The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 22, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1897
Page 4
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Fast Trains r~fi ' ' . To , Bay View G. R. & I. Bummer Schedule te now in effect, lifcSB p. m.» Afeft meeting »f the cotftrnwn of &«<?tty of Marshall hold At the city halite said city on the 1 20th day of r , the following resolutions adopted by unanimous votes ™ «8li»«*s it ifl Expedient for the city of Marshall purchase miittitein and opM- '" system of wfttef works. the system of wstter*Wk« ' by thai Mftr$han,Wftter. ^fioriy • tnonSind; ffott.f"fiTor hotel, t«ft stores,&house , ot w5th feil#rt aftl j O fc1ta*d. 'terms 8nle -A eh««ftp fot cash. 3Efitj«im afc , nrfrfh of Orcone's drug store 7:00 p. m^etoisfcey t-af P- «>* View &($'$. nvanfl Hatltc* • Springs 8:2$ p. tn. iSiie qwpMtilly noconiodfit^ cowing from other lines. for fo1d<i*8 ; fcod further iafornirt- HO* to ; . • Grand of tfR> value of ten thotiBtind dollars, are deemed u^eepSMj: and advisable, which &ifoi of fifty tbouBSfld doiWre is n greater swtw than ram be t a&ed by the ^njiooft (jount-il of Sifid city or paid from the few of ftny'oWF&ft th<Mt?fo*e &e i Tl tt the »i^y ot do t"ar6ha*» «hft *«"W » In operation-nrid- it»|>fove the fw above «|>«>dlled ttnd for 4he purpose of §irch pu retinae «M improvetocut, do hy loas the sum of fifty tations, pafty can-ds, hldividtial cards wo We patttHg ottff . 1tti^'t» pope style OonH ya* ftfeed a fertfte of printing Sn thd above tine* Juet ftbt>o* now. We b the newest ahd latest eeripl tjtto, , \ |.0 W F MAGKINXC • PEtOSKEV CHICAGO,; Toledo, Detroit /Maclkinac WZTOSKf Y, THE "SOO," 'AND OULUTH. • '' EVCRV CVENtMQ BCtWCEN Petroit and Cleveland tg h Karllcrt Trnlti"* fti Cleveland . for nU toolnts Knst, b<Auh ami S6«thwc»t. , /ily»AuguM and September OpSj 2 New Steel Passenger Steamer* «KVC inet 'x*ti tiidJvforoar t'piwr Mk* costing *joo,ooo each. Send for pluV- , . pamphlet. A. A. SCH\NTZj G. Pi.WocTfioiT.-to!CR' Ttie Qetiolt & cieveianfl Sleam flair, Of /Mangled and Torn therefor, such bmi<te fr» be called Marshall "Water Btrfitts, to be-dated a» of tho ^ ttteir testte, to tro of tftff deftSWrii* ,M of ow thoftsand doflattf eftpfc, to intetoet ftt, the rate of not exceed ing fte per t»ttt per, annum payabte semi nnnuatly in the months of May and November eachyettfftnd to have et>u pens for such interest attached to path ftcind, and, tho principal thensot fo be uuo attd payable A. IX I9i7'bdt"h principal and tutcrefit to he payable ftt tho ctty<«f Ne* York: forty thtittsanddollaraof gaid bands to 1»& issued* upon the completion t>f tho purchase of the yiwka and such pot-- tloftof the'rehiaiWde* jhrofh tiinwto time •as-tufty Ixjueeeflgary upon.tU$ order, of the board having charge*)? me wa;ter wrtfks, property. Be it further ' /ifs«i&w£, Thatthepropoaitiott'to raise said ^sttikof fifty thousand dollars for purpose afoteeaio bfe fitibniltted to a vofo of theelectoruof said oity of Marehall.that the election thereon bo held in the eald dty of Mar8hM10fi.!Etujrsdny thouovenUi day of October, 18fl7, that the ballots at said election shall read tiaiojlows: 41 Shstt- th« city of Marshall raise by loan the sm« ,c« fifty thousand dollars for the puronafeo and improvement of a system of/waterworks? Yes." and "Shall the pfty of Marshall raise by loan th<j aum of fifty thousand dollarn'fdr tho purchase and improvement of a pystem of waterworks? No." That each person voting for said proposition shall designate; hie choice by the use of the ballot first mentioned and each person voting against said prot«wition shall designate -bin choice by the iise of the ballot last mentioned; That thfl recorder cause a copy of this resolution to be published in at taist "one ncwfipaper -piibliBhed in said city, of Marshall with # notice thereto attached that said election will be held in accordance herewith and «leo cause to be posted in tho proper place a copy of thin resolution with the same notice thereto attached 'said election to be hold at such time, by the 1 proper personp,.unf$ the returns U>bo ctihvassedand declared «ij in ciise of general elections. IJfiitico ia hereby given that an plection will be held in accordance with the fore- PROPRIETORS . No trouble l»inotecoainivn ortnore mis- plo hftviftg iUhink*thHHfceir fcetve»««> to Matee and 9r&'mi*Bti»s«rth<ri they ftre not tfufed by nerve utetReiws »«a bimnfl r-*—' di«<i Mie'reftl'aeoft of ttw notBfthtef i« mtfht. af j the htowanb is t»a orcmfi to be kH>feednftfj' i . Nw.Vou8 dy^ftef>tic8 pftc.^-«w «~- —. -r.——» .pain *hftte*er in the «tomaon, por perhftnj- aoy ~'of tha tunifti 8#ftJtt*w*>« of «tr i * i " nl ' >yfffltTiraM, N^rtpua d»8p8ggja ehowa dot in the f lace curtoinn would sicken the heart of any fonscifntious honat«keoper. Fortunately such ft stattf of affairs is not noct»s- pary. Wo un<U»rfako to thoroughly wash and iron «ny laco curtain, no matter how dolit)*t«?, entrusted to aur care and to re* turn if as whole and-sound JUT when bnVughi to us. Anybody can -launder a st»ck or a-hnndkcvrehtof* it t$jkeH art to • 'do up" a lac*< curtain intlie way they • .arodonont thft Steam Liiuinlr-.v, Hatch Block. going resolution on 'the sffvepth day of October, 1 897, and that the several polling places at suitl election shall b«« as follows': , First ward -Raymond ptorc. Hecond ward Brewer store. Third ward • Fire engine house. Fourth ward— Arbeitur halU Patetl Marahalli Mich., Sept. 20, 18(17'. Eix;AR.€UG KANT, Mayor. C. SAWHV, Jlecont»if. ao niueh t» in other ofgaD; in sOmeeaBOB fcto hefttt fflptttea and is irrtgfllatj in wthet*, thtf kiahftya nV* aff«cl*d-, In others the bowels ure conetipfttod, with headaches; still others are troubled with loss Of flesh and appetite, TFUb accumulation at eras, aoftr ritnngs - and heartburn. Mi, A. Vf. Shwpfer of No 61 Proapwst St., tudianapolw, Ind., writes e« follows. "A motive- of pu*e S'»tiWdo prompe, me to write thoro few lines regarding the new and vtthmblo mcdioinor Stuart's Dyspopam Tab. fete. I have be8n a ariffennji from nervous dyspepsia f< r thola«t^onr yonrs; have used various patent medicines and other rtnie- edies without any favorable result. They wtnetitneu gavd toniporftrx relief until the effects of the inodlctne wore off, I attributed this to my nedcntary Hwbita, beinu n boodkeoper withlittlephyaicliKeseroifle, bul t atn «l'«d to ftttttc thak the tablets have overcome- 'all -thcso " obstacles for I iminod in floah, sleep bftter, and am butt*r in every way. The above 18 writton\iiot for notoriety, hat is based on actual fai-fc^ 1 Keppectftrtly youro. • A. W. SHARl'ERX , «U Prospect St., lndiariapoli j , lnd\ If, is snfc to say that Stuart'd Dyspepsni t'aitlets Will euro any stomach weakness or disease except cancer c!f stomatfh. Iney cur« *our stomach, »{a«, losst of flesh and apputitc, »leoplc8»no8P, palpitation, heartburn. oonafcipnlMMrand headaches. " " ' Send for vuluablq htt.U book on skimach iinjuaca by addressing Stuart Co., Marshall, All druggists soil futt sized iiackatres at 50 4 reward will be paid lor th© «tefet fttttl cottvictionV v &ny otte detected refilling citir bottles. For sixlc hy W. T. l>IlAltE fttttt A.^O. X, / Three Opinions: SHOULD SATISFY DR., HUNTER. Coni- »f ; RANKLIN JHBOOSE Cor. Jiatea and Murn«d $tf.» DETRQrtVMICH, V Only « JHocli from W«w«»w»rd 4l •_. MWM- AU C»r , lletwecn Swl Time jinii Hftrvcst. Is a B<x>d opportunity tp enquire abojit farming Inudtt in South Dakota. 6nljr one •lajrt rido from Chicago. Bountiful oropc of wheat, corn, barley ami ll«x regard ttw, till, r of tbo soil. As a stock ami dato country South Dakota lead* nb the world. Fir« class farm lands with nearby markets' uan now be bought for from |10 r $12, $16, •tnd upwards, per acre, and this i» the time to invest. For further particulars write to Qeorge S^ Swff»rd, , General PjMi«en«er SgBbt, Ghicaeo, Milwaukee A St. Paul Rail' way, Old Colony Building, Chicago, 111. '• Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 22.—After being out only" a short time the Jury yentor- 4ny returned a verdict of, "not ffuilty" In the bribery cnEcs of Dr. Vf. Godfrey Hufiteiv ex-KepresentatlVe Wilson and Mr. pranks. There were <julet demon- atratlona of approval In the court room aii(l {'bngratulations poured in wn Dr. lluhtt.T, and fin Wllnon anil Franks Al- acfiulttedi Hit' verdict Is in.dirrH cot)- (litt with their testimony. The iie\ feiulantu were lleiiuWlcans and all d1 the juror*! 'wen: Denjocrata. . ,• Before leaving her^ yesterday afternoon- Bt-nator Beboe Bald that he had the a»aur«ncfr of President Mt?kin|ey that Dr. Hunter will be appointed, minister to Guatemala.- and now that Hua- terJa vlndieitled hla appointment will be m«i)e very g>on. ^ ^ "My boy came ^hotue from school one h-ittJrbWd IwHy-Hweratetl-aiid and Butftsr^ng great paio,," ways Mr, E. J. SchalJ, with Meyer Bros. Drug $0,, -i3& r ~IjauUi> l*p. "t drossed the wound and. applied Chamberlain's Pain Btlovfreely. AU pain-CKWedi and ifl ft afiort timwii heal«4,«jtbout lei»vm^a That the boot line from „ —to '.'ripple Creek, Colo., and polutt) BUown in ,tb» CMBTAQO >>5 4f£ "The CHICAGO RECORD is a morfe/ newspaper in every sense^of the word."~> H&rrisburg (Pa.) CalL - t i ' "There is no paper published in America that so nearly approaches the true journal* jsticjdeal as Tl/e CHICAGO RECORD."Prom i 'Ncwsp/perdom '' (New York). "t have come to the firm conclusion, after \a loitg test ^nd after a wide coii*parison \with the journals of many^cities and countries/that The CHICAGO RECORD comes afrfcar being the ideal daily journal as we afe\r some time UKety to find on these /mortal shores,"—Prof. J. T. Hat field it The Evansion (111.) Index. Rex Tablets arc sold utvdera positive guarantee to cure or refund tb$ money,'and we stand by our. guaratitee. CtJKES all Nei'VdUs Diseases, Impotence, VaricOcele, Lost Vitality m old or young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all effects oi self- abuse or excesses. Stops dangerous drains. A .genuine nerve tonic. Shows immediate improvement. The grandest remedy of modern times. Don'l^ buy imitations. Get REX TABLETS, Price Jo cents, or six packages (a full treatment) for $2.50, by msul, in plain package, on receipt ol p'rice. '^Circular free. t/IMft DfcJIWPnV ff\ M PLVMOUTH PL- KIINU KBjyitllY V'U., ciiiCAao,iLL. Por »ftl'o'«t Mtttfchfttl, AJK-b , 1>T A. O.'HYDE. \ n \ Sold by nautedecikrs everywhere on& ^subscriptions received by all .'postmasters. Acltlress^JtlE CHICAGO RECOKDslSl Madison-st. . s x Tt?ADB MARKS, DESIGN PATHHT8,) — COPVBIOHTB. «tO>' For IitMiTnBtfnii nnil fr ( -o Iliinil'KH)!; » nt« lo MUSS * »*<J, Unl JtH<iM>«*V. :«(£«' \"H(K. i Olilfvst lairunii for f<" itrtnR >inu-nt.sla Aiti.Tli-n. "tivCP? ii«U'nriaftrtV-mH-t*y-»*-liH>f»n^>t Won! Uio v«l>Ih: lay » notice Rlvwu ffco otcliartfij lu S)u> tmlltti f any Offfillt ' fB:PfLt CBfIK ..,.-„• map Julho ,.««*« & Alton B. Jl. . \VfHe or call to-Jav* for lowest rwtea VII particular*. H. fltmiervrtw* O«B9r*4 AK«nt i gw I>oiMMtn>elttt;i<nA<lwa»Stniet,Mar Bu*'rtln«» CbtcotfU. ilHnoiH. «t f <*.&fQilf!9) Of V.i*a ISH.U Cimtury. ' " J tn lUMtie ranet'.nf Httrnturu tbet« l« , ^ n^t aft»|l»er UUOK l«»o TEE PEOPLES HISTORY Tool ^ «or!<r. f-pl.'WlWtv (ituntrateil. .No int«'HlR« •man *ho!iKl be wiUtout It, \Vfrf\r, ipia IM Vc ;$isoM«it><rt>tt)^ A<t4r« 1 »«.M»a«.« C niatlway, .New York Cltjr. • dew pair of kidney* for $!._.»••* For. . Wine, a pleasant to the taste liguid medicine it sold at Jl.OO per bottle U P OP * he gatat9 s\ e , e °f . «^,, r money back if not benefited, Cures Kidney Pisease, Rheumatism. • Constipation ami Urinary troubles caused by impure Ww<L SpldXt <lr«^f «or«\ or will b« sent ex- ptess.pVepaW u*wn r-ee^lpt of price. Fuse by ijwjl, i«k-p.ige'p^uiphiet "A New Pair of Kidneys f ' o., Boyce B14's.Chic*«Q.llL^ »• »{!0 be had or...... - ' M. B. POWELL, DruofliftU, MICH stran along without s« CMWJ, It i* a sure M choiot>e*«» % faqo* *«>« »ni pay all Jams e]p it , -WW^VVcMV* l^*f»*J»»»" ft'jT ^** ' T^i vi'bjjtter oid i>r ytiucm, " Uterpd- It!«, ittOjeed, a OJF ua- TUe Llgbtest K"pp>"g WbeeWap Kart^ THE ELOREDGE THEBEWIDERE, £3S!iES22£*~.4*?"=i— "P D" k 1\. K, ^LADIES OR. FELIX LEBBUM'S i ^^K^WbT A. Q. HYDE. THEHENRYO,SHEPARDCO. 212-214 IHMfMSt ns«*.--eHiCWW. m*te*&W***^**^^ Sewing Machio* Co., will be at the oflk» of tite .Hcrudoc- J fel during UUIWMMW feoww W« jal f w«^r k* to«Ki4 »i<«e oi «a»»vii»g TS*? tra «ol)«ctioa fee by Lu»iild BPW. •xu ^DElHCMlT.MlCh,- nU safcllowa; XV. >=• Ml 1H ?»*•! •am««miri l4 -F<^me?ly^- " i *&M& ^^.j^ap^wqip^ia^^^^ ' ?QMg.i AU. 'iranr' *$£. ( «M. •*y •Ml 't Wff ,«• ~^r~ ?— *»!V Extra T T"» TT" Lat»l «V. _ ^ Xo^HYVi.

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