Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 10, 1939 · Page 7
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1939
Page 7
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SPANISH (Continued From Page One) bushing north toward the French frontier were taken out of the combat line for quick transfer south to lines facing the central region, comprising one-fourth of Spain. Military observers said Franco apparently was speeding organization of his forces for attack against Madrid and Valencia, where General Jose Mlaja is commander and virtual dictator. Insurgent advance guards, meanwhile, established strong lines along the river Muga, three miles north of Figueras, abandoned seat of the Spanish government. The line thus was only ten miles south of the French frontier, naar which government militiamen still held positions guarding retreat of government forces. Government Premier Juan Ne- grln and his advisers left "the last house In Spain," where they had spent the night just across the frontier at LePerthus, and headed into France for an undetermined destination. Surrounded by militiamen, the premier started westward. It was considered possible in circles close to tho premier that he was taking a brief trip into the small area of Catalonia left to government control. Supporters of Negrln said he and Miaja were in complete agreement to carry on the war In the central zone. No Longer Exists PARIS, Feb. 0.—</r>-An Informant close to the foreign office said • today that tho French government • .{considers that the republican gov- ^.•rnment of Spain is "no longer In * Sailatence," since government Pre- 'mler Juan Negrln entered France yesterday. . i In foreign office circles It was \ said the reason for the govern- ii ••:. ftient's new attitude toward the Spanish government was Negrln's "flight" across the border at Le- Perthus. French officials now hold the Negrln regime has left its own country. Today It moved further north Into France as Insurgent troops occupied the Spanish part of LePerthus, which straddles tho French-Spanish boundary. ..Observers of the situation confronting the Spanish government •.. . • expressed belief the reported French attitude might be a new effort to put pressure on Negrln to y capitulate to Insurgent demands for unconditional surrender. This, however, still was without official French confirmation. Manuel Azana, Spanish government president, meanwhile, held a series of conferences here at the Spanish embassy, but would make no statement. MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME THE CORSICANA DAILY STTN DAILY. PATTERN YOUNG EASILY- VARIED FROCK • PATTERN 4827 Daytime allure - - - the kind that smart girls are looking for this pring - - - is here In shtrtwalster attern 4827. Think of all the variations possible! 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Choose trim sporsters, dress-up flatterers, cheery housefrocks, dainty undies — all made easily and thriftily at home. Find out what's new In play-clothes for cruise and resort wear. See fetching designs for kiddles, grow- Ing-ups and brides. Also — 'specially slimming modes for matrons! Send today! Price of Book fifteen cents. Price of Pattern fifteen cents. Book and Pattern together, twenty-five cents. Send your order to the Dally Sun Pattern Department, 243 W. 17th St., New York, N. Y. Editor Suspicious Of British Plans ROME, Feb. 9.— (IP) —The authoritative fascist editor Virginia Gayda today suggested that British assistance In negotiations for surrender of tho Spanish Island of Minorca might be designed to give Britain and France a foothold there at Italy's expense. He declared Britain's "armed coalition" with • France left open the possibility of bringing the United States Into it. (Spanish government officials today left Minorca, strongly fortified Balearic Island, aboard the Jt British cruiser Devonshire.) ,'' I Italy has thrown her war prep'—.,•' aratlons into high gear In answer , ^ to British Prime Minister Cham- berlain's reafflrmatlon of French- British solldarty. Tho supreme defense commsslon which has been In dally session since Monday, met again today with Premier Mussolini presiding to push plans for placing Italy's full resources behind her military needs. (Chamberlain told the British House of Commons Monday "any threat to vital Interests of France, from whatever quarter It came, must evoke the Immediate cooperation of this country.") The foreign office bulletin, In- formazione Diplomatics, said Italy would "speed up and perfect" her armaments to balance a "real French-English military alliance." MESSAGE (Continued From Pane One) wanted to arouse opinion against the death penalty. Two days ago the governor said he would certainly grant any additional reprieve authorized by the state board of pardons. The board may recommend another of a day or two so that the execution date, now March 5, will not •« "AThree Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your common cough, chest cold, or bronchial irritation, you may get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than Creomulslon, which goes right to the seat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed mucous membranes v and to loosen and expel germ, « laden phlegm. Even If other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, try Oreomul- Bion. Your druggist is authorized to refund your money if you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained. Creomulslon is one * word, ask for it plainly, see that the name on the bottle is Creomulslon, and you'll get the genuine product and the relief you want, (Adv.) fall on Sunday. Less than a month from today, Governor O'Danlel will be called on to' pass on his second death penalty case, that of Harvey T. Nealy, Dallas negro axe killer, whose execution Is set for March 10. Nealy lost his appeal before the court of criminal appeals. Reps. Max Boyer of Perryton and Jack Langdon of Glen Rose, chairman and vice c' airman respectively of the house criminal jurisprudence committee, voiced unqualified opposition to abolition of the extreme penalty. "The death penalty is • necessary," Boyer said. "I don't believe our committee would come near recommending a bill to do away with it. No such bill has yet been introduced." Losgdon commented that "the industrialization of Texas shouldn't mean opening the state to ruthless criminals who could come here with the knowledge they could do anything without fear of death. I understand that several states which abolished the death penalty later restored it." APPOINTEES (Continued From Page One) President to be a federal Judge in Texas. Allred Confirmation Blocked. When Allred's name was called for expected confirmation the Utah senator asked "that the name go over". This delayed senate action until Monday. Meanwhile, the senate commerce committee voted to hold closed hearings on the qualifications 1 of eleven men the President has nominated for aviation and Maritime posts. One of the 11 men Mr. Roosevelt has suggested for key, places In maritime and aviation agencies figured In the committee decls- on to conduct ther Investigation of the appointees In private. Without designating the man involved, Chairman Bailey CONG) said "charges have been filed against one of the 11 appointees that may raise a ducstion as to senate confirmation. As a result, Bailey said, all eleven would be Invited to appear Saturday before an executive session of a sub-committee headed by Senator Clark (D-Mo) The appointments Included Two memb:ers to a special air safety board under the CAA: Sumpter Smith, Alabama, to serve through 1944, and Thomas O. Hardin, Texas, through 1942. Gloss Uses Word "Purge," Senator Glass used the word "purge" in reference to the juflgeship controversy. The 81-year-old Glass declared In a statement last night that the President had failed to accord the Virginia Senators "the common courtesy" of discussing with them his appointment of Floyd H. Roberts to the Federal bench in Virginia. He was replying to a Presidential letter to Roberts which criticized tho senate for refusing to confirm the nomination. Glass and his colleague, Senator Byrd (D-Va) had endorced A. C. Buchanan, a state judge, and Frank Tavenner, assistant federal attorney, for the position. They had described Roberts' selection as "personally offensive." SNOWSLIDE (Continued From Pag« One) Half a mile above the Tomas residence the little cabin of John Blzjack, 65, blacksmith, was swept away and searchers feared he had been killed. Another fatality caused by the blizzard occurred at Blngham City where Andy Pathakls, about 62, a baker, was found frozen to death only a quarter of a mile from a home and safety. BINGHAM, Utah, Feb. 9.—(/TV- Rescuers digging into the debris of a snow avalanche today brought out a youth wrapped in his bed blankets and alive after being burled all. night. The body of a girl was found, making two known fatalities In the slide that roared down narrow Blngham canyon last night. One man Is still missing. Physicians said the youth, Duchln Tomas 19, may not live. The snow slide last night that carried away the top of his home and killed his mother and sister swept him along securely In his bed clothes, accounting for his survival until reached today by copper miners who had dug all night. The body of his mother, Mrs. Stana Tomas, 41, was found last night. His sister, Helen 11, was found dead at the same time Duchln was rescued. Missing is Sam Narlch, 42, boarder in the Tomaa home. Nineteen persons in all were caught in the mass of snow that hurtled down the canyon at Highland Boy, near the famous Blng- ham open cut Cooper mine. All but four either dug themselves out or wore quickly rescued. Two of these were In a. critical condition. The avalanche struck two two- story houses, cutting off their tops and throwing victims and wreckage against the opposite stone wall of the steep canyon that leads to the mine. A furious blizzard, blocking Utah's main highways and delay- Ing trains, deposited an eight-Inch blanket of soggy snow on the precipitous walls of Blngham canyon. Far above Highland Boy one damp snowbank gave way In the darkness and, cutting a 100-foot swath down tho mountainside, tore into two two-story houses, shearing off the tops and hurling the occupants across tho road against a retaining wall. Neighbors who heard the roaring slide hurried to tho rescue. Some of the victims were burled for more than an hour before being found. Ell Thomas, 17, and Mllka Thomas, 13, among the last to be rescued, were reported in critical condition. Mike Thomas, 1,5 almost was given up for dead, so stiff and cold was he, workers said, but he was revived by artificial respiration and was believed out of danger. COLD WAVE (Continued From Page One) Snow swept some of the mountain states and reached Into tho Southwest. Strong winds whipped up big snow drifts which clogged Utah highways and marooned passengers on a derailed Denver and Rio Grande Western train 80 mllca south of Salt Lake City. A snowsllde down a canyon wall burled two houses at Blngham, Itah. Miners dug into huge snowbanks for three bodies believed burled whore a woman was killed in an avalanche. West Wellowstone, Mont., was temporarily isolated when snow clogged tho principal highways. Continued cold prevailed in Northern California. An abnormally heavy snowfall was visited upon the California coast. Wlllston, N. D., reported a low of 38 under the zero mark. It was cold In Alaska and Canada, too. Fairbanks thermometers registered 36 below zero, those at Barrow 34. The mercury really skidded at Mayo In the Yukon territory. The reading: 60 below Texas to Get New Cold Wave Friday By The Associated Tress. The belated cold wave, originally scheduled to hit north Texas last night, will move In tomorrow night, tho weatherman reported today. Shoved aside by a mass of warm air from the west, the cold will brine freezing weather Into the interior. , The Panhandle and South Plains areas, which had experienced cold weather for several days, had another night of low temperatures last night. Amarlllo reported 18 degrees, Lubbock 20, Borger 23. Snow was forecast for the Panhandle and rain or snow for the Dallas territory. Rain was forecast for East Texas. LEGISLATURE (Continued From Page One) similarly between May and Sep- Slimtite LASTEX PANTIES AND GIRDLES IN MANY TYPES AND STYLES SLEHTTTES—For Girdle Perfection, Fashion to fit like a second skin. No wrinkles, no riding up. Then they are so washable. SLIMTITES of Super-Firm Lace Lostex, Satin Lastex, and other Lastex Materials. You'll have to see and feel "SLIMTITKS" to believe that anything so comfortable could do such an efficient Job of restraint. OLIVIA SMITH HOSIERY SHOP The First One Just Around the Corner Off Beaton at 108 WEST COLLIN STREET New Bright Colored FELTS i CAPTIVATING NEW STRAWS Veils - Ribbon - Flower Trims. $2.95 to $1O.OO NEW HAND BAGS Patent, Suede. Colors: Black, Japonlca, Gold, Miniature Blue, Fuschla, Chartreuse and Pink. $1.95 New Patent and Leathers $1.00 K ATTEJ S1VLAJULJE2V MILLINERY • 112 WEST COLLIN • HANDBAGS Buchanan, Glass be deplored from CONGRESS (Continued From Page One) Already a cbntroversy with Senators Glass.and Byrd of Virginia over nomination of Floyd H. Roberts for district judge, Mr. Rose- volt proposed Francis Biddle of Philadelphia for tho third circuit court of appeals. Senator Guffey (D-Pa) said he had recommended that the president name Judge Michael A. Mu- smano of Pittsburgh. In Virginia, Byrd and Glass had recommended two lawyers, but not Roberts. Would Rewrite Labor Act. In the domestic field, Senator Burke (D-Neb) proposed that congress rewrite the Wagner labor relations act and set up a new kind of federal board to administer it. Ho completed scries of Small Craft Warning. NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 9.—W) —The United States Weather Bureau today Issued a small craft warning for the Louisiana-Texas coast as follows: "Small craft warning ordered 8:30 a. m., Morgan City, La., to Brownsville, Texas. Fresh to occasionally strong southerly winds today and tonight. Discussing said: 'It is to every point of view that he should have been rejected by the appointive power merely through a desire to 'purge' the junior senator (Byrd) next year and the senior senator of Virginia later If I should live longer than the Intriguers hope." ~ May Have Candidate. There have been reports the organization of Gov. James H, Price of Virginia will put a candidate in the field against Byrd In 1940. Glass' term expires in 1943. The statement by Glass put the next move in the controversy up to the President, who must nominate another for the judgshlp. Glass said he did not recall ever having met Judge Buchanan and declared "this is no fight for patronage. I do not care a tinker's dam for patronage." He said the Virginia senators were willing to accept "any capable nominee of the President who is not willing to concede to the governor of Virginia or a bitterly hosllte congressman the right to veto the suggestions by the senators of men of the highest character and ability." Byrd thus far has remained silent on the President's letter to Roberts, but he was expected to mak.e a statement soon. Governor Price declined lost night In Richmond to dlscusB the controversy. Another Nomination. WASHINGTON, Feb. 9.—WV- President Roosevelt today nominated Robert P. Patterson of Garrison, N. Y., to be judge of the United States Circuit Court of Appeals at New York, He will succeed Martin T. Manton, resigned. _ Member Jersey Cattle Club. Charles Willmann, Corslcana dairyman and owner of a herd of registered cattle, has become a member of the American Jersey Cattle Club' recently according to information received from Lewis W, Morley, executive secretary of New York. _ Raybestos P-G When rellnlnc your brake* always aak for P-G. Any mechanic can got Raybeitos P-O Brake Lining and they are the best. KEIFNER BROS. GARAGE 1U Weft Fourth Avenu* amendments designed to protect employers as well as workers in labor disputes, to Impose restrio- tions on various union activities, and to limit powers of tho national labor relations board. Accusing all three members of the present board of being "organized labor partisans," Burke recommended that their terms of office be ended next Feb. 1. In their places he would have the President appoint one representative of employes, one of employers, and one of the public. The authority of the new board would be much narrower than that of the present agency. Labor cases could be removed from it to a federal district court, leaving the board only the power of prosecution of a labor complaint. All Its rulings would be subject to prompt court review. It would have to give preference to craft unions In determining collective bargaining units. Would Give Employers Chance. Burke would let employers petition the labor board for collective bargaining elections, a right now given only to employes. He would permit employers to confer with their workers on any subject. "Unfair labor practices" would be broadened to Include striking In violation of a valid contract, Inter-union jurisdlctlonal disputes that interfered with an employer's conduct of his business, and intimidation of workers by union officials. At present the act recognlz«s •unfair labor practices" caused only by employers, BurkB would make It the policy of the government to encourage "the development of friendly and mutually fair relations between employers and employes." His amendments are th» most far-reaching yet proposed. Bern ator Walsh (DnMass) recently introduced amendments sponsored by the American Federation of Labor, which contends the board Is partial to the CIO. The Chamber of Commerce and other agencies also have asked for changes. Debate on Military Plans Slated Monday WASHINGTON, Feb. 9.—# The house rules committee decided today to bring the major part of President Roosevelt's special defense program to tho house floor Monday for six hours of debate. The committee acted after hearing Rep. Andrews (R-NY) assert the army air corps has only 1,446 serviceable warplanes. The program would authorize expansion of tho army air corps to 5,50(1 planes. The house mlll- ALBUQUERQUE, N. M., Feb. 9.—(/p)—Snow and dust storms swooped over southern and southwestern New Mexico today on the heels of tobboganlng temper- tures. A 60-mile wind blew over the southern end of New Mexico and El Paso, Texas, where a snow storm deposited tho deepest covering in years. Blowing dust was general as a cold front moved Into the state from the west. Las Cruces experienced the heaviest snowstorm at that southern city In 13 years. The storm left three inches of snow. Eighteen Inches was reported at tho Harvey Bissell Corralltos Ranch near there. Entire southwestern New Mexico west of Las Cruces to the Arizona line was under the heaviest snow of the winter, ranging from six inches at Silver City to a foot or more In the mountains. QUADRUPLETS (Continued From Page Onn) look for a larger house. He needs It now that there are eight In the family Instead of four. There are two other girls, Geneva, 16, and Elsie Mae, 12. The Badgetts, except for the quads, might easily be classed as the average American family. Mrs. Badgett does her housework. Badgctt keeps a bank account, pays his grocorly bill every two weeks, and takes his family to a motion picture show once a week when he Is In town. Just as he put on his hat to look for a house the postman tomber, 1940. Can Carry On. Sen. John Reddltt of Lufkln, author of the amendment, said It meant the commission can carry on without reducing pensions. He pointed out any tax measures the current legislature approved would not produce appreciable pension revenue before then. "Unless " this session produces additional revenue the pension rolls must be reduced or Individual checks slashed on a prorated basis," Redditt said. "1 think everyone In the legislature and the state is familiar with this situation and should understand the pension problem centers on lack of finances." Thn commission sold $3,000,000 In warrants In 193S to meet a similar emergency and all but $1,300,000 have been paid. Decreasing revenues and Increasing rolls have prevented further payments. Reddltt pointed out current rev. onui's were gauged to pay approximately 100,000 oldster* but the rolls now carry approximately 114,000 names. Bills Introduced \n the house Included one to make It a felony for a person to submit a false written claim In order to obtain an oil production allowable for a dead well or an allowable Increase, The bill stated "various and sundry devices hay* been practiced to obtain increased allow- ables In certain sections." Rep. R. R. Donagheoy of Vernon sent up a proposed constitutional amendment to abolish courts of civil appeals and enlarge the supreme court and court of criminal appeals. Nominations Holding Legislative Interest AUSTIN, Feb. 0.—</P)>—Governor W. Lee O'DanlcI's nominations highlighted activities of the 46th legislature today which passed tho quarter post of Its 120-day session digging Into nearly 700 proposals for new laws or changes in old ones. A meeting behind closed doors faced the senate which presumably will consider nomination of Truett Smith as life Insurance commissioner. The governor's second choice as chairman of the highway commission was eagerly awaited since the Job should be filled by Wednesday. The upper legislative branch rejected Carr P. Collins of Dallas, the chief executive's olose friend. While it confirmed Joe Kunschik of Austin as labor commissioner, over protests from labor organizations, the senate abolished the office of tax commissioner after the governor had named Elster M. Halle of Hereford, whose Texas residence was questioned. A house committee yesterday recommended favorably a bill which would prohibit use of scrip in payment of automobile and truck registrations and permit corporations to register vehicles in counties In which they were operated and where the corporation maintained agencies. The group killed an amendment which would have transferred from Travis county venue of trials under the statute to the counties in which the offense occurred. Tho highly controversial anti discrimination and fair trade bills were set for a simultaneous public hearing on the night of Feb. 16 by the house committee on commerce and manufacturing. The former would prohibit secret rebates on merchandising transactions while the latter would require retailers to sell trademarked commodities at prices set by the manufacturer. A hill Intended to facilitate establishment of county libraries making more books available to rural residents, and Increasing the state library commission membership from five to six was ap- MINORCA (Continued From Page One) would be r.o reprisals and only those accused of crimes would be tried. Spanish government officials abandoned Minorca, leaving aboard the Devonshire, while on the mainland tho insurgents reached (he French-Spanish border at Lo Porthus. Dr. Negrln had fled to Pcrpig- nnn, France, but was reported to be determined that the Spanish civil war continue In the central zone which Includes Valencia and Madrid. The Devonshire sailed; this afternoon for a neutral port after having anchored for several houro off Minorca until Instructions from tho British foreign office reached her. While «ho wan anchored nogotlatlona for sur- SEVEN r«nd«r of Minorca w«r« on aboard, British officials did not disclose her destination but said "she will bo going to some French port,'' A Routers (British news agency) dispatch from Burgos, the Insurgent capital, quoted Insurgent officials an saying their forces had made "an official landing" of Minorca. Further details were not Immediately available. British foreign office officials said 450 "refugees" were aboard the Devonshire when she put out to sea from Port Mahon and acknowledged they probably were government offllcals and "other persons wanted by tho Insurgents 1 . Minorca, which a British nrma- ment firm helped fortify, Is the only principal Island of the Bpan- sh Balearic group which the government has held since early In tho war. At K. handed him an invitation from proved unanimously by the house congress to bring his family to j od "? at ' on committee. Washington and visit the -onateL_The house highway, and motors and house of representatives. The Badgetts are going, too, Just as soon as the quads .can travel. tary committee said yesterday they were urgently needed because war may develop in Europe at an early date. Andrews, senior minority member of the military committee, told the rules group the air corps had only 1,797 planes of all kinds at this time and that 351 of them were obsolete. In addition to the new pianos the legislature would provide more than $23,000,000 for Panama Canal Zone defenses and authorize use of $32,600,000 for "educational orders" to train private industry in production of war materials. More Baby Chicks Are Fed Red Chain Chick Starter every year. It gives better results. Distributed By McCOLPIN GRAIN COMPANY Telephone 470. traffic committee set for hearing Feb. 15 and 17 bills to regulate travel bureaus and provide for state assumption of many additional county rood bonds, respectively. 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