The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 28, 1969 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1969
Page 10
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Tuesday. January 28. 1969 11 JO. JUticiM Wanted The Best Time To Buy A New Home Is Now m , _ crank'type, *tc. Coll 424-Mtl oil* WANT TO SUV, CAST IRON, POT BELLIED STOVE — ANY CONDITION, but reasonable. Also won! aid wardrobe. Call 424-4061 after J p-m. WANT"- H***? ftr "» »»•* 30-A. Will Trade WILL TRADE — H5M tag er thrlm. boat lor aulo or trailer al »QU<J| value. 452-7WO. T-BIRO, 1*44 - LoadM, keeled, excellent condition. 1 owner, blue, while vinyl too, »)»0 cosh or trade tor vacant lal or tractor, 4S3-1O1 31. Articles For Sale K^— Drtxtt |n7>» chairs. fcljonj» Inch "ItemsT 70! E. Humble, 422-1472. OWN A NKW •LKCTKOi.UX Vocuum deoner. j us' 15 monthly. J. WILKINSON, 427-lStt. STORAOC BOXES AVAILABLE NOW- Catendar relllli ovolloblc. All oHIce nj»- plt*s you'll need to start 19e» right. MATH ERNE'S al 117-11* West rce. CHAIN HOIST — One-ten CeMlnfl Chain hols* In excellent condition. Cost UOC r*w, will eelt lor Sltt. Call 422-UU and oik NX Mr. Kyte. TERS MACHINE* • CASH - TYPEWRITERS Sain, REttli Rental: , Service. All mokes, electric and onanuol BLOOM SALES, 13B5 Market. 427-zm AS ALWAYS — Year supplier Work ond Crotts. MCDONALD NEEDLE ARTS Bob Smith Rood, 427-1272. Needle DIAMONDS are A alrl's best friend— until she finds Blue Lusire lor cleanlno carpet*, fttnt electric shampooer 11. BAYTOWN HARDWARE, Old Baylown. CRAVES WAREHOUSE Antiaue Metal Bed A mo) I Office desk Check Writer Adding Machine Ccsh Register Hospital Bed Nice Bookcow Antique Oak Drener Mofiooonv Duncan Phyfe Couch .. 5 piece Duncan Phyte Drop Lecrf Dinette 3 Piece Water Fall Bedroom Suite Aportment Stove Apartment Refrigerator Bultt-ln Electric Range 4 Piece Dinette Large J Drawer Chest 214 W. Main — OLD PELLY 15.00 29.50 10.00 1S.OO 25.00 2S.OO 10.00 25.00 15.00 49.50 47.50 17.50 49.50 125.00 17.50 17.50 TAKE UP PAYMENTS M repossessed Electrolux Vacuum, corrlr* new cleaner guarantee. JA 3-1515. AIR CONDITIONERS, PIANO — IVi ton Fedders, 1-ton Vornodo, working condition: Good upright piano. 422-U7I. CERAMIC SHOP—114 W. Mala, eM Peflv Creenwore, bisque, supplies and gilts. 422-9*71. MATTRESS — rebuilt. Call 422-7717. firm, r*« slM, newly FOR single Coll ' wHe, heaters MOR«E only 4U-41 ANTIQUES — Sec icOi E. Texas Coll 422-2173. STONES CUT • MOUNTED — CMt», cer amlcs, supplies Watch and lewelry polrs. BAYSHORE ROCK SHOP. 5500 Sheoherd Rd., (Between Garth and John Martin Rd.) 575-1471. CONSOLE TV — Black o*d whlhv eut s'de antenna. Coll 422-5237. W. Articles For Sato 40. Real Estate Wanted FABULOUS VALUES oa calar TVt Gene's Hi-Fi tmt* 31-B Building Material LIQUIDATING — Entire iteck, * oclnlli A hlsh grade, .en In redlno, Idecl CLAM SHELL - „, R«PUBLIC SHELL On Highway 144 At Cedar Beyev PHOME 422-W* *^ Bolder, Crosby - West H & Robbins, Inc. «».nii 31-C Musical Instruments C <J«NET - Elkharl Cer»el, (35. Call 434-3071. SAXOPHONE — COM, Alt* Imminent. excellent condition, cojt U», wlllsocrl- Ict at hall price, 424-1244. AMPLIFIER - Tenyck 44* l« werrea- • 2-15 In. speakers, IX) Watt peak pow- i- ^°. 5S ond ou'lor Chanel, reverb, trenv ulo-vlbfalo, ultra accent, (at switch, cev- •r- Small equity, auume payments, BALDWIN PIANOS—ORGANS House Of Music »* Park Ph. 49-M14 Small Upright Piano Completely rebvltt annd ratinlskad. Beau- tttul tea*. NelMna dew*. Assume meal*>V paymenrt ef sit. Fatly awiranteed tar It year*. Balance due $295 Halbert Music Co. •«AL ESTATE BNTIRPRIU INC HERMAN SAUNA* - 424-7'U. 4«-4Jt» HAVE BUYERS — NMD USTINsU WOODRUFF REALTY — 40 Years In Business. MEMBER MLS 427-1450 - 421-MO. NIOHEST CASH FOB YOUR KsWITTI •wy. Sail or Trod*, ResJdenHol or Cam- mat clol Real Estota. INSURANCE AND JOHN M. SHtARER XCALTY PHONE 42T4SI7 or rtt MM MMO Beverly Realty Co. MLS •V-ITCl, 4A»47H <K REAL • IT ATI 9CLUNO It's NM RESULTS MM COUNTI Usl w4tk MM «UYS whe i« < iULTS. SVARKY AND PA Minitar a| Mattiale LltHa» Sarvlc* Sparlcy Bond, Realtor "•stabBtlHd ta IMt** *W i. AWa Boy 4t>.-.7« LUTHER T. LEA MULTIPLE LISTIMO SERVICC HM WatMiejtaa, «»-IBfT 4k. Acreage For Sale RACCOON DRIVE—II beauntuUy ed acres. Excellent Investment er lust right lor residential development. Reasonably prided. Call Sparky or Pat lor de- tolls. SPARKY BOND, Realtor, 907 S. Main, Call day or nlaht, 427-175», 427-4t7t, 427-1W7. MEM3ER MLS. S* ACRES — Ceod laduitrial er re*Men- lall. Roll Irontaa*. access la paved road. Reasonably priced. Owner financed. OTIS GRAHAM REALTY. 421-4711. TRI CITY BEACH RO. — On, - ocre, 2B9 ft. pulkheoded walerlronl. Call •CARTER H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES, Realtors, M.L.S., 427-734) or Claire F. Thamon, 422-64SS. HURRY!! HURRY1I — Te chese yew future honst-slte. Vi to l-acre lot* on Fig Orchard Rd. Choose your term*. CHARLIE RAMSEY. 424-3S2! . 410 E. Teas Free Beacft 4Z744N Free Delivery 92 Articles For Bent MEDICARE QUESTIONS ANSWERED— We will file your claim. "Get Well" equipment-hospital beds, wheel chairs, pollen' llfls. Trl-Cltv Pharmacy, 422-1291. SUN LAMP, ELECTRIC CYCLE, MAS- SAGiR, EXERCISE EQUIPMENT. All con U« bouahl or borrowed from A to Z RENTAL CENTER, at reasonable roles. 1610 N. Main. 427-S&2*. TRUCKS FOR RENT — Drive yeunerl. Eaulpaed with hydraulic lilt Bates. (New IrucKs). Local and one-way. 2101 Market. 422-5115. BAYTOWN RENTALS, hteexl to KJtgore'* Ready Mix. Travel Trailer Rental fae RIQaiS" DAN HUTCHINS MOTtNtt Hwy 144 at Tans* TEN ACRES OFP TRI-CITY BEACH ROAD — Good Investment with kxsl terms In town. So coll today. George Whllaker 422-93M or DAVID ROGERS, BUILDER-REALTOR, 427-1771. TRI-CITY BEACH RD. — 44} It. reed fitntoae. 446 ft. waterfront. All under cyclone fence, 2 water wetls. Old but llv- oble home wllh 3 Uedrooms and large den. This is the most desirable property In Baytown, call lor more Information. George Whllaker, 422-73M or DAVID ROGERS, REALTOR, BUILDER, 427-1773 SMALL — Beautiful weeded trad. Located, m Crosby, Bavtown Area. HUGHES REALTY, 422-lltV, 427-3W9 and 577-3233. BAYTOWN SUN CLASSIFIED RATES Effective October 1. 1968 IrefttlBKia.' At «r r«B»nd. • pjn. D*r Before— • Jt »ja.-lloiirt«y-O»4je StUurday NM» Minimum Aii 9 Mn*fl fl.Ofl Words To 15 15-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-40 40-45 45-50 50-55 55-60 Lines Rate 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 36 1.08 ! 1.44 1.80 2.16 2.52 2.88 3.24 3.60 3.96 4.32 2 36 2.16 2.88 3.60 4.32 5.04 5.76 6.48 7.20 7.92 8.64 3 34 3.06 4.08 5.10 6.12 7.14 8.16 9.18 10.20 11.22 12.24 456 29 26 24 3.48 3.90 432 4.64 5.20 5.76 5.80 6.50 7.20 6.96 7.80 8.64 8.12 9.10 10.08 9.28 10.40 11.52 10.44 11.70 12.96 11.60 13.00 14.40 12.76 14.30 15.84 13.92 15.60 17.28 CONTRACT AND CLASSIFIED DISTLAV KATES ON REQUEST. PHONE 422-6324-422-8323 43-A. Waterfront Prop. RESORT LAND INVESTMENT HIOH YIELD INVESTMENT la. *U malar spit-water oriented retort beme communi- Mes. AVERAGE ESCALATION Of * PERCENT PER YEAR AND MORE SINCE Ittt. Exc*»le«t *everege lader. Easy Term*. Fer FuB Detail • CALL Lewie PMMiM. 4J7-1S41 145. Lot* For Sale 47. Houses For Sate SHEPHERD, 111* S. — Career, »-bed- rocms, lov«4v carpet, centred neat ond air conditioned. Really a ike noiw and In oood condition. Call lor full deicrlp- tlonTGRIFFITH REALTY, 423-2049 or CUSTOM BUILT HOM«S dy B. W. Erhrlage ?lon Service AvaiMtoM. •M Pork St., 427-M4 MOCKINGBIRD LANE, 2344 — A»*ume 6 per cent loon. Equity V4500. Four bedrooms, 2'h battw. bullt-lns, central air and heat. •49-4AS9 or Dial 1-757-6101 LAKEWOOD — ear ReUlnawood. ever * acre hoavllv wooded lot. 2e5 ft. Irontoge, 300 Ft. deep. Many targe oaks, by owner, 427-440*. HAROIN ROAD — * acre HT safe by owner, Coll 427-42*7. I-J-4-V ACRE TRACTS — Lew payment, long term financing, beautiful, wooded land, Agent, K. E. Rlpkowtkl, 254-2255, alter «, 3M-KOO, Doytan. INVESTMENT — »ead hKenw preduc- ino property. 7.2 acres with 3 rent houses on Reddell Rood. Reasonable term*. STEELE MCDONALD and ASSOCIATES, Ronn Hoddox, 4Z7-22t». RACCOON DRIVE— Excelleat I acre tract with 177 feet on Raccoon OrJve. Reasonably priced with LOW DOWN PAYMENT. Coll us for details. Call Sr*.rky or Pat. SPARKY BOND, REALTOR, 427-1759, 427-4*71, Call Day or Night. MEMBER MLS. SICK?? Racuaer«t« with hasaital supaile* Irem UNITED RENT ALLS Weekday* 7-4 p.m.. SVM Pruett and I'eorc* 4 t ojn.-) p.m. 411-411* FOR RENT Reducing Eajrianxnt Power Tools, power Pest Ho*e Digger* Fleer Sowder* and Pellsner* Sewer Cleaning Equipment M ewers. Tillers, Edgert, Hedge Trimmer- Tow Bar* and Car Top* Fans. Ladder*. ChaM Saws Rug Shantpee Mochlae* Telavtoiem Utility Trailers Trucks We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next te KMasro's Ready-Mix lift Market 421-5*11 2-4-21-130 f LAND NORTH OF CARTE?"rH. MILLER ASSOCIATE REALTORS — 4X7-7MI McNurry, 431-4714 7-Acres And Brick Home 3 bearaanss. llvHig raewi, daa, • taacad. crass l*xed. O.I. er Carter H. Miller And ASSOCIATES 427-7241 Keaaatt) MOtutty, 4B-CTM INDIAN SNORES — Larwe weeded Buy s-noll equity assume balance. 427-3117 alter t p.m. KNOWLTON B!D. — 74' X US'. street, good horaestte or mobile home* AM utllltle*7 ready to build. $2t9S- 422^565. RESIDENTIAL LOT — India* Sboru, cverslud corner lot with many trees. Bocks up to golf course. Good Investment. Pertect site for home. LET'S TRADE! RAYBORN JOHNSON, INC., 2201 Market, 427-17*4; nights. Glen Erwin, 424-7t47. TEXAS, 1*01 E. — Beautiful I bedreem, 2 bath home, all extras. Coll 422-217X BAYSMORE DR., "4 — Nice J-bedroom f.onst. Beautiful lot, trees; waterfronlaoe. T W. WILKS, REALTOR, 60t Park St. 4224131 or 427-3280. NEW THREE BEDROOM BRICK. Central air, heat, 2-oathrs. $100 cnove In to Qualified buyer. REPOSSESSED — Twr>-bedroom home, Ceitor Bayou. Call Molick, 422-2430. WOODRUFF REALTY, 427-1450. GILBERT MANOR East. V> acre lots, wuodjd. Call George or DAVID ROGERS, Cedar Bayeu Park some larger, some Whltaker, 422-»3tt REALTOR, 427-1773 LAROt HOME SITB* SCHOOL TERRACE Subdivision TERMS AVAILABLE. HOWELL LAND CO. • LOTS IN BAYRIOOS ADDITION Gunsmoke Galloway, CHOICE HOMESITES CBDAR BAYOU PARK EAST 80 Acres Dean King and Sea Realty Days call 424-SO4I er 424-SM4 Ntanta call 434-7V4 CAR AIR CONDITIONER — Also 4- trock stereo lope deck, $35. Phone 422-iMl. USED MOTORCYr E PARTS AND ACCESSORIES — Fa. Morley Davidson and other; Inlormatlon ^all 575-1504. KIRBY — tt.ll mMth, rebuilt with attachments. U9, Electrolux, $39.00, 313 N. Main, 427-S026. TV SALE — 1 sets $M each. Table model 150. 1 set 140, 1 color set $10. Others $25 up. Shop repairs. WORLD TV. 131) S Main, 427-14U. THE PROVEN carpel cleaner Blue Lintr* Is easy on the oudaet. Restores forgotten CQ'Ors. Ren) electric shampooer SI. 5. R. WILLIAMS, Monl Oelvi^j. NEW "oihlon color* are Sue's delight. Slw keeps her carpel colors brloht—wllh Blue Lustrel Rent efectrii; shampooer $<• WOOD'S HOME CENTER, 100 E. Texas. ELECTROLUX — Beautiful new model; shompooer, floor waxer. Sales and Service 422-9944 otter 3:36. 517 Harvey. START 1N> Witt) all p:*s you need. Call 427-171? far Immediate delivery largest stock In Baytown area. beak keeping L MATHERNE'S trom SWEEPER, DRAPERIES — New dra pcrles, light beige. 1 pair 120x90 Inches, 1 pair I44»t4 Inches. Carpet sweeper, 2 month* old, $1.00. 424-5307. PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE Bendlx Home Ironer $I9.SO Four-draw*.- Maple Chest $25.00 Burkina Horse $ 3.95 Clothes Wardrobe $17.50 "Antlaulsh" Bedroom Julie $65.00 Old Style High Back Upholstered Rpcker » ••« New Box and Inner Spring Set ... $47.50 O'Keefe and Merrill Range MS 00 Oc-orborn, cjol top, 5 rodlont $22.50 o-Drawer Diuble Sink, Kitchen Cabinet $25.00 425 W. Main Old Pelly 422-5049 MISCHLLANEOUS — Bedreem suite, baby bed end springs, electric drill, I window screens, 3-doors. Call 427-2616. 33. Sporting Good* MOPED — All-State. Runs oood. $50. Call 426-3071. GUN REPAIRS Precision barrel ond chamber work. Apex, Douglas < .id Ackley Barrels. Hand loaders supplies. 404 E. Jack —HUNTER'S DEN—Baytown JOHNSON — Outboard Mater, and six oallon tank, $100. Phone 4H-2641. 23 H.P. BOAT RIG — 14 II. beat, IS hp motor, trailer. $450, or trade for car. 2103 Adam*. 422-7543. PINEMONT ENTERPRISES — Beat*, Soles and Service, hull repairs, let us sell your boat. 7001 Decker Dr.. 424-554o. KOOL KOVEk HAMPER — t IT •;«* old, 1»»3 model. Clearance and . A.t llphts. see to appreciate ond make orfur. «22-»47l. PISTOLS — SAW and Ruaers, .2 te .4*. moos, used rifle* and »hot guns, gun re pairs and scope mounting. HOLZAEP PELS FUN SHOP, 15 W. Cleveland. GLASS BOAT, 14 Ft. — Excellent hull, iDu. windshield, steering. $225. 424-4045. GUN used on $100 " w - -Automatlc, GOOD OWNER FINANCING ONE AC**, exceneett fer martin "its. OP E. James St. THREE ACRES, ttear Bay, Chamaers Ce. SIGHT ACRES en Church Rd. CALL Molklt, 47M4M WOODRUFF REALTY. 42M454 CARTER H. MILLF.R P.EALTORS — 427-7J43 FIVE ACRES—Frontage *a Cedar Bayew. Higk and well drained. Caff Claire f. Thamea, 43244S5 42-A. Out of Town Prop. €1. HOOMS For Sato JEFFERSON, lilt — Far sat* er reel. Redecorated, 3 bedrooms, tile kitchen and both. Fenced bock yord. Ta rent $50 de- po*lt. Coll 424-7450. ELM ST. 1*1» — Coed 2-bedreem, 1 both hame neor Lee Drive. Large living room, kitchen, Iront porch, panel heot. Most furniture and appliances included. Total price, $7400. Call Sparky or Pal SPARKY BOND, REALTOR, 427-17M, 427-4(71, 427-1107. Coll Day or Nfeht. MEMBER MLS. WRICHT, 441 E. — Unusual elder home. Fine condition. Corner, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, real fireplace, dVtached Oorape Only $13,950. For further Information call EDDIE. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 424-7221 or 424-5040. HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. CHANNELVIEW, 74 Barron St., 2 bedroom home, vented heat and 2 air units, dishwasher, 2-car garage, cyclone fence, •K'xlTO' wooded lot. Low duwn payment, nc closlno cost. HIGHLANDS, 3-*>edroom home, 1454 ft. llvina area. Beautllul rew carpet, family room, olumlnu.-n siding, shade trees, large lot. Low down payment. A W HAMM, Realtor, 115 S. Main 424-2411 or 42&-34M. NEAR PEOPLE'S STATE BANK —Heme end Income potential. Cnlv $351) move In. 3-bedroom, separate dining room ho-ie In nice neighborhood. Has wash ho. and small 1 room 1.1 rear that could ' rented. Home need* wcne paint but 91 J buy at $10.950. povnents, $394, Includes all. PAULSEN REAL ESTATE, 424-3533. MULTIPLE USTINO SERVICE MLS places your property In ttte nonas 0! 44 SALESMEN Call o Member today. STONEH. :OK. r» — Beautiful Meat Forest. 4 bedroom Old English home. 'Ire place plus all the extra* tor S34,SOt. GL J-W>. WRIOli f. — Twe-tMdreem, 124 ACRES — Central Texas. Twe mUe* nortK of Marquez, on hlway 79. 3-bvd- lOom house, living, den, kitchen, dining, 2 fireplaces. Water well, 2 barns, mostly cleared, small tank. $21400. 422-1102, nlo/rs 575-1173. 43. Business Property COMMERCIAL LOT — Corner N. Mala and Worrell, 100x122 Ft. Best business crooerty In town! Dofi't delay, call today, George Whllaker. 422-93M or DAVID ROGERS. REALTOR-BUILDER, 427-1773 HONDA SCRAMBLER 1»», l»*» — Almost brand new, reduced to S5tO. Terms con be arranged. Better grab It while you Can. 422-5346, 422-5242. V-BELTS AND PULLEYS for retrlgero- tors, air conditioners, pumps, compressors, washers, attic ond window fans. 3,000 bells !n stock. MASflY ELECTRIC, t23 S. Pruelt, 422-7711. TRUCKS FOR RENT equipped with hydraulic lilt get**. We Sell Custom Hitches BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, 4H-MIJ (Next te KMgere's Reody-MUU NOTICE SPORTSMEN New O«er, Oal» 4t, Dec M permanent Family Membership Area t mile* wide, 12 mWe* ieng In Neche* River Bonom, Itt lake*. Fence, stocked, deer, lleh, and 1 turkey, gee* sauirrel huatlns. 2 permanent woKhmen. Mam wife, all miner ctttdren |u»t sit ler e* lir»1 year. $3t yearly dues leeond v«ar Sept. i, m». Cuaranleed r*»ewatle. Julded leur* ew ettlce, each Sat. aae irrit'e 'lof'^ull detail* or came te Eaat Texo* WUdflf* OHice, 3tS N. JrdI SI. Sllsbe*, Texas 77*$t Pkaae EV $-44t>. NEW PERMA-POWER RaeHo Central Ooraae Dear Opener* BEVILL1 2-WAY RADIO, Pnene 427-ast FIOURINO YOUR INCOME TAXTT Real er buy ea adding machine from Baytown Typewriter Exchange JB» N. r '" Take aeVowtoae en all adding Moni, 4J27-JB71 ef our redaced prices machines la stock. Red Tag Sale Dtecawllaaa* Utad*"«iMl Fleer Medets t Sl.BS t He. 144* AM-FM Rodle....t 1 N*. 14Ni S2-M. bloc* aad wMte TV, damaged I tVlt.V i Na. 14554 tt-ln. block and WMte used TV t144.M \ Ne. 14Kt 21-M. Mack and wMte TV, NEW 1 Ne. t71t It Ft. Refrlaer UBr.M 1 Ne. 4fJt 1* Ft. .« Montgomery Ward -— K-Mart Wata CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom rive Place Mopf* Finish .,.„.. Dinette Set ...................... 1110.00 Maple Swivel Hacker* .......... »»W NEW-USED RJRNJTURE Drive Inn Grocery Ideal location, goad butlaeu already built up. will pay tar irseH In 1 year*. Centoct us fer mere Wormotlea. rote dining room. Trees. 1500 down, MO p«' month. Will Improve — no doling cost. HUGHES REALTY, 42241 «9, 427-U4S. ALABAMA, 'Jtt — Nke 2 bedreem heute 2 window unit*, stove, refrigerator li oood runnina condition. Pay eouily one atsume monmlv payments ol S47. REAi ESTATE ENTERPRISE. INC., Hermat Scllnos, 424-7013, 422-475*. ROSELANO DR., U — Few-bedrecm*. 2 barns, sltup'ed an beautiful half acre wooded lot. IRATE AU REALTY, 427325? ar 424-56 i. __„.. INC., 2201 Market 427-I744; nights. Glen Erwln, 4M-7t»7. BEAUTIFUL FLAMENCO — The It desirable ol neighborhood*. Near Jame* Bowie school. Boy Plaio *hopplna. This beoutHul J-bedroo-n brkk has 2 lull baths on,; with "RED FIXTURES!" BeautUu black exterior brick and unusual window treatment makes this home truly a home of distinction. It even has its own morn Ing porcn opening trom the mailer bed roam ond den. Come see It, it's open Call George Whlto'*er. •tt-ntt or DAVID ROGERS, RE/ 3R, 427-1773. PARK STREET, Na. - Nice, livable home. Living room, t .9 room, panel ea den. Large kltcne 2-bedrooms, \Vi baths. Large enclosev. porch. Utlllt room. Central air and heat. 2-cor gar age: Buy equ'ty ortd a**ume low monthly payments. Call Sparky or Pot. SPAR K.Y BOND, REALTOR. 907 S. Mol~ 427-1759, 427-4371 ,427-1*07. Call day night. MEMBER MLS. 47. Houses For Sale LOW EQUITY BUY! 47. Houses For Sole PROFESSIONAL REAL EfTATI APPRAISING Cttfferd M. H7 I. Mat*) Sparky 4*7-mi ROSELAND OAKS A custan hutll kerne M e ckelca sukv dlvtslen. Iltueted en • weeded land- scoped nail acre. In-lawn tlvlnf wlHi Id* auiet ilmeiahare end saclustoa »< the country. Among the many iMlaue features el this larae l-6ed- reenv 1-oeth Neme are Mvastene Hears, cathedral celllno, llreeloce in dm. These ore lust • tew el tHe imwiral aspect* »4 Itiis Iwme bKludim a deep water well fer Inexpensive lewe. care er luture swlmmlne peel. Coll CARTER H. MILLER ASSOCIATE REALTORS, er Claire F. Thama* ler appointment te tee IM* preperty. Trades Accepted 437-714J 4M-MVS SPARKY BO MULTIPLE LISTING MUST SELL! —\Thl> aOfiie' has . e*. Jf*u us ler detail*. Sparky Bond, Realtor M7 S. Main CaH Day er NlgM 427-171* algfcM, 427-1*47, 437-4171 OLD ENGLISH Lovely brick three-bedroom home with recessed parlor, giamoroui curved entry foyer, *paciaut recotsed family area, sparkling walnut cabinet* with rang* bar. Huge walk-In clesetj, evertlied dining neek, central air end heat, all gai buitt- ln». ill.m. COACHMAN HOMES, 427-1471, 4M-7232, 422-H12. 47. Houses For Sale BOWIE HOMES is Are Bern Her* end Raleesl Elsewhere" JACK HARTT, 4H-71B4 PLUMWOOD )-be*earn, 1-both, brick, 4-yeor-eU hem*. Uvl**, den, central tmat end air, tare* •orate. Excellent condition JuiMe and eul. CARTER H. MILLER 427-7)4) Claire F. Thaman, 422-i4U Trade-lni Aeceptted S4. Atttonobilee CHEVROLET, 1H4 — Super laert, »» 4 ipeed. Good running condition. Phone 423-22*°. 215 W. Homon. PONTIAC, 1M4 - 0raad Prt*. AH air. 39,000 mil**. Citizens Bank, 427-7301. 204 Lakewood 3 bedreoms, 1 both*, central air and heat, separate living reem, den, dlihwather, disposal, large weeded lei. Ready fer yeut Dean Kind and Sen Realty Day* co>l 4M-SM1 er 4M-SS44 Nights call 424-7M4 47-A. Houses To Be Moved HOU J300 437-1 Of ED TRI CITY BEACH RD. — 1 bedroem frame house to be moved. Call before • a.m. or otter A p.m. 573-1414. BUICK, ItiS — Riviere, fully very clean, new tires, J1W5. 426-3770 or 426-3T74. REPO — INT T-Blftf Landau. Twe excellent condition. Call FIRST NATIONAL BANK, 422-8101. Ed McKenzle or Leo* Wilson. USED AUTO PARTS — 1*5* threuak 1*44 ivootu. Call 422-9191 after 4 p.m. SELLING MY WIFE'S PERSONAL CAR — 1946 Chrysler, IVew Yorker, perfect condition, all power. 422-9670 after o p.m. PLYMOUTH, IfU — Roodrunner. miles, 4-barrel, 3U engine, 4-speed, stick. 427-513*. PONTIAC TEMPEST, l*4i — Stattoa Wagon, 4 door, radio, heater, power Heerlng, automatic LIKE NEW, only 4J^ 000 actual miles. Only V57.30 per month. Coll Tex, 472-79M. 48. Mobile Home* MOBILE HOME, Hicks — Deluxe, IffxW Ft., 3 bedroms, excellent condition, 13500. Call for appointment, 575-11* Parkway — Real dean, ]-oedreem home, stngle bath and ene-car aaroae. Owu this home wlta SM per ceal FHA . Tetol maalMy payment Of. WALKER REALTY 424-SSn 4U42M NICE Twe — (er 3) bedreem ateestos sldlna. Priced lust U.SM. CARTER H. MILLER ASSOCIATE REALTORS — 447-7141 KENNETH McNULTY — 422-4714 SPARKY BOND MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 7*4 W. MURRILL — Lares comfortable I-bedroem, 2- bath home In oood central •cation dose to schools, churches and downtown area. Lara* living reem-dinm* ream combination, paneled den, central •eat and air conditioning, brand new real, orge walk-in closets and attic storage. This ene's "Red Hal" te. call tedayl Sparky Bond, Realtor *t7 S. Mala 427-17S* Coll Day er Night 427-W7I 427-1M7 Country Club Oaks ReoJ nice 3 bedroom heme. Real Hr*v place, ell built-in*. Large Call tor complete details. WALKER REALTY 4417 BAYWAY DRIVE 424-SW 4M-S24* 4-Bedroom Model Home HOR SALE IN OLENMCADOW — A dll tinctively Early Amerlciw 4 bedroom orlck, with fprntly sited den (IJniei. Deep walk-In ctosets, Hellywaed both, dressing area witti vanity, centra! air and heat, carpeting, huge watk-ln-pantry, Was built-in appliances, decorative bay win- dews and twe cor aoreae are among the home* convenient features. PRICED, SUM*. G.I. Sl»t tatot meve l«. Alse FHA. 424-72)2, 417-147), 4n-«J1t COACHMAN HOMES 1*« STAR MOBILE HOME — 12XM 2 bedrooms, central air ond heat, new condition. 427-3105 otter 3 p.m. MOBILE HOME — 1«5 "Liberty", 2 bedroom, SB x 10 Ft. SI7S and lake over loan. Payments, 165 month. Inquire 1900 N. Main, Highland*. SPARKY BOND MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 144 W. Baysher* Dr. — Beautllut home o», Burnet Bay) 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, llvina reom, lomlly reem, kitchen built- Ins, central heat and air. Excellent bulk- headed waterfront wllh Pier. Lot approximately I acre. Geod waterfront property I* scarce. Don't miss this splendid eppor- tunity. CALL TO DAY I Sparky Bond, Realtor »«7 S. Motn Can Day er Nlaht 427-175* 417-4*7* 477-1»t7 Country Club Oaks FAIRWAY, 51*7 — A levely all brick Kerne. 3-bedreams, 2 bathv llvina room dtainf ream cometnotten, dec, larae kitchen, built-in*. Central pjr and heat. J-car COUNTRY CLUB OAKS SPANISH — JIM Glen Haven. Four -bedroom brick, tVi baths, carpeted, draperies, huge f-a, fireplace, built-in gas kitchen appllcices. Large utility reem end it's centrally Mealed and olr conditioned. WALKER REALTY «*,*», SPARKY BOND MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICB 1*4 Creitway — Large 4-«edream Hewe in heavily-weeded Lakeweed. Modem tai design, this one BOS all the Nature* fer llMMrtev* living in private seclusion. Large Living Room, Built-in*. Central Heal and Air, and Lovely Carpeting . . . oil situated on one el the liaest let* la Lakeweod. Buy equity er re-finance. Sparky Bond, Realtor m $. 42J-)7S» BAYCREST REALTY CO. 424-57W Office Night* 4244471, m-ltB* J. Q. BELT, BUILDER ttteae O2-4SS4 11 SPANISH" Three- bedroem model heme faeturkH rustic orctie* and sunken family room All an boUt-ln*. De«bU garage. Prote*- slenafhr landscaped wllti full growtti »4 SI. Augustine grass and shrubbery. Total price, S17,*5f. G.I. tie* telol me** In. FHA MIS moves yeu In. Phone 4V-1471, 424-7232. 422-Stl2. COACHMAN HOMES. CREATIVE HOMES B4n/tewn Call: 424-N14 er 424-ms. SPECIAL EXTENDED FREE, 4t BIO BONUS STAMP BOOKS aivea wild each Mobile Home sold, row Bedroams, IM Bath* '•HOMETTE.' Early Amerkan furniture, only vt.Ut with U» Down. SEE US TODAY! WE TAKE TRADESI Archer Mobile Homes o* N. Main, HIgMoMh Ph. 41»-Jit 49. Automotive Service WINDSHIELDS INSTALLED. Comptetx airto body work, and Vinyl root* HOOPER PAINT AND BODY SHOP, 427-1*05. Rent • Stall and Tools te Fix your C« TED'S SUPPLY, INC. Oo-ll-Yeursell Reatal Ptaa 51. Cars Wanted PONTIAC LEMANS, 1*44 — 4 door hardtop, power steering, power brakes, factory air, low mileaoe, SI,595. TOM SLACK AUTO SALES, 2401 HWY. I4e, 422-6544, Member B.I.A.D.A. PONTIAC, IM7 — GTO, all power wittt air, automatic, mcQ wheels, excellent condition, call 427-1240 otter 6 a.m. BUICK ELECTRA 223, 1»»4 — Convertible,. White with red leather upholstery, excellent condition with every power option. Call Richard Morris, 427-4253, otter 6 a.m. Late Model and Demo Sale! 196» DATSUN Demo, 2-door. 1*47 DATSUN sport cor. Model 2C06CC. 1»M DATSUN sport car, Model 1400CC, I.OOO miles, still In warranty. 1M7 DATSUN statlonwawn. 1N7 CHEVROLET IMPALA, 4-deer sedan. FULLERS DAT SUN—VOLVO 2*12 Market Phone 422-UN IfU Comet CT — 1-deer hardtop, air conditioned, im Dodge Charger, 4-speed. radle and neater, yellow with block interior. Mil Volkswagen, radio and heater, low mileage. 1*45 Slmca, 4-door SPECIAL M« im Datsun Slationwaoon, SPECIAL 1454 House of Hardtops 4t« N. Alexander 422-4*72 URGENT —I need aeod, aeon. net. cars. Top m. TOM SLACK AUTO SALES, 2601 Mwv 144, 422-4544, member B.I.A.D.A. CASH FOR YOUR CAR SEE HONEST JIM Jim Carter Motor Co. 422-*4X, corner Pruelt ond Texas I.I.A.D.A. 52. Tracto CHEVROLET 1*42 — Hall ten, SWB style side. & cylinder standard, £3,000 miles, 1775, 101 Harold. CHEVROLET 1M7 — Step side pickup. S119S. will consider trade. Phone 575-1142. INTERNATIONAL SCOUT — 1MI — wheel drive, new brakes, good tlr«. -124-7222 after 4 p.m. — Call Day er Night 427-4*71 427-lt*7 UNBELIEVABLE EVA MAUD — Immocutof* large 1-fted- reem, 2W-bath, brtck Some with every quality feature at an UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICE — Central oir, heal, built-in kitchen, evertlied garage, covered palke. Built-in aad iloroge space galore, etc. Let us shew yeu this excellent buy. CARTER H. MILLER REALTORS, 427-7243 er Claire F. Thanian, 422-44SS Trade* Accepted IMMACULATE — 3-bedroem heme, cei. Irol heat, carpels, draperies. Buy eauity, os«ume SV* per cent 'ojn. ALLEN SOOTHE. REALTOR. 444 J550. 424-S«72. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO TRADE — far Icro* 3 blcdrooms 2'/> both home on Vi ocre E. o* 144. ALLEN BOOTHE, Realtor, 4241550, 424-S972. STIMPSON, 524 — TnTee-bedroom heme, extra neat, lully fenced, corner lot. CHANNELVIEW — Si. 100 down, $101 month, 3 bedrooms, V/i baths. Brick with bullt-lns. Central olr and heat. GO." D BUY! BAYTOWN REALTY, 2117 N. Main, 422-2139, 422-2320. EQUITY BUY — XI* Oreeabrker, rooms, panel den, double 0orog«. Lakewood. STARETT LUMBER CO., 3:>» N. Main 422-7121 or 427-7349. . _ King, and Days call 4J4-544I or 4144544 Niahtl call 424-73B4 3'/3-l'/4-l5 ACRES 3 home* ea Hiahway 144, Cedar Boyow frontage, excHlenl lecaflen. Apartments— Shopping Center—Motile Hotel, TERMS. Plummer, CA 4-*l4f, Ml t-4432, JA M. 74. 43-A. Waterfront Prop. HIGHLAND SHORES — Loral cernar weeded lot. House startad. Utilities, beach, boat basin, fishing. $200 down. will trade. JA 3-5022. 1963 Travel Trailer Reot nice condition, and It ha* a eem Md*. Hurryl This eae won't last lengl Dan Hutchins Motors Hlwoy 14* Ot Te»0* 422-THt Reel and Rod Repairs CJn Repolr* — THE OUTDOORJMAN JB7 S. M«!n, HlgMandf Converse 'CHUCK TAYLOR" 472 S. Burnel — Bayfront hemt, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, separate den, living living reem, central air aad haal. Larae ece acre weeded let. Dean King And Son Realty Days coll 4J4-SM1 er 424-SS44 Nights call 424-7144 All Star Botkelbolt U*t arka I1S.1B Jim Nelson Sporting Goods 4D-<|*7 Prat perking rt4 N. EDDIE COX, REALTOR "Best Salesman In Town" Waterfront Specialist!! •*¥• 0OT in JVST ASK momm.. For The Largest Selection of Waterfront And Bayfront Property In Baytown!! Per M( eefglli OH« EDOU «M-JMt n*g*t» and » ii»*a< COBURN, 114 — $t,Stt. Brk* 2 bedrooms, SSBO down, *95 month, includes taxes ond Insurances. A6I4M5. SHORE ACRES — 411 Foretl, 3-1-1 Brick, nverslzed lot; access te pier at yachl dub. $17JOB. 471-2154. ADOUE, m W. — J-bedreems, 2 bath*. brick. On Voro* corner lot. 2-oar garooe. Many extras. Appointment only, 422-5339. LOMAX ADDITION — 2-aedreem house; panel heal; 2W acres; nice shade and fruit trees. Convenient to NASA ond channel Industries. Call 4?l-257t or 4*7-0521 WYNNEWOOO — >bedreem*, Uvlnfdk*- Ing den, large workshop. Detail* call 422-2424. PLUMWOOD SECTION W — Bv Joe Avler. Visit our furnished model home. 1315 Sherwood. 15 new homes under construction, tn-rm or NARCILLC, l)tf _ 3 aedreeai*. 1 batsi*. Icroo den, built-in ronne, central air- heat, I1I50B, o per cent loon, equity, $4,500. 422-5033. "Happiness For Sale" Lokeweod Area — Ntar shopping center, large weeded let, 3 bedrooms and study (could be 4th bedreom), living, den, 1 baths, 2-car garage. ' CARTER. H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATE REALTORS 427-7*43 er Kenneth McNultv, 422-4714 EDDIE COX, Realtor "Best salesman i* Town" JUST LISTED — Cretay It acres. l«ltt Rd. IVi story, 4-eedroems. tamilv baths, all electric kitchen, central it. *JI,*M. Call Eddie . . . Nights and Weekend* 424-5M4 Ramsey ream. 2 oh-, Nat 424-7221 IttO Alabama St. — Hwdroem heme HI Britton-Craven* Addition with living room, (lining reem, kitchen and bath. Panel heat. Priced tar quick cash sal*. Call Sparky er Pot for detotl*. Sparky Bond, Realtor *47 S. Mata CaK Day *r Night 427-175* 427-*s7t 427-1M7 MISSOURI — 17t* — 1 '•'. ireem, 1 paltk brick home, Large den, and dining room. Central heot, olr, lot 100*300. Goad condition Bv owner. 427-3307. CABINESS, 145 — Brownwood. Jbedreom, den, central heol — air, large wooded fenced yard. 424-7672. MAIN, 1*11 W. — Fer lease, sale, er ler business. Austin stone, 5 bedrooms, : baths, den. By owner. 422-2544. JS, Good Eating NEAR I NO COMPLCTHMI IN COUNTRY CLUB) 4*02, ond 4tB4 ST. ANDREWS STREET. Sponhh and OM English In design. Fovr bedroorri*. 2V? bottis, den, separate living and dining rooms, utility room, numerous ctos'ts, •many bullt-lns. CALL DAN SAVELL. BUILDER, 422-724*. Classified Display EVA MAUD 1 beeVeem, 1 baths, living elnln* cembW natlon, breaklotl area, balll-ln Vilchen with "Muctw" cabinet space. Lary* i with r.miy buMt-ta teatures. On Jorge, corner .of. CARTER H. MILLER ASSOCIATE REALTORS, 417-7343 KENNETH MCNULTY, 02-4714 EDDIE COX, REALTOR "BEST SALESMAN IN TOWN" SSO4 GAIL — llellewey Addition, 2/1 ecre end bewtiM tree*. Call EDDIE Today! 414-7221 NiaMS 424-JM9 AAA BUY COUNTRY CLUB OAKS IP* SOMERSET, Red brick, 3 bedrooms, Ivlng-diirtng, family reom, t baths, cen- rol air, heat. 2-car garage. lOOxlJO ft. ot. cyclone fenced. Buy owner'* equity, assume 4 pe.- cent lean. Owner, LOTS OF LIVING IP rhis e-bedroem. 4-botti hame. CaH M ler mere details. Shorty Tharp, Realtor (MLS) Call day or Maht, 4244171 1H4 — '66 VOLKSWAGEN FA5TBACK PERFECT CONDITION! Radio, heater. Low mileage. White with black Interior. A real buy lor the "Economy Minded." Nea! Dickens Motor Co. Hwy. 144—Under The Big Shed—417-4143 "Where Quality Is Always Consistent" '65 DODGE DART GT TWO-DOOR HARDTOP Gold in color. V-l engine, automatic transmission, radle, neater, bucket seats with console. $995 Lumus Baytown Dodge USED CAR LOT Hwy. 144 At E. Foyte Ph. 427-33*3 HERE'S A JEWEL — Fully looded, 1*44 BUICK, 4-door sedan. Extra nice, new tire*. n«w paint. PRICED TO SELL!! phone 424-74M HOLLY HILLS . F.H.A. and O.I. East end el Olive St. T. R. McKa 422-7M4, 4777X1 Plumwood Section V STARETT LUMBER CO. New homes ready for occupancy. Other* neorlng completion. Total electric — »-4 bedroom*. FHA and VA Loon 422-7 111 er 427-714* Large Gracious Home in Missouri, Block Duck Boy frontage. Nice, large, 2-bedraoms, separate dining, carpets, draperies. Air conditioned, cen trot heat, ond 2-car garage. See Ihh one, Inen call lor description. GRIFFITH REALTY. 422-3*et or 427-ltlj FOR DEPENDABLE MOVING SERVICE Local oad Leag DHtance Coll 4Z7-7MT Hasty Transfer & Storaq* Nartk Amertaw Van Lk*e* Aaeacf 5-Bedrooms — S-Bedrooms — s-Bedroem* EDDIE COX, REALTOR "BEST SALESMAN IN TOWN" 308 Holly Dr. Built to last MO yean. Ju*l listed, S-bedrooms, all prick. 7Vj baths, all draperies, total eKKtrlc kitchen. Central air and it. Seocfou* 2-cor garage; ever*lied heat *ned; keautlful covered patie with aas grill Included for year "round out- doer pleasure. Situated en holt-cere weeded let, beavtHiHly londtcoped. e«d leeced bock yord. MUST SELL Owner Moving Out ef State PRICED SO REASONABLE IT WILL SHOCK YOU!! Call EDDIE Today! Fer more imarmottoti and appointment FDDIE COX, Realtor 424-72*1 Nights 414-J444 EVA MAUD ADDITION Taken In Trade ASSUME «% LOAN 1906 McFarland Corner let, landscaped - Ideal location. Real nice >-bedreoms, 1 tile bath*. Beautiful hardwood fleer*, wltti If It. mailer bedroom, newly carpeted. Jusl painted outside. Inside Immnadete. Buy Equity—Assume 6 per cent Lean. Payments Under $165. JU <\ COMPLETED l\M KIPLING Three-bedroom*, electric built-in*, extra fancy lighting fixture* and special lea- :vw* throughout. This en* t* really pretty. »• ITI 2207 Kipling Dr. jui: completed — Few-bedroem*. 2v> bathi, colonial dejlgn. All electric kitchen oraperlet, carper*. OPEN 2204 Morning Dr. "New" four-bedroom home with total electric kitchen. Auwne lew interest lean, btry equity. Ol*er Hamas Under Censtnicflaa. E.F. LUQUIRE, Builder 422 HJl 422-7gn CHEVROLET, 1U5 — One-ten, rig with 1961 Lincoln machine, 422-2772 before S P.M. welding JEEP, mi — Vf Ford engine, NEW point, 6 ply tires, tap, upholstery, hubs. Also winch Included, 426-2041. DODGE 104* — Winch truck, Call 422-2°71 before 5 p-m. FORD, 1*44 — 1 hree-auarter ton pickup <22-2972 pelore 5 p.m. 1966 INTERNATIONAL SCOUT Complete with top. $**J J-B MOTOR CO. MEMBER B.I.A.D.A. 341: Alexander Drive Phone 427-1114 53. Work Cars VOLKSWAGEN, 1*44 — Clean, oood work cor. See at 1002 Fleerwood or call 427-1M6. 54. Automobile* '66 Falcon Sfx-posienger itotfon wogoii. 7t* V-t automatic, whltewall tires. Dark Mue Interior wit* light blue finish. "A Heney fer the Money" Dan Hutchins Motors Highway 144 at Tex us 421-71S* BUY FROM Boytewn Dealer Independent Autemeblte Asseclattan Members I "Boytown's Best Used Con" John Wiesner Chevrolet 10 E. Texo* 423-l»4 EUICK, INI — Electro 225. and olr. $595. Will consider W Main. , All power trade. W7 PONTIAC, 1*44 GTO — Mist blue with black bucket seat Interior. Standard transmission, Trl-power engine. Must sell, gone lo service. Reduced lo $'550. Call after 5:JO. 424-546?. DtBploy GOOD BUSINESS AND'OR RESIDENCE — 1201 N. Pruett, en almost a lull acre. Beautiful J bedroom, ]-both heme. Bob Kalbitz, INSURANCE ACENCY 427-2712 — «27-3**l Architectural Artistry Ar. exciting entry toyer accent* a carpet' ed parlor and reamy lomity room In this new VbeeVoom brick home. Twe large batti*. an eM-foshtened woJk-fe pantry, end a complete line ef gas built-in* add much le the llvoblllly el this home. Central air and heal, lull Insulation, douWe garage. Price tlf.Mt. C.I. $1M total meve In. Alte FHA. Phone 4P-K71, 424-7232, 422-HI1 COACHMAN HOMES VOLKSWAGEN SEDAN, 1*44 — Red. "like new", radio, heater, white wall llres. Full 30-day warranty, $1650. TEXAS MOTOR VOLKSWAGEN, INC., 604 E. Texas, 422-8111. PONTIAC, im — LeMons, red with white lop and red Interior. Loaded with power ond afr. No equity, pick up notes. Company furnished new car. Phone 4M-600-I. ItiS CORVAIR, coupe, radio, healer, air, <-speed. new tires $795. 19A5 DODGE CORONET, 2-door standard shllt, radio, healer, factory air, SB95. GRIFFIN ENTERPRISES. 2200 N. Main, across Irom O'Briens, 427-9732. Bfwshore Motors, Inc. LINCOLN — MERCURY — COUGAR "Quality Net quantity" 2113 Market 423-tMl 1965 Pontiac LeMans Two-door hardtop, Jamaica yellow, let black vinyl roof. Beautiful white vinyl Interior, bucket seat* and sports console. Power steering, brake*, factory olr. Local one owner, low mileage oar. 1965 Thunderbird Two-door silver mink with black vinyl lop All vinyl burgundy Interior. Power steering, disc brakes. AM/FM rodfo, ell extras. One owner, low mileage. 1967 Cadillac Serfon DeVille, AM/FM rodle, four-deer hardtop. Light Ivy gold wllh ermine white vinyl top and all vinyl interior. Every possible foclory accessory. From Telescoping tilt steering wheet, automatic speed control. One owner and low mileage. Classified Display CHEVROLET BISCAYNE, 1*44 —Take over pavrrtenls, balance, $1,050 Call after t. 422-B644. FALCON, 1»*3 — Four-door sedon, automatic, factory air, radio, heater, new oolnt. vinvl too. 54,000 miles. Extra clean. 422-71S3 ofler 4 p.m. and wAkends. CHEVELLE. 1*45 — Black Malibu Coupe, bucket seats, radio, heater, good tires, ••nust sell—none to service. Call 574-2577. Classified Display I tedieuni*. 1 bwtlnv eirtri large den. Central heat and air. Petie, AuttM *tene. Cose, geee) mtahftarfteeeL Cat) Oeergc Wfcltoker, 4B-r»M er OAV1O ROGERS, Reattar-BueMar, 42J-177T ****•*•*•*•*•*** Classified Display PAGE DITTMAN MOTORS Chrysler-Plymouth llwy. 146 At Fayle 422-8253 Qosvitted Display 1705 N. MAIN 4M-T221 er LAROI WOOOtTD LOT- TRINITY BAY PLENTY certified er*ter* fish, Copt. Osgppd's. 4)7.1417. FRESH FROZtN SHRIMP CtJABAN.0; FISH. E ft L WINFREE SEAFOODS FM 545 (Cove) 57>tStB- BAYCREST REALTY CO. «J00W _ OfMea IllaJHi 4J3M*7t, JTVfttt I 39 Business Opportunity PRUBTT, 1247 S. — DINT PROPERTY BARGAIN! — Good 2 story apartment bulWIng with two furnished units. Tetol Income le present owner of $)4O«o par month. Large oarage an the property which could be u*ed ca-nmerclotly. Coll Soorkv or Pot. SPARKY BOND, REALTOR, 907 I. Main, 427-17*, 4T7-4t7l, 427-IW7. Call day er night. MEMBER MLS WANT TO HUN YOUR OWN BUtlNfSSr Small Independent grecery eperotlen. Include* stack, furniture and fixture* far only I10MO.OB. Call toorky er Pat, SPARKY BOND, RIALTWt 40.1H*, «27-4t7t, to-\m. Caff POY ar Night. BUILOINO TO MOV* — AH tulldlno and awnings. To be moved. The Molt Shop, 1501 AlexonOer Dr. Will sell Mporote or too..(her. 4S7-24J4 ar 427-43*t. 1967 _«k.>«« PONTIAC C»««t(n»— ^Y52 F » ur -«^ 8<> h*rdto». r f«tary .Ir. Mice car 1965 CX.DS CUTLABB Four-doer hardtop. Air, red wltti buck vinyl tap CHEVROLET Impala coupe, air, reel nice •66 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME Hed *j>d white wltti fufl power and kir. A honey! $1695 Quality Motors 1965 1966 FORO Future, Twa. dear tlire»e*>, • Ir, power. A "hurry up" buy, H • really » «ood owe TKMP*ST— Bt*tleAW»ge«. V-t, Automatic, Power Bteerlng *M_V*»OtJTH. two-door, etandurd tranemlsefon. A «.*«! "Q»e" B*v«r $1795 £ $495 * $1995 * $1395* $1295 J $1295* $895j 4127-3917 700 E. Texas Clyde Jones Motors * 1705 If. Main 422-7888 ** Mr* ************** FINAL CLEARANCE MODEL Up To 39 Miles Per Gallon All Models Station Wajfons Four Doors Two Doors As Low As $39 Down Bank Rate Financing Tailored to Fit Your Budget 1749 1. Four Speed Fully Synchronli- «d TmntmigaJon 2. Vinyl Bucket Scats 3. Heater >. nefroster 5. Electric Wiper* 6. Unilercoating COURTESY FORD OF BAYTOWN 622 W. Texas Ave. Phone 422-8121 *Bayt4>wrt'ii No. 1 Vohimn Dealer'

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