Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 7, 1969 · Page 8
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 8

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1969
Page 8
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WATCH TV CABLI £ SslQ p.ffi. City Council WltKLf MiftlNS Vidaa Taped a* DAILY TV SCHEDULE Monday 12) fCHANNfeL 11 ON CAftt-6) 1:00 thai Girt 1-30 Guiding LltjM };00 Secret Storm 5 . Ertge Dl NI(|M 3-00 HOUS« Parly 3-30 General Mnspl**! J Oft iefs Mat;* » OWi 4:30 Dark Sh***W» i;00 Bewitched 5 ai vVtllpr Cronltlt* N*W)> *•«> News 4'tO SpoHs 4:30 Gun 7 -36 Lucv Show H 00 M«vb»rrv f 8 3!) Family A" $.00 Outcast* 10 00 N^ws »nrt 10:30 Jo«Y B'»h8D 11:30 Sign 0« KRBC-TT (Channel 9) (CHANNei J OM CABLE) 1:66 0»v e' Ouf UlvM 1 30 The Doctor* J:OD Another vVor<JI 5:30 You Don't Ssv 3:00 The Watch Game 3 2S N*ws 3:30 On* Life to Live 4:00 Dream Hou<.» 4-30 Dating Gams 5-00 N, Y. P D 5:30 Huntly Bflnklev Psoort «:00 News, Weather Soort* 6 30 I Dream ot Jeannja 7 0 Rawan and Ma^tm 8,00 Movie 10:00 News. Weather, Sports 10:30 Tonlflht Shsw KRLD-TV (Channel 4) (CHANNEL « ON CA8161 ItOO LOV* It e M«nv SplendorM Thing 1:30 Golding Light 2; 00 Secret Storm 2:30 Edge ot Night 3-06 *rt LlnKleHWi hfuss Party 3:30 Mr. Ed • 4:00 Gllllgan's island 4:30 The Man From Uncl* 4..1U Waitei CronKltt Ntwt 4:00 News «:30 Gunsmoke 7:30 The Lucy show 8:00 Mavberry RFD B:30 A Family Affair 9:00 Jimmie Rogers Show 10:00 Final Edition 10:30 Law of fhe Land 10:35 Hawaii Five-0 11.iO Playooy Alter Dark 12:35 Vespers ana Slon Off KTVT-TV (Channel 11) (CHANNEL 1 ON CABLE) 1:00 Galloping Gourmet 1:30 Peter Gunn 1:00 Sea Hunt 2:25 Lucille Rivers 3:30 Whirlvbirdj 3.00 Rip Cord 3:3<> Pooeve 4:00 Three Stooges & Friends 5:00 Cisco Kid 5:30 TwIIIBh' ior» 4:00 Wells Farjo 4:30 Western Hour 9:00 Movie 10:15 Movie (confd) 12 10 News ana Weathsr 12-55 Meditations 1:00 Sign O« WFAA-TT (Channel 8) (CHANNEL 5 ON CA8LH) 1:00 Nawiy Wefl Gam« 1:30 Dating Game 2:00 General Hospital 2-30 One Lit* to Live 3.00 DarK Shadows 3:30 Dialing tor Dollar* 4:i5 Paul Harvey Comments 5:00 News 5:30 Whats My Line 4-30 NBC News 6:30 The Avengers 7:30 The Guns of Will Sonnerl 8:00 The Ouscasts 9:00 Tns Dick Cavett Sho* 10 oa News 11:00 The Rona Berrett Sho* 11:05 Joey Bishop Show 12:30 News 12:45 f-BI 12;<W Living Prayer 12:47 Sign Oft Tuesday MORNING KTXS-TV (Cnannel It} (CHANNEL 12 ON CABLE) 5:55 Sign On 4:00 Summer Semester 4:30 In-Farm-Ation 7:30 Morning News S-00 Captain Kangaroo J:00 Th« Lucy Show «:30 Beverly HillblllU* 10:00 Andy ot M«yb»rrv 10:39 Dick Van Dyk» 11;00 Love of LH» 11:25 Newt 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 12:00 News 12:15 Snella Rawl> Show 12:25 Weathtf 12:30 A> The World Turn* KRBC-TV (Channel 9> (CHANN6U S ON CABLE) 7:00 iooa> T'JS Harry Holt 8:Si Devotions 9:00 It Takes Two 9:25 News »;30 Concentrsflpn 10-OC P«rjpn»MiY 10:30 Hollywood Square* ll;OC J«op*rdy 11:30 EV* Guest 11:55 NBC News 12:00 News and W»»th«r 12:00 Women's News 12:30 You're Putting M* On KRLD'TV (Channel 4) (CHANNEL « ON CA81.E) f.ft Sign Qr, 4:30 Black Heritage i ., v2ws 'no w**f 1 '.s '.85 New» 1:00 Captain Kangaroo S:00 rh* Lucy Show »;» Beverly Hllloim»» 1«;00 Tht AndY Sritfln Show 10:30 Pic* Van Ctyfct 11:(X) Love 91 lift 11:Ji CBS NlWt 11:30 Search (of 12:00 New* 12: )J W»ath«r N§w Minittar t§ . CifftJs ttHfh. Ftf-st CfefiS- Mary Brewer Becomes Bride of J, Ray Sflee *- MX Mary i Wai arid wMti M>s, Manoel Mickey, KTVT«TV (Channel l}) (CHANNEL t ON f.4!> MeoiMnon <:50 New* 7100 siajn e#ns I.-30 Rompar Room »:00 Jscf Lfl tanr* 4;3o e, g. a. 10:00 GJH Talk 10:30 Mornlno at tha 12 00 8) S OM CA*LE) *:30 Murray ' 7:00 Mr J 30 Mr By HEL01SE Dear Ladies Now don't laugh at me. Let's all laugh together 1 A few months ago a woman wrote ihat she hated to dust, especially bric-a-brac shelves, books and collections. She said she took her hair dryer, which had a hose, and with the cap rerhoved. turned it on and literally blew the dust off all the tiny things on her shelves. Now you can laugh all you want to, but I have tested this for months, and it actually works! Here's the wref Always BLOW this dust off bookshelves BEFORE you star) to clean up a room, then you can take up the rest of the dust with your vacuum. Here's another tip t learned If you don't have a hair dryer, use the blowing end of your vacuum cleaner hose—without any ! i don't know, pal. I'm still looking for 'em. And if anybody can find 28. let us know. We need that even more. Heioise ...... Heioise: When cooking supper every night seems to get you down, at least get dessert and a salad It is amazing how easily the rest comes out with this head- start. Even if it's only s simple pud- or aspic Begun is half- done. Keep up the great "Momma's Helper Column!" Mother of Four Dear Heioise: Many families do a lot of traveling while on vacation If they have small ones along, it. is a good idea to have each child wear an identification tag tiati Church's hew minister, -Ms: Brewer of BUhket a«d j. flay introduced 16 the ChHstiaft Wd-'Stici of Garland e*ehang- the bride, s®M& the „..„. „„men Fellowship pf the First: ed vows en Saturday, June 28, ! etf wedding cake dleot &M Wtfi Christian Church Wednesday at i in the First Methodist Church j blue torses Sftd topped with a the group's monthly meeting. ; of Blanket, with the Rev. J. M.! nose-gay of roses. the minister outlined a sum- Seipp officiating. Lithe "float was served fffiffl a mary of the euirficulurh for the! the bride is the daughter of ctystal punch bowl by Mfs. Matyear. "Knowing the Living God"> Mrs. W. t. (Bill) Sirnpsorl and I ry Johnson, sister of the bride, will be the study. A film was the late Mr. Simpson of Blanket. ! Mrs. Tornmie Simpson, sistef-in- • shown on the curriculum mater-' the ceremony was performed j law of the bride, presided at the ial. i before an altar decorated with ''• register. Rev. Keith was introduced by ! palms. j For a trip to Mexico the bride Mrs. Alwyii Clausen. Mrs Ma- \ The bride, given in fnattiage ; wore an apricot linen dress with rold Kennedy, worship chair • j by her brother, Tornmie Simp- ; a matching short jacket and man presided, the meeting was son, chose & friint green lacfe bone accessories, the couple opened with the Christian Wo- ° v ef crepe street length dress will be at home in Garland, men Fellowship prayer. j w 'ith bone accessories and an ••• •.-••"•-.-• •--, --,•••,„ The scripture from the ninth j orchid corsage. i chapter of Luke was read by; the couple's only attendants ! Mrs. Kennedy. Mrs. E. H. Eas-, were Mrs. Tim Stevens and Donley, secretary, reported on the : aid Ray Slice, children of the June meeting and Mrs. Jewell t bridegroom. Louie Brewer Jr., , Carter gave the treasurer's re- son of the bride, played tradi- , port. | tional organ selections. Mike ' The meeting closed with the ' Mackey was usher, the recep Christian Women Fellowship Uon was held to the church fel- benedication and refreshments lowship hall following the cere- were served to 20 members by j mony. Mrs. Jewel Carter and Mrs. j the bride's table was laid with Clark. i a mint green cloth centered with BV ABIGAIL VAFf ABBY: this 1ft that i *8ffififi her husband flfid thfey'fe iHII daftciiftg snooid c?oiifit her bles- trigs. Add abrtthfet- - a flidft who is sn thoughtful as t« over" a geftllefflafi I Young Originals cles j Tr>' SUCKING most of the I dust up first, then reverse the I tube to the blowing end of the vacuum and blow the. rest of the dust off. ! Then reverse the tube again ' and suck up some more of that i loose dust It wx>rks like magic! , : And our thanks to the wonderful housewile who wrote this in. , May God Bless her always. We i sure do. Heioise Dear Heioise Cut off the tops of one large i bleach bottle, one medium-size I bottle and one small one. i This makes three nice mixing 1 bowls when you're out camping. : i They can be used several times and discarded, or can be used i later for leftovers in the refrig-, erator. Mrs. M.M. I LETTER OF THOUGHT ', Dear Heioise: i There must, be 26 hours a day 1 somewhere in this world . . . but I can't find the other two- I Where are they? i Housewife child on one side. Cover the other side of the tag with adhesive tape on which is printed the name of the motel, campground, etc.. along with any identifying location number necessary this tape can be changed easily from one stopover to another. This thought came to my mind after of worry and small son wandered away while \VP were making camp near a lake Each of us thought another member of the family had him in tow, and he was long-gone before we realized our mistake. This hint might save some other family from suffering the same agony. Mrs. C.O.B. Dear Heioise: Recently a lady wrote to you saving the liquid from of fruit to make juice , Carpet Paths and Spots Easily Removed . . . >r clean carpet wall-to-walL Safp Blue Lustre re-brightens colors, leaves nap fluffy. Rent easy-to-use electric shampooer for SI a day at Drug, 1423 Cogsin. Well, we save the liquid jars of maraschino cherries to make milkshakes. We use about a tablespoon of juice for each shake and they're absolutely delicious. Lynda i Plans Made for New Year At B&PW Meeting Here A dinner highlighted the meet-, bery, chairman, Mrs. Alice ing of the Business & Profes- i Lowe. Miss Blanche Shear and sional Women's Club Tuesday Mrs Vera Nelrns. in the Riche Room of the Holi- Legislative, Mrs. Thelma day Inn. Plans for the new George, chairman. Miss Esielle year were made. ' Duren and Mrs. Jesse Turner. Mrs. John C. Hall announced' Christmas party, Mrs. Walter i a district workshop for the B&- Gilmore. chairman, Miss Beri PW Clubs will be held in Sweet- thea Wallace. Civic participation water July 27. She urged mem- Mrs. Winnie B. Burnett, chair- bers to attend. man, Mrs. Barbara Cason, Mrs. Mrs. Hall also read a letter May Helmecke and Mrs. Audree from the president of the Abi- Massey. lene B&PW Club inviting mem- Health and Safety. Mrs. Louise bers of the Brownwood club to McKinzie, chairman, Miss Ag- attend a pot luck picnic at nes King aod Mrs. Earl Foster. Lylle Beach July 17 to celebrate I Personal development, Mrs. J. the 50th anniversayr of National A. Fuller, chairman, Mrs. Char- B&PW Clubs. | les Minear and Mrs. Nell Mayo. •• Committee chairmen and World Affairs, Miss Wilda committees for the new year McGlothlin, chairman, Mrs. have been named. They include: Hazel Ingram, Mrs. Ruth Wil- Program - Membership, Mrs. son and Mrs. Bess Edmondson. Robert Sharp, chairman, Mrs. Annual picnic, Mrs. Jesse Tur- Locks and Mrs. Barbara ner, chairman. Telephone. Mrs. Alice every meal out and going to exciting far-off places, the poor wives are stuck" at home with the kids. M6 datices. P.S. And don't knock !at- they are Usually this best d&fu cers.) DEAR ABBY: I AHA 55 yefltt Our wives are married to men o]d aft ' d j am tire d of hearing who "travel" a lot, too. We :my g enera tjon call the "do no"live it up" ofl our $47.88 ex< lh ( h |,, generat ion. Actually, we pense accounts* and eat every djd mot . e {or soc iety than any meal "out." We also go some generation since the cavemafl very exciting "far-off" places. days Never a dull moment. j ^e graduated from high school But do our wives complain? ihfo the Depression. College waa Not on your life. All they say is 8tr j cUy f or r j cn men's sons. We "Do a good job, and come home rjjdn't"reject society. Society rein one piece, Honey." j ecled us W e waited in line 40 E. Kendall (Captain TC) d for j obs the kids today H. J. Ford (S-Sgt. USAF) u . 01 || d tum up their noses at. were lined up in the cold hours before the place p if there was a smell of a job. Kids today know nothing about things like that mainly because WE saw lo it that the banks were federally insured. They can go to college because WE saw Searles (Sgt. USAFi Ed Breedlove (Sgl. USAF) "SIX MILES SOUTH OF DMZ" DEAR MEN: Your letter reminds me of the man who complained because he had no shoes—until he met a man who had no feel. Thanks for your wonderful letter, DEAR ABBY: My husband i 0 jt that government would loan and 1 have been married for them money if they couldn't af- 44 years and here is my chief f ord ( 0 go . child labor is now complaint. Every time we get illegal. I had sn uncle who lost to a wedding dance or wherever n j s arm as a boy of 10, working there is music, my husband dan- j n a factory He finished third ces the first dance with me and , that's all. My father worked then he starts looking around • from dawn until nightfall for other ladies to dance with.! s j x da y S a we ek. Now we work He will ask ladies he hardly • a 40-hour week, and there is knows, and even some he has l [ a \k of less never seen before, and he thinks ! \ve have Medicare, social se- it's all right because he always, cur ity. and civil rights legisla- digs up some man to dance with; tion. "All a part of OUR genera- me. ! tion's contribution to the world I don't care for this one bit today. as I usually end up with a fat; We doi't pretend to have done man who is sure to sweat a ' a perfect job, but we've done ( lot, and some old man who a | 0 t. So stop crying in your PLAIDS are so cool-looking,! doesn't know how to dance. LSD. i<jrj s , ge t with it. and shape Cason. Projects, finance and Telephone. Mrs. Alice Lowe, espec j a ]] y when the lines of the 1 hate lo turn down a man up if yr> u wan t to top our re- budget, Miss Ophelia Haynes, chairman. Mrs. Ralph Jackson,, s(]e flre sj , g ajld smooth . after my husband has sent him cord) y ou - d better get started chairman, Mrs. David Camp Mrs. Ruth Wilson and Miss Wii-, fjttjng For ' an entjrely di f ferent over to dance with me, so what ( before it's too late and Mrs. Leslie Yates. Public lie Lee relations, Mrs. Donna Christen- 0 ] ' ve Smith, Yearbook, chairman. Helen Burk and Miss Miss look, make a second with button- and straps for This column is written for you ... the housewife and homemaker. If you have a hint or a problem write to Heioise in care of this newspaper. Because of th^ tremendous volume -- — ---- ..... ~ --- » ele " B f k a " d , M ^ T Ma S I sdbe for a sghU of mail, Heioise is unable to ™ artm ' Scrapbook. Mis. Zella ; mi]Hary air This fasnion % a ' n lls ™ 3 "' do you suggest? i OFF MY CHEST ANOTHER ABIGAIL; DEAR OFF: And it's always DEAR ABIGAIL: I suggest ! later than we think. answer ail individual letters. She wUl, how-ever. answer your ; questions in her column whenever possible. chairman, Mrs. Velma {) . om SMSOn to season b , ter. Courtesy, Mis. Pe ry * Jianglng t}ie sleeves necklu / e > chairman. Miss Cleo. _ . b . ^.. . Richev Mrs Charles Minear '> aild fabncs - . „ _, I nicney, Mrs. ^aiiKS rauiear. ; Consu j ^ Fashion Co-ordin- i Copyright, 1969, King Features A , D Tfi ^ ^"n^ Tr^rl? ! ator included in each Youn g ! ^icate. Inc. : ^-™ ^^T^ ! 0^ nal for fabric, accessor?; state B&PW meeting they at-! an^^coor^suggesjons.^^ ^ ^ kTiT/^SQ only! MON.-TUES.-WED. New, breathtaking Doctor in the Kitchen* by Laurence M. Hursh, M.D. Consultant, National Dairy Council LIVING COLOR PORTRAIT by Miss bertha Wallace and Mrs. Leslie Yates, respectively.' The next meeting will be the • Golden Anniversary Banquet j ! July 15 at the Holiday Inn. All; ! past presidents and charter | members of local clubs will be j 1 honored ; ! A memorial service for de- ; j ceased members of the past i year will be conducted. Mrs. I Martin, first vice president, will j j be in charge of the program, j ! All past members are invited to | attend the banquet. Send $1 for this pattern to: YOLNG ORIGINALS (Brownwood Bulletin), P.O. Box 438A, Midtown Station, New York, N. Y. 10018. Print name, address, with zip code, pattern number and size. Add 25 cents for first- class handling. EnHre portrait photographed in living Color fey Jack B. Nimble, Inc. Ply? bundling end delivery money back if this Isn't the most lifelike portrait of yoyr child ever, Not jyst qn old- fashioned tinted or colored pistol, btf "living Color"! The complete portrait come* qlrVer-r-coptured In pmqzing fylUeolor realism with IsstmQn PrefesiionQl Ektoeolor film, Reg. U.S Tr?o«m»rk • Chopje from pcfval finwbed poiiroiu—-not proofs, t gxtro prints avqilabl? af reci??>n* able price;, No obligation to buy. • Qrovpj tqken ot 99* per shllcl. t Age limlf; 5 weeks fo 12 y«w, • llmiti one per chi!d*»- twg per Charm School Set By Early Classes EARLY (BBC) -Early High School summer homemaking students will sponsor a charm school in the homemaking department Tuesday through j Thursday. I On Tuesday the school will j start at 1 p.m. The meeting j Wednesday will be at 2 p.m. and at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, All j Early High School girls are in-1 vited. ' HD Club Hears Talk on Drugs ZEPHYR (BBC)-A program on the effects of drugs was pre-1 sented by Mrs. J. B. Bettjs Tues-. day at a meeting of the Zephyr Home Demonstration Club. ; A brief business discussion, was conducted by the president, < Mrs. Jimmie Nelson and it was I decided not to meet again until Sept. 2. those attending the meeting included Mrnes, Bettis, Nelson, Burt Wright, E. G. Key, C. C.j Gutter, T, A. Sears, Lee Do-j byns, R. D, Kirkpatrick and Carl Belvin. Is there anything sweeter than fresh corn on the cob — with butter? If there is, it's news to me. Corn is one of the traditional American delights. And butter! to make 1 pound —well, butter traces back to the Modern cylindrical earliest days of man. Butter probably was first made j as many as 5,000 pounds of but by prehistoric herdsmen. When : ter per churn per hour, they poured milk or cream into! Federal standards employ a animal skin bags and hung them i numerical score that is based over horses, or camels, or other j on butter's texture, flavor, and domestic animals, the animal's ' other characteristics. U.S. stride shook the bag agitating j Grade AA, the grade generally the milk or cream until butter i available in most stores, has a In the U.S., virtually all commercially prepared butter is made from pasteurized sweet cream. The cream from more than 10 quarts of milk is needed of butter. or barrel churns are capable of producing was formed. i score of 93. Grade A butter has This may first have happened ! a score of 92, indicating a slight by accident. You can be sure, i iy lower quality. Grade B scores thereafter, it was done on purpose 90, Grade C is 89 and is used for commercial purposes only. there are many references in ; Now where is that slice of the Bible to butter, Hindus re- bread IwasabiU to spread corded their fondness for butter more than 3,500 years ago. Butter is a rich source of vitamin A. It also contains vitamin D, vatimin E, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potas- j sium. The energy value of butter | is 33 calories per teaspoon, the same as margarine, but with some tasty butter? Town Topics 301 MAIN Mon. July 7tii, Thru Wed. July 9th Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Royall less of College Station spent the holi- than that of cooking and salad j days with their parents, Mr. oilds. j a nd Mrs. Stewart Rasberry of Butter consists chiefly of milk . Early and Mr. and Mrs. T. D, fat, milk, Kurd, and water. On j RoyaJl of Zephyr, the average, the fat content of' Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Roach both salted and sweet butter j and children, Tony, Jill and Da* ranges around 80 percent. The j vey visited relatives in Brown- moisture content is as high as j field over the weekend. 18 percent. The curd content, I Mr. and Mrs. Loy Miller and containing protein, mineral mat-! children, Denise, Stephen and ter, and lactose (milk sugar), i Kerry of Zephyr attended the averages as high as 1.5 percent Miller reunion at Proctor July 4. ! from pasteurized cream. A -new ear can be rf lot ef fun, finance 5PCITIZE_NS SPECIALS TUNI-UP 5PECIAUST ENGINE ANALYZER The New JHecironic TUNiR » Checks condition of spark plugs • Check* points We Teit, Nat TOM'S AUTO 5UPPU Ft- Mike Jones of Austin spent the holidays with his parents Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Jones of Zephyr. Dr. Edward Bock and Britt Stokes of Arlington have been visiting their grandparents, the Murray McBurneys of Zephyr Mr, and Mrs, H. T. Parlor have returned to their home in Westchester, Pa. after visiting his parents, Mr, and Mrs L^, ter P_arker of ?907 Coggin and his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson of ]m iCsmpa. SUN5-.6UN5 WP Break Boje« Morgan & Son l H

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