Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 10, 1939 · Page 9
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 9

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1939
Page 9
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' i THE CORSIOANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10. • 19891 NINB ISSUE OF COMMUNISM 1W INJECTED INTO HEARING ON ROTC FAVORABLE REPORT ON BILL ESTABLISH UNIT AT TEXAS UNIVERSITY AUSTIN, Feb. 8.—<#)—The li- sue of communism waa Injected ,* last night.into a legislative committee hearing on a bill to establish ah ROTC unit at the Unlver- sity of Texas. Dictatorships also were raked over the coals before the committee voted 7 to 4 a favorable report on the bill, by Rep. Alfred Petsch of Frederlcksburg. Judge J. H. Baugh of the Austin court of otvll appeals brought the communism issue out into the open after a few earlier Interrogations by Rep. James Goodman of Midland had hinted the question would be raised. Judgo Baugh, proponent of the bill, was the closing speaker and said the communist intertanionale was working through American student groups to spread Us propaganda, fie said the student organizations were being used as dupes. He told Rep. Lelghton Cornett, foe of the bill, he did not believe the students were communists .Insisting they were being used as pawns. ,^,, Cornett, arguing vigorously \ against the measure, said "a situation worse than civil war will prevail if military training Is placed on the unverslty campus." v Judge Baugh read excepts from reports on communist Investigations by congress. He also read reports from communist papers referring to the American student union as "one of the greatest triumphs in the United States." No Danger of Militarism. Asked whether military training might develop militarism In the United States, Judge Baugh replied "there Is no danger of Uje $r.fted States going militaristic. But we ought to have the fore• sight to realize the need to look out for our own safety." L, Cheers, boos, handclaps and hlss- 4 punotuated the hewing. The demonstrations came from a comfortably filled gallery and floor. Petsch opened the hearing with an explanation of his bill. Prior to vote ho offered an amendment which, in effect, directs the re- onts to request the war and navy epartments to establish and maintain courses in military and naval training, and qualifying men student graduates for reserve commissions. The course would not be required as a condition for entrance to or graduation from the university. Arguments In favor of the proposal wore made by H. W. Gully, engineering school student at the university; Col. Ralph IDurkeo of San Antonio, an official of the reserve officers' association; Dr. Andercon Fitzgerald, professor in the school of business admtnlstra- tion; Adjutant General Knox and Judge Baugh. Harry Some of Opponents. Opponents included Dr. Clarence E. Ayres, professor of economics at the university; Rep. W. T. McDonald of Bryan; Fred Schmidt, Jim Anderson and Sidney Reagan, university students; Mrs. G. K. Shepard, representing a group of Austin housewives and. mothers; Rev. S, Marcus Hougc, pastor of the First Congregational church of Austin, and Mrs. Claude Hill of tho eLageu of Women Voters. Preparedness ,was the koynote of most of the arguments In favor of the military unit, while opponents contended the training would Interfere with the educational facilities of the university. The committee was presented a petition signed by 2836 students opposed to tho proposal. Results of oampus polls were given the legislators snowing about 20 per cent of the students contacted favoring R. O. T. C. It was brought out the poll was taken among only 477 of the more than 10,000 students at the school. Windshield Wiper Service Dont take chances while It Is raining. If your windshield wiper does not work, drive to us, we can repair It. Onr price* are very reasonable. TAYLOlt MAGNETO HOUSE Use a Dally Sun Want Ad for aulck results. Three Arrested In Connection Recent Automobile Thefts Two men and a woman have made bonds to await the action of the grand jury as the result of recent investigations into the theft of several automobiles here, according to officers. Homer Jones is at liberty on bond! of $500 on two charges of auto theft filed before Judge A. E. Foster. The arrest was made by Sheriff C. O. Curlngton and Deputy Sheriff Jeff Spencer. Talmar Jones was arrested Monday by Deputy Sheriff Spencer and was charged by complaint filed before Judge Foster with conspiracy to commit arson. Bond of $1,000 waa set and made after waiving examining trial Monday afternoon, Mrs. Fannie Sue Davis was arrested Monday night by Deputy Sheriffs Spencer and George T. Brown on a charge of conspiracy to burning of mortgaged personal property and waived examining trial before Judge Pat Geraughty Monday night and was released on bond of $1,000 to await the ac. tlon of the grand Tuesday. The complaints were accepted by Seton Holsey, assistant crlml ntil district attorney. Two cars stolen In January here, one from David Castles, and the other from Mrs. Davis, have been recovered. The Castles car Is reported to have been re-registered aa a rebuilt car and had been sold In Dallas. The Davis car, officers said, was recovered stored In a barn in Kills county. Investigations is being continued by county officers. HOUSE COMMITTEE HAS DEFENSE BILL ALMOSTCOMPLETED CALLS FOR EXPENDING OF $300,000,000 FOR NEW MILITARY PLANES Does Your Radiator Leak? Then bring It by and let us flush and repair It. Our prices are reasonable.—Herods Radiator and Electrical, 4th and Main. W Our Business Has Been Bigger During the Last Three CASHWAY Months than Ever Before. "There Must Be a Reason! FLOU . ; . SUGAR 45c Armours Star, Flavor. Fresh, . g ] b . ' SPUDS. The all purpose Potatoes, 10 pounds PEACHES Pack In Heavy Syrup, No. 2% cans, 2 for CAT MART iJ/ULfl'lUll . . SHREDDED WHEAT . Drink that Second Cup. It's Good For You. CREAM WHEAT OLD DUTCH...... | TEXAS ORANGES Are now the Finest They've Been In Yean, 3 dozen "MEAT'S THE MAINSTAY" Treat Yourself to Wheat Cakes and Sausage For Breakfast. Combination Special 8 pounds of NAVY BEANS STEAK . . ROAST *>V**>*y* • • SUGAR. CRACKERS. PEANUT BUTTER. GRAPEFRUIT JUICE . CABBAGE Fine for Boiling . or Slaw, Ib. GRAHAM CRACKERS. . PRUNES E«t Them For Health Sake, pkg. A New i? Taste Thrill Pineapple MEAT LOAF Ask Us How. Ground Beef OATMEAL. Delicious Flavor, ,5 Ib, bag ..... TOBACCO. Country Gentleman, , Ref. JBc, now COUNTRY SORGHUM.. [REMEMBER. Your Sweetheart on ' Valentine's Day, Fancy Chocolates, 1 Ib. box.... WASHINGTON, Feb. 7. -W—Chairman May (D- Ky) said today the house military committee had unanimously approved leg- slation to authorize the ma- por part of President Roosevelt's $552,000,000 special defenso program, including ex- lanslon of the army air corps to p,500 planes. Action on tho bill came, he said, after republican membera of the committee sought unsuccessfully to limit the war depart- nent to production of no more .ban 1,000 airplanes in any fiscal year. Representative Andrews (S-NY), senior minority member, of the group, 'said the limitation propoa- il was defeated, 15 to 10, on 'straight party vote." May declined to say how the committee divided on his original iropoeal to give the air corps a :otal of 6.000 planes. "The bridle is off," he asserted. "They can buy these planes as fast as they can be built." WASHINGTON, Feb. 7.- The house military committee sought to wind up its work on the administration's defense legislation today and send the measure to the floor for Immediate action. Tho bill, embodying major portions of the $552,000,000 armament program, would authorize pur- Dhase of $300,000,000 of new planes Buying additional army equipment, and placing $32,000,000 in "educational orders." The latter would enable manufacturers to familiarize themselves with military needs. House leaders hoped to start debate Thursday. In addition to ADMINISTRATION TO DISCOURAGE ANY AMERICAN INVESTMENTS IN JAP CORPORATIONS FOR CHINA WASHINGTON, Feb. 7.— (IP)— The administration will discourage any American Investment, officials indicated today, In proposed Japanese corporations designed to develop Industry, commerce and agriculture in China. This attitude became known as the state department released correspondence dating back to 1023 which showed such a policy previously had been followed. Officials said the government's attitude remains exactly the same, "Recently intimations came from Tokyo that the development companies being formed there for the business Improvement of China would be open to American and other foreign capital." One of the state department's old communications declared: "In the opinion of the department It Is as a matter of general not desirable that American policy credit be placed at the disposal of foreign interests for investments or enterprise^ In third countries In oases in which the use of such American credit would tend to prejudice or circumscribe the opportunities for American enterprise or to further the organization of competition therewith." Officials said there was no doubt that the present Japanese develop ment companies would compote with American interests in China. Notes from the state departmont to Japan have complained specifically of the monopolies already being exorcised by such Japanese corporations. Discouragement of American Investment in such companies must be done through state department suggestion and not through any formal order. The effect a slate department suggestion might have, however, Is Indicated by the unanimous response that met Secretary Hull's appea Ito American airplane manufacturers not to ship planes to countries engaged In bombing civilian populations. Airplane shipments i populi Japan to Japan have ceased. JUDGE DISMISSED INDICTMENTS AGAINST MAYOR G. K. QUIN OF SAN ANTONIO AND TWO OTHERS the augmented army plane program, President Roosevelt recommended to congress yesterday that it spend an extra $6,723,000 for aviation research facilities. The money would supplement the regular appropriation for the national advisory committee of aeronautics. In the senate, the hot controversy over the sale of fighting planes to France brought a statement from Senator Nye (R-ND) that members of the military committee may be "forced" to give their version of what took place at a secret conference last week with President Roosevelt. Mr. Roosevelt has called "a deliberate lie" any statement that he told the committee America's frontier was on the Rhine. He also outlined the administration's foreign policy, saying It involved no "entangling alliances." Several committee members, con> tending that Mr. Roosevelt had given his version of the meeting, have suggested that he released them their pledge of secrecy. Nye said today he saw little chance that Mr. Roosevelt would do that. But, he added, demands for Information by other senators might make it Incumbent on those who attended the conference to report on It Although Nye and Senator Bridges (R-NH) have insisted that commltee members should be permitted to give their version of the White House meeting, it was apparent republicans would not act as a unit to bao!c up this demand. It was learned that Senator Mo- Nary of Oregon, the republican leader, had been urged to call a party caucus to consider the foreign policy problem, but had decided not to do so. Senator Capper (R-Kaa) aald that while there had been conflicting reports as to what occurred in the White House meeting, he felt the president's statement last week should be regarded as final. The senate recessed late yesterday until Thursday after Demo- cratlo Leader Barkley said there was no pending business. Pope Suffered Asthma Attack; Was Unconscious VATICAN CrrrT Feb. A Vatican news aervice aald' tonight Pope Plus had suffered an attack of cardiac asthma and was unconscious for more than half an hour. Physicians in attendance administered restoratives which brought him back to consciousness, the aervice said. After the attack which occurred this evening, His Hbllnoss waa reported "Improved and resting tranquilly." The service a abort time earlier had reported the pontiff had taken "a alight turn for the worse." It gave no details but other sources familiar with his condition aald an attack of influenza had developed into bronchial pnu- monla, In Vatican circles It waa regarded as almost certain the meeting of all Italian bishops, which the Pope waa scheduled to address Saturday in observance of the 10th anniversary of the Lateran accord between the church and the Italian state would have to be cancelled. It also waa considered unlikely the Pope would atte' 4 Sunday'a pontifical mass at St. Pete.-'s to inaugurate the 18th year of his pontificate, Second Victim of Highway Crash Died Monday Afternoon Oad Colbert, about 69 yeara, of Oklahoma City, who waa critically injured * early Thursday morning In an automobile crash near Angus, died at the p. and 8. Hospital Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. A. H. Meek, also of Oklahoma city, waa inatantly killed In the .oraah. Cblbert'e death waa the "• aecpnd" of the year from trafflo mishaps in Navarro county. By OUN W. CLEMENTS SAN ANTONIO, Feb. 7.-W- Exonerated of> charges of misuse of public funds, Mayor G. K, Quln, one of the head men of Boxar county's politics, today was ready for another fling at the mayorshlp of San Antonio. Quln's victory in court yesterday when Judge R. D. Wright of Laredo dismissed five indictments against the mayor and two city employes, R. Nelll Campbell and L. P. Bishop, not only gave Quln the exoneration ruling that he said he had expected but it may have paved the way for action today that may bring cleared names to several other Bexar county political figures who have been indicted. Judge Wright . that because Mayor Qi yesterday 3r Quln hi 1 ruled eld his political office that office did not make the mayor .custodian of the city's finances ' and therefore there has been no criminal action or misapplication of San Antonio's money in the alleged payment of $3,487, to 400 political workers,In the democratic primary last year. The verdict Was roundly cheered by spectator's, who raised such a din of noise in the court room that the Jurge retired to his'cham- bers for a few minutes before completing his work. A few minutes after Mayor Quln and Bishop and Campbell had been cleared, District Attorney John Shook announced he would ask today for dismissal of old indictments chaglng public fund irregularities pending against George W. Huntress, Jr., former Bexar county clerk; W. R. Beaumier, former chief clerk under Huntress; Dillard Coy .deputy county clehk, and Joe S. Ccbieskl, former county treasurer. 8:30 p. 8 Navarro Chapter UDC In Regular Monthly Session Wednesday Navarro Chapter UDO met In regular monthly session in the Townsend room at Klnaloe House m. Wednesday, February After the business meeting 1 had been concluded the program . for tho afternoon was turned over to Mrs, Bell White. Mrs. White's subject was "The Five Great Indian Tribes and the Part They Played In the Confederacy." Mrs. White thoroughly covered her subject In a very Interesting manner, naming the five tribes, describing their treaties with tho United States and told of their forms of governments. Tho majority of tho Indians sympathized with the South and entered Into the war with devotion to the cause. Elgheen major battles were fought within the Indian territory, or what Is now Oklahoma. Mrs. C. E. King gave an account of visits to the Pueblo Indiana and also passed pictures of the different houses and farms. Following Mrs. Klng'a talK the meeting was turned back to the president, Mrs. H. F. Marr, who thanked Mrs. M. L, D. Adams th« historian for having prepared the program. The meeting stood adjourned,— Reporter, Good Seamstress DALLAS, Feb. 9.—(fl Hurphy sewed his cut hand with needle and thread at home. Emergency hospital said It waa a neat Job but pulled out the stitches and put htm to bed. A tendon' was severed. Mayor Quln walked out of court yesterday with the announcement he would again seek the mayor- ship. "I ttm Indeed pleased," he said. "At no time did I fear tho outcome of this court action. The indictments wore inspired by political enemies who had no regard for tho welfare of the city. They were Inspired to smear mo and to smear San Antonio in order to obtain a political goal." Previously Mayor Qutn had. charged former Congressman Maury Maverick had inspired the Indictments. Maverick was defeated for re-election by Paul Kllday, trlend of Mayor Quln. Citizenship Club Is Organized Currie CURRIE. intermediate Feb. 0.—(Spl.)— The and high school grades of Currie met Monday morning, February 6, for the purpose of organizing . a .citizenship club. They elected the following officials: James Craig, president; Elvle Craig, vice-president; Bonnie Faye Phlpps, secretary; Floyd Chapman, chairman of committee for beautifying the campus; Margaret Crutchfleld, chairman of committee fa r improving the buildings; George Lucas, chairman of committee for cleaning the campus; Lllla Mae Craig, chairman of social committee, The club members will entertain their parents and friends at the Currie high school, Friday night, February 10, at 7 o'clock. The Citizenship Club will meet again on Monday morning, February 13, at o'clock. Use a Dally Sun Want Ad for quick TMulU. Attention Farmers Meeting A. T. Smith's Store Corsicana Tuesday Night, Feb. 14th 7 O'clock Free Coffee - - Free Picture Show FIVE $5.00 CASH PRIZES To Be Given Away Diversified Farming to be Discussed By Our County Agent, Mr. Robertson and F. H. Cathey, Dallas, Texas. Hot, Cold, Rain, Snow or Sleet FARMERS COME AND BRING YOURNEIGHBOR » When: Tuesday Night, Feb. 14, 7 o'clock. 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