The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 29, 1952 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Thursday, May 29, 1952
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BAYTOWN. TEXAS Thursday, May 29, 1952 TELEPHONE: 8302, Five Cents Panfy Raid Reported On Korean Front Vertical By WARREN EDWARDS made big news on" four fronts in Baytown BULLETIN clearance requirements on the Highway 73 BERLIN » Ma V 29 —(UP) ^across the Trinity river will be reduced as the result — A Comir <unist demon- tearing Wednesday in Port Arthur, stration led by youths 'Construction of the southern approaches to the Bay- broke out m West Berlin La Porte tunnel has been put on the State Highway Thursday and more than 's list of immediate action projects. inn « r • -i ^ _ of Highway 73 from Haden road to the San °° P °'' Ce rushed to quel1 to ordnance depot has been authorized. • lt§ 4^Highway 90 will be wid- BERLIN, May 29 — (UP) — four , lan _ es _ froin British Foreign 'Secretary Anthony Eden told West SOMEWHERE IN KOREA, May 29 (—The panty raid came to Korea Thursday. KOJE ISLAND, Korea,'May Aii entertainer visiting the ' J British brigade headquarters 29. (UP)— One Communist ba^'aV" 1 * VHllLshed from her prisoner of war was killed The report of a British cor- and one was wounded Thurs- rapondent said: d y nigilt j Compound 66 Everyone was suspected ex- J •• r cept the brigadier, who was in where Allied, troops "earlier the hospital at the time." used te 4 r gas to break up a But most troopers here, whose ° , _ T , JL only raiding- parties are - the demonstration by North Ko- bloody affairs aimed at Communist outposts, had only contempt for the home-front foolishness. ' The GIs scoffed at reports that The Trinity river bridge on Berliners Thursday that the such springtime, antics Iiad af- gcty-of Baytown was hearing yesterday, but its propon- er any attack on Berlin as ents Thursday were reading he- i.^ ^ ^ • tween the lines of a statement" that an attack on tneir own arm ' abruptly ended thc one-day meet- ed forces and themselves." mgf. Waterways representatives with- " The WeSt w111 nOt be in '~ N. C., said: "If they're really .worried about our morale let the college boys keep the pants and send us the girls." T. Sgt. Jim Colcman, St.' Louis, said: ; "It's not the morale problem First reports indicated the shooting was accidental. It was reported a Browning automatic rifle' was < fired about 7 p.m., apparently by accident. UN . ifl->_L >o. r r, < j • used real force-'since CoL'Francis T. Dodd was kidnaped on May Jl . and held hostage for, 78 hours. Officers said- no one -was " hurt during Thursday, afternoon's demonstration. ' They said .prisoners . . By AUBKEY BANKS Members of-the Interna- The city's $478 000' improvement program will be one of tional Association of Ma.,_ ^ ,._.__: „. City Coundl meets ch _ stg , L ^ & ^ - '? when :'j; J. Rady of-Fort Worth will be at the meeting to dis- day h 5 d acce P ted the first 5 f cuss the plans for the program which is scheduled over a Humble Oil and Refining Deriod peiioa. The plans include a"sewage disposal plant on West Main drew their protest of 73-foot verts- timidated by threats," Eden s?d^ C on a thTmtrac a oa^^ £ ld ^ Berlin officials at the out h^reThat'bothers'us^sThe were maiing-around .inside the . at the-Goose Creek 'Stream bridge for $206,800; elimina- miracoastal canal, and Shoenberg city hall. morals T>robl«>m h*«lc hnm* AT*V. ,compound .when the Browning au- tiQn . Qf j^ - - G v morals problem back home. Maybe we ought to send home a few missionaries." jg Argentine naval tank- Col. James'Lang ended the hear- He spoke as a Communist threat p^rto Medano. with 14 in £- ' to cut off subway and elevated I- * and 120 men aboard The wa >' was thus cleared for railway service between East and (•HSduu ^Jo^b-c the state and Brazoria county to West Berlin was reported. jup at tne HumBie QOCKS bui!d their bridge _ Eden repeated a paragraph, from km. to take on a load OI Tne Trinity bridge on Highway the western Allied statement which rcatin 0 " oil. The ship is 73 probably will not have to satis- declared that the Big Three would fcrtai to be here 72 hours, fy the 73-foot demand since the regard any attack on Berlin as an IT « Ward Ccuncilmcn Trinity, when navigable, would attack on themselves and added: fcjcr J. *~ > * ' , n rit merely be a tributary. In the past "These are strong and firm n n MMHiSon and C tv brid ^ specifications for bridges words. They leave no doubt of our i#:C. L>. ittmcneLon a > over sccondary s t rea ms have not lasting interest in Berlin." «T ucorge ccanoier went been as harsh ag those fof ma - n Despite the increasing pressure i to pay their respects to streanis such as the canal from the East German Commun- Manuel S. Lima and his annroAi-h to thp n»vtnwn ^^ trying to sever the sectors of TuVel on the ^ Porte siS If the Berlin - P rivate . a ? d commercial ^ ^.^^ captain invited them Into sh ip" c hanel is the final link in the *** mc to the ci ^ from - V !^ 9jl r : promised "a longltodTat an ; .aters for coffee. Mayor tunnel system. ma " y ** 5 ^"T ? f a 2m\5Jt fsienaedthe courtesy of the Thg ; onat u<m will indude U. S. Army saxl it was stOl writ- grading, drainage structures, sur- >~~^ went off. " U1JL ur - Ali > »<-«->-iuii/north of West Main and at the end ATT p.m., the* Communists had Utah street, $16,200; connection of South Baytown sewers been seen cutting-a hole in he ' fence at the main.' gate of Compound 66. •;- - . . .' The Communists.- had refused an order "to .-repair "the damaged ISA UfiB'iAfi*!* Creek stream at §60,000; and a C" ilCfJHI 1 ' $17,200 engineering fee. HOUSTON, May. 29 backers of Gen. Dwigh.1 hower for fence, and ^'ignored an order .to disperse. '._••- - • , Brig. Gen." Haydon-L..-Boatner, tough new commandant' of the - Koj'e, camp,;. ordered . the combat troops into the 'compounds to regain full' control 'over the. captives and break them.up into smaller, for s two .,T. Adams, president oX day .that .the. offer was ac- to the plant, $5,800; con- ceptedby a vote of themem- struction of a main trunk b «sQip'at a'meeting last nigbtr; line from Morrell'Park to the Baytown k Employes Federation new disposal plant site along Goose £«»*«*-A.. B. Oliphmt said to- . 1 ?. tm °E e .Stabilization Board , . . approve, the,, wage increase is on its The waterworks .improvements way to Washington - - > , , .. . ' . , .", chiefs ave * t ° ld 'P r ' lk ,a transmitted Governor Al- ters'welcome to the state of facing ^ grade separation at the intersection of Highway 146 and ••A best traditions of diplo- 215, a distance of 1.9 miles, protocol, Capt Lima, dress- The ^^ separation will be a —- — . a spanning __white uniform thi-ee-levei structure, feeding traf- traffic officials pM braid, paid a return vis- fic to and from the tunnel over der the techni lie C:ty HaU oils afternoon, one-way lanes only. It will be the hi accompanied by Midship- |G«rge Gonzaies. 2sg to greet him were City •:*: Jfiddleton, Councilman . Reeves," Chamber of Corn- Robert Strick- spend a toeay teave Wednesday concerning its The,present, compounds hold an (See Troops' Move-^-Page Two) West German newspaper Tagesspiegel said in a special edition that .East German railway to had met to consi- .calities ol cutting be- put . u and ." indic f^ lssue back first of its kind in Texas. tween the Mlf of half of THe extension of Highway 73 to IR San Jacintp ordinance depot ^^^ gu ards lor the third i 1., miles of pavmg:. The atraignt ^ay turned back American^ also includes completion of , arsr i -Ri-sfSch.Trviiifavv police, patrols *••• Last week; the high court refused rule on an appeal 'by Eisenhower, .supporters in" connection with disputed delegates to the state GOP convention from six counties. - - , . - • The court said the matter should go first to the parry's ^state exe- committee. UN To Break Off tgotiations ca "are expected to cost $172,000. They ___ '**^ include a 1,000 gallon-per-niinute 1 well and pump, a pumphouse r a * Wage increases for city employes . 250,000-gallon steel surface storage and board appointments are two .tank, a 400,000 gallon steel elevat- of'the major items on the'agenda " ed storage tank and 3,500 feet of for the meeting of the City Coun- \ eight-inch water 'main, cirat 7:30 p.m..Thursday.- ' City officials.have, pointed out Couhcnmeii M. L..Campbell,'Her r . that the $478,000 program is $37. bert Campbell and'R. B r Bergeron 164 more than the city will have are mehibers of, the wage . com- available by the end of the fiscal mittee and are to report their re- 'year. - commendations-tonight. - , This means that completion of the new; contract," he said, "but Director of Public .Works. C..W. \ the projects will have to be spread we redoing to go ahead and accept ' Gratham turned in some pay scale , out as the money' becomes avail- it: -" change, requests at the last meet- able A Kg item'in'tte negotiations ino- of the council but the city fa- Tiie P lans have been-drawn by with the machinists has been *he ( is received. The--contract between. Humble and-the-machinists union is foe. istead-of two 1 as it has •past,-Adams saidr _ "We're'not'entirely pleased with. Communists challenged the 'Nations-: Thursday -t6'""b"ack : 'dpwn off' the truce •acis Qaaber Manager kelson. - ,. "*"": *» fc ^"»"se ^«.» jw- L- 5?T CoE/Geofge--kccne- J of-^ t - Strccfc roaa -^ -of_, Green s j Defend ieadquartors, Police • tiavo ^ - linking [LE.>IcKee, Fire Chief A. Th «? promise that Highway SO The guards did not interfere in seat i n g virtually all 'delegates 'Admiral Thad W *U be widened to four lanes was with civilian' and German traffic,. supporting. 5^ Robert A- Taft 2of the Goose Creek Naw. E. H.,Thornton Jr.. chair- however. : ALvin Lane of Dallas nn«-' nf ihp 'North Korean, GenI-Nani'H, senior _—. ,.. " _ „_ r- Z-*_ r*., -v* • t - r*. TTT_X T-fc ^_.1?_ . .. -—.T - 21^..^^ .- J-*v*kJ& r <JL J-^CH-LdO. IJlLu Ui_ Lilt- '** j^ ._ ; _i_- *J _t ^ _:_ it_ - "— '* was Guillermo dc nion ,Arzestiae consul in Hous- mission 11 u > - v, v, i ^A f « <i an d are ready for presentation to scale"an~d that of borne oE^the oth"- r ™ ™ „« ™ Pa J r ° J,- Ch ^ cked to j } P ?- S ~ the councilmen-for approval and er skilled'crafts/Adams said."' ^ [ -May/29 (!R-The sible inequalities and possible in- adverusement of bids on the ,ii~~,^ +i,^,TTr,,+^ creases; * Vork. .The increases recommended by ', ' ^^«> "Grantham fpr^wbrkers^in th'e^Pub- , , ^ ^ r^,'-^^"' * . \^JL TT7 n «tr*« T~> A.vhn «*Vw% AYS I- Tim*»A Vifi e?n.*l , m. m S •> / I > w England Ifc^ Work\ Department were based on the"limits set up b'y 'the coun- by the executive, committee''"" uw .negotiators , refused- - to be- - dlmcft iiv tbe budget hearings last baited by another series pf f load- S u mm er -.»--., - J " Communist questions " from - A ^ ^ knotty prob i ern oE , - is disposed" of,~ the council- W^bmqn May That historical the new_ contract. ,~>~-' r ^ ' -A However^, the"^uniqn. 'president added,that,undor the new contract the' cointipesn^Vviil^furnish tools for ^ the machinists, r which was- iiot *~ done yin, the, past., v , ^ v*-*%."' " ^* Lima was presented with Austin Wednesday- ern telephone and telegraph ser- "every"word" of the opinion. but Nam insisted on-another "meet-"-Tax Equalfzation Board and the, |ci the Baytown area! some 100 of his The state highway chairman termed the Houston-Beaumont • be given shore leave if stretc h of road car be arranged for his No ^ ^ Texas ;• Thornton asked the delegates - whether they favored completing |g%||*§? ' the new Highway 73 before start- f^&v&tH} ing on fiighway 90 but nobody would suggest a priority. Aj{ _ Instdad. the county judges prcs- , , , .. iwffice Sid " ent asked die state to select the Tlde;a3KZS V8fO jHOUSTpx construction com- location of the four-lane Highway WASHINGTON, May 29 of many East German towns had ^ ey were actually Democrats' replaced_ with ^fan- as one Taft'backer " s for a day." •M^fK t,- w y,,,^Tr atically loyal Communists from death highway Qther parls Qf the Soviet Civil Service Commission. TVEYMODTH, Afass, May 29 (HP) A list of possible appointees to ',—A.n attractive, 27-year-old moth- both boards has been submitted er of three "children was told to' members of the council. -The - she may give oirth to quintuplets. councilmen have-been considering , "It's the will of God," said bru- Federation, are-running for new the appointments since the " last nete Mrs. Marion Manning of terms in-the-election to be held-in The, entire-slate of officers and of the Baytown Employes J. V. Dougherty was the ^ route now so thc counties con r on construction of an be » in getting the rights of way. the Baytown Postoffice -Judge Sob Casey of Harris of $£5,000, the Gen- COUn ty said the county probably Admrnistration on- can purchase necessary rights of 'Thursday. vray without a bond issue. other bid was one from *! aac Sons of Dallas for « a » » aa contract is not final ^ a review by the GSA President Truman 'Thursday vetoed the bill to give the states title to oil-rich tidelauds. He said the measure ignored the rights of the nation and its whole population. But he said the Eisenhower to these negotiations" Nam de- people, qualified as Republicans ^a^ 6 ! 1 during the one hour and under rules of the-state GOP exe- ^T?^ 1118 Beting, cutive committee bv signing the I tell you frankly that the dele- pledge r "I am a Republican and gataon of tne Korean people s army desire to participate in Republican and the Chanese people s volun- parry activities in 1952 " teers ha ! not come here to accept your ultimatum!" • ' The UN. has delivered;. ho '.'ul- S ^-Bjr^Ea W^H*>k iraa timatum" but on April" 28 gave its ^ WS'ls E^l^ 1 la "final and- irrevocable"-proposal for ending the war jby_ returning F l"^taBeaa I ass, <ssa ^ *& JL~ °^ y those - Communist prisoners lOilHJiiriCl ^ B3 ^^ w °° ^-'ould not"resist'repatriation. "Why do you continue'to come meeting. Tonight is the last possi- South Weymouth at a hospital June, - - • _ t The- nominating committee of the BEP had -drawn, up a, slate of Gen. 'Williajn K." Harrison, moment the Tax Equalization . where she is awaiting the multiple members can be appointed births which may occur at eny- ^ "since they are to hold an' organize.- time between now and mid-August candidates - today oh-'which/ the tional meeting Monday. .. . 'Tm niimb about the .whole membership will vote by mail: "* The 60-day delay granted .with'. thing," said her husband, John", 36, Each member is given a ballot the approval by the voters of Civil . president of a bus company, who end - a franked ^envelope and the Service is also rapidly running out. ^ wa s busy at home trying to care ballots must be mailed within nine " Members of the Civil Service r for their children—Bennis, -4, Mary calendar days. • They cannot" be Commission,which will -have com- """Alice, 3, and Ann Marie, 2. brought to the'BEP office, BEP X-rays taken about a month ago President AT E. Oliphint noted, by Dr. Robert R. Hyan of South The nominating" committee re- Weymouth, showed that Mrs/Manning 'would give birth to quadruplets. Dr. Ryan then conferred with Only 12,000 Oil Workers Still idle plete control o'ver all - personnel matters in,the,fire and poilce departments, must have several qualifications.' They must be of good moral „ •ar^TDnra. ^, nn ' __ • Senior Allied delegate; told Nam character, residents in the city for specialists. Further X-rays were nin ^ - ;u y SL .Thursday; that the only, obstacle "moreTth'ah three years, over the ^Lg^^^LS^**^ to a quick armistice was,the Com- age of 25 years and they must not . ~ munist cnagrin at .learning that have'held any public "off ice within _ instead of four babies. way, leading to a crash Wednesday in which seven men burned to death. port'' for the top officers arid trustees shows: Candidates "for president, incum- t' Oliphint,' Roy Whiteside and °- E Geparbnent's traffic DENVER. May 29 HPj—The na- thc Utah Oil Refining Co. plrnt at _ The big global bomber was com- 'ign is, paying off. "~ tion's airlines Thursday were pre- Salt Lake Cit3 r . ing in for'a landing from a routine s McCullcugh said p . ar ^ n ° to resum e normal opera- . The nation-wide oil strike, which flight with 17 men aboard when plane. _The gashes—more, than PUS AN, Korea,- - May 29 —President Syiigmair Rhee defied a foot the Korean National Assembly drawer full o f over workers'stil! were idle. the hardest. g tickets, but that il Interior Secretory Oscar Chap- Three weeks ago the Interior De- rectivcd since TUP- man-said late Wednesday that all partmeat issued a blanket order deep-n-ere where the huge laud- Thursday ;,nd ignored.-a request Ksuid. restrictions on the use of aviation cutting deliveries of aviation gaso- f n g gear of the plane hit the earth from the'United Nations: to witli- - - _ . gasoline'will be lifted next Mon- line abovrt 30 per cent to conser\ f e short of the runway. A boanf of draw his martial-law order and day, spying the natwm-vvide oil J «nd Town scarce supplies. The order also strike was gradually drawing to a banned u>-e of gasoline for sporis c l ose 111 and pleasure flying. — — T.» ... „,„ ., - , The order forced many ol the Meanwhile, CIO oil union spokes- . airllnes to drast i ca liy cut and Evelyn men in Denver said at latest re- ^ - schpdules to wait for Port that 12 local unions still were "7^ scneuuiei >spree ." . . out on strike and one other was for ending '-'locked- out." 7 Nell They said the workers still were for a on strike against Pure Oil Co. near Port Neches, Tex.: Magnolia Oil 5° mn *enting: Co.. .Beaumont: Shell Oil. Pssa- expe cted tonight 64- Moderate northeasterly winds becoming Cloudy And Warmer BAYTOWN WEATHER—Partly cloudj- and a,jittle warmer Thursday night and Friday. Xow offieer- xvas making an official investigation Thursday. The giant $rL5 million touched earUi short of the end of.the north-south runway. Its right landing gear collapsed and it burst into flames as it'skidded to a :»top. release nine-assembly men arrested on hts orders.' :'"- -; " The Republic-O'L -Korea's worst political crisis deepened - with the Sung Sqo, who*, charged, Rhee with an "assault ..on,-the-constitution." There are three members of the -had quintuplets who survived, commission. One will be appointed for a one-year term T one - for two yeafsrand one for three ryears. Af. ter that commissioners shall be appointed for three 'years \is each term expires. Members of tbe Tax Equalization Board arc- uewly-appointed each yea. The three -members or WA |?^SSf T j^^ the board-have jurisdiction ov«r PrcSldent Trumaifs foreign aid in tax-valuation. ^ program headed fur a Seiiate- llons-e conference gYutip TliuraJ^y carrying at least SI.2 bilnoti less thsn {he S7 9 billion he asked to arm the tree world a-jam^i CtM»»- inutsist aggression. Tiie senate'parsed a So.7 billion mutual security bill Wednesday "* - . nighi after defeating three efforts •Utility Rate Expert*Clinton Ows- to cut the total stdl further. Icy has the figures 'compiled ,by v The house last week cut Mr, and the physicians conclud- Jemes H. Lilly; for-vice-president, ed Mrs. Manning might have five incumbent W. D. Henderson, L. E. Kirkley and George G, Bowers, t Candidates for" secretary are incumbent D M. Gillespie r and J. W. Hayes. Jr.;, for treasurer, incumbent Jlmmie .H. Parr, H. N. Txxve and R. I*. Potter; for trustee position . two.. incumbent C. E. Matthews and George H. Bland Jr.; for trustee- position four, incum- bcnr P^ R.' Ditw^oii, G. W. Golden, M O. Parker,-and O. L. Kent. W. -T, Walker, trustee position six, U the only candidate for the top office* ihiit ih innopposed. Owsiey Gets fJi abiii^ Mrs" n^ ^ a " hai " r - dena, Tex.: Crown Central. Hous- SJIP i, o de , Sevens re- ton: Phillips O2 Co. plants at Wood Ho^* T y recov "ering Cross, Utah, Spokane, Wash., and OS r».,i SoffcbaII Kansas City. Mo.: Lion Oil Co.. El Dorado, Ark;; Cities Service Oil PARIS." May 29 (Qt—The government demanded Thursday that -Jacques Duclos; arrested No.- 1 The southeast Friday. game for over i Helen P ans ' • for Oil/ Cleveland: Deeprock Oil Co., DrumrighU Okla., and the Skelly OU Co. refinery at El Dorado Kans. Union officials charge union em- K M l r «\ l n Plane Crash - Slagle hol- W she can't sub- proached the field. Other "officers reported, that one of the palne's .. *" v . - _. » _ i \iH WtJ^.lJ -&l^9 V.\^iliJiVt.lJ*J*^_liJ. U—l TT- .T.I — six piston-driven engines was not catfon acd rahabjjitatioh .of Korea, operating: and the propeller was - - i -.. ••- ...-^.«. -~ . ..feathered. \ J ^ The officers said the fact that the engine was out meant nothint- They ^aid if the aircraft commander had been in trouble, he •would have notified the field. The-ten crewmembers. City Manager C. D. Midleton said its commission on \mifi- Thursday. "The"figures-have Tseen =snt to -nuhtary -and ^ House concentrated its slash on O ne v year !n crison to indefmite sdt -nuhtar ^ and "defense support'^ itary confmein€P.t.' l v > ' *?^ : aj " .^^^f g ^» 2ovanment demai^d fpJkr^ haven't-heard anything else. I as- - Truing what he asked for ed a ^natio^wide barrairain^Cam- we ^^ hea . {rom Wm other nations. raunist demoostraticsjs: and flie ffl. S--I ^ L^ s -lt ; ^'--c* V so °n- The telephone company b ° wl f irs.t Wednesday asking fifin to lift mar- made the request for a 50 per cent « ' ing of lesser police charges f^SS*** 5 ^ ^^ °^' - - ' ^ ^/c was arrested_at^ gunpoint r TOKYO, May 29 (OV-Brig. Gen. ^"^f^TS*!*«rW'f«r fTC* tia i laX V" PuSSn "^ ithout ****?'' re : te Crease at tne regular meet- ^ NoTih At i antic Pact armyj to a raTheig"ht "of lh7"R^°deSiI have been "locked out" of AT™ W . (Pete) Tyer, 40, vice ^ d *S JjJSSF^ «S to JafeTy" ?. n ?n r ^ 5Se an ^ as ^^'^ i"S of: the City Council Febmarj- be the safe minimum. ' !Ltions\?whfch^Sieiiota?SS ronmander of the Japan~ air de- from the S" 511 ™ 1 ran . to saiep « stai u n( |er arrest ,-or otherwise 14. ..' • . : , - . f^H 0 " 5 m ,w?Jcn 5?! e xioier v?as By Ken Reynolds SS^ftSg was Wlled^ednesday ^ore «««««* «wl«no M rock- ^^ ,. t , Rob^Strickland, attorney for Bj Ken Keynoms ^ tl . VA , ^ «^v,,^ M **~* ed the xvrecka^e, , Rhe e, smiling, told-newsmen he the'comMuiy,- has said that the rate does "n6t ^intend to -dissolve the request was based on operation shortly after takeoff and crashed in a rice paddy. r Capt E. R. Crane, A?ichita r fighter pilot who has flown, 160 combat missions, died in the same- crssh. The two officers had taken off shoatthelncrease.^hlch^as SAN FRANCISCO, May 29 <UB— from Komalci Air Base on central Additional maritime disputes pla- Honshu, the main Japanese island. -^ West Coast shipowners Tne jet engine apparently ^^ Thurscav as & strike caHed by the' out" .seconds after the %yheels left > AFL - ^^^ Un 3on of'the Pacific the. nmway. It 'J^J™/^?" ' entemi Jts third day vf&i m' s«t- houses and crashed, setting ; tire to a\ Japanese farmer's storage Vvg T^n -_ - - ^ - _ ^ ;- commander of .the Fifots Union served Rotire'on the H! NASOR fignreto^vea-e^.pereentre- gency Action itaken by -Congress turn on investment, ^wilt, actaally ? 0 retl ] en r s h thp tiatrmii fnn<> ' hrmg.only a 5.67 -per dent : return/' ' * ' By Olin M»lle? .--. it*? jiist nn ol* ^>tool — T The Sun AVant Ad ^RH! It tvns~an~ antique!" • J^ H niOn - servw! TaeV airfield in September. 1950,' -. Pacific-.Matitinw- AssociaUon, rep- when .it 1 was the last remaining - r *»< tntin .?-. 428 ' shipowner, that it Allied ^iTStnp fn K6ro3. Hi? pilots w<vnts a general review of it^ con- >mounled 2?>0 sorties » day against tracu ^Thf PMA mad? nr> Jmm^ enemy troops only three miles nislr- answer, but it \y-*s expected " -'•"•- ^ th« A baby chide ^don't car.e much i-abo^i^• ^l^nng;, I atn't! Postmasters ^ycstebday wcrc-'ora- ^ killed,-more *thanr 200 persons injured and J13 persons arrested. He faces a sentence ol from S months to -2, years - imprisonment and ia -, fine of-from J2,000 francs ($^^to ^ 120,600 frants ($350) upon convic-' T ' Con 'of/the UlegaL army change,- ~" based on the •discovery o£ a load- 1/ ed French army-type pistol 'in his * - 16SSer ffleg5 "

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