The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 28, 1969 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1969
Page 9
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10 Htjf 9»stom» »m Tuesday. January 28. 1969 Don't Throw It Away, It Might Bring Cash-Sun Classified 1. Lodge MottoM REGULAR MEETING of Saa Joclnlo Council No. }7M, Knights of Columbus, In the K.C. Hall, Tuesday evening at 8:00 p.m. Leonard T. Matoch, Grand Knlgtit STATED COMMUNICATION ol Sompson Lodge No. 531, A.F. & A.M. of Highlands, Texas, will be held Tuesday, January M, 1969, 7:30 p.-n. All members and visiting Erctnfcn cordially Invited la attend. Roy L. Nalley, W. M. L. C. Gentry, S«c'v. CALLED COMMUNICATION ot Goose Crftfc LodB* No. 1192, A.F. & A.M., Tuesday, January 28, 1W9, 7:30 p.m In the Goose Creek Masonlr Hon. Examination of Candidates. Vlsltina Brethren cordially Invited 10 <"*""• J. A. Bov.r, W. M. E. E. Waugh, S«c'y 1-A. Special Notices MEDICAL PROFESSION — Are V«« In- lei filed In office or clinic across street from Gulf Coosl Hosollol??? Will build to sull tenanl. Coll C. E. Smith, 427-4«H for Infermalion. TAX RETURNS PREPARED BY MAIL — « Ice. Coll Cllflon McDowell for Information, 1-A. Special Notice* CLASSIFIED ADVIRTI14M are ur*M M ctwck the first Insertion •* on «g fw TOtalble errors. The •oytown Sun *MI no-cnoroe for on Incorrect o* d me «•> vertlser coll* the ckmlfled Jetm iu>e»it before the second >neert>o>. TIMBER WANTED — PkM and MreV wood, loo and eulpwoad and estimated. Purchased In bulk or per thousand and units. HERB TIMBER CO., Box IS, Liberty, Texas 77575. Phone We-3*41, Liberty or 5*7-4476, Raywaod, R. B. Evona. WEDDING SERVICE Completely new I* Boylmm. C»m*»e»e decorvtlnf et enured, beutjvort DM reception. peneexilliMl Mrvke. Kmnnetil*. 47I414*. l-C Garage Sale GARAGE SALE — Old WlltM Supoiy Building, FM 545, Mt. Btlvteu, Monday throuon Sal. I a.m. III? Antiques, old hollies, glassware, clothes, miscellaneous. GARAGE SALE — Monday tfcrv Thursday, Jan. 77-Jon. 30. 307 In wood, 9 a.m. ta 5 am. GARAGE SALE — M*t Modlsen, atiftor, amollfler, hair dryer, baby bed. assorted shes ol clothes, omn's, women's, chll- d'tn's, toys. RUMMAGE SALE — Ml 7 Market Friday 31, 1:30 - 5:30 Saturday Feb. 1, 1:30-2:00 P.M. Little of everything. Si- l-C MonoiMnts-Lot* TWO LOTS — Section A. Call 4JM47t. LET US NOT Kteretere iMdM MM •»• other cxiy more; bul |ude* tnl* rather, that no man out a stumbling btock or on occasion to tall In his brothers way. REDUCE SAFE, Simp* «Ki M*l Wltk GoBese tablets. Only M c«nt>. Herring Drugstore. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOWt — information on AlcaholMm If vou have a drlnklno prabetm Call 477-9700. The CLASSIFIED Department WMtld like t* lay "THANKS A MULION" le Me "SATISFIED ADVERTISER" wit* twit me o*)ld*«i ke* e4 cl Q.V.D. Fer OOTlltv. VctiM. Ce»l Dkk Derm tor (Molls, Lori-Pound LOST 000 — Mot* CTIXenmi, vlcMfy old Polly. Answers to "Patrick." RE- WARDII Coll 427-Sltl er 42J9774. DOO LOST — Mrk** • rod Pemeronlan, mole, lost In Polly area. Reward. 427-5434, 427 IMS. 7. Instruction* POISE AND MOOCLINO — Now beginning mid-February. Morning, afternoon, ovonlno. Group and private lessons. Mary Lynne Johns, School, 427-7217, 10. Help Wanted COUPLE NEEDED Te r«n metel and ma rlna at Sam Rayburn Lake. Goad pay. Prefer Bohemian couplt age 2S-SO. Call Houston 073-9132, Saturday or Sunday. DISHWASHER WANTED — Ne experience necessary, apoly In person. MON TEREV HOUSE. 1300 Market. NEEDED — OrlN Cook and Waitress. Ap ply In person to KETTLE'S RESTAURANT, «H Atexandir Drive. THE BAYTOWM SUN Ms a Mama Mlv ery Route available In Ananuoc. If you off a High School Student with a car In Anonuoc you con make a goad part time InooTia. Write to John Fairbanks, Box 471 Btytown, Texas 77V30. EEK AND MEEK By Howie Schneider OF A MAUIC DEPReSSIVE ABSOLUTELY THE VJORST BUGS BUNNY By Ralph Helmdohl TELEPHONES/ / TOMER- ME TELL YOU YAK-BLAH.../ WHAT I HEARP- BLA... HI AND LOIS •y Mort Walker and Dtk Browne OF COURSE NOT. THERE ARE LOTS OF PLACES WHERE IT'S WARM AND THE SUN IS SHINING. I VvONDER IT'S RAININfS LIKE THIS ALL I THINK WE SHOULD HOLD A DEMONSTRATION/, MR. ABERNATHV By Jones and Ridgeway I'M THE GREATEST SINCE THE GOOD \ A*/RAZOR-5rWRPBtAC36 NIGHT; ACWIRAL. J WEAPON IN AAX EXPERT HANDi POOR suy WON'T ADMIT HE'S AFRAID OF THE DARK BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Walker DOMT MO i SET, I'M NOT S01M6 TO HAVE l-UNCM TODAY/ X SUE^S A WHO HAS A STOMACH LIK:E MINE MAS PEFlNITt; RESPONSIBILITIES BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Frtd Lasswtfl LONG AS MIZ PRITCHflRT IS OFF INTH' FLflTLANDS, VWHV DON'T VE COME EAT SUPPER WIF US TONIGHT, DOC? BLESS WORE THOUGHTV BONES, SNUFFV THIS OL' MONEY-MAD WORLD, IT SHORE IS HEftRT WflRMIN'TO GIT SOMETHtN' FER FREE N'FETCH ALONG - I VORE MEDICINE BAG, ll OOC--THTER'S BEEN ?V. HflCKlN'AN'COfFIIM' b v ftLL DAY LONG ' I T& C ALLEY OOF By V. T. HantBn OH, SJJRE; DOC'LL HAFTA SEND HER BACK BEFORE HE TRIES ANOTHER .UNLESS SL1MPIN GOES HAYWIRE WITH TH' TIME-MACHINE.' YOU AND I KNOW THAT, BUT TH' PHAROAH DOESt/T. BUT WE DIPN7 PO AWAY WITH NEFFJRTITli OKAY, SO FAKE IT SHE SHOWS M3U THINK. SHE WILL? W TM. 1^ U I. M. OK in. BMP Waattd DON M. HULLUM Employment S«rvic« WOMEN'S DIVISION Sttnttty. Typiiit M. IMrthand M t«M Secretory. Train*] »». SMr«v«* «i MM start Clert Ty»tol. M Went* MM Clerk TypJtl,, Tetafyi* Ex*. 5* Net Werds JIM POTWtlk He* K*y «•••" COUNSELOR--** HoHowcy MEN'S DIVISION Le* TecKnkloK, Seme Chemistry ,.«e*S Tax Aeeewrtanl, BBA Oeeye* ... le S7M Shlo»I«« Clerk, Experienced ... SM« plu$ Prelect Engineer, CHE Decree SIMt olus Drollumui, Mechanical, Piping .... Open Mies Management Tralnae ISM Instrument Tech MM Quality central, WeMlne S7M Wont Help P.rmonee.1 *1.7« to $1.11 Delivery Man Mft-Sf* Week Consultants: Da* MMIunv Dan HenaerMn Lei An Experienced personnel Man Hah) Pie* Yew Career I a.m. le 5 p.m. Monday Thru Friday t a.m. le Neon Saturday Phone 421-12*} an WMl Main Baytown Employment Secretary, S/H 7», Typ« 55 MM up Bookkeeper, Full Charge, Type 7S WPM MM HP Engineering Records Clark. Type M WPM, S/H M SMO up Typist, M WPM , SMI up Clerk Typlsl, Light S/H UM Metsanger Ctrl, Type M SMI General Office OM Housekeeper* and Cooks Insurance Investigator S4e| up Plant Trainees hr. production Helpan 13.2* hr. up Custodian. J le II «1M Foe Paid, Temporary and Part Time Jots I:M to 4:M Monday Thru Friday f ta 11 Saturday f Decker Dr. Crayitana BMej. 427-iMt Suite 1*1 CLERKS PRODUCTION PLANNING, SHIPPING, METALUROICAL Starting salary, MM plus annual bonus. High school diploma or eauivatent. No experience necessary. DON M. HULLUM Employment Service 270 West Main Phone 11. Female Help Wanted HOUSEWIVES Fart time 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. If you have nod experience In PTA, Scouting, Church or Sunday School Work, Community Activities, vou may qualify for the position In your community. Position worth M75 to start. Write the Personnel Director, 1412 Chamber of Co-nmerce Bids., Houston, Texas. CAR HOP NEEDED — Must bo ever 1* years of age. Apply In person only, BROWN'S CHICKEN SHACK. P^aTalx ol la- Write lew. ef (en- irk. Em- LIVE IN HOUSEKEEPER AMD BABYSITTER — o days week. Salary good. 4244*97. COCKTAIL WAITRESS AND GO GO GtRLS — Salary aood. Call CL 2-9171 or Gl. 2-4202. FULL TIME CHECKER NEEDED — Must be 21 or older and experienced In drive-In grocery work. Apply In person only to MINUTE MAN NO. 1, 321 W. Gulf. BAB 427 . home, unday. LVN ta work Industrial medical dkilc 40 hour oer week, I to i p.m. Call Peggy Bell, GL 3-S4S4. WANT LADY — To live with Mother for companion (Including light housework. Referencos required. Call 422-9)53 after & a.m. BAR MAIDS WANTED — 11-M, slniU, apply 2521 Market St. Sunday 2-4 p.m.. Body Shop. PERSONNEL SECRETARY NEEDED — Experienced, SH-70, Typing 55-60, S400 plus DOM HULLUM EMPLOYMENT, 422-8291. NEEDED Immediately! Waitress. Pleose apply In person to 'HE TOWER RESTAURANT, Decker Or. EXPERIENCED SECRETARIES Three Positions Open STARTING SALARY MOO TO S450 GOOD SHORTHAND AND TYPING FEES PAID BY EMPLOYER ONLY IS MINUTES FROM BAYTOWN DON M. HULLUM Employment Service Phono 42142?) 27*J West Main EARN MORE!! Show nafolonolly advertised, prestige ccsmellcs. Makeup methods used In Hollywood. We teach you FREE - And It's fun! 11 hours weekly should give yo« S4S profII; full time sit* and up. Phone VIVIAN WOODARD COSMETICS, tor oppotBtrmnt, 471-m*. 12. Male Help Wanted 12. Male Help Wanted FULL TIME LINE BOY — Six davs Ml week, S100 per week, II years or over, 427-7JH. PLUMBERS HELPER WANTED —Apply RICHARD CHUOKE PLUMBING, Seabrook, 474-2240. t MEN — Ex-construction workers, drivers, etc., UK> month start, free Insurance, bonus, 313 N. Main, 9-12 noon. SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT — Experienced, full time. Day work. Apply, 7119 Bayway. EXPERIENCED WAITERS, BARTEND- r.RS NEEDED — Apply ta Mr. Eric Christian, Houston Yacht Club, La Porle, GR 1-1255. DRIV Light lere Mondfy :empt. 40 fourj week. , Sales Help Wanted lll.OM IS NOT TOO MUCH lor man over 40, with cor, (o take short auto trips near Baytown. Air moll C. J. Dlckerson, Pres., Soulhwestern Petroleum Corp., Ft. Worth, Texas 7410). SALES OPPORTUNITY Full or part Hme. G.M.S. automotive, vapor Inlectors. Earning limited te your time and ability. Call Jerry, 4JI-MM er 15. Work Wanted BABYSITTING - In my home, Cralgmont area. Days. Call 424-5235. BABYSITTING _ u mv home, Old Pelly area, day or night. Phone 427-4134. BABYSITTING — in mv homo. Weekly or hourly. Fenced yard. Well experienced 427-3)42. FORMER LEGAL SECRETARY — Desires typing In home. 472-5549. CANDY CANE NURSERY — New nursery. Kind, Intelligent, loving care. Hot meals, kindergarten, 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. S12 per week 1 child, etc. 427-2511, 213 E. Texas. HAPPY HOUSE DAY NOKSERY — State Urcnsed, working mothers enroll y o u i cnlld now In day care nursery. Coll 427-2M7 tar appointment. SWINT'S KIDDie CARE — 2)1 W. Homon. State licensed, snacks, hot meals, supervised play. Ages 3 thru 10. i:30 a.m to 6 p.m. 422-9444, otlsr 4 call 427-4244 SEWING DONE Phono 573-ll«7 Mother Goose Nursery state UcenMd ~ 15-A. Bldg. Contractor ENCLOSE YOUR OARAGE and transform 11 Into a den for fomllv fun. C. G. "ROCKY" ROQUEMORE 1404 Wright Blvd., 422-9179. HOUSE LEVELING - Bell Bottom typo piers to bul'dtrs clay. Slabs our specialty. All work ouoronteed. A-ABA FOUNDATION CO., 674-«lll or 424-7910. ALL KINDS OP CARPENTRY and point- Ino Ho lob too small or too largo. Phone 427-1M7. REPLACE THAT OLD ROOF — With a Bonded roof by Bob. Siding and remodeling. 427-2S16. PAINTING AND REMODELING — Resll- dentiat and commercial, last, dependable service. Coll 422-9172 or 422-JMt. THOMPSON BUILDERS Remodeling — cabinets — windows — carports — now homes and eld — Financing. ID Jehn A, 424-SU7. Hasty Builders TOTAL, REMODELING — FREE •STIMATES 4*f $. Main, Highlands, 42*-I3t7. 16. Apartments For Rent CONWAY, GEORGE — 4*7 S. Whiting. Please be our guest to attend the movie "THE HORSE IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT" now appearing at the Brunson Theatre. Present this ad and your Identification at tho box office for your two frti' admission. HARBOR, int — Four-room furnished apartment, utilities paid. COll 427-2943. WISCONSIN, J4UV4 — 4 room furnished apartment, all bills paid, So5. 422-ftSM or 427-4*25. GAI mei 427 opart. FURNISHED — combination living-bedroom, kitchen, bath, private entrance, utilities paid, bachelor only. Apply 14 N. First, 422-ttoa. TWO 1-ream furnished apartments — Upstairs *gS; downstairs, J9C. Ulllltles paid. CARTER H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATE REALTORS, 427-7343 or Claire F. Thoman, 422-64S5. oge FURNISHED — One bedroom apartment. Draperies, carpels, utilities paid. Apply 3213 Missouri, 477-4539. EFFICIENCY CABIN — One bedroom furnished. Couote or jingle. No pets. 5226 Schoppa Lone. THREE ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENTS, 120 weekly, utilities paid, close lo town. Claire Thamon, 422-4455, CARTER H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES, 427-7343. TWO MEN needed et once lo assist manager. Sale*;Servlce and Supplies. No experience necessary, must hove car, Call JA 3-251 S. Classified Display its For LA PORTK, tU f. KANSAS _ (me* 2 bedroom ooartmant. S*S. Special this week only, 2nd month rent FREE to good permanent tenant, GR Vim. MAIN, lit S. — MIOMotMo. Ay*. C. OnO bedroom furnished, water and got poM. MO. 424-3571. ILLINOIS, MM — Foralihod t bills pold, couple. 575-1 Ml. COUNTRY CLUB MANO* — 3500 Decker Drive, Section I— 1 and 1-bodroems, furnished and untarnished apartments. Electric kitchens, air conditioned; diaperies; swimming pool. Phone 424-1613. BLUEBONNET APARTMENTS — (law ranting — One and two badroomf, furnished. All bills paid. Hwy 14i. 4H-««U. BARKLEY SOUARfc TOWNHOUSE Low cost luxury and convenience. Swimming pool, cenlrol air, patios, carport, dishwasher, refrigerator, disease!, carpet- ma; furnished or unturnlsnod. Utilities paid. 1215 Park. 422-7US, 422-1707. BEAUTIFUL APARTMENTS 1-3-3 bedrooms, tornlsJwd or tinfurnlshod. Electric built-lns; pool, parking, etc. WHITEHALL, HM Toft, 427-17)1 NORMANDY—GRANADA—COLONY Ml Trl-Clty Beock M., 427-M73 TANSLEWOOD SQUARE eeoutlfu* apartments. One and Two k>d rooms, trees one) pool. Phone 4O7-UV. NOW RENTING Barcolono: Apartment vmaoe — Uvo kot- tor electrically In these >T nowost ot Ike new" apartments. Unique Spanish architecture and vltra-modorn recreation, faculties one) eioulsKe living conditions. One and two bedrooms, hirnlehod and untar- •lined. Coll for details. 427-SM1. Weickersheimer Manor ona and two Baoroem aponrneots tar ront. Farnsshod or onrurnishod, Pkini GRAYWOOD ARMS One and two kedream OTILITI1S PAID LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE «W-»4J4 «J- - ' ' Baywood Apartments 1M* C. Jomos, fumlshotf or unfurnished apartments for rent. ta HIS. Phone 4X7-40TI. Creative Arms Apts. MM Baker Rd. 434-M14 Built-in Kitchens Carpets One and Two Bedrooms also Two-bedrooms with den FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED Two-Bedrooms $135 WASHATERIA FENCED PLAYGROUND 2 SWIMMING POOLS (FENCED) II HOLE PUTTING OREEN RECREATION ROOMS COVERED CARPORTS Separate Family ooxl Adult Ar*m Call Now.'! 17. HOUJMS For Rent MOBILE HOME — *»e E. Hunnicutt 10x55 R., furnished 3-Uedroom. Phon« 427-42W. CEDAR BAYOU, 2117 — One or 1 bod- room furnished houses, by week, all bills oclo, 4J7-S427. ONE BEDROOM — Furnished house. Water and gas paid. 170 monthly. Couple only. Phone 575-1141. MURRILL, US E.—1 bedrooms, furnished, redecorated. Couple preferred, references. Available Feb. t. 422-406« after S p.m. FOR R6NT — Two bedroom furnished mobile home, air condltlortrd. Call Mrs. Mooney, 472-1)02. house, from PEGGY, MU — For solo or rent, unfurnished 2 bedrooms, completely redecorated. S90 month. 422-5171. BAKER RD., 60M — 1 bedroom unfurnished house, v.'csher and air conditioner connections. 424-1391. ADAMS, 108S — For sale or ront, unfurnished 3-bedroom brick, family room; 1-car aarane. S175 month. SPACIOUS — TWO bedroom, 2 bath homo, Completely furnished. Adults Only, S175 per month. Carter H. Miller and Asso- Cloles, Realtor, M.L.S., 427-7143 or Claire F. 7haman, 4M-44S5. HOUSE FOR LEASE — On N. Commerce. Unfurnished 3-bedroom. Available In 30 days. Call 422-7316. ck NEW MO1ILC HOME — Furnished, II ft. wide, 2 bedroom, all bills paid. Deposit required, TRAILER CITY, 2410 N. Alexander Dr. Classified Display MANAGER TRAINEE — Must M H yrors old and have auto. Good starting salary, good chance for advancement. Aoply In person only, AMERICAN FINANCE SYSTEM, 1M W. Tcsas Ave. Classified Display If you can afford but one shotgun. make It a Eroum fired Of 100K-ALJKF' Nouses? See COACHMAN HOMES NEW KOUNTRY KLUB VILLAGE (Located on Baker Rd. ACFQM From Country Club) Phone 427-347J. or 4S2-58U $23,850 TO $27,950 VETERANS $100 TOTAL MOVE IN FHA AVAILABLE Wood Burning Flreplacee Lovely Cirpetlng Beautiful Walnut Paneling 3 And 4 Bedrooms All Gas Built-in Kitchens Architecturally Dtilgnec! Homes One And Two Story Gai Air Conditioning Underground (Jtllitlct 17. Moose* Far IteBt •XeTCUTrVf HOME — Hlfrumi. t paths, air, heat, SIM. Plus security deposit. McCANDLESS, 437-121*. NEW MOIILE HOME — Fumlskad, air conditioned an laree lot. Contact Leonord's Barber Snap, Boywov Dr. IOUSE— i«ekly. 18. Bedrooms • Board MILNER DR., m - Smelt bedroom oaarlmenl, working '"nan, private bath and entrance, 424-4144. rent, • EDROOM — Wit* arhfaN) batk, telephone oottonol. Call 437-1(45. NICE BEDROOMS — Men only; pler.ty parking. With or without air conditioning PARKS HOTEL, 437-97M, Ml 5. Main. 19. Bucineu Rental* COMMERCIAL SPACH — Near K-«tart Ploza. Colt JOHN M. SHEARER, REALTY, 422-4517 or 422-0*16. MKTAL BUILDIN* — JulteMe Mr Slew or Garooe, 910 N. Main. WAREHOUSE, 317 Najre, — ttxlM «. masonry building with office space. Will rent or lease. Mrs. Lambert, 42J-49W. NEW SHIPMENT OF F1JHI Oscars, Flremouths, Silver Dollars, Clown Loacn^ es, aood selection of bonom Cots. MUi PET SHOP. 2M1 N. Main, 4J2-44W. Warehouse For Rent On N. Main. M «. by W M. en 1 atrai Suitable tor garage. Includes erllce space. Coll 421-un. 20. Wanted To Rent WANT TO RENT - 4 er s bedroom home In the Goose Creek School District. Phone 4T7-4M9. WANT TO RENT OARAGE — (Preferably In vicinity ol Ward Rd. and Hwy. 144. Call 422-4111. 21. Trailer Space PRAIRIE VILLAGE AND MOBILE HOMES — VvW have lots for sale. Pre- d«veloDm«ntl All utilities, future swimming pool, conveniently located ot corner of Prairie Rd. and Battlebell In Highlands. CHARLIE RAMSEY, 416-1521. LARGE CORNER LOT far rent or sale In Highlands, for mobile home. Swimming pool available, Contact Leonards Barber Shoo, Bavwoy Or. 424-512C after 12 noon. JOHNSON'S TRAILER PAKK — Carnal ot Ave. B A. Hwy. 144. All city uHllttes (natural gas) 576-iS20 MtT Belvlau. 23. Services Offered ALL APPLIANCES SfRVICID Free Service Coll Repairs In your home. Color Specialist —No Fix — Ne Pay TV JOE — 115 Fifth St. Mmon, Texas 177-1232 day or nlant. INCOME TAX SERVICE 4- Nan itemized and Itemized. Reasonable pride. Bookkeeping also. Frank Lambrech!, 422-4911. HODGES OVERHEAD DOOR CO. — Residential and Commercial doors serviced and repaired 474-5W*. INCOME TAX SERVICE — Abe Bern:an Consultant 713 Grantham, 422-4o7e, Bv oooolntment. COURTEOUS — REASONABLE - DEPENDABLE-ACCURATE INCOME TAX — Noa-rtemlied 1O44, 14; simple Itemized 1040, 110; Detailed prices at request. JAMES OUVALL BUSINESS, 422-9434. J. H. BERRY, ASPHALT CONTRACTOR Equloment & Truck Rentals. Sewer and Water Linos Fleme call 477-49M. ROACHEST Average < room house, $15. Also termites, ants, flees, etc. COTtmar- clal, residential. Bonded, licensed. Hcrvey-s Pest Control, 422-9WO, 422-S357. PINEMONT ENTERPRISES — W»ldln« (Including aluminum) sandblasting, pain! Inn, 7001 Decker, 424-5544. BAYTOWN AIR CONDITIONING A HEATING CO.. 1314 N. Main, Days 4274012, Nlgflts 427-5465 — TWENTY FOUP HOURS SERVICE. Expert Installotlon and servicing, commercial and residential. MELVIN JOKES, OWNER. "No equipment is better than the Installation and servicing." INCOME TAX SERVICE — M up, aff- palntments at your home, call after 4 o m., Raymond Bodcaux, 4224953. TRENCHING AKD BACKKOE WORK Also eqiMpmaat on4 mocMne moving. Call 422-8239 Electric Motor Repair Krwmdtno, any klnel. •Jie, madeni eo»» ment. Cualtfled mechanic. MASSEY ELECTRIC, 171 S. Pruett, 4J5-7J*t. ASPHALT PAVING All types-streets, parking lots, driveways BAYTOWN ASPHALT CONTRACTORS 42>4$41. Classified Display 23. S4HT1OM Eaclchoe and Loader Work-Toe fill uiH Yord Oirl — 4jD.ltM, Lot* ftorrli 23-A. Welding Suppltot •AYTOWM WCLDIMO SUPPLY iolos, Rontols, Reaolrs. Oxygon and acetylene, anesthetic oases and equipment. 24-hour service. 102 M. Alexander, 427-leSL 24. Soil • Fertiliaer FOR »EST RESULTS — Tf» PorMvoinO Wlnterlur for ntw or established lawns. Have the preltkst lawn this spring. LYNCHBURG FEED AND HARDWARE TOP SOIL-FILL SAND SH«LL—CLAY-riN« BARK 26. Plants • Seed* SPRING IS ALMOST HEREI stash Pino Trees, Nondenas. NEW shipment of AZALEAS. DAVIS NURSERY, l Decker Drive, 424-7171. FRUIT TREES — Poof, poach, plum, Japanese persimmon, sartsjma, kumauat, O'onoe, lemon. SMITH BARROW GARDENS, M01 Thompson Rd., 424-3315. 28. Pets - Supplies A " Rabbits, si.00 and UD.' GREENWOODS Pet Shop, 4M-1S37. PART IRISH SETTER - Female, IV, 1J -- J chllds net. .free to right 422225*" cllD « > * d< JAPAMESB AKITA PUPPIES Registered. 1100. Call 575-1172. IRISH SETTER PUPPIES — AKC, 7 weeks, Coll 427-5550. TOWN AND COUNTRY KENNELS — Grooming and boarding. Poodle puppies, terms available. 4506 N. Main. 422-4771. PROFESSIONAL POODLE CROOMINO CLAIR LAC KENNELS 420-1151 evenings and weekends. $L49 CAY PET WAFFCRS M count, money back guarantee. Offer good thro Sat., Fob. 1st. GULF COAST PHARMACY * Garth Rd. 432-*4t> FREE CITY DELIVERY 29. Livestock • Supplies MARE — Five veor dopck. Gentle. 42*-2»75. old auartor horse. HORSES - Must setll 1 Celdlngs, 1 more Llnobock Dun. AH good for trail rides. Phone 422-»737. BABY GOL 4115 HORSES — Gentle. Shetland, coed ler clilldren. Gelding, oood roping horse. HAY — Dollls Grass, fertltlied and sprayed for wdeds In soring.. Coll 571-3101 Crosby. EXCELLENT RED TOP CANE HAY — Laroe bale 11.M under 100 bales. 91M Wade Rd. HORSE STALLS FOR RENT — Including 2S acres for grazing. Newest end nicest In Baytown. Larry Enderll, 427- 44la, 575-1 Ml. HORSE FOR SALE m 44*1 HORSES Bay • gelding MS) Mtxlcan burro, SM; Registered block Appaloeta Mare, SMO; Palomino more, 1X75. 4K-4OM. Western Wear ANDERSON'S 1t2 E. Texas 422-4T11 99 CENTS CINCHWORMCR Worm any slie horse. Simple 1 dose container. Money back guarantee. Otter 400d thru Sat., Feb. 1st. GULF COAST PHARMACY 2tM Garth Rd. 422-ttl? FREE CITY DELIVERY 30. Articles Wanted con Kyi le Jim Classified Display 3E PROTECTED before you buy your new home If it la built by a BONDED REGISTERED GET BONDED QUALITY CALL THIS NUMBER TO SEE IF YOUR BUILDER IS BONDED Greater Baytown Builders Association 1117JO BWTTON-CRAYEHS Lumber Co. BAYTOWN'S UlRGEST. HOME BUILDER man HOMES AH br1ek,*1n«liidlnir CentrrJ heat, air DouMo Karaite Bon<J*d. (I4K»4>. Build en S and « Hodroom Home* <17,400-ttlrOOO VETERANS atie S100 Total Mow In Also FHA Croigmoitt And Glenmeadow 427-M11, 4Z4-7W2, 'I Glamoroa* bath* 100% Nylon eaipetlnc FnHy Innolated Kitchen pantritM All KM built-in IcHcheiw Starett Lumber Co. 422-7121 427-7349 EIMJOV •YEARS AHEAD' LIVING IN * IOIAI (IfClflIC GOIQ MfMUIQN HOME Plutnwood Sec. V From $18,700 Fair Park 603—607—609 Midway - ^ TTT;^ \"~ •"•?•' .*'/. '«• -.--^ 4if> .*<*-.&* RU-G.L Conyentiona, We Take Trades BONDED

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