The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 21, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1897
Page 4
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V* ^ fl mtJ^gJ^ta. Fast Trains To > * X Bay View ;Via' ".'-'- t G. R. .&!.. a ( V s v - StiiHiaef Sdhe6nl6 isf now iti dteet, Fnstday train,No. 7 leavesKala- tnassoo 12:3ft p. m., tot Grantl ' ' KftpwIs2:2O p. m., arriving Traversfe ' iptty 7 .W p. m,,Petosttey 7:55 p. rn. "-Bay View 8:08 p. ro. and Harbor , (Springs 8:23 p. tn. This Sche&il& '>' ' especially aecoinwlatos paHeeiitferfi coming from ptberttinm Senft ; ' . for folders and further •to A,, . Mich, TO MACKINAC PETOSKEV CHICAQO.. • Toledo, Detroit <f Mackinac PETOSKEV, THE ••SOb,«.MARQUETTE ANt> DUtUTH, EvenvtveNTfre BCTWCCN Detroit and Cleveland Connectitiff with Barllest Tralrts al Cleveland for all points 8as«, South' And * — "• Southwest. j(in«*r Trips taut, July, Angpti ami StpttmtMf Only 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ftvc i«st becti Built for our Upper IA*C Ront« costing |jbo,ooo ench. Send for illurfrated pamphlet. Address, A, A. 8CH4NTZ. O. P. *., DCTftOlt, MICK Mangled and Torn lace curtains would wickon the heart of any' conaciontioue hoiiat-koeper. Portu- natoly such a stiite of atfairs iftnot nocos-, sary. We'underteke to thoroughly wash and/iron any Jace curtain; no matter how delicate, entrusted to our care and to ro- , turn if aa whole and spun(i'.aB when brought to us. Anybody, can- launder a Bock or a handkerchief ---it. takes art to •do up" a'laco curtain in the w they are done at the St<*ntu Luunrtr.V, Hatch Block. F ( RANKUN ° -HOUSE Cor. Bates and Lamed St»., DETROIT, MICH. Only » Block firoto Woodward Ik •tufferitun Aveii. .IJMttS.Prtf. i BY A me, That Job of Lynching That Ha* Made Mexico Peel Ashamed of Herself Recently. ; Alt, SRte Of ihc Rio CWfttfo, ftftv* Bfimt t1«n " Now flhftTjred to ProntttteAt* MtwWbelr* <rf Form and Ihe-«c4«* »r Swof Mob Glty of M«xi<-&, Sfept. 21.— PvMW lit* torest Jn' *t»* alleged ly£<-f>rn£ ot Af- royd continues tty IncreiwWs stimulated fay the rumors' anfl dfoolofttisiH! In the tmsse, for as light, befftna t» 1>« thrown on ttw tttattei 1 it Jto «H»ft thftt sthere fo dtronfc pfdbA&itlty lh<*t Arrcijro Was feat killed by a trt<*rV of people, but toy i»enjjrer,or meRib^n* of ttosr police Th* tfove»nin«nt 1* Retlnf . ftrmneae anfl rirtergy in pushing vosttgation, and K&a,ea.uaetl 'of tfttifactol' Vllla-Vinteftclo, of tlte Scjcond district, euapccted at being 1m- plteatfdln the t>fot, 'which It Is Justly felt had brought disgrace on .the police "corps* as a SoSy"- VTpa>Virtcencto is now In Belem pHeon in solitary confinement. and- all Supposed fyneh^rs^most- ly ' street peddlers, JoaffefBi 'etto— have been released, as there 10 no, longer the slightest ground to hold them, > kyncher* W«>re All ftTanktxI. Imparclal saye that the Rpfest of of- ftcial? presumed to be responsible for th^crlttie» which it declares 'W&s purely and simply murder. sljtfngfthenB It «nd the public In the boltef'that the police officials now in the Jfcmds of justice are themselves nisponslblexfor the crime. It adda that, com«rto be proven— as Is to be feared It will be— that the criminals haVe'been instigated by the agents of police, solely upon them and ftot on thp entire body of the police, will the popular anathema fall. Gen d'arme Mil&n^se, who was guarding: Arroyo on the nlRht ofjthg crime, la reported to have tclcTa hiiffi&er of his 'fawilly on returning home that among the mob who entcrwl the municipal building were «ion whom he recosnl/.pd^ for In resist/ inft them he removed a disguise from one's, face and recognized him* and also feels that others wye not citizens. Milanese la In custody waiting the legal statement, • / .fin CntUtf Mam In to K«crn)e." The Mexican Herald pays, tbe government is determined la punlsit s the guilty per«fjn»v whoever they may be. Nothing has occurred for many y fears Vhi<-h has; so, angered 'the people/as this incident.' No one synipnthizes/xvlth Arroyo.' but H'was felt that the report that the people bad resorted jo lynching was placing a stigma xtn-tfie nation at lat'ge, and It Is Just tosayjOiat popular Indignation Is no greater .Hien that of thp administration whien /has been betrayed ' by certain ouVlalS Of the police, who had bc-f-n onlfjA-d to guaid with the ufmo«vt vtgilanr^the wojild-be nwasain. Mtii'Who Arv Above Suijilclctn. •Thcrfe Is no truth in the r^por-t-that -the miniHter or the governor of the, Ted- eral district havp roslgried. They are In no way rpsp.iiitslble for the; aft of tht» minor oniclalm . >vho .violated' .the hon- oraWe ' traditions of the pollen .force, Th*se men are above susiiiclon. and •ha ye. been unremitting in their endeavor to punish the true authors of the murder. The body of Arroyo has Jieeh *>urt»:rt after being delivered to his fani-' ny. ••' X. )• ,•.-: •.-'. :,..-.PROGRESS dF VELtOwVeWft. ^ B«por<M tit tli* S^ourgo from the 1'liu'eH VVhvr« It Htu App^HiXKl. , ; New Orleans. Sept. 21.— The board ,of health of the state qf fcoulalana qlflclaily announces the status of affairs iri 'New .Orleans as regards yellow fever to be at follows: For the twenty-four hours ended 6 p. m., Monday, there Were: Positive cast's reported '18 (nine, of these^ •cases have, been under treatment in > jlie practic'e of one -physlelan for spveral day.t, but w<»r« not reported, by ^lm until today); deaths, none; w;tiai)ltulatio<i —total cases to date, 6i; tofal deaths .(<* d^U>, 6. T%ie majority^>t' : : thoee under treatintinl tunUnuc' \xi be reported by their attending phyiiiclans as dolnR^elJ. N»n«- of the n«w tjasea were .reported by ont- dot-tor— t>r. Molt— and he had not otiey^d- the -tew on the »«l>j«-^ and will be aeked-to explain. H* did pot repopt the Cjufles 'When they grew s«»plcloust thus giving tb« plague .a chance to spread- At Mobile j-o,}.(?nlay thtf»'e weie two new cases. No auspjr-ious cases and BO deaths. The aitujUtan there ha» Ion sint* (be production < , the JJfelef ,¥»e ar«»»'' Win I HI &fck|M«. Famous jpffiTwUft Writ ATO«J* of ike IWfa Century- fa Kill the »n««> of literature tltere Is i &«$ aoother IKH* ufcp • - • • < IP PEOPLES BIBLE HISTORY WB« ca&te touaauwteter- I Dy «*rfcr}r Bibto reader, , o* young, scbol&rly gr «u»r' €afn>; Illtf,, Sept. 21.— There haa been" no further devolopwueut of th« yellow fever scare in thin disti-ict. Two «ft«we In (he Marian hoefKal pronuuiified yellow IteVtr In %wlW form by Pr- Guite^w and the hospital surgeon, are Improvter. . physicians of the epidemic of 1878' deny ifem malarial feyer such aa pnavila every asaHoa amony RU'n working 1,« fcwa'gj^B 404 of jofe typo. OH<i«p. f h* ttemdoti hotel, twp stores, ft house Attd lot with DiM'a and of chafd. f otms BROWN B*«t"tr«>«% Marshall, Mich. .,.^1 ,1 -^ .............. ' ..... -<- , W model bicycle; will dotl cheap for aasfe. ^««i»ifb at Attiertcatt latmdfy, north ftf GfecfleV dt«|? store! ' Talk ftbotit stylo, trtlft ftbt>ttt-H I But v^yoti«sen the BtfBifttwfttdtHg ittvi^ tations, party cards, individual bards we are patting, otft? Thejr!»s pure style Don't jtott need a trifes of pftfiting fa the above nnes ju»* eftraik pow. We have tti0RBlwiiSpgp|lA; App«tlte »tttf Good make » ttikl of tnioteattng *»pi>rlehce of *n 11* •Gentleman. No trouble is more common or underBtotxlihnn nervous dyspepsia. pie having it think that their ticrves are to blamft and are surprised that they are not our'ed by ner^c medicine and spring remedies; the real sent -at the miftcHSof is loss Bight of; the atomach ta the organ to bo looked afttfr; Nervous dyspeptics often do not have any pain whatever in the stomach, nor perbapft any of the u»aBt"Byir»£»io»a of etomftch weakness. Nervous dyBpepsia stows itaclf riot in the 'stomach eo much a« in nearly every other organ; in some cases the heart palpitates and in irregular; in others the kidneys are affected; in others the bowols are constipRted. willi hoadache^J Still ottriJfH are troubled with loss of flesh and Appetite. with accumulation of gas, eeurrimngs and heartburn. _ _ ___„ Mr. A. Yt, Sharpor of No"6l~Prosp<K;t St., Indianapolis, Ind., writes as follows "A motive of pure gratitude prompfl me to write (hose few lines rfegardiBK the now and valuable, medicitte, Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab^ lets. I have been ft suffering from nervous dyspepsia ft r the lact four years; have used various patent medicines and otbe* retne- edies without anj^ favorable result. They wmetiines gave temporary relief uhtil the effects of the medicine wore off. I attributed this to my sedentary bnbita, being a boodbecp«r withlittlo physical exercise, but I Km gtnd to state that the tablets nave overcome all i these obstacles for >'I gained tu flesh, sleep better, and am better in every way. Th'ff above is written not for notoriety, but is based on actual fact." Hcspectfully yours, A. W. SHARPER, (>1 Prospect St., Intliauapoli j , Ind. It is • snfo to say that Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure any stoin..oh weakness or diseanc except cancer of stomticti. They cure sour stomach, gas, lo'as of flesh and appetite, sleeplessness, 'palpitation, heartburn, constipation and headaches. Send for valuable little book on stomach tli«ease» by addressing Stuart Co., Matshall. Mich. • All druggists sell full sized package? at 50, cents. ' • _."•'• .'•'.- :•' ' Mctwewi Heed Tl»»« and Harvest. Is a good opportunity to enquire about fanning lands in South Dakota, only one days ride from Chicago. Bountiful crops of wheat, corn, barley and Haz reward the till«r of tb,o soil. As a stock and'dairy country South Dakota IcaOs all the world. ' First class farm iftpds with nearby markets can now be bought for from $10, $13, $15, tnd upwards, per acre, sod this is the time to in vest. For. further particulars write,.to George H. Hoafford,' General Passengor Agent, Chtengo, Milwaukee i St. I'nul Railway, Old ColohyBuiWing, Chicago, Ilh < CWI S.A.SLONAM ft CO. •9SOLC PROPRIETORS^ GINCIWNATI, OHIO. ^iU-be paid for tlie arrest and convictiou'of any one detected refillifl^ our bottles, wale l»fr W. T. miAKE ftncl A. O. Three Opini0(|is: . that the best line rronj ChlcliK' „, ' to'-'ripple Creek, Colo., ami ii. fffff ipolate shown in tin Pfatfi •iCWMTlJStOy»Dff WMkp *0' tuct ihicnRO & Alton B, R. -—- — Write ^r call to-day, for lowest ratw apt •«11 p«rtionlani. K. So>n*rvlU0, General Awent ^wiaenRer Department, 101 Adamii Street, Mar • lAt^A tlll't>dlnif. Ollitt&ffO* fMitlfllfc ••!_ '_j • '<Wlrt^ MML./»,OMr.m-. Jtfc^J.1- * '" ****J^*"^^^ J —• -«—*——— 1 \ *'T/ie CHICAGO RECORD\is a model newspaper in every sense of tfje word."—• Harrisburg{Pa.) Call. \ \ * 'There is no paper published 1n America that so nearly approaches the true journal" \ fstic ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD*"— Prom "Newspaperdom" (New York). • *'/ have come to the firm conclusion, after a long test and after a wide comparison with the journals of many cities and countries, that The CHICAGO &B€ORD comes as near being the Jdeal daily journal as we are for some time likely to find on these mortal shores. "— Prof. J. T. Uatfield it, The Evanston (III.) Index. Sold by newsdealers^£n£ruwji€re and . subscriptions received by all postmasters. Address THE CHL : CAGO RECORD, IS I Madison-sL RexTablets are sold under a positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, and we stand by our guarantee.-€URES all Nervous Diseases, impotence, Varlcocele, Lost Vitality in, old or young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all effects ot self- abuse or excesses. Stops dangerous drain?. A genuine nerve tonic. Shows immediate improvement^ The grandest remedy of modern times. Don't buy -imitations. \Get REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents, or s^c packages (a full treatment) for $2.50, by^mail, in plain package, on receipt of prick Circular free,, If I \tfi\UEMFIW TO M PLVMOUTH ttL, KinW^fCiTltl,!! VU., CHICAOO, ILL. For *ale aVAlarehftll, Mich, by A. O. HYDK. 6AVBAT8, TRAblB MARKB, DESIGN PATENTS, COPVRIOHTS, «tO.'. Jl»n<IUo«k^» v rHo to it t'O.t "M liiuiitiVi'Vr, NBW Yoau. Ol<lp!»t burcnii for wcurl'iK P»f'ivta tnNAmpflcm Kyery p'lleut taStn t>ut hy us Is hnmnlit t«;for» Uiq ImbUi! lij a uuticu ulven free of cliani<iklh.ttta "My boy-gaunt, Jbgnaa tonwIxool o»e y iritb h» huud badly lacerated and bltxjdiug* ftud sufftjring great pajo." aays Mr, E..I. Schail/with M«yor Bras. Dtog Co., St. Itosttin, Ife "I dressed the wnd uftpHed Chttmberlaitfft Pftin freely. ' All l»ain ceased, and in a tiHje it hf^ltxj, withcHit Levying a For woendfl,8ijraio«,4\ifelliagsand aat I oow «jf jaa 30iediciiji?i OJT| to it,t> I (JCBaaidtw it ft J The 2§>--.a»4 ve and THE HENRY Q.8HEPARD CO. &4 ITO3EVI.A. WANTED AN Itb-^Writ^ Pay Vuur I wijl bo »4 tib* c*be ol the hotel duruig t>jagJm»iB hours uin$il lurthw aotke, far the {Wfffiaw o| roceivuug city tan* which ore now awe. Save the, extra coiltxjiipu fee ^ypayiug BOW. T»M£ TABLE, 4^LY 4. lg&7. rtiwdw* tloM loent BUUGLJB6, ttttft. Bv &» feat 2fty&®* W* have fcept Plso*8 Otiit for in stoc^ an4 wouJd'sooner thlnka g^ocerynun could et along: without sugar in his store than we could without Jt is Owe seHeiv-RAYEfiJ «s CCX, Dr«ggg^ L1V&M.R.R. - Bij.ASj^wii All .., v.(Hp. m. .,, „ 5rtS fi. at, i; Toledo wad , R. A- 0. HYDE. I^rHfid elrnitatlnri o^ pnlppr In th»\ inau KtmuM- <M wioiout It. \Vivkly. Vf.'I.OOa yc i Jl.sif.ljf nvridiii. A<t'tn»v<. M!,J.<V it C'Oi V'L^uiHtuj. :i«i,Un.u'iwuy,;; .»v Vurncny. no health without pure blood I no pure t>lood without pure kidneys ..' • ° . ;. no p««> Or. Vates* A§pmr«jru» Wliw cleans the kidney* •ml r«move» Rheumatism., <«ou( and other disease* produced by impure wood. 11.00 per bottle of all druggists, or by express prepaid upon re- ewpt of price. Send for ifrpage pamphlet, "A New Paifof Kidneys," free by mail. ' bad of.,.,.. M. B. POWELL, Druggist., iMAEBHALL, MICH DR. FELIX LEBRUH'S equine onU»BEWCU, -iwr-™^ A. O. HYDE. Net «ous Debility, OR.B. O. WMT-» HfR»E m BUM AU 3}HE*S HIITMIOM. ritten " A_ ____ rr k

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