Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 17, 1947 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 17, 1947
Page 8
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lihllf e o! Pampan Oklahoma City was received here recently , June It, 1&47 •- of L ' p ' « Okla.ioma. who was the Iburial services at a Tokyo temple >J'lV>*l.t IVJl I IVJ., W 1 IM VV f\i1 l>l tU -m-U\w of Mrs. Harold Don, 418 Crest, ni ihr will Roger;-. Memorial Hospital Oklahoma City. Elwell, who was a 32 Degree MTi- son, died lost Monday at 4 p. m. following a short illness. Grade Reports By GRACIE ALLEN that the professional storytellers of Japan are going to hold for twenty year old stories which have 1 been rou- rlemneci as undemocratic. Now that is certainly some- thin'. I sure wish we could do that over liere with our unfunny stories—and that, nil niter-dinner F.pea- kers would be forced to act as How nk'e it would be (o stroll tiirr.uah n joke cemetery and read hundreds of tombstones' with such inscriptions. ;is "Here Lii-s the G. *\- r pr and the Yo-Yo" and "Here Lies! the Traveling Saleman —' " of Huelyrv Laycock Dies in Shamrock Hospital Tuhoral service.- were planned for 4 p. m. today pf. Dnr.-'er for W. M. Laycock. nboul (50. who (Her! at noon yesterday in /h n Shamrock General Hospital. Thn fa'luv of Hiiolyn I,avcnek. Gn.y County Miprrintrndent of ......... ,.,„.,. schools. Mr. r.avrrtck been :i tllr Traveling Snleman and the j ar(;ued. llic law under which Woods rrsident. of the Abrcv communily i Farmer's Daughter." T suppose. I was arrested is void. for the 3<> vr\rs ' ' though, we'd have (o put those last, I The motion was overruled by Figures in Court (fate ABILENE— (/P)— Failure of Texas Legislature to redistrict the state after the 1930 and 1940 federal censuses figured in a whiskey possession trial in Taylor County Court which may go before the Court of Criminal Appeals. The trial concerned George Woods, charged with possession of whiskey for the purpose of sale in a dry area. His attorney moved that the case be quashed, contending that Woods was being prosecuted under a law which had not been legally enacted. Article G66 of the State Penal Code, the law in question, prohibits sale of whiskey in dry territory and was passed in 1935 by the 44th ahd amended in 1937 by the 45th. the motiofc reads. Since the 44th and the 45th and all other legislatures since 1930 hnrl not obeyed the constitutional mmuh'tr. to redistrict. the motion Surviving ;m: 'his v.ifo. six child- f ' vVO '.'luii'actcrs in .separate graves ten. Hiirivn of Pninpa, Mrs. Nn;h Thompson, and sons. Raymond. Kenneth. Uoberl. and Koyce. Four grandchildren al.w survive. MAG NETO REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF BROS. ELECTRICAL COi (o keep Uir censors from complaining! Mv only fear i.s that Ihi.s arrangement would .start a new type of;,'. Sinister underworld characters would peddle shovels to night-club comedians so they could sneak out at night and dig tip the dear departed. Texas Ranks Fifth in Nation's Crime Wave County Judge Wiley Caffey. who fined 'Woods $200 plus court cost on n plen of guilty. Woods' attorney served notice of appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeals. r HORIZONTAL i 1,8 Pictured screen actor 34 Transferee IS Imagine 1 6 Stratagel.r 17 Shower 19 Expires 20 East (Fi,) 21 Individuals 22 Sc- Governor PAMPA MONUMENT CO. Cemetery Memorials EH FOflAV, Owner GOJ. K. Harvester Phone 1152 At.f.SThV -..TP--T.:.XHS ranks in the nalic-u's .'urr r 'Ht and l fifth ff'nut iniH-tl Kn.>in I'ntrr M of the comptroller totalled $4,1307,000. Bob Calveit. chief clerk nf the comptroller's office confirmed that Sneaker W. O. Reed had sent seven bills back to Sherjpard. with a let- iter suggestion that the attorney general be asked for a ruling as to their present status. 26 High cac-d 2P Hindu r)iiccn 30 Worries 33 Article 34 Rough lava 35 Symbol for thoron 3fi Fi-om 37 Strict 39 IWtistrlino ' mamnifil 41 Donkey •12 Fish oggs 43 Bitter vetch 43 Coal scuttles •iy Knock 52 Location . 54 Medley 55 Tissue 56 Solid (comb. form ) 58 Welcomed GO Merited 01 Calces sad VERTICAL. 1 Merchandise 2 Son of Tro.s 3 Hearken .4 Sheltered side 5 Preposition 6 Airplane 7 Intend . 8 Cotton mills 9 Paid notice JC Crimson 11 Spat 12 Solar disk 13 Bird's home 18 Id est (ab.) 24 Approaches 25 College officials 2G He also is a radio 27 Book 28 Short-napped rubric 29 Emmet t ~ *• M/ '„ n 3 r s ! .i>r > 31 Dutch city 32 Indian weight 38 Church festival 40, Rounded 43 Essential being 44 Cosmic order 45 Cou-l 46 Oleum (.ib.) •47 Excavotes 48fcailbird 50 banish measure 51 Cushions 53 Sea eagle 55 Scatter 57 Eye ($cot.> 59 Diminutive o) Edgar > ii"' 51 ISO .•( 13 Cadillac Ambulance Service Phone 400 Duenkel-Carmichael We regard it as our sacred duty to give prompt, correct filling of your doctor's prescription. WILSON DRUG 2 Registered Pharmacists on Duly 300 S. Cuylcr Phone GOO Acer;-, ) is in ci!;iri;e of I he S;m Antonio FIJI Field Office. e.\- pre.s-ccl concern over the public ul- t:ti;d" Unv.u'd tiv crime wave. "We find in many piaces a feeling oi iinrci 4 .. readjustment, a some- thin.u-t'or-nothiiii; complex on the part of some find a ycneral feeling oi di.s:;.itisfnction," he said. "Many persons frankly admit their uncertainly ovor tin 1 future They arc prone to ;H. hack and wait for things to huupen \Vith a calloused and toughened attitude, without ex- pe-ctinq- too much." He viewed til? national behavior pjittern as indicatiiif; in some respects "a general breakdown of the American home." "When that happen;; mere is real cause for alarm." he added, "We in the law enforcement profession sincerely hope thai, this war's delinquents will not become the gany- siers of tomorrow," i comptroller because of Texas' "pay| as-you-go" constitutional provision i which requires that money be on j hand or in sight with which to pay j for armroprlations. I Included in these measures were j a $1,500.000 grant for koil conscrva- i lion. $1.000.000 for a cancer hospital 1 at Dallas. $1,000,000 for expanding iLamar College at Beaumont'into a j Senior Technological College and ' 6800.000 for n new University of Texas medical center at San Antonio. Should the comptroller raise his estimate of available revenue, or should Gov. Benuford H. Jester trim enough from the $42,000,000 departmental appropriation bill, some authorities think the comptroller could then certify the, bills now on his desk. REAL ESTATE LOANS ;:,FHf*- ;,•£•" ; Conventional Security Federal Savings /•and! Loan Association •- Military In addition ysu know the complete cost in advance/ and you can arrange insurance locally wherever you wish. First National RESOURCES EXCEED * 'A ^^|v ^ $1(^^0.00^ H3nK ^ ; Member FDIC CAR -f N : E WAY (Continued From Pair? 1> to work out thcir> own destinies in their oxvn way—unless their moral leadership is snupported by strength. "Weakness on our part would stir fear among small or weakened nations that wo were giving up our world leadership. It would seem to them that \ve lacked the bill to fulfill our pledge to aid. free and in"dependent nations to maintain their freedoms, or our commitments to aid in restoring war-torn economics. "In such an atmosphere of uncertainty, these nations might not bo able to resist the encroachment of totalitarian pressures. "We must not let friendly nations go by default." The President .said universal training is "vital to the national welfare." He declared: "Universal training represents the most Democratic, the most economical, and the most effective method of maintaining the military strength we need. "It is the only way that such strength can be achieved without imposing a ruinous burden on our economy through the maintenance of a large standing armed force." A report by a. presidential commission recommending a universal training law has been forwarded lo Congress, but no action is expected at this session. The President suggested a program for "tlie systematic training" of civilian employes once they have entered the public service, both "on the job and on the campus." He aclded-that the nation's schools must "train future leaders in all fields to understand and concern themselves with the expanded . of government, and—equally important—to sec the need for effective administration of the government's business in the public interest." Read The Pampa News Want AUs BEAR Wheel Alignment NOW IS THE TIME , . . . Let us put your car in shape for the vacation driving ahead. No matter how large or small the job, you can be sure it will be to your liking as "your satisfaction means a lot to us/' ESTABLISHED 1927 CULBERSON CHEVROLET CO. YOUR REPAIRS on the BUDGET PAY PLAN 212 Worth Ballard 366-PHONE-3$7 Pampa, Texas You'll Like Our Service Tax Veto (Continued Kroin I'aqr U and elect' jjhilosophy of the now discredited New Deal. This philosophy was repudiated by the American people last November, and I am confident i; will be repudiated again and even more emphatically in 1943." Mr. Truman's l.SOO-word message to Congress yesterday said (Al the bill is "the wrong kind of tax re- duction at the wrong time," (B) that it is unsafe from the standpoint of government finances, (C) that it, would add to inflation, (D) I ha I the $4,000.000.000 is needed for debt retirement, and (E) that the bill would benefit the big taxpayer more than thpsc "In the low income brackets. 1 ' The President held out hopes for future tax reductions but whether this should occur in 1948 he did not say. Head The Pampa News Want Ad» A i Hew BUI Le am Positions in Air AUStlN-ffyrj — I>6feS Tefc&s still have Its Veterans State Service Office, or doesn't it,? State officials are not sure. Gov. Bcauford H. Jester signed a bill last week creating a new Veterans Commission. The measure provides for absorption of the State Service Office when the new law is effective. The new law was Immediately effective when Jester signed it. But the new commission has not been appointed. The State Comptroller now wonders whether he may legally approve payrolls, expense, accounts and maintenance bills for the State Service Offices, which according to a literal interpretation of the law- has been abolished. The question is expected to go to Attorney General Price Daniel for settlement. Wallace (Continued' From 1'aca 1) loan to the Soviet Union, Wallace added: "We must overcome this red- phobia which the reactionaries would carefully nurture In all of us." "Our hopes for a strong UN rest on our ability to make peace with the Soviet Union," he said, and then reinserted a sentence he had edited out of his prepared address. It said: "It should be easier to reach an agreement with a valiant a'.ly than with the dictator In Argentina." THREE INTOXICATIONS Three men were assessed fines of $10 each on charges of intoxication and one man was assessed a fine of $10 for disturbing the peace in Corporation Court this morning. TULSA, Okla. —(/P)— Crude oil production In the United States averaged 5.117,890 barrels dally during the week ended June 14, an increase of 40,750 barrels overt the previous week, the Oil and Gas Journal reported today. ' Commission no ri&tifcanent fofttf $Jn In effect ftt now 'and that city employes do not Have to fay social security, i • In addition, MfttthMte said, he has had several cotnpfidhts from business men that city eihploy'es ate behind in their*payments of bills. In checking over the complaints the city manager said he found that most of the causes arose from em- ployes .either being in the hospital or having members of their families tinder medical care, and as a result, fell behind In payments .of drte bills. With th» average'city em- ploye receiving $176 a month it is hard for him to meet unexpected heavy hospital bills and regiflar expenses, Matthews added. " Shortly before the hospitaltea- tion bid advertisement was given the green light, the Commission heard representatives from the Austin Western Sweeper Company and thn Elgin Sweeper Company. Because the present sweeper Is not capable of cleaning" the entire city as often and thoroughly as It should and because it has to use two dump trucks to follow It, the Commission agreed a r>dw sweeper was needed. No specific delivery date was promised by either company except the Elgin representative said he might be able to deliver the sweeper in about four or five months providing he would have an order cancelled. Near the close of the morning session the Commission went over the monthly bills that were neglected during the last meeting when ,the city electricians were called In PHARMACY Is Our Profession Frt» Prescription Delivery ""BXPEBT'TBVSS FITTING SURGICAL SUPPLIES PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY | 119 Vf. Kingsmill Phong 1920 Camp Commands ant AwUianis Go <m Trial DAdliAtJ, Germany Schoepperle, WHO fcoffiifiaiided" &fti of the establisrunehts at the-MftUt* hausen C6ncentration Camp, Went on trial today with 11 of hw ftSsld* tents before an America*! -WM • Crimes Court. :•' • They were accused of mass mnr 1 - dcrs. beatings and electrocutions. A witness swore that Scho«pp*He gave an order for one stafvittg Jin* soner to be beaten and ,thf$&ft against a high fehsioh wife tot stealing a crust of bread.' "' to discuss the electrical, ofdififtttee now'in effect here. The bills Were, as a result, forgotten by the efttti'e Commission and. brought up this morning for approval. . -.;..'. Read The News Classified Adi For Sale 1941 Chevrolet Truck High Torque Motor Two Speed Rear Axle McWilliams Motor Co. • Fhonc 1562 Thompson Glass & Paint Co. lit) W. Foster Phone 1071 WEEK TO SAVE WITH SAFETY! GENERAL'S FAMOUS BIG SAVINGS TRADE-IN SALE! SAVE UPJTO ON TOP-QUALITY TIRES & TUBES Cheap tires at a cheap price are never a bargain. These are Top- Quality GENERALS. And you save ;.. not 1 0% ... not 1 5% ... but up to a full 25% on tire and tube! YOU'LL HAVE TO ACT WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. This is the final week for savings which have attracted more new customers to our store than any similar event in our history; No wonder! Our profits are cut to the bone and our Factory has authorized extra liberal trade-in allowances to get you off your risky wartime tires and rolling on new, rugged Top-Quality rubber. Real non-skid safety for wet-weather— extra blowout protection for th« hot days ahead. COME INI YOU CAN COUNT ON THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN GENERAL TIRES Af savings of 85 PER — TIRE Minimum amounts you save per lire . ;.. depending on condition of original treads or recaps SHU GRfATCR ALLOWANCtS OH FULL Sftt A.OO-15 6.50-15 7.00-15 6.00-16 6.50-16 7.00-16 7.50-16 3.80 to 8.20 4.60 to 6,25 5.10 to 6.95 3.90 to 5.30 4.70 to 6.40 5.20 to 7.15 10.15 ALL MAKES RECONDITION EO USED TIRES COOP RECAPS IAR9AIN SPARES Our bargain racks are bulging with good *trvic«abl« tred<Mn* takon in during thli Salt; W«'r« anxloui to move th«m. You can g*t your miliag* at half pricf whilo wailing far your n«w car, Say* vp 19 $0%! niVIC TIDE PflliDlUV III Alt lint bUmrANI 417S.Cuyler i\.-. • rt

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