The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 28, 1969 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1969
Page 3
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THREE BANK OFFICERS ARE PROMOTED AT C V Tuesday, January 28, 1969 Bagtoim »«H CHANNELVIEW (Sp) - The Channelview Bank has announced the promotion of three employes. Frederick M. Saunders, Edwin E. Finn and Mrs. Lola Welch will be working in new positions. Frederick M. Saunders has been elevated to the position of .the chairman of the board. Saunders has been president of .the bank since 1962. Prior to coming to Channelview Bank, he was vice president of Heights Savings Association of Houston and is also chairman of the board of Mainland Bank in Texas City. Edwin E. Finn has been promoted lo president of Channelview Bank. Finn has served as cashier, vice president and, most recently, executive vice president of the bank. He came to Channelview Bank from Mainland Bank of Texas City in 1966. He was also elected to the board of directors after serving as an advisory director. Mrs. Lola Welch is now assistant vice president of the Channelview Bank. She first worked for the bank as a teller in 1961. Since that time she has worked in all departments of the Channelview Bank. Prior to 1961 she was employed at the Com- mercial Bank in Mason City, Tex. Her duties as assistant vice president include that of a loan officer and all phases of personnel work. The Channelview Bank is located in Channelview on Sheldon Road. Al the annual stockholders meeting Jan. 16, the bank announced the increase of its capital stock from $240,000 to CLOSED WEDNESDAY 9:30 to 3:00 FOR INVENTORY Sears Shop 3:00 to 9:00 INVENTORY SPECIALS Little Girls' Colorful PERMA-PREST Dresses Sizes 3 to 6x Perma-Pre*t® i* wrinkle re»Utant, ne«d» no ironing. Ju*t w«»h and tumble dry. Ctaooie from many style*. Men's PERMA-PREST® SPORT SHIRT Regular 3.98 fashions that are winning partners for aay game. Choose plaids, strip**, cheeks or solids. Men's sixes small to large. Save! 7x35mm Precision Made BINOCULARS Sanforized Cotton and Nylon MATTRESS PADS See Regular 19.95 S«7 feet at 1000 yards. Ha* focus and right eye adjustment. Optically ground coated lenses, prisms. Light weight aluminum frames. 13 88 Full Si« Reg. 4.29 3 J7 Twin Fitted. Reg. 4.29 3.77 Full Fitted. Regg. 5.29 4.77 Filled with bleached white cotton for cushiony comfort, nylon for strength. Machine waah, dry. Reg. 3.29 Each Twin Six* 2»'5 Sears 20-ln Equipped SPYDER BIKES Regular 34.88 Sporty two-tone bucket "banana" iteat adjusts 23-28 inches; flamboyant gold frame. Super 2,125 in. rear tires for quick takeoff*; over- site front sprockets for stunt*. Highrlsc handlebar*, coaster brakes and bright reflectors. Boy's model only. 29 88 Credit Balance ADDER-MULTIPLIER Phis Assembly Regular 134.95 No mistake here! This smartly styled machine ia for both office and home. It add*, mibtracts, multiplies accurately, efficiently. CHARGE IT on Sears 99 Charge 88 SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Sears SKA**, KOUUCK AND CO. 711 W. Texas Ave. Baytown, Texas Phone 422-8131 £250,000. A stock dividend was declared on the basis of one, additional share of stock for each 24 shares of stock held. The net income of $65,063.66, was reported as the third best year in the bank's history. Directors at the Channelview 1 Bank are Frederick M. Saunders, chairman of the board; Edwin E. Finn, president; J. W. Anderson, F. G. Jones, S. R. Jones Jr., J. 0. Kirk, Charles L. Laswell, C. E. Leach, R. J. McAmis, M.D., David Pasternak, H. C. Schochler, Clyde M. Speed, Jack E. Walton; advisory directors are Robert Taylor, Rolan Walton, W. H. Fagan M. D., and Robert Seale. EDWIN E. FINN MRS. LOLA WELCH Anahuac Lions To Peddle Pancakes ANAHUAC (Sp) — The Anahuac Lions Club is making plans to hold its annual pancake supper Feb. 8. Club members say the supper will start at 5 p.m. They plan to stop serving around 8 p.m. or ("until everyone is fed all they can eat." The yearly event will again be held at the Anahuac High School cafeteria. There will be entertainment during the evening, and door prizes will be awarded. The menu will consist of pancakes, sausage, bacon, milk, coffee, syrup and butter. The chefs have had many years of experience in making and serving the pancakes. Tickets_are$1.25 for adults and 75 cents for children. A ticket entitles you to second and third helpings. British General P.O. Wants More Equipment DALLAS (AP)—The British General Post Office, which purchased $2.5 million in optical reading and sorting equipment in 1967 from Recognition Equipment, Ltd., has exercised an option to buy another $2.6 million. The British firm Is a subsidiary of Recognition Equipment Inc., of Dallas. TELEVISION LOG TUESDAY K PM F) ID (E) News (C) n Hliat's Nf.n-7 — Mammals (D Voyage to the Bottom of the Son. fR) S3 1 Love Lucy (R) 6:36 PM •f (D Arctic Odyssey: The David Humphreys Polar Expedition (C) special. | An NBC News documentary on last year's rive-man Prlar exp.";li(ion — headed by Australian navigator David Humphreys — v.'hich nged the map of the world; the program traces the expedition's hardships, frustrations and ultimate triumph in Greenland where the party took celestial observations which have led to significant revisions in the map of this Danish pos- ession; pre-empts Jerry Lewis Innovations — The use of epoxy resins for artificial hearts and kidneys ID lancer (C) Teresa Wright plays lhc> wife of a siieriff whose lawless past has provoked a 25-year-long [cud with Murdoch Lancer ® Mod Squad (C) Pete and Line infiltrate a gang of young thieves .vlio kidnap Julie ED Lost in Space (C) (R) Penny and Will become involved m a bumbling knight's lifelong quest of a fire-breatliing female beast 7 PM O Westminster Abbey (R) The documentary commemorates the 900th anniversary of the English church, tracing the Abbey's role in the history of England, with dramatizations of significant events ID My Favorite MarHjut (R) Martin is disturbed to learn that a cat inherited a large sum of money 7:3* PM O Julia (C) Julia helps 'teichbor Marie (Betty Beaird) acquire a new look with a wig to rekindle her husband's waning interest; Ezra. Stone (early radio's Henry Aldrich), one jf the regular directors of the series, plays Roddy, a wig shop operator ID Red Skelton (C) Guests i Phyllis Diller, Grace Martey CD It Tnke, a Thief (C) Mundy must find out whether a billionaire- recluse is still alive or if he has been replaced by a double 03 Man From UNCLE (C) (R) Mr W a v e r 1 y suspects two UNCLE agents of being Thrush men SD Hue! (C) (R) Hazel ard her friend Rosie vie for the attentions of a handsome chauffeur 8 PM O Mnvie— "Miracle Worker" (1962) Anne Bancroft, Patty Duke; blind and deaf Helen Keller is taught how to communicate in a tremendous struggle by once-blind Annie Sulli- can . . . inspirational and an acting triumph.; rescheduled from Jan H O NET Festival (R) "The Kilm Generation: The Way We Sec It 1 studies toon aged community film workshops, tbeir origins, effects anc [he films they produce fD Movie (C) "The Unforgiven" (1960) Audrey Hepburn, Bmt I,an caster, Doug McCluro; it's a fend to the death between an Indian tribe and a pioneer frontier family guard- Ing a secret about one of its members . . . superior Western 8:30 PM CD Doris Day (C) When Do:is ha; to be out of town for a few i-ays, the house becomes a shamb'.es unti 1 Emma Flood, a recently retired Ma fine Corps officer, arrives an! takes "command" of the situation; Mary Wickes as Emma becomes a new regular CD NYPD (C) Ward loses his gun and shield during a holdup and the entire squad goes into action tu ap prehend the hoodlums and retrieve the police property ID 12 O'clock High (R) Savage's former fiancee is now married to a pilot assigned to Savage's group » PM O Shortcut* to Fashion—Preparing the sleeve for a professional look / CD CBS Nows Special (C) "The Savage Heart — A Convcrsatior With Eric Hoffer" is the sccon time Hoffer discusses a multitude o subjects for CBS News; Hoffer, fi7 year-oid retired longshoreman, phi losopher, writer nml Houston Pos syndicated columnist, presents hi views on such topics as civil ri(;lil and the urban crisis, inw and onlc-r the American character, rrlir and death in an interview wilh cor respondent Eric Sevareid CD That's IJf« (C) Shelley Bonn:tn Kay Mod ford, Henny Yoimfiman an Anthony and the Imperials "'josl a Bobby iiiul Gloria Dirkson Ink 'Our First Vacation" »:» PM O Nine to Grl Krady - Post-dellv cry care of tho newborn taby; \ SiRii Off (D Wivttern SUr Theatre (R) A to! raph substitutes for a minister in a rentier we.lilim;: 1C Sign Off 10 PM O CD £0 Nous (C) 1'crry Mason (R) 10:30 I'M O Tonight (C) Eydie Gorme, John )avidscn D Movie (C) "Sandokan Fights lack" (1964) Ray Danton, Guy Madison; rightful ruler ousts usur- )ers of his throne . . . certainly not listory; 12:20 Sign Off B Joey Bishop (C) Gloria Loring, Grady Tate 11 PM SB Country Variety (C) Webb ierce U:3» PM SB News (C) 12 Sign Off MIDNIGHT O News (C) 12:05 Movie — 'Ladies Who Do" (1903) Robert Worley, Peggy Mount, Harry Corbett; cleaning women in brokerage office get stock market tips from vastebaskets and note pads, /orm heir own syndicate to play the mar:et . . . highly amusing; 1:35 Sign iff D Movie — "Fury of the Apache" '.1965) Frank Latimore; young cow- x>y helps rancher and his v/ile who re harassed by a neighbor; 1:40 ign Off WEDNESDAY (C) Color; (R) Repeat 6:30 AM CD Captain Kangaroo (C) CD Cadet Don {C) For children 6:55 AM O Paul Harvey Comments (C) 7 AM O Today (C) 7:2.5, 8:25 News (C) CD News (C) 7:» AM CD CBvS News (C) 7::W Weather, Surfing, Fishing (C) CD Cadet Don (C) For children 7:45 AM O Into Inquiry 8 AM O) Morning Show (C) 8:3« AM CD Kitirik's Karrousrl (C) 8:45 AM O Think in Ink 9 AM O Snap Judgment (C) 9:25 NBC News (C) CD Lucy Show (C) (R) CD Discovery (C) (R) Visit to Sweden; first of two parts 9:20 AM O Magic Bookshelf 9:30 AM 8 Concentration (C) CD Beverly Hillbillies (R) CD Dialing for Dollars (C) !):!.-. AM O Think in Ink in AM O IVrsnnnlily (C) 0J A inly (Iriflilh ((."> (R) lit::!!) AM O MallirmnlVs 111:3(1 AM O llijlv«inxl Si(Ti!irrs (C) (JI Dirk Van lUko (FO O Trulli iir CmiS'iiiirnnfi (C) lOrU AM O Think in Ink 11 AM 0 .lrri|Kird.v (C) 01 Love of Lifo (C) 11:2.7 Nrtts (C) £E) Bewitched (C) (R) 11:20 AM O World firu^raphy 11:30 AM O What's My Lino? (C) CD Search for Tomorrow (C) CB Funny You .Should Ask (C) 11:.-is Children's Doctor (C> 11:45 AM O Think in Ink ffi) Neivs (C) Casey Martin NOON 0 Midday (C) Thelma and I.;irry (D News at Noon (C) CD Dream House (C) 6D Rocky and His Frirnds (C) (R) l'>:M I'M O Hiilrirn Fa«-i«i (Cl Drama CD As the World Turns (C) Dinrvu CD !<<•('•< Makr a Deal (C) 6D Romper Room (C) 1 I'M O Days of Our Livrs (C) |) CD I-ovr Is a Many Splriiilorril ThlnR (C) Drama CD Run for Your Life (C) (R) S3 Richard Diamond (R) 1:05 PM O Think In Ink 1:30 PM O Doctors (C) Drama CD (luiding Ugh! (C) Drama S3 Take 30 With Marijarw (C) l:» PM O Mathematics 2 PM 8 Another World (C) Drama CD Secret Storm (C) Drama CD (irnrral Hospital (C) Drama SD DonaM O'Connor (C) Clint wood, Hnrry Blarkslone .)r, Angel ino Butler, John Hartford, Pat Mnn tancion •i:tt> I'M O Think in Ink 2:3fl PM 8 Ynn Don't SM> (C> tn KilRr of NiRhl (C) Uninia CO One 1,'fe to Live (O Drama 2:3X PM O Mathematics 2:15 I'M (D Cartoon Culuns (C) 3 PM 8 Match Game (C) 3:25 NBC News (C) CD Liiiklelter .Shun- (C) 3:2o News (O (E Ivilirik's Karrousel (C) fD .M o v i c (C) "Tall Stranger" (IW57) Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo, Barry Kelly. Michael Ansara, Whit Rissell; westbound wagon train rescues cowboy who helps them find liind . . . good Western S3 Mnvrrirk (R) 3:05 PM O r:-!l>:il Header 3:30 PM €J Morv firiftm (C) Hugh Hefner -Sheldon Leonard, Jackie Vcrnon, Nanrip Phillips Ot Mnvir — "The Milkman" (1951) Donald O'Connor; hoir to our milk mmpany works for rival outfit, gets inixH IIP in L'l'ljliriy and inmnnce - . . iL rindics tB Dark Shadims (C) Duma 3:10 PM O tntn Inquiry 4 I'M IB Mnvir — "Wayward Bus" (1957) .loan Collins. Jayne Mansfield, Dan Dailey. Rirk Jason; troubles doj; short-haul bus and its passengers in this John Steinbeck adaptation . . . interesting SB BOMI the ('limn (C) 1:30 I'M 03 No NIP the (.'limn (Cl S3 Ministers (H) .'i I'M 8 Chris Chauillrr (C) O .Mislero^rrji' NrichlHirlionil tO Him Slmip (C) CD Iti-iit (R) 03 I-'lint.slnnes (C) (R) Car loons •>:HH PM O llimtlry-lirinkley \ens (C) O Friendly fiiant' fD Walter Crinikile NMIS {('.} ffi) Frank Ke.vnnlils News (C) ID Ozzio and Harriet (R) 6D Batman (C) (R) 5:45 I'M O Time for John MRS. ETHEL GARRETT Baytown Woman Honored On Her 84th Birthday Mrs. Ethel Garrett of 309 Eas Wright was honored on her 841 birthday with a dinner at the home of her son and daughter-in law, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Garret at Cove. All seven of her children several of her grandchildren and many friends were at the dinner Her family included Ernes Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Garrelt and children, Randy an< Kay; Mr. and Mrs. Jack EarJ, and children, Sherry, Joyc Kimbrough and Michel) Kimbrough; Mr. and Mrs. Kalpl Garrett and children, Jerry Honnie and Jill and Mr. and Mrs G. B. Hollingshead, all o Baytown; Mr. and Mrs. Elgin Garrelt of Trinity and daughter Mrs. Carolyn Chase of Baytown Mr. and Mrs, T. J. Garrett and children, Ginger, Sue and Nancy of Cove, Friends paying honor t Mrs. Garrett were Mr. and Mrs L O. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. L K. Williams, Mrs. Leta Strickland, Mrs. Olga McKay Miss Patricia Sammons and Mr and Mrs. Charlie Leonard. Opui Dally !•:«• T« I:M Open Thursday a»d Friday Until 8:SO Final Big Week January White Sale SHEETS & CASES Springmaids Marvelous No'lrcn White Cotton Muslin 72x108 Twin Fitted 81x108 Full Fitted Reg. 2.99 M9 Reg. 3.99 I *2x3« Cases ...................... Keg. IM pr. pr. Never need ironing. Beautiful cotton muslin sheets & cases. Springmaids Marvelous No-tron Daisey Print Muslin Sheets 72x108 Twin Fitted 81x108 Full Fitted >29 Reg. 3.99 3~ Reg. 4.99 .... 3" 42X36 Case* Reg. 2.99 pr. 1 pr. Beautiful Daisy prints. Assorted colors. Towel Ensembles B»«i Sixes Hand Sizes Reg. 1.98 .... I Reg. 1.19 .... 97* WASH CLOTH Rc? . 59c 47C Towel Ensembles Bath Sizes Hand Sires Reg. 1.00 .... 87 Reg. 59c .... 57* WoshCloth R CK .59c NOW 47* Enduro Bath Rug Sets 24x36 Rug Ltd Cover R«g. 3.98 .... 2" Reg. 1.98 .... I 69 Fitted Mattress Pads 3 99 O To 7 Wipe Clean Vinyl Tablecloths ..«.,.«.,»«, T ,„ 4 Flannel backed. Wipes clean with damp cloth. Fiber Glass Draw Drapes v^toi* 4" Solid colors. Self colored foam back lining. 36" Imported Tier Curtains v.Lt.i4» pr Hand embroidered. Assorted. 27x45 Area Rugs v^t o3 M Assorted rugs to choose from. 9x12 Braided Oval RUgS Reg. 49*8 Assorted rugs to choose from. Assorted Furniture TfirOWS S.98 to 10.93 V»L 1 Assorted sizes and colors. Miramar Morgan Jones Full & Twin Heg. 10.98 99 99 100 pr. 299 39 s8 to 109 8 98 Queen xe r .n M 15 M King ** g . l9M IT 98 6 98 Colonial Lady Bedspreads Reg . 9 s In full or twin sixes. Assorted. Permanent Press Cotton Spreads vai. to 12.98 Full or twin sizes. Assorted colors. Morgan Jones Radiance Spreads Reg. is^s to n Fringed, full or twin sixes. Assorted colors, Dacron Polyester Foam Filled Bed Pillows R , K . ^ .......... Dacron Polyester King Size V»% Imported Down Riled Blanket [99 to Reg. ttt to 10.8* to £39 r 6" 99 -Therma-cJoud- 7txM). Hi-loft, printed Shadow Rose. Jununbo Waahable Valt-U* 6 All cotton. FrUU and colon. Machine washable. Underbed Storage Chest Kec.x« ............................ 2" Heavy duty vinyl Zipper etowim Strong plastic handle. Jam««town Bedspread by Morgan Jones Rot, 17 M to KM .................... 15 to Zt Matching fringe, !•»% eoUoM. M*cU*e washable. Tumble Dry. Shower KMnort. Casmalalre. 1M% acrylic. T» Say "CHARGE IT' T«U Up To 10 MontfM To Pay UM Your Bay Fair Char?* Hat*

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