Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 14, 1971 · Page 6
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 6

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1971
Page 6
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V-DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Wednesday. April 14, Eagle Pass Eyes Urban Renewal Plan EAGLE PASS-Neighboring city to the south, Eagle Pass, indicated in a City Council meeting Tuesday night that it will probably enter into an Urban Renewal program within the very near future. Eugene Kochtik of the Fort Worth office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development outlined for the city fathers how they may use their nearly $2 million per year of Model Cities monies to gain credits in Urban Renewal. According to Kochtik HUD will match locally spent money on a three to one basis, indicating that a large portion of the federal money already being received by Eagle Pass through the Model Cities Program can be matched by another government outlet. Model Cities Director Harold Hausman commented at one point that within a short time, the combination of monies could easily amount to nearly $10 million. Council members listened in awe, as the renewal expert explained that Eagle Pass could qualify with very little trouble for the Urban Renewal assistance. They must show that at least 20 per cent oTthe housing in the target area to be renewed is substandard. "Eagle Pass would have little or no difficulty doing this," he said. In order to begin the program the city must pass a referendum, according to Kochtik. "This has been a problem for major cities who <have been defeated as much as four to one," he said. Kochtik stated that, "Urban Renewal is the worse kind of political football." Mayor Auturp Flores told the council that if the city did finally go into the program that it .must be a solid ...and concerted effort by 'the'entire council to get the referendum passed. "If we are divided on this issue and oppose each other during the referendum it could easily be defeated and we would not gain a thing," he said. The council indicated that it would favor the program and that it will be ready to take more definite action in the near future. Under the program, the government will provide a financial grant to the city to conduct a one year survey in order to determine the target area and prepare its projects in the area. This will be done before the referendum I is necessary so long as the city shows that it is making definite plans to hold the referendum. Should the referendum fail, Kochtik said the city would not be obligated to repay the funds advanced for the study nor would it be obligated to go any further with the program. Another important point in the presentation by Kochtik was that the city could reach back three years and gain credits for improvements made during the entire past three years. The money spent during that period could be matched three times with additional federal monies. With the major expenditures made by the Model Cities it would indicate that Eagle Pass would benefit several million dollars initially. There seems to be little doubt but what Eagle Pass will actively pursue the Urban- Renewal assistance and pour a treasure of additional federal funds into the city of 16,500 persons. Mayor Flores concluded the discussion by saying, "Let's chew on it for awhile and then get together to make our final decision." It is probable that the topic will head the agenda at the next regular council meeting. Amistad Bill Copies Offered Copies of the proposed bill mtroTfltrcea 'BJT~State Rep. Hilary B. Doran of Del Rio to , permit the Val Verde County Commissioners Court to > institute zoning in the vicinity of Amistad Lake are available at the County Courthouse, Judge Sergio Gonzalez Jr. said today. Anyone interested in obtaining one can do so at the County Judge's office. r FOR REFERENDUM Mohair Ballots Go Out Friday Mohair producers in Val Verde will vote by mail referendum, beginning April 19 to determine approval of a proposed new agreement between the Secretary of Agriculture and the Mohair Council of America. County ASCA offices are expected to mail the ballots to all eligible voters April 16; deadline for all ballots to be returned is April 30'. The agreement provides for the secretary to withold up to l'/a cents per pound from producers' payments on mohair sold during the marketing years 1971-73. The payment deductions, authorized by Section 708 of the National Wool Act, would be used to finance advertising and promotional programs for mohair and mohair products. The new agreement is similar to -the present one. Producers will receive a copy of the proposed agreement along with their ballots, ASCS officials have announced. The agreement was requested by the Mohair Council of America, headed by Noel C. Fry of Del Rio, and is supported by the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers' Association. Industry leaders have voiced support of the referendum. Many members of the Texas Wool and Mohair Warehouse Association have endorsed passage of the referendum and the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers' Association also has endorsed its passage by official resulution passed at its tri-annual meeting in Austin. Anyone may vote who has owned 'Angora goats, six months or older, for at least 30 consecutive days during 1970, the ASCA has announced. Votes may. be cast by individuals, corporations or partnerships. The agreement • requires approval by two-thirds of production represented in the referendum. Producers are being urged to cast their ballots early so they may be tabulated quickly. Doran Offers Bills For Area Counties Special to the News-Herald AUSTIN-Rep. Hilary B. Doran Jr. of Del Rio has introduced several local bills in the House touching on district courts, county salary raises and fish sales. If passed by the Legislature, HB 1204 would add Concho County to the 119th Judicial District which is presently composed of Runnels and Tom Green counties. District Court terms would run from February to July in Concho County, -from March to October in Runnels and from April to November in Tom Green. The bill has been referred to the House Judicial Districts Committee; Doran has introduced tnother bill which would amend the law to include Edwards County in the cbunties where fish sales are regulated. HB 1205 would make it unlawful "to sell any bass, crapple, perch, catfish or any other fish taken from the fresh waters of San Saba, Gillespie, Ken, Comal, Llano, Mason, Kimble, Sutton and Real Counties, or any; other fish except catfish taken from waters of Edwards County." This bill has been referred to the Parks and Wildlife Committee. Doran's HB 1206 would allow the commissioners court in counties of from 3,700 to 3,800 population and property valuations of not less than $45 million to set the salaries of county and district officials at a maximum of $12,000 9 year. Population figures are from the 1970 densus^ .^ HB 1207 would abolish the position of county auditor in Schleicher County and any .other counties falling!in the 2,260 to 2,290 population bracket prescribed in the legislation, according to the 1970 census. \ Both these bills have b'een referred tp the House Counties Committee. ,DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Wednesday, April 14,1971-7" SAVE TEN* 0010 T y,VTH PORCH ASE \ BOUNTY / TOWELS ASSORTED COLORS FRYERS SOUPS GOLDEN FARM FRESH CAMFBELL'S SOUP CHICKED NOODLE IMPERIAL SUGAR J?'r*& JUMBO ROU JUMBO ROLL 'MWU E VOU- SARAN WRAP T01 TOMATO WHOLE POUND CUT-UP FRYERS CAMPBELL'S TOMATO No. i CAN .... CAMPBELL'S VEGETABLE PAN READY POUND ALL 'MEAT SOUP No. I CAN .... CHICKEN NOODLE MO. 1 CANS FOR PURE CANE t E , L SAL1INES CAMPBELL'S CREAM OF MUSHROOM N ' X POUND BAG EXTRA FINE granulated ALL WHITE MEAT USDA Good, Shoulder Cull Fryer Breasts u,55c Barbecue Steak......it89c nFri ,. D , c READY TO FRY FAMILY PACKAGE BECKER. .5 Fryer Thighs ^49c Rib Chops *89c QUALITY FRYER, FRESHLY PACKAGED Boneless & Tenderized, B«f Drumsticks u49c Cube Steak it $1.09 CHICKENS LEAN BEEF BONELESS 12-OUNCE Backs & Necks... ul9c Stew Meat u,89c PACKAGE,.... | ...CKUMOF . I MUSHROOM >UP. SOUP No. I CAN CRISCO CAMPBELL'S CHICKEN WITH RICE CHICKEN WITH IICI SOUP No. I CAN LIMIT-1 PLEASE WITH $5.00 PURCHASE OR MORE UPTON'S •% A ^* tf» 4S BOX TIA BAGS" 50 "" BLEACH U.S.D.A. GOOD BEEF" • I- A HALF GALLON CHUCK STEAK FAMILY PACKAGE POUND ici PORK CHOPS _,SILVEX DISINFECTANT PINE-FRESH 16-OUNCE BOTTLE . . 39< THE ICE CREAM CORNER ICE CREAM PARK MANOR HALF GALLON I SHERBET X • BULK PINTO LEAN, TENDER FAMILY PACKAGE POUND ROYAL MAID HALF GALLON BEANS With $5.00 Purchase or More HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP 20 S43c iblts, 4 Getter's Striintd Fruits, Juices, and ^Vegetables, Glass Jirs BABY FOOD FRENCH'S MUSTARD. 90u °"23c ALCOA BROILER ' ALUMINUM FOIL "B 69c ANT & ROACH, GULF INSECT BOMB SUNSHINE CHEEMTS 6 p£° z 35c Limit 5 ,Pounds DEL MONTE,WHOLE GREEN BEANS No. 303 Can HARTEX TOMATOES No 303 Can GREAT WESTERN No. 300 Can __ RANCH STYLE BEANS 17$ mmmmmm LADY SCOTT FACIAL TISSUE ASSORTED COLORS BOX OF 200 MFG.35c SIZE RANCH COUNTRY, lib. or 2 Ib. SLICED BACON ., FRESH, 12 Inch Pie CHEESE PIZZA... FRESH, H.LB,'s 12-oz. Cup POTATO SALAD., TASTE-O-SEA, BREADED PERCH PORTION CAMPBELL'S VEGETABLE BEEF VEGETABL* .BEEF SOUP No. I CAN 24-OZ. i BOTTU CAMPBELL'S, CREAM OF CHICKEN CHICKEN SOUP No, I CAN ;risa 'OIL, VILLAGE PARK WHITE VINEGAR QUXRT BOTTLE . . 39< LE GRANDE CORN CREAM STYLE GOLDEN '& S1.29I GROUND BEEF Si 100% MEAT 2 TO 3 LB. PACKAGE POUND...rf HEB High Quality FLOUR IN >. 300 Can GOLD TIP PINTO BEANS ROYAL MAID 13'A-Oz. R-J FUDGE NUT COiQKIES MUSSELMAN'S APPLESAUCE ••••I'M^—^— STYRO'aEQUART H.LB, EVAPORATED M'ilte'..•.?•.•';— SILVER VALLEY Margarine. EVADALE Margarine H.E.B, HIGH QUUTY T,» * ~ BORDEN'S S516C Half & Half S 39c BORDEN'S ASST. FLAVORS DipS 8-Oz.Ctn. 39C BORDEN'S 25c Yogurt ^^ 29c BORDEN'S Pound O7<» Quuttn £/C Pound NO. 303 CANS 25Lb BAG nit One Extras SI.79 LE SUEUR PEAS Flour. 5l X39c Whipping Cream ft 39c PARK MANOR ' • BORDEN'S Buttermilk c G S 39c $ OU r Cream SS?:39c. [tttOTJ j RIGHTS! ^RESERVED BORDEN'S BORDEN'S HALF GAL -m JERGENS '""SI 79c FROM OUR DAIRY CASE Park-Minor, Low Fat Grade "A" Pasteurized MILK..... P«k Manor Grade "A" Vrlimin "D" MILK..............;... Half Gallon 57c LOTION WITH DISPENSER 14y a -OZ. BOTTLE MFGR. $1.69 WALUEl 0 I METRECAL SHAPE DIETARY FOOD CHOICE OF FLAVORS $! oz. CAN FOR 7 EST ITH § SRRY % ANDLE Cottage Cheese «& 29c Orange Drink 3 *« $1. Festival Floral Design SIT-ON HAMPER \ 20"ROt€RY iwwoocxxyywwoofyw. ~~^^^HB^^^^^*~- .*«»»»-•—" PRICES GOOD IN: DEL-RIO THURS.-FRI.-SAT. APRIL 15-16-17 U.S. NO. 1 RUSSET POTATOES For Bathroom, Bedroom Nursery. Colors: Blue, Pink and Gold. Wont Rust, Can't Snag. Ventilated Front and Back BIG SIZE BUYS BAN-ROLL ON DEODORANT 1.5-OZ. SIZE BAM A APPLE BUTTER 3-LB. JAR . . COMET LCNGRAIN 1C ICE 42-OUNCE ..;; .BOX 61 ' FLOOR WAX *1 4*1 16-OUNCE CAN .: ... i ........ • MFG. S1.00 lOcOFF SPECIAL! BOYS GIRLS HI-RISE GARDEN HOSE 3/8" DIAMETER so FT. LONG' Chilton ICE CUBE TRAY AERO 46-OUNCE CAN VILLAGE PARK BRIGHT SIDE SHAMPOO GRAPE JAM QQc 3-POUND JAR .7. ... MM ADAM'S BEST ' VANILLA EXTRACT $1 39 6-OZ. , k $1.15 -.VALUE BHGHT SIDE 8-OUNtE BOTTLE BIKE FLAMBOYANT COLORS PLASTIC RING : SPRINKLER Fast Freeze Aluminium Reg. 99c April Showers & Persian Lilac Perfumed Talc 6.5-Oz. A A C Reg. 75c m^§* ••§ ' • • ' ^m^m •" NEW BRAUNFELS GINGHAMS PACKAGED MATHtAL T H.I CALIFORNIA PASCAL CELERY LARGE STALK EACH.... RED RIPE HALF OR WHOLE WATERMELONS. CALIFORNIA Fancy Navel Swmt * Juicy ORANGES.... Pound Bag HOME GROWN FRESH GREEN LEAF u l.9c: CALIFORNIA FRESH TENDER ASPARAGUS ..... L MARVINS READY TO SERVE COLESLAW. ..... : FRESH TENDER GREEN BEANS. ..... WASHINGTON FANCY ANJOU PEARS. ..... t NEW CROP TEXAS YELLOW ONIONS ... . .* 9c sss***. CANTALOUPES MFG. REG. $39.95 VALUE ENCXXJH MATERIAl IN A PACKAGC FOf A DRiSS O« SKIKT & BIOUSE OH BLOUSE & SIACKS1 Sweet Delicious FOR milKX « Tt it ir \t irvw \ ' . •/"•

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