Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 28, 1954 · Page 29
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 29

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1954
Page 29
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 1954 ^^^™ • ••'"•^""^^^^^^^•"••••••••••••••^••^••••l Bowling t PVt.H ALTON l.ASfcS Tttf*. Handicap t,eagnp Petroleum won 2 from Johnston Hardware. Lee's won 2 from Kool Kat's. Dads Root Beer won 1 from U.A.B. Lanes 200 Game: D. Howell 202. BOWL INN ., ... „ . _ „ | Market. Comet won 2 from Roh-' ""' •'-•. > <'"i-i» 1 ' *-"• « \\\ n'sr irnm M,sf,t8 won 2 from Snllman.> rr)s Mntnr s ^Torn K i"™" h "V "> thr president anr! Boilermakers vyon 2 from Op- A . Ballk Ilom *" j principa , st(X .kholder of the St. erators No. 1. Operators No. 2. Came officials estimate that hunters hag 350.000 ducks and 14,000 geese in Utah annually. ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 2 from Lab Enfr. Department won 2 from I-ahors. 200 Bowlers: Bnldridgp 2K Hir.M-h -i\2. SfrumsM 21'.'. Ho<< e ->2n. r.oinall 211. Cunningham 203. Goodman 23H. S> nder 201 TUP*. Nile f>n |, Strrcpers won 2 irom Palist. Hursl won 3 from Falstaff. Schwartz furniture «on 2 Irom Bennetts Market. \Vocx1 River Eagles Au.\. won 2 from U'aiters Ex-ttntmif Prcxy DcWttt Ralph DupM, jPMb* Arir General Manager Joins Yankee Organualion Dennis Brady Seeks To A<1<1 nailing Power F:W YORK .T -..\rmiisitmn of — Fiffllt TVifll ' "' " ""' PAGE YORK ,T -Arrniisition O f Rill Dr Witt as assistant to eonpral manager George \Vnss today brought to the New York Yankee? OW ° f ' he sbn>vvdp!:t oprators in baseball. The .i2->ear-old De Witt ruse from . . . . won 2 from Office. Foreman won 3 from Pumphouse. Fitters won 2 from Electricians. Helpers won Major League l»y trt* 4*S0ttATtn PURM AHMICAX t.r.Aot r. BATTING-Glenn. Clrvrland. 413. RI'MS-—MlnMn. Chicago. 10 RUNS BATTED IN -Fain, Chicago, BT AwoclAte Stor« WESTERN AUTO DOWNTOWN DAY VALUES ftcaimit HERC POM YOUR DRAWINGS ALTON STORE ONLY «*_.Famous Davis Safety Grips Top Value *fl ^95 6.00xt6 JLA 670x15—18 mos $13.02 600x16-124 mos $15.02 670x15—24 mos $16.02 710x15—24 mos $17.02 Plus Tax nrrtl Old Tire. D3-2A Sale Priced Power Mower Wizard f "J95 "Junior'' 9 / Reg. $61.95! Easy mowing ot this unbelievable price! 1 'i-H.P. Clinton engine drives vacuum - lift rotary blade thru tough grass and weeds. Only 32 Ibs. 2x1332. Ol-.VB Plastic Ho«e I, Leakproof Pure Vinyl! 25 Feet, Only Weatherproof! Durable! 50 ft. 2x1115, 2x1116 3.19 C4-7L 39c FENCE 27c "Cap* Cod," 3-rt. C3-358 1.20 TRELLIS 98c 6 '!(. high,' Fold, to itor.. XI30I • C3-35C i I.ouis Browns. * * ! \Vhen Dr> U'itt assumed the gen- | eral manafiership of the lowly i „„„„„,„ j Browns in 1937. the extent of their '"*>"». s 1 TRIPLES--Mmoso, Chicago. 3 HtTS-Fox. Chicago, 17 DOUBLES—Ki Pit. Moby. Wfljh- HOME RUNS—Jensen, Briton and »e»tlake. Cleveland. 4 STOLEN BASES — Hunter. Baltl- K fncafftd— Orornek, Detroit. 3-0. STRIKEOUTS — Turley. Baltimore, minor league holdings was an S0| per cent interest in the Class A' c , ., »„, . . , , , I STUUEN BASES — Hunter. Baltl- fvUl Antonio cluh and working! more, Plersall and Jensen BoMon hgreements with the Gass C Pa- """ ""'" ""' lestine eluh in 1'exas and Class D LaFaypttP cluh of Ixiuisiana. They had hut two full time scouts. Within 12 years. De U'itt huilt up thr Browns' farm system to such a degree that the cluh was ahle to sell a number of its star players for Sl.TiOO.OOO. "We couldn't draw at the .SOO XAttoxAt, MtAorr BATTING-Jackson. Chicago, RUNS—Moon, St. Lotus, IS. RUNS BATTED !N — O.reengrnss. Cincinnati. 14 HtTS—Jarkson. Chlrano. IP DOUBLES—GreengrnM. rinclnnult, 7. TRIPLES — Temple, Cincinnati. Mays. New York, and Moon. St. Louis, 2. HOME RUNS Hodges of Brooklyn. . . STOLEN BASES -Robinson. Brooklyn and Fondy. Chlcano. 3, PITCHING-MnBlle. New York. 3-n. STRIKEOUTS-Miglle. New York, simply had to of some of! clnnatl «nd Malhews of Milwaukee. 4. our stars." De Witt explained. =^r>i TM <»erc o.^ Jlis biRjjest deal was the salp of shortstop Vern Stephens and Jack 17 f Kramer to the Boston Red Sox for $310,000 and seven players in the winter of 1947. The next day he sold pitcher Ellis Kinder arid in- hcldcr Bily Hitchcock t/) the sumo cluh for $65.000 and five players. De Witt later sold th* Red Sox outfielder Al Zarilla for $125.000 and Stan Spence, and followed that up hy selling them catcher Les Moss for $100.000 and three players. Pitcher Jim MacDonald, now with the Yankees and catcher Matt Balls, now with Detroit, were two ol the players. Nearly every American League cluh conlrihuted handsomely to the Browns' treasury. Along with the cash went unheralded young players who were developed by De Wilt and sold back to their iriRlnal clubs for a sizable profit: One of the De Witt's most astute transactions was the sale of pitcher ,,, 0 ..... ,, , " I""" -"-v^uii, -liftii iiiu;i\a, ouiy 1-red Sanford lo the \nnkees for | pjp,. CPi Don Johnson, Mike For- MOO.OOO plus catcher Sherman Lol- j ,, iP | Mi Sanflv Consue R ra. Harry lar and pitchers Red Embree andJDorish. Al Sima, Jack Harshmnn Dick Starr. Lollar today is rated) Keec.m. usiinlly slow lo get Paul Richards Still Counting Upon Pitchers NEW YORK JP -Paul Richards sat in the office off the Chicago clubhouse telling the writers why he thought his White Sox had a heller chance lo knock off the Yankees this season. "1 think we have a much better chance to knock off the Yankees this year. No, I don't think we can depend on their being weaker. Our pitching is considerably stronger." He counted off the pilchers — Bob Keegan, Virgil Trucks, Billy one of the top catchers in league. the ABC's Masters IMay Matches 64 of Host SEATTLE tt> —The American Rowlinp; Congress' Masters Tournament sends 64 of the nation's top kcglers into action today. Forl.v-se.ven men qualified in Tuesday's preliminaries. The lull field ot 64 is made by adding 17 other bowlers who are past Masters champions or otherwise entitled to automatic certification. The main ABC tournament ends Monday, the Masters Saturday. started in the spring, has been a bull of fire this year, winning his first two starts. Richards is well pleased with Johnny Grolh, his new center fielder who is hitting .308 at the. moment. He also is enthused about Ferris Faiivhitting .333 after his disastrous slump to .256 last year. "For the time being, Minnie Minoso is an outfielder," hp said, "We'll alternate Grady Hal'ton and Cass Michaels on third, depending on the pitching." With Groth in center and Minoso in right, Richards platoons left field, alternating Bob Boyd against righlies and Bill Wilson, a rookie, against southpaws. ONLY PHILLIPS 66 BRINGS YOU MIUIPS IS FIRST to bring y «« f WW | |M wif|| ||lt t-M wpff tit* futl CMiiMMitt, Di-ist prapyl (pr«noufic0tf rf/./so-pro-pw//). A Phillips oriiiiMiHy ff or l^httt pirfrriwiKt military .ircraft. Di - iso P ro P? 1 Deration, higher ami-knock performance, t these for an additive to combat engine S UFUTE - Di-isopropyl. Get it at stations where you sec es increased power, smoother ac- the orange and black Phillips 66 Shield. COMPANY FOR YOUR GAR »n Channel Ko, in «I I-BD 8 NEW ORLEANS .T - Speedy Ralph Dupas. out to justify his No. -t lightweight rankins after a poor showing last heavy-booking Demis Pat Rrndy tonight in a nationa rounder. Dxipas. an IS year student with 50 Inunphs in 55 pro fessional outings. his third appearance over the 10- round distance. The month, meets ty-televised 10- old high school •ill he making ,r --id say \vc some Rood hiltrrs." thp Philadrl- phia Phils' nrw Rrnrral manaRrr, Rpy Hanry. told n reporter after postponement of Tuesday's game with the Chicago Cuhs. I Unify hns sren the Phils play fmir times since he left his position as assistant general manager ot the New York Yankees. In the last thrpe cames — the Nrw run artist dropped a split decision to lightweight champion Paddy DeMarco earlier this iear hefore the Brooklyn bi)J.v R oat from Jimmy Cnrtri. clever hit-and- ifted the crown York Giants — the Phils didn't score a single run. Hame.v talked prtrHtcly . with W'id Matthews. Cub personnel director. for an hour nnd n half Tuesday and speculation arose that a trnde was In the offing. The Cubs need a dependable relief pitcher— Estehan last mon content to peck away with his left rather than willing: opponent. Brady, a '-'6-year with 32 knockout!; penrances, said. ' out." The Chesapeak run at Laurel, for at Havre de Grac h. nup'hs wns 1 domain. the Phils could offer— > "V' v " in the Cuh ' <ft- nian Bill Serena. The weak-hitting Phil*, who have, dropped six of 11 games, possibly could spare n relief hurler like Jim Konstanty or Karl Drews. But manager Steve O'Neill said "We won't part with Robin Roberts, Curt Simmons. Murry Dickson or rookie Paul Penson " Hobert.i was O'Neill's choice to oppose the Cubs' Paul Minner at Wrlgley Field today. Roberts has won one and lost two and Minner hns a 1-0 record. Probable Pitchers NATIONAL t.ftAnt * Brooklyn «i St. LOUM—LOM vs rtmchl il-0'i. PHHhur»h lit Cincinnati — Friend Hi Cnnlry with his • ilrl Nr\v Yorker in ITi ring !ip. I'll knock him Stakes, now lerly w/is held Milwaukee- H*»rn (0-n> nr Rttrdrtte Roberts Philadelphia a< Chicago ... -li v«. Minner 'l-Oi clous muscle, although winning only, Baltimore 'a" Waahi'ngton " ' ' —. . . Turley il-li v «. Porterfleld four of n"ine games. They're hat i ling ..t'6 ns a te;im nnd hai [totaled *'l homers and 7;t runs. Matthews, in exchange for a topflight addition to the pitching staff, indicates he could be talked into parting with steady .,'100 hitter Frank Baumholt/ oiv long - brill . , . Det'rnlt at Philadelphia might — tcfim nnd havfi j (inner <3 ni v« Trtre (S-Oi C'hlrngo at New York -Pierre tt-ai vs Lnpat i2-0'. fleveland at Bo»lon-"Wynn (1-J> v*. Nixon il-Oi. , Jockey Kddie A re am has ridden in every Kentucky Derby since 1M-1. So>« ot 212 W. 3rd Si. — Dmmtnm AlWn. Doti'?" /nfc? our { GOOD/VEAR A RATH ON FOR $| ONLY I 6.00 x 16 SIZE MARATHON No other tires anywhere near these prices can match these Goodyean for quality and performance. So, why take chances with worn, smooth tires? Corne in and get new Good years while our Special Sale ij on. The price* will save you money—new tires may save your life! 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