The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1940
Page 3
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TttttRSDAV: JANUARY 4,-l?40 v ••• BT k -mraVlLLE'(ARK.y r! Cracked Tec, Narcotics, Figs-Give Their All For Homeland lly XEA Sm-iec War has none wlwcky. It has S turned into war of this t;i<li;els. | The grimmest cf nil limmiti <li- j versions Mns bucn Tilled with as Power Plant Operalion Fro™ Escaping }-ical Is Pi'ojjoseci HOME, (UP) _ prof. Enzo Cal ._ leraro, physicist of Naples University, is seeking to hai'iires the natural power of Mount Vesuvius, the world's most nclivc volcano, "i an ellorl to riirllirr liallau self-sufficiency in llio Held ol combustibles. Carlevaro believes lie has till upon a principle, which is practical ami cheap, to transform Vesuvius from a scenic wonder into Europe's great power plant, it is based on setting up huge boiliiis- pols ovci 1 the natural fissures in (lie lava fiplds near 11 ic .summit. The theory some |;igimiJe kettle could be- hung over the cone itself. In which avc furnaced by imlure tile active fires of the vo!- CRIIO, was cllscnrdcd by Cavlevaro as unworkable because of the constant shifting of the cone. He also decided that any sudden eruption wmilcl demolish all thai equipment set up to carry off the stpnm-power generated. After ninny experiment.-;, CuK varo lias concluded the most practical idea would be that of turning to use the heat arising from the natural lissures in lava fields near the summit of Vesuvius. Special equipment placed over these fifsnves, he believes, would transform the tremendous heat generated by them info power for commercial and industrial purposes. If tills scheme should prove successful. Italy would save thousands of tons of coal which otherwise would have to ba imported from abroad to produce a similar enev- By. ft also would mean the furnishing of cheap heat nnd electricity to the whole Naples area populated by more than 1,000,000 people. Other methods have been studied by scientists all over Hal. These are based on the principle of utilizing directly the heat gen- crated by the active flares of the, central crater of Vesuvius. This principle, however, has not found as yet a practical application, it is stated, because it is too costly and far too dangerous. Carlevaro believes (lint the way thermal springs of volcanic origin have already been used on the Island of Ischia. in the Bay of Naples, proves his theory. Or. this island-^all .'the electric power as u'£ll as-^Keat for private- homes is fuvnisriediby thermal springs, and at Agntmo, the hot spring water has been piped to heat hothouses where rare (lowers arc raised. many n«8s as a penny arcade. Of course the shooting gallery is stIH the main feature. But when the slot of vvtir days it- gels on- terlainment n« well ns carnauc, 50! , olr „„„,, lMAen „,,„(,. „- Urop your penny, folks, nnd | ciJAf-HFn i,.,' along on :i personally conducted I:in- of war gone whacky, ritillT IIUOAIK'AST.S Captured British Dyers innkp 'cm CKACKEt) K'L; Russians given plenty of it with Ilielr Plnnisli cocklnils. When u nice liuge body of Russlun troops stint -crossing (i (rown Finnish hike, Finns break up Die Ice wltli explosives. IWssliin Ullxn.s i;r-t u Unlh iit last. Sl'V-lHtOITlNC Sport aspect is lent lo gnmp of tliein bv parachnte bc- by remote control. Ciermuns cnn Jihool down »l! such they like—It counts points only—no fret- cigar. (U!\xi:iu.i:ss (SUNS French reported advancing to machine |;iin nests to llud such, Ilir (lie com rolled from n .safe in Berlin, just like an American heavyweight champ knocked kicking. At the Germans' .suggestion, they tell the home folks what a swell war it was while It lasted, j and Jjow tve!! they like ersatz pumpeinickel made of sawdust. DECOV ' Knowing what makes a Frenchman mud, Germans plastered pictures of Hitler on walls lelt be;d them when forced back. French soldiers waft rocks at the hind enemy lines. Spy picks sell up, dusts self olf. and beqlns spying immediately. rri.OTUiSS I'LAN'ICS French supposed to have de- pluci- behind (lie tines. Only remains tor b:th .sides to adopt this plan to. make a complete war of gndgrts nnd allow soldiers to stay home nnd play pinochle. ANTl-VLA.Ni; HAYS Nobody's proveil It yet, but, rumors keep cropping up thai one side KOdVKMKS rlllns followed Am- IrchiiUlilv iilli.'i- mil'-: on JniMiicso ndlronds. l-'ind- l«i: Hint if (liny JUKI lore np tbe mils t>u. j;i)>. s replm-ed umu i|ulc.ii- ly. Chliu';; ( . bi'Ban cinrytni! ttiem l-Vncli I'HiS pcv ones out root- (| K , m ,,, 1( | CI . u u , home ui'd, I'ruu'li tunk iiinioicO to heavy it mils riala up 10 Cicrmnu pillboxes, phiiis a inlno Jlho iliii'Jni: n l>"i\ wllbdmws. explodes mine. No more pills in (lint box. AHMOR r-VMidi leporled Germrm rnltlcin kept u. though peppered with or the plane other has one tlint docs lo-. magnetos what Delilah (ltd veloped them to drive ahead of to Samson. Only quicke nock of pilot less bombing planes foosh! Like that. r. U-i i i- fnniid (lie.-scd a In Henry the Eighth-bullets rolled oil like pens oil your knife. LOCUSTS IJilUMi woman wrote war department warning |l> it |. littler WHS "bom to kick Knuland In the stomach by dropping goldllsh slobcs full wlu'iitllelils. of them on Hrlllsli int' tcr tnilJIes IjeUvi-on the, lines. No liiillles. Mines. 1'ork jjoos up -.•ioldlers K o ilmmuli safely. SUH-SIINXOWS (iei-ninns believed to lw dropplnu bnljy .Miljinnrbie.s oil (ienmiil slilps In slionls, lio'sllni; Minn uvornkli! , by cranes In inld-dcean, picking .VAIK'O'I'ICS lletler, rhcaper, nnd more reliable than bc'iiwifu] women of the Mnln Hurt breed, secret services linn; foniKl. Instead ( >f div/./.lliii. spies with beiuitlrnl women, like In the movies, Intelligence olllcors liniid tlieni a sliot In (bo nrni to net same "I wouldn't, euro" elfini. SAVE UP TO 20% I Hibernation of the Carlsbad Cavern (N. M.) bats begins about QcL 15 each year. Around May 1; 'they bsgin to-fly out at dusk for Insect food. By midsummer their flights are a spectacle not easily forgotten. It was the clouds of bats that led to discovery of the caverns. Slop Gelling; Up Nights To harmlessly flush poisons and acid from kidneys and relieve irritations of bladder so that you can stop "getting un nrhts" get a 35 cent package of Golf! Medal Hasv- lem Oil Capsules and take as directed. 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HiiR' Clock Fresh J.Jfl 1 . l.OilVt'S 2 foi- Avontliilc No. 2;i/ 2 Cttti Ciiitse & Sitnhorn I'onntl TL\ (iretil Noflltoni linliy Limits ... ..II) f)C .11). 5c CLIFTON TISSUE Uolls 10 C P & G. SOAP 25 C 1 })) I0c R II) 80c •1 II). Crt. Juicy, Seedless Kneh \Vdiesn]) Fnney Kaeh Do/. 25 C •I Us, 10 C in MIS. 29 C STRAWBERRIES KRESH i'inl I I'kcr. !'nn Rolls Wifh II). K.K. liitcon • Rili & Sliotiltler Ib. PUKE PORK lusage ^ T-t •*-• H • rv 1^3 JLI 2 I'resh OYSTI5RS > OC C SnU'^IACKEREL .. vJ Lb."'^'. Fresh Spanish Mackerel, Shrimp, Ocean Perch, Tenderloin Trout; 5lorreVs Pride Small, Aver. Half or Whole, Ib.

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