The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 27, 1959 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1959
Page 10
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fc |age !' t »* "t h i 5 10 THf BRAUOHPORT BRAZ08PORT FACti DAILY OLASSIflED SECTION CLASSifiKb INFORMATION "o place voui Ad •fci '.lit 6t BB 3-3S11 titA fsf Clssf- IS. UHFURN8HED AP,TM'HT. Braxodjport and Bmorla County, T»x*i, Sttjd&f* DAILY BBrOnt 0: A,Mi B»AZO«PO»f iM ItUll ANOL1TON TI 9-Bti« NOTICE: Byals Septlo •Tank Service hil moW W Pecan Or»»« Confl. Kwy SH. FBCll* Alt H*. oi , itiMtiiftO 1 weekday 9 days tconsec) S days" leoniee) Insertions m«i« ba.eonia^hTe CIstlHl'd Ho««' - BApi/MoM. matOK*... Monday through Ftldaf I A.M- 18 S P.M. «fj-fTw>" *Saturday ........ -.'.. • nn a M !•> P M rYPBWRITIRST llOD AJ*. J2 P.". M1M w rrol , CtMtiiailan d**dHn* t« » A.M ,o,po,t ond'rwwW . .'s»fi«y 6i ntinUfihlflg "1st I. tnierilon deadlln* lot reader *ds is I A.M. 61 rJunttiwInfli day All display Add bo* *df rrtUfl a* in b?.11 A.M. «l efevloo* publishing day. After *fi ad il 6yct"«d i* can- nM k* eanMlled Of eliiwgid be- f*r. pttbl!«»Mon. Th* BtaiAspari Facts reserve* Ida fiftst M «dli a> «»•««•»» 34. Jo, at i» nerforrn itM n rletundtble lervlet «» and i« anann* th* daistfleatlan *tde« i« conform id We polle* •i lha pip«r- . All charges are baied on » 1 of 010 vot) KNOW mat eatuis ntiurai food will make you feel •——• Shaw's Natural Foods. HWT. Tridltn Post, BB M4J1 rREEPORT-l bedroom *Kj»»., _-, West 10th. Refrigerator, '. stove and .heater. BE J-3608 after S hardwood noon, tile.-" boerdi H J Davu>. Rei (sd will you). 103 Ash Lane. J btd- room. 1 bathi, double garagt, !!•$> trio kitchen, Mrract, , Ineulated. TEXAS BETTI!* 8 O U E S. OT 7.77W. ' , • i and 3 BEDROOM apartailAti. :Uu;ge fenced back y«rd. Near. Wesl End School.. BE i-iUt. ' ' tOVELY PLACB Mf .fault f»«lli», .1 ""bedrooms". "laruiT" In "Shady: ;OM... . ISO Mo. Floeter-Carlir and Aliotlktts. CT 7-1447. ;;.',•• •"..•...:. ,. 88.' FURNllHEO AftMTTT. :,FOR CLEAN efficiency cottalM. JNndow fan. OllllKlS paM, Adultl. IM N. front, -.taunt. .•';•• CWJTE-J toom tele* L Cora 81. m Mo. Att I au«. TO SAT cLOTE-Weil* furatanM *lellt irltt utilities P»ld. AM mil. „> DOPLEX-LarH ni«t i'ttemi, Msif JM It Henke'i ISO Uo. No tltta paid. BE I«M. ., : .. . mncau atWaA'sfflBoIaftH ™ft?^^,S8f VS. St smoked nami. AN 14941. Drive In Hwy ill Olutt. S3. MtSCELLAMEOWS Air compressor and palm fun. or. Kwlk way valve machine. foie*~ In* MCOnd -InlerMon or ISoat''boat "motor and trailer., claims for refund or extension: Bench grinder. Phone^ BE will not be reco_gnl«ed. There. _CLBARANCB OP..ISM.T..jr.* •rror nublishlng M of 1. fPEOlAL NOTICES Reg. SJW.M - sale 1 11" Mahogany .. Rig. «S9.9S-sale IUI.M at 1244 Kyle Road, CluUi Bills paid. 113.50 week. CT 74(04. UTK-FlrsI enl h«re gets Ihll 1 bedroom bargain. 1100. total cost to move ID. Extremely 10* Monthly My- menu. rloeter-Osrier arid Aiioclltei. CT 7J477. •RKKPOftT-Mo West tad. L»i In this 4 bedroom Sous* while Creettfl grows lo yon. HUM. Zoned commercial now. Mrs. W. L. Walter Real XI1MI. BB Wilt'tila. M, ptr month. I bedrooms, single, tame, fenatd yard. ABO Realty. SB M2JJ. bedroom* built In electrla oven and finst. SlWraw dlotes luck yard. Htl nlct" 13?3°'w. «Ui. 1 beSruemj, _ntw bate; DM down, owntt win eut», 6»» rotJR BEBkOOM BOMBS , tie onrVA and FHA ataroted plitu TEXAS BETTER tfoM»8 or T-n«i . JOKES CftBBR-4 trfroom nouie wtta larie J>ran • et >H aorrt ot land J6N»S ORBEE - ova* 13*9 sijuart Ml ol llvln* area. 4 btdworBs. halt acts. Sariraln. at 115.800. k trade. URI JACKSOK-M1 Matnolla. I bedroom!, I bathi, ttees, cut trot line 10 lewtr. FBA SN Mo. E. L. Saner, Realtor. CT T-tTtt. FREEPORT-3 room (drnlihed »paft- menl. TJtllltlet paid. Phone BB 3-1314. FREEPORT — rooms and apartments. Applr 1010 West <tn. BB J-3J«. LAKE JACKSON-U4 Matnoua. U* down, I bedroom* Hitr. iarte utuit» or play-room, fenced nnL JM Taluot ReMtor, CT r-4411. LAKE JACKSOM-M4 'Wtndltl War, 1 PREEPORT-Clean 4 roonu. Also ~a» 'apartment with garait. r/uutlea i paid. Couple only. I r z3 Weit 4th. ,~ bedrooms, redecorated, fur I1SS down, M3 Mr month. >» °*»ar. CT t-»M. UODERN taran apartment with car- M» 1 blocks down town Freeport. Central heallni See at 410 West 1st or Call CT 7-7539. NORTH FREEPORT—Apartments SOlh - — Street next to bowllni alley. Phono LAKE JACKSON—MS .Mmfoea, Imty JOINER — Next lime you are i ov«f otlf »ar rl»P bf «n« »»«e » «»P S%iKo"r!h SSLS!!!' i, LOST • rowjn jOiT — German SUepherd, . '*«," Me »•« at Beach Pifflllon •ait s mminm, AH MT»T. 15. BEAUTY PAHLOHS omt. COSMETIC. BOLLY- WOOD CALtrORNM. OOf pfofeulon- •a DeaUtr coniultatlon service we render without cost or obllsatlon. Aniteni »y! Amertcac Medical AS- eoclatlon, and Oood Bousekieplnt. Kon-alerffte, recommended to teem ateri with acne. Call me with ;our problernj. Vw. MaHln, CT 7-2323, f 2. MALE HELP WANTED ATrHMTON—Retired man. «hln work^T« women.Jen Watkln. Products. Part or WH ttort. Apply MW Avenut orMr. 1». W. Utter, Roaenbert, Te». JiorrrSI tan-lit Acflelm Brazosporl Tact? Paper Jtoule. Contact Mr. Bo. b»rt Lacker 601 E. Loralne. Tl 9-5U1. J5. MAtB • PEMAtE HFLP fAPEB BOTJTES a»aTOine-<leUver on Mtafillhed B»P«t routea to Braiorta, Wtst Columbia. Old Ocean. Shad? Acre*. Perry'i Undlni. Wild Peach Communities. Heed a Utht car or mot or icoottr ot Handle. Suppllment jour Income. Oood money (or a (ew hourl aaeh day. The Brasosport Vacle News JSper •» M»ll Clreulatlon , Depart ment. •TAB TUB ttlmt wUnted. Part time or foH time. Apply an East Park._ 18. FEMALE HELP WANTED JUHJ wanted. For Inrormatlon All S4KH or AH WW4 eite 5 IUB. CAS ROra-OoM salary, permanen Job. Apply to person al Braioe View Drtn in. HBLP-iapertenced. Ap. ply In person only to OarretU* Ho 1 In Lake Jaokton. HOST BE 18 yrs. or over to work a tht Analeton Bowling Lanes Snac Bar. Apply In person only. HEED SCHOOL FUNDS? Housewlve like yourieU an earning lood Incotn by representing Avon cosmetics Openlnie now available lor qualllle women. Write No. 14-ltlh Ave. North Teiae City, Texas. •ALBSMIN AND SALESWOMEN - AngUton, Creeport and Lake Jackio fuU or part Ime. Enter tht 1600 t S1000 monthly bracket. Must dres neatly and have auto. Apply Mr. My •rs. Consolidate Frozen Food Locker 318 Parking Way, Lake Jackson, h twten i a.m. and ! p.m. 10. tfORK WANTED. WOMEt BOOKKEEPER-Would like to kee ~book> In her home. Experienced. Fr motion mall and collecting accoun •to. OT 7-7180 after 5 P.m. ZM ea tour. rancid Suede „ „ .'any console with doort and 3 speaker], aM»,9J - sale _..., "' M . . - . h ., 2V console mahosany and cherry cabinet with doors, 3 «»«a«tr MB Clrcto War CT 7-1911 ARWS 8NOWIS 01 OMd only ll» bri. at one-third price U50 «"h; h * evcle M b.p.. air cooled, IS! Ibs. Martoe reverse, complett stall; assembly. J wheels each. BE 1-1841. LAKE JACKSON-* oedroom homt, 10x 91 family room. I tar attached garage. wall to wan carpeting, drama, fenced. Only SJS« totWeoM t» move to to Veterans. FLOBTER-CARTER and ASSOCIATES. CT MI77. . NICE FURNISHED APARTMENT — Adnll*. Air eondltlonen. SOS South An. C. CT J-SSOJ. TRAILERS tot k re»i turaliht4P«3»at» baths, swlramiarlool. BartfoM v .-all- er Park. Hwy 1SS7 FratMrt 113 NORTH 12th — t roomi with bath comfortably fumnhed. near Henke's shopping center. Oathrlgbt Apartments BE 3-33M. 87 UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT ' ., IRACDLOns—is the way Blue lustre removel soil from carpeliajd upholstery. DARWOOD FURNITURE CO. PEED OOKSN WASBEBS Itl ..JOB breeie through yow ism*" »*»"> leaving your air condltlonlas. Sta them tod.." at ttbi'a on Bwy M » CLOTE—129 East Pecan Lane. I bedroom house with large living room and kitchen. Only $41 per month with the water furnished. Town and County CT 7-7777. Clute. •STOP SWEATING ft MILDEW" lentrally heat your home. Nothing down. 110.00 monthly. Factory direct distributor. Our own duct shop and Installation crews. CaU Anglelon TI 9-7539. BAOERUAN ROAD - 4 room with bath and utility room. Water furnished. Phone BB 1-911S. nio. 1 HORT WAVE RADfO. BalUCraflerl S-5] A. Global reception. Like new. HO.OO. CY 7-6703 after 5 p.m. TODAY'S orrrs — TOMORROWS HEIRLOOMS — These are the handsome new wood stained ceramics al Whites Auto Store on Gulf Blvd. In their new ettt line. Fashioned by Treasure Craft of California they art featuring tht Barrel Line with canisters, cups, chip and dips, etc., so rllht with the Early American Decor AUo. see Oil Inspirational hand blown glass In a yaat assortment ol slsei and ahapei, no two puces alike. If you collect milk llais, see the avauabli plecea today al Whites Auto Store, 1011 i Out Blvd., SB 3-831. USED TV SPECIALS* 17" RCA Table Model .7" SUvertone Table'Modal .... T'ZenlU) Table Model 11" Blonde late model let with table *H,K SHOAF RADIO * TV Lake Jackson CT 7-4071 54. HOME FURNISHING CARPETS beautiful rofxa tfUl one rr^rn • eonard'* Co C» 7-«5i5 f o- 'itunatae. are nte foundation ot room itolld your lovaly 55. SPORTING GOODS BOAT—IS 1 boat with cabin, large wheel trailer. Make an offer. Hulsaehe, CY 7-4<36. BOAT—1C' fishing 'boat, fibre llais. plywood, ipeedomlter. steering, largl wheel trailer. I17S. CT 7-IUI. BOAT—Trawl ball boat 30 ft. For calh Phone BE 3-2932. 2 bedroom home. H» '.oil outlets Only 1190 don M Contract then ISO monthly. TWae Better Homes, a. L. Sauer. Realtor. CT 7-77IL LAKE JACKSOK *• Lovely J bedroom buck ta Shadow Oltn. Breakfast are*. Built tail In bath room, beautiful fenced yard. Assume equity at 171. Mr month. Plotter-Carter and foelate*. cr 7-U77. BB J-MJJ, •••OLBTON »M» Monlh for this t*«n none! buy. I7H toolly and etaumi loin «\ Ihll 1 bidrt6m home. Fjteter- carter and Associaies. CY 744n. WHY ooNTmi TO PA* wnm We now have eevlral Sood Heces of proptrtr for ttle IBM not only »IU wo. ride nlel ttvtal e,uarlet8. bW win PrS* vide enlra Income VtM aathi ISM. i CLOTE • •-'."f.':- •:• No. It DtvMmi Drive-House with ipartmthl. • • : : , • FREBPORT No. 11 H, Ave. C-l car garage apart- m ""' LAICS ttOtaoN / •'•'• '.V. 1M-A riae t*k« Ro*d-«H Aorte, No. M MM RM6V-IJS AlHi. IS9 Loop Ro*d->-Vt AW*. ; • . . Ill Chestsal—Ur*l I*****, Mi Msmolia-Larga «•», • V 1M calldlom—Like r.ew. IN Ctladtunv-Eitns Paid Tat. M4 Jasmine—BM.OO down. • ' m Jairatae—noo.oo down. IH Rally—Fenced. 114 Laurel-Priced low. HS a 101 Grapevine—Duplex. JAMES M. ELBKRT, REALTOR CT 7-J491 P. 0. Bo« S4I 11 "~ LAKE JACKSON 104 Magnolia H7I down 111 camerllla Large . family room 137 Acacia—3 btOncmt. • 395 Redwood-3 bed. n> Month. 140 Laurel—3 bed. Breeteway. 101 Mignolla-3 bed air conditioning. 1M Hnlsache—WOO down. 119 Caladlum—3 bed, family room. 411 jasmine—Bath and half. «» Wisteria—Corner lot. 109 Forest Oak Lane—3 bedrooma, : ton et> etondlUone:. • , -•" ; OYSTER CREEK : 3 bedroom, all brick 1 yr. old. WUl|| take trade-in In West Freeport. . .In Brasosport Call ROGER DRAKE or JOB tALBOT CT Mill clip me for last action Exporter II I ft\ S* "- * Help SP Greenies Braoiport WANT AD CRDER BLANK Writ* r*ar ad here) (MM word in each line) (Ctnllnutd How«v*t, th* Exportir lull»ck wls haultd down on tht gp 4(, yard Un» After * n«ar 82 yard run, living tht ahip« lla (int down, Th«in oh th» htkt play tuess what happtntd. Th* Shlpparl tumbled, and SbUth Park reeovtrtd, . That gave the SxporUri a fumble on th* first thrt* Series i of downs period. In th* opening .With Prejean runnlni and I Fleming passinf th* Uretnlu then moved from their own 46 I to the Exporter 18 as th* first' <iuirt«r ended, A flemlni pats to end ftohnie 'fieardeh netted that iwles. On the first play in the •«*• end quartaf, •t*J«n bnM ttyi the middle for' 15 yard* and a touchdown, but a five ysM penalty put the Mil DM* t» the 20 with;third down. Two paStH w*rit )uc«npl«t# ahd tha E«port«t* took wrer oh their own 20. Cooper'* tfoopi rnwl* ttfit down orl th*ll trtd fourth «rid.two vfli«ii ..... punted out, Tale's kkk being whlitUd dHd en th*i aft On third dowVi 8l* ttitt pass and Pybus plck*4 it ofl at the Cr«ehlc 80 and" r«{urt- •d it to th* 24 and ii th*u.«a>. •Itir *ueft. » bttMi. **<Ul**iv , ' HoWev«*y to* ball ended «&> b*** sjej , Parky** .sf, y with th* Ships fumblinj and t** OMMiu*. ttMwttttft, A U f«rt jwtwnj* ftu> '«|i Utttftl shift, which was apparently -•'« i*tf*R fit ttti! tMMAHfUtl,, hurt m«t. as***. i tun, the SWtoii* **t M*ti»«r (fteMea'aav Tit*! w*f»U up to i J3 yard* for th* >;bl| ;it>lay In peafed the Ships "nilght |Af 1. 2. >a<l took It back ten th* 40. On • tit* iisjt .gff* ttM laMte Ami. bled and SP tiMk owe- aB»ltt J» what OMT. off MM* an* Prejean had something to <!• e «n. three time* tog *n4 ought a screen 3. LAKE JACKSON—3 bedroom home, wall to wall carpeting. 1250 tola) to move In. to Veterans or assume equity at «!> mo. FLOETER-CARTER and ASSOCIATES. CT 7-9477. LAKE JACKSON—325 Acacia. Will lease on 6 months rental to purchase plan. Investigate today. Call Jot Talhot. Realtor. CT 7-4411. LAKE BARBARA—1 bedroom house. Furnish water and hall ot Hint bill. US MO. AN 5-M11 or. AH MOM. LAKE JACKSON - Two ledreom home. Larft cloted-la porch. MO. BB U3M. LAKE JACKSON I Bedroom home. ISO Mr month. SOWLAND '.EALTT CT - ' • 'LAKE jA CW»»JS_n II. FUHNISKtD HOUIBt unit FOk SAL* to hlgnest kMdw. frame house with aakntoa stdtw act* oomposltloit tool. Located at Tute* Csunp 1 nut N. ot Wast QthimMt «• Hwy. M. BUs wilt OMB at I un. Sept. ts. 19S9. Teuro me. reiemi he 'rllht to reject any or all lueceisrul bidder must move house Crom Texaco Camp within .30 dayt. In 2nd Round LAKE JACKSON - U» Hulsacbl. BUT this U7J to. ft., 1 bedroom borne. On contract for lisa tun. tii.U Uo. (or only IT yeera Dim taiee and In- IUTUCI. Estimated lobe SIMSMo. or totll 171 Uo. TBXAB 81TTE» HOMES. CT 7.77O. LAKE JACKSON - Bnet (Train. 1 bedrooma, fenced yard. 11000 equity. ITS iMO. ROWLAND BSAtTT. CT ASTKOP BAYOD - A lUn IHxM lot only t3<n. B. L, sautr. Rttitor, CT 7-77(1. NEAR TERRELL OOO SCHOOL _ Handsome all trick t btdtaxn homi to • ;hlghly .restricted sub-division. t baths, larst> family room, double giriit: 1700 laafcrt fttt. of living via on a 130' lot. Exceptionally lood OUT. Tirmi. Call Roger Drake or Jot Tilbot. lUUtor at CT 7-4M1 (MOT tuning, water IBI ea Bum? aa/oo. homasltasT tusiv Btalt». C NEAR ST. MARTS Catholic Church- US WMI tin St. Timor an't *tt room horn* with den. Bali, and h*u Fenced plu yard (or children. Car petlng In Il?tni room. Down . pay ment and the closing cost too, .only two. South Teui Realty, BB 1-1410 ™«KPoRT-we«t ith. on* Jot. ctrftm —ilarion St. Hear whoo>-O» loCw *ld«. BB J-tOt, - - A' FREEPORT—1 bedroom* with »ood yard. BB 8-4711. JONES CUKES: - Mauler's Modem Cottastt. C^an. Qulti .two rooms ~*and bath for^ a<Mttc. ft mill 'tin Hwy ...M on Bait Hn OUf prlvt. BB >-lK>4. LAXB JAClt*oi(~awy^J rooma 'and bath I1SJS a Week utlUtlM Paid. Call BB 1-1BS IT BB M10L QUIET-SPACIOUS—) iMdnoml. t acre pecan treei. Onlr 111.193. Mri. W. L. Walter RiU.KsUte. BI 3-IM1.. HEAL LOW IQ01TT—3 bedroom. Ian living room and kitchen, separate family room, central heat. Total Equity MM. ROWLAND REALTY 103 Plantation Drive CY 7-tHJ. stJKrsma aEACH eottasee nmtonably turnlshed at •Inter rattt. Call Doris Hautler BB MWS. SO. BUSIMES8 RENTALS FOR BENT -40 X W quonset building with • ulwitr •» narking area, BJT 183 between Dow and C'.ute. CT 7-T7U. 101. B09I. OPPORTUNITIES ATTENTION BABBERSI Preeenl barber mating October KB. Building will bt for rant. ISO. per Uo. water end gae funlibed. Call Robinson Realty, AN t4>5! or AN S-S704. MODERN Service station. Excellent . looaUoa. tutor Company. Ta Information Call BE MtlL DAT iroBSBBT-oranced Play yard, b day, hour, or week. Mrs. Heels, a Southern oaka Drive. AH o-2«15. IKOMllfO" Son* In my home »' 11B Wilt BUth St. API. S. BE 3-5112 (BUT CKLWBK ln r m» Home sio week. Under school a«e. Call CY T^Slt. FOR OOOD DEER HUNTING — Whin hunters kill bucks. See, write or ealL 15 per day. Week end parties welcome but weekday hunting U better. Book Ing now. with a tour day minimum Hunt your four days when you wan to during the naion. Tour money re serves your choice of days, Lewis A. Botard Sheridan uai, on Highway No. BOA. 19 miles east of Hsiieti- business No' experience or per- vuie. u miles west ji Eagle Lake, jrjrjgj lelllng n*c«ssary. Requires two mu« .outh^ot_Sh.rtdan. , on , y Iw ^^ a week „„„, REDUCED for quick sale-18' mahogany I time to service BEST BRAND DISTRIBUTOR UALK OR FKIfALK FULL OR PART TIME Bam extra money IB your own |l, SERVICES OFTEREO ABO QpaoLStBHT-rne Estimate! liven Baffled upholstery by a train- B Craftsman. 930 W 8th. Preeport boat, Buccaneer motor, big Ult trail* er, boat shed, and shrimp trawl, iklls. 1115 preservers, K95. 121 Chinaberry. CY 7-67M. JUST ARRIVED 1M6 OLASTRON BOATS IS- BH.TWELL F13HINO BOATS COMPLETELY FIBRE GLASS COVERED. WINDSHIELD. 8TKBINO. «3B5 I Name your needs . . . name your vow r RBCORD DISPLAYS, located by us in food knarkeU, drug btore* *te. Obeap record racks art rapidly being replaced by SENSATION* AL BEST BRAND BELT-SERVICE RSCORD DISPLAYS. Store make* money, so do you. Excel- toowood Drive. .. AN 5-2653, ilchwood. aluminum awnlngi, and money down GOLF co AN s-siH I960. Over 40 miles per hour on stock runaboutl. From standing start to top peed In no Urns flat. Now on display at PALMER'S SPORTING GOODS •ABPENTEJR work, general, and paint. Jng Jnaldfl _pr_ outside, by hour So MUSICAL INsTViUMEWIS f work wanted - Repair U onto homes, bar* sheet- Boat and telturt painting CLAKOiXT-B flat, used one yaw. win sell cheap. Call BB MHO. CORNET—Bundy used lets than I years. In good condition BE 1-4174. SEAT COVCK& door Expert workmanship. — Stan 9U w-«. 57. BUILDING MATERIALS WHOLBTSSY-. oau BE •AMD SLIPCOVERS — " by experienced team. •™ CT 14U*. . iEHVICB WateJ M P, rewind and pana. I30B N 'necoii SBEVTCi. service on your an a* dealer. &DTTERS - Oalyanljtd mo-totalled.. '(He toot. Nothing __ CaU Angleton. TI down, 19 TI MI38. I9.M «JBBY VI . Columni and — miartort and eiiertors Shaetrock taping, floating and lex turtaj. First Claw material! and workmanship. Terma can be arraos *oV B. * Batar. CV 117 L. ]. Boad. Clule AN M41I •IANO—Good used upright piano. Baev sonable Call BB MSM- *IM 3PECIAI, ~ ai.bnu baa> and whltt «J-»l gal. TP ahlplap au-roaflnt 1749 Wealem, Lumber SBAKEI NEED PAMmiOl $4..M per saUon QULP LDMBBB COMPANY 167 S. Main. Cluta AM S-1U1 53. FARM EQUIPMENT CUB-TRACTOR - '56 modal ranoall with belly mower. CT 7-MM attti 4:30. MT BQDITT in »H Jonquil la Breaos Oaks, Ttils 1 bed room home has wall to wan carpeting garbage disposal, range bood. centra heat, sbrubbery and ptlnu. fenced back yard, brick trim. IU.OOO Tain wltb only SMOO. due whta you bu equity. CT 7-4441 alter S p.m. SAVE an eitra 11000 buy this SV 4 pe cent FHA equity Instead of payln m per cent on a new loan. Ill Cen ter Way. 3 bedrooma, i baths, 1 ca garage, family room; Insulated. Corn tr. E. L. Sauer Realtor. CT 7*776L SORPIIDE — New beach horns sum lino, down ISO. month. Home Build en. TI M29L Analeton. O. J. DAVIS BBAIVfl Ptooe «• MIU . W. 7lh—SStn down. . PBBRT1 LANDmO- 1 acre, 1 bedroom wag*. CUITB—Lane lota. Law 0< menta. IJUEB JACXSOM* UO UUtl. I ' * ITS.n TOTAL monthly awnaral Ol 4U Per cent auumpttoa loan (or Ideally situated 1 bedroom bomt wt . garast and utility room. In love] Lake Jackaotw oa a lam MU9S foe lot with 1 way access, lull kitchen with vcnt-a-hood and I double tab nets In natural wood flnlah. Air con dltloned; hardwood flobra, Ilia bat shower and vanity; double clolttl each bedroom, plua additional clos ipaeel 'til wiring) Venetian blinds front door school but service! centra beating. CT 7.7071, lent profit ... but this Is NOT A QIT RICH QUICK SCHEMA aa we an a hlatily respected record company commercially rated. Must have oar and minimum of I The** l*vdy three) ALL BRICK AND ON A WIDE DRIVE $975 (or record iDVtntorjr, displays, ' and ad- accounts, i vertlslng material. WriU lor local appointment, titelud* pbon* homes, with two Ule open land within is) le U mill ra ol Bruoiport, H. J. Davis Rei BE <-S2U. number. BEST EECOEDS DIV. Amartcaa Internauosia) tndiutriat, toe. UwU Towir Bids. fM», s. H. very mi ism htattnc unit a: belnf shewn ler th* (Irst tim There Is al** a two car finished trace. Altho a new home, Ur(e. sUUl. tne* an* well developed I abrub* an< tort |i** s> lived inluosiLE HOME vine, 4i-iiO' wide. HOOiE» ANOLBTON month. TUt ro. UN. down. Ml. per __. _ Ji. u* wet WU) ion. alder your M M down Payment ABO - BMMI tec MloneJ In btautUul Waahlngton tune*. Ml* I bedrooms, central heat .attic fan. tow down payment US. MS, 7U, aad til tiarahairBeaeL Call L. OX CCOESBY. In Wflw TI MTU. 62. PETS • SUPPLIES AKGLETON-3 bedroom ill brtci bocni. Ideal tor teachers. UoAteA to HSile BttMDivlitoei* CooTA&icDt "In louthiMi School, a. U McKay, AM 5-53aT^ CHiarjAHOAE—« weeks old AKC n*. litered males, one chooolale brown and one black. 135. BE 3-ai4 altar 4 p.m. ' TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED 9RABOBU »OAO—I kaCrogm. frame home, wtth aom* MrnUuil. Oupton Realtor. PUont — ~ ilturl. s. U UML O. bedroom baths. 7. 03. LOTS FOR BALE EAOTIFDL LOTS h) OuU Terrace Estate. Aleo Sbadjr oakj. Chlldifrt lore It out here k&d so wm ywa. Ploeter^arler and Ataoclatta, CT T* M77. . . •--'. • ' •' EUTEL SCHOOL AREA hi Lake Jack- eon. Will saU'm few of our eholct dome Hie* for aaab or ttttna, B. L. Saner. Tetaa Belttr Bosnia, CI I-TWL MOn* end , laTW 8. 9. 10. 11. 1.2. 18. •It WORDS j Hne [ 6 Days htDara U pay W.M fl.11 7lo It TOD UOH'l tOOt ,«IUt 'TOO I 14. WANT D< an- VKBTttS FOB H. MB Don B11ALL AHD TBB B«SOLTS ABC I •10. JUST WONB -lOSa CLAMv| ITED- BB HSU. 15. 17. Quarterfinal rounds •. in the Freeport Match Play Golf Tournament war* on th* schedule next .week, for most of th* ilayers, ' : .'."'- : , Only on* player had advanced as far aj th* tetni-flnals In he three-flight toUtnament, ; The yearly event is sponsored by Dow Chemical Company and held at the Freeport Golf Course. Players have one full week in which to let in their 18-hoIe matches. In the Tlrst Flight, Eldon Erribrey, Jack Chappell and Q. L. White advanced to the -Marterflnals. The winner of the Gene Newman-Phil Lan- r match will Join this threesome. , p-nh-ov tooV a S-l victory over Bob Carlyle, Chapptll •on f -- ^» w. .Tohnson, 4 and : and White took 6ut, John ^IrjSand Jj-j f ^i^ji^aaeggasMiMgiaai / fVKTfSPmytS^COOS^ , Tulloi has airway made U to the semi a by ^whining two matches, one being a S-l wit) tver Kflrfle Johnson and _ ther T 3-2 vlctorv over • ' -• J irn- - • pltCH * til* thr MCAOe fa* •ninftft*- ' t*» tat tty Inn- ».*.».; hM ta •Mb (W^aM. M «t «*. i w seeff, ; 18. LARGE LOT OB San Bernard. SairbVe CT 7^317. ' . ; l v '" ! LAROB aoMESITES mw Braaorta. Telephone, electricity and acbool but tervlca. ttsured title. Will take In trade. Rowland Realty. CT LAIE JACKJOK shady tot. ItolO. Near school and shopping. ILIB. BB J-UM. OTSTSK CREEK FRONTAGE I South- arn Oaks Drlva 1»'«35' B. L. Sauer. Realtor, CT 7-7711. SOOTH PARKWOOD SDD-DIVISION _ Ton can boy » choice lot. Texas Setter Homes, CT 7-7711. VELASCO—One half bloak. Ale*, te» block, closo to acbooL churches, and JONES CREEK LOTS PRE DEVELOPMENT SALE Small down payment Balance by th* month . MATT COOLBV : -. • . B» 3-JS83 „ , -: 104. flU«IKEil'PROPERTY Jacawn Spoytto S Suffrild "0««l "to Palmer's Shop. S2IS07 O. t> liclay FLAKTATIOM DHIVB - 1ST frontal onlj IU,W». A MM touart loot build Ins thrown In. «. L, scour, Realtor CT T-T7M. IDS. ACHEAQC POP. SALE Real - Peanh Point fiii. w r. MM! UK ACRES W auellani Braaorta Coun (i land an Brisaocc Road near Bra- iorta. Terms, Mat! Cooler Realt BB MJU. IQt. REAL ESTATE WANTED ACREAOE WANTED — Have waltln buyer (or Irora SOS to 4M acres o land within MUU milt radlu ially appeanuios. bedroom., CaU BB S-11U. Jfor a. famu> wbo desire a i M> JrrARUaaT home iraiitr. MM cash loM bNB* iu, aa established. ~ ' •Jrnltitd tMlghkwb.od tkls is real fin*. Xfce price will bt ta afreeabl* aararls* to thos* wit* know real estate value*. VITIRANS NO DOWN PAYMENT Loan appUcaUoa* and closUrs on site redact doring eo»U to Town and County, CT 14777. Hi. AUTOMOTIVE MR VICE AUTHOIUIKD DBALB8 for Ltneoln Mercury, Bowl,, Bnsllab. ford. an. Sludibakar. Haj rtpruantaUvit Braaosport arts, rot appointment call CT 7-aas, . CORRY MOTOR - Tour Authorised QUALITY HOMES FOB QUALITY PBOPUI CY 7-7010 BBAZOBIA - Garden Acres home. All new I badroom trami on 71 x UO lot. Long term loan. Calama* '«nSar Co All Mtt et AM l*l». . radwood lancing. NO down payment. 107 tad SL O. C. McKAJ AM Mm. CLUTE—Mica roomy t bedroom home. $4500.00. ISO West Jtarton St. Pbooe AN S4*N Of AM l-SUJ. 27' inE\> CARS FOR SALE and~" brakes, radio,' and hiattr. C T-7tW after 4 P^n.- t-OBD—1»M s cylinder. Eadlo an healtr. Call AN 1-1421. OltO l»M, eaupe. Jartett aondlUo MM. Pbool AW W»gt. USED CARS: M Cadillac. M.»lrmouth. II Plymouth. H Dodge, sell chea 701 C, Mulberry. T] M'U. WILL TKAOE Multy In 'W, 4 doo overdrive. Ford. SIM cash eg trade U J-UW. 20. Days 1 Day U WORDS _J '.„..;„... W.1I 8 Days ..... Days S Days 1 Day $5.10 $2.85 Earl Laird and Harry ftfcv urnett hav * match to d*- rmlne Who Wl,l tee* Tttllos the semi-finals ot the Sec- nd Flight. Laird scored a 3-2 win over eorge Halley and McBurnett immed Kenneth Wlllenberg, and -I.-••:'•' .'.••• •'• '' '••In the Third filght, quarter- nalists war* Rudy Irwin, Sam utherland, ft. B. Redden • and Hambllm • Irwin edged Gen* Markley, up in 21 hold, while Suth•land went 19-hole* to fain a up victory 6y*t fiob White, edden won over Henry Dish- urger, 1-up in 18 holes and amblln scored a 5-4 win .over ' E. Preley. First round Icier* will drop ack to th* consolation brac- et and continue playing. treepbftBth traders Beat • .ake Jackson 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. U WORD! Os* ai*r*\ •. DcscrlptloB Oratr Me»* InaerUon* .Sy Us* r*r Day 13 WORDS 6 DAYS 51C PER DAY Ron Ai (Nnmhar) Par* ShipQft Club .Meets In U Mori. Planned from the Lak Jackson Junior 'Htgh School the Brazosport Quarterbac Club will hold its regula Monday night meeting to loo over the films of Braozsport' games with South Park. This will be the first tim that the Quarterback Club ha held Its meeting fn Lake 'Jack son .and a large crowd is ex pected 'out for the 7:30 p.m. affair. • In addition to the Frida night game film, Exporter Hea Coach Harden Cooper will giv a brief report on the-conies with South Park. There will also be a scouting. report on the.coming Galena Parjt gam which'opens the 12-AAAA slat ?» Hopper Field,this wiek. Utarosport Athletic Dlrectoi H. E. Hopper will give a run down on the area sports lineup (sting all the Junior High r* Us and coming games. From the Lake Jackso •meeting, the QB Gub will n urn to their regular, spot i the Senior High School. Clu oresldent T. C. Selman will b in charge of Monday 1 ! mteting. Beitnniof (Date) (Nam* of Olaactfleatlw) EnclosU la I ,.„Nam* Nam* AddNM City BUU Phone HAIL TO Tlit Brazosport farts WANT ADS Bos U»* rREEFORT tha M. '-nm* nmt.wmta eight f ydrds and McCary gambled o« Patterson to Bast. th« llrst dttsrss oat »' »tay ua> MM atUcJIsj. •• The big fullback mad* It saMj « SUppijtk w*n a* l<d.4f»M on their own 43. Then *»*• took • kft;*jki aHChaat tH.14 yards and another first this time on the SP 41, but M the next play up etui* si fum« bte and 800* Partt «Mk ovtr. After • IS yard penalty. Prejean and Tomblln put .back to back runt of SI T«ds together, bat TomUta on his dash and recovered .on their own fj| t« traded 'puBtar most of the second half, birt late in «j* fourth qtiartsr th« Greenies ; got up a drlv* IhH . carrfefl them from tnrfr. « ~to> the toporter 10 when,MMj> iwt Itj.biU. , With "« second*. ,**, play, t and 'then a run "that lost 6h» yard am) the Grejeales Quarterback Leo Burnett llmaxed a 48 yard driv* with ,. oneryard sneatj and Frea- ort topped Lake Jackaon, 6-0. n a recant 8th trad* football ;ame. Robert Jackson's Redskins licked up their lone-touchdown n the first period of th* soggy onteit, which was staged dur- ng a hea • rain storm. ' The Redskin 8th graders have an open date this Tues-l day, but travel to Clute on I Oct. 8th. ' over' on the nine with nin* seconds remaining. Before they could run •; play, ttoae ran • out. A light turnout, only around 00 fares, tncludtnf «.;Mfw from BratoSipSrt; watche* "int gridiron claih. The 11-AAAA .Gr*«nl«a' ,w*» thalr sefebnd agsInH on* loss. Their lo**'was to Calveston, 2»-7,!a team: the Shippers faca in U-AAAA wars on Nov. a. Fumbles Tell Story ••• • Of Brazotport Defeat . BHAZ08PORT—IOOTH FAUK OAMC. STATItTICt Irasatfsri Pint D«wM Pass** Attohtpt**! •tooth ftrfe »t I* Yard* Passliic Punts and Yards PtnalU** FumblM rumble* Lot! Total Rushing Yards Total N«t Yards • f*f 11.1 AMI. W in t I I*' 111 They'll Do ft Bv«T TiiiM^ .^,a^>» Bf ]immy Hatlo ,„ . ^, BUREAU EQUIPMSNT COST * 28i,9TX4NO THgV 60M* UP WITH THIS PREOICTii>4"" - *'-4t 84CK04TV4S ResuLTS wrm A B4MDANNA AND A WatT PIM&RR -***^^ J-, T-

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