Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 17, 1974 · Page 6
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 6

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1974
Page 6
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Ar Uk,ah Q^V Journal, Ukiah Calif. Wednesday, July 17, 1974 FREE CONCERT IN PARK THURSDAY — Thursday at 7 p.m. in Ukiah Municipal Park the 145 or so instrumental students participating in the 2nd Ukiah Summer Music Camp at Ukiahi will give a free concert, featuring not only the advanced concert Ukiahi band, but also the Cub band and the Ranger band groups. As noted last year's concert in the park not only drew talented musicians, above, including percussionists Amy Williams, Mark Daugherty, Steve Price and others, but also many parents and other citizens who crowded benches, below, or sat on the grass to enjoy the hour and a half, concert. Listeners are reminded to bring a sweater. Just in case. The concert and Cub bands will present about five selections, each, and the beginning Ranger band about six short pieces. Music will include marches, showpiece numbers and pop favorites. —Journal photos by Erickson Teen has tobacco habit FBI case against kidnapers outlined By ^AWRENCE LAMB, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB — I am a 15-year-old chain smoker, and I 've been smoking cigarettes since I was in the eighth grade, dam now in the 10th). At first I did it to be "cool." But now I just can't stop! No matter how I try! I went to Florida with my parents in the summer. ' We drove down. On the way there, I had no urge for a cigarette for one week. Then I met these other girls. They had cigarettes, and I got the nicotine fits. So, naturally I took advantage of it and had a few "butts." I usually never buy cigarettes, because I'm low on cash. I 'm what you might call a "grubber." Why can't I stop? I want to so much it's pitiful. Please, Dr. Lamb, you're the only doctor I 've consulted about this. So, I hope you'll be able to help me! I want to be a healthy human being again! They say on television to stay away from the people who smoke and places where you usually smoke. I don't see how that will help. All I think it would do is to lose your friends and cause you to stay home when you've got the chance to go out. I feel like a dope addict. Please help me. DEAR READER — I wish I could help you, but the person, who has to help you is YOU! The first requirement to quitting smoking is to really want to do so. That means wanting to quit bad enough to forego some of life's pleasures for a while. It looks like you could quit if you can go a week without having any problem. That is a good sign you are not that badly hooked — YET! There is still time for you to do something about it. Since it is summer you could easily avoid social situations that caused you to be exposed to other people who smoke. You don't have to go to school, and you can discipline yourself to stay away from social contacts for a couple of weeks. Yes, you will still have the urge, but it will not be so overwhelming after two weeks, and you can learn some self- control. Perhaps your parents will take you on a trip to make it easier for you. If you are alone, learn to do something constructive with your hands so you can be occupied. You might learn a new hobby like needlepoint. , t L There are a number of devices on the market that will help ease the pain of quitting. These include tablets that help kill the desire for nicotine in cigarettes. Then there are devices that cut down on the amount of nicotine you get in cigarette gradually, these are filter-like devices. Yoir could probably quit "cold turkey" if you really wanted to do so though, since you have already demonstrated that you don't miss it for a week when you are not in a social setting that includes smoking. Remember that after that first initial period of stopping smoking you can't ever smoke again, not even one cigarette. The mistake many people make is to be off a week or even longer and then think they can smoke just one cigarette, or in your case, just one scrounged butt. In no time they are back on the habit. It's really up td you. If you think you need some additional help you might see your family doctqr, but I'm pretty sure you could quit on your own if you really make up your mind to do it. You are a good example to other young people of just what the cigarette habit can lead to. NOW YOU KNOW By United Press International On the average, Americans consumed 102 pounds of white table sugar each during the year 1970. LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Police and the FBI still did not know the whereabouts today of the teen-age son of a retired Detroit industrialist, but the FBI made public its case against two men accused* of conspiring to kidnap him. One of the accused was allegedly the youth's marijuana supplier. Angelo Inciso, 60, former Chicago labor racketeer, and Hugh MacLeod Phaester, 41, convicted abortionist, were held on charges of conspiracy to kidnap and extortion in the disappearance of Lawrence Raymond Adell, 16, son of Robert Adell, wealthy former Detroit industrialist and fire commissioner, who retired to Palm Springs. The young Adell wasJast seen there June 1, when he left a group of friends in a restaurant. After he disappeared, his father received demands for $400,000 ransom. The FBI said Tuesday that the youth's girlfriend, Francene Gomes, had said that the night he disappeared, young Adel was going to, meet Inciso to buy some marijuana from him. Over the protests of a federal public defender representing Inciso and Phaester, U.S. District Court Judge A. Andrew Hauk unsealed the FBI complaints against them, making public the evidence on which the FBI arrested them. It included, the FBI said, discovery of Phaester's fingerprints on a ransom note, the identification of Inciso' as a marijuana seller to the missing boy, the identification of a car registered to Phaester near a proposed ransom drop point and identification of Phaester's voice, by a Long Beach policeman who knows him, in a tape recording of a ransom demand telephone call. Inciso and Phaester, of Long Beach, met at the La Tuna, Tex., federal prison. Inciso was sentenced in 1960 to 10 years for siphoning off insurance benefit payments when he was president of the Chicago local of the United Industrial Workers Union. Phaester was convicted of robbing a savings and loan office. The elder Adell received 10 . letters demanding ransom, and two hand written notes from his son. The first said: "I'm OK. Please for God's sake do exactly what these people say and I will be home quicker and unharmed. Do not contact anybody/Wait until I get home. I love and miss you very much." Disney plans resort north of Lake Tahoe BURBANK, Calif. (UPI) — Walt Disney Productions said Tuesday it is planning a major tourist and ski resort in the Independence Lake region north of Lake Tahoe. Disney announced an , agreement to join with Southern Pacific Land Co. and Sierra Pacific Power Cof, who together own 9,500 acres in the area, in developing the project. If the plan proves feasible and meets all governmental and environmental restrictions, the resort could be operating in about four years, Disney said. It would be built entirely on private land, although some of the neighboring land, owned by the U.S. Forest Service, would be needed for hiking and skiing room. Disney will have to. provide an environmental impact report to meet state conditions. Disney has been trying for 10 years to develop the Mineral King Valley in the Sierra Nevada, near Sequoia National Park, but has been stymied by court suits by conservationist groups, and that project appears to be indefinitely delayed. Unlike Mineral King, where Disney had td negotiate with the Forest Service, the National Park Service and the state for land and road rights, the land in the Independence Lake area is primarily owned by the land and power companies. Rule changes would open meetings Sen. Randolph Collier (D- Yreka) expressed "his concern with regard, to the current public unrest and mistrust in government. "The people are sick and tired of constant daily news articles which depict corruption, mismanagement or secrecy in their governmental operations," stated Collier. "I have drafted proposed changes to the Senate rules which will at least open legislative conference committees on all bills to the public," stated Collier. "All too often major bills having far reaching social, economic and tax impact on the citizens of this state are heard only partially by committees or main bodies of the Legislature," continued Collier. "The intent of the two year legislative session was' to permit careful review of major legislation, yet many major, bills are finalized not by committees but by conference committees of six legislators behind closed doors 1 ' stated Collier. "The opening of the conference committee on the budget bill amply exemplifies the need to open all conference, committees to public hearing," continued Collier. "The beneficial effects of open conference committee hearings on all bills, hopefully, will give better insight for the general public and help implement the intent of the two year legislative session to minimize the need for major changes of additions to bills by .conference committee action," concluded Collier. NOW YOU KNOW ,By United Press International There are about 3,000 languages in the world. Tower bomb explosion leaves 33 inju red LONDON (UPI) — A bomb went off without warning today at the Tower of London while thousands of tourists jammed the 900-year-old fortress, police said. Scotland «Yard spokesmen said 33 persons were injured, 14 of them seriously. At least half of those hurt were children visiting the city's most popular tourist site. Police said most of the injured were German and Danish. Police sent 50 ambulances to the scene and rescue vehicles whined through downtown streets crowded with people out in warm summer sunshine. Witnesses said the bomb went Mrs. Corbett rites tomorrow Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at 11. at Eversole Mortuary for Mrs. Lena Corbett. The 88-year-old Ukiah woman died Monday in a Ukiah hospital following a short illness. A native of Missouri, she had lived in Ukiah for the past 16 years. She was a member of the Order of Eastern Star, the American Legion Auxiliary, the Kosmos Club and the 1st Christian Church. Survivors include her husband, E.M. Corbett arid three children, Gene Gorbett of Ukiah, Mrs. Beth Kroepsch of Talmage and Douglass. Corbett of Fort Bragg. Officiating at services will be the Rev. Robert Lewis. Dr. R,D. Withrow, Charles Graybeal, Bruce Steadman, Chuck Hayes, Harold Phillips and Harold Houston will act as pallbearers. Burial in Ukiah Cemetery. off at 2:01 p.m. (7:01 a.m. EDT) on a window ledge of the White Tower, the central keep 6t the riverside fortress begun by William the Conqueror in 1068. "There were wounded all over the place," a Mrs. Harris of Sydney, Australia, saich "It looked like a scene out of hell." She and her husband said they saw at. least four injured children, one with all its clothes blown off, another with its hair singed. Ragnon Westerland, of Vancouver, B.C., was leaving the tower at the time of the blast. "The explosion shook the walls," he said. "It was just like, World War II." Police said no warning was given before the explosion, which was the second in London today. A bomb went off this , morning outside a south London government office building, causing damage but ho injuries. The White Tower contains a collection of arms and armor. A clerk at a shop inside said the blast apparently was on a ground-level window. Mrs. Harris, who was inside the stone White Tower, said the explosion blew in windows. in the, room where she was standing with her husband and ripped a heavy oak door off its hinges, sending it skidding across the floor. Police sealed off the entire area. Half an hour after the explosion tourists still were streaming out of the grounds, across the moat that surrounds . the fortress. Some carried young children, others carried cameras and other tourist gear. A few were crying, but there was no panic and they followed police instructions to move away from the grounds. The Tower of London contains British royalty's crown jewels and it was there that Queen Elizabeth I was imprisoned and Anne Boleyn, wife of king Henry VIII, was beheaded. Police said they suspected the Irish Republican Army was responsible for the Westminster Hall bombing and a police spokesman said today he could not rule out the possibility that the IRA also planted the bomb at the Tower of London. T. Michael Smith of Indianapolis, bid., saw smoke pouring from the windows of the building be and his family had left two minutes earlier. "The door of the ground floor was in ribbons, blown about 50 feet," Smith said. "The building , was filled with people. There was screaming, kids crying, all of that." STEPHEN D. SCHWARTZ, M.D. Announces the opening of his office for the practice of Dermatology at 435 Doyle Park Dr., Santa Rosa Ca., 95405 Office Hours by appointment Telephone (707) 527-0342 DOLPHIN m ma ma STOCK s A 1_ E • REDUCTION W M M • ALL MERCHANDISE MARKED DOWN TO SELL IMMEDIATELY! SPECIALS COOD THURSDAY, JULY 18TH THRU SATURDAY, JULY 20TH EXAMPLES' LIGHT FIXTURES 50%'» MISC. KITCHEN CABINETS 60% OFF Gas Venting Pipe & Fittings 40% OFF Metal Duct Pipe & Fittings 30% OFF All Major Appliances 20% OFF LIGHT BULBS NO SPECIAL ORDERS! (All Sizes) 40% STOCK ON HAND ONLY!

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