Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1946 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1946
Page 2
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, Mafch 1, 1*46 ftfii#)M AftfefcUfi CHUftGH OP CHRIST FJ*fcetfc Avenue at Warren tather 0. Roberts} minister m Blbl* ttheol 9:45 i.fn.; preach- *ftrl1ilf> 16:48 a.m.; preachinc and «%«hip 7:00 p. ro. it?! Ladies' Bible" clifts 2 :30 p m. li«way: Mid-week Bible study nnd 7:80 p.m. PfeSrfECOStAL HOUNESS CflUHCH • * Alcock imd Zimtner Her. Irene "Wilson, pastor Sunday school — 9:45 a.m. • Affrrhlnf? trorshlp — ll:ui) a.m. Evening worship, Suhdny — 7 :30 p.m. Bible study, Tuesday,— 7 :30 p.m. Prayer meeting, Frl'dny — 7:30 p.m. P. H. y. S.— 6:30' p.'ml kUTII&KAK CHURCH 1210 Dunchn Streft R. Ii. .Yotinpr, pnstor - Sunday £chool nl !)M5 A.m. Church services' nt 11:00 a.m. '. BOfKiNS NO. 2 SCHOOL HOUSE Ten tniles smitli of P.-impa nt Phillips Pnmpn pl«nt,camp. •0 Sunday school, 11 a.m., preaching. CHURCH OP «0» 601 Campbell . • Sunday school, ll) a.m. Preaching 11 a.m. Willing Workers biihd 7:1)0 p.m. Preaching 8 p:m. Tuesday prayer service "':4B p.m. Thursday* ynunc people's service with Mrs. /Vivian Huff, president, in charge 7:46 p.m. CENTKA1, liAPTIST CIIUITII Klulnlph Q. 'llarvi-y, is.Rtur ! f>13 K. 1'Yain'is AVI-. Lloyd Sattvrwhilc will lu> in i-lmree the Sunday school hour Hint begins 9:4(1 a.m. Sunday mnrniiiK ai.-rvict! at 11 a.m. .' Sunday Training Union mceliriK at fi . Mid-week" prayer , Borvico \\'rclncs evening at 8:15. This Kcrvice la proct- by the weekly Sunday nelioul l-cadn;rB officers meeting. ST. MATTHEW'S EPfSCOPAt CHURCH 707 W. Browning Rev, Edgar W. Henshaw, minister Early Communions on the first, second and fourth Sundays in ench month. Services nt 11 o'clock on ench second nnd fourth Sunday. Sunday school every Sunday' nt 0:4 ">. Special Cervices oh Saint's Days as announced at the time of such services. FIRST PRBSRYTER1AN CHURCH Dr. Douglas Nelson, pastor 9:46 a.m.--The church school. I0:4ii a.m.- The nursery department. II :00—Common worship. 7:30 pm.---Tu.\is Westminster Fellowship. Church school, lit a.m. Morning worship '.i to 11 :l". a.m. Hilt!c Commandos, (i :30. Evening evnn- l:i-li.'*l ic firrviY,- 1 :30 p.m. Choir iil-iiclici- Wednesday 7 :.'!0 p.m. HAKKAII METHODIST CHURCH Rev. (Jrady M. Adcock, pnstor Sunday seliool begins nt !t:4l>; morning worship. lu:r,r>. Bible study nnd Youth Fellowships nu-et at G:30, and evening •.vnnOilp at 7:ir>. Services during Uie week include prayer services, Wednesday at 7 p.m. ami tile YVemen's So'-jefv. of Christian Service, Tuesday id IS p.m. CHURCH OK T1IIO llRtSTIlRKN DOII i:,,rl!l Frost Rev. Kiissi-tl Greene West, minister I'l'lr, a.m.—Sunday school. 11:00 a.m.—Morning worship. (i:-'!o p.m.- (iroup meetings. 7 :;ui p.m.—I'rayer mculing, Wednesday. FIIIST MKTIIODIST CJIUKCH llvv. 10. I!. Itowcn. i)ivstor Chureh school for all ngi-H !l:4fi a.m. Aflhui- KiiyUin, SMJ.I. Mv>niinK \vofsl\ii» :it HI:",", a.m. .lunior Ilillh fellowship meets :t( (i p.m. Sctiioi- UepurLn\''ut meets ul s i.Yloelt" r.VMiiini; \vi;rsliip service iu the Bltnc- lual-y at 7 o'cluelc. \ [ FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Corner West nnd Kingsmill Street* E. Douglas Carver, pnfttor; Virgil Molt, 4frector of education ami music. Sunday school ll:-lfi. • .Everyman's cliias meets in City hall. Morning worship 10:5fr o'clock. Service broadcasts 11-1:;. KPDN. Training Union at B :30.' , Evening service at 7:30. THE SALVATION ARMY Cnptaln Beuliih Carroll, commanding • Services will be held at 111 E. Albert. • Wednesday—Services at 8 p.m. .Sunday—Sunday nchool at !>:•!&; Morn- Ing worship at 11 a.m.: Young People's service, 7 p.m. : Evening service, 8 p.m '.Training Union 0:30 p.m. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH ;' Rev. B. W.. Dunsworth, pastor Sunday school, !i:45 a.m.; morning worship, 10:45; trainitiR union. fi :30 d'clock: evening siM-viee lit 7:30; Young j People's service at !t p.m. : ' C. H. Batt is Sunday school superintendent; Tnimun Fletcher. H. T. U. director; Mrs. Frank Turpin, pianist. HOLY SOULS CHURCH 912 W. Browning Father William J: Stack, pnstor. Sun- (fas' masses at 6, 8. 10 and 11:30 a.m. ' &luly, masses are held at 7 and 8 o'clock. ' At the Post Chapel Sunday mass is at fj'a.m.- nnd ! 7 p.m. ?• ST. MARK .METHODIST CHURCH ''••' (Colored) . 40G W. Elm St. W. Louis Smith, paator •Sunday school- 9:-15, . Morning wuitm-p — 10:55. >. ICpworth League — G:30, ! Evening worship — 7;30. Wednesday .night -ir- mid-week worahip ASSEMBLY OP COD CHURCH (iUl) : ''South''Cu;'lcr ; '•'•'• "• S:46 a.m. — Sunday school. 11:00 a.m. — Morning worship. 8:80 p.m.— Evening worship. Thursday, n :.')() p.m. — Bible study. Full Gospel singers from 0 to 0 :30 each Sunday over Station KPDN. McCULLOUCH M15THODIST CHURCH 2100. Alcock Street Rev. Will M. Culwell, minister 324 Zimmur Relieve CrepmulsionTelieyes promptly be cause it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel .germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe arid heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous mem tiranes. Tell your druggist to sell you ,jj bpttle-of Creonlulsion with the un- V.erstanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you arc to'have your mq'ney back. CIIl'KCII OF TIIK NA/AUKMJ Nurlh WPS! nnil lUii'kkT A. I.. .liirrH'S, pnsl'or Stitulas- HiUlo sclinol '.l-.-l'i n.n\. Mnrninjr Hor\'ice 11 a.m. K.van^elistk' KLTVIC** 7 :!10 p.m. Vnuth KI'I>N|)R inert lit <>:HH p.m. "Thf Churc-li with I In- Frictully Henri." CENTKA1, OIUKCH OF CIIKIST 5i)ii N. Somorville Cni-ins I). Spwk, minister Smxlny— Hihlc- school, Orln a.m.; class cs for nil. 1'ronphliiK 10:50 a.m. Communion. 11 :'ir> n.m. 1'lvenin^ .^t-rvicc, prcafhiiiK and communion at 7:^0 p.m. .\\Vilmwlny -- I.iidioB lllblo class nt H:00. I'l-ayt-r sprvicos at 7 :!Ui a.m. Mnnilay -- Mon's training clriss, 7:30 P.m. FIRST CIIIUSTIAN CHURCH Jim Brown, minister !i:l!> a.m.—Church school. |0:;-|M n.m.—MoVning worship, Communion. firln p.m.—Youth GrJ\ip meetinsB. 7 :0o p.m.—Evenint? worship. SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH Corner of Hrownitiff and Purviancc St. Rev. Elder LaClrone'of Amarillo Sabbath school every Saturday morning U 10 a.m. Prenchinp at 11 a.m. MACEDONIA BAPTIST CHURCH Colored '.ti'lft a.m. Sunday nchool. J0:50 ii.rn morning worship. C p.m. B.T.U. i p.m—ICvuninc worship service. niiurrvriAN SCIENCE CHUKCH !>"! North Kriml .1 :'•'>() a.m.* Sunday school; ll n m. Sun.(ay service; 8 p.m. "Wednesday service. Th', 1 reading room in the church edifice is open daily, except Sunday, \Vedrte.sday. Saturday and iei?al holidays from y tin!/' ^ p.m. • . UNITED I'J?NTECOSTAL CHURCH ; "• ' • nun w. HVown st. \V . II. Mai-'sungale. pastoi- Sunday si'hool II) a.m. ' I'rcuchin^ at II a.m. Sunday niLrli',,'ic service 7:oiJ l-.m. Tuesday nii^ht prayer mcetiiiK. 'iliut-rfday ni^lit liibk 1 study. PUCGKESS WINPIELD, Kans., Mar. I—(/Pi— Cliff-dwelling, 1S46 version, will appear soon in Winfield. Disi;airing of finding a home, Gene Manny, a returned war veteran, plans to excavate a hillside for one of sorts. When materials become available for a now home, he will convert Uic cliff house into a garage. for Coifehs", Chest Colds, Bronchitis 'WHAT CAUSES EPILEPSY? ^ booVlct containing the opinion! ol (a. mous doctors on this inlereslino subject will bo sen! fREE, while they last, lo any reader wrilina '° lne Educolionol Division, 535 FiOhAvc., New York, N.Y., Depl. ""-; "".' DIRECTORY OP.TOMETRY OPTOMETRY—A highly specialized science devoted exclusively to^nE CARE, CORRECTION and-PRESERVATION of HUMAN Eyesight. The following-Optometrists In the Panhandle are members of the Panhandle Division of the Texas Optometric Association. 1 Your assurance of reliable, ethical eyesight sen,ice. Drs. Benson & Amarillo . Dr. Robert Benson Borger Drs. Clough &, Olough Plainview Dr P. I. Crurn .Panh-jndle Pr. Jot Goldston Clarendon Dr. J. M. Hyden Amarillo Dr. W- C. flougluon AniarjUo Drl P. M. Kestej- Hereford Dr. Chas. Staehlln Borger Drs. Montgomery & Montgomery Amarillo Dr. Chas. Qren Memphis Dr. L. D. Porter Dr. J. E. Hewett ShamrocK Dr. t. N. Pittman Amarillo • Dr. L. J. Zachry 1 -Pampa Dr. Hugh Sticksel Amarillo Dr. A. T. Witcher Amarillo Prqfessipnal qdvice—-not Glasses at a price. PANHANDLE Q|VI$|QN W.'U Know Them »< To B^flift *** * A'Say of r*fay§f to Heal the World tty ton, frOtGLAS E. NELSON t. 'ANY Of US remember from our school days - the dying words of Tennyson's King Arthur, "More things are Brginninu Wpilncsriav. March 0, at 7:30 i.i. in. and continuing through tlir 17th. Revival services will be hold daily iit '!v Calvary Baptist chinch with sprvifTf; at 10 a. in. anil 7:33 ]i. ;n. Dr. C. Gordon Bay- ics-s, wh').=c iioiiK 1 i;; in Dallas, will br :!IP Evangelist. "Wo have had tjrfat revivals in our r:hurch during my twenty year. 1 : as r-tNt.or here, bill, t.hf one .•oiidlict- cd by Gordon Bnyless was Ihn larg- IK\ \vitti 143 ad'li'.km.s — !).'! for baptism. People and pastor pleased and t,lcr..?'.'d in every way." W. O. Burnett' C".lv;xvv Church Callus.' "Ciorrlon Baylr.s:; has conducted two revivals for our church in the pasl year. He is at home with ?.ll tvpes of people. Hi is big in bod,y, big i' 1 mind, and a big preacher. Our people will renu'inber him always. " Bewcy Horlon Pierce Street Amarillo. As pustor of th« Caivarv Baptist church. I wish ,,o add my common (Union to those nbove and highly recommend to Uie pcoiilo of Pampa t.lic message", that will be given by Dr. Baylcss in this series of ser- vi'TS. ^ ho Calvavv Bc.pti.'il chur?h cx- i.cncls a hearty and .friendly wel- i;"in;' to all who wish to attend this i'-viv:-il meeting. M wrought by prayer than this world dreams of." To" some the suggestion will always remain poetry and nothing else. To others the idea is supremely real. The complicated sickness of this world has been treated by mahy doctors. An imposing array of bottles, variously labeled, "Balance of Power," "Economic Stability," and "International Morality" have been emptied down the patient's straining gullet. Somehow it all boils down to the same old "pink mixture." The patient is still sick. We suggest that a new doctor be consulted, that the Eternal Healer be called in on the case. AN FRIDAY, March 8, Christian people here and in other lands will unite in a World Day of Prayer. Who cares? Not those who believe that God fights en the side of the heaviest battalions. Certainly not those devious men who insist the world can be restored and reshaped by dollar diplomacy. Perhaps it is this group for whom we most need to pray. In every land, along with the masses of starving and desperate, the homeless and hopeless ,there are these clever jugglers with lives and destinies. They need our prayers for rhey are sickest of all. Quite conceivably we can feed the starving and, given time, rebuild the earth's ruins. We CAN, but unless we learn to think God's thoughts after Him, we WON'T. JVBOVE ALL, we need this day just for. what it will mean to us. In Ihe hectic march of our days we need 1o pause for some vision as to where we are marching. The World Day of Prayer is not big news, but its aim and implications are infinite. LESSON Scripture: The Book of Joshua, especially Joshua 1:1-4; 23:1-11 By WILLIAM E. GILROY, U. D. A lesson on the the Jews' quest of a homeland, or on their return to the homelp.nd their fathers had left when famine turned them toward Egypt and the pnwcr and prestige of Joseph led them to leave Palestine, has an immediate and special interest today that it could hardly have had a poncratnn or ':\vo ago. Once twain the eyes of many Jews ire turned toward their Ancient home in Pales.tnic. Th" • u"«;ic situation of JIHVR '-in». Hwo.p<y- who -liave stir-' ived the ttv.'ovs r[ aw.' per.wculioiv and mv\:": p.^irrriivH'-n Ins "innha- nwd strongly the :.opes and issues associated with Zionism, and the effort to re-establish in Palestine a place of refuge met of restoration. But Hiv-iin p." of old, strong forces >re opposed to ihe Jews in the •nr-v?n!CP». to a Promised Land. How nnich of this opposition might bs iwtu-ed ii' the movement. were not pclitical for the establishment of a Jewish raiicnal state, no can say. Je'.ush leaders Ihenrielves nre by no •-.-";rinr; agreed to establish, a political Jewish st"l.r in P.ilrstine. P. Tcwisli "nation" though so far as T i-now. all are ayroed upon the -!i'siv;.hilil,v Hi' flndin«- a larger place in Palestine for Jewish refugees, and for Jews who wish to settle V"i\ ii>. (Ivvi" •'-' "'ml homeland. Great pxp.piitinn is !,"M:O'I to British ;!"Uen . ! n ini'Hi'" li'vi'i'i<! inmnjra-;: 1 rinM il i 1 ; d;iimwl h'.v by iryi'.'.at iii'j. the l'o!(o\vin>! o'i'. the P'>1- o :i||v-'dV JV'Iflbl'SilO'! Jewish column"!! 1 .'. n\ f i rcudilv alv/ii-b nud offer '".ip- uy. pi-nsi>»rniiK lif" t'i all Ihe tliou- '•r.nds .'••r^'lT'ii'.; .'idmiraion. ; cluiiurd. ton. thill. while I'lriii.ciil.s IKIVP .stirred up bH'Vpu Jews and Arabs. Mu'.t Arubs actually hnve tiarlicipat- "d in and Ix-nct'ittf.'d from, the prosperous cl?velopmenl that the re- •;etlleincnt of Jews and the Zionist movement has already brought to the country. It. is pointed out, with bitterness, that while Britain has so harshly limited immigration of destitute and needy Jewish refugees, she has permitted great numbers of others to enter from, surrounding regions, drawn to Palestine by the prosperity pnd chances for better living standards made possible by what the Jews there have achieved. There is no space here to ap- v praise these Issues, nor am I competent to appraise them. As a pioneer in the movement for better and closer relations between Jews and Christians—over 30 years ago I was engaging 'in fraternal exchanges With Rabbi Joseph Minkin, clistingnished author/when we were both in Hamilton, Out., in synagogue and church, respectively—I am profoundly interested 1 in Jewish welfare and in the right of Jews to live anywhere in the world,. enjoying the same rights and privileges as other citizens. While we criticize Britain for limiting immigration into Palestine where unsolved issues undoubtedly exist. I should like to see our own American countries adopting a more liberal and humane policy toward those who have suffered so cruelly from nazi terrorism and war. Brethren Will Have Guesl Speaker Sunday The Rev. Russell G. West, pastor ; ol the Church of the Brethren of Pampa has announced that the Rev. James H. Elrocl of McPherson, Knns., will preach at the church here Sunday morning on the subject "The Ministry of Reconciliation." Reverend Elrocl, conference director of the Western Region of the Church of the Brethern, recently participated in a regional conference held at McPherson College. Reverend West is at present conducting a revival at Antelope Valley church, Billings, Okla. He will return to Pampa in time for his Bible classes Monday morning. • II. Musical Program Will Be Tonight Tin; choir of the. .Negro. Progressive Baptist church will't'ivc a musi- cnl proKnun ' tonight, it was an jiouiv-'nd. I,' wn.s fiiiid thai some of the best ne«rn tnlnnl in Pampa vvill be on flic program. The mule quurlcl, Tlic Oil City Harmonizers, will be present. Tho church i.s located at 934 South Gniv Kl.rrol. Tho pastor is Rov. L. B. Davis. Gasoline production in the United States in 1900 was 7,000,000 barrels; in 1945 it was 750,OOO y OOO' barrels. MANN'S the laker" Your hours ore too voluoble! Mcnn's Bread too delicious! ASK FOR MANN'S ee. H '*" ' " l mms^mm^f^^,, ;,:*•,.„ •. --...^ Christicin Science Sunday Study Topic "Christ Jesus" is the suybjeet of the Lesson-Sermon which will be r..ead in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, March 3. The Golden Text is: "Behold, the clays come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment, and justice in the earth . . . And this is his name whereby he shall be called, The Lord Our Righteousness" (Peremiah 23:5, (i). Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: "But many as received him, to them gave he power... to becoe the .sons God,, oven to them that believe on his name" (John 1:12). The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passage from the Faith Is Topic at Central Baptist The pastor of church, Rudolph nounces that tlie Central Baptist Q. Harvey, an- message Sunday morning will be on "Unstaggering Faith". The sermon will be preceded by special music under the direction of W. L. Ayers. Last Sunday the church broke it's own high attendance record of 431 by having 442 in Sunday school. The church is planning to erect a temporary building to take care of the Juniors and Intermediates until the new plant is completed. The material is already on the ground for the building and it will be started in the near future. Sunday school superintendent, L. A. Sattcnvhitc. who urges all teachers and officers to be present early will be in charge of the first part of the service Sunday morning. Ben A. Stcphenson, training union director, will be in charge of the Training Union hour at 0:30. The evening worship hour begins at 7:30. The message of the evening will be "Sowing and Reaping" nnd will be preceded by special music. Plans arc bciny made for" the banquet in honor of returned service men and their wives on March 15. L. A. Snttcrwhitr liri/es i.-nch member to mnko plan;; to attend the Sunday school study course that is to be held Mu-iT.h IB through 22iui. You arc cordially invited to worship in n neighborly chuvch with a neighborly people. All Hands on Deck Canteen Corps volunteers of the Red Cross college unit at Mnry Washington College, Fredericks- burs, Va., worked in the college dining rooms during a crltica! labor shortage last year. Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scrip- Hires" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Christ cxprc.srit's God's spiritual, eternal nature" (page 333). • Ftoi fityibi Chttreh Has High Attendance The average attendance In Sunday school in the First Baptist, church, for February. 1946 was the highest ever in the history of the church for this time of the yea.r. The average was 762. Rev. E. Douglass Carver, pastor, will discuss "The Way of Life," during the morning service. The chorus choir will sing: "Lead On, O King Eternal," by Smart. The evening service will begin at 7:30, with the high school choral club singing several ^songs, some of which will be: "Heavenly Light," "Beautiful Saviour," "Battle Hymn of the Repiiblic," a Fred Waring arrangement and a Negro spiritual "Were You There?" Three soloists will appear on the tin; program, they arc Jack Dunham. Billie Hutchinson. and Miss Elizabeth Sturgeon. The chorus will be tiftfet th'e dM-eetf&i &! tfelte Scfteitta&en, who IS the tor of -the high school cfeontS, Blob. After'the chorus has givers th&^fe-, gram Rev. Carver will preacli, tying the subject: >mndlffig SuV cess Skillfully." This • sutfject Mil be especially appealing to yotfhg people. Nutrition classes for restaurafit' and boardinghoiise persotiiiel Srfj given by Red Gfoss instructor^/ TWt)R R 6 VFATRI ffH' "Dependable ^//-VEGETABLE LAXATIVE ' Phone 536 NOW OPERATING 601 S. CUYLER Business Appreciated . WE NEVER CLOSE Dependable and Courteous Service Announcemeni of Services FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 500 E. Kingsmill SUNDAY, MARCH 3 Sunday School v 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship : ... 10:45 a. m. Evening Worship 7:00 p. m. Morning Sermon Topic-"Why Read the Bible?" Evening Sermon Topic---"The Authority of Christ.".^ .. Young People's Meeting—6:00 p. m. We Invite You to Worship With Us BEAUFORD A. NORHIS, Minisler • ' \ t FOR WASHDAY WASHES '*%&$* < t They Blue While You Wash! S :: W ^^ ^jjli^s/rv^hilt^y^H.'^ Does not streak WHITENS! BRiiNTENS! 1 • ,JL« r«viV*V5/ ^^^^9^1 •SfSSgS?*., vnn n,,—i . *'»8kes are all ^~~~~ > ,.,uiie If* ^^^/rrf'^M « Think of it • • • dazzling white, snoivy white clothes every tinje!-"With no spoi$, no streaks! And with no tWa work at »U! that's tlie nesr-toirwle Blu-rWhrtePialtw bring you. No wonder it's a sensation Just dissolve BUi T White riake? in the wash water. They bttto while yqtt wash* No bluing finse needed* > GetBlu-Whjte'riakcs- oaly 10^-'to v day! If your dealejr 1 doesn't have it yet— it's oew. He' a * DAZZLING WHITE CIOTHES,WA&

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