Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 1, 1967 · Page 9
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 9

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1967
Page 9
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&ROWNWOOD lUUlflN iday, Bet. 1, fidible Christmas Wreath These Flowers W/n No Pr/ze fey AtHOAtL VAN Bt'REN I am worried because you DEAR ABBY: Every Thanks- don't see many real he-men in giving my husband's boss who ballet, lives out of state sends us a Teddy and I do so want our to be a real he-man, huge bouquet of roses. The box marry some nice girl and have they come in bears the name of a local florist, and their truck delivers them, so it's not as tho these flowers have been shipped any great distance. Well, I have never seen sor-. tier flowers in all my life! It is getting to be an annual joke around here. They aren't even worth putting into a vase. I just open the box, carry right out to the trash. Then I sit down and write a thank you note for the "beautiful" flowers. I told my husband this year I think we should tell his boss what kind of flowers he has been paying for. My husband says we should be quiet. What do you say? MRS. M.J.L. DEAR MRS. L.; 1 say a rose by any oilier name would smell. And so would the deal children. I would so love to have a little granddaughter. Teddy is our only child and J was so disappoinl'ed when he was not a girl 1 wept for a week. Should I discourage his taking ballet, or do you think it's too late? TEDDY'S MOTHER DEAU MOTHER: First you it I ought to find a psychiatrist i with two couches. One for you, and one for Teddy. The doctor can tell you if it's loo late, and if so why. Environment plays a very important role in shaping a child's destiny. Many a mother's dream of having a little girl has created a nightmare for the ttn- litckv boy she bore instead, i ! DEAR ABBY: Why is it that ; when young married couples! 1 want to go some place, they! fiy HfcLOlSfe CRUSE Dear Folks: this is especially for you (young mothers who need to jmake slipcovers for throw pil- Mrs. Forrest Gillett FROM HELOiSE'S KITCHEN Dear Folks: When you waht to thaw steaks lows, favorite chairs, etc., in , or chops, don't put them direct- jyour den or family room. jly on your drainboard where i* Don't throw away those old ' they thaw slowly on the bottom : chenille bedspreads. Use them , side. Either use a cake rack cooler just Make Holiday Decoratin Fun For The Entire j to slipcover with! They are ab- i aoltitely terrific. When they get : or > soiled, all you have to do is | take them off, throw them in your washer and they require no ironing whalsoever. They are comfy and cuddly. remove a burner rack from your stove, place it on your drainboard, and lay the steaks on il. This allows the air to get tinder the rack for quicker thaw- Now, if you want to go buy ing, top and bottom. you've been getting from your ijust shove their kids off on florist. By all means let the sender know the kind of flowers you have been receiving. He would appreciate it. ! their parents? They never seem ; to care if we have plans of our Kggnog is delicious to drink, equally delirious: lo pal as a gela- ne mold. Info (he mixing howl po Ihp time-honored eggtiog ingredients and unflavored gelatine. There's liltle cooking involved, only the few minutes required to dissolve Ihe unflavored gelatine. Prepare as directed, turn inlo a ring mold, and simply chill until firm. To unmold, dip the mold inlo a howl of warm water to UK depth of its contents and run a small paring knife around the rim. Invert on scrying platter and shake. If il does not unmold readily, repeat. Garnish with cherries and bits ol green nngi'lit" 1 '" simulate Yulelide berries and leaves. Eggnog Wreath 1 envelope unflavored 1'i cups milk gelatine 2 teaspoons rum flavorui r Vi cup sugar, divided '/» teaspoon nutmeg \'t teaspoon salt 1 cup heavy cream 2 eggs, separated Mix together gelatine, '.-J cup of the sugar and salt in medium saucepan. Beat together egg yolks and milk; stir into gelatine mixture. Place over low heal: stir constantly until mixture thickens slightly and gelatine is dissolved, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat; stir in rum flavoring and nutmeg. Chill until mixture mounds slightly when droppccK from a spoon. Beat egg whites until stiff, but not dry. Gradually add remaining '/i cup sugar and beat until very stiff. Fold into gelatine mixture. Whip heavy cream; fold in. Turn into a 5-cup mold; chill until firm. YIELD: 6 to 8 servings. (Recipe may he doubled, if desired.) new chenille bedspread thal's Jon sale, this is fine with me. But be sure it's on sale and watch your ads in the paper, igals. You'd be surprised be- j cause at some sales, you can Heloise Dear Heloise: Before discarding unwanted clothing, be sure to remove all good zippers, buttons and trimming. Wonderful to have on ! often buy a king, queen or < hand for mending, school cos- | double size spread for about the tumes, doll clothes or decoral- | same price as you can a twin ing homemade projects. [ size. Usually these are dumped on a bargain table, so look carefully to get the biggest size i Dear Heloise: C. S. ; own. We wouldn't mind in case ! of emergency, but usually it's DEAR ABBY: Mine is a prob-! just to get rid of their kids for lem I can't discuss with any-!a while, one. -Teddy, our 12 year old son,' Abby. we love our grandchil- wants lo take ballet. He is slim, dren. "but we are getting up in graceful, a very beautiful boy and not very masculine. He's been taking ballroom and of their tap since he was nine, but I : nerves. : never dreamed he'd become in- Our parents told us, "We' terested in ballet. His father raised ours, now you raise 1 will die. He's a rugged sports-'yours." Why do the children man and has a five handicap of today take advantage of their I Jam es Price were hostesses for! couples Christmas party to be years now and can't run after j them ail the time. And the noise \ fighting gets on our Upsilon Beta Chapter Plans Chistmas Party Mrs. Fred Boshers and Mrs. i man, presented plans for a you can. And don't throw away , old chenille robe either. I know I you have worn it for years, but j just look at all of that still good ! material in the skirl part. j This can be used for many things, such as recovering breakfast room chairs. About five years ago 1 covered some with chenille and they turned out lush! The worn-out parts are fabulous for dust cloths, cleaning silver, polishing furniture, etc. (And boy, if you've ever sprayed an OLD piece of chenille wilh a light spray to polish When painting a room and that you get to the ceiling, push the handle of your paint brush through the center of an old sponge. Sure great for catching all those drip, drip, drips. Reader Dear Heloise: I just discovered something I could really use in our house on windy, drafty days door stop. So J made one from a plastic lid on an empty coffee can. ] jusl. bent the plastic lid in half with the lip or ridge on the outside and slipped it un- We all think back tlow nhd then sentiliieritnjly to the "good old days." And we remember that everything did not come ready wade. Well, here's a wonderful suggestion of) how In get everyone in the family wrapped up in Christmas and holiday decorating and to give the kids a glimpse of bow much fun it used to be—and still can be. Make your OWN decorations. This basic dough will help yon work wonders on centerpieces, candle holders, free trimmings, wreaths, even gifls. All you need (plus some imagination) is: 4 cups flour 1 cup high-quality table salt IVj cups water Mix the ingredients (do not double or halve) well with fingers, adding more woter if too stiff. Now put everybody to work forming original sculptures. For assistance you might try cookie cullers, knife, fork, spoon, rolling pin, toothpick or what have you. Form larger pieces around wire skeletons or other supports. Paper clips or hair pins make excellent hangers. Bake the finished work for at least one hour at 350' (test for doneness wilh a toothpick). After allowing time for cooling, es'cryonc can pilch in agnin on the decorating. Use water colors, poster paints, food coloring or felt tip pens, with finishing touches fashioned from small Irtiits, nuts, berries, candles, buttons, glitter, yarn, ribbon or bits of fell. For more recipes, hints and ideas to get artistic projects using blue package table salt going at any time of the year (especially welcome when youngsters are weathered in—or are under the •weather) write to Coop Accessories, Depl. 22, 110 North Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, 00606. Salt sculpturing is creative fun that gela the whole family involved, and your genuine "originals" will last—with care—for years. furniture wilh, you'll know what i dcr lh ,e door. II really grips in golf. Teddy has always been parents? a rather delicate child and | "NEVER never cared much for sports ! DEAR so I thought dancing would be good exercise for him. SAY NO GRANNY GRANNY: If you never say no, maybe they do not know they're imposing. a meeting of the Upsilon Beta ! held on Dec. 7 in the Blue Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, | Flame Room. Mrs. Ben Orion, mean. 1 ) So. gals, let's don'l throw DAILY SCHEDULE Friday ~f\/ Saturday KTXS-TV (Channel 12) 1:30 Art Ltnkletter's European Tout 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Dark Shadows 4:00 Fugitive " i:00 Batman 4:00 News <;10 Sports Hlllghtt <:20 weather <i:30 Garrison's Gorillas 7:30 Corner Pyle fl:00 Hondo 9:00 Judd for the Defense 10-00 News & Weatlier 10;1S Focus on Football 70:45 Rainbow Theatre 12:30 Sign Off KKBC-TV (Channel 9) 1:00 Another World 2:30 YJU Don't !>s» 3:00 The Match Game 3-?* »lewi 3:30 The Beatles -4'00 George of the Jungle 4:30 Newly Wed Game i;00 Bid and Buy 5:30 Huntley-Brlnkly «;00 Local News, Weather, Sport» 6:30 Tarzan 7:30 Star Trek 8:30 Accidental Family 9:00 Negro Soldier in Vietnam 10:00 The Perfect Match 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10-70 Nationjl Newt 19:30 Tonight V (Channel 4) 1:30 Art Unkletter's European Tour ,?.W • "' lit Hlrtll J:3i Now* 2:31 Edge ot Night 9:00 Secret S'orm ?:30 Password • 4:00 Mr. Ed . 4:30 Gllligan's Island • S.-CO McHale's, Navy 5:30 Ncvys v 4:00 Evening Edition ', News 6. Weather • 6:30 The Wild Wild West 7:30 Gomer Pyle '8:00 Movie JO;(JO 10 P.M. News 10:30 Pete Gent Show 10:3.5 Mery Griffin Show 2:05 Star Playhouse «nd Slo.n Of) MORNING KTXS-TV tchanncl IZ) «:00 Summer Semester 4:30 Cartoon Circus 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Frankenstein Jr. 8:30 Herculolds ':CO Shazzan 9:30 Space Ghosts )0;00 Moby DfcK 10:.10 Superman & Aquaman 11:;30 American Bandstand 12:15 NCAA Football Texas Tech at Arkansas Washington State at Washington 6:00 Flying Nun 6:30 Jackie Gleason 7:30 Lawrence Welk Show »:30 Guns of Will SonneM 9:00 Iron Horse 10.-30 News 4 Weather 10:iO Rainbow Theatre 12;iO Sign Off KRBC-TV 'Channel 9) 8?00 Super 6 1:30 Super President i-titi The F!|r,istnne» 9:30 Samson & Goliath 70:00 Blrdman & Galaxy Mo 10:30 Atom Ant 4 Secret Squirrel 11:00 Top Cat 11:30 Cool McCool 12:00 Championship Bowling 1:00 Command Presentation "We/Is Fargo" ?:« Command Persentatlon "The Blut Dahlia" 4:00 Bill Anderson 4:30 GE College Bowl 5:00 Irish Sweepstakes 5:30 Frank McGee Report 4:00 I Dream of Jennla 6:30 Maya 7:30 Get Smart t.-OO Movit 10:20 NEWS 10:35 Comment 10:35 Tonight KRLD-TV (Channel 4) <;?8 Sign On «:30 Sunrise Semester 7-oo Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Frankenstein Jr.' 8:30 Herculolds 9:00 Sha;zan ?-1fl Space G'-'ifj 10:00 Moby Pick 8, th« Mighty MlgMor 10 30 Superman 11:30 Johnny Quest 12:00 The (.one Hangar 12:30 The Road Runner 1:00 Chinchilla 1:15 Spotlight Newt 1:30 Adventures of Sea Spray 2:00 The Paputy 2:30 star Playhouse 3:00 The Pay Tomorrow Beflan. 3'30 Fe«lure|te 3:45 TV Extra 4:00 Wrestling. 4:3Q Gourmet 5.-00 Don Meredith Show 5:15 Changing Times S;39 News £:«0 evening Edition 4:30. Jackie Gibson Stow 7:00 My Thripe 590? ^ 7:30 My Thf«e S«» 8:00 Hosan's Heroes anything away that can be put lo good use. ...,„. , , . If you've gol anymore good Monday evening in the Blue ways and means chairman, re- jrj ea s of what lo do with that Flame Room of Lone Star Gas. ported that the location of 807| 0 |rj bathrobe, worn-out pants, Mrs. Prince, president, led Melwood had been obtained for ~ • • - - ' Ihe opening rilual and presided j a rummage sale to be held Sal- over Ihe business meeting. jurday Mrs. Bobby Bush, social chair- j Mrs. James — -- -— I chairman, led Some parents still say, "We raised ours now you raise yours." So why don't you? It's just that simple. No one can take advantage of you without your cooperation. Confidential to Mark: Money and will last a long lime. E. Prohst i Dear Heloise: All of you who have gone gung-ho with arlificial flowers and plants—and find they gather a lot of dust that you have T-shirts, blue jeans, etc., do let i to gel off onc e a week-try us- Ey W. G. BRANDSTADT. M.D. 'Ugmin), the drug should be Lewis, service discusion of a sorority project for December. Mrs. Boshers introduced Mrs. John Moore, home economist for Lone Star Gas, who presented the program on prepara us know. Just write lo Heloise in care of Ihis paper. We sure would love to hear from you. Heloise Dear Heloise: For secretaries who make "perk" coffee at the office and 1| don't have a clothes dryer and like their blankets soft and ing that good old feather duster! Just be sure it's clean. Works like magic in jig-time. Henry Dear Heloise: For those gals like me who isn't everything. Sometimes it's;^ c " s " . . find the grounds a problem, try lions for Christmas. In the pro- j us j ng a little plastic bag to gram entitled "Christmas j dump the grounds in. Then lust! A mother writes that her daughter, 5, has been taking Prostlgmin for a redundant colon for over three years. She wants to know what is meant by a redundant colon, whether her daughter will outgrow it or whclher she will have to take Ihe drug indefinitely. This condition, usually called megacolon or Hirschprung's disease, is a congenital enlargement of the colon, It sometimes corrects ilself in the first year of life but does not do so given indefinitely. II will cause no side effects, but it should nol be used by persons who have asthma. If good health cannot be maintained with the drug, one of several types of operation may be necessary. \ Q — Our daughter, 7'/a, has [ never been toilet-trained. She is in the second grade and soils herself in school. Have you any suggestions? A—When a child who Is not mentally retarded has not learned to control her bowel or bladder by the time she is three or four years old, an emotional not even enough. j dump the grounds in. Then just Moore displayed, fiin over the lop and staple, decorations, and unique gifts Works great and sure keeps hang mine on the line and which she had made carrying; your wastebasket from getting out the Christmas bell theme. Mrs. Moore presented each member a folder which contained recipes and all the instructions for making the gifls. Following the closing ritual, Mrs, Prince and Mrs. Boshers served coffee, lea, cake, nuts Miss Anderson Feted Monday At Santa Anna SANTA ANNA (BBC) - Miss Lanelle Anderson, bride-ei«»ct of! and mlnts to Mmes - Moore, Or Bobby Morgan, ton > Lewis ' Busn - Gai 7 Pul l j g. Monday with a' Har old Barnes, .Kenneth. Long, ' Dale Holleman, Grady Chaslain, Jack Drain, Buel Peevy, Fred DuBose, David Kelley, and Leonard Underwood. messed up. Secretary Airman l.C. was honored get acquainted tea in Ihe home of Mrs. Jane Campbell. Mrs. Campbell greeted the guesls and presented the honoree and her mother and sister, Mrs. Edna Anderson of Coleman and Mrs , Louise Montgomery of Fort Worth. Also, the prospective bridegroom's mother, Mrs. Garland Morgan, Mrs. Sandy Clifton served cookies, coffee, tea and mints from a tabje Jaid with white linen and centered with an arrangement of yellow roses in an amber container. Mrs. Roy West presided at the guest book. Hosteses were Mmes. Camp- belj, West, Carmen Donham and Clifton. Dear Heloise; Here's a quick way to make your closet look pretty as a picture. Use colorful adhesive-backed paper and line the shelves from top to bottom. Also cover the clothes pole, hat boxes and anything else to get the color coordination you want—even walls if you wish. Jf you use wooden hangers, Each member was presented j spray paint them. a gift by her "secret sister." Keeping Up Surveys of women's clubs point up that keeping up with the Joneses is cpnsidered more important than 10 years ago. While those in the youngest group questioned felt il was important for their husband's sake the middle group thought it important for the children's sake. In the 45 and over group most said it didn't matter, perhaps because they were the Joneses, It makes for a very pretty closet that you are' proud for any guest to see. Mrs. B. R. Wejtman Dear Heloise: When I am ready for a thorough house cleaning, I begin a few days ahead to pick up things and put them away. 1 also spot clean around door handles and walls. When I'm ready to start the heavy cleaning, ah 1 of this is done and makes the hard part go much faster and easier. NOW OPEN! CENTRAl IEMINC SCRVKE hit • FARMERS • JMPtgMENT DEALERS t HEAVY INDUSTRY '• MANUFACTURERS AND OTHER INDUSTRY QF LIQUOR-WINES-BEER THE 6ROWNWQ9D ARIA Wi have «nt ff ihi Jorgeit end meft wmpltte demtilU and imported wint, beer end fhompognf ffltctjeni in ftrewnweed BEARINGS Oil JEAIS ROTARY SEAU lO.'OO Death Valley piy* 10:30 New* If Jatur&y FOR CONVENIErKE SHOP . 'w* <eb*ftP«l I}) brush them with an old hair, ch "J' s first birthday. brush. This takes the fuzzy 1 , whe " an . obstruction ' the colon is Ihe cause balls off and makes them look and feel new again. And thai fuzz doesn'l gel all over Ihe bedroom! Gerri Boyce when it has persisted past * the problem must be suspected. Your child may need the care below of an expert in child psycholo- this gy lo bring her out of her dif- should be removed. If this child , ficully, Our son, 2, has von Program Given 'For -District Music Teachers Brownwood District Music Teachers Association met Mon- can be maintained in good health on a carefully regulated dosage of neosligmine (Pros- Town Topics Area Personals Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McLean and children and Miss Veda Ferris of San Antonio visited last week in the home of his j and Mrs. John Mc- - ... . day night in Bell Clubroom with P arents ; ^ r ' and Mr* rnivin RnrUm, n^ncMnnf Lean of Bowser. Mrs, Calvin Barkley, president, presiding during the business session. Mrs. Charles Wootton, program chairman for the year, introduced Mrs. Elgene Bartholomew, who presented Hie program for the evening, giving a brief review of George Gershwin and his music. She played his "Rhapsody in Blue" composition. During the social hour, refreshments were served from a table arranged with Christmas decorations, Attending -were Mrs. Dale Bepbow, Miss Bernice Emison, Mrs. Bartholomew, Mrs. BarK* ley, Mrs, George Burns, Mrs. Clyde Smith, Frederick . Thie- bau<j, Mrs, Wootton, Calvin, Berkley and Pale Benbow, Mrs. Benbow and Miss son were Q — Recklinghaiisen's disease. Although we have been told that (his disease is usually hereditary, no one in our large families (my husband's or mine) has had this disease. What would cause it and what are (he chances it would appear in any other children \ve may have? A— This disease, neurofibro- matosis or multiple nerve tumors of the skin, is, as you say, ... , . . hereditary. Such diseases some- Others visiting last week jn , times appear in an anc estor (not necessarily a parent or the John McLean home were the couple's daughter, Mr. and, grandparent) in so mild a form Mrs. James Bennett and sons • • — of Fort Stockton. Mr. and Mrs. W, H. Boyd and son, Larry, of San Angelo were guests Jast week in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs', Julian Martin of Bowser, V7- R. Martin of Mesquite and Ira Turner of Brady also visited in the Martin Home, Mr, and Mrs, John Martin of Bowser visited Saturday in Abilene with their son and family, Mr. and Mrs, Jackie Martin. Mrs. John Martin stayed'for a Jonger visit to care for the Jackie Martin's children whije the baby was in the hospital with pneumonia, that il goes undiagnosed, With so liltle family history of the disease, there is little chance that it would affect a second child but this is a world wherein nothing is certain, Q — My daughter, 5, has while spots oo her arms and legs, Her summer tan has made these spots more noticeable, What causes (hem? Is it serious? What should be done for (hem? A— The cause of this eondi« tion, known as vitiiigo, is a Jack of pigment in the skjn, The underlying cause is unknown, The condition is not a threat to your daughter's health, The only satisfactory treatment is the use of masking cosmetic^

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