The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 27, 1959 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1959
Page 9
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I t and Bf awrte County, Texas, Sunday, filept. 27,1969 TftiBRABOSPDRX fAGTS '*' from In One victory ahd one tie waft th* football count ,;after , last Thursday's grlttttori , double* header at Angleton. :. ! •'; '•••' Tht eton Jrs. Take 36-20 team outseored Alvin, 36-20, in jn opening gams'for the two Brworla County elevens In the Gulf Coast conference. , However, in thrnlghtcitfof that football twlnbili; Angle^ ton'i varsity -B': team played the Bay City 'B' team to a scoreless tie until ... With about sijt minutes to gc in the first half arid Angleton perched on the iVth, the llghti ^em/out at th«i Wildcat stadium and the game had to tw called off. Officials at both Angletor and Bay City are hopeful of replaying their 'B' teamr;dat< as jboth elevens carried unbeaten strings over the past two : years Into the game. 'At one time In the short con- teat, Angleton moved to thi Ettlll Cops Third Place In National Outboard Races . Dr. F. W. EsUll rtc.ntlr re from , Springfield, III., and Jh« Mailonal Outboard AMeelaHen ehamplonihlp races. .11 :, 1 . " P«w n »<»»«. •11 standings *I ih. class F rufatbout dlrliion but itw Ms hopes Jo top. • new record in th* class F h T dropl«n. brae ,*M 90 up wlih Us tnglm. ... / , , : .' -.i.. E Viv *!? '"<"»« >«P« A «n,th.hTdroplan« ehas. wh*n th* •ngrin* d*T*lop*d treubl* and his bid for a rteord 'Was stopp*dk' s • • . ' ' ' ' ' ' i. «J" 'J* *!? !onri J«rt lasl V*ar, E.tlll took «'<»h plae. In in* class P runabout. • ' '".•'• , i I , elaillc thli year. TOR MORE FUN ON YOUR NEXT DATE! OPEN 24 HOURS No 'where. ! :elte can. you have so much fun for such little cost/Shoes, ball and one lla* .for< you and your date. MaJtp anre on« of our H tJleyi" to open for jou , . . Oall BE ' 3-MM for reserva- ' Bon*' '' ' -"" ' ^ ' 1 -\ » < Ut«»t Seonnj equipment) da*. UsJke''sure one of our CLEAN SNAOX FREEPORT BOWLING LANES TARPON INN VILLAGE FREEPOET Bay City *ix only to lose the ball on a fumble. The visiting Bay City club failed to get Inside Angleton's 20 yard line. Angleton rolled Up ten *B' team victories last year.and have accounted for a pair of Wins this year. .;..-• •;:• th the Junior High date, Pat Hefferman and George Wayne Phillips sparked the Wlldklt- ten victory with five touchdowns between them, Heffernan got his first TD on • a ' four-yard drive, then raced 35 yards for number two and dapped off the night with a dazzling 85 dash after break Ing over right guard. Phillips rah a klckdff back 70 yards on Alvin for the long- esi run of the night and then added another TD on an eight yard run, ' The Wlldkltteh's other score came when Bob Barnes went nine yards. Such players as Jerry Gundy, Ronnie Slate, Danny Jones and Wlndell Been* turned In top games for the Angleton Juniors on both offense and defense. .. •-. •• - " The Wildklttens will now move Into Clute for a match against the Cougars, who spilled »>* City, 28-8 In the major upset on the first round Junior grid eard last Thursday. 1959Quoii~ Season'Might Open Earlier AUSTIN—Many Texan« may have the opportunity of shooting quail 30 days before the regular open season this year, according .to H. D. Dodgen, executive secretary of the Game and Fish Commission. He says he will recommend to the Commission meeting in Austin October 23, that quail season be opened In a number of counties under regulatory authority effective November 1, and extending to January 16. The season tinder the general laws is December 1 to January 16. However, reports from over the State indicate a tremendous quail' population in some areas this -year. Biologists on the ground recognize that there will be . a heavy. die-off because of lack of food unless many o^the .birds are harvest- "'"iesjB.artas.aome .-com- ., . . food. Many towns ii south-west Tex as Vejjort that: quail are coming on to the lawns in the city, looking for. grass seed. Blolo|gstr-«Jtwdrar public hearlags • In, regulatory areas have all heard the report of the excessive,'quail population NORTH, TEXAS* 1959 DOVE SEASON I T8 tttAI. . SOUTH ZONfe Oefoto I fo Novirffof Tfi j.. , «** J«»«'"eli«V!/t»«iDHi met* eaunfMt hiving Wrf«w1ng itiian whii 1 * '4 vill bt Odt«b«f 11» Novimbir 14, both dm meluiiv*. > j . ( • WHtTE-WINSED DOVES «nd rimiMi* dsvM, I3,ind IS. NO HWTfaS ptnnittf d m j«M raftraM and ' rtnrvii. SAME SANCTUARY Bag llmiteiQUhe coming Mourning and White- „, o^™ wing dove seasons are: Mourning doves, 10 per day wiiigf Sh SL»Wsa*8S!"ioftote danyd sffifi-^ 1 *»?".«*%:PS« in aggregate and not more than 10 may be Shooting hours are 12 Noon Until stiriset fair Mourning WHitewin* doves are possessed, thelimit is 20 birds Mourning doves on Sept 11, 13 and 15. Weat her Unset t led.... United Pr*Sf Intetttiitoaal Fishing activity along the Texas Gulf Coast has been spotty, but good "this week despite some : turbulence-;''.•>..! local squalls and tide*-which have been running- Up ta i:ia and one-half feet above normal. ;,.:..:.. .... _ .•;'••,-.; : The high Odes, in fart, s«em to have helped In fishing for reds in some areas , espe- dally along Gatveston's- Weit Br •• grass flats; In Chocolate Bay and somij—other_;points along the upper coast ' . Trout activity-has bgeji,good, too, In Trinity Bay where camp operator reported three " " , strings of 20 to 30 nica speck*. GET YOUR HOME READY NOW! WITH A FALL BUY YOUR FIX-UP PAINT-UP MATtRIAlS NOW AT REDUCED PRICES •PRATT & LAMBERT Trim and Shutter Point gal.; Reg.7.95 Now 5.95 •MASURY HOUSE Paint gal. 7.95 Now 6.25 • COLORIZER Paints, AH Types • SATIN LUMINAIL Interior Paint gal. 4.75 >, • PRATT UAMBERT'61'Porch and Floor . |J Varnish gal. 6,95 • Brushes-Canvas-WuH Paper 10% OFF ON ANY PURCHASE Which Will Be Donated To The CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICE STRINGFELLOW up to four pounds each. But other areas nave not fared as welt Local rain squalls around Port Aransas late in the week left the Gulf' turbulent and muddy, with tides running two and one-half feet above normal. A few fish are being taken -flttiB;Port Aransas bays, but conditions there generally are on the black side. Earlier, camp operator Bill Ellis reported schools.qf 25 to 30 'sails ' were sunning themselves .well off-shore out of Port: Aransas. One boat ; ran into a group of about 25, hung 10 of 'them and landed three tbjs week. Off : shbra condition , have been, "spotty, too, this week. Boats stayed in at Freeport on Thursday because conditions were not too good. The surf, too hUS been somewhat sandy and rough around Freeport. " Activity has been a bit better around some camps in Gal- vestoh" ; Bay. Conditions were improving late in the week at San Leon and Seabrook, and- providlng. that the weather cooperates-the situation should be fairly good lor-the. weekend. Panfish are hitting around Half Moon Reef out of Tex- - City and shrimping has been good in this area. There have been' some fair catches of specks and reds around Port O'Connor. Conditions here—-as at other points— aw "dependent on" what ' the weather does over the weekend. Forecasters are cautiously optimistic that conditions will GLASSUIED NAVY improve some the next few days. '•.'•..",. They call for clear to partly cloudy skies, mild temperatures and only a tew afternoon thundershowers for Saturday and Sunday. .Winds, loo, should let up some and ^vary.frbm around 10 miles;ajj hour up'tb 18 miles per hour.-' 1 -'" Hopeful of a highly successful Mason. -B-azorJa .Ci-iuntgr?* hUnttra public are ready; lor the or-eniaij. whistle of the 1959^0 ."biing bring 1 ' calendar. Step on the mad 'urn up, shoot'um down derby 'will take place at noon fhurs day, Oct. lot,' ivhsn.dwi: fsa- soft in the Southern /one oprdis. The opening Say. splash Will probably attract hundreds of c6unty hunters, having to wait Until after work to get in first round shots. Ten birds per day to each hunter will be allowed this year. Brazoria County G.ime Warden H. T. Mayne reported that the dove season, which runs through Nov. 19th would open at noon on, Thursday. All shooting Is due to end at sunset. The hours of noon to sunset apply to the entire season. According to Mayne, the current crop of doves Is perhaps the best seen In Brazoria County over the past years. Good feeding • arrt watering spots throughout the county and ent/re Gulf Coast have caused a large concentration of birrts in this section. Most of the doves are of large size and all things point to a successful season. According to other sources, some of the best hunting will nrohsbly come from the rice ff»'rt<! over the county. p nr countv hunters. Mayne arid, other of'irfals of the Texas Garni, and Fish Commission urge all snortsmen not to overlook the game laws. For persons hunting Inside this county, and they are resi- • dents here, they need no Hr- •nse. But, If they go ouMde .he county to hunt In other "srls of the Southern Zone, (buy must have a license. Before you take your gun from the rack, check to see if vou have a nlug. Only three -hells, including one in the *•«• are allowed In a gun by law. -Don't hunt on a piece of property unless you have permission from the owner. Don't fire near a home or In the direction 'hat might endanger some ner- on. Htouse or" even livestock. Also, hunting on a public road is prohibited by law and it's illegal to shoot from a mov- ducks, geese and other birds, have been tagged by the Texas Game and Fish Commission, these tags should be returned to the Commission in Austin telling when and where the bird was killed. Open Archery Season In 47 Texas Counties According to the Texas Qame and Fish Commission, there are 47 counties in Texas that have an open archery season on wild buck . deer, wild bear, wild turkey gobblers and javelins. The season In these counties runs from Oct. 1st to Oct. 31, both dates Inclusive. Brazoria County is not included, but the overall list of counties available to bow and arrow hunters has been posted at The Brazosport Facts. Archery fans wanting to know the counties are asked to call The Facts sports depart* ment. . SHE DIDNT VIEKKA (UPI) — Irian boy ldentifi«d only « Hani J. was sentenced to a month in jail ior jibbing his girl fri.nd in th* chest with a pin to SM if »h».woi» f«l- »Iei. Sht didn't. ••-.- ing vehicle. Brazosport Bowling News TUESDAY MOHHIMG WOMEN'S BOWLING LEAGUE 118 W. BROAD BE 3-4111 FREEPORT T*am Standings W The Spooks 7 Hi Balls ' Sj 2J Strike-Ettes 4 4 Pat Easley 3} 4} Toppers 3 5 Coasters 35 Cyclones ' 35 Fireballs 35 High Team Game* The Spooks Toppers The Spooks High Team Series The Spooks The Toppers Coasters High Single Ind. Gama Coral Graham Dodle Taylor Coral Graham High Ind. Serin. Coral Graham Margee Prey Florence Elliott Spills Picked Up Kitty Moy 5-7. ATTENTION!! i BOAT OWNERS ' STOBE YOUR MOTOR AFTER USING IT ALL SUMMER. HAVE IT CLEANED AND TUNED NOW BEFORT YOU STORE IT AND IT WILL BE READY FOR USE NEXT SUMMER. EXPERT REPAIR SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED BRUCE'S OUTBOARD SHOP I N. Gulf Blvd. BE 3-1S1Z ' : Freeport STAMP COLLECTORS ALBUMS 25c TO $10. STAMPS and ACCESSORIES SPORTVILLE CY 7-4851 105 N. PARKING PL. LAKE -JACKSON" Fastest Pump Gun We've Tested Fires 6 Shots in 3% Seconds! J. 0. Higgins Ii Go. Pump ,un 95 J. C. Automatic Shotgun Only SS 4mra 6F013-Shpf. Wt. 11 6F080- Shipping Welrht, 12 Ibs. • Has choke, rib, nameplate recoil, pad. Only fit down Model 56 with Choke-control and full length Ventilated Bib. Compensator Choke-control gives even softer recoil than standard model. Choke adjusts for all game. To fire rifle slugs —open to cylinder bore. Zippered Plastic Lined Bun Case 6F2159-Shpg, mil Wt. % fts. *t Side sling model in' tail vinyl lineo, with acetate fleece. Protective rubber tip. Sixes 40. 44, 48. si) Set of 6 Oversize Mallard Decoys 6Ffl7M-Shpf. y|88 Wt. 7 lb». *» Includes 3 drakes aad 3 hens. Tough waterproof molded fiber.' Each • decoy equipped with, anchor line loop. Matched Hunting Goat and Pants 6F81S3M Coat « f\« Shpj. Wt 4 lb» IV Coat Made of water repellent duck, colored brush brown. Plenty of pockets. 6F8i72M-PanU Wt Zlta. 1 os. ... WJW. PHONG BE 3-3577 TARPON INN VILLAGE OPEN 9 til 5:30

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