The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 22, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1897
Page 2
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THR DAILY CHHOKICL8, A? Hie SlftWhAlt, Mlclr. ftt ««« J'tnr, ft 0. of 164 E«8t Stole wtteet. . M* M09B9, tueratftt With a r?oti|>tp }ft th h»a rested. day'the l««t was ft^ftrd, \ Decision In A Oftse of Importanca to Newspaper Men and .r. /'• / ; Lawyers, " , Wfecit In Whirl! Iho n-ltl<-< of the Winnow , . WK< Sept oC the Wisconsin court, handed djytfti an Important .decision ypstertlp^f whioh I** af particular Irltvu-st toKvvyejjs and newspaper" publisher.* x'™' apvrH°n* 1° Itt *h' v case> fl * ih' jpifot ppfllnff*. Oir pontompt of. qojirt td$o W. F. Bailey, of Kau Claire, nst if C X«*r»atigh anil 1, AJ I»o- llttti* -The court mii'*: ' jpcrteuaaefl that newspaper fhiuli.v rtrfid.'d prior to tbp j»ul>- >ft i atinot b>> ortns"Ktei f A criminal contempt" ATter te\HnvIng the right*' Of tmirts ahd emphasizing; th°~ fc»- poTtJinct, Hint thi-y should perfoitn the**' grave puhlic (luti*3B~wniWH»e<Jf'd and tin* jm judired l>y illegitimate Influences, /jjuT&v Wtnstii\\ calls att<>T\jiort to the fait tliat thor<> lire other lights pruar- iintced to all rillxfrna which are fully a« irnpoitartt *xnd which must be gu.tid- •H! \\ith <><juaU} jealous tan>. »ti« direct is In/ apd the elate after 2 p. r». yester • for the prosecution This wittier wits ' Mrs. John^otL When stifled that »h6 saw kuetRert in a hia wffe out «f their house, mfrfcer, witness Wild, j*-*t8 AtrfyerMtfttfe' ft revolver. Jl«-ealleS fcte *ife'nantfc MS n*it.° Vincent aid not at length. tVlHrtt she I*ft State"a Attofn^y l>eneensald: "If the cotir't^. please/fhb $tat«» rests," Vincent arose ana-made the Ulat Ihe fiase he taken out motion whhout argument. Thf n* *«dge Vincent abated M»at-oWinK to fatcftess of the fiotir fee" would like postpone hie openTBK a^r??s ^ th6 tmtH fhls nwrAto^, There wa* no Mon to thfs, and adjuwrwiient Wn,«» taken. It rfjijttlred Just t\-v"(-ntj»' days ' tor the pre^nffttJon of ' l»e evidehoe for the prosecution. At the opening of tho d«Vs WorR Jtra|f6 dtwlded tftat the testimony the dpptfpfl'lo offet as to^rnntive could cowc Jp and the defense d\ily snofed ff ex- Ceptmn«. The evidence tfa? Riven fty two • wHnesjsoa--«lalk and OdOrGfeky, both of whom swore to' seeing Ijnefgett h«ff and Rlsa Mary Bimerin^ In the fae- tory at night, x^icrp s=he hftd goni» aome- times «» iafp iis II o'cjock. ,B«>th also knen- <if jher Ticinj? tn the bed rdom-fn the fertory With LuPt^rerr, and the door closed. T-hey-hftd both, wen Mr.«. I-u^t- Kerl crying over these proofs of heji hus> Hand's ittfldelity. They had seen women In the factory also. A "font* 1 F ft* J% many yews Kov\t, f «A h^fi naifj wotttwi bwwttfiH ana Bh'k healthy . J Mi* Aofc only ftti nbsolnte and perfect c*t*r«- for many jtf f fw weARflfwese petirtinr to ih« PCX, hnl will absolutely produce ft pwrfwst comrrteiton, brilliant tflrttfcKnff ev^vWll-^rw »>«f> phnpely MOW *ad ifihtf, * perfect diction, a ftiird«v<Jtoperl frtftrv afift count teas other physical ttorf ration* *« essential'to .par- feet and Iwstutifnl womanhood %JTO , those all and thwffe who apek Treert»m female aad a t*0Bfti*0'fflirp lor tfestion,' purifies the btood afld All deHWnenta *>t tte rtemftfeh, liver jiftd teidr«>y». ft -owe* poDttttir ftttd JWt- itotetfvft Her WSVittfe, ptea«urt to VtiM, can foe made at bom? and i&ftn rivet rwtdy euwnfef thtf many sudden ills fcfcvt occur lo BVWY family, which t M neglected, HI *?o often the «w*v*«*d to tiwte bteB» cftasft.dodfor bitta* <fr hf ing tateerV flft$ djfttreBS i ofhom&s. 1 • ^ «a «» Ash your <f rifftgfai for -fWS A*» TEA, If hfc does not; kwp. it»,tate$HO tfthor bttt ?ct to tip CWjujy for s £ .Pric« pound box fl #>, .Small eisss r>0 life !!»•* ii on I'ntlllcw Continuing, he eaya:/ "Tiuly, It must and wt>isht> s vvlt; tu--"tif.v SM arbltiary a pio- ori>finiK \vhc r,"!i>- a c-andUlAto-for office l«M (iriu s thv> acctisor. Judgf and jury, and 'may'within a few hour's summarily punfch his tritlc hy imprl^npment. Thf, n suit 'tf sui'li a diHHriiu- is that'a!' unfaviinilylocriticiKfnof a Bitting Judge's ini^t i){IH-i.»i fictinri fan hf at onit 1 stopjifd Hy the jiHi,f'' hlmwlf; or If nnt 8t«i?j)od (an l» 1 punished l>y Ininirdlat'* Imprl^^nnicnt If there can-hf any inoro effeutual Way to pas the.presw and suh- vert frf"''li)iii' nt Speech \yc.dn n<it kn'nv where t" find it. l/htkT such a rnlp the rni'rlts of a silting: Jud(ie..iiij»i^!..n!- .hk'aVsyd, hut as to his dfinvrita there must t'cjirnfound pi!c'n< •>. In our opinion no such 'divinity both hcdgt- '.•a JuUjf—e'crtalniy not when' b.<* is candldatt.* f«r I'ttliilc ollU'e." flotv tllf> (^Hn<* \VllH Orl^(lll1lt4Ml, •Tudup HalU'y piv-ldi'd in th^ •court of Eau Claire county and wn« a 'candidate 'Tor r^-.^U'Hiiin. Durlns; the • heat, ",f the i-ampalir.n Doo- v iltt!e, 'puhli.ah.aO' tn'Ashhauffh's riowsspa- 8 P'wr (in i\t;ticli: several columns in loii£ti> ;.the .HulKf-wtth being cxtrava- thi' iimtuig^nirnt of the Vauit and \vSth l/elnK partial and unfair '•« res-'p.ect to» his oltlcial • conduct in th" trial of causes, and with' enced hy'cc.iTUp.t motives. These changes tt1\ refern-d to phjcvnOI'lngj* aiKS^jj*^ a 1- ready h^ard•. a.'nd xU'ci,dt-d, i\.wf not to .mattitrH thon pp'ndln^or onXrlal. March ?,l an fdlttiriixl articli» -a^ipcarcd in th nr'\\*ipapi r in th»- UooHttlo artU \\ i.i.iilc <in iint-'i 1 on i.<nulr!ii« H. II. Havi ,t«H> to institute con- tduw* Uj.cain.--t Ashbkuff^' on account, of th<> publiciv- Hrook- Brook- S<"«r<»» on th* Ball Chicago, Sept. 22.—l>ague records y<>HlHf_d<iy: At Bostoh- ryn"t^ rto^lnn 9i aKCleveland— 7, Cleveland 8h N ftt Nevp York—Baltimore 10, Ne^v Yitrk^vS; a Wftshlngton R, FhHadclpMa .hurp—Cincinnati 11 ^Vlttsh'u Wpslcrn L#a£iie; . Minneapolis S,.JUlliV4uikec. 2ft; fpccond game) M-inneapolia^ 2, Milwaukee 5; at Detroit—Indianapolifl;?, Deproit .3: (aep- ond same) Ind4anfipoli5 4, l)ctrnl^ 9; at 4; at Pitts- 3. Their l»eott- - sotittlxj *A Cook for Women" with dtttiRts'ana Te&lfti^rimle sent f«*> »y mitil to nhy aaareiBs. vt rite to JB^nd, Jnd< Alt hittefs &r$ ftp^ned, read invlanswt'trpd by women. 'Letters re- (juestijyy rnetlicail Advice »aro ritfarted to therr fady phyeifMnn find all eofyespofttil- trtmted \vlth rfhjctefit Confidence, OvI/N MAKE WIthSOne Length Safe, Reliable DR. ANE'S Bvery stove G«r;rs o«r * . . > ,>*,<< ca^sl 111 tbe hcartM., • / / - <fc W. E. Madam 1> Fovre, astroltigiat,' and clairvoyant by special request will return to this city Monday for ope ^eek, »nd can be t-oiisnltod on all the affairs of Hfoknd human destiny. f Sittings dg,ily street. Open Sandaya. Mrs. Merrill is daily receiving new things in the inilUni«ry line. BOSLEY&^QN, DR. LOUIS S. JOY Will jjive in addition to general tice, special attention to dicenaes and car. Fining of sclnssoa a fi * JSOpecrnf ttiproTHS eH-EWrtmtt^1 "throat from Chicago folycMiic.) Jas. Van Xant, yrpreaaman, has tables torrent *or parties. 9. (second Daniel" Grand Kaplds 3, Co- :lumbusp_8. s ssociation: At $ockford— 1, Ttoekford 10: at Cetfar Kap- l>eorla ~, Cedar Rapids 13: at Qutn- cy- -Des Mlon'es 0, Quini-Jl 2; at Burllris- t<jtv--£«t. Joftpph >.• UurllnRtoni 10., llllnnin ! "nsnvillp. UK, oonth annual st-ssion of the Illinois State UqouF Dealers associatiftn convened in th«; Orand Opera.llouse ycater- tlay. Tho convention "was called to order, hy President; Johq F, Oatiily, of ChlcflKi- The morning session was devoted t<> rcp'nt^ About WO 'delegates, arc attending. Thero- was a Ms last nifiht. Will fl Do you want a good cement walk? Cation George Aley. I will guarantee a good walk. dalH* • For Sale- A '97 model bicycle, will sell eheup for cash. Enquire at Atnori can Imtndry north of Greene's drug sf Mrs. Merrill is allowing hand millinery. fall untit cold weather CQBlca, but have that roojf covered yrith^WBbcetns rowing. It is only one-lwjw tho price of shinKlcs, Any'«xl> cjvn put ( it on \ . A Bosu?y'ft Hardware. iits a weeft for each notice not, ex eoeiiinpfl^p. Ilaos. Nochftftga leas than 'twenty cents jpOlTS8FOKSAl,E o ntl SJtisBr'B shoe #t«re. RiSN'f .- Kniiulre at A «KNTS WANTKTl— For war, to Pubs, by Sennr Quwsdn, Culian reprepentftUvo ftt VVanhtpKtOn. JBiirtorfletl by .Cohan patriots. .In tr«m»ua««B deroaotl. A •honftnzft| for BKCBN. Onlr 31T*>, Pig book, big commigsious. .Efery- tipdy wants the only endorsed, reilsblo, book. Uutflts trur'-, Cr«*as given. Freight, J>»id. Drop all tronh ai u niftko $.%() a tuoin?r. with War in wMOtHy. THK SATION VI, BOOK , S53-35(i VJenrborii St.; Chicago. - •fT'OR SAI/E— First Haas upright piano Jicarly 1; ftcw I'fli* low; torm» to iJult MYUUN K. COOK. oi) Teaeliers 1 Agencies of Amejiea, )tcv. t/. I>. ltiiM5, I>. fn lU ttfnlmnt. I'll ; TtirMthi, dawl'i; J.,i.; .tftif Vf"-*-,' JT. 1' ; -Wiinhin fit in fntlu-i'H'", Citl ; Ctti?tf(/< 'ti'c Ort(nn« t tM, I), f!.: Itt.f .St. Trf^ct 'I* tempt pn'i and Oooliltl I'niUlliit'-ft l>> HH" Sn|>«-Mi*i 1'niirt. I'pon th* asM-iiitiiing 1 <if the court at thiit tlriit- the alternative writ of pro* hijiitlf/ii fri'in ^lie,i3ne__c."uit i )ir(tdiKnr*itnd MI i vt-ij upon 4udstf Thort-upuu Jucfs'- liiillt v 'that hf> would not pr'nceed further with lhe pt/wiinfi 'prot teduies, but at ohee an mil< r adjudging both Auhf nut! Dritilitflc Jjuiity of a i«ew th<- iuuiicdiai? preftence* of the ct/iart Vy rwumtt «f having filed thfir "alTidavit allt^rlnK 1 th,> "truth of thf- 'ar- J4H to tournament for th^feilillers-of the 3epartrnent of r"lorad*<nas liepun with preliminary contt-H|X^ Ruch man -had ten shots at eadyw the rangt's, 200, 300, 500 aod SOO yujw. forty shots 'in nil, Thf- colored sfslATerf .'of the-. Twenty-fourth won firsjxnrinors. ; Theire were thirty-one contestants. Ihirtj days, su^h at Blood Bitters in untuta'a" true remedy for cuuatipatiou cwd .kindred ilia. It act* directly o^ the bowel*, th* liver, the 844 while e|«n»fiiHtf tb& bloodl ho parts •oil ltrawnft*Wh\ Woolciw Must Ad' ' . Vance. 'Pro'ni Alexander IJainilton's. low tarilf liill to relieve the straitened yircuia- HUinces of the treasury in 1785* tf>- 1801. The tnriff woe n"nominal •nlfair, 19<W it w,in raJHt-d hy successivo acta to an aver- H'KO i)f J17-(W..T»er cent. The McKtuley tariff was . r »0 pt>r cent ad vnlorcm aud 4-lc u iK>tini\ weight on woolens. Tho Wil son tiiriir WHB 50 per cent ad valorem only. TUe present or DinRley hill is « r w per centftdvaloremand4t ecntwa pound. Tariff act of 18*5-1 had (Je a pound on \vowl, {he McKiinkiy hill lie, the Wilaou bill mostly fm«. The Dingly hill haw 11 or ISc," ^'Uis* juuHt raise the prioo of woolt-ns, T Tfiriff IB Hiinrdy n form of indirect taxation. Tfie importer pays the duty at the frontier ndda the Amount to former Coat then adda n prollt,o« his inveatiueivt tor the retailer who addn d profit for the 'Vh<<tr< arc IboiicnniU of rtofllloss to be fillwl wllhiii Iho Di-xt fpw month*, tii TNI is Pa. nil »|>|iliu(Vll«ti» Plate Glass Thn only johbOT (n this territory hardline •took MbMM of Plat* OlMl*. Keep In stock ABIOUUTELY IVERYfHINOJN THE OIA38 UME. Send yow orders or write tot estimatAB. WH. REID, 1MW. Lamed ^t.. DETROIT, MlCH. Why W ot Kducate ' F ^Qlt BALE CHBAr-Or^xiMiaDgo ror a farm: the property known.rf* ibp Bo fiug jiroporty on Hart street, f or jertiia «ppl,v 10 l>. lum the inminmcu —lion to on North MfldlBon .Ptrect. Kuqniru ot MUS. Witt. CONNpK, BRUT—Two etonr lumto OnTrwt "-tstc Hi net. Enuuircof J.CAttT. tor pftrtlca Of Va.uXant, the oxprcssniaii. F '«OK KEWT-Tabloit and chnlra Kn<mlr« of J. W. L<>stor, the popular prewraan. UKN'I'— OBlce. rooms and an lodge Ua 1. Jnqnirwwf 1IKNRV BENNKR t>Al>B-'Mn! brick bouco opposite th rahftU \Vnjjon Work . A «npd rh*«o for Uio .right pattj- to-run » .ycfy buardiuir hoimu. Kunulru of S ' U OitsB -BtiS^HIiHT^No. avSU-E»el Itqulrc flfiit door south. B. SJc,'MANU» H C USE for rent, TS» '.txi 80 ]>JprtU Eagle 8t eojiib of C.-w. ; l}r«wei-'*. Ipqn'lrtyu ' Mft«(. JOHN CIMWHJ'8. AND School of Shorthand and Typewrtiug, BATTI.K CHEKK, MICW, ot yonii}?' ni«n anil uinl j>r«lHaljiB ftlttpitiui). th 14 , btt^t 0<}ui^tHMi buviilt'M COMf}££3 i)l tmi 0^1 i on or write fur purncularn anil I burosd coy U'Dgers vfe-y Wily, "the ittonw. Dr. 'lUwuiaii' Eolftctrio re_!ji;f. in three j»inute». It waa uafcs. l££veEM«tjui|tMu9 Aiea Swu'rda; SauodenSaic, "dT Saridors-ivutl MuKiiry wil} open dr'eas trujkiug rooim* over the goet6ffic« tf> tlie, abBtri»ut offtcei Wednesday, . 1 15. They are, i»Jtb at th$ busmvw aud to securo tlw patronage of ,tbfeir others wlw^ nia^ n«sed auythin|> Ht. Mary's HclMaol of uiusik; will re open ooMomJay, Aug. 30. Tho b<«t audUt e«J! uuolbode art> used in thia department a4id «pet:i.iiU &ttea,tion faiv«u to tfie theory .^ud art of luuaix.'. ^or further particular^ call at tit* ^cboyt or siisterK 1 re«i" «p, furniture at W. ureters F, B. couwituer.' Our ui)ilo* i wea.r wj^a all pur* chauotl in \pril and is imw in sftx;k. The best 25e and 50u each shirt and druweru ft v fir a>ld. Our suits ami t>wr coats are also in &toe}t at prices w'orth a good advaiHJe todjfty. \ mi Our nJerchitut tiering dopartuieat ia better etfjcktsd than ever and our prices will prevail" i|Btil ou^ pfggaal BtOCJte 1^'«K- .T. • ,:.-'• Flam-, ,„••' .At W»;tBoo*s you <»|>g«^^ jf*» aud Homer Jlaujf Ity lli^JOO~|S^l i«Wite»ge, no light Weight of |« or 9Btbs.j also Albiuu |iaU»Ht; tlie l>est; flour .toy *%_ w ' ^____ Ipetef lioekwood, at the H»rd mill is Established 1882. lnoorppr«ted 1 896 T,R. SHEPHERD BEST MEATS . Goods delivered all parts of tfae city -but uopeddhng done, livery" thing nest and clean. If on always get a clwm out at SHEPHERDS', U«r»l>> (be th <,«4^t St B* iu*du i^ji tUw Uth xi»y of tt>»7. *lx mout^t from that- da** w»r*iai(il?fid seu t ^Itei twceu<>}-, ir r ane VorkviUe utHliug cotupaoty'e the beat braiada of belta t latest styles at Buiett & Sou's. , to attt« "fllcutu tluji etty ol an vlftiwa wi oa tbe Hlk «tny of D^c*>«bo» 'and ' on the Mill - day of tforeb u»it, at tea o*«lu«ic _ifi ' TTOUSB.of atx room* In deolrAble ItoTatioc, t>; XJ. .rent Sept Int. *'or p»rtlcu(ar» Inqirtru o ^r»; W., 1 " atroots. , I makn big wnnctint borne, and wan to worfe ix very pleasant and will easily pay w«-utiy. f bfa is q i d<M;nptJon. I wi^nt nc/ in and will gladly nuSd partlcuUra to ull K«ndiu{ »lmttu. .tM«B8 M. A. STEBTBIKM. , Mioh. L OST,—The fewer p»rt of la*t week a puppy uf Knulisli Bcrtvr breed / BUtk with v hite spot oabrttut. Kinaw return to eel. • L OFT;—Suturduy, between Wortby utoro »na tu<» W(i»iiiagtoo tn-iiB-, a book «outaiuin«r, ft aunt of niuDtJ. A liberal re w^td will, h« paid for H» return to yy IHtH-tl , era!' bouwwow. , a good (flrl for at LlSiCa., COMPOUND FOR THE Stomach, Liver and Tlio <'olel>rnto«l Specialists, • Will l*o At Marshall, Hotel Royal, o , FRIDAY, OCT. 1 Ono Day Only fn ISnVb Month. accl examination Kidneys. Kola Compound OUTPS DyBf-epsia and all de- of the Stoinftch. »J>rfl C. S & t*t , devote their 'attention to (Stages T>f~ *t« eye, oBfr tfiroat -and iotwr asthma »nfl CrnsumiiHon aoil sTt clirotiio, prt vttto and utrvous illfk-asija, dfclWmllK'c, irranulat- frt lid'", criiBB ny p,<l*«f nenjf, <iltihc»rse of th« tars, UrouLhlU!-, chionic cough, iwuro OiiBii* 1 H) fever sores auil uleeri. IJiJghl'u dlM.-a«e. rhtmnutisn), all dif.)«BU« of kldneyc awl lilntidei', bBlitt, utoilnftch and nervr »»disca»e«. ctor<ii (Jut. \ltUB dajiri-j gpnprai debility, hchrofulii, Kkin •Ji*«Mt>« of man and womeu, aud ai diif to bad blood. Kfulopwy, orflts, positively oured by ft new BBdnevor tailiDKnutteUy. ,,«,_,. Dr» I!.. S. A 5o make a specialty of »11 forms of rectal dii-«*»o«, pil,»fi iJU'rnal and «xt«*ra»l. Itchiui: and blecdin«, rental uif ere, fl*nre»,fl«itula which »re often l»k6u tor tidrvous and luag trouble, all cured Kotaetnber we onre all forQis orpUes without pal<i intoitunf iota (it d*| from buainui^, and wttlioot tU,e wso of uauatlo or UK* ur». Oonia *ud TO YOUNG, MIDBtiK AGED HBBerinij from jipwrnutottboea, in}|«>tijucy— Jo»t niautiooil -or froiu wtuknusw browgot on front errors or iudiMMUon* In youtb or over indul ' . benlute cure* 6»«r*nteed; TumdJr* aptt caueotH cured nJfe r t)ainor«tBW. Sew io*tho (;at»rrh. N«* home tre*to>e«t \and ictly .wiOiont . , OfiSiarpa«»«ib' Kola Compound Cures Si6k Hondachp, 'pid 'Liver and Bilionsnpes. t Kola Compound Cures Constipation. • Is n Brain and Nerve Tonic and Blood Purifier. Kola Compound is the peer ofjtll other medicines. Kola Compound Cures Backache and Kidney Troubles. Kola Compound Is nature's reinedy-^-potent yet harmless. It, topes and vitalizes the tyrain, nerves r muscles, heart and stomach, ' in brief rejuvenating and * s building up the entire sys- fern,' enriching the blood and imparting to the whole body .the freshness ai)d _ __ vijsorjif youtlk ' . . >-» Kola Compound Is composed of life giving, tissue building, Herbal and' 1 Ytigotabl'e" Extracts, and contains nothing injurious ; io the most delicate constitution. f , i Kola Compound Is indorsed by many eminent Phyaicitos, tista, - May Relieve ., , Kick heatlacht-, pilow, twp« worm «n<Mtrtulture. ' to oaw/ , iss other pby»l«i»a» U*r« f*Hed IVrs'auJi appl)i»K tot tr«fttioi-nt will hence yvo tnkoiio cb»nce«.1t W ANTED-A KStttsUante do bounj W«rk>f oil ytMrleUiiect girl. Euquiru at " W iAdy wr 4re t A. J. W ' to 't Saut. W «OB» in , for ?w* bouse, . EUCJ Cdnipauj, Ad- 4*9 I ,tt>lo, eSu.tili.BbaJ hoiiw., in Po*itioB * {ojr pt. if. Cblf »£«•, VJfANTBB— Bovwral tnuit*«rU»yKuutleuuwor f V Iftdiii* to tf«vot in Michigan tot utAeb- hert in MarBbttlt | at C. A. 1 grinding fc\ V. LaujbtrBoa with bjya cold blast Ftatlter Eeaovator. He will come right to your ht»u«e with IMS feather renovating ear suid cWn your feather beds and pillowe. Work pi K. JB, S«.\w- I To buy flour, Krahwu, baited I meal, aiound fe«d, -bran or ^ I Do- recnivtia doily choice fieestooa packed, well tbtJH*euri <if ify City of bu»r4 ot regtBtoitiott of ifat .! at t%f cuui tilh, J81W ert rii;tj< ol ever f psnsoo {.Deli autusUly ; r»- wi'o »t t&e 4 quftjtffti vottr in _ ; w ^u3i»ttdrrtoJ«J«n ofSJV.'V aubiifvpa&dwJUJb* in»ttttoU«n both J*gf>t!>» wiat bevaui..* it, ia only one-half toe of Bhinglee. It can be ftjupUed,' on fiat' or ateep rocife. It is fire proof. Anybody owi put, it cwu. RESTOHES VtTAUTY. Made a Well Man Pf ostuws tbaf above ec»u»i. ip SO «l*y«. tt *'*« B»>ni,rfia)y and 5ttv»V(ly cui tbeu IT jii It aaitlsly w*«U j^« Ix>t4 Vitality. Jiup»AtUCJ'. «.c»tJPo*«sr Volant U<-W(.r». i\» oHcetu <4 Mstt iitoiwo ortt I . j» a great »Brv# tcnie acd blood buuiter. bring iu" back Uiu P'ttk Blow lo IM*!* 1 rbeeks &oa ra KQU If yojat we-sioffering feom my dei^w^emeut of the Btopiaeh, tjVer oy Kidneys, Blood or Nervous System, TRY A BOTTLE Of Dr. Dane's Kofec Com- A point you. Price '60 per bojitI0, ? -. Kola Compound ^ obtained of at his offic Bioett, corner street^, who will a oiie witb literature, t a, regarding Dr. Lane Has been, engaged in active praetj^of medicine for 35 year* Xte-brt 23 devot«i largely to tbe study, treatment attd eur^> of chtou- ic diaeages, aud di»eaae8 ol H» laemwa system— i»both male a^d f eaqpile. Cousulta- tioji and advice at oifioe FUEE. A Uwited awwber of caj^ ia town aiid couiity ^ will receive proiat.atteatiott

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