Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 15, 1935 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 15, 1935
Page 8
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TUB PAMPA BAIL* HBtfB, 1988> URGED ;O HEP CLUBS FINANCE MEET Ball Proceeds Will Be Used At Music Convention DANCE i OorHtmied trot-u ua*f t.» An appeal lo Pamnans to sunporl the Ptonerr ball and square dance flt the high school gymnasium Tuesday evenlftg by buying tickets was made by Mrs. J. M. Dor'-son, finance 1 chairman, yesterday. All of the proceeds will br used to help finance the convention of the saventh dlsirlct music clubs hero in Octrbrr. The Hirer loeal music clubs, the Treble Cle.f. the Philharmonic Choral, and the Junior Treble Clef, will be hosts lo several hundred oiit-of-loivn women from all over the Panhandle at that time. The local clubs have no money in the treasury at the present time, and they arc relying solely upon the proceeds of the dance for funds to pay the costs of the convention. Delegates to the October convention will come from music clubs In such towns as Ccnyon. Dalhart. Hereford, Amarillo. The seventh district includes counties from the Oklahoma line on the north to Lub- bcck on the south. "Pampa has never failed to entertain a convention as well as any ether city in the Panhandle. Pami:a was selected as the convention city by delegates of all the clubs at the last convention," Mr?. Dodson said. "They wanted to com? to Pampa. We knew the clubs had no money, but we could not refuse the delegates' request to came to Pampa this fall. We believed that Pampa citizens would 'ccnu through' and help the clubs entertain the delegates, and we still believe they will." Mrs. D?dEcn pointed out that sale of tickets has been slow in th; business district, although residents and old- timers are gsnerally bavins them. No convention can be successfully held without the support of business rnd industries, it was said. She urged that group of citizens to contribute to the costs of the convention by buying tickets to the dance. The ball iU-rlf will be worth the admission price rf 40 centf, it is believed. The fact that literally hundreds pushed and struggled to get into the gym last rpring at the Pre-CfPvennial, was cited as evidence that the old time music, the costumes, the callers, end the dan- cers'provide novel and exciting entertainment. At least one-half dozen fiddlers, including Eck Robertson of Borger who won the prl/e at the Pre-Centennlal old fiddlers' contest, will be on hand. Callers will come from numerous Panhandle c The gvin will be decorated in an appropriate m-jimrr. The dance will open with wiuarr dances lollowrd bv Hie Grand March at 10 o'clock, symbol nt magnificence in the lust ceu'iiry. More than 500 invitations lo old- timers .of this section have beni mailed. Official hostesses sit the dance will be long-I line residents of this community, The, same women who were hostesses at Hie Pioneer Roundups will be In the gym to welcome old timers and new comers. Mrs. Claude Lcdrlck was chairman of hostesses at the June r^lnbration. Circus Is Built OK Many Years of Work, Struggle Seal Bros, circus is coming Lo P?mpa for two performances We: 1 - ncsday, Sept. 18. Prom a Email wagon show to a three-ring wild animal circus in a span cf cnly 20 years, is the history of Seal Bros circus told in a' few words. But words alone can never spell nor ever tell of the real showmanship, I he labor, the setbacks, and all that hav? gone with the years of hard work, Fred E. Seal has placed into this circus to produce its remarkable grcwth. It was 20 j are rcmlng from Dalhart, Miami. Mrbprti,-. Met/run. Clarendon. Panhandle and othpr town-; in this section. Th° old-timers are expecting a full howc 1 . ITir tiamp ct J. P. Garland was added to the list of callers yesterday. Mr. Garland's name was cn- tprtd by a friend who described him as one' rf the bes' callers in the Panhandle. Mr. Garland lives at Borecr. Mount-,:in music will be plentiful. A corps of more than a half-dozen fiddlers and their accompanists will furnish the music. They will be seated on a platform In the middle of the dance floor. Two premier fid- dlrrs from Bofgcr, Athur Cox and Eck Robertson, are expected. Many ladies, unable to obtain old-time costumes, are having new cues made. Scores have obtained dresses were worn 50 years It was emphasized that the wrnring of costumes would be op- llc-nal and not compulsory. Mrs. A. H. Doucctte. chairman of the costume committee, will give advice in regard to Hie making of costumes. All who have attractive old garments were urged either to wear them or bnd them to somebody else; provided they did not mind lending them. Prizes will be given to the woman wearing the most attractive costume. Also to the best caller, dancers, fiddlers. Tickets can be obtained from Mrs. David Dodge, Mrs. Herman Jones, Miss Clolille McCalllster or any member of the Philharmonic or Treble Clef clubs at 40 cents each. The pasteboards arc also on sale at the Harvests! 1 Drug, Pampa Drugj end Fathcree No. 4. LEGISLATOR (Continued From Page 1) transactions undsr supervision of three-member board appointed by LOCAL JAYC ON COMMITTEES AT TYLER MEET Pampans To Fill Important Posts At Convention Pampn's Junior chsMnbnr of com- ,'nrrce. rnr fif (.lip most active In the entire state, will be represented on Ihe ni"sl Important, committees tit the- annual convention of the Toxns Junior chamber of commerce at Tyler next Fridav and Saturday. The Borger chamber will also be wrll represented. The Junior chambers of the two towns have worked in close cooperation (his year in their aclivltles, an'' this cooperation will likely bo continued at the convention. A delegation from the local chamber will leave for the convention at Tyler next Thursdav. Jim Collins, state vice-president for the Panhandle division, will be toastmastcr at a breakfast Saturday morning honoring officers and direclrrs of local organizations. President H. L. Policy of the local body is a member of the ac- tivi'ir*: report committee which conduct the activities contest, One of the Pampa delegates will represent Pampa in this contest. The three major activities of the local bcdy this year were the Fre-Centennial,. the Jaycec ba.sebdll tournament and the Santa day p'nrade. Each fpeaker will be allotted four minu'cs in which to tell of his club's i pvr.lect cr projects. I Members of other important com- i mittees are as fellows: legislative, WTDiam T. Fraser. Pampa; Monte Wclford, Borger; resolutions, Arch| er Fullinglm; highway, Gilmore N. Nunn, C. W. Byrns, Borger; con- Hitution and by-laws, W. T. Fraser ITALY i Hontinned from page 1) atlon Is" being given to the possibility of Italy s withdrawal from the League of Nations In case her membership Interferes with her objectives. The cabinet communique, Issued after a session with Premier Mussolini. <vho holds eight portfolios, presiding, announced: 1, Intensification of east African preparations. a. Reinforcement of Italian defenses in Libya. 3. The adequacy of Italy's military forces "to respond to nny menace whatsoever." 4. "Furnishing of war materials proceeds with intensified but regular rhythm." 5. Speeches at Geneva of Sir £amuel Hoare and Premier Pierre Laval were received "with the greatest calm." 6. Italy Intends lo fortify her friendship with France and her European collaboration. 7. The possibility of Italy leaving the League was examined. 8. The east African controversy admits no compromise. ). The conflict has been made the rallying point of "anti-fascist forces." The announcement that Mussolini had informed the cabinet Italy is prepared to meet "any menace from whatsoever direction It may come"- was regarded by political circles as a definite challenge to Great Britain and the League of Nations. biggest navy afloat if with the entire fleet LONDON, Sept. 14.—Upward of a hundred British warships—about the thiid compared strength of the United States and Japan, were believed by diplomats to be concentrated tonight In the Ecr^ne waters of the Mediterranean. Their officers, bent over navigators' charts, awaited developments the governor. Representative George Moffett of Chillicothe, a dry leader, was reported preparing another state mrnr-poly bill, around which advo- vates of stringent regulation were cxp?ctcd to rally. | Governor Allred said his first incKfngc probably would submit only liquor regulation, but the sub- iect cf fixing remuneration for county officers might follow in "a dav cr two." K'e wished to study further the problem of old-age pmsions. "There have been many requests for local bills," Governor Allred r,ald, "but I hfive promised lo submit none. I will try to hold the work lo the people's business and prevent clogging the calendars. "1 am still opposed to a. general salts tax for old-age pensions, the general deficit or any other purposes. There am many other ways for raising the money." Senator T. J. Holbrot'k of Gal- verton said Governor Allred had premised the lal- Senator Arthur P. Duggan of Liltlefie.kl to submit jorlant omnibus delinquent" 111" .- tnx bill passed by the senate in the last regular .session too late for house action. Senator Claud Wnslrrfplcl promised a upvpriincp tax of 10 cents a barrel on oil at the well on all oil pi-rdiiccri In Texas, estimating it wni!d mitt! cnr-ugli revenue to pay rid-ago pcmi'ms and "pull the slate on'- of the red." H:- said Texas pro- Mirrd 50(1,000,000 barrels annually of which only 13 per cent was re- fim-d, used and taxed in this state. Westei fold also suggested a severance lax rf five cents p?r 1,000 ciihic fret of natural gfts ill the i well Me dpchired the big gas companies paid the state $120,000 taxes lii.-l year whereas they should pay between $15.000,000 and $20,000,000 annually. Mr. Fraser and Mr'. Wolf'orri of | In the Italo-Ethlopian crisis. Borger are state directors of the| Dangerously near, it appeared from reports, were about 250 units ol the lighter Italian navy, ready to lend their force to the declaration of the Italian cabinet that it was prepared to meet any resistance that might be offered from whatever direction to n Puce's moves. SHADOWS (Continued from page 1) creanization. U. S. Senator Tom Connally and Governor James V. Allred will be principal sp:akers at the convention. Stalcup Writes Best Account of Carriers' Tour Prize winners in the travelogue writing contest for NEWS carrier boys who enjoyed the annual trip to New Mexico were announced yes- Irrday. Prizes will be. awarded by Ca) Farley Tire shop and The NEWS. Banl Stalcup won the $6 first prize. Second prize v of $4 went to Herman Hoskins of Miami. J. C. Dcllard won third prize of $2.50. The two highest ranking reports on the trio will appear In The NEWS soon. HITLER (Continued trom page I) (Contlnueo. irom page 1) on intangible values is lowering the assessed values by nearly a million dollars, because of a court fight on such assessments. This fight is gen- rral ever the state, and Gray county will share the common result, whatever it may be. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Murfee and years ago that Fred Seal purchased daughter. Miss Jean, have return- his first wagon show, consisting of -' * "~i.«~—- -« ..'--. -« manno involving band music, speaking choruses, Individual speakers and singing. These utterances were characteristic of the whole party convention. All the nazl' demonstrations were accompanied by a distinctly religious or nl, least mystical flavor and mtiny foreign visitors agreed that no OIK; can understand the third reich unless he senses the reverent attitude which Hitler's disciples have concerning their master and teacher. Discussing wage and price problems, Hitler had explained that as far as he was personally concerned he would only be too happy if he could ranse wages and permit producers to raise prices, but oco- nomic facts would prevent betterment of these conditions for some time to come. a trip wftti'."P^ffl$r-'Iabeled local vtstton,. 1 his week will usher in. the football seastin for Painpa's grid-hungry fans, l/aiyton, Okla., will come Friday evening for a game starting at 8 o'clock.' "fampa's green but hefty warriors will have their first test in the night battle. LeFors' Pirates were hosts to the Sayre eleven last Friday evening, losing 7 to 0 against the more experienced teem In n well-played game. An outstanding social and entertainment »vent of the week will be the Panhandle Plcneer ball and square dance Tuesday evening at the high school gymnasium; R p. m. Many olrttlmers of other cities have been Invited. Young and old will enjoy the oldtimc dances and fiddling. Three music clubs are sponsoring the event to raise funds for entertaining the district music clubs next month. The newly organized Panhandle Safety council will meet Wednesday at B o'clock in the city auditorium. Industries with safety programs and all firms interested in safety arc urged to send representatives. Pampn peace officers and the fire department are cooperating. Anyone interested in the City of Painpa's budget should attend the public hearing at the city hall Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock. They first circus of the season will give two performances Wed- hesdftfr. U 18 Seal ferds. wild arilmal circus, said to be one of the largest traveling in the west this year. ^ ' DELlNQtJENf SfcNtteNtJEtJ AS JUVENILE OFFENDS* Wendell Tomlinson. 18-year-old Da'llam county boy, was assessed a two-year term In the state reformatory yesterday in Gray county court. He was adjudged a Juvenile delinquent, after being arrested for allegedly removing articles from a Santa Fe car here. He was arrested In Tcxllne. . ,a» BAUOERS BKAT AI.TUS AMARILLO, Sept. 14. WF)—A surprisingly versatile Amarillo college football team stepped on to Butler field this afternoon to gallop roughshod over the AHus, Okln., Junior college Pirates, 24 to 0, in the opening game of their 1035 schedule. Unleashing an unexpectedly coordinated attack for an inexperienced aggregation, the Badgers plunged the lino, skirted ends and passed their way to 12 first downs to the Pirates' four. .«»Wilkes Chapman and Bcrton Doucelte will leave Monday for Lubbock, wehe they will enrol In Texas Technological college. •* Lawrence McBee will go to Canyon tomorrow to enrol for his first year in West Texas Teachers college. N&ws Of Intel From Nearby Towns PANHANDLE, Sept. 14.—Rev. 0. C Armstrong won n box of cigars as the champion hog caller at the Lions club luncheon Tuesday. Uncle Charley Upham was a close second. aLARENDON.Sept. 14.—The local high school football gridiron will scon have lights. McLEAN. Sept. 14. —Robert C. Davidson, director of the munici- pal ana'.high Behoof Band !ot thd last 8 S*te«rs, has accepted 6-slrn- Bar position at piatnvfew. ' • LeFORS, Sept. 14.—Jack Foster of Pampa has been employed as head, of the commercial department of the local high school. E. ti. Mc- Cluskej-. teacher in the White Deer school the past five years, will teach history In Junior high. MIAMI. Sept. 14.—M. P. Stephens was elected superintendent of Miami schools following the resignation last week-end of T. V. Weaver. CANADIAN, Sept. 14.—James S. Buzzard, 85, well-known citizen of Lipscomb county and the Northeast Panhandle, died Monday night In I Canadian, after a: week's Illness. Located at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners Let's Go To The Football Game But First Have Your Hat Factory Finished By ROBERTS THE HAT MAN Cut Prices Every Day You Can Always Shop To Advantage At Fatheree's SPECIALS For Today Monday, Tuesday mri'irw. First payments under the :orn-hog contracts and most checks have been received and distributed under wheat contracts. County Agent Thomas was in Amarillo yesterday completing the Gray county exhibit, a 1 number of entries of which will be in competition with other similar agricultural products. Tuesday will be "Pampa day" at the fair, with the Pampa high school band making REVOLUTION RUMORED TUCSON, Ariz., Sept. 14. M 1 )—The Tucson Daily Citizen said in a copyrighted story today it was informed by a source it considered reliable that a nationwide revolt was eel from California after a stay of! scheduled to break out in Mexico a few old difcarr'ed dray horsrs, cne lion, a camel, and four small Shetland nonies, an old tent and some gas lights, that always went out r.very time a puff of wind would hit them, leaving the performance in darkness, until the light man could get thtm in repair again. The first days were hard; some days they made money and on other days they would not get enough money to feed the horses. Through all the hard times of getting a start, the show would grow a little each year, and it was not lonit until an elephant was added to the circus and .some other animals. The big growth of the circus took place about 10 years ago when Fred Seal took in as partners hi-s younger brother, Norman, and his father. After the partnership had been effected, another big tent, more elephants, more lions, leopards, camels, iwrwes, and an electric light plant were added. The following year the show left their home town, Emporia, Kans.. as £ two-ring cU'cus. In 1930 they added more animals and imported mere elephants. It now has three rlngSi a-'mammoth free menagerie, big double annex or side show, two hands. There are ample seats for thoUEands of people. The show this aeasou fc showing to capacity end has been forced to give as many as tlnee rhows in one day to'tafce care r f the vast crowds that come to 5 ee Ihe tuper circus as they have always, advertised what they had to offer and not misled In their mjbliolty, a«d today are enjoying Ul9 most pjofllable season of their career, several weeks. ' the morning of September 17. SEAL BROS. BIG 3-RING Wild Animal CIRCUS PAMPA Wed., Sept. 18th AFTERNOON AND NIGHT Show Grounds So. of Ball Park Truly a Biff Circus 5 Acres, Rainproof Tents Mammoth Free Menagerie 3 Herds of Elephants 500 People, Horses, Cages And Dens of Wild Animals 29 Dancing Horses 25 Funny Clowns 100 New Acts, Features And Thrilling; Sensations Presented by the Champion Arcnic Stars from All Nations Spectacular Pageant Sunny Madrid Special Price This Dale 25c Children 35c Adults Go To a Big Show Bargain Prices DENTAL NEEDS We guarantee every one of these Permedge Razor Blades. And we guarantee you'll say that Lavender Mentholated Shaving Cream is the coolest, smoothest, beard-softening cream' you've ever used. For more and smoother shaves get this offer. Package of 5 Permedge RAZOR BLADES and tube.of Lavender (MENTHOLATED) SHAVING CREAM SUNDRIE Xipper Bag, £ Rubberized V Cascade Alarm Clock, Guaranteed , A 1 Year V Lunch Kit:;, (6 Special ¥ Electric Irons, Without Conl Pint Vacuum Bottle Ipana Tooth 'Paste Rcxall Milk of Magnesia Tooth Paste Large Tube SOc Prophylactic Tooth Brush Mr». Weldon WiUon Spencer Corsets Announcing— An Open House and Formal Opening In Our New Building On Tuesday and Wednesday September 17 a"nd 18 We sincerely appreciate the patronage we have received In the past from the people of Pampa and vicinity and have built this new plant In qrdev to serve you more efficiently with the finest possible cut flowers, potted plants and shrubbery. We invite each of you to attend our Open House on Tuesday or Wednesday. Free Roses To Each Lady and Gentleman Visitor CLAYTON FLORAL CO. 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