Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 18, 1947 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 18, 1947
Page 4
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BY HERSHBERGER "Hello, headquarters? Send over an emergency car—I got absent-minded again!" Hew Trial Sough! For Johnson Sons THILADEEPHIA—</P>— Attorney Charles J. Marsiotti, demanding a new trial for Donald and Miller Johnson, declared the two convict- ^DIGESTIVE TRACT And Stop Dosing Your Stomach With Soda and Alkalizors Don't expect to get real relief from hcudache, TOUT atomach, KM and bad breath by taking «oda and other alkalizors if the true cause ol your trouble Is constipation. In thii cane, your real trouble if not in the xtomacb at ail. But in the Intestinal tract where 80% ol your food ia digested. And when the lower part gets blocked food may fail to digest properly. what you want tor real relief is nomc- thing to "unblock" your lower Intratinal tract. Something to clean it out effectively—help Nature eet back on her feet. Get Carter's Pilla right now. Take as directed. They gently and effectively "unblock" your digestive tract. Thia permits all 6 of Nature's own digestive juices to mix better irith your food. You get Renuine relief from Indigestion «o you can feel really Rooil again. Buy Carter's Pilla today. "Unblock" your Intestinal tract for real relief from indigestion. or' sons of a former federal judge "did not receive a fair and impartial trial." The t.\vo Johnsons, together with Attorney Jacob Memoto and beci stilesmim Jacob Greenes, were convicted of conspiracy charges in connection with receivership proceedings of the Williamsport Wire Rope Company. At the same time Albert W. John- sou who served 20 years on the bench of the Middle District of Pennsylvania was acquitted on the charges, tog-ether with his son, Albert.,'Jr. MaruioUi, former attorney gcn- cral of Pennsylvania, demanded in the Thirjl U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday cither that the two sons be given a new'trial or that they be discharged. The four convicted each were sentenced to two years imprisonment and fined $10,000. Roy Chisutn Lester Reynolds MOTOR TUNE-UP General Auto Repair Service McWilliams Motor Co. •111 S. Curler Phone 101 ALL THIS AND NEXT WEEK STARTING 1IIMP WEDNESDAY... . Juiifti GREATER UNITED SHOWS « THRILLING RIDES ® • ENTERTAINING SHOWS FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY U'ffEVC? M A WBXS'E' KIP a Ml&8.m&$* From 1 till 5:30 All Shows and Rides Reduced to FREE ADMISSION TO MIDWAY G Leaves from a Correspondent's Life Note Book BY HAL BOYI.E SANTA BAHBARA, Cfilif.—(XT)— Girard and Kathleen Hale set a. new pattern In international friendship today by adopting a small war- wrccked Fre-ich village, It has worked so well that some twenty-five other American individuals and civic organizations have followed their example—and thus put goodwill between the two countries on n personal rather than a gov ernmcnt bas's. It beg.ia when the Hales, a wealthy couple who lived many years in Prance, becam? convinced that scattered charities —"Twenty packets of food here, $106 there"—did not give the French a feeling that Ilic American people were deeply interested in their welfare. In this mood of dissatisfaction. Kathleen Kale, an cnergMlc middle-aged lit lie. woman with a face like the nnp of Ireland, hrard from a friend the- story of Maille. No battles were (ought in this small village near Tours in the "Chateau Country," but the villagers sheltered a shot- down British aviator. In August, 1P44, the Germans us a reprisal shot to death 124 of its 380 ir.habita.nts, killed all the livestock, burned two- thirds of its buildings. Warm-hearted Mrs. Hale couldn't forget the story. She told it that night to her husband, an artist who hud studied in Paris. "I suppose you want vis to adopt the village," he said. Mis. Hale decided right then she did. That was in April of last year Within two months ?hc had obtained from the villager? a list ol the tilings they needed most a had them on the pier at Lc Harvc. There were 7.000 items. "We let them know at the start that we couldn't afford to rebuild the town or supply them with food." said Mrs* Hale. But she and her husband did refurnish the village church and school and sent household linen, furniture and kitchen equipment to every family that needed them. The first things the pious villagers asked for were funeral curtains and wedding carpets for the church. But the Hales got more fun out of sending things that weren't asked—fishing poles for the children, gay dish towels, brightly colored garbage cans—little gifts to nourish the French love for small luxuries. The village is now returning to normal. The Hales currently arc sending agricultural implements— the villagers named the first tractor Girard" after her husband— and layettes. Babies are being born again and, as Mrs. Halo remarked "The field crops are doing well, too." N A P 0 L E 0 N ffi**; TOUCH. WHV, I'b AS S AS IN THE AVEfWgfe Midland Moves io Top In Longhorn Flag Race By the Associated Press Midland had first place in the Lionghorn League'to itself today, but t took a wild 25-19 victpry over Big Spring last night to turn the rick. The two deadlocked leaders put on a free-hitting, high-scoring con- ,ests in which 57 hits were recorded. Johnny Alvis took what batting lonors were left with two home un.s for Midland. Scores in the other two league james were a little milder. Odessa came from behind in the ninth nning to beat Ballinger. 10-9. and Vcrnon defeated Swectwater, 9-7. Jaycees Plan Picnic For Sunday Afternoon Plans for a picnic to be held his Sunday at Lake Gething, near jakcton, were discussed at the veekly Tuesday luncheon of the Junior Chamber of Commerce held n the Palm Room. Picnic will be lor Jaycees and aycec-Ettes. The group will meet it. the City Hall Sunday afternoon it 3 o'clock, so that they may .jour- ley to the lake in a group. Jack Nimo, president of the club, \vas in charge or the meeting. BY DICK TURNER rr country also asks assurance that we won't be attacked with the daytime radio serial" SIDE GLANCES BY GALBKA1IM COPft. 1M7 BV NEA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. RE6. U. 5. PAT.'OFF •f ' "The^next time your father buys you a birthday present ^ftjSw**^^ I'm going to help him pick it out!" I A PIN! ENVISVMENT DISiRVIS i»ROT!€T!O9i OUR Lincoln is au investment ia motoring pleasure. It is out tespotte. sibility to protect that investment for you. Let us maintain your Lincoln's beauty and luxury and performance .... with true Lincoln care. Our mechanics know your Lincoln well. They use only genuine Lincoln replacement parts. Protect your motoring pleasure by seeing us regularly lor Lincoln Serv- ke ... courteous, efucieut, piompu J. C. DANIELS MOTOR COMPANY W. Tyng Street Phone 161 S f I N I R S I R V I C t FOR A F I N i R CAR J New Zealand Shaken By Earth Tremors AUCKLAND, New Zealand— (fP>— wfte area along the thinly popu- led east coast of New Zealand';* North Island was shaken during the night by earth tremors wlilcl did minor damage to buildings in several small towns. DIVE BOMBING *GORHAM, Me— (.<r>j—When Minnie, a cat. cuffed a baby robin, she found that her grounded prey had plenty of "air cover." Mrs. Eva Hague. Minnie's owner, said that four robins dived out of a tree and "buzzed" Minnie so tenaciously that the angora was glad to take shelter under the front porch. Read The Pampa News Want Ads TireaVAII-ln"- Listless Feeling Brought To Halt As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Do you get up ia the mornings still tired, reel down-aad-out all day? Have you checked-up on your blood strength lately? Overwork, undue worry, cold, flu or other Illness often wears down the red-blood-cells. 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As vigorous blood surpes throughout your whole body, greater freshness an4 strength should make you eat better, eleep better, feel better, wort; better, play better, have a healthy color glow in your skin—firm flesh ftU out hollow places. 'Millions of bottles sold. Get • bottle from your drug store. SSS Toalo i helps guild Sturdy HealttJ. 9 M Legal Records Marriage Licenses Licenses M wed were granted yesterday in the office of County Clerk Charlie TJmt to the following: Robert L. Luster and Mrs. Bnr- nice Brown. William H. Craig and Mrs. Cei- cstia Lsc Harlanri Meadows. Realty Transfers Benjamin c. Bartlett and wife, Mary Btwtlctt, to Arrell Cummings; All of Lot number 5 situated in Black 4 of the Benedict addition of the city of Pampa. Edward W. Eshom and wife, Josephine Eshom, to Loyd Neagle; A part of the easterly one half of the north east one puarter 'Of Section 104 located in Black 31 of the I & C? N Railroad Company surveys of Gray County. W. A. Gaines to Lucille Games; All of Lots numbered 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 situated in Black 72 of the original town of McLean. Alia Eugenia Barnett and others io P. H. Jemigan; All of Lots numbered 23 and 24 situated in Block 11 of the south Side addition of the city of Pampa. J. P. Butler and wife, jeanie Vce Butler, to O. A. Loveu; All of Lot number H situated in Black M of the Talley addition of the city of Pampa. Mrs. W. E.'Kennedy to F. E. Kennedy; The north half of the south west one quarter of Section 91 located in Block 23 of the H & G N Railroad Surveys of Gray County. Frank M. McCanaghie and wife, Irene V. McCanaghie, to Henry O. Boyd; All of Lots numbered 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 situated in Block 73 and all of Lots numbered 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 situated in Block 73 of the town of McLean. Divorce Suit Filed The suit in divorce of pobbie Jean Burgess Morton versus Wesley Morton. Jr., was filed yesterday In the office of District Clerk Dee Patterson. EXPANSION PLANNED BATON ROUGE, La.—VP)— Plans for a $20,000,000 expansion of toe Ethyl Corporation plant here were underway today. 'John If. Schaeffer, vice president In charge or manufacturing, said the new addition would provide a permanent payroll Increase of more than 500. ' All the wealth our inventive minds produce amounts to'little if we fail o employ it to extend to others nore of the blessings we enjoy.— president of U. 9! "• Lake Ndar Panhandle Is Receding Rapidly PANHANDLE, (Spocia)— Famous Pantex Lake, the fishermen's para- ise for the past 'two years, is no more. Water is receding rapidly after 60 well placed snots of TNT by Tex Thornton on Saturday. On the advice of a state game warden, L. H. O'Neal, owner of the property, had Thornton to crack the lake bed so that water would not stand there. Water from Army Tech and Pnn- tex Villages flowed into the lake and the fish were considered con- laminated but this did not deter fishermen who could be found all limes of the day and night at the lake. Farmers in the vicinity were unable to keep their fences from being torn down and their wheat trampled. While the shots were being placed extra re-enforcements of law officers were used to keep out the crowd. Senate Members Rural Aid Commiiiee Named AUSTIN—(/P)—Five Senate members had been named today to the Legislative Rural Aid Equalization Committee, charged with administering the $36.000,000 Rural Aid Administration bill passed by the, 50th legislature. Lt. Gov. Allan Shivers named the following Senators to the committee: G. C. Morris of Greenville: A. M. Aiktn Jr. of Paris. Pat M. Bullock of Colorado City, Roger A. Kniiiht of Madisohvillc, and R. L.. Proffer of Austin. Speaker of the House W. O. Reed has not yet naniDd House members to 'the committee. ANCIENT ACCOMPLISHMENT Plumbing is not a modern accomplishment. Thirteen hundred feet of copper pipe plumbing was installed in the myramid temple of Abusir, Egypt, about 3000 years ago. , REACTION Persons suffering from epilepsy, inlra-cranlal hemorrhage, fractured skull, toxemic coma cr diabetes, uremia, or even intense cold, often appear drunk when perfectly sober. Canadian Briefs FISH STORY Canadian— (Special)— Earl Rhca caught what is though to be the biggest bass that has been taken in Lake Marvin, and perhaps the biggest in this entire area. The fish weighed eight and one quarter pounds, and his mouth was so large that it could easily accomodate a three pound bass that was caught by Bill Job a few minutes earlier. ON PACIFIC TOUR Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Callaway left Sunday for an extended tour of the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Callaway is general manager of the White House Lumber Company and expects to contact several of the big lumber producers as well as enjoy the vacation. APPLY FOR HOSPITAL A group of Canadian Shrlncrs. MAGNETO REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF BROS. ELECTRICAL CO. m a f^Cfimi ', „ —-— „ _ application fat the, BhtlfiS ffogfciitel for crippled CMfif^S MiMs Ai*4 to be btfllt at Catt&attftJfh» $t&t«l that they would doMtfc ft-Bofrttel site of any Size deslrfcd. ftm fpoald furnish light and- f«J«*f» fi*fi of charge. They called ftttehttdn t(J the location 6f Canafliaft «m $6 main line of the Santa fe. and at the . intersection of two. trah's66n- tinental highways. 60 and 83. BUSINESS SELLS Earl L. Wilbur has announced the sale of his Canadian Laundry and Dry Cleaners to Josliri If. (Jbsh) Hopkins who has already assumed active management of the business. Mr. Wilbur has been named executive'- vice-president of the first National Bank in Higglns, and Will move there as soon as living quarters can be niade available. We must do everything we can now to prevent a long war—if Wat conies. Universal military training offers a sure saving in time.-^-Sec* retary of War Patterson. . . We Sell Beer! Every Day and On Sundays! By the Case or by . the Bottle To Go. 1 p.m. to 12pm. Also Open Sunday Nights Dancing Starts 7:30 p/m. SOUTHERN CLUB CONSULTATION We consider it a privilege to acquaint you with 'the many phases of our profession of which you may be unaware. Only through knowledge and understanding can appreciation of our calling be gained. Call upon us at any time for consultation. There is no obligation. Ciegg Funeral Home Listen to R. Virgil Mott, your Gospel Singer every Sunday, 1:45 p. v m. on Station KPDN, 1340 on your dial. Cuyler at Browning • IDnbn-i Pho 2454 ne lflpproucD| TRHILIUHSTE •> w *'**,^."II "*,*>' €*ff-- **> Cjieck .'em-rplowing, planting, harvesting, hauling. They can make a difference in year-end profits. And, TRAIL MASTER gasoline can tip the scales in your favpr. SHflfHROCK mflSfER A PRODUCT OP THE SHAMROCK OIL AND GAS CORPORATION AM'ARIILO, YOUK RIQHT-HAND-MAN ON FARM Wash and Lubricate

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