The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 22, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1897
Page 3
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FRESH CAUGHT AT J. S. COX, ST.- WASHINGTON MARKET A toll Cmihty S, B. tm ptacMcft! Sunday has foeett ari-angft^l for the , Opt. 12 and 13. Seo program which will he ont this \v«ek. Tho throughout the state are just now on^«lgpd in writittg up the "sniall mon" in their redpefttito neigh foorfcooda. The Chronicle has no inten- tiort of doing atiythie^- of the kind, so no one need feel uneasy. WP today receJveli ft cftp> of "the' V" a mpnthly taft^ftsiitm devoted to ttousifc. BestrJ^ft^^acnl^tof tioh number contains "invocfttio^** cornet "il? Stnfe« Sweet. Mr. Let toS tint sUiojmUn tho Kfyfl *' " - " *' * bali'at the fnir ffrottrtds tonforww J afternoon. r kr/N, B. PalrtiMler, of Pejariftvitte. }i »Oet yritfr supper »t the T'r \ are "warned to look out fo yellows in peaches, • . .-* The cqulrwrtiat'fitornifl nifty/bo, ox pected at any tinlp. . / Tom Wells is relitodelmg his on east State ntreet, Sf«-HMHhftH -tcanie at tho fair fjr<>un( tomorrow afternoon. Tho recent severe frosts have done much damage nil over tho state, Tho Blackville quartette will be one o! tho attractions at the rounty fair. And now. wheat IP a:«intr down and-flU- ve.r is coming up i What are we to con clmlo from that? Sixty-nine bn^hiess failures were TP ported in various parti of the rountrj tho past week, : The- weather- for lower nnd upper . Michigan -Generally fair; warmer; , southerly winds, Commencinu October l<st all the* drag stores in Albion will elost at nine o'clock excepting on Saturday night, Misn JVIary I'Vrguson wh<» hrw been vory ill for some- tiutoTs reported much better and Hfr;»ilil> itnpro\ing. Heservf your neat fur the. Frances , Hughen Concert Co. at (iretne's drug store tomorrow evening at' seven o'clock, Mrs.: J. .i?.' Bowers 0 has* befit very ill for some time of consumption, and it Is tlionjjht she can .sur.vw-'bn.tashorl time. Jai'ksnn is endi>ttvoriim to secure on of the comleiiiiK'd r;;miion \vliicIiXn« government is distributing 'ufapn tin count r>. ThVKaton Knrmh HcraJxTbaa to exist, the |a'i\{ii)et(kDO4a\jitg puivhus nil tht< Journal and ^^u^it'thf .former into the latter, A lecture ajifl <-nirrtaiimu<iit course will beKlvvj/oe'thc United of theChjHfelnib rhurch Hpfiiing N<n. 2nd. tiftv "once (iiantr, ,uui the Battle Jreek base ball team iviH pluv a the fair ground .tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. - A dmi.M--ion '£} cents, t Ex. . "A flock of turkcja will t;lean out the large, greivn tomato 01 in short .order," E\pmi-no» teachea that they will also olnm out the tomatoes, The .(Etna XmUmiuitj Cuiupam, nt Hartford, with n capital *U>ek nf g;Cl);i wa«Admitted to do busincitt, in Michigan by Insurance 'Co'imnismonVr Campbell today. There are said to be several dogs in this county for which, the ^formers are gunning. They, wolves by killing.sheep that is, the dtigs ,have. ' . , „ At» Hieetiag of the Jackson Fed^ of Woniau's clubs yesterday af.terrtounjit i decided to send an invitation to tht to hold, its <x»avfin,tk»aiii , Th,ere » the English tuthelr«a cfaorch' ue-it JVi- 7 : :ja a'eluek. Fine d<?eo- -rvl^ faliowki by social. 'All excelleut patee- th,ey will alsofejui their tttber prise. Or. fowler's Kxt. of Wild forty *eaw « has afl or 6 forme. te> flte wiU oure Uia wpmt ttise of ttoce evur was. CWB y&u «ffor4 to turtuww wbe^ a, BUOJE»}«. atMf it at hnia^/ K never fad*. Mrs. l(j[errill, hae a a'ttelia« of ha/tit tot tb.e fall trad«. Sh« also sl»ow» th« "cow boy" hat which is tho latest at beewt- , . and-' piano? -^'Botnance," aote for Vhoae or flu^e. The leader ia at Bostoft by JTea , JDlVirte Mrs»-J>, has obtained », dtforcli. Mr. cc^edeid ftt having M#a in an JnBRHeaalttfli. AJffer for ft ptfrknl t»f soyen w«*k« the «ion was nrrfvedrat that the Iftdy " It (!o»ninon In eoanosi Sept, 35, 1897, Priding* AbwSttB Aid. Ora Mimitefl of iftnti rneeti)« protetl. Mftyo* 0rft»f, eh read nnd np- petition Petition of C, A, Tc*ch, Jr., to construct ft fetnent sfa^wnlfc under ordi- GEORGE INCER80LL, GENERAL nna«re No. &7, aidbof streeti« front of l«.t 382, aaid walk to be (Ml feet ia length by 4 feet in width, Petition! of Maria Drnlre to construct ft cement aide- WJUK ttnaer ordinance No-. 87 en the west e f«*J>f wftn fl street, m front 6f lot 2 rind the N. W. onw fourth of loft 3 of bloofcJO said walk to b*> 8* feet in leng' h by 4 f eefc in width. Pitittew of Thotna* N. bright to oemcpfe sidewalk under ordi-, »H«r Ht'B-BWt- SidtrUt Htgh rtrtet in front of lot «S eirtd wAlk to fee (» leBMWs bV* feat itt front 6f Jot 381 ol Raid walk to be 66 tost in length by <t feet in width* , - On motion ol Aid- Anooa tli&^gfn fcho petitioners wfl* granted: Finance coiAiriitf^, by AW. flyde, mnn, VecomrncddPd tlmt the obxhn of J. (I. Cruise Ik Co., and Mrs. R. M»rtin he ftllowed v «u»a'otj motion of A13* Anson the report COn- raore in rw^d of thfr nccommdntrons ttw ftsylunj t&iin was Mrm piytafef If tIMfc is one thing? Innr^ than'anoth OT-jt-hatthte bVQttifiQ MarsbAllito Hflpires It it IB being'strictly ut> io tlnte As a mat tor oljael, however, wte'are gadly bohin United States of any4mp<irt?tntie what e^st^bot, ihalJlftfi Jqai^ sinco. abolish&< Of Course we have both which is incori veniottt and vory freqnefttly Our only excuse f<?r having two kimla o tim is because .Detroit' has it, which just no excuse"at all, Everyone know that Detroit ia an overgrown burg decided tendencies toward provincial JBtn, therefor she is no mode] ,for Mar shall. The adopting of standard tim would necessitate no expense. It simptj involves rt matter of universal agreomen among the manufactories, churches Schools, bauk$, etc. PERSONAL. Harrison Anns went to Chicago .lae oven ing. Ur. Uniting attended the meeting o the Lansing prcbbytery' in Tokonsha. Miss U'olen Edgerton arrived Monday Highland is visaing friends and relativos htero. Mra.'M. A. Lacoy and Mi arrived from Chicago this afterj*0«n and are guests at \\\ J. ]3jbble'H, «rea( 31 Send us x the natn«^ and addresses o: three or .more, pjxrormers oil the pin'm or organ togetJrBr with ten cents in-silver wo will mail you .tor pieces fjm sheet music, consisting ol popular jjonKS, waltzes, marches, etc.,.ar for the |iian" and or^an. . • ". ' <). d d^ss: FoiHif.uj MU*K; PrB. Co., Indianapolis, Irif J. II. Ilitliday Mr. ' Twn'dtjors east of post oUSet!, Marshall Mi<>h., is tho place }ou are Kxikin<< for il you-wantbjirutsss, blnnki-ts, r*>b«, whijft?- ourry combs, brunhes, Hpeat-padn, fly- 7ict«, aarnesH 'oils, aalo .greases, harness Ir^ssing, shoe blacking or polish, sole leather, hhm* tapj)8, shoe nails. Or 'il four harrifeBH, boots and HlKH's^nood repairing bring them in lor uiy prices art reasonable. All w ork EMeaHe call. Watson & Watson have tbe newest stytes-rn -Wafting- Hatsr Bailors, Bieyclt} Hate and Children'sHchool Caps, West State Street. Jf jbu contemplate the purchase of a now but for the fair, call on Mre. Merrill Wanted. Apprentice girls * Graham & Stone millonery etore. at M. I'. K; K, Hpetiul IVncii Excursion to ttoutli <U»veii via Kb*fittl Train Marshall J,M a. w, For the above occasion wa will & trip tickets to South Haven for fj. Children 5 to ft y«a« {50 ^ Tickets good returning on special train leaving Srfuth Haven at your aitilors ti tor l|ie fai at Miss Buy youj^flfationiiry atth* Ciironio- PLUMS are ripeuiug rapidly owing to want* eather, wwJ seAaon m&y be Biiort r«sefve jaw plums this week. t»rkMS Kow 45c- Bucket. »f. 11 N^lNtiU AM. _t^p^>*i ^^li.f""5'$Sfc T Ve exji«ct Faaoy Crawfordbs t-e-ek, price high, quality &u,}terwr All frtiit direct from orcUara. . . 4. CUMMIMCHAM. "SI Bls80i.vBi>,. Th t a otpnk^ walfc wructed on the oA»t «J(fe of Kfthtiftssioo nY^,' from Brewer ^traet tor the nonlh lino of ^W^ferty^owiaed byJhe.VewtcsWt^ and that tto walk ia fiteaf, af property ownW by.tho r*0ftfl estntp ifla Kslftttirtjiod iivo. tn> orJercd repnired. Adopted . • , • f Sttffcwiw'k committee 'by Aid, Joy reooto'- mended that ho more oemcnf. walks be cou- utrtrctcd this j'en-. Report'adopted. Street conimMto by Aid. JfettemBn, re- commottded tbnt Btete ,strc«i *« repaired. By Aid. Hyde, the report wos accepted and adopted. - - ^ By Sid. Sonemon: \ R«8i)t,vBfv. That the oily parchnsfe a sar/efefi from A b Hlney for $3. Adopted. By "Aid. Oj-fetsftfletd: ICBdinsf from Mnrthnll avp'ntto to 4tie fair ground bfe repaired. Adopted. BpAld. Hyd*: JteWJ.vp.n, That B^chanffo strdct and MAr*hallRTenuo be Bprinltlea from State ^tt^ct to ftiue' -<jrcck bri^i^ ffa® 'tH6t ttifftlK day*of .ffie.f«ir, Adopted, By AW. Soy: Rtti*orjvjf», That the recorder be ihfltruct- 6ft to draw orders for one half year's eaUtry of mayor And Aldermen. Adopter, , ,*if)B mofiun of AM. Ureesflold the resolu. tion laid on,the ' table at the teat rntetinii relative tn ordering a «idovcii|j4 on Clinton street, was taken from the table ntid adapted By AM. Kfottemnn: RKSOI,VK», That, the inai'shal be tn»tt<fct- ed to phicc a sign on the K^JninHW) and Marshall nvenuo bridges warnj^SK pfo- (ile not. to drive heioBH'«aul brii" than a walB. AdopteJ. By the recorder: ' KWOI.VBU, Tl(at the mnvffr and recorder be Authorised to cxeouta/a quit claim' dep.d to'the heirs of Dr. Eprhia -O ur h for tax deed hold by thocity aftainst lotNo, 7;i for the.beat terms olitwnablo. Adopted. By Aid. Hydj ^ is expedient for the city of Marshal purchase maintain and operate A eyifrem of waterworks. ^ WtnfRE\.s the system 'ofWaterworks fopuoerly owned by the^ Marshall Water^ .>rks Company can bo jiurchased for ho sum of forty thousand dollars or thereabouts and improvements "thereon of the valuo of ten thousand dollars, nrp deemed necessary and advisable, which of fifty thousand dollars is n"gn;ate.r sum than can b<? raised by the common, council of said city or paid from the tax of any one yesir, therefore be it " ' That the city of Marshall do pun-haso thp works at present in; operation • ancl improve the same as above' specitled and for the purpose of such purchase and improvement, do raise by loan the-sum of fifty thousand dollars and issue the bonds of tho city •< such bonds tov.biv. called Miif shall Water Uonda. to be dated as of "the late of their issue, to- bo of the denomination of one thousand dollars eaoli, to bear 'internet itt tht- rittt> «f-not exceed •1'4 per cent per mm tun payable annually iu thi> nion'ths of May and N.m't.'mbi > r"(f i ach Voarahd to huvecouponu for^auch inlereflt attached to each, bond, iMidlhtj principal,thereof to be due and imyable^A. D. 1917 both principal and York: forty thousand dollars of sa id bonds to bo issued u | if MI the completion ol the purchase of tho works -mid such por ttonof the remainder from tinio to time is may TM> riefceseury up«>n the order of the txkard having charge of tho water works [iroperty, .lio it further n . That the proposi tion to raise wild BUIU of fifty thousand dollars for purposo aforesaid be Hiibiuitted ton vote >f theolectorqof saWcity of MarHhall.that i he election thortton be. hold in the Baid city ofJMarshaUonTliursday thoHoventh day of October, 1BS>7, that the bftlteN at aaid election shall read m follows: "Bhall the city of Marshall ntiwe by loan the ento of fifty thousand dollars for the ;nlichase and iniprovoiuont of a sywtcm of waterworks? Yus." and "Shall the city of Marshall raise by loan the sum of ifty thousand dollars.for the' purchase iiupriiyeinent of a system of wator- ts? No." That each pwaon votii lor 'said- propfMrtbn »h»]l designate bm choice by tho use of the ballot 4»«t uittu- tioned and each ])eraon voting again aaid proposition simll designate hie choicp by the use of Hb« i»Hot last njen» , That the recorder cause a copy of this resolution to to publwhod io at oae newspaper itublished ia said city of llttwOuMI wj^h a,p0*«» dttftcaed that^said jsleettop will be held n aoeo>aaope^h«itawith and also cause to be g»t® U» the JwotJOf jiiace a tsopy of tlti8 reaolutiou with the same notice •Hfereto attached said election to be held rh ti at <w i toy tHe prc^por persona the retiirn» to btt cnuvaaacd and declared as. in case of general elections. • adopted by the foil^w- mg *6te: Aj«j'~Ald». Hyde, Joy, AIUOD, the 7 be oltowing fur the , BHrst waM~ Toira W»r4~Tiie city fourth W»rU— Arbeiter »all. of , jfcfck* couwplttee b« ap^mted ^ arrange lor ^ nanag of tho bouoa auJ tho 4ijv«r^«iiuF af >attwe. Adopted. The w»yor »pvoiattd AU. Kon^wan aad J fttcoxdpr to bo usaisUid by tbe «il* attor- f U foik>*iiii bill* were allaweci: A. Mi«or, J8.&1}; A. RudOock. bl&txk- , |13S? F. 0ww», ertro police *er- • »- AttNWfo, labor, m,m We)f- »5- jf. a. j&- y : W. J. Uuu(- 0, Huel**. week eft^ Adjourned for o«e w«ok ges of Pwsatewril t(i »« *pcoiai AHentlott try ' PjirMe* jJftving btt«(«»M to prohatoonnrtt atftt find U to »h*lt Ifit^reiie to *«onrtBlt him. WILLS. * V v* 1 TAtrf^j*!^* rUT/ii' JL/Ut3Vlfc5j AVlvJ, and Other Legal Papers Carefully Drawn* Titles to Real Estate ExnirwitiHte<J. Will atf«nt> (6 tbe ptirchftM And stfe At rea) o«*t«, fiaymsfttpr tsxoB, ete. Loans on real estate nogotii»te<l. , . * Agent for a good Mac of,Life and* Mr? Ingtir wee tfor- 1 -"'-'; OFPI€*J ftt • s Corner MaBslott nt\a Marsliall, Mich. U. S. CIGAR With ft U. H foi; n l <m honor, sold mi merit/'A Great ff O«nteir. A«k fftf tli0m »nd ehow t«mr dealer that you kno& when yon/fret « good smoke. They 'are madfe by / E», T. CHAPMAN, of this city historic route d Cat Stev». m. for Sftrntn, «o<t^ KlsJn thwngh -<he .old where the.jfed m«n loved, fortght «ud died, to the SOO, fin* nulling, grdnd noenory, coot we«thcr. Kortv Koe*. On« week with meiila «nrt f t?\ From Sarnin $16. For folders etc. ifhn Storoncon, foot Rnndi>lnb * trent. Uc- M>1t, anr O. T. R, a(seftt., or (/. T W. Brown, Mgr., Windsor,, Ont, jane 24, 8wkc DO YOU New Fall Hat SO CALL AT Miss Weston's Who will eiw you a Stylish Trimmed Hi at from si,OO nu to .*l.WHmnr0r sold before for Jess than S3.OO. 28. " • ~T~" Children's Tarns «lfl all colors ftt fiMJc an< * ttChS> Walking, Hats, Sailor— latest OUf*, Birds, Win^s»nd Feathers at ^ut own pri«e, CAH early, mi* . HATCH BLOCK Over Statesman Office. 1 .n >.fe-*t- CK fU» Ti. »- .1 "l;j~r i Ezm -- ' >t»'CMT rE*^ Correct Weight —should Wgivftn th^.facl thnt we neyer fail U> plenste the most fasfcidrou*! patroite in fit, stylo or finish wheh weinako . him a shit of clothing. Our fabrics for frtl wear «re th© lateist and-ohoicest patterns and best qualities from the looms of Europe and Ameriqa, nnd our pries* are as satisfac- t^ry aa 6ur workmanship. - , X J. DE SHANK,J" MBBOfiCABTT TAILOR GLQAKS! CAPE! SEE THE STYLES; \ 7 t _..., _ „ ,_-. ._. j_ „ _ __ __ ^ „ \ / Right garments, right in length, fit, fabrics "and fashion. Come and s<!c them. The prices are'surprisingly low, in fact lower than ever v . Out Dress^Goods stock is up so dates Black and Colored Serges, and beautifuf ^e,ss Patterns in new styles. \ ' SEE OUR 25c Wool elties Tiiqj can't be beat. Our Black and Blue Storn/1Serges, 1 " all wool, 45 inch wide, atSOcper ywd is a great bargain. Just received a full line of.^ress Skirts, prices from$£ to $5. / , . - , > / » , Winter Underwear * f ive^ have only to see tbe«Hi to be convinced'— extra sizes a specialty. Table Linen-Napkins-Crashes / $ver.ythlttf Fresh aaid Hew. , , .1 5c to 1% QCJTING FLANNELS / ~ -' , _ v /, ' per yartf. W^ carry the W, B. <?orset r always perfect filing. : cflr rdo«i we will etese e«t 0«r Ike of C^rp^ta ^t very low prices. ' " " Cook Block, OppoMite Office.

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