Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 23, 1961 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
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Monday, October 23, 1961
Page 5
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"irst Have Mission Meetings "A Child And His Money'.' Forms Topic For Goodwill Home Demonstration Meet Goodwill Home Demonstration Club met Tuesday in the home of Mrs. W. E. Autry, H24 N. Russell Mrs.- Brewer concluded her talk with the thought that "Giving children an allowance and teach- First Baptist Church Missioh- ry Unions met in circle meet- igs with the following reports: HAftRIETTE KING CIRCLE iet with Mrs. James Massey, 101 N, Christy with opening pray- r hy Mrs, C. V. Forsman, Mrs. larles Bailey, chairman, p r e- ded during the business meeting llowed by Bible study "Sharing y Savior In the Home" taught Mrs. Owen Johnson. Mrs. Baily dismissed the group with pray- Mrs. Forsnvan was welcomed a new member. Mrs. uw e n ohnson, WMU president, was a Jecial guest. Five members were resent. The next meeting will be ith Mrs. Forsman on Oct. 25 9:30 a.m. . WINNIE TRENT CIRCLE met ith Mrs. G. E. Gronin'ger, 2101 lestnut with Mrs. R., M. Owens jening with prayer. Mrs. Groniger conducted a business meet- ig. Bible study "Witnessing .in e Home' 1 was taught by Mrs. L. Cradduck. Mrs. Ella Cur;y, a new member, dismissed e group with prayer. Mrs. J. W. ribble and daughter, Cindy, ere welcomed as* guests. Ten embers were present. The .next leeting will be with Mrs. C. W. uckaby, 1318 Terrace on Oct. at 9:30 a.m. KATHRYN WHITE. CIRCLE iet with Mrs. Bob Sypert, 1816 ogwood with opening prayer by Irs, Lamon Stovall. The business :ssion was led by Mrs. P. G. urner,'chairman. Bible study Sharing My Savior" was taught y Mrs. 0. T. Egerion. Mrs. Turer offered closing player.Mrs. . J. Young was added as a new lember. The next meeting will e with Mrs. John Gikas, .1301 !ary Ellen. 14 members we're resent. C. L. McKINNEY CIRCLE met ith Mrs. W. J. Woodward, 1910 hristine with opening prayer 1 by Irs. Lee Moore Sr. Mrs. L. V.. opp presided during the business iceting. Mission study "Hands cross the Sea" was led by, Mrs. Douglas Carver, a special uest. Seven members were pres- Cohort Street baptist Society -/os Circle Meets Hobart Street Baptist Women's lissionary Society held circle leetings recently with the follow- ig reports: FRANCIS KNIGHT CIRCLE iet with Mrs. Delmer Barefoot, •ho opened the meeting with rayer. Mrs. Warren Thomas pre- ded during the business meeting. ent. Mfs. A. A. Day, :81? N. Russell, will be hostess for the Oct. 25 meeting at 9:30 a.m. .. ANN 'MITCHELL CIRCLE met in ,the home of Mrs, Ross Buzzard, 2427 Christine, Opening prayer was by Mrs. Elmer Wallace and closing prayer by Mrs. Hansford Ousley.'.'"Sharing My Savior In the Home," mission study, was taught by Mrs. Lida Ramsay. Mrs; R. L. McDonald conducted the business meeting. Seven members Were present. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Douglas Carver, 1708 Charies On Oct. 25 'at 9:1)0 a.rn. JACKIE SHAW CIRCLE met in the home of Mrs. Bob Andis, 1710 Mary Ellen with Mrs. C. F, Crowson offering opening prayer. Mrs.' Jerry Lunsford conducted for a program on "A Child and' ing them how to make the most His Money" presented by Mrs. j of .their funds is giving them a Brewer. i shield of independence as a weap- The speaker brought out that a child has to learn to manage his money just as he has to learn to read and write. "Management is started when ,he first gels an allowance. He .should be allowed the business meeting. Bible stu- l ,° work f , or extra m ,.° nc yj nit " ol dy, "Sharing My Savior in the Home" was taught by Mrs. Glenn Miller. Closing prayer was by Mrs. A. J. McLain. Th i r t e e n members were present. Mrs, Arthur Bullock, 1320 N. Starkweather, will be hostess for the Oct. 25 meeting. for an allowance. The allowance should be increased as child grows older. Have set rules for allowance but not too many restrictions." History And Function Of United Nations Speaker's Topic For Parent Education The history, organization and function of the United. Nation s were discussed by Mrs. Gene Hall at a meeting of the Parent Education Club held Tuesday in the home of Mrs. Tom Snow, 207 N. Gray- . , Mrs. Hall stated^ that" the formation "of the Unit'ed Nations be- Wesleyan Guild With Mrs. White Miss IIa Pool presented « program on "Ten Safety Signs For Good Mental Health" for t h e Wesleyan Service Guild of First Methodist Church at a meeting held recently in the home of Mrs. Frankie White,.610 N/Frost. Mrs. Diana Wood was co-hostess. Following hymns, Mrs. Gladys Turner brought thoughts of devotion followed by prayer. Miss Pool, as moderator for the lesson taken from Dr. Ralph Sockman's book, "Suffering" introduced Mrs. Grace Boston, whose topic was "Pain"; Mi s s Alma Wilson, who discussed "Disability"; Mrs. L. .D. Wilkerson, "Mental and Physical Illness"; Mrs. F. White, "Faith" and "Healing.' 1 During the business meeting conducted by Mrs. Rachel Jones, Mrs. . Mildred Cook announced that ,the "Week of Prayer and Self Denial" service is to be held in the First Methodist Church Chapel on Oct. 30 from 7:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. for, the G u.i I d membership and for others who Irs. Roger Hedric taught the, wou i d like to spend „ quiet hour .!__? 1 1_ HIT ._ TT n nr'1l-»_ , * * in prayer. Attending the meeting, other than those previously mentioned, were Mmes. Laura Penick, Ethel Johnson, Irene Smith; Mrs. Julian Key, special guest; Misses Inez Clubb, Lillian Mullinax, Margaret Wilkerson and Lou Ella Patterson. lission book. Mrs. H. C, Wilkie id the closing prayer. Seven lembers were present. It was nnounced thai the Oct. 24 meet- ig will be with Mrs. Hedric on . ; ct. 24 at 9:30 a.m. in her home, 25 N. Wells. EUNICE LEACH CIRCLE met ith Mrs. J. J. Alexander, oening prayer was offered by Irs. Dale Butler with closing rayer by Mrs. Bill Simpson, Irs. Butler conducted the busi- 2ss meeting, which was fol- nved by missions study taught v Mrs, Arnold Hale. Mrs. A. B. lark read the prayer calendar, iight members were present. ;Irs. Hale will be hostess for the •ct. 24 meeting at 9:30 a.m., in er home, 932 S. Banks. VALERIA SHEPARD CIRCLE iet with Mrs. J. N. Tackett with [rs. James S.chaub conducting ic business meeting. Mrs. J. D, rawford offered opening prayer. Irs. Tackett conducted the study \ "The World on Our Doorstep." losing prayer was by Mrs. Ed oran, WMU president. 10 mem- ers were present. Mrs. James chaub will be hostess for the ct. 24 meeting at 9:30 a.m. in er home, 611 N. Dwight, CALL LONG DISTANCE Teenagers Feted At Tacky Party LEFORS (Spl) — Mrs, John Roberts and Mrs, Tom Gee were hostesses in the civic center Tuesday night for a teen - age tacky party. Attending were Angelia Atchley, Eliese Hatcher, Verniece Hatcher, Darlene Martin, David, Roberts, Gene Gee, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Harris, Melita and David, and Mr. and Mrs, J. B. Martin, gan in 1941, when nine European governments signed the Inter- Allied Declaration, which declared the only basis for lasting peace was the willing cooperation of nations that are free of aggression. "In 1942," Mrs, Hall stated, "Roosevelt, Churchill, T. V' Soong of China arid Maxim Litvinor of Russia signed the declaration by the United Nations and 47* nations signed." "The main organs or divisions of the United Nations are the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice and the Secretariat." Mrs. Hall brought out that "the United Nations considers problems and makes recommendations to member nations concerning the decisions made by the majority of the nations represented. Among the problems handled by the UN are A r a b- Israeli Armistice, Indonesian-Netherlands Dispute, Korean War, Suez Canal Crisis and the Congo revolt" Mrs. W. J. Derington, president, presided during the business meeting M proposed changes in the club's constitution were vetoed- The next meeting for the group will be on Nov. 7 at 2:45 p.m. in the home of Mrs, Hall. Halloween Party Planned By Club GROOM (Spl) - The Junioretfe 4 • H Club met in the Home Economics Room at the Groom School Building recently with Miss Janice Britten presiding. Roll call was answered with a favorite poem. j EspOSQ JoVGH Club Plans were made for a 4-H Hal- \A/jfl_ K A „_ loween party to be held later this Wlth MrS month at which time the county Floral Touches" Make House Look Like Home on agaihst envy, Mrs. A. P. Coombes told the] group about the International j Peace Garden, which is located at the geographic center of North America. "It has 2200 acres," she said. 'All home demonstrations clubs have a small part in help-] ing as the state home demonstra-! tion group allows participation." Mrs. Don Duggan was welcomed as a new member. Members attending were Mmes. A, P. Coombes, Leiand Diamond, G. B. Hicks, Lee Jackson, Don Nenstiel, Horace O'Neal, Marvin Rowan, Ray Fra/ier, Jack Osborn, and John Brewer. It was announced that Mrs. Brewer will be hostess for the Nov. 7 meeting at 9:30 a.m. in her home 736 Bradley Drive. agents will discuss 4-H work with parents. First aid kits are made by each of the girls. Twila Wade closed the meeting with a song. Present were, Carol' Gannon, a visitor, Wanna Sue Garmoii, Sandra Kotara, Janice Britton, Pam and Karen Ollinger,, Tanja Weatherly, Jane Hudson, Twila Wade, and Mrs. Sam Kotara, leader. GROOM (Spl) — The Esposa Joven Club met Thursday evening in the .Community Club House with Mrs. Jack Bivens as hostess. Table games were played and refreshments were served to Mmes. Donald Ritter, Mike Homer, Ray Britten, Bill Gohr, Billy Fields, Max Ray Faulkner, Kenneth Hunt, Tom Britten, Bob Babcock, Curtis Whatley and t h e hostess' By KAY SHERWOOD Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Few touches add a more hospitable look to a home than a. bouquet of flowers, I've seen the magic work countless times in our home, The living room is cleaned up for company, the dinner table is set neatly; the general effect is orderly, but flat. The festive welcome comes with a bright bouquet and fresh green- cry, or, in autumn, lovely fruit arrangements, By the very nature of gardens, most, of the bouquets we pick include a mixture of flowers. Mangolds, mums, cornflowers, zinnias, strawflowers, daisies and dahlias; the autumn list is varied and colorful. If the pickings are skimpy, I piece out with « few sprigs from the florist, and I'm not above adding an artificial posy. Although the multiflower seasonal bouquet is logical and lovely in most of - our homes, only recently Iws it been prnised ns "high fashion" by interior decorators and hailed as the "new look" in flowers. One explanation from florists is that casually but carefully and skillfully arranged bouquets of v Boys Can Run Foster Than Girls By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN Janice James Feted At Party LEFORS (Spl) — Janice James celebrated her twelfth' birthday with a party after school in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G, W. Games, west of town on Thursday afternoon. A scavenger hunt, a sack race, bean race and other yard games we're played. Cup cakes were served, ice cream, and favors of packages of gum were given. Attending were Candy, Peggy and June Cox, Guyla and Pain James, Gary Howell, Greg Howell, Dennis Keith, Gary Dunn, Terri Bryant, Linda T i 1 1 m a n, Betty Barnett, Jimmy Linda, Larry Gilbreath, and Larry Sue Click. Read the News Classified Ads DEAR ABBY; I have a son who just finished college, and is about to enter a theological seminary. He has wanted to be a minister since he was 16. He is a good- looking, athletic, wholesome boy who has had an average social life- He dislikes bold girls who wear sweaters and tight skirts, but he is now being chased by girls looking for marriage. It is the present custom for young men to marry before entering the seminary. Girls bombard him with phone ,calls, invitations to parties, etc. I do not want to offend the girls but, when 1 grew up, the men did the courting. Nothing will drive him to a celibate life sooner than aggressive girls. These girls are running him ragged. What can I do? DEAR MOTHER: A young man with the obvious moral training and spiritual aspirations of your son does not need anyone to run interference for him. Relax, Mother' I have never heard of a boy who couldn't run faster than a girl in a tight skirt. DEAR ABBY: We are four girls who would like to know how old a girl should be before she can (I) Shave her legs. (2 Wear make-up. (3) Go in cars with boys, PATTI. CAROL, LINDA AND JOAN DEAR P., C., L. AND J : Girls can do the above - mentioned things when their own mothers decide they are ready. It is up to each mother to make these de- cisions for her own daughter. DEAR ABBY: Am- I .wrong in thinking that my husband should not receive love letters from his ex-wife? He thinks it is all right because that's the only way he can find out how his children are. He divorced her for reasons you couldn't even put in the paper- but now that he is married to me, to hear him tell it, there was never a finer woman than her. I can't have any children for him, and I think that's probably why he is so mean and spiteful. What can I do? It's not my fault. I am 28 and he is 33. . DOWN-HEARTED - • is* Open 6:45 — Ends Tonight Jeriy Lewfi Man??? Technicolor I Piuiwtnl Pietun ______ „ ___ , __ Also Cartoon & News 65c CAR NITE TUE pc ARIA CODE NUMBERS |,.. instead of names of 'cities. Please check your telephone directory for [Area Code Numbers and \ complete calling instructions. Your calls will go 1 through faster and easier. Call oy numbtr... if9 tWIC9 if fast IS FAMILY DAY at Caldwell's Buffeteria ALL YOU CAN EAT Noon Or Evening HOURS: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 5:30 to 8:30 Choice of Bring The \Vhole Family 4 Mwti, 4 Vfgita&[«$, 8 Salads & 4 CALDWELL'S BUFFETERIA 2014 NORTH HOBART M O 4 - 4011 Open 6:45 • Now - Wed. STRICTLY A „ -AUQH AFFAIR I Also Cartoon & News MO 4- 2569 Open l:-»j * now-Wed LAST 3 DAYS AT; 2:24 4:39 6:54 9:09 FAHHIt HURSJ'S most compassionate romantic drama/I SUSAN || JOHN HAYWARD HD GAVIN mma cMwu- Also Cartoon & News SOCIAL CALENDAR MONDAY 4:00 — Bluebonnct -4H Club, Courthouse Annex. Demonstration >y Mrs. Myron Dormnn nnd Miss lanct Dorman on fnll floral arrangements. 7:00 —• Altrusa Club of Pam- aa, the Coronado Inn. 7:00 — Kappn Knppa Iota Sorority, City Club Room. 7:30 — Esther Club of Rebcknh Lodge, Halloween Parly in the home of Mrs. Etta Crisler. 8:00 — Xi Beta Chi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi with Mrs. Byron Hilbun, 110! Frederic, DEAR DOWN . - HEARTED: "Having children" isn't the special privilege of a few. You are young enough to adopt a family- Why not consider it? Fresh-from-the-garden casualties^ marks this autumn bouquet, delivered in a plastic shell sized to flt urn on table. CONFIDENTIAL TO BRUCE Don't marry for money- You can borrow it cheaper. Read the News Classified Ad» seasonal flowers have been noted in the White House, Added to this, sny the decorators, is the blending of period furnishings which flre not suited to the very formal, nhnost stark line arrangements shown with modern pieces. Whether my homcnuulc combinations of zinnins and m a r i- golds will bring high fashion into our homes, I rather d o u b t, I hnvo more enthusiasm thnn talent with flowers. But in the -hands of an artist, these mixed bouquets can be breathtaking. Colors are mixed ns freely ns flower spocies. For example, in a casual bouquet arranged by n t.op - notch designer, I noted this combination. Gold' marigolds, -yellow daisies, feathery orange celosin and orange tritomn predominted, with sharp accents of spiky purple lintrus and blue cornflowers. Toning down this riot of color were gray nrtemcsin and green bells of Ireland. Containers nre the other side of the cnsiwil effect. I mean, vases are all right, but it's now more fashionable than ever to cull the cupboards for pretty pitchers, bowls, tureens, cups and what hnve you to show off the flowers. Sure, I know you've-been doing this for years. If you are reluctant 'to arranga flowers directly in a favorite silver, chitm or glass bowl, here's n trick that works: Measure the container, depth and width. From a florist you can get n thin plnstic shell which will approximate the size. An arrangement in this shell, homemade or florist-made, can be fit- led into the more decorative container but water, flower - preserving chemicals ,nnd the wire, clay or plnstic used to hold the stems in place are safely cor- rnled. Incidentally a thoughtful gift for a close friend or relative is n "special occasion" bouquet planned to slip into one of their prized containers. Does BLADDEJT IRRITATION MAKE YOU NERVOUS? Attnr 35, common Itldnoy or Bladder Ir- nutloMB ofttm occur und mny make you Littutii unit norvoui Irom too frequent, butulns or ilcUinn urluaUon both flu and nluhl. Secondarily, you may loi* sleep nnd pulfor trom He&dachas, Back, who ami [rel old, tlrod, dcprcuod. In such irritation, OYBTEX usually brlnc.« (not, relnxliit comfort by curbing trrl- lul.lnif norms in atrona, ncld urlno nnd br <lvlriK nrmlueslo pain rtllrf. Out CYST EX , »t drUMlitd. Oheer up and feol better fa»U WHY NOT PHONE HIM? so ECONOMICAL WHEN YOU CALL STATION-TO-STATION AND SAVE ONE THIRD . , . Now, call out-of-Uwn relatives more often by taking advantage of the bargain rates of station-to-station (a call from your phone to a distant number instead of a particular person). Why not call right now? You'll both enjoy it. HERE'S HOW TO CALL: Hive the operator the area code for the city you want to call . . . next, the number you are calling . . . and when the operator asks, give the number you are calling from, If you don't know the area code number, the operator will be glad to give it to you. Jot it down for future use. Ca/J by number, . . //'$ twice aa fast X'l"«v

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