The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 18, 1968 · Page 15
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 15

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1968
Page 15
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t: i? i",' 4 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FREEPORT. TEXAS, Wednesday. Sept,. 18. 1968 Section II 'The Pill' for Her Teen-age Doughtei By Abigail Van Buren t c I'6B 6» Chicaio Ttibunc-N. Y. News Smtf.. Int.I DEAR ABBY: My Ui-year-old (laughter is intelligent, pretty, and has a beautiful figure. This combination has the boys in her set spinning like tops. So far we have had no reason to worry about her conduct, hut there are thousands of parents who "thought" their daughters could be trusted, only to learn that all it takes is the "right" boy. the right time and the rieht clace. and anything can haopen. For my own peace of mind. I want my daughter to start taking the pill. But when she asks "what for." what should I say? Our daughter has high morals and is tboroly informed about the facts of life, but my husband fears that if she has the security of the pill she might be tempted to relax her morals when the "right" boy comes along.- I am speaking from experience, which is probably why I worry so much. In my case I was lucky. I didn't get pregnant. 1 DID marry the boy. and I'm happy. What should I do? Hope our daughter is lucky, too? Or should I insist on one hundred per cent protection? My sister-in-law who has two teen-aged daughters says. "Wait until you think she really needs them, then insist." But I'm afraid by that time it might be too late. Forgive me for not signing my name. MODERN MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Yours is a good question, and one which 1 have been asked often. For a mother to give a IB-year-old daughter the pill for her own (the mother's | "peace of mind," implies first, lack of confidence in her daughter's dependability and moral judgment, and second, a surrender of her own control as a parent. It's unfair to the girl, for in effect you are saying, "I hope I can trust you. hut just in case I can't, you may as well he safe." This type of temptation is very difficult for a normal IB-year-old to resist. DEAR ABBY: I recently invited a life-long friend and her husband to a dinner party. I knew her little 4-year-old grandson was staying with her while his parents were vacationing, but 1 purposely did not mention the child. Then she told me that she was bringing her grandson! Now, Abby. this woman is a millionairess, and she could afford to hire a dozen baby-sitters. I said it was going to be an "adult" party, and I emphasized "ADULT" so she would get the hint, but she ignored it. Well, she brought the boy, which didn't help my dinner party any. In fact, it ruined it. t don't dislike children. Abby. 1 have grandchildren of my own, but I don't allow them to attend my dinner parties. What would you have done in a case like this? FURIOUS WITH HER DEAR FURIOUS: I probably would have done just as you did — once. But not twice. You are really "furious" with yourself because you lacked the courage to ask your life-long friend to please leave her grandson at home. DEAR ABBY: We have been married for 15 years and have three children, 9, 11, and 14. We're just average folks, but we are a lot happier than most, and I'll tell you why. When we were first married, my husband and 1 made a pact that if we had children we wouldn't let them run our lives. We'd try to do things as a family, but our whole lives wouldn't center around the kids. Over the years they have learned the little things that annoy Dad, such as toys in the driveway, fighting, and yelling. They know that messy rooms and tracking dirt in the house irritates Mom, so they're careful about that. And oh, yes, there is nothing in our household that is considered strictly man's work, or woman's work. Dad can change a diaper, do dishes, laundry, and cook. And I've learned to be a housepainter. carpenter, cement layer, and gardener. I .won't say we've never had our squabbles, but we've never gone to bed mad. If more couples would concentrate on trying to please each other, like they did when their love was new, there would be fewer divorces. Sincerely, FOR BETTER OR WORSE To promote or not to was not the question ANGLETON - To promote or not to promote was not the question but, rather, how to remain together. The dilemma was laced by members of the Friendship Class of First Baptist Church in its recent meeting. The meeting was held in the home of Miss Beatrice Ford. Mrs. A. L. Henderson led the opening prayer. In the business session, Mrs, Luther Copeland. president, announced that Sunday School officials had expressed a desire for the class to discuss its wishes regarding promotion. Almost all of the members would be eligible lor promotion at the beginning of the new Church year in October, she said. She stated officials had pointed out that in the Baptist Church, which is governed by democratic process, promotion is not compulsory, A motion, after being widely discussed, finally carried, The members voted to promote as one body to the next class, with the provision that the group would remain together ii division of the class be- came necessary after promotion day, Oct. G, The installation service for new class officers originally planned for the meeting was cancelled. Prior to the business, Mrs, Anne Pardonner brought ade- votional on the subject, "Thoughts For Helping Our Daily Lives." Mrs. Copeland closed the meeting with prayer, Best wishes on their birthdays today to - ELLA SUMMERS, KEITH BLAND, DOUG DARBS, J. R. SMITH, CECIL SHAW, SISSY HUFFMAN, MARY ZUMWALT, VIRGINIA VOLLBAUM, BETTY FREUND, VICKI JEAN JOHNSTON, MRS. OTIS WATTS, AMV NABOBS, ELIZABETH KLAIBER, and EULA MAE KOKENA. . , * Celebrating their anniversary today are - MR. aad MRS. J. P. SWANNER. . . IT'S HERE.., IT'S NEW! ALL AMERICA /S TALKING ABOUT IT! STRIKE GOLD l*i STRIKE GOLD WINNERS Porta Color' Personal TV MRS. AITA WOODARD BRAZORIA Bond jo Id Sterne WANDA lARfillD LAKE JACKSON 25.000 Gold Pond Stomr MRS. €. R. WANNAll LAKE JACKSON Channel Master FM-AM Radio IECRY WAGNIR LAKE JACKSON 4,100 Stomps MRS. JOHN WNITERIR LAKE JACKSON 4,100 Stamps MRS. L. 0. Ill LAKE JACKSON 5,100 Stamps WATCH FOR OUR GIGANTIC STORE MANAGER SALE COMING SOON Console Stereo CHANNEL MASTER PM/AM Portable Radio GOLD BOND STAMPS PICK UP YOUR FREE STRIKE GOLD GET IN ON THE FUN... GET IN CARD TODAY. 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POMPEIAH OUVI !H)* LIQUID STARCH QUART t i/z OZ. f RISKIES CAT' ""^ FOOD 6 f o*89 HALF GAL ILEACH FRESH ITALIAN PRUNES FRESH CRISP CELERY IR. LARGE STALK FRESH COCONUTS 10 POUND POTATOES EACH NO. ONE RUSSET IAG SALE DATES: THURS.-FRL-& SAT, SEPT. 19-20 & 21 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FREEPOHT, TEXAS, Wednesday. Sept.. 18. 106> TEXANS AT By ASSOCIATED PRESS Navy U. Cmdr. Holier! J. Gage now confines his photography to taking pictures of peaceful snhjnrts like tils family. But when he was a Texan at War flying over North Vietnam, the Navy flyer snappec' away with his 35mm camera while (lofiKliiRdeadij SAM missiles and tanpliiiR wttli MIG fighter planes. Gage Is assigned to the Naval installation was there that he was recently awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross fi;r "heroism and extraordinary achievement while flyliiK attack Ixnnher missions from carriers Orlskany and Independence apainst Vietnam targets.' 1 The modal cit<--l his skill and daring as a pilot. The fact that he fal:«?s photos on the side is incidental. During a six montlis duty last year he flew 75 combat missions from carriers over Vietnam. His citations read like a movie script. Sweeny 4-H Horse Group sets meeting SVi'EJ-JNY _ TheSween;. -1-H Horse Group will kicknff its fall schedule Thursday with a nieetiiu; besinnln;; at 0:30 p.m. at ilu- '.'•'. M, Ueiisoii Arena in Shady Acres oul'Sivisi'-'i). Tile croup is open to :• <mii!< people arcs nine- thn.iuh \'j, A full prorram Ls planned fur the cominr, ;• v a r with four count;, -widt horse shows, jilus the annual -5 -II oi<t-n horse show in Februar . In addition, monthly pro- gran.s are scheduled to practice trainim; technUjues for the point sl'.ows. Further information is available by calling I. O. Thompson at 048-232H. Sweeny, or Henson. at 798-73'-:' Brazoria. Combat Art Team PL.KIKT, .South Viotnani (AP) — A conimer'-ial artist froiii Wichita Kails, Tex., has bten nan.eti to an Arniy Cun,bat Art Team. -Sp. 4 David one of the first suLiiers tn .:jualir. under the rf-lair.t-l;. new pT'iLTam. The tea;i;i are cuiiipos^d of five men each and spend tin.t in Vietnam oiiU-ii.-jiorar;. diit;.. Completed paintings are sent to Washington. D. c., whert- the;. art- displaced at the Army's V.'ar Art Colle^tiun. One or two paiiitin-.-s fro::, each team's total are to he placed in the Smithsonian Institution in \Vashi:i::tu!i. An i some works art- chosen f >r a marl show that travels tiirou.'iiout the country. Following a strike on the Thong shipyard at Haiphong led by Cmdr. Gage, a com- mendatlon written by Vice Admiral W, F. Brlngle said: Cmdr. Gage rigidly maintained his key position within the strike group as it violently maneuvered to degrade the accuracy of the deadly antiaircraft fire. "N'earing the target the sky was blackened by the bursts of exploding shells. At great personal risk, he aggressively fixociited a preclson dive bombing attack and his bombs impacted in the center of the preassigned area, which was almost totally destroyed.' 1 By HK.SSIE PATTERSON Mr. ami Mrs. Andy DeShani and Cliarmainf; were Sunday giiest.s of the John Henrys in Houston. Joe DaviO and Ann Walker, son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Walker of Danbur;, have enrolled at the University of Houston, and began classes this week. Joe David has attended St. Thomas Uni- versit-, in Houston and Alvin Junior Colk-ee. This summer he was employed as assistant manager of Fred's Firestone Store in Danbury, Ann was a 19G8 Uanbury High -vjho'.'l graduate, and worked part-time this summer at Dow Clieii.ical Companv. Both Joe and Ann will be llvim; on the L"ni'..--rslt:. campus. Mrs. Beverl; Mt-nard has also enrolled at the University of Houston where slit will con- cinntr h,-r major in elementary education. Mrs. Menard attended Alvin Junior Collere for two and a half ;.ears. Slit- finished at Alvir. in January and re- cehe-i her diploma in an As- aooiate of Arts decree in Ma;.. After finishint; her final ex- an.5 i;i 'anuar;.. Mrs. Menard v.'js v:r~ : by the Danbur> In- •iep'-r. !>>nt scli'ml District to tea'di the kindergarten class to finis?. Miit the second semester, replacii;, Mrs. Barbara Mink •.vho had resi ;r !'.fr-J that position. Mrs. Menard will be kept iuite;. with dnvliu' back and forth to school ev c ry da;. so she can U- atU ::,e with her husband. L a r r :•, and three school-a^e sons. Mr. air.i Mrs. Robert V,'oo<l- ward spent four Jays inMadi- sonville visit;:..' his daughter arid family. th. ; 'im Frale;.s. Recent >;.it-s!3 ; fthe Rev. and Mrs. Frr.i Limelmanand fam- il; were his 5i>ter:i::dfami!y, the Marvin MareV.s • > Crosb saiidra .--cott .'..ts an uvt-r- nif.l.t :Ue-it "f Mar;. Kuth i'at- BONEi. Bii'I'I'lJ-'S AND R'.-UK- .1 artistic creations l.r. Jiini;.!- . ria.. IVSi lul'.l ll:-.e- prill '::: ! !•• . : '•aUSf "tl..' fUU.sllr iwi' - u i: •jr'ui.ic. an.I the pain .• • i. • it runs,"

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