The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 19, 1961 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1961
Page 8
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BO* mursday, January 19, I TGI Flight Of 'Unknown' Worst Air Disaster In History NEW YORK (AP)— The flight altitude and headed eastward at i seven, in charge of Capt. R. H.ion a radar screen. Only when the of "The Unknown" bpean at 9-11 » cruising spoed of 591 miles per! Sawyer. 46. of Hornet, Calif. They plane leaves the circling area » m . FlJ±S^5^ wh™ hour. - [ were bound for New York, due at [does its blip regain identity. , stock Douclas DCS Idlewild Airport at 10:45 a.m.| After UAL 826 was directed to L/Uui,lctai i_'\-.^ i *^* r , (--[>_„-»_»- • > (U- /-vwtrnl jvantAr r^i a.m. Eastern Standard Time when United Air Lines jet flight 826 left! Board. It came to an end last Friday, Jan. 13, but it is expected to take months to assess the testimony and arrive at a finding, if were 77 passengers and a crew of j Many were homeward bound foi ' :Christmas.and gay gift packages ;dioed that : sparkled in the luggage racks of:radar surveillance, which was to — : ""-•' be resumed by Idlewild approach control when the jet left the pattern. Thirteen seconds later, UAL 82R reported to Idlewild approach: "United eight-two-six approach: Preston at 5,000." The time was 10:33.28 a.m. Idlewild made a routine reply, got no answer, began its own frantic series of calls in an effort to reestablish radio contact with UAL 826~just as La Guardia was doing with TWA 266. There then began on the ground a drama of mounting horror. La Guardia approach called New York control center to report: the big United Mainliner. i Thirty-one minutes earlier, at S:40 'a.'m. Trans World Airlines' : Super-Constellation flight 266 was !airborne from Dayton. Ohio. The i four-engine Lockheed airliner car- iried 39 passengers and five crew- :mcn in charge of Capt. David A. iWollam. 39, 'of Huntingdon. N.Y. She headed east at 31S m.p.h. for ;La Guardia field, due there at 10:36 a.m. Like the jetliner, her ; luggage racks bore bright evi- '• dence of the approaching Yule. ; And so 128 human beings—from | a three-weeks-old babe in arms to ia man of 79—flew east on a gray Uate autumn morning toward a ; cruel historic destiny. j The date was Dec. 16. i Both flights were uneventful and in midmorning. coming in from iPhilliosburg. N.J., TWA 266 ra- idioed La Guardia that she was at 9 000 feet. There was an overcast at the field of 500 feet, visibility of one mile, and light snow swirl- ling down. ! There followed a penod jn which ; La Guardia, by radar and radio. •shepherded TWA 266 through the '"Linden" holding pattern over New Jersey and started her on her descent with the observation: "That appears to be jet traffic ,off to your right now. 3 o'clock 'at one mile, northeast bound." i There was no radio response ifrom TWA 265. and her radar i i m a g e mysteriously vanished Ifrom the screen. La Guardia tried with mounting concern to re-es- jtablish contact with the Constella- '.tion. All efforts failed. ! Meanwhile. UAL 826 had reported in at 14,000 feet over Al- ilentown. Pa., to New York Air i Traffic Control Center at Idlewild land was directed to enter the '"Preston" holding pattern. At Idlewild—about 10 miles across I Long Island from La Guardia— i the "overcast was at 1.500 feet. ! visibility was a half mile and | there was light rain and fog. ; The "Preston" pattern is a i counterpart of the "Linden" pat- Itern. through which TWA 266 was ! passing. Both are rectangular 'areas in the sky in which planes I are held in a circling position one i above the other until they are 'cleared to descend to their airport destinations. ; The "Linden" pattern is about !five miles north of "Preston." ; A plane cannot be tracked by 'radar after it enters such a pal' 'All right, now we got troubles, but we're not sure of it. We lost contact with a TWA, two-six-six I believe his number is. He was on collision course with an aircraft, an unknown aircraft, heading northeast from Preston toward Flatbush. That aircraft now is a mile outside the La Guardia outer marking, heading northeast bound." "The unknown, you still have the unknown in radar contact?" asked control center. "No. we're not talking to the unknown, but we see him, yes," La Guardia replied. TWA 266, whose blip had vanished so suddenly and mysteriously from La Guardia's radar screen was at that moment a tangle of smoking wreckage on the snowbound earth of Staten Island. All 44 persons aboard were dead. For at 10:33.32 o'clock that morning of Dec. 16, "The Unknown"—UAL's 826—had crashed into TWA 266 about 5,000 feet over Staten Island. While the Constellation plunged to earth. UAL 826 continued on a straight course, streaking as any. There was general agreement on only one thing. UAL flight 826 was 11 miles off course, going too ligh and too fast when the col- ision occurred. When Capt. Saw- i'er radioed he was approaching "Preston" at 5,000 feet, he actually was approaching Staten Is- and within seconds of disaster. Evidence showed UAL 826 overshot "Preston" at 8,700 feet and a speed of 411 m.p.h. Her top speed at the time should have been 207 m.p.h. She still was bar- reling along at 346 m.p.h. when the crash came. But why? Three pilots testified to a faulty signal from the Colt's Neck, N.J., radio beacon, that led them off course while their instruments showed they were in the "Preston" pattern. Was UAL's Capt. Sawyer thus led astray? United vigorously defended its dead pilot, claiming he should have received continuous radar observation from Idlewild. Charles F. McErlane, UAL vice president for legal affairs, said: "This accident could not have happened had Air Traffic Control property utilized the equipment, personnel and facilities available. Frankly we have been shocked at some of the things we have learned since this investigation started."The last word for the government—and the men on the ground — came from Wayne Hendershot, a Federal Aviation Agency official. He was asked of UAL 826, "The Unknown" of last Dec. 16: "If the air traffic controller was not providing radar vectoring (guidance) to the plane, who was responsible for the plane's navigation?" Replied Hendershot: "The pilot." kinsmen Freed Of Misapplying Timnson Money TYLER (AP) •— Tvvo kinsmen were acquitted here Wednesday of misapplying funds of the Cotton Belt Bank of Timpson. All 24 counts against the pair. Darrell Yarbrough and Floyd Yarbrough, were dismissed by Federal Judge Joe Sheeny. Sheeny told the jury that the government had not proved that Darrell Yarbrough, 35, former executive vice president of the bank, was in charge of the account Involved. The judge added that it fol~ [owed that Floyd Yarbrough, 48, Darrell's uncle and former operator of a Garrison, Tex, feed store, thus could not have aided dis nephew in any misapplication of funds. Sheeny noted in his speech to the jury that the bank's board of minutes in July 1958 specifically removed the younger Yarbrough from any dealings with his uncle's account. The government claimed that manipulations resulting in loss of $53.180 began in September of 1958. The minutes assigned the account to Robin Hooper, then cashier of the Timpson bank. The government maintained that Yarbrough still held authority over Hooper in the account. But the defense denied that contention. Sheehy added that he found no attempt at fraud by either of the kinsmen. The government's case was based on drafts drawn by Floyd Yarbrough wliich were passed around banks in the area and in Dallas. The drafts were on Floyd Yarbrough's feed store in Garrison. The feed store went bankrupt. fell and cartwheeled d e d section of j iTwas the worst disaster in the history of aviation—with 44 killed aboard TWA 266, 84 aboard UAL 826 and six more casualties on the ground in Brooklyn, for a tot! of 134 deaths. The exact cause of the tragedy may never be determined. But toward that end. at any rate, on Jan 4 there began in a ballroom of the St. George Hotel in Brook- Flowers Decorate China Stamp In Newest Issue itern. Its blip merges 'with others |lyn me biggest feanngm tne n^s(because altitude does not register tory of the Civil__Aeronauncs WHOA! BACK UP Don't Miss This Offer... Silver Dollars To Any Customers WHO CAN PROVE HE CAN BEAT Our Price On EVINRUDE See the New 61 r s To commemorate the centenary of its first postage stamp, Malta has issued three new stamps, each of which features a facsimile of the first half-penny stamp bearing a profile portrait of Queen Victoria. The new Maltese issues —- IVs pence green, 3 pence red and 6 pence blue — also depict a pro- trait of Queen Elizabeth II and the St. Edward's Crown. Each has the inscription "Centenary of First Malta Stamp 1st December 18601960." The stamps were released on Dec. 1, the anniversary date. Also reported from the British Crown agents is the news that the Federation of Malaya has issued the remaining denominations in its new definitive set. In this issue the portrait of His Highness Sultan Sir Ibrahim appears on each. There are four stamps in this group. The designs show the East Coast Railway, fishing craft, government offices and a native wrestling match. There were seven previous issues in the set. Belgium has issued three new stamps honoring the royal marriage of King Bouduoin to Dona Fabiola de Mora y Aragon. The 40 centimes, 3 franc and 6 franc iave the same design showing circular photographs of the new king and queen. The Tokyo Bureau of the Associated Press reports it has received via Peiping radio that a set of IS stamps each bearing the design of a chrysanthemum is being issued by Communist China. The radio broadcast said the first] group of six stamps with face i values from eight to 52 cents has| already been issued. The chrysanthemum is one of the most popular flowers among the Chinese people. The radio report noted that thousands of varieties of this particular flower have teen cultivated by horticulturists since the Reds took over Mainland China. To give U. S. first day cover collectors an idea of the popularity of this branch of the hobby, it is interesting to note that there were 1,168,770 first day covers cancelled at Washington, D. C. on Oct. 26 when the 4 and 8 cent Gustaf Mannerheim "Champion of Liberty" stamps were first placed on sale. The count thus far in 1960. says the U. S. Post Office Department, is 19,399,533 first day covers with first day sales totaling $1,744. ol. Hospitals And Schools To Get Financial Boost AUSTIN (AP)—State hospitals (youth correctional schools brought ON "BRAND NEW 1960 Evinrude Motors Come In Now MAKE US AN OFFER EVINRUDE LARK III Sorry, No Trade-Ins On This Offer! Easy Terms and special schools and youth correction schools will got a two-year fund boost of more than S12 million from the General Revenue Fund if the legislature follows its budget board suggestions. Spending for these types of stale service- suggested to the 57th Legislature by its budgeting agency totals more than S103 millions. It would go to 21 hospitals on the demand for more money in that area. Populations of delinquents at Gatesville, Gainesville and Crockett has more than doubled in less than 10 years. The budget makers also urged a better plan for locating and eradicating tuberculosis. The state is now spending about $7 million a year to operate the tuberculosis and similar institutions and to the (hospitals, but only about 5100 Texas Youth Council's seven j thousand a year on control of schools. Increases in the number of patients for the mentally ill and in the schools for the mentally retarded were the main factor in determining the increase. There I is now a waiting list of nearly 1,200 in the schools for the mentally retarded despite construction of 1,700 beds authorized by the last legislature. Construction of 2,000 more beds and an improved plan for rehabilitation of the trainable mentally retarded is recommended by the budget board. For specialized care ar.d treatent of mentally ill children, a $250,000 per year expenditure is suggested under contract with the University of Texas medical branch at Galveston. Increase in population at the "nests of infection," the board said. Man's Teeth Stolen After Poke In Mouth DALLAS (AP)—When George Sam stepped out on his front porch early today, someone hit! him hard in the mouth. j When he came to, his four gold! front teth were missing. Reporting the theft to police, he said he valued the theeth at $150. Double deck buses were imported from France in 1906 for serv-j icp in New York. EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? ByBlak* Set Your Own Price...No Reasonable Offer Turned Down REYNOLDS CO. S10 W. TtXQS 2412 W. Main WE ARE NOT A DISCOUNT HOUSE—1UT NO ONE Beats Our Price! COME IN NOW WHILE STOCKS ARE VITAMIM HIS STPEN6TH SEME BETFER MEALS SHOP HERE HOFFPAUIRS GROCERY and MARKET OPEN 7 DAYS PER WEEK HOURS 8 A.M. 'TIL * P.M. lAYTOWN'S CERTIFIED GROCERY BAY-TOWN'S CERTIFIED GltOCERY Certified Food Stores •re the only Independent Store* in Baytnwn who ow» their own Wmrehoiue. They buy direct from the m»nu- hwsturer*, elintlnatr the Wholesaler, and p*M ** *• r«»- timiminiitf CERTIFIED FOOD STORES in must Specials Good: • WEDNESDAY • THURSDAY • FRIDAY • SATURDAY • SUNDAY January 19-20-21-22 901 W. MAIN JU 2-2124 NOF STAMPS CURED HAM HAMS LB, 39 GOOD PORK GOOD ARMOUR STAR SHOULDER GOOD MEATY FRESH COUNTRY SMOKED CANNED CANNED PORK STEAKS *. 49* BUTT ROAST * 45< SIRLOIN STEAK * 65* BACON IB. 53* STEAK or ROAST u 45' VEAL CUTLETS L , 69* PORK BONES LL.21* PIG FEET LB 19* SAUSAGE 3 ^98* PICNIC HAMS 3 u, $ 1 79 ~& CALIFORNIA WHITE POTATOES TEXAS RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT CALIFORNIA AVOCADOS GIANT TIDE BOX BAMA STRAWBERRY PRESERVES !£ 39c lO'/z Size Can DEL MONTE GOLDEN CREAM STYLE CORN CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP LONG GRAIN WONDER RICE TUXEDO TUNA FRY-RYTE GRADE A CAGED EGGS 303 Can. 2 Fo , 39c .'/: Size Can 3 For 31 C 2 ib BOX 23c 4 w 59c 53c N1FTV 2-HOI.K FILLER PAPER 29c TKXHOr, VOTKBOOR BINDER Each ZfC TABLETS ftOX OF 1* 3/C BRYLCREEM UfTlf Large Tube 49c

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