The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 31, 1962 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1962
Page 4
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THI BRAZOSPORT FACTS UTAHIStflO 191J RMHHiM Wty «Hl Smd«y *(t*pr Saturday by Rcvltw Publishers, he.) 307 I. Park An., 'rwperr, T««oi. James S. Nabon, ^resident. JAMIS S. NABOBS PUBLISHER (HINH HIATH _ _ _ EDITOR GEORGE 1. KACOM _ „__ _.. ADV. DIRECTOR THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE PAGE 4 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA. COUNTY. TBXAS. FRIDAY, AU6UST 31, 1942 ERNIE t. ZIISCHAN* Advertising Monoq»r MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent t. I. HENDRIX Circulation Managtr PEARL SLOVIR Maita?*r ROBERTA DANSRY Managing Editor LEROY BYRD Woman's Editor GEORGE FERGUSON Sportt Editor NANELLE H. MALLORY Office Manager HOPEFUL POLITICAL PROSPECTORS World wld* Mwt tovtraq* by Th* Auocioted Prtti. M«nb*r F*x« Dully Ntwtpaptr Aiioeiation, Ttxoi Preu Atioclation. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ly carrltr, dally and Sunday, $1.50 per month. Mall ratei upon »• qunt. All mail mbierlpHons payable in advance. EnMrad en second clan motttr March 21, 1752, ot Hie Freeporl Te«et. Poit Office, under th« Act of Congress of Marck 8, 1870. Washington Scene ByGEORGEDIXON Repeating Gives Point Emphasis WASHINGTON, — Lawrence K. O'Brien, who bears the title of Special Assistant to the President, but is more descriptively known as John F. Kennedy's Congressional lobbyist, is author of a pamphlet which the Democratic National Committee is using as its 1962 Congressional campaign manual. I can't praise it loo much. The handy guide to how to get, elected although should top all distribution records. It is being pushed by none other than the master circulation wizard, Democratic National Chairman John M. Baily. Chairman Baily has provided all Democratic leaders and candidates with an absolutely irrefutable rea- I really can't. Nor can I say too son why they should have one of much about Mr. O'Brien's effec-JM,.. O'Brien's booklets, tiveness in pushing While House! -]t will fit in your pocket," he legislation. But for his powers of'^jd. persuasion, Congress might not'. M 0 t only will it fit in the prvk- have passed som» of the Presi-] e i hut it is secure there. Not even dent's programs in exactly ihejthe most kleplomaniacal Republi- form requested by Mr. Kennedy. | ( . an pickpocket will be templed to Being practically tongue-tied|nft it. especially out in California. with admiration as I am. all I can say is that Mr. O'Brien exhibited Should one r.< them lieisl a copy and read oil every pace. "Kmpha- •• D-L D * FRHMY 0IV TF Jim bishop, Keportcr *«**«. 2 OHAK^ 8 «««««. lt ly JIM IISHOP Builder's Dream T/ien And Today MADRID, Spain. . .T1i« breeze in Ihe car \va» cool and steady but th* boat shimmered In waves of Chirm laid siege to flic foreign legations outside the Forbidden City and tried to kill the Amcrl- ,. j , j J j. i cans, the Germans, the British, above the road ahead and d,s -1 Frlw|l| Span]fh Iwl|an|t tai torted the orange, tile roofs and | Japanese. the young trees. The sun was high | We remembered. l,asl year I and the white light burned the {had met Samuel Brnnalon in New eyes. Only the GuadRrrnmas, lot- York. He had made "King of ly and blue, seemed to be im- Klnfjs" and "Kl Cid" in Spain, mune from the heat. land he said, at the time, that his CftAHNM. 4* TOUMrT Id •S:!M O Captain Anti Show io ; no f) m Edge of Night CD Magin CO WhoJJn You TrimtT Q) Kltirlkvlll* rt)lrk~Tr« OOt/)R io : .io O Wnke. Unom fnr i Mahall* Jackson Sin*! 01 rtoy Rogers __ CD American Bandstand ,,.„„ o Wl » 1r .h Mr r WJi»f<i 4;tW O'MOM Theatre—"DM. CD Sky King «tt gandu," Ralph Meek. (0 Shoenn _ n, Maria RntHsh, J. Oar -,,.,,„ o j, R , Prf ,f OB " rot Nalsh, Jorrn CatrMIni' QJ ri0n | g (y, r American* *4!tt»' Between the car and the mountains were. 20 miles of barren next movie would lie about the Boxer Rebellion. through. He held his stick up. W» could not pass W« made friendly fields and little villages which We asked the guard to let us grew from specks at color on the windshield to houses and narrow streets and shops and disappear-j gestures, but he sat again at the ed behind the car like nameless base of the tree, shaking his head. nothings out of nowhere. So we wailed. In time, « small We were going to El Escorial. It is a gray eminence on the side of the Gimdarramaii, a building over 1,000 feel long built by Phillip II in Ih 16th century as a combination palace and monastery. He was a holy Hapsburg and h» wanted rule and religion under foreign car came up the road and a tall man who speak* English like David Niven paused at the tree. I told him that I had met Bronston and, in Spanish tin told the guard to let us pass The guard shrugged. The Briton said: "There's a story for you If you're looking for one. The guard is *' The World Today HERO OF LIBERALS CONSERVATIVE a single roof. It required H years to build the Escorial and he had a stone chair!retired matador. Once, he was in front, overlooking the swanjvery popular. Now h» keeps peo- lake. and there Phillip sal and!pie off Ihe set." watched the Spaniards make hisj We drove up to the set for a monument. |quick look. In my time, I have When it was done, he was old;seen many nnd all of them look and tired and he tottered through!real from the front, and resemble the huge cathedral in the middle i broken corsets from the back, of Escorial. and decreed that hisj Tills one is built exactly to scale, bedroom would be behind a small jThe Empress Dowager used to door on the right side of the main j boast that her walls were" so wide altar. His three daughters had!that four chariots could r a <t e rooms on the left side. 'abreast. He was a good king, a humor-; The walls are that broad. Thej less man with a long solemn face, streets are identical with those of the chin playing host to a scrag- old Peking, even to the shallow gly beard, and Ihe eyes, large and j stream which ran down Ihe mid- dark and sad, staring at eter • die of Ihe legation sex-tor. The nity. -apothecary shops, the legation! He died at 71, Ihe door of his buildings, the Chinese temples—I ittle bedroom open to the high even the,dragons— are lifelike.; altar, lie was old then, but Es-IOnly Ihe actors are unreal. j corial, with its gray stone and its It is not a papier mache set. It i towers, is still young and vigor- 1 is a huge city spreading over! °' ls - acres of Spanish plain. An Ameri-i It is only an hour's ride from can on the set told me that it cost Madrid and we were hallway and one million dollars to build the more when the car topped a rise-structures and the wall and the and there, off to the left, was a:shallow river. In Hollywood, it John Garfield. Ann Short SATURDAY dan, Claud* Itslns. Den<t)g ; fw) « Andy Hardy Theatre— End Kids •-.... V:45~Q9Wtirik'> Clubhouse "«:«»" O~pneratlon Uft m Whlrlybirds to Popeye ct|i ° _ Newsrcel "linv» toughs at Andy ITnrrty," Mickey R*Kiney ( l.rwl* Sinn*, ttonlta (Iran* vllle, Sara linden: Andy'* Mm (o 1m best mnn at hOr BpnrU O What'i New? ID Newt, Weather 09 News^Spprti, Weather Ttjr NewiiT Weather "~ S Walter Cronkitc, N*\vs ABC Evening Report R:!MI Q 1 it t • r n it <' I o n a-1 Shnwllme—"(:irni!« Headliners"; repent O Books and .Ideas-• "Stud.v of History," Arnold -Toynbee Q) Rawhide "Top of Uie World," Robert Gulp; a siorm and-a drover with emotional problems hamper the drive; repent • CD Margie — "Madame "^; ( President," Margie get* a .' ' crush on hrr political op- «:W CD Esrly Show—"Wild Bin ponent: repeat Hickok Rides," Brur. • ~~ ^T.~"., '.', Cabot, Constance Bennett! t:00 O University Forum Wild Bm lhwBrlg „ mgn .[ m Humawayt --- Pop attempt to establish on the Budget," Waller empire ID Big Picture CO BitE' Bunny k 1M CD Hollywood Playhouse— "Henry Aldrich Haunt ft, House,' 1 .limmy Lydon, Charles Smith (JJ Saturday Mbvietirrw— "Parachute Battalion," Edmond O'Brien, Robert Preston, Nancy Kelly; two. trainees In the parnclnt* corps fall for the same girl; "The Big Fix," .lames Brown, Sheila. Ryan; a gambler tries to bribe a basketball player- !:.1fl 0 MflM Theatre. —'VTwii Rl»tcr« from Boston," Knthrvn (irayson, June Allysnn, Peter T*an'fnr(l, Ben Blue, Jimmy Dnrante; IHO society glrU (o to work In the flowery Al Bell Show J:im the aame versatility in the compo- s j ze n, e close ties between Presi- «ition of his handbook as he did in |dent Kennedy and your candi- lobbying for medical care for Ihe|date," the dip will never be Ihe ,g«Uhe farm bill, and aid to edu- '-me^ain. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ A^^r^^L** i t^ularh'when'he w^'aUnsfTirne'tJnl^^ 1 ' 0 " "^""^ ' >nC * m ™ "'*' ™' """* "^ ""'"' ™ M ""'' "*' '""" " millloli Author O'Brien is so versatile: though, that the Republican candi-i WASHINGTON (AP) — The i These opinions were often tough' 1 'r^ankfurler'''^™^ a k' d f ^fi 011 ""' the moatSl the Tartar 'Hie trend toward fflming mo- that he has advice for almost ev- date for Governor of California greatest irony in Justice Felix!to read and full of hair-splittings, take-charge 'man 'looked hack'mira'ee "* " "^ "" "" * liTi P' l ' ll "' es anywhere but in e,y type ot chairman in this year's, L . a ,,'t avail himself of the advice Frankfurter's life is this: at the He did so much of this hejupon those hearing laTer wid 1 The i-ar keot moving . ,d ,h f °"- vwo ? d ">"'""'«• Spanish la- Congressional campaigns. I don't in , h p n'RHen honk-lei. If Rich- hesrinninsr »nH pnH nf hi. ™ r ».r!,» 0 m^ ,„ i~ ,.,^,1.. ,„. ,„.. ..J.,.. , , , ,„ "."P.. el : sald| . tHr kept nlovl "B <"*> <"e bor is low-priced and efficient. tween President Kennedy and your , esl candidata." ;the in distinguishing color, but 'ore the court, picking and prun-| II was Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling, group ^EastlamTs"" 'penfoi'nnm-e Democratic candidate Gov. ling his way through their argu-iauthor of the "Red Network," was ca Ued a "diqorace" hv'u o _-___ "The Farm Chairman should: Edmund G. (Pan Brown, profess- ments. !who tried to put the red tag on ; assistant Reoublican leader Sen i ~~ "Emphasis the close ties be-; es to suspect othenvise. Thus a He A-rote opinions endlessly,!him. She said he had long been.Thomas H Kuchel of California'i Pofirtirin fn Tl«o Iween President Kennedy and your!note of skepticism creeps into the when he was with the majority!one of the principal "aides to the A T a juVtice >ra h f™t I-- ^ candidate." i campaign loo. " " ~ ~ —' "The Labor Chairman should: ; Mr. .Nixon declares his strips "Emphasize the close ties be-jrai?e no cry nor hue against his BlISfflGSS AlflTOI* (ween President Kennedy and your opponent because they read, sim- candidae." ply- and majestically, "Win with ( Mr. O'Brien, who owe,* his slim, Nixon." There is nothing dirty a-' figure to the use of poly unsatellil-ibout this, unless the bumpers be-' ed fats, also has individual advice j come splattered. for the Veterans Chairman, Inde- j My deepest concern however, is pendent Business Chairman, and i that Mr. O'Brien may rob life of' Professional Men's Chairman. ;iis happiest hour hv withholding- This advice ranges all the way;his advice from .Senate Minority from "Emphasize the close ties i Leader Kvereti M. Dirksen and Business Issues Get Pre-Labor Day Truce any swift change in any of these seemed to feel—he said as much called upon to be a brake on the enthusiasms of the more lib| eral justices. He said: "the court . is a brake on other men's actions, i the judge of other men's deci- ; sions." j : The day after Roosevelt ap- i 'pointed him, to the delight of lib-! ierals, the New York Times in American Catholics Opposed Infallibility By SAM DAW SON AP Business Newt Analyst j fields can have a bearing on the NEW YORK (API—Perhaps the:business cycle. between President Kennedy and [House Minority Lender Charles A m " sl '•° m ' orl businessmen -.-an de- j Many factors outside of the eco-i ga " ic <™ sp ''vatisni. your candidate" to "Emphasize jilalleck. The bomocrais say they rlve /rom . lhis week's presidential j nomic trend itself affect tax poli-j Neverthel(lss - rrankliiner By JIII.KS I.OH AP Staff Writer ;er read this without distraction." President: "Let the right rev'""' '"' "™. IorK " m '' s '" «i America! Catholic bishops will '" V ~" T •',""" '"" ! rem ? rkajbl - v <^>rvo y ani editorial l;lk , lvjth lhem ,„ „„ ^ ( , ond ,erend speaker speak with greater | the close ties between Presidential] use the O'B Kennedy and your candidate." DAILY CROSSWORD AOB089 ri-n brochure to -,, . are ronferenre is thal for theicies and a great array of btisines»! ne °* lon K™ to no one camp of | govemment. ' & Car-pool eoropanloB Jf-Spaciou* JlOtUl forth M. River N. Fnnoa i break up the Kv t Charlie Show '"' sl lime in a long spe " lhere I regulations. ' weren't any questions about the These same factors bear on c-on- j slate of the economy. slmie| . psychology. The results ' All hands seem willing o let Iie.| sllOW up ,„ s|orps , he home mor ,. .lor the moment at least, all of the gage malke , the ha lam-e between summer's built-up /ear* about jtotal ,pe nding and , 0 , al saving whither are we going. ^ moves , he govemment ^ y oortW ™nv: And business could be the better |li!k£ ,_ or , )o take _j w . 'shed as for it. Industry and trade have!;™ ,h. „,„„„, ,... „..!... :furter Reminisces _ he .*? u!d !T Veal an " or ' Vatican Council next October a : revel ' eni * °* lh « h °ly falliers." | background of lively participation Verot: "I do wish. Eminence, to I sald Jin this rarely used form of church speak with all reverence of Ihei holy fathers; but sometimes even opinion. This is understandable. He was never entirely felt P re -l At the last council, a century j Homer notes." 46 prelates from the United! The biggest issue ol the Firstj .ome ;s(atps parti ,, pa( ^. g^. _ „„,.. ibly Bishop August! n Verot of Sa- (for) KLKxcl tkn with garment S Wbeel •poke. prioo L Printer* •hnrty K. Happy tSt Vetninli noun aufidx «LJU horn* •7. One* nor* Zrataad a. Sound of W. Smile * oow warmlj f . Oivea, M 19. Tral. an order toes 4. TV award 21. Yea: 6. Hurricane Sp. center 32. Psychl- & Saved atriat from 23. Small, execution sweet- T.Vin»- Ish covered rolla (. Spanish 24. Pleads lady 27. Ex- 9. Supple- preaaion merited of ). Com- protest munisU 30. Little c fl. Prickly Sl.Pulverii »edcas« 33. Sword 1. Measure 34. To eye of land 35. Shower t II lit '// n ia IS - 1 * ^ »J »7 41 4S MHI T. '// IB ^ '* mim J IS & is ••M + ^ 21 ^ 31 ••• *' #1 19 29 •^ ''// ''// '// Ib v//. 10 ^ ^ ^ f |^fc DAK r f? i r A N [o| y E A. " S P 1 3 -J H A. I ^ N r Is v ~ =Bc ur-iHa OS|N rs Bslc 1 ^| E P T M|E|O EPgN im "sfvl * ' if o -jB( i ^ 3Bl. O V F; u $ & M | & •4 & TS | A uS rt E L t< P e 5 TV _ V E v V E ^ S 2 T S ->Y 1 .»- Ye.lerdt, '• Amww 38. Metal-hea4 golf club 38. Wrath 39. Respectful term erf hild address e 40. Exclama- lilt tion to attract attention b 11. 14- 1A> '// 38 41 44 **MM 7 W *1 % 3 fa m*m 8 '/// ai 31 MM •S V/, ai '/// ** MM« 10 '//, a-4- % 40 within himself It would seem «, from , slate- vannah , £„ and Bi , hop ' ment he marie m a series of re- iKitzgeraId of Lit ,, e Vatican Council—whether to de-j fine papal infallibilily—was not' larkel counter§ problems enough of their own| actjng a husiness s | owdown or \ even on the proposed agenda when -.—n — —...- Rock Ark.—jlhe assembly convened in 1869. "' lon * . laler P ub -!treated the said assembly to some! The main point of controversy ,. * trank - forthright examples of yankee de-:wasn't whether the Pope was in-1 scrih* hi« ^7, V' > " 1 V 0d , e " : " rmilu " lon ' (fallible when speaking on matters' ,scnb* his altitude toward ,eli-| Bishop Kitzgt . rald wa , one of I of faith and morals (only 15 of tries to enforce an ccon> omy wave; repeat I O DetectlvM — "Night Boat," Scott Mnrlowe; a psychotic killer clmlen p«. llr« a* he searrlim fnr hit victim: reprnt O A Time to Dance ID Route lifi "A Fent of Strength," .lack Warden; » Hungarian refugee is forced to play a losers role for a wrestling promoter; repeat SB Flintstones — "Kleplo- manic Cape r," Wilma gives clothes to x rum- 1:00 O Modem Bengali Poets —"Poets of Modern India" ID 77 Sunset Strip '-The Diplomatic Caper," Slu tries to prevent a fortigr agent'from-using'» diplo mat's daughter in a blackmail scheme; repeat «:.1« O Pure* Special — "The Problem Child," Dnrren McGavln, Simon Oakland, Norm* Crane; the xtury of an unruly, detlnnt rhllr Mid his troubled parents; repeat Q Festival of Arts—T. S Kliot's "Family Reunion" CD Father of the Bride Stanley unwittingly hires his son's -jazz band for __ the lawyers' ball; repeat *:00 CD Twill gill "Zone—"A Hundred Yards Over the Rim," Clifl Robertson; the leader of a covered wagon party finds himself in a new world; repeat CD Target: Corruptors "Play It Blue." Dean Jones, Harold J. Stone; Marino probes tbe forces behind a .young singer's rapid_rise to fame; repent i:M O Third Man — "The House of non-Rons," I.Imp Investigate* one at lil» firms for illicit aclltlty O Big Picture (D Eyewitness ie:oe O Tea O'clock Rnumhip —News, Weathrr, Sjmrts ID News, Wfather ,ID_N*w?. Wcathejr, Sports 111:15 CD Late Show - "Operation Pacific," John Wayne, Patricia Neal, Ward SMO O Bowllnr—Remote! til* cast CD Larry Kane Shmv 4:80 O Rough Rider* " CD Lono Star SporLimai "•"0 O Divorce Court CD Telcspprls Digcst_ «!»« CD Mister Ed"" O Beany and Cecil SATUKIJAy~EVENINO «:0fl Tnmhnlnne Territory CD Death Valley Days-"His Brofher's Keeper," Harry Townes; Edwin Booth makes a dramatlo comeback* CD Ncws,_Weather, Sports «:SO Q WelIs""Fargo^"End"of a Minor God." IJn McCarthy; a mail-order bride finds unexpected romance on a Ktageconch; rrpml: COLOR CD Perry Mason — "The Case of the Blushing Pearl," Perry turns down a large retainer to cleai a girl of theft: repeat CD Calvin and the Colone'. -"Women's Club Picnic," the Colnm>\ fisures out way to swindle bis wife's club; repeat "i-.m (D Room for One More— "Strength Thvou gh Money." George asks for a raise; repeat • ' 7:30 O Tall Mnn — "Liberty Belle," Pat's former sweetheart return* and tries to involve Pat and Billy the Kid In an rvll scheme; repeat CD Defenders--"The Hick. nry Indian," George Vos' ovec. I,co Penn, Harvey emheck; an elderly man ,< charged . with stealing I mm his son's firm; re. peat ' . CD Leave It In Beaver— "Nobody Loves Me," Heaver becomes sensitive when he learns he bus roached an awkward age; repeat »:M Q Saturday NigM~at"thi MovlM — "nirci of Parm- rtlM 1 ," IVbfa l'»gi-|., IxiuU .lutirdan, -left Cliaudler; « Frrnphimm, traveling In the Soitltt. ^«a«i meets and iimtrlti. » natlva f\r\; ttpent: (X)UIH CD lUwience Welle 1 VE ««- l "'fi " WU.-MIIC»& Siinvuuwi] or; • , . . I uisnup ri(z^t^itiiu w«» Ulie Ul ui iciiiu ajiu morals ICfllV 13 Ol n j .u i . • •»,. «Tft ii rt ......"T^T Bi!jw"h«i'everyoi*Belt^ he called himselt a; only two p,,^.-^,., wllo 5aid i tne gOl bishops present were opJ Sne 0 Vm n? f "'^ "pSaSTr, "h' ^ Jl^ Etc. rni^L-L.-incr ra:imo dler* thn ru iKlmi-joH ! - ,. ... . . . i DellPVint? Unhdtuujoi anrl • : .. . .... . . ; , . f^ ' " mannc 0 01T1 m H II (I f> V v I til" fit n II nirPrt trt nnno i guessing game..Also. the publicized | eially aidinror'r^rainlng'the'^U^^f " nMi ™er" and «-„„„ placet" (1 am not pleased) i posed to the doctrine) but whether . Deal's tend to feed the very trends !em ployed, riding herd on price or ; some have direly preoicted. . increases - all affect the a «"° sti( '-" » i " n "">n. Kven the stoi-k market has stopped being a barometer, this week at least il appears to be business cycle. Bllt I*' ver >' "« °< making llie wing 0 , on the final vote to adopt a deli-jit was advisable to define the doc-: L ' ornmemm K|nition of papal infallibility. Theftrine at lliHt time. i n tne vale Law Review in lM7 lom( . r was an lta | ian Bishop Alol-' Most of the Americans felt lt : on the mind of the conservative;,!,, Riccio of Cajazm was not. j Bishop Verot also was opposed, Archbishops Peter Kenrlck ofj arie his reputation main-1.St. Ixmis and John Purcell of Cin-' fiery speeches on lesser ! cinnati and Bishop Michael Dom-l enec- of Pittsburgh led U.S. oppo- marine commander devotion to his crew anil lioat CD Wrestling _ Remote telecast 10:10 O Tonlfht — Hal ,M»rih, •Inn Murray, .lour Omul, Harry Morton; OOUm Palnrtin is hired'to bring in a yiiHiit homittidal mxn- lliinking. So the pre-Labor Day truce in'. heated discussions about whither, after Labor Day. And slock traders seem to feel there'll be time |enough to wait and see if tradition is followed 'guess ahead But the momentary tnice in the : -"""•"' ' "".— " land conservative as the differ-<nrw,.<i wait and see how business acts: ...... , " me < " Mer . P°- s ™ Might il was a "disgrace-tuition. They claimed, one obtserver] id™ exiting only in the'ful spectacle" for priests to hunt;reported, "that Die definition 1 ihe justice—is a mortal with guns and fell there should be would be an insurmountable ob-! avenges his wife', death '"ihn'r" u" ","°"'""" we are going and why, even if the:" 1 ,','' 'n • , '" ( ' huri ' h law a « ainsl "• He want-.staclp to the conversion of Piot-| «:»0 O Midnight with Murltlta -dher than trying tO| tnu . e « flKee|jng ^ ^ we] _: lUn.Hton «,/«! ,, p the differ- ie d the council to lake a strong,eslanls iruho United Stairs." JO New. Kinal 01 Ume ' 'corned by many who would rather''"If" ml """ l '" 1 "' 1 '* ''^''a's,stand on racial jusiice and pro-' According (o this writer. Dom- ;anrt .«nw™ u i,,,« „. ,*, .,„. , g ^^ » ana , hernlliz | n g ie nef.'fell thai "id there be no Hel- 11:15 CD Weird -"Fog Island.' Lionel Alwel], Ian Keith, _ Veda Ann Ber E ; a nun 10iW) !P »»'«"'»y N**i Wnal, »:(«! (D (Ji'iijs'iHoke'•--'RenegRd* AinerU'iini and Mexiranj i Jiplyrc V.'hrsier: repesi ID Kiulit of the Week— .lames D. Kills vs Henry Hank; middleweiithU • ;l* Q) Morris Frank '.Show'"" h sin . N • w s talk about the economy's parlous on its own and what consumers do jence between the 'activist" future is about the only uncertain- •"" IU> uw " *' m 7" 1 punier. „„,.., ,,. h ty that isn't .till around. atart .pending lor Ihe tiwlllional j „*• the "I-et's and any who dare to assert that blacks!back, in .'iO or 40 years Ihe num- ascs. ,are not of the human family." jber of Catholics will b<: greater was ihe diflcience Ix-iween One historian, K. Culhbcrt Bill-j m North America limn in Italy; ailllo| l'' "I'd ler, O.S.B., characterized Verol as and they will be not merely nofii- "lel's gel inmini:" view ol juris-!"ih e enfant terrible of Ihe council, inal, but real practicing Ciilholics. prudence as frankfurter had Hn w as a frequent and lengthy;The only calamity that can de- IdemonslralMt a vcai tH'fore Ham- speaker ... who succeeded in i stray so'fair a hope would he lh(> MILWAUKEE (API—The Muk-;iHon wroti- his piece. raising frequent laughs lie was doctrine of papal infallibility." _ . ln 19 -' 6 llle '""it refused to tell; often in conflict wilb the prer.i-i (Present count: Italy 49 million quickly and frequently m the final won a measure of fame earlier^slaie legislatures ihey had to re- dents (of Ihe assemblies) because Catholics, practicing and nominal- this month when Sen. Alexander j apportion iheir membership to of sallies, but he received! North America 50 million) And business has a big slake in; Wiley was pictured locked in in- give voters in a slate fairer rep-'their rebukes with irrepressible! Bishop Martin Spalding of Hal- many of Ihe questions President, trcpid combat with one of iulresentation. KranWurter, writing j good humor." timore and a half dozen other U.S. Ki-nnefly did discuss at his news,trombones, paid the Senate's se-|tlie opinion, said the court should Verol, campaigning for reform prelates favored Ihe definition bill confercnce-Jomgn trade appro- inior Republican back Wednesday: not enter "lhis political thicket." of the breviary, the book from i wanted it to be framed without priations, Ihe Cuban and Berlin:—with i-uffles and flourishes. " problems, Ihe atomi fall goods and services. nmsi immediate. In the final ., . . _ .. . weeks of a session many business MUSICS) POlltlCldll plans are held up to see if specific proposals are accepted or rejected. Congress can change its mind wonago High School band, which quick! days. 1*140 Q) ABC Flnel Report Tli<? "activists" look over in j which priests are obliged to lead using Ihe word "infallible " SATUKDAV MOKNIM. Tlmr, Channel, I'mi;rum «> Q (icortf Kortnrr; ItH) 7:IKI Q Today In HHlurday CO Farm Journal tt 7:W CD Week in (iahl-sh.n Q) Cartoms 7M& CD Cartoon Carnival »:OU O ltop|)| Time CD Capt K,'UH;JIM)O £B •Tuiirblewei'd Time 1:50 O Pip the I'lper; COI.OI, I:M) Q Hharl L«wli; (X)l.(IB CD Alvin i"iW (B Popeye «nd~ Ills Pals _ • :W O Kla« L.*m.r«»: (OIX)K Ql Miguty ID Ten O'Clock Wrap-Up CO .Saturday Night News l»:l» CD Academy Award Thca* He "C; o ing My Way." King Crosby, Barry KiU- K«'iald, Itiie .Stevens; a priest works to help th» parish and the people | n a down hodden mea ll):l» Q III K Movta'— "Land ul the I'harauhk." Jack Haw lln», .loan ('..lllnn, l>r He j Murtln, Sydney Ciiapttni the .lury u( |ii« hulldlnj nt a tamper-proof tonih OD Thvalre H-"The Big Sky," Kirk Douglui. Uc'wey Martin, Eliiabeih Tlireatt; story of a keel. l*mt ex|iedi!ion upllicMis- nouti iHiuiid for the Hlack- f(»t Indian rouutiy CD Midnight 2oj«-"Thank You, Mr Moto," Peter Un*. mtHj BUcluMr

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