... Where organization and protection are needs, the big boys may come in, sooner or later." AUSTIN "-JtJPIV- Atty. Gen. Will Wilson *Esaid today a Fort Worth-judge settled the state's antitrust suit against a merger of Sinclair Oil Corp. and Texas Pacific Coal and ing a merger. Oil Corp. by halt- On The Record HOSPITAL NOTES Admissions Mrs. Billy Jo Ratliff, Miami Jack D, Rowen, Borger Aaron Miller, Sunray Mrs. Louise Mitchell, Canadian Mrs. Roberta Woods, 908 E. Francis Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Lefors Sandra Thompson, 1008 S. Wells Carmen Butler, 2237 R Wells Mrs. Bonnie R-ay, 528 N. Zim- m-sr Mrs. Christine Nelson, 1002 N. Somerville Mrs. Peggy Chandler, Briscoe Mrs. Eldred Terry, 1213 E. Francis Mrs. Sadie Lane, 728 E. Fancris 0. E. Davis, McLean Dismissals Mrs. Nellie Graves. 925 S. Nelson J. C. Smith, 729 Zimrners Mrs. 'Helen Jones, 1117 Clark Mrs. Faye Trader, 318 Sunset Drive Mrs. Margaret Hand, Skellytown Dean Anderson, 2208 Duncan D. D. Davis, 405 Doucette Mrs, Patricia Greenway, Skelly town Mrs. Mildred Dempsey, Borger Mrs. Jane Bohlar, McLean Mrs. Norma, Morrison, 409 Pitts Mrs. Charlyn Stern, 1113 Seneca Lane Mrs. Melba Wilson, 213 N. Nelson Bruce Cauthorn, 1101 E. Darby Mrs. Ruth Moot, Pampa Mrs. Pauline Lilley, Sksllytown Timothy Huckins, Skellytown Mrs. Tenna McClendon, Skelly- Thc judge also had Sinclair agree to sell its stock in Texas Pacific. "The agreed judgment accomplishes our main purpose in filing the suit," Wilson said. "The independence of Texas Pacific is preserved, including the right of the shareholders to determine the future of the company." Wilson said Judge Jack' M. Langdon of 17th District Court in Fort Worth received assurances from Sinclair it would dispose of its Texas Pacific stock "when it can do so without a loss," The state sued both companies in January, 1959 to prevent their planned merger. Langdon dismissed Texas Pacific from the suit in his judgment yesterday. The agreement by Sinclair added that it would not purchase additional stock or use its stock to bring about any lessening of competition. "This judgment; fully protects the public as well as the stockholders and employes of the inter- estee companies against antitrust violations," Wilson said, . "It was a case of the parties' reaching the conclusion that it was in the best interests of all concerned to get rid of the lawsuit on some reasonable basis," E. L. Steiniger, president of Sinclair Oil Corp., said. "The court approved this conclusion. "From the Sinclair has filing of the action consistently maintained that it was not involved in any wrongdoing, as charged, under the laws of the state of Texas. "While it would have been grat- racketeers and strongarm Mrs. lona Woolen, 525 N. Perry Mrs. Wilma Watson, 1819 Chestnut Mrs. Charlene Frazier, 2244 N. Russell CONGRATULATIONS To Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Earhart, Lefors on the birth of a girl at 5:10 a.m., weighing 6 Ibs., 13 oz. To Mr. and Mrs. Rex Coleman, 422 Sunset Drive, on the birth of a girl at 5:46 a.m., weighing 8 Ibs. 14% ozs. To Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Mae- Donald, U23 Mary Ellen, on the birth »t ft girl at 6:41 a.m., weigh- inj 4 to. «'/a ozs. ifying for us to hive confirmed this conclusion by a trial on the merits, nevertheless — as the decree states — such an ending could not have been reached without 'prolonged and expensive litigation. 1 " Wilson said his office did not want to make Sinclair divest itself of Texas Pacific stock "below their cost, for to do that would amount to some form of confiscation." A third defendant in the original action, Lehman Bros., New York financiers, was ordered in November, 1959 to divest itself of Texas Pacific stock and refrain from assisting in any merger of Sinclair and Texas Pacific, Considerable information on these 40 men has already been gathered by the Treasury's Bureau or Narcotics and'.Ajchqi and Tobacco Tax Division .and by the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation' The first step is re • examining the income tax reports of these 40 men minutely, tracing down the sources of their illegal revenue from spots outside their home states. Then the Investigators will build up step - by - step what these kingpins do with their funds. Every financial transaction will be studied with care. Watches will be posted to determine who visits them, who they go to see. How their pickups are made will be checked out precisely. How. they make their investments and their payoffs will be s investigated. -Some time along the line, they may be called before a grand "jury and asked questions based on their income tax returns and these follow - through checks- There are three basic reasons or this concentration on 40 men. !• If sthese men can be convicted victed or harassed so badly that their operations ar.e cut back sharply, the Justice Department figures most types of crime will be handicapped. Without the interstate bankrolls and protection these 40 men provide — or with a shrinking of these bankrolls and protection — a sizable part of the underworld's operations will be on a limited budget. These 40, it's figured, are in reality the "kingpins." 2, It doesn't pay to attempt to get at the thousands of hoods, j gangsters, runners, payoff men, men THE UDDER WQIIL.R LONDON (UP!) ^ The tendon Daily Mirror, under the headline "News From The Udd*r World," reported that Billy Wallace bad who operate in organized crime, j The accumulation of evidence is i too slow a task, too difficult and j too time consuming to be effective nationwide. ; 3. Busting up individual rackets \ or organizations piece by piece is impossible. The men and the money flow away from one racket into another, then back into & third or fourth or fifth- Despite the preliminary work, the attack on the 40 men may take years to complete. The 40 will get more wary. They'll cover their tracks more carefully. They'll destroy records. When the cases 4o come to court, trial will be delayed by every legal trick in the book. There will be a long period of delaying actions. As the 40 art convicted, they'll be replaced by others Jt will be a long war. purchased a Herejprd, than J18,OQ9, go* TOE PAMPA DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, OttOBEK U, 1981 * 3 first postage stamps for letter postage were issued in England in 1?40, according tfl th$ Encyclopedia, 1-LB CAN MARYLAND CLUB COFFEE 67' USDA INSPECTED GRADE "A YER BANNER OLE O 1 ' * A * Kounty Kist 12-oz Can CORN 3 for PORK There Is a Difference PINKNEY'S USDA GOOD BEEF CHUCK ROAST U.S.D.A. GOOD ARM ROAST 49 Wrights Sugar Cured, ] /2 ro whole VAN CAMP 300 CAN 39 VANILLA WAF BIG LB. PKG. OLA COCA 6 BOTTLE CARTON PLUS. DEP 29 POPCORN RED ROSE . 12-OZ PKG. Hunt's, 303 Can . ' ' ' Whole Nfew Potatoes 10 White' Swan • •• • PEACHES ... ............ 4 No. 2'/2 eanf 1 00 Hl-0-Litef Marshmallow Cream Western Maid Dill Pickles '/2-gal, jar 49' and VEGETABLES Renown, Whole, 303 Can GREEN BEANS 5Lr $100 1 Hormel, 12-oz Can * SPAM Her.shey, 12-oz Pkg. DAINTIES EMPEROR GRA LARGE HEAD Calif. Fancy Tomateos B 19 Washington Slate Del. 19 ASSORTED FLAVORS JELL-O w STURGEON BAY 303 CAN Cherries 0 45 UPER MARKETS N 7 PAVS A WEEK—7:30 A.M. to 9 PM. Sl/NDAV I'M to WE RESERVE 'WE RIGHT TO LIMIT

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