Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 26, 1963 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1963
Page 4
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Great Bend Man Wins Tourney « Hy HOP, CRKKIl A pull of sonic seven feet thai finally dropped in on the -15!h and last hole won the championship of (he annual Garden Cily Country Club Invitational ^olf tournament Sunday. SinlfiiiK the spectacular shot \va-i I)ale Howell. 28-year- old (Ireat Henri Hurh School rnathf.malicrt teachei'. (t brought a loud round of applause from the laiye gallery which had withered a I, the final tfree.n to wa.lch the show- flow n action. • Kxaclly 100 Koll'er!-< took ]>arl Howell finished just two strokes 0-hole rounds. Weather wa? hoi Saturday, but dilions were cooler ami near-ideal finish its last shots until 7:0.") p.m Th in the two-day meet, over par for the five Sunday's . The bijc . Sunday. playing field dii (Jrcat Ilcnd teacher was liny here for Hit- first I iin o Me had won I he c/ly championship meet (here this summer and thp Lake liar- ton Invitational. Howoll ha-s been on HIP Groat Bend High faculty for six yrars. Ilr also toadies the high school golfers. H'.mner up by just onn stroke was Hex Wade,. 30-year-old independent oilman from Liberal, lie had finished third last summer horn when Mahlnn Hrarl- ford won with a 180. Bradford ( IIAMI'MIVMMF' Pt.KillT .1. Pal" HMU-I-II c,f (!mnt Hi nd .17- n-:v.t-:', I-::.'. • 1S2: 'i. H<-x Wad.- c,f l.ilioral r,-:i&.!<7-::r,.:i7 ih'i; :M, itnii <irfKV "! (iroal Hi-mi :iii-:is-37.n7-:!B IM Hin) Tom Milrnlf of llonkrr <>kin. :!7-::s-ri7-:i«-:ie is-i: r.-r,. n.-nn Allen i,! I'nciiin. fntn. :n;-:i7-4fi-:ix-;i7 --US ninl .Ii.h-i nirlir-iHnn nf (iard.n C;ly 37-M-:!7-4l-:i7 IIS: 7-S. Cordon lYonc c.f Lukin :fli-:!(i-:is-:i7-:in i«i ami n:I.. Hub Incite of Colorado S|irlllK« '.'(do. 3»-:iS-S6-:i7-3!l - 1WI: n-lll Hoy Johnson of i.iiii'ia! TMw-TT-nri-M l!tl ninl Hk-i.!l Nl.-nl.'l of ririiiirron :iii-riR.:is-::n-4o nn- II-IL'. UNI Had- dirnn of Kalimla .'IH-.'l7-4l-:ili-4fi --l!>2 niMl John .lurk.-" of IXivr. Coin. ::7- •1U-.T7-:IH-.'III in:.': in. .loy<-.. llainin of I'lnlns 41-.'I7-,'I6-.'1K-I1 IH.'I; M-lfi. Nml F«vitflr of Dml);.; City :iii-40-.'l!l-4l- III — Iflfi n»d Lari v Friend of Olmarron , :i8--to-:i9-3n-io urn: ifi-i". c:.i;> fviiir-1 man. had to defeat Jim Kirk for the litle in n sudden d''ath playoff: all three lop finisher': hailed from Liberal. Kirk had entered apain t h is weekend, but had lo withdraw. He is moving to Ardmore, Okla. Bradford romneled attain, but wa.s far off his form of last year. He tied for fourth plane in the first flicht. carding IR-over-par 100 for his :iO holes. •[ Wade and Howell waged a down-to thc-vvire battle for the litle. On the final bole. Wade sank a putt of about nine feel —- for a birdie two. With Howell's ball some seven feel from the cuo. it appeared thp two would tie, then Rn into a sudden- death playoff. i But Howell fired his shot toward, the cun and it dropped in, after lingering on the rim for a moment of j Another Great Bend entry — Boh Gregg — shared third place. Ho is a 118-year-old worker for j an oil field service company.' GrpfiR tied 'Tom Metcalf, 47, : Hooker, Okla., farmer and grain- fclliflli of Card"-, City :U-I(I .III-.'!! 1 Ill IH7 niul Joi\ Viiuelin "f Llli.-nil ;iii::9-M-40-in --Ift7; IN. llamid ll-irrini;- tnn of Lihr.ral :)R-:I7-IL'-IL'-.!!I -IflS; \fl. Ji-rry Cnldwoll of (!ard-'t> Cily ::7- S!>-37-4f!--12--WI: 20 Eil Unit of Huli- Mtn 40-:iX-4.'l-41-44—Sflfi. OSU Golfer Has Best Score •SALINA, Kan. (AP)~ The pr- fessionals walked off with the prize money, but a college amateur shot the best score in the $7,000 Heart of Kansas golf tournament during the weekend. Dave Eichelberger of Waco, Tex., an Oklahoma Slate University junior, finished the 54-liolc tourney with a 13-under-par 200, a,ml collected a couple of trophies. .His coach, Lahron Harris Sr. They both finished with 184.! Because of the late hour, they; did not play off, but split the Garden City's John Diekerson, j fourth-place winner last year, tied for fifth Sunday with Dean Allen of Pueblo, Colo. Each shot 188. Diekerson, Allen, and Wade were the first-day leaders, each ; carding 1-over-par 73. W a d c wound up as medalist through a Sunday playoff. ; Wade and Dickerson had 37s on their first nine Sunday and; Allen dropped to a 40, eliminat-; ing him. On the second nine, i Wade won medalist playoff honors with a 30. Diekerson shot 41, his highest round of the five. After Sunday morning's round, Howell was several strokes off pace with a 113 or 27 holes. Wade had a 110, Gregg a 111, and Metcalf a 112. But the champion toured his TOP TWO at the Garden City Country Club Invitational left, and Wade, runner-up. rnm Photo Champion Dale Howell, How They Finished , ....,, . • t i .1 »., ,„,„ i finul two rounds in three strokes of SUIlvvater, picked up the $1,000 j un(|pr pflr _ wlljle Wndp g a bit: one over par for the final first prhi' and Ted Gwin of V^icliita $500 for second place among Iho pros. Harris and Gwin tied at 201,. t*en Harris won a playoff by pelting a birdie on the first extra hole. . They were followed by Pat Dolan of Fort Worth, Tex., with a 202; Kay Goodell, Kansas City, io-1; Bob Stone, defending champion from Junction City, 205; Chris Gers, Oklahoma City. 205; Don Sechrest, S'iliwatcr 206; Joe Jiminoz, Manhattan, 207; Bob Goetz, Tulsa, 208: Leon Andrews, Kansas City, 209. Second place among the amateurs went to .liiii Chew of Lyons, with a j^ood 20-1. Chew hit n hole- in-one Sundav ,'im Bullanl of Arkansas Cily, am ther Oklahoma State player, sliut L'OG. Former Yankee Sets Hot Pace WICHITA, Kan. (AP)—Former New York Yankee hurler, John G abler, paced the Wichita Glassmen Sunday nijiht in a (i-;i victory over Fairbanks. Alaska in the National Noti-1'ro Baseball Tounia- ment. (iabler allowed U hits but proved loujjli in the clutch and he collected three hits to drive in three r.ins. His batter.v mate. Hay Larkin, drove in the other three run. 1 ,. Wichita is the first team lo reach the fourth round of the double elmination tourney undefeated. In other yames Sunday, Chuck Ba^by, son ol former Cleveland Indian pitcher Jim Bajiby. tossed a seven-hittei as I'onchatoula, La., defeated Kdinlnirg, Tex., 7-2; Cherokee, O'\l;; eliminated Albu- i|uerque, N..M.. 4-'J: Kverett, Wash, knocked Providence. |{ 1 , out of the tournament. 3-L'; and .North I'latle, .Neb., ousted Watkins, la., --1. Defending Mo-Valley Champions Keep Titles LKXINliTON, Mo. (Al'i - I tending champions in the M^s \ alley senior tennis, tnunmni'iil rrlamcd their titles m Suiulax's tmal.s Fred Kt'i-ii nf Norman. Okla.. kept his, singles crown by bc-atmg i,rrald lVn\ <>i Springfield. Mo., '.', ij, li-0, 7-J l.euiiani 1'i'nsMT and Alex di"jrj; t . nl Kansas ClU repeated as doubles champions, defeating Bub Suton.s and Ed l,»rfing, Kan- jas, City, ti-3, t»-b 6-1. ' (•'lltST J-'I.KillT i t. K.-itli Allen r,r Wiley. Colo. «- i .'i7-;i!l-:i7 - till!; -. Bert Van.'.' of (Jnr. ! don Cily •Il-:i!l-,'l7-.|ir l. r )7: :i. Hill nf Liberal 40-:i!l-40-4l) - Ifill; -l-ri-li-7. Don CIciLion of in.vss.'H liK-ll- •l^-.'l'J --1I1I). Mahlon Hradfurd of I'ib- . i.nil 1U-:i7-l2-;i!) Hill. f:onlo:i U.'i.v of I)odi',e City . p l!l-40.-ll-III --Hid. and .lar- r\ ll,.s.i of Cm-den Cily 4U-:i!l-40-ll — Hill; X-'J. Fred Dirkeiwm of I^'xilll-'- loii, Nch. 40-4l-:i!l-ll —Hil and Wc.i llohb.i of I'lysseH 41-;iX-4l-ll-Itil: HI. I'.-te KehielTelhcin of Harden City : ;ix-il-m-l.'! Hi:!: 11-12-1:1. JMI1 de:i of Garden City 41-11-11-12- -Iti'i. Claud. 1 Myi.'l'H of Online City -I2-:1SI- •la-.l'J --Hifi. nnd Wall. W.-her of Ciar- il.-n City .||-.|U-1L'-I2 ---Iliii; M-lfi. Carl Heiitrup of Deerfield 4:i-:iil.42-12 —Hill and Harold C. It.dil of Liberal .i:!-:W- 42--I1! -•-Ilili; 1(1. Kirhard Strickland uf Liberal 42-40-4:1-41! -U17: 17-1X-1II Molly Iliown c.f Clniairon •l:l-,'i:i-4.'i-II UiS. Clii f Card.-n Cily -11-10- •ll-4:i — IliX, and Harry iM^e of Dodi;e Cily 40-:i!l-4r>.44 -HIS: 211. .lim Myers of bodno City .'i!M2-li;-4G--lljfl. SKCOM) l''l.l(ill'l' 1. Bill KwlliK of Liberal •! l-HI-.'ili-IO Hill; 2. .Inlin Hobinson of liurden Citv 41-II-HS-4:! IK!: .'!-!. Kyle In- Thrills Aplenty During Tourney man of Lakl:i .|:i-:i!l-:M-IS —KM and 18. Howell passed Wade on tllOil'aul Sjoilnl of l.inrden Cily 44-40.:is- •llrd hnli> will) n ivir-4- W'lrle ' 1 -~ lfij|; • r '- ltil1 Adams "f I.amar. i I.IMI 11011 WIU1 a p.ll 1, V\,Kll , f , ()1() . (4 .; in .., ; j. ;i!l _. 1B5; B -7. Harry : had a five. \ uoiwon of Kismet .|i-i2-tr\-:i8 --iiiii Each then parred thp 44lll liolclnud Clarene,. Merman of K"=>\gn M-. and each wniied <*, c «th. |oiii;;:;;,-^'.^:^:^;": 1 !^ 5 '"::; 1 ;;i A total of 414 9-bole rounds ! Fl-uiey of Lamnr. Colo. 4n-44.-i:i-ll --; vvnro nlnverl rtiirini' HIP fu'n M liS . »'"l Herb Settles of fianh-n City: i ni i (UIM "k II1C "™° .|i- l2-i:i-42 -- ICS; 11. Bob Holland nf days. Only four sub-pa r rounds cimarron 42-11-10-12 —ni: 12. Woody were recorded; par 3(i wasI Templar of Leoti •Ji-u-'i4-i:i 172; i::-' niltfliivl nn \A nHii.i- nr-n-icinnc I 14 - <'narles Kllrll (if Scull Cllv 41-Kf-l matched on 14 othei occasions. I . |;M7 __, 7;( nn( , Lloy ,, Hl Best rounds were a pair of 34s. One wa.s champion Ilowell's nexl-to-last nine. The other was the third round by Lakin's Kyle Inman — but he zoomed up to a 48 on bis next round in sec- and-flight play. UK" of Cilll- 4:i"i::-tii.41 —17:i; IS. Bob ard of DndKe City -lli-lfi- l:i-11 174: Hi. I'liiil of (iardrii Cily 42- -l-l-4:;-lli -170; 17, Unane While of LexillKlnn. .Neb. 4:i-W-|.|-f,0 177: 1S- 111.2(1 Clyde Heymer of l/aliin -lii-41- •i:i-witlidiwv. II..IIK 0nitty of (iard.n Cjt\ l2-4l)-wlllidrew. and 11 a r n I d Ynung of Liberal •lil.4:i-lii-willulrew Tlllltl) }'I.I(illT i.-2. Hnberl .lack.ion of Libeial .|1- •IU-11-lii UiS and Jack Sniilli of liar- den Cily 4:Mii-n-:is -~u;s. :i ,lue .. . . . „ . linlclier of Ciniarruii 4li--i:i-:i!l-l I that on his opening nine batur- j |,;.| ; . ( ..--,.,•,. namid stun, r ..i (iard.-i ' ("ity 4,')-44-42 Id - 171. John O. Austin if Harden City i:i-ll. lf>-:!'.i 171. and Sunday's neat putting on the final green which determined the championship of the annual Garden City Country Club Invitational was the highlight of the two-day meet. i But plenty of other thrills were i furnished for local links buffs by Hran'. 1 the four lowc r flights. Those 0 competitors who missed qualify-! ipg for the title round played j just M holes each. Several of i the flight finishes were as close | as the main show. | Crowned champ of the flr«t flight • by a single stroke was; Keith Allen, 34-year-old h omc J remodeler from Wiley, Colo. He | carded 15(5 strokes for hi s four! 9-hoIe rounds, over par for that route. His best rounds were his second and fonrth when he shot 37s, each just one ..stroke over | par. I Garden City attorney Bert! Vance took second in that flight with 157. Third went to Bill Jacques of Liberal with 159. Four golfers tied for fourth with KM) at the end of regulation 18 holes. They were Don Gleason of Ulysses, Mahlon Bradford of Liberal, Gordon Day of Dodge Cit'y, and Jerry Hess of Garden City. They went into a sudden-death playoff. five to win the playoff. Bradley got a seven. Jim Holloway of Liberal won fourth place with 176. Here ar e the flight results: Garden flty Telegram Monday, August 26, 1963 Four Games Ployed Allen. . . .first flight Howell had a one-under-par 35 j on his final nine. Wade matched ', day. Golfers took part from 23' Jowns in four states: Kansas, i Colorado. Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Twenty-five played from Garden City, 14 from Liberal, 13 from Dodge Cily, and 10 from Cimarron. I.amar, Colo.. Ulysses, a n d Lakin eacji entered four, while Scott City, Great Bend, and Satanta entered three each. T w o golfers each registered from Leoti. Lexington, Neb., I'lain.s, and Kltinwoml. One each came from Meade. Deerfield, Ensign, Kismet, Wiley, Colo.. Hooker, Okla., Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver. 1 17 sports slate . .n .MOMMY .:: 11 IS \u St\ I. J.IMI. .« l.llllll- .11. Ihndl.-t (.'ill Kl.-!.i i l-'lr-l .">!• i d nl'lrv Jam- - N.i Sl> ie Shu" Si Sale Co. ul 'J lj Kan.-l.- P 12-411 - 171. John O. City i:;-ll.lf>-:!'.i I M.C. (Mac) Mcl.ain of (iardell City I.'i-i:i-l2 41 - 171. 7 (ioidun Ob, rlicini ..f Lenli 4:i-l.i-ll-ll 17:1. S-!l Julin Hawk of Canle-i City -la-IJ-l l-l:i I7"i and Hub Well.- of Canlen Ciiv 4il- •l2-ll-4li 17.". lll-ll-l:: .lohll liny, r ..f Scntt Citv -I.". i:i.i:;-4"i I7ii. i:.-ini. H'rit'on of Cimarron -I.'.• Hi-12-44 17.1 and Tuck llla.-s" of Citv 42- ll;-ia'i uf |)odi:e Cily -l. r .-1".- II- III \\", If. linn Iliinl.-r uf rix.-.'cs -ir, l-l-l.l- III |v| : 'HI Hill (!n"< uf Scull Ciiv -III. IH-lii-.'iii IS.'i I7-1S Hap lifviner uf t.-iktll •l:l-l.".-.". 1 _ > -lli ISli and ,lai 1, Kill.,11 uf Plains -I', II Till -47 ISii- Id Hal. l>a\i.i-j f Ci-n:iri..ii -i: 1 -ir.-r.'i- 17 Is7- I'll \\'a\ne JacKa uf Cim- at lull -I.".- I.".- II \vilhdivw 1(11 It I'll VI. Kill T T.lnvd K.-l.lma-i uf 42 ,"0 17'.' '.!-:< H'red Ca-l.-i IIM- nf :e Cllv I'l 47-4'!-l.'l 17.". a'.-l Vln uf liberal n; i". ii r] llnlluvvav nf I di. - ,1 ;-ll- ii r.-ll llh-lr'ld ll-o '-'M". U II 177 i' I Mai uf l.aniHl-. c .' II -I.' 7 < iiui. n ' i.i'' ., .-f 12-111- I'MI 17S :ei ! lla' • k.,,,11 uf,- Cm -V1-47- M C\ Spi i;i :fi. Id uf al. II - ri-4.'i IMI 1" I.a^ Liber it 4I1--I7-M-I1 !M. ,.s I!-hail ,.' I in. ,:• ( olo IS'l and Ivih K-(iii.'l uf ir.-ll-i.". ivi- I'l Hene i eat H. nd I.T-'.i' .11 of I ii -in,I V,,n M. 1^ 11-47 <M f |iud .•- Cil\ '..Mil. l.une ,.f -• 1< H--1. s- 7 i.).",l - I'lS i.l--" Citv '.1 -"i .- CIlllH.-!! of 11 h -1 r. w Bounce Shot Expensive One JOl'MX. Mo. (AIM—,Iim Hat fu 1 Id. of .Ni'oslio. luuiui thi' birdli 1 that hi 1 sciircil on th t . Slii-yard par 5 huh 1 at I ho Joplin Mr.mii-ipal Golf I'onrsi' -SaUin'as xvus a littli> I'xpcn.sivo. llatt'ii'lii thought In' .us luck\ when hi 1 luuiki'd a loir.; <invi' out ovi-r I' S. li.i and tin 1 ball bit tlu 1 >Miuisliu'lil of an uiu'omiim cur und I'UKuui'd back unto thi 1 lair\\ ay. Hi: luck changed uhi'ii l!u> driver appeured and demanded tiiat MaUield pay 1'or an expensive i ne* windshield. Gleason - ty member flight here the fourth first extra Day and - Ulysses High facul- who won Hie third last summer — took placp playoff on (lie hole with a birdie. Bradford each shot par-5, and Mess carded a (i. In the second flight, the winner by three strokes with a 1GO total was Bill Ewing, 37. Ue is manafier of Southwest Hell Telephone Co. at Liberal Garden City's John Robinson took sec- j ond with 1(53. i A sudden-death playoff was necessary to determine t h i rd ! aler Paul Sjocial o Garden and! Kyle Inman of Lakin each fin-! ished with KM. Kyle shot par-5 on the fir-"I hole to win it. dnl wa.s out of bounds with his tee %hol. | Third - flight championship was determined in spectacular fashion. Hubert Jackson, 38. a Liberal retail liquor store operator, finished in a tie with Garden's Jack. Smith in regulation play. Each carded UiS. '• On the first extra bole, Smith's: third shot wa.s about one foot short of the pin — for what | would have been a birdie on the par-ii h o 1 e. Jackson bettered that. lie chipped in rom some . that. He chipped in from some 15-20 feet away for an eagle and the flight crown. riiiiaiTon's Joe Butcher took third, one stroke back at 169. 1 Three tied tor fourth place at 171. They were all Garden Citians: Harold Stoner, Dr. John 0. Austin, and M. C. (Mac) Me- 1 Lain. All three carded lover par 6 on the lirst extra .hole. Stoner then won o.i the No. 'i hole with a 1-over-par five. Austin and Mcl.ain both had sixes. Tourney veteran Lloyd Fcld- man of Meade won the fourth- Iliyht championship, carding 172. His second round of 50 strokes ruined his chances for a higher linivi Fred I'asterline of Dod.ue l'ir\ and Euycne iKed) Bradley of Liberal tied for second at 17i. Both parred the No. 1 hole in sudden • death playoff. 0^ | par-4 No. 2, Casterlme shot I Johnny Pott Turns Back Palmer's Bid AKRON, Ohio CAP)—"Arnold's done it to me so many times that I knew it was my turn and I had to win," Johnny Pott said after turning back the challenge of Arnold Palmer and winning the $50,000 American Golf Classic. Pott, a drawling, 27-year-old from Cape Girardearj, Mo., said his cenfidence didn't waver Sunday as he forged a closing round 35.35—70 for a 276 total and a four-stroke lead over Palmer. The victory earned him $9,000 and was his first tournament triumph of the year, boosting his earnings to $23,115. Palmer collected $4,600, which raised his 1963 earnings to $101,555, making him the first golfer to earn more than $100,000 in official money for one year. Pott started the Classic with a 67 for a first-round tie with U.S. Open champion Julius Boros and Miller Barber. Another sub-par 68 Friday put him on top alone and a 71 Saturday 'gave him a one-stroke lead over Palmer, who had a sizzling 66 in the third round. Arnie's army was out en masse Sunday in the crowd of 10,070 which trampled the magnificent 7,165-yard Firestone Country Club course, waiting for Pott to fold under Palmer pressure. The LSU graduate, who has been on the tour for seven years with only three previous victories, refused to yield. He bogeyed the first hole and fell into a tie with Palmer, hut regained his 'advantage with a birdie on the second hole. To add to the triumph, Pott's four-round total of 276 tied the course record set by Palmer last year. Palmer shot a 37-36—73 for an even par 280. Boros finished third with a 281 to earn $3,000 and Dav e Hill, shooting a closing 34-35—69, ended with 232 and $2,600. Masters and PGA champion Jack Nicklaus and British Open champion Bob Charles, the idol of I the left-handed swingers, tied for fifth place with 283 totals and won $2,200 each. Last Minute Entry Winner WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. (AP) Third-time champion Mrs. Anne Quast Welts and her victim, teenager Peggy Conley, hadn't planned to enter the 1963 Women's National Amateur Golf Tournament. But both 'got plenty of mileage out of their decisions, Mrs. Welts winning the 36-hole final Saturday 2 and 1 over the high school junior from Spokane, Wash. A previous winner in 1958 and 1961, Mrs. Welts' decision was made for her by her husband of two months. He is an attorney and she a history teacher at Mt. Vernon, Wash. High School. Mrs. Welts, 25, was a last-minute entry Mrs. Welts had played in only one other tournament, the Western Women's Amateus since last fall. Miss Conley, 16-year-old chubby, freckle-faced darling of the galleries, tasted her first major tournament when she got to the semifinals of the Western Junior girls event. She was beaten in the finals of the recent National Girls Tournament and decided to try the National Women's only because Albany, N.Y. is only 34 miles from Williamstown. Big Crowd For Softball Garden City Co-op, Rced-Stine-j metz Excavators, and Garnand i Furniture scored second-round' league slow-pitch softball wins: at Fansler Field here Sunday! night. ! A preliminary game to the ! triple-header matched two teams of former softball players. | One of the,, season's largest crowds turned out for the four, game card. About 500 fans were on hand. In the opener, Co-op scored a key 11-6 victory over Christenscn Grain of Pierceville. Co-op had won the first round, and Pierceville is a leading second-round contender. Co-op had a 13-8 hitting edge. Mickey Mantle Will Prep for World Series Ewing. . . .second flight NEW YORK (AP)—Under the New York Yankees' master plan, Mickey Mantle will do little or no paying the rest of the season —but will devote the last five weeks to 'getting himself into prime condition for the World Series in October. Manager Ralph Houk said as much in an interview with The Associated Press today concerning Mantle's future. "I'd like for Mantle to play a :.inie in September," Houk said, "ard there is a possibility that he may. However, 1 am not going to take any chances with that loose cariilage of his. "It's there and it can pop at any time. . .just by getting out of the dugout, even. "Frankly, I am more interested in getting Mickey in shape for the World Series This is my prime objective, my master plan." Mantle except for several pinchhit appearances, has bean out of the Yankee lineup since June 5, when he broke a bone in his left foot climbing the cea^r field wall in Baltimore's Munici-1 pal Stadium. He was hitting .308 at the-time. The foot has healed, but another iniury in the form of a lo si; cartilage in !>is left knee was discovered in the meantime. This ! s what has kept the Yankees' siege gun out of the line-up. "Naturally I'd love to have M:-ntle in the line-up," said Houk. "But he's simply not ready. ' The foot appears completely healed, and the knee is gradually getting better. But it's slow prog- r.^3, and there's always a dan- er that something might happen to set him bacK " The loss of Mantle was expected to greatly damage the Yankees changes of repeating as American League champions. Happily for w ( uk and his men, it hasn't turned out tha» way. The Yankees were in first place by a few percentage points but trailed the Orioles by one-half a game when Mickey was sidelined. Instead of losing ground, the Yankees, in an all-out team effort, have spread-eagled the rest ot the field. In 84 games without their No. 1 slugger the Yankees have won 56 and lost 28, a 667 percentage. Leroy Rupp, Bruce Westwood, and Marion Melts each hit a double and single for the winners. Dave Fowler homered, doubled, and singled, and Jerry Roth tripled. For Pierceville, Gene Sloan doubled and singled, and Doug McGraw and Lorcn Cronin each singled twice. R H E Co-op .... 101 033 3 —11 13 6 i P-Ville ' 012 000 3 - 6 8 7 i Second game was a thriller, Welders Supply 5-4 with two out in the bottom of the seventh and final frame. The count was tied 4-all. Ron Kauman reached base on an error and scored from second on Ken Kisner's single to win it. The winners made just on : error and were outliit by 7-11, i Gary Palmer singled three times for Reed-Stinemetz, and Joe Drelling got two singles. For the losers, Dav e McDaniel homered and singled, and Tom Karle singled twice R H E Welders 012 100 0 —4 11 S Excavators 000 040 1 —5 7 1 In the final game, Garnand bombed Kunz Mobil Service 19-3, making just one error. Th e game ended in five frames because of the 15-runs-ahead rule. Garnand got 12 runs in the second inning on 12 hits. For the full night, th e winners rapped out 19 hit s — including lo for extra bases. Kunz managed just five hits, including a Corky Tabor homer and a double by Don Harris. Leo Eck homered twice and tripled or Garnand. Jim Neiman doubled twice, and singled. Waily Bascue and F'rank McGaughey e^ach singled twice and doubled. Les Peck triple and singled. .1 H E Garnand — 5(12)0 02 —19 19 1 Kunz 1... 210,.00—3 5 5 Winners of the oldtimers game were the "Boy Wonders," coached by Norm Thompson and Roy ' Nolder. They defeated the "Ageless All-Stars" 13-0, playing errorless ball. Al Dreiling and Earl Barton coached the losers. For the winners, Harold Kitch singled twice and doubled, and Harold Hartley hit two homers. Jim Zufoeck and Julius Stegman each singled twice. The Wonders had a 9-5 hitting edge. Elmer Brungardt and Deane Wiley each singled twice for the losers in the five-inning game. Ladies' Tourney Slated Tuesday Dean of Dartmouth's coaches is gob! pro Tommy Keane who ctarted instructing Big Green linksmen in 1922. Wins Top Money OGDEN, Utah (AP) — Kathy Whitworth of Jal, N.M., shaking off early round jitters, came from behind Sunday to win top money of $1,300 at the Ogden LOPGA Golf Tournament. John Kobs retired as Michigan State baseball coach after the 1963 campaign. In his 39 years h t had only four losing seasons. Women golfers from throughout the region will converge on the local course Tuesday for the annual Garden City Country Club Invitational Tourney. That meet runs just one day, Louise Robinson and Gen Stoner are co-chairman. Golfers in all four flights play 18 holes each. Eighty-eight golfers have entered from Garden City. Jaycee Airlinks, Dodge City C 6 u n t ry Club, Dodge City American Leg i o n Course, Colby, Liberal, Meade, Sublelte, Cimarron, Oakley, and Hugoton. Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third places in each flight. A medalist prize will also be given. Tee-off time is 7:30 a.m., using the shotgun system. Maroyn Chmelka won the tourney in 1960 and '61, and ' Marion Hess was champion in 1959. Last year's champion was Arlena Hurst. Jackson. . . .third flight Suffers Break CHICHKSTEK England (AP) New York racing enthusiast Tiimny Hitchcock was scheduled to see an orthopedic specialist today fur treatment of a broken back bone suffered Saturday in the British Tourist Trophy auto race. MOTORCYCLE RACES 200 MILES OF ROAD RACING AT THE GARDEN CITY AIRPORT LABOR DAY — MONDAY, SEPT. 2 Road Racing starts at 1:00 P.M. One 50-miler; and one 100-mile Grand Prix 200 fastest U.S. Riders on World's Fastest Motorcycles from all nations Professionals and Amateur on 2-mile air strip. Sanctioned by the American Motorcycle Association. Largest and best motorcycle road racing program ever held in Western U.S.A. FOR FUN, THRILLS and EXCITEMENT See the trill-packed show of a lifetime and 10 AMERICAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in action

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