Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 10, 1939 · Page 10
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 10

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1939
Page 10
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• \" t n • }*v* ?i •" ' A -"V /^fw^'ft*^* •'j ' T I ^-v 1 * ^* s '-wr .» /HB CORSIOANA SEMI-WEEKLY-LIGHT, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10. 1&S9. HEALTH, BEAUTY AND POISE HOW TO IMPROVE TOUB PERSONALITT By VERONICA DENGEU MOKE RULES FOB WEIGHT GAINING. How are all my underweight friends getting along? Are you beginning to have questions about one thing or another? All right, write to me and ask them! I'm only too glad to help you when I can, Remember, this Is not not something you can accomplish In a week — this Dcngel many cases It la slow, tedious work. But keep In mind that you didn't set that way In a week, or a month, or a year. Whereas Nature Is wonderfully regenerative when given the chance to repair damage— It does take help from Time, too. So be patient, keep trying, and keep your nerves Calm, Cool and Collected. No amount of care In other directions villl show the fullest benefit If you don't control your nervous system. I know, It's easier said than done— but It can be done; by conscious effort and earnest endeavor. Keep your mind occupied with Interesting thoughts; learn to relax as I have taught you; think of only pleasant things; don't worry about what may happen tomorrow; and don't look back with regret to the yesterdays of your life. What Is done, is done; do the best you can with what you have; and don't be envious of others — It's' like a worm that eats away at a perfect apple; soon It Is destroyed. Well, now that I've got all that said, let's get on with the balance of the rules for helping you to gain wtlght. I think we had seven the other day. 8. Exercise slowly. Do stretching, limbering movements, rather than vigorous kicking and bending ones. But do exercise. It is most Important to keep the circulation stimulated— and this Is the way to do It. 9. Sleep at least nine hours each night — more when possible. And do try to get a nap In the afternoon — if only for twenty minutes. 10. Remember that thorough flally eliminations are very neces- sary. If you do not have a satisfactory laxative, ask- your doctor what ho would suggest for you. 11. Include plenty of raw fruits and vegetables In your diet each day, as well as some meat, potatoes, puddings, whole-grained products, butter, eggs, and milk and cheese. 12. Add to your vitamin . and mineral supply by Including some concentrated vitamin tablets after meals each day. And be sure that you get enough of the Iodine foods, which supply much vitality. These foods are fish and all sea foods; sea vegetables, such as kelp, Irish moss, and dulce; strawberries, pineapple, egg yolk, and cod liver oil, as well as other fruits and vegetables, but thost I have mentioned are particularly valuable. Ae we go along during the next two weeks I shall have further suggestions for you. 1)1 FATHKR- Bj OeorE* MoManni WEIGHT-GAINING MENU Breakfast Half Grapefruit Poached Egg on Toast 3 Strips Bacon Cup of Coffee with Sugar and Cream Luncheon Cream of Mushroom Soup Shredded Carrot and Ei- carolle Salad Steamed Spinach, Baked Potato Stewed Apricots or Prunes, Glass of Milk Dinner Vegetable Soup Meat Loaf, Mushroom Sauce Baked Egg Plant, Stewed Tomatoes Bread Pudding with" Cream Half Cup Black Coffee An reonMU tor oenanil . BoautT uid Polw" Informitlon detlred br Veronica Dennl'i column (ollootert muet be accompanied t» a follf Hlf-tddrwMd. lamped enrelope (• • e.e.l Addnn; - ---- ' "•'- ---- Veronlcl Daniel IB ear* of thte newe- -* More Baby Chicks Are Fed Red Chain Chick Starter every year. It gives better result*. Distributed By HcCOLFIN GRAIN COMPANY Telephone 470. SUNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE and TOM SIMS FIRST J>I5 A BAFY T UNRAVELED \TT0 MAKE ME A 3)R£SS AN' NEXT 1 MADE tfcP HENTY A iSWEATEP AN' NOW J'SE COIN' To MAKE A BLANKET AC'IN ALL SAME PIECE OF STRING/ AM' I LIKED PAP HBNTY'5 SWEATeR,BUT I B'UEVS.IT MAKES' A AMD THE WIDOW PRIM lODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE Solution ol Tuesday's Pnzzl* lti Ea , t Indlan weight* ACROSS , Cylindrical and hollow , Binds again . with narrow fabrlo , Too old . .Oluttonlied , Akin . Legislator Unusually OL U high , FlBhfni ». ng devices Slgna Cook slowly Silkworm Pertaining to ~Jt clty Chinese .dynasty Crisp cookie • Landing place of the ark Ibsen .character Mountain: comb, form. Controversial Obliterates Two halves Bow of a boat Cylindrical Cape or headland Greenland settlement Interprets) arohalo Former spelling of Remainder Kind of rock aAlBlAlTlEl EDE ESISIE M AS RAN U <0. Oriental nurse 81. Sto,t« Iji Brail) «5. Bipeaient * 61. Pertaining to the roof of the mouth 89. Oreod 70, Effeminate 71. CaitasV Relies DOWN 1. Civil Injury 9. Part of the eye 1. Cup-shaped ringing Instrument 4. Hlv«r 1n' Russia' I. Pillar In certain . . . .BjiddHlet. bulldogs 8. Representative 7. Make amends for 1. Sea In the 'antarctic t. Night before ,. event 10, Singing voice IX. One of the Three Musketeers 12. Read 13. English school 31. Double 33. Rogue 24. Heron 25. Bird used for food 28. Aromatlo principle of violet root 27. Valleys 28. Anger 30. Grow drowsy 32. Famous 33. Mountain ridge 34. Sits for a .. —Plotur* 36. Weary 38. Vigilant 41. Light movable bed 43. Before 46. Apply heat to» 49. Sarcasm £1. Filed 64. Printed within the text of a 86. Form 57. Mineral springs 68. Be very fond of 59. Wlngllke 60. Topnotchen 61. Step 62. Egyptian solar disk 63. Fart of a eho« 64. Malt liquors 66. Congealed water 69. Part of the mouth jffc. 7 0 lit 10 22 38 31 IS. 33 MAGGIE-I DON'T THINK THE MAID . WASHED THIS DISH VERY WELL- DOU'T TAL.K LIKE AK1 IDIOT- THAT'S VOUC LUUCH-IT CONTAINS 8OOO VITANAINS AND TWO AND SEVETN- TENTHS M «*f)Jlen(f fnc- WftflJ fluht» rfiff BY GOLLY- A CAMARY BIRD IS A GOURMAND COMPARED .TO ME- SURE-SAY-I NOTIC CARRY THAT BIG BUMDLE EVERY DAY- PRETTY TOUGH LOAD TO HAVE TO CARRY— HELLO- JIGGS NICE DAY-- I»DONY, MINDI DON'T HAVE TO CARRY IT HOME - IT'S ME ULJNCH- ItAP" 8TUBB9 AND nPPIE- GBAN'MA IS DETERMINED GUT, GEE. GO ON! GIVE IT TO HIM! TH' IDEA OF YOU TAKIN' MONEY FROM UNCLE. &E.N, AS HARD AS HE. WORKS TO GET IT HE. SAID I'D EARNED IT! n— v~~ • GRAN'MA SAYS I DIDN'T EAtVN TH' MONEY TO HAVE MARY MAflG'R.ET'S PICTUIVC. ENLARGED, WHICH SHE.DIDN'T LIKE, AN' I GOTTA GlVETlT&ACK TO YOU AN' THANK YOU VERY- . MUCH I THE TOrLEK— MAC1A SLEEP THE HOURS AWAY. By BUM WeitOYM AVAC RANG UP TILLIE AND ASKED HER IF SHE HAD A DATE TO- NIOHTANP SHE SAID NO~HE TOLD HER SHE WAS (30INS TO BE KINDA LONESOME, AND THEN HE HUNS UP AND STAYED HOKE YOU COULD HAVE HAD A DATE WITH TILLIE TONlSHTrk IF YOU WEREN'T!^' SUCH A SAP YE AH, BUT YOUR IDEA IS TO TORTURE HER THE DOORBELL'S] RINGING; GOOD* LOOKING-THAT'S YOURCUE,ANSWER NOW, BOYS OKAYJJTTTER- BU6,J'LL BE BACK 19)9. Km Funira SjiKliatt. Int.. WwU right! toemd HI.BUBBLES<s.L YOU'RE TUSTf|£ IN TIME. LOOr^BOBJlSHE'S ONLY WHAT A II KIDDING— I MEAN BOUT YOU/ BEIN6 HAND SOME,DICK HANDSOME I MEAN A- I'LL BET TILLIE IS HAVING A TERRIBLE TIME KEEPING HERSELF COMPANY f TONIGHT-OH,WELL,I DON'T MIND SETTING TO BED EARLY/ MYSELF ' rOST RIDS- NOTHING EVER "STICKS" JOHN! Bj Ad Cartel I'M NOT ONE TO COMPLAIN-SARAH -BUT I HAVEN'T A PAIR OF SOCKS THAT HAS BEEN DARNED I'M SORRY-JOHN BUT I JUST COULDNT SET AROUND TO ,THEM THIS WEEK VERY I WILL CARN ; A RMR- MYSELFJ VERY WELL-MDU,'LL FIND THE DARNINS COTTON AND THE NEEDLES IN THE '' ' SEWIN6-BASKET, I KNOW JOHN STEBBINS WELL ENOUSH TO KNOW THAT HE WON'T BE ABLE, TO DARN SOCKS! (9)9, Kini Ftituiet Syndicate. Int, U'crlJ r FOR. YOUR INFORMATION- I DARNED A PAIR —AND THERE WAS NOTHING TO IT MIOKEt .MOUSE—IT ISN'T POIJTE TO INSULT A "GUEST"! Bi Walt iLL EFFORTS FAIL TO FIND WHERE FRIDAV CAME FROM HE TELLS A DIFFERENT STORV EVERY TIME! lSHM ^> THE CREATURE'S ' r A MASTER AT . PREVARICATION/ THANK VO', v V B?,SS—THAf^K. tyrrod>«loul X ^ WELL, LET'S FORGET HOW HE .GOT HERE! WE CAN USE AN EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS, SO WHY NOT LET 'IM STAY? /DAVN6-OONS, MAN— YO' SHO' TUK D' WORDS * RIGHT OUTEN MAH MOUPS YEREAH STAWS WELL—o* COURSE; FRIDAV, Y' UNDERSTAND VOU'LU HAFTA j, WORK. •< FOR YOUR KEEP! THEATBE Storrln, POPETE-NOW 8HOWTKO- 'TATPA'S GOT A WAY WTTH THE LADIES.-TOMORROW- «OHIIJ)BEN SHOULD BE SEEN BUT NOT HEARD." so you ARE IBENVNiETV- KJIME VEARS OLD SFOR.E \ DRIWKED FROM THE LET DS SIT AMD CHAT TELLIN'ME FAIRV STORIES. I DON'T BLIEVE IN'EM 'KIO^THISISSERIOOS^ VJANT TO ASK VOU A QOESTlOMr /IAV I MARRV V VOUR. SOsJ"? 'J UOBTBOEB MUM TWO IN ONE 8AKBEN

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