The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 22, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1897
Page 1
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icle. Chro w York, Sept. 22v— Tammany Hall ^ T/ At J, C.. Dewrf & Go's. CaH on them before yo« buy a rocker, they, have all 1 kinds, and prlcfft to suit the time at tho, new Hatch block. Cocao in. DIninir Halt At county fair to let. W. H. ARTHUR, Secretary. Tin- Sunshine State, In the title of a generously illustrated pftm phlet of sixteen pages ift reference to South Dakota, the reading matte* in which was written by an enthusiastic South Dakota lady—Mrs. Stella Hosmer Arnold—who has been a resident of the Sunshine State -lor ofer 10 years. A copy will bo mailed .to .thaaddreSa of niiiy'fucmor or f»r**er : '*'*ife. if sent at once to Harry M*reer, Michigan i'assenKor Agtm>; Chicago, Milwaukee A St. •P»u< railway, f For: street, W., Detroit Prom 810, to &5t) per year saved, "each family who will send a pupil to the DrefiB Tailoring 'school in the Watson building. • • • ,: "\ " Be eure and me that oldund well tried remedy, Mrs. Winslpw'e Soothing Byrup for children teething. It eootbes the child, softens the guins, allays all pain. , cures wind colic and is the best remedy ^tor diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a bot "~" ""' ...... ""'' ' Klondike ttoht Fields Are now attra'ctiiiH the attention of the whole world, and thy results of placer and quarts'UiininKart* fully equal to iho finds of nogK<;tti» in t ne early California days ami-extraordinary inducements are being offered 'UK,prospectors, practical ' miners and investors, By next spring tUf^jjold fever will have titken possefwSon of IbdUsamtH of"portpl<j, and'the..western roiidn will have all thev can do to tnin.sjx^rt the fortune hunters. The Chicago, Milwaukwr\\ St. Paul railway, and ittr'ronneftinK'.lfruti, olfer the best facilities fttr resii-hing th('\^Vlnska gold regions. . ^ For further inforruation, address Mercer,. Michigan Pass. A gt., Detroit Mich, •• ' - , ' • ' ' • \ It Savt'M the Cronpj Children. RKAVIBW, Va. -We liii\e a nplendid e«le on Chambei'laiifhi^iiugh Remedy, and onr cuBtomcrs C((iiiii)^.from far and near, speak of it in tln> hitftie«t terrus, Many' have said that their cliildrnn would hnve died of croup if Charulwr- lain'a Couyh Remedy hail not been given.. ' KfclLAM »V Ot'KUKX. The 25 nod "it* cent BIZUH for sale at Greene'u Urug Htore, Sd delegates to tB& vgtiaurjtftir, county Ad distrust eon+entfonC All the 'prom* g<ft<& rtteft wMp toftisa thf tttjmwiia- loA of teryan'liittt fall, but who still ns* their membership In Settle of day work for etttlre state as <• 5Crack layers, Rey*t make* the lood frtire Judge Lynch to Help Probajnto the Facts of the Shooting ' . at Lsttimer, Pa, Mall, w«re etetetf OM> l»r*iWfltttloli <|»«lts Itt (frtit AHtr Tntttng >t Whittle at CWhcrftt ROYAL B«KiN<i rowers Co., rytw VO«K. t»«rjr- .*• yiss (trace Potersoti, of Dceatur, will fill Mine Duality's place, ua trimmer, at Miaa Weston's. ' The P. T. * &• will give an to Detroit ne*<; Sunday. The fare for ttM?JP°ftfi& trrp 'fl« , Train Ipavoe J|ar» shall $$0 ft, 1% Tickets. #000* returning on any regehur train Monday,, /il ra'tftfi-itid conditions will apply as weH. strike Thing; of tti6 Pant. _ _ i, Fa., Sopt. 22.-^Sherin* Marllflfand His sixty-four deputies were given a preliminary h«&rlng twfore 'the court yesterday, charged with thv killing <*? t went V-four striking jninefsi neaf tAt~ timer on Friday,. Sept w 10. The deputies weir brought Up from liaseleton under military escort. A large crowd m&t them at the station, ljut they, proceeded unmolested to the court house. Judge* Lynch and Bennett nre?lded. Judge bynch announced that thP Judges would sit as justices of the peace to hear testimony In the casfe. John 'k. German opened for the prosecution an'd stated that he was employed to investigate the shooting at Lattlmer and inquire If the sheriff and his deputies wwe justified in killing twenty-four men. He began by referring to "Dictator" Qotoin, who refused to allow the deputies to be arrested when warrants were issjufed ten days ago. The» attorney also referred to Coroner McK«-e being: a major In the Ninth regim&rit, Jo his manner of procedure In the arrest of the deputies and to his bringing them. here .surrounded py a military company with gunfl'and-'bay-" .onets. " ;, ' ! Oorinntt .Quit* In I»l*gn»t. ..,'-. porman then, made a motion asking that the warrants of 'Squire Gorman be given the preference and that the deputies,^ remanded to thfc regular officer*' of tlie. law. Judge Lynch replied that the judges did not act hastily but issued the warrants after due deliberation. The judge said that this hearing has nothing. to do with the eoitduct 'of General Oobln.' The court Bald -the wKneswcs who Were not present should be'brought In', and that; the hearing could ( be.proceeded-wJth such witnesses as-wore .present.-. Attrtr-. rleys Gorman and MoGaliren then notified the court that they would withdraw from the caw. District Attorney 'Fell then. tooK charge. Sheriff "Martin was st'ftted at the defendant's table, sur- .rounded by'three lawyers, • „ T«11» How H» Saw «!>«• Kllnnthig. Joh'n_ -Walsh,, of Ha?te tawnShlp, %aa the first witness. He said he saw. the ntrikers coming and, went out to meet them and to .see; what would happen. Some' of the men carried clubk -Witness told 1 them to throw away their clubs and they did RO. Walsh; «ald/o^ got on tv ca^r^ •and started for Lnttlmer. He hwtrdxme of the deputies nanu-d Turnbach srty: "I don't know- what the fiheriff^f*wftn»-Tiy taking us ar7iuml like thUj/withriut ordering us t ( > Shoot." He BUM.the deputies got (iff the car nearf l^tdmer. Tlie Btrlk- ers came up and witness saw Deputy Il(-9« grab--one-*jr the et'rJkers and cry "Halt/ v Ther« was a scuffle and some OIK* cried ''Fire." There wast'ione shot, them another 1 .- and then a Volley. The deputU'8/ke-pt on shooting.a» the men '^n away. He said the firing lasted l«mt flvi' -minutes, ' Two Other WftiMfMutt Mttrt I>Hn-ff nHy. Jonathan L.fthenslierger, a Hastlcton contractor, \va» the next witness. He said he waa standing about 150 yards frohi the- rftrlk< j ra » - heh the troulilt! began. He siiw Sheriff Martin approach the men. The sheriff had a jmpw In his hanij, whkh he r^ad, After reading th« proclamation- he (»M.ere4 the rrosvil to go back.* Then they had,a scuffle with him. He> drew 4 revolver., but aornfr ope his wrist and fit-Id up his hand RO that hp (xiuld not do anything- Then the shooting began. Charle-H OjMisrott, a school teapber ot attimer. tuatlfle-d to swing Bb^rlft Man till s(,offle with the.strlfars, His )t^tt- miny.waa n?uch the «irae,us the Inir wltoessi t AH tb« D*P"He» Hrhl tn the «fqneli«d<>n of Ovs«4tt'* moay the J.uiltf«B, after a/e«n»ultatlc>n Distrtft-Attoruey V$\. h^ld fell die :|B» in *4,Q08 eaclyOntll the la conclucled:. Joseph^A. Sinn, ,f.ry& officer of tfce Cjty ToAat Saf» Pepoait an4 Surety com|Jan«/o| Pn'iladelph^a, AH accounts due th# late firm of Perrin *- Biebee are ilu&and' payablo to I. H. HUMPHREYS' No. Fever. Wfa S •' \VQPWS. Ha ' 3 -»*' No. '4 ' ", „ a '' "' Cures Headache, . fl No, J4 . IB Skin Diseases. HO, SS7 ' *•• Kidney Diseases. Up, SO ** Urinary 36^0.77 " Ck>14saindGrip. by JPj^gists, or s«4 ytef&jd on ; tit pricsj, 2Se., t» 5 fc*f «1. rfHSHiHmHU lit tUU BU'ffl Uf I2M, ball Aad bees furnished, c«9B was'tuaMitt'until t;^ & nefists 'wf¥^ eitamlnea Jn th* th»testinwi3y was ttve ft* prftvtoaf «itne«ee*. Jfet a wltniaw b&» 'teijtltted to hearing rt* sner fflt giv* rtw Uwtt fitf B«b>ir« tb< M#H WU» <i» to Wor^. s^it, a, — A* «u« of th* »tate coal' miners' oon- h«* yesterday the Id •c^le.of i!?ag«s f«r tb^^ntbre »ta.te w*w (ireHotU^d lay the cvuwiiiltee and adopted few thu W»pte|(JW»r: QTOKI ^re^t^Strefttor and "\Hk e*B*»f*r top; WUwlngti b«GUi41ng B-uni»ing;69 cej*t»; &priog HiU. 6» c«nto: li)M>aU#. ** centai Lt&coto, „• ijloomlagion tfefrd vfela. 85 cent*, veto, 56 e«Mit > Feorla »na Canton »ub Qrape SI 51 ctrnts; »3ttcbml ; Assumption, 58% Alton railroad -<K>om of ', f y»y WauJoejt, Jit tflethe conven«on» b«1 the» wfty .they «rP mixed «P w!tfi_ the tifiver ttiftn sihmw th^t there tto tro«btelti the d6nyentlot». 1"4 tw i&o^rft all mlnffe th* 1 S'. I^f)iil* runrJSPt. ' " — Wfttchlne runners, per ptruttiTf* foot? shooting;, timhtring, 19 <jpnts per ttWt, feoftl ruti^fa, 1 1-10 cents square foot!' helt>e'r» ( 9-io cent shootUife, loadfttf !mt)«rrtt5s. 5:5% t'ffts. " (JIrar4~- Shooting and tlmhisflftg, * 4- eots per t^nr"runners, 4*4 rents 'pt .on; shovelf-rs, 3 3-19 c^nts; Iparters, CT'ljtB. < ° — — Ctarkip City— Mnphinf , sh«otinft. load* .ng and timbering, 2H4 cents ppr t»»n; machine runners, $2^0 per day; m'aehltts , J2.05 per day. — Mat-ltlne loading °ahrt 30,c«nts per tonf the different workers to adjust their part of the total, difttrlct—Mach Ine mine, ehoot- ng, loading and timbering, 22 1-5 cent* per ton; all othei rmwhitieF, to !«• ad- fanc«*d in proportion, all yardage work ;o be advanrcd from prices pjtlstlng to this suspension in t>roportlon, to advance' of mining .wage-. , ' We demand the i-ig-ht to employ, n cheek-weighnrian;' we dtimiind our pay ly; all other mlnca not.above enumferatcrt to adjust prices according 10 R«U<i,in thftir -own copipetitive fleldsr Theseareyearly prices and no.dlstlnctlon will be made between summer and vvin- f. ' ~" - "'"• "...•"•"'...' " -. ' ' ' A motion.was adopted that'the men Of any operator in the 'rttate who will pay the Realty adopted as above shall resume' work at eiice. Greeno, of Belleville, rrmde a fight for a difftirence between gross welglit and coal 'cie&netl In mines by ral\e, pli^k or fork. Th< oonvt-nllon decided .that no privileges ot this kind should be allow/ed, Vtut all coal miret be l>y gro^s wc-lght and the operators <-ould clean .the coal after dumped. Wylle, of, the company, )yilh •.-mines at Marcrdette. stated-to the convention that l^flge contracts, werf: rnude for p'revloiis to. the- contract^Wlth the miners,. and that certain/operators literally being"frozenxiut'of the business who were ileslroijaf of working In 'harmony with ,; tl(t« lined Coal Rr({loii. Pa., t2.-=Peafe has 'd In 'the* anthracite refelon and nearly... vvcry colliery therein wucked 'yesterday. Iricjiided in. those.. were the and wnkosharrw company'B Auderiried tnlngs. eniployi-nk over 2,500 men. -The striTte -i . W»B • i»r«t<lU'UHy .-'• Inaugurated by them, ah$ their return to work Monday caused a stampede of the other strikers. Yesterday, however; the grievance emrimFttte, of • the 'Auderirll'd men waited upon.Supftrintendent Lawall and. complained that they Were receiving tesfc than the men at any "other c()l Ifery in t)>* reglo'n. H-e told them > to sui>- mJt a lint of natnca and figures to him and h*> would irivfe It everyconsldjjratlon. A Cure for IHHOHS Colic. REHOUUCIE, Screven C3o., Gft,~I have been subject to attacks of bilious colic fur several y^eard^ Chatnljerlain'e Colic, olcra-i-and Diarrhoeit ..Rerocdly ia the only sure relief./! t act» like a charm One dos&of itbiVea relisf wh6n all other remedies taJK - ' G. D, SHARP. For salj/at Greene's Drug. Jlflle«g« Tickets. atiw form of Thousand-Mite Ticket result af- %»r£((il cpnf5idor.ati.Qii discuesion between the railroads am their, principal ^patrons, aale Sept let, at a.\l iinportani Central ticket offices. The i« sold for 830.1X1 with a rebate to tbe purcljiaaer of $t0.0U wheo used in compliance with (to conditions .is accepted,, on All the lines in the CJeijtral 3PaWt»|5fF Aaspoiatiop mid o '. N*> mileage bxxtk baa'yet been deviset ae acoeptaluto-t*» aU parties coacernied and so advofitageoua io the holdi Bv«^y 011^' who i« HJi^y ^ travel thjoaean4. mile* in « yeair f hould a themselves of it, and ehquJd conaiilt the nearest "Michigan Oeotrai ticket ajge« OASTORJA Cordette. If you «t9 goin^io buy a n*w pair pf Acting abode It will pay yoij tolookove* cv-clj Joho are ewaathiog epiirtely new, a on the loot, Usaaide • being oes it will pa Btocl*. ^ ooffoeor Jtomutaiu J*va, it i» itis ^m^0 Jmowii, t. 42.— A f to f he Wtnight by t<h of peeing Whkfr arrtvpa |ssi n^ltt that he ftf^twallan $«f«at«»i on Sept. 10, unani- mottsfty rattflp* the tr^*ty fof *th<f nti* ne*atlon of Hawaii to the tfritted States, w N* * • ». .Hrtrhrtr Itnnlc. Washington, -S^pt. V&^GotRnf acting comptroll* 1 *" of thf ctirrPncv. hat ap>- pol*rted XX T), Afn(4r?n of LariBlng, Mich., receiver of tWf First National hank !*t Ben.tol|i jrtarbor, Mich. National Itank for Town, flept. 2i— The Farmers' National bank, of Vlnton, la., has ween authorized to befctn. business. $65,000. i ___'" $100 Bewnrd 8100. The readers of this^apcr will be to loarn that there is at least ono dresdcd disease that science bus been able to wire in all itHstages. nod that is catarrh. HulIV jatarrh cure It the only positive clirc no^* [Down to tbe medical fraternity. CatafOi being a constitutionnl disease requires a onBtilutional treatment. " Bull 'a Catarrh cure is taken itteraally, acting "flirccfcly dpon the blood and' mucous purfaces of the sy?tB«u t thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, ant) giving the p«ttcnt s'rength by building up.. the conntitutloD and assisting nature iu doing its work. L'he proprietorfi have so much faith in it^ i»ra|l.vepiiwerB that they offer .one htt.ndKd dollars for" any cage that it fails t p* virc. Send for list of t^stniioninla. Adjdfess, F. J. CHENEY &CO'.; Tolodo, O., Sold by druggist?, 75c. --^ Hall's Family PilTs are^ho best. by buying floJar, graham, meal and -mill feed at Ofl^i C. A. (?HESHEB'8 "Mill. and try. All kfhds of grinding Rub-I Shine. A nno shoo dressing for tan and black abdes. • l^tir sale by Misa K. E. '. Billings. 3olo agent, Delln Burgess. Attontlon, John Ouzzins has 'received through H L.. Day & Son a'.'car of the .''Hercules" brnnd of (merman Portland cctneht, and i8^»repaifed to put down tho beat walks and guaranieo it to stand with any other comont on the market. For {Jale--A $fa ntodel bioyclo; wiH.sdl cheap for cash. Enquire at Anaprican lanndryi jjorlh of Greene's'dfu^. atoro. Farmers ll«ail This. «J. H. Bisbe.e has le^soa the Riof Crwfc and is ready to do all kinds of Cus torn Grinding.' The mill ia in i>erfoct repair and iu doing excellent work. All patrons may depend upon honest dealing. J. H. BmuKi?, PropV. . E. Bu6«(Ks, Manager, Farm Property I am prepared to insure {arm property atone per cent for three years in a»&ood first dam, company doing business, under license from tbe state insurance commissioner. ' This ia better than tbe Mutual companies, ' . HKJ*BV BEK.NKII, Agent. Xt . - . ^ ,1 • . Vll i _.m .!.,, r i Notice. " ' • 1 am prepared to do ladies' and children's aharnpjotng- at tbeir homes. I^ave orders at Clark's barber ahop, or nt 35 east Green street. Miw, IT. W. Wheelmen Take ' Riding OR the sidewalk to the'citj is strictly foroidden, and herbalter the ordinance relating thereto will be enforced By otder of the mayqr. Iu the «m , Mi of VV'iscon*in,NjMtli a, Dakota, along fee, Uiuiaof tjb« Chicago, |til are for^tanuetr howes, aearly fill of whush »ie on or Mar l«kes whuih have act nshed out. Thaw wsorta tajajge »« »ft- to AW faiEtiHiar to of our r«aae»a» U»e parfeptioa of suwer ranorte, S*«rly ttll o* tbe point* ot lat«i««t «n» .wUhi» a die' so fajt froai tfa* oauuot b* cation D<ya»* giTipg « IH E;u to ef "Va- of Hie way to advertise is to tell the whole «t«fy Jil plaid, slmpIeittHittag^ in as s &' words as- possible, an4 a^N direct a$ a rille Shoots a tmllet* Very, well} here i& <nir story, . * . * .• We wijfit yew tl* _i tpB fr^mttfr EVENING NEWS- It Wilt cost you very little. . . .' *: The petrott Beetling News* iit every town in Michigan. — u *•••"•"""'">-'•-' -— if .Not Miracles? The great Four-C Rerhedy is doing work whatever introduced as nearly miraculotB as it ever f Ms/to the lot of any h^man agency to do (1 will es Jem it a favor for x any one interested fo write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear among these testimonials.) My aim IstoconilnM the public of i BENE/ACTORS Ofr THE RACE. , / OfBCP of ;< KlH»W8B»ll TlMBB," 1 / fCiB&Osber, Okla., Deo. 12, "08. f ^.KHBH^l bcHev* it tny duty to write yon i line*a regard to the benoftolat effect of Phelpa' "Four C Romndy," so far as I am personally con* ;erpe4 A wwk ago loot Thursday, I was taken with A severe attack ot Ia grippe sod In a short time bucame BO hoarse I ooula not speak above a '^hiSpBf.' . Tho night pVevious I bad .coughed, iearly ibe entire niaht; just before retiring I took t-tBBu>poooful,aiid nlvpt tbe entiro night *R sweetly ta ever 1 diil ID my life, noteaugbjaganee. I was mtlrely relltved betore'tftking one boUlo, Phelps' 2oi>ah, Cold tttid Croup Cure should be in every lousohold in the land. I Bend you this wholly insoltaitcd by.anyotte, tor yon are benefactors of the race In giving It tbe antidote for some of the worst afflictions to which it is heir. \ ' . V«tf Truly Yotfrs, \ , C7 XJJiwra*, Edltot. \'.. / \* MIRACLE.- .- •. .• -, . Kansas City, Knotias, Deo. 34, lit Lart Friday.-Deo. 19, my attending phyaloian listed unlesn I wa» better by morniue be could lo nothlna for my relief. That night I oom- nenced taking Phelp's "FourC" remedy, stopped ill other TOodlctnes. Tbe first dose stopped my sough: slept and rested well; » few more doses •emoved all sorenoss from my lungs; the second lay I was op: thn • third day I WBS out on ths ;oroh and to-Uay was uptown purchasing holiday foods. MJBS JENNIB BASSIT, Washlugton Avo. and Summit St. CROUP CURED. Ond dcwe of Phelnn' Cwieh,' Cold and Croup Jure, navo ray dhlld instant relief when attacked .»lth the croup.. W. E. MOOBB, of Moore Bros., Grocer*. : - Arkansas City, KannaB. . , I Co., V f UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. .1, II, HIFMNO, , Office Commerclnl Printing C 196 South Clark St, « « «L , „• „>• Chicago, No. R. R. Phelps, Esq., City, DBAB SIB;— I wish to bear- testimony to thii great effloacy tif yonr "PonT / C".rcraedjrin thrcia* BDd lune ailmehtB. ~ As a rulo I havn bc«» ^kep tloal or the merits of proprietary tnediciiten/bu 1 have to confcB 1 * thnt o tMt of your "PourC". L« convincing tliat at leant one ready made ronicdi is worthv of Use. My children all fak r B it with out tbe least objection, from oldest to yo\inae*.t and it is particulsrly noticeable that Mnpnt it almost -irornedinte, A sineta dose will chi-cl most coughs in their begluuing; Halves an un broken rent at night. ' In my family "Pour C' Is simply indispensable and I ceoomnjend it un auAllQedlv. • Yours, • / .J. n. IltJLiHei. ACUTE LARYNGITIS. \ ; Chic«Rr 5 Sept. 29, '85 Fot years back each winter I. have . with acute Laryngitis. Last winter was so bf><! I could not leave my room for two weeks <>r apealt aboTo a whisper. I tried every < known cough preparation from cou.^i drops uu and down with no relief, then In de: r. ration I ...... I was induced to The first dOBe to try Phelp's "Fourc. my cough, giving ma the ilrnt uight's riwt foi week*. :HaIf the bottli; cured me. •*----• . . been without thi« woudorftrl r.mpdy uinoft. Hir—- 4s different from other !ft»i? rt>t>> xlloo as moiasscA from vinegar or sugar from *n\<i. , MBS. Jo;i»;pn E. OntTBB. ; • KiiaHiadlson Ave, IT IS A MIRACLE, Conductor Eckard, thm Bullroad'Corrp'pon . de&t of tbe Meodasha Kausnx R»T.'.«tcr, has this . to nay o'f "JPonr, C." "Phelps is driving » won; dorful salo of bis Couch and Cold Remedy. VV'n personally know it is just what, H is repnwcnt- ed to ne. Too much cau t. be suitl in its uraisa, Uiaa miracle.;' - ; ,. • ;;. •'• ' . • -... .-.. NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THE PL (C. CoNTRACt.—Druggists are authorized in ALL CASES TO REFUND THE GHASE PRICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Phelps!Cough. Cold and Croup Cure) fails to give satisfaction in Croup, Broncnitis,Asthma,LaGripge,Coughs «ind, Colds, no cnatter how long standing, or deep seated, in fact 1 guarantee in all in^nerot Bronchial oirLung trouble, not as a Cure-All.but to give unbounded-satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions.* Itake all chances. R, R, PHELPS, 118 53d StreBt, CHICAgO, ILL, Proa, , F6r sale by W. T.DRAKE, j|: F F GAS STOVES! i _ . Largo ^Reduction In Prices on Cooking Apparatus. Gas Ranges $10.00, $13.00. $15.00 and $16.oo Boiling Stoves $1, to f $6; acco^iing THE WlLSBAGg INCANDESCENT - GAS - LIGHT Reduced in Price ->% •& ; :| 1 tr^f't 'v 25 cents extra for tjoaie and protecting ahacte, (See euta) " | The ohoipwt Aftiftejtl M 8 ht Y$l fnvwiM. AbwIwWy 8t«Uy, «fry BriUUnt. ( | twice the light of a 6ft for tb0 \ ql the beat lighted fttorea lo Marshall use these lij| * » a Welshach Lights Always Give Satisfaction, both aa to tight ao4 oou8u?aption of gaa. Kewrly 300 sold in MawinJI t duriug tha paat year. THSMAE5HALI LIGHT CO, Qoi T^"^W

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