The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 18, 1968 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1968
Page 10
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ACTS WANT ADS Lots for Salt 103 BP teacher home visits will begin on Monday lots for Soli 103 SAVI t)S«Ucf Your Builder LOTS QUALITY Select Your Guilder KINGSWOOD Willow And Oyiter Creek Drive PRiDiVILOPMENT PRICES TERMS AIC REAITY 233-5335 iHousts for Salt 102 Trailtr Lots for Rent 124 VA FHA CONVENTIONAL Small Commercial LOANS Fred Frederick BE 3-3901 1H.UI. WATi;i< Trultr l-trt. All buck top $30, per mo., »' furnish all uttl- Itits or 121, i*r cno. •"** X uu 'urntah electric, !33-'JZ49 SO i 100 houie triller lot fur rent. Old To»n, Union*. Siailt ir«««. 198-2131 or 1S8-2IJG [WILL UUIUJ o« your lot. ChooM > j, tnd 4 badroom pluu. I ««lUbl«. ABC 23J-IJ» Mobile Homes PETE WIER REALTY SW 1-2*02, IIAZOIIA t UKTHY LIVING - i Wrtn. 2 t»lti tk. C»ntr»I h*kl. OouU« cirtort. | F«M«d. 1100 »'4. n. U'l"t <•" I >/< ! tcrt.. |I».SOO. | IMMACULATK ] Udrwm. I 1/2 Ull.. j bne». e«mril lx»i tnl nr. | e»r»«f. UOilW. Wou»«l eorwr ' Retort Property 102 A l: - 3 bedroom, I 1/2 t*l>> (urnllf—1 »ltl> J >«Jtl 112.000. 2 Ud- room, luriutd*) »llh 2 Mf II 1 -,000. ^JUrfrwn un -i»«r Irutf kil IliOO. I bxiruom tal lot K'-OO. UATIIICK'IIT MOllll.K IIO.M1. I'AllK. I.arc" i|'>cr>, «w»-j|l. >tr«rl heliii. Naiur»l (it, individual ![iail 00liv«r) j . 2001 lln/««l*)r< HlKl., 233-H7H, 125 LAYTUN iriller, !>'-'', 2» ' *, trivn or llvlnf, cvritrtl heal. Afi^lHnn. Trucks for Solt 127 DL'MP - \W. Ct*>Ti)M 8 IICX. Gl'Ii'NI.LS SAM) CO, Kl. CAMISCi, I940. »• i»lni, owr- TWO tvdroom bMCb I»UM <m s*r{tnl B««ch. KurnliNKj 110.COO ClIIUC.1711 Of wrll» Hoi 111 HlltiUnJl, Tim. Lots for Sale 103 LAST CREII LOTS IN LAIf JACKSON k« For*n >l Itx tn] of Dr. Oal; i ft« l«n. 11 u; "hlk you tun Mm* cholc.l »• CM h.lp rou «nti jo-jr i>iiu tad buJU jrour ho-nt, Morrison & Souef Construction Corporation Mirl«MUl»r,CY%241I.CY1-4lSO IXTKACOASTAI. - 30 «r» tricl. i«TBACOA*TAt, • Wiert tr«i. AM lll.HXAHO, I»»M oa 20 tf. 13 UNIT TKA.l on t«.ch. 25 ACRKS on lair»co«M«I. I AC 111. 3 en I'lM. 143 ACHKS ft»«r lt«rn«rJ Klwr. h*ul moior, ft cylinder, rwlio, hiti it*» tinfc* sf**s, »wl kits, $450. w. nth, rr«t«!ri, 23J-SMO Used Cars for Sale 1733 128 A-l COSDint'.S- _ |!>t4 Mulct, Kl.ltu. whin- »iih r*-l Interior. 1 .unle-l. $1715. 233 .21(1 Itl'ICK Illvtun, IX.1, !'dll> Ua/U-!, :4,000 mile*. IlllOWK'S AUTO SA1£S tl*»n u»H c»r«. Ofen tJI dir S»turd»>. 100 I'Un- Ullon t)rt«r. Clute. At( 5.54'/I CHIiVKOl.i.T llelAIr, !»'", cleu li?» i:,llei(r, lllf .•«•-, »!-'.. "*" ciliviiiHJT - lv«0in«i«l<:i>r CHCVIIl/U.'I, !>•'. VI, ill uj.-.Vjlvc-r), laxtuf) all. IT- w till v 'i 1 1 I - ''>" < '-l»lll-J S i i v v-nvi. i--.c. '::.r.ii.-.'.4f $ier,. :-/i-;4!,-._ . C""! '"" ."": I.MJU5II Hiltli. IXC. Hi* r-t/ultl jo -u t/. ol. :c'. ••."») 1 iiMt; - 1X4 l.ilul' V-c, ,'e'J. Z The annual fall visitation program of the Brtzosport elementary schools begins Monday, Sept. 23, and will continue until such time as homes of elementary pupils have been visited. Elementary classes, except kindergarten, will dismiss at 2 p.m. on Sept. 23, 24, 20, and 20 to allow some time .for teachers to leave the classrooms and go Into homes. The purpose of such visits Is for parents and teachers to discuss ways of helping each child to reach the optimum of his learning ability. Also, to know each other as friends and co-workers I n Improving educational services. All visits will be made on an appointment basis and upon Invitation from parents. Letters are being sent to each home advising parents of the opportunity to have the teacher make a home visit. In the event the parent cannot be at home or finds it Inconvenient to have the teach- Wall burns in rooming house KIU.KI'OHT - The Fire Dept. put out a lire In a building Tuesday night but another lire r«;p<jrl turned out to be a lalse alarm. Tim rear wall ol a rooming house over a tavern at 031 West KlrsUcauglit lire, a fireman stated. He said the lire was put out bulore It did much damage. The lire '*^s reported at 9:03 p.m. At 9:20 p.m. there was a rei>ort ol a lire in a liome in the 1000 Block o! North Avenue A. A fin-man said a neighbor sav. a llreplac.- lire and thought II was a Iwuse lire, so reported it to the I-'ire Dept. Study OYSTKH Cr»«k tn«!«t tomt illii. ANOLETOh • 150ilOOhorn, t |tn. WINMOK 5/U. t'HA ij>(vTOi«d. AXGI..KTO* Co«mlr» I.K«l«l, M«. I.ASK BKAl. KSTTATI.. 233-1414 LOTS In Hl((i Oik« lOO'iJOO' «Hh J ctr c«r»«*. ^•'OOPKD W on Oak Drlw on lh« crvik. CRJ:I:K LOT on Soutf*ri>{>»ki nnw. JOK TAl.l'OT HKAtTY ), r/'-ci»"'. w»J> t ittor LAKE DAHBAHA - l«rr» «»•>•<! W*. nj L««»*i*'l IT. All clt> 100 1 FHONTAlil. en Gull Blwl, M«Tth« InitrMCtlcA ol Vilueo DM ml Cult Ulw). LoU U, 20, 21, ml 23 in bl.«:k It In Ih* 300 blKk ol dull IU*1. rtw>n* t4i-mi, 149-ltll, C4B-7MS. 233-CM or wrlU If l*oi WJ, :024 IXr-nti* in GET RESULTS SCLL YOUR UNWANTED ITEMS. BE -1-7A11 Tl 9-7554 : 4, PECAN PARK • boiudful «ood«d loU. »5u do»n. Ill mo, DRA/OJI'I'HT PH01-HHTIE3, JuAIUI Adimi, JH-5II6 Ji:.o. S.- ullliT. J." Acreogt for Sole 105 ATTliN Cllt'N!!!!! All Tmai (.It >IIK;« »TU '**' II. tion't »jii 10 'nun 1 >«ar« i»i «J> "I ihuJJa. . ." Sir m« lor 2-1^ acrt »OO"|K! lnY«st>n«nt irarla |u»l 30 :nin- uui iro.-n Kr»|urt, U«autiiul Lome.^it««, rttrr »)>l n«»r "00 acre li»«. Al.KOIll) Hl.Al.rV, HI. I, »r»'. ria. OUT i J ic>c.6 Mustang li.itt«ci.. Air c..i.;;t Ileaullful cortllllon. ABC HKALTV 233-5330 ANOLtTON • 1 iCttl in (ilvumuM, 2 inllii out ol AnjUlon. Onortt UufKl nljhti 233-4186 'j Acr»i - 1-990 lor thli »oo<l«<1 homMlli. o«n«r llttiJiclns ivillabln. AHEBICAN Ut.ALTY, !6J-MS; NOT.HNC DOWN - S»eeny - 21 »nl 30 urt trwtm. $395 to |450 pur urn W«'U llnano. 291-2210, 297-2556, ,H CI1KVU(.)LI.T - '•!• ton truck, - s|»jeil axle, -1 speeds lor.' -ird. NI-'A ly ru - coinlitii;ned motor. ^OfiO. Call 2:i:i-i901, Monday thru 1-Tlday. 1965 Chr>»l«r ititl'in »aton. Automatic. Air conditioned, healer. JI'J'O. Cill 233-5820 100 Acrui - A ttoodtd ««cli»l»J »rej *ti«rt you em <«( »»»> Irom II all. $415 (*r Mr«, $COOOdov.n, 10 year II- n»iiclP<. AMEHICAN HKALTY, 265-2520 Ol.USMl'IUl t - H«» r*lcii"iil I day seilan. Kull |«)»LT ai»1 j'.r. S< Driver Tr>inln( Car. i.»c^lU-ni n(l. KARI.E I'KAKSONOI DSMOH 2ll llrajojiurt Itlwl. ;j:'- r ..'".'l. - Old Ocean i»a. Larj. woudwl on« la 10 acres. WIU build Cl, no do»o payment homes, ABC — 233-5335 "I' NEED EXTRA HELP. Kind the rellible workers you want wllna "Help Wanted" il, DU1 UK 3-2611 now. lnvM«m«nt Property IIP BUSINESS INVESTMENT Income proi*rly, downtown Freoport and Veluco. 4 Ion aai commercial buildings. Marie Miller 291-2418, 297-4150 1'uMIAO, 'II* iiilU-s. $3200. ; el Acras on Hljhvisy 288 ovur 2000 It. tilijhway IronUfe. This would make an vxcollenl locution lor an Industrial park. O»nor (lnancln(, 10% down. ^AMKIUCAN REALTY, 205-2526 "FREEPOBT room duplax aputmonlt. 1739 and ITT? W. atli St., also not! anU HOB Weal Bth. Call alter 5 p.m. 233-36-13 LAKE JACKSON - 2 rent houses, $3,900, uquuy, 21% return on Invusi- munl. 21I7-CH4. $3000 A YEAH (or 3 years equals $50.000? It's possible, m Ueal Estate, (or land Invosliimnl wltli tins potential. Call John Crvsham, CKESIUM REALTY. 233-0049 I'J04 HI Uril T l.«ucl. Ic,,,^,. 047-4IJTO did iici-an. HEI1KL - 1368 V-8, 4 d.«ir Si'Jun. Full |o»er and air. Scl«»'l Driver Training Car. futflleni sjviniis. EARLf I'EAKSON Ot DSMO1MI i , ::ll Uraioaporl niv.i., (Continui'd from Pace 1) his ri-port. I! the reln.'nrclnE mesh •.'..•r-> placed near the bottom ol the Slab, there iiilKhl be more suriace cracVani; than other•AISI-, but this, In- said, wua "a tr.atter solely of appearance." Kos.s atret-d with tins. He said an i>>:|«;rt Iroin the Unl- versit; "! Texas, •*ho hap[<en>;<! to Ix- visltlnc Ixr* at the tune, lnsi»ected the slab ami cojuinented that "all concrete cracks. The ri'lniorcint: material controls the cracks. So safety Is not involved." A representative of Shill- stone I.aUiratorie.s reiorteil that teslsof tin; concrete showed its strength "2G"i above si/eclllcations" and that the plastic ll>iex of the (111 was "l>erlecl In Texas Highway Depari meiit standards." l-'rani. i.lass to! the contracting iir:n of Spa« -Glass Inc.) iiUri'Iuci-d his team of ensliu-i-rs and superintendent, f.ivini: their ciuallficatlnns. I'!n' .superintendent In chan'.e, he said, haddoiie several :i. ult i-iii 111 ion-dollar projects, infludini; a$-.j million hospital in Galveston, The lir.ii, lie said, had built l'J-1 scho.'l binldint;s, \sith nine under contract tincliidini; the Bess Ilranneii i-.lementary School in Lake Jackson). He said his present contracts amounted to $-3 million. '•We want to resi<oiv.i to any criticism of our work," he said. Hoard President i.arl 11. Little thanked all those who had taken part in the inspection ol the nuestionec.' slab. He said tliuir undines had sluv.Mi that the contractor had '•done lU'thnu', to cause »• -'o lose i-niilideiice in them.' 1 Me;r.bers ol !ioss' team are John Montgomery andJlm McKinney. Little pointed out that ueori^ 1 Kramig had assisted in tins ami other problems involved in scln'ol construction. er call, no visit will be made at this time. Should additional Information be needed, parents may contact t h e office of the principal of their school. Victory or defeat face Abe Fortas WASHINGTON (AP) - After months of skirmishing, debate will begin in the Senate next week that will end In either confirmation of a new chief Justice or bitter defeat for President Johnson and his nominee. The stage was set Tuesday when t h t- Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-0 to recommend acceptance ol the nomination of Abe Fortas to the floor. Despite a delay of more than two months, the favorable vote had been expected. But the future, holding the certainty of harsh debate and the probability of a filibuster, Is clouded. Majority leader Mike Mansfield said he plans to bring the nomination up the first ol the next week. He said the first attempt to limit debate probably will Ix- made after four days. President Johnson nom - iriated his old friend and longtime adviser to succeed Karl Warren last June 20. The Republican senators spearheading opposition to the appointment charged the White House was bringing great pressure to bear In U-half of Fortas. Just this week top Johnson aides refused to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which for the first lime personally questioned a nominee for chief justice. NOON CALL market rtport) | Courtesy Ralph D. Block [ I Kohlmeyer t Co. 233-4081 No report today Chamber... (Continued from Page 1) Mrs. Price dies; riles are pending Mrs. Patricia C. Price, 29, daughter of a Ffeeport couple, died Tuesday In Atlanta, Ga. She had been 111 for more than a month. Mrs. Price was the daughter of Captg and Mrs. L. M. Young of Freeport. Services are pending under the direction of the Lakewood Funearl Chapel on Loop Hd. A former employee of the Lake Jackson State Bank, she attended high school In La Marque and was a graduate of North Texas State College. She was a member of Phi Beta Phi fraternity. Besides her parents, she is survived by her husband, Haril D. Price; two sons, Michael and Matthew; three daughters, Susan, Stephanie and Sharon; and a grandmother, Mrs. M. Young of Galveston. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS, Freeport, Teas, Wednesday, Sept.. 16. 1961 Return of US troops to Europo could be delayed SACKIFICi: - 1906 FurJ UaUxie '00 ; purls coiiiH*. Hod and wlutt- ,ur conditioned. 23J-35W •63 Gran ITU I'onnac, - dcx>r, turd- top, air power, bucket st-ats, 4 si-v standard transmission. Low nnu-a excellem condition. $3r.O, 205-5848 '63 Chevrolet Super sicrt, 327, -I speed, see at 1115 \V. lOlli, Fret-port. r-UlUU, 1%0, c.wl nn'iur, l.ur 1»'J>, nucds seal covurs. S200. l:i [ .c \. ui.liui. i^oj^Jjl^vWyi VALIANT 1902 Signet 200. OooJsecund Car. Runs jood. f-cllS. Tl 9-7338, Angleton. Vul.KSW AOKN - I'JbO, r.,-. healer, $975. 297-4894 AMUSEMENT GUIDE 13KACON UANOOl.EKG! leg. Showtlmes: 0:30 i 8:3-1 l.AKK "Till-: THOMAS CKOWN AFFAIR" Foaluro Time's: 7:15-0:00 SllQWBOAT "1'IXK JTNGLL" Feature Tunes: 7:00-8:57 JSI'HF "Tllli THOMAS CKOWN AFFAIR" Feature Time: 7;tf p.m. ALSO • "IJANUKK ZONH" Feature Tune: 9:30 p.m. VKIASCO "KOSEMAUY BABY" Feature Times: C:30-8:50 mall on his desk each morning brings some '*hule new are? of work. "It's like asking for a drink ol w uter and someone turns a fire hose on you," Black said. Divers nov. go t' COO feet depths to work and they are shooting for a goal o: 1,500 feet. Kvenat the present depth, only :our i>erceiit of the Continental Shelf extending out irom the land lias been explored, he said. There are the [-ossil'ilities of mining diamonds and oilier kerns from the Sea. And there's v.ork U-inh 'lone to "lar.n" the sea lor :<•(•!. Although Black's topu -,<.is '•The Last Frontier" - the sea - he concluded that the young |«.Miple v.ho v. ill lvo;»-n- ing u|> this irontier ::i.i> well Ilixi that exiiluration -ill reveal still more areas n>r pioneering. Ijunni; a brief business session, the Chamber membership cl.ose a nominating co:n- mitlee consisting '•: v -. v (.Buster) Curry. U. J. l.uiids- liorough, J, T. Suggs, 1 red Palmi-r and Charles Castleberry. Curry '«ill serve as chairman ..: the group which is charged with selecting a slate ol ol l icersi'T the coming year. The cotiiii.ittoe '* ill have some new guidelines to lolli-w in doing this since a revised set ol bylaws w jS also approved Tuesday night. One ol the main changes in the bylaws allows directors to be chosen v.Uhnut regard to their place oi residence or business. The Humiliating committee will, however, be expected to make an etlortto- ward area-wide representation. Also, ii there is no opposition on the slate, it will noi now be necessary to mail out ballots. The new bylaws wi-re presented by Tliad Davis and were adopted by a unanimous vote. College... (Continued from Page 1) to 13 tally. The December issue was defeated 18-15there. Rlchwood's Pet. 24 approved the measure by a 101-36 vote. The Issue was barely defeated In December by a 39-30 vote. Pet. 18 Election Judge Mrs. Horace L. Owlngs said voting was very light In the morn- Ing ami did not increase until after 3:30 p.m. She said, "Many of the voters pulled off their shoes and waded into the polls." Other election officials Indicated ihe voting followed the same general trend In other precincts. Board of Regents Vice Chairman R. L. Buell said, "I am just real pleased at HIP results. Man;, people worked hard on this issue and the people responded favorably." College President Dr. J. R. Jackson said, "It's thrilling to see the laree turnout of voters and their favorable response. 1 will assure the patrons of ttie college that Bra- zosport Junior College will provide the area with a college ol which they will be proud." He ad.led, "1 attribute the favorable vote to the Interest of the people in the junior col- legu and to the man;, people who worked so hard to Interpret the programs to tne voters. 1 feel that these people e:iabled the voters to s;o to the lolls with full knowledge of the Lssue." The college administration will now proceed with plans to develop the facilities and t<> secure as many outside financial grants and assistance as possible, Dr.. Jackson said. "Our immediate project will be to proceed w'lth negotiations to secure land at the site," he said. Buell said the Board of Regents would canvass the votes next Thursday anJ instruct the architects to proceed with detailed architectural plans. Buell sakl the target date for completion is the beh'lnmnpof the fall semester of l'J'70. The completed structure will house 1,100 full-time students. Tile master plan of the college calls for future facilities to accommodate 4,500 students. Dr. lackson said earlier this week that the tax rate for retirement of the ImnJs wouU f.-'t h 1 -' over 11 cents !«•!' $100 valuation. The 1! cent rate. !,••'.sever, will nut } :i'into eifect until the 1909-TObudget is approved in August H"'ii'. he said. Until that time, tin- college will operate under ihi- nine-cent per $100 valuation appixned 1>> tlie Board ni Ke- ;;ents in'ust. WASHINGTON (AP) - The severe hold-down on defense spending could delay the return of some U. S. troops to Europe for maneuvers until next summer or later, Pentagon sources say. The timing of such a move, which was agreed to when the United States started withdrawal of about 33,000 troops last spring, Is still under de- late at the top levels of government. Secretary of Defense Clark M. Clifford gave the Impression Tuesday that the questions had been all but decided - that between 20,000 and 40,000 U, S. troops would be returned to Europe earlier than had been originally planned. But Pentagon sources fa- mllar with the situation disputed this impression on two counts. In the first place, they said top State and Defense Department authorities are trying to decide now when to schedule the exercise. And secondly, they said, any troop movement would involve possibly 10,000 to 12,000troops, rather than the larger figure. Clifford used the 20,000 to 40,000 troop figure as the total force, including troops already there, that would participate In the European maneuvers, these sources said. According to this picture of Internal debate, there are three main points of view contesting the Issue: -Some officials believe it is important to accelerate the movement of troops back to Europe to demonstrate a U. S. resolve to stand behind NATO at a time when the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia has touched off jitters within the alliance. -Some other authorities are opposed to hurrying up the maneuvers. They favor proceeding with the original plan of holding the exercises sometime before mid-1969. -Budgeting officials, however, would prefer delaying the movement at least until the next fiscal year, which begins July 1. The Pentagon Is under orders to cut defem;<? xsnding this year by $3 billion and has been scratching around for every possible economy. Since Vietnam and strategic weapons programs are exempt, many other elements of the defense structure have had. to bear the brunt of the econ- It has been calculated th»t the Pentagon will save $30 million this year as a result of the virtually completed withdrawal of some 33,000 troops from Europe. Senate opens debate on gun control bill WASHINGTON (AP) - Anybody using a gun in a federal crime of violence would face the possibility of life in prison under an amendment tacked onto the firearms control bill now moving toward a vote In the Senate. This was adopted Tuesday prior to the opening of debate today on the most controversial Issue over the control bill: whether to amend it to require the registration of all firearms and the licensing of their owners. The registration proposal by Maryland Democrat Joseph Tydings was rejected by the House and the Senate Judiciary Facts in brief 'Greenie Night' se Sullivan (Continued from Page 1) "It's a job where you solve problems and not create them," he said In reporting his decision to leave Clute. He will be going back to Denver City, Tex., where he served as Chief of Police for 10 '..ears. In that nearby area, he also has served as a police chief for 11 more years. "The Denver City judge and other clt> representatives drove 700 miles down here and spent the night to try and persuade me to come back." Sullivan reported. "They've been after me for two years and 1 finally decided to accept, but not because 1 wanted to leave Clute." he sai'J. "I love the i>eo;>le here in Clute, just as much as I love anybody back home." "When I first came to Clute. no cine was receiving any cooperation. 1 believe ttiat has now changed," Sullivanadded. "I'm not having problems with anybod', and I've never been called on the carpet. Perhaps some-lay I'll come back. I've never yet left a city that I cutildn't come back too he said. At t h e Ci.'imcil meeting where .Sullivan's resignation '.vas accepted. It was suggested that the cit> offer him more money. Ma\or Bruce Runnels said that Sulliva.i had already taken a vb and doubted if he would accept it. Runnels later reported that this was tin cast-. Counciln.en. in their acceptance of the resignation, voted to give -Sullivan a letter of recommendation for the "ver> fme job" that he has done for the city. LAKE JACKSON - A "'•..reenie Night" for beginning square dancers is scheduled Saturday by the Lake Jackson Promenade rs. The class •• i 1 . 1 begin at 8 p.m. at A. P. B 'itel School. Bud Perkins will •>;• the teacher. Anyone wishing more information may call Mrs. Riley Mogford at 2D"-4C7C. Clute Youth Council CLl'TE - The Clute Youth Council will hold a meeting at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Clute Junior High Library. To take bids Commissioners Court will take bids on new Sheriff's Dept. cars and mobile radio units and vehicles for the County Mosquito Control Dist. The bids are to be opened at 10 a.m. on Nov. 12. Committee earlier In the year v.hen those bodies generally iimited the measure to barring the mail order sale of rules and shotguns. The lite sentence would be possible for people convicted of carrying a gun while committing such crimes as rape, urson, murder, kidnaping, burglary, theft, racketeering and extortion In a federal jurisdiction. Assassination of a president also was specified. The amendment was proposed by Sen. Peter H. Dominick, R-Colo.,andwaspassed bv voice vote after Sen. Thorn- is J. Dodd, D-Conn., said iie knew of no opposition. Another amendment, also a-! opted Tuesday by voice •, •-, v;ould prohibit the conj. .cation by a government agency of any legally held and used iirearm. Sen. Daniel Brewster, D- Md., said there was nothing in the current bill that would allov. confiscations but there is widespread concern among gun owners that stricter fire- arras controls could lead to that. The Senate also accepted a provision making an exception to an over-all ban on over-the-counter sales of rifles and shotguns to residents of another state. The exception, written into the bill by the Senate Judiciary Committee, permits sales to residents of adjoining states it they comply with the laws of both states. Rejected 45 to 42 was an n;iiend-.:-,ent by Dodd to tighten a requirement tor dealers. It would have required a dealer to have an actual business location, as distinguished irom someone who handles sales from his home. Pellet gun stolen i-T.iiLPORT - The theft of a I'.'llet pistol valued at $23 w;is rejorted to police at 12: ID a.m. 'A'ednesday. Police said Tony Goble of 309 South Front Street reported his "Daisy 100" pistol was taken from his residence sometime Tuesday or early Wednesday, DeMoisy Mothers The monthly meeting of the DeMolay Mother's Club will be held one week earlier this month, according to Mrs. Joy Seel; , president. The- tiic-etin? will be held '.o::i••':'! at 7:30, at the Lake Jark-si •;•> Masonic Hall. THEATRE ANGLETON Tl 9-4000 VA FACTS Q - 1 am a Worll \\'ar I veteran and not in receipt of Veterans Adminislrati'>n tvn- efits. However. I am a patient ina private nursiii: l.":i.e. Am 1 entitled to aid ai:.i attendance benefits? A — Vou are not entitled to aid and attendance ln.-r.e- fits unless you are entitled to basic pension or compensation benefits. However, dis- veterans with limited incomes are entitled to pensions, and veterans 05 years ol a;.e or older are presumed to i«? disabled for pension pur- p.'ses. If you think you misht be eligible, check with your nearest VA office. STKONG-AKM pose make* gorilla look touch, but he's really making a monkey o: hin,sell tor the weights are makt'-believe props provided at the F ran'Kiuri Germany) Xoo. JAMES GARNER GEORGE KENNEDY IVARENZI The VjtlM JUHBLf iS>L CHLRO^^ PiClUit • I1NE !-, \> ..." I .up..I Illllll I' Ml- Steve McQueen FayeDunaway, A Norman Jevvison film cbib'Ri.Ti i.-i'u«. ; (Jniiedftrlisls Kea. Times: 7:ir. — 9:00 OPEN 7:15 SHOW 7:45 NOW THRU SAT. Steve Me Queen FayeDunaway A Norman,Ji'wison film Mia farrow In a William Castle Production Rosemary's Baby „... John Cassavetes COLOR i . ;-.-n;.i Umled Artists PLUS 2ND. PEA. AT 9:30 "DANGER ROUTE" STARTS SUNDAY "SHAKIEST GUN in the WEST" -AND- TRAVELING SALESLAD'

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