The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 31, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1962
Page 3
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IRAZOSPORt AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TBXAS. FRIDAY, AUGUST 31. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS iDanbury Adds two Teachers Kmployment of two new ele- nenlary school teachers has been ipproved hy the Danhury School SonrH. The newly appointed graduate work at Sul ROF* State College nl Alpine, and has 10 years or teaching experience. Miss Leoiw Roeslcr and Terrell Mowers, Miss Roeslcr holds muster's degree from the Uni- rslly o( Houston, and has 23 He has taught In Klein, and is n teachers innlive of Baylown. Dnnhury Superintendent Joe Andrews said there will he two second grade classes in the system during the 1962-63 t, c h ool Scooter Rider • Hits C0r In FP DANBURY School Calendar SCHOOL CAMiNDAK Aug. 51 Sept. 4 NOV. :>2 - -a Pec. :'l - Jan. 2 Jan. 10.1! April M - 15 M-iy 19 May -3 May 24 Mav 25 pears of teaching experience. She | year. Enrollment In the system is ii native of Bellville and last j is expected to be between 300 nnd tmtghl in Edna Flowers did 1310 studnts, which Is about the •ir/lh his undergraduate and post (same as last year, he said. ! The 1962-63 school budget is up aliout $12,000, Andrews said, to a total of $186.000. This Increase in due mainly lo the increase i n teachers' salaries, with the state m - -- — i increment up from $51 lo $108. JA Freeport youth, F,ddle Ray Other causes for the budget in- Tennlngton, received minor in- crease are approval of purchas- luries about 2:25 p.m. Wednesday i"K » new school bus, as well ns Mien the motor-scooter he wwi op-'funds for payment on new band prating hit a car on Braxosporl 'uniforms, athletic.' bleachers and Blvd. at 17th Street in Freeporl. |ot. h e r improvements, Andrews The 14-yenr-old boy, son of Mr, I said. nnd Mrs. W. K. Pennington of I Valuation of the district is up OT) North Avenue 11, wnn taken (about $100,000 from last year, to lo Community Hospital by a Free-! a total of $6,954,251. The tax rate I KILLERS Criticized: Recently port Funeral Home ambulance. In the same as lor 1961-32, with aj published magazine articles have Teacher Worktop First Day of School 'Inankssiving Holidays Christmas Holidays Mid Term Examinations Kasler Holidays Senior Vesper Service Eighth Grade Graduation High School Commencement End of School Picnic JrndtJe Lj Oil -By BURTON H. FERN, M.D.- Keeping Posted our A After treatment, he was dismiss- t§d to be taken by his parents to their family physician's office. Freeport police said the youth was traveling north on 11th Street when the 1D56 Allstate motor- scooter struck the left side of a SI.50 per $100 valuation total rale divider! with $1.25 for maintenance and 25 centi for bond retirement, Andrews added. Election of drum major and twlrlers and of the school's cheerleaders has been completed. 1%'2 Valiant, driven by Earl It. i David Caroon was named drum Keller of 118 North Avenue A inimajor; Linda Clawgon, head Frccport, headed west on Bra/.on-j twirler; Wanda Allen and Drucil- port Blvd. !la Allen, twirlers. | Officers reported that the Im-i Betty Ann Thompson is head [ pact damaged the scooter alxnit I chccrleiider. Other cheer leaders _ 125, and the auto, damaged on include Mary Ann Bromoasky, Hhe left front fender, front bump- Linda Dodson, Beverly Bazar andi Jer and windshield, about $300 JMarcella Britlain bc*n predicting disastrous effect* from chemical plant and Insect killer*. They were baaed more on lit, ands and but* than on known facts. Pesticides have saved millions fram /amine and malaria. No exercise*! After one day you feel grca and not. hungry. The averagt weight loss Is 2',5 pounds a day Later, shorter fusts help yo to stay trim. Don't fast without your doc tor's O. K. You can lose mor< than your weight: WEST COLUMBIA NEWS By NANCY PAKRACK iwas recently released from a Sanj Mr. and Mrs. Winston Mays and j Antonio hospital where he under They've ctiredj Keep Baby Safe: House fungus - ridden I cleaning this fall? Don't.forge trees. |Baby's safety in the rush! Think twice; Baby is safe by himself ontj before scream-1 when In crib or playpen- with ing for the old | out Huffy pillows, filmy plaatic days when mos- or zippered sleeping bags tx qultocs. files and roaches forests. smother in. killed | Toys should be smooth, tough fc hi ^ n - ^irj"!* 11 ?™ ttil™" ™w- T. M. Help For Handicapped: Picture yourself unable lo hold pencil or phone or turn pages! Because of such disabilities, j Congress Is considering whether i to lend recorded books to people Sc.rbo.ouRh I s without the use of arms and from a two week vacation 1$j:\y Mrs. Alex Wcems is a patient i visiting her sen, Oliver Scar- and loo large to swallow. Babj can gnaw away! Kenearrh On Water: Thogf kitchen and bathroom faucet* have 30 university professor* working busily. Their special ties range from weed contro to fisheries to hydraulic engl neering. |f|n a Houston hospital. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Adkins had 11 Mother Of Lake Resident Dies borough and family of Deer Park. Connie Kennemer has been un- but is feeling beginning of school. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hardin, new home owners, were compliment- Want to lend a hand? Ask your Senators and Congressmen ! Dr. fr.rn'i mailbox in \ They're searching for an an ) swcr before we run out of fresh I water. I fMt and wn method to try _ You fas[ f()r four to ]4 d>y drinMng walor ,, nd ;„.,,, Tfa j er!t - „„,,,„„„„ ,„ co ,,, mM v . hcnn . er po ,, ib i e no .ct\ 0 r\e' ,rhm thc<i ar* of f,enrral inter' ' ed with a house warming given beverages all you v«ant, pulping ' tut. AAinux ,,our Utter* lo Dr by friends and neighbors. down extra vitamins. i Fern in cure of this O 1M2, King F«itijr«« Syndicate, Inc. Miss Sondra Bogy received a • Mrs. Emilie Schumacher Kisc- i letter from the University of, her, 90, mother of Ernest K. Texas, itating she haij *arnerf bcrl Fischer of Lake Jackson, died at Bachelor of Science degree i n j Police Report 6:30 p.m. Friday at her home in Education. Houston. A native of Sedalia, Mo., j Sunday visitors in the home of Khe had been a Houston resident! the R. L. Johnsons were their son for 70 years. land family, Mr. and Mrs. Barron! ^ Vrccport woman, 22. was;said the black suit had three si Other survivors include daufih-j Johnson and Elizabeth of Hous •; taken to a locaJ hospital by Krce- ver air bottles and initials on i ters. Mrs. A. W. Hartman, Mrs. I ton. W. E. Bammel and Mrs. C. A.I' Mrs. Lance Sims and children. Johnson, Houston; and sons, Henry W. and John E. Fischer, ^Houston. Susan and David, of Fort Worth guested with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Danford Sr. Texans Open Cattle Motel port Funeral Home ambulance about 9 p.m. Wednesday after she Two Clute brothers, Floyd an made a suicide attempt, Kreeport!Wayne Murray, were charge police reported. with affray by Clute police Tue Officers staled that the woman day following a call to a taver inflicted two superficial cuts on where a light was reported, her left wrist. After treatment The men were then placed she was dismissed to RO home, i the Clute City Jail A theft of blue jeans, socks,' >'reeport police picked up blouses and shorts from a washer;abandoned boy's 28 inch at a Freeport washateria waa re- bound in the downtown area Tue BAIRD, Tex. ported to Freeport police aboul 'W alternoon, and brought it I 7 p.m. Wednesday. ' the staBon to >* daimcd b - v jl (API—Callahan i service facilities and a restaurant! The complainant said the l^ounty's exclusive "Cattle Mo- j where the drivers can eat dur- tel." two miles west of Baird on j fog their lay-over. U.S. 80, ha» been in operation j Collins said: about three months. ' "p ar i< er and I talked over the It has had a steadily growing pro j tH ., ror clientele. * a y s Jake Collins, * Baird cattle trucker, one of the " e P ul '" clothing was taken about 2 p.m. Sunday and she discovered loss the next day. the Pacifists Taken Away Freeport police arrested Sam- LOS ANGELES (API — Tw or four yean.imie N. Scarborough Jr., of 1901;black-robed Negro dergyme lot of study on theJNorth Avenue G Wednesday on ajknelt before a cross on the cit owners and the man credited with)idea. We selected the site west the idea for the unusual enter-]of Baird because it is in Ihe sand. warrant charging him with abu- hall steps Thursday. Spokesme sive language. isaid they were starting a '.'4-hoi Officers reported that S c a r- l "prayer and fasting vigil" to prc prise. ... i We have added crushed rock and borough WHS released lo Ihe I test racial segregation in A Not since the openuig in < > «'lyj l . alu . he to tne ^nd in the pens ; Sheriff's Department after helbany, Ga pipnns bus the place *]°" "' "| so t | m j we would never have ••posted a $50 bond set by City; Flanking the Revs. Maurice rinsed. Tne nUhUt numb^mud problem in «» o/ heavy ^'"i" Tom Kcnyon. |Da«lans ^^^^ "" was 61K. i rainfall. We also picked the sitej A M „,,,„ o( a skm . d j vin -j tevitoia is board chairman . The place has had an average because we have plenly good we!l| M|i , valucd a( $ . rjo ttas (ed j Uje Westem chiistian I-eadersh of about 100 head since the open. Water available." j lo yiwport ^^ abou i 12:30(Conference. Vivian is pastor of tl ing. These include some cattle A man is on duty at the motel | D nl Wpdnpsdav bv WilliardlCnsniooolitan Cbmmunilv Churc which area buyers purchase and|-j4 hours a day. bring lo Ihe motel for holding; Collins said Ihe place and its until t h • y have accumulated i facilities are available to area rnough for A loud. ! cattlemen who do not have facil- 'l"he number also includes sonicjitics for dehorning, vaccinating, belonging to Collins and I branding or doctoring their ani- partner. Jimmy Parker, anlnmls. Abilene order cattle buyer. They can truck their cattle in | '< The cattle motel has 10 holding | ami use the equipment for a j or rest pens, 5 working pens, a i small service chantc, he snid '" double-decker loading chute, doc-: —_____— lorlng chulc, scales nnd mi aim- i liaiy or over-flow pen Hie plant | ROValtV VlSlt JFK has facilities for handling a total i ' ' of 1,000 cattle. Collins said. j W A.SHING1X)N lAPl - Prince •Ine place has a combination! ,, m| , Cal . to!1 0 , Sp , tin and tus hride office and bunk Imuse with ««'• Princess Sophw of Greece, ^commodulions tor 10 men and, s(01))) ^ ln , o «„, President Ken cols for 6 more in ciuse of an , UH)y Ti^^ay o,, t | lt ,i,. W0 rldwidc overflow The rest pens art* used by truckers who transport cattlo from Ilia South and Southeast lo Arizona and the West 1'iuisl Drivers unload, feed and water (Heir cattle, get some rest themselves, clean out their trucks, put in now hay or sand bedding, load up and continue their trip, j £ The partner, are planning to build feeding jiens with self-1 feeders, const ruction of truck p. m. Wednesday by WilliardjCosmopolitan Communily Churcl ! Granger of a local shrimp com-i Chattanooga. Term., and Tonne pany. Granger told officers the suit was taken from the trawler, K.L.- |se« representative of Uie Souther Christian Leadership Conlercnc of which Dr. Martin Luther Kin B. during the previous night. Heiis president. honcymiHin trip and got good luck ). Sophia, atkfd what Ihe President had talked uboul, reported Uiey discussed the trip slu> itiMi her husband arc making nnd "whul one usually talks about." Juan CurloB said Kennedy "wished us luck— in life." Saturday Night Special! SEPTEMBER 1 1942 ONLY FROM 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. PENNEYS ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! fJitorlal—Adv—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2611 •••••••••••*•• i" • REGULATION BRAZOSPORT SCHOOLS PAGE SHOES, SOCKS, UNIFORMS! All your sfym wear heeds ,af« 09 clote di Ponney'i! Why pay more? !#S ' s, $ <?/ ' , , „ „,/ <, . BRAZOSPORT JR. HIGH REGULATION ONE PIECE WHITE GYM SUITS Happy day! No more back-breaking ironing. New MOORE Rocket, regulation jymsuit is "Sanforized Plus" Gymclolh, wash and wear 100% Cotton. Just i!rct> it n astir... shake out a little detergent .. . rinse, ard han e Lp . Like magic, your gymsuit is ready lo wear with little or no ironing. Won't shrink out of (it-sheds wrinkles alter wisrinj._ ; « S is!s wrinkles while weiring. Colorfast. Designed and l^r.cbe* for action, The Rocket is your new soaring spirit tor g,m. tlsitic se!- : n back slims waist and hips. Eljsticireii bloomer for njotous dr<ll. In (list colors). 2 88 BRAZOSPORT HIGH SCHOOL REGULATION 2 PIECE WHITE GYM SUITS TOPFLIGHT WORKMANSHIP WEAR TESTED—SANFORIZED— 1 98 BLOUSE sizes 8 re 18 1 00 Sizes Misses • to IS Childs 6 to 12 Its lit is for ease in action ... the elastic section back holds the waist and slims the hips. Elasticed bloomer, »o comfortably proper for every vigorous drill. Snap eloses, Sanforized and colorfast. SHORTS sizes 8 to 18 GIRLS AIR COOLED GYM SHOES BOYS WHITE GYM SHORTS BOXER STYLE SIZES 24 to 34 98 i GET CORRECT BALANCED ARCH IN FUN SNEAKS! 99 rises 4 t» 10 AA & I tim 4 to 10 Sullf specially for Pannay't with *ll th» «reh support you need, crap* rubb*r soles, air cooled, duelc uppers, Sanitized, Washable. Taper foe canvas oxfords full o' bounce en eushien insoles, srepe outsoles. White and colors. CANVAS SNEAKS SPORT SUCTION CUP OUTSOLES! A sure-footad champ . . . Penney's high cut sneakers. Soles are molded suction cup designs . . . uppers are air-coolad duck. Red striped foxing. All are Sanitiied» for hygienic freshness! Back, white! SliM 3-4—4-1Z MEN AND BOYS STYLE FOR MENS AND BOYS Panney's atheletic s h o boast molded suction cup soles, correct balance arch, cushioned insoles. Speed through sports in comfort BHI^Bil «»* 2 >e i i i \A7L-i. • •''» »e 12 plus! White. 4 99

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