Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 15, 1935 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 15, 1935
Page 5
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IB, 198S. x ONfe Of ROGERS' LAST PICTURES COMES TO PAMPA Out of romantic pages t>r American- history. Fox Film plucked one of the most exciting mid colorful phases of Mississippi river life to furnish a thrilling climax for Will Rogers' new picture, "Steamboat Round the Corner," now at La Nora theater. Once a year the fastest packets of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers would line up amid a great celebration and stage a steamboat race from Natchez; to New Orleans, the gala event of the year. Crowds would line the shores, river crafts would drift tip'and down stream cheering their favorites and all work was forgotten in the excitement and anticipation of R thrilling race. In the film, as in the- old days, ROgers and Irvin S. Cobb, rival steamboat pilots, employ every possible means of winning the race. Old furniture, wax statues, firewater medicine and most anything that would bum are used as fuel to turn the tide of victory. The bitter rivalry of Rogers and Cobb, masters of "The Claremore Queen" and "The Pride of Paducah " reaches a thrilling climax when • their packets fight it out for the supremacy of the Mississippi. The race, however, is merely a highlight to the dramatic climax, ,, since Rogers' sole purpose in cnter- / Ing the. race is to save the life of a boy, who through a misunderstanding is held by the law for murder. In support of Rogers 'and Cobb, the large cast of players Includes Anne Shirley, Eugene Pallettc, John McGuire, Burton Stepln Fetchlt. Churchill, and "Steamboat Round the Bend" was THE f AMPA DAILY NEWS, Psffips, font Rivals Win Filw Laughs What happens when one great American humorist meets another great American humorist? In Fox Film's "Steamboat Uound the Bend" this situation is bringing gplts or laughter as Will Rogers and Irvin Cobb match wits and ivilc.7 as rival steamboat captains on the old romanctic Mississippi, at Ihc I-a Nora theater. PUCES JT TRI-SM Four Cirri peaces in the home dcmc'iu'tratinn club exhibit at the Trl-Rtatc. fair were won by Gray county club women, and seven by 4-H club girls, A number of second places were taken by the Gray county women and girls. A list of winners from this county was sent Saturday from Amarillo by Miss Ruby Adams, county agent, produced by Sol M. Wurtzel and directed by John Ford. TOGETHER They glorify the story the world could never forget! A Return Engagement of LIONEL BARKYMORi A 8. G. DeSylva Production wild EVELYN VINABlf . JOHN LODGE J and Bill ROBINSON M NOW ' -ALSO- Thru Watch The Birdie Tiles. Fox News Will) Special—, ANNe SH | Rlfy News shots Con- IRVIN $. COBB federate Reunion. who took the county exhibit to the ffir Friday. She wrote that the display this year was the largest she has seen at the Amarillo fair. Women's List. Winners from women's clubs in this county were listed as follows: Canned okra, Mrs. F. C. Knight, BJuebonnet club, first. Carrots, Mrs. Knight, third. English peas, Mrs. J. C. Browning, Merten .third. Field peas, Mrs. Knight second. Canned apples, Mrs. Knight ,sec- and. Pears, Mrs, Norman Walberg, Prlt-cllla clubs, third. Can of fruit, unclassified, Mrs. Knight, third. Bread and butter pickles, Mrs. O. G. Smith, KingsmiH, first; Mrs. Alva Phillips, Merten, second. Sweet cucumber rings, Mrs. Knight, second. Pickled onions, Mrs. Knight, .second. Chow-chow, Mrs. Phillips, KRcond. Whole sweet cucumbers, Mrs. Joe Lewis. Priscilla club, first. Dill pickles, Mrs. Lewis, third. Vegetable pickle. Mrs. Knight, first; Mrs. Smith, third. Pear preserves, Mrs. C. McKnight, Bpll cluub, second. Orange marmalade, Mrs. C. A. Tignor, Priscilla club, third. Tnwcll, Mrs. Knight, third. Deco- ivttd pillow ease, Mrs. Knight, third. Dresser rctirf. Mrs. Waller Smith, McLean, third. 3i) the club girl.',' division, Gray county winners placed as follows: Cimnntl green bnaius, Bennie Ma'e Wailc, McLean, third. Tomatoes, IjoLs Helen Foster, Sunshine club, second. Plums, Beryl Tignor, Sunshine club, third. Pickled peaches, Margaret Tignor, Sunfhinn club, firs 1 :; Marie Enri.v, McLcim. .second. Sandwich .spread, Gwendolyn Couts. Hopkins, flirt. Sour cucumber pickles, Mar- Riu'et Tignor, third. Sweet cucuni- b-r rings. Beryl Tignor, first. Cu- c'limbcr rcli.sli, Lois Crossniicn, Hopkins, first. Peach preserves, Margaret Tignor, third. Cherry preserves, Beryl Tignor, first. Plum preserves, Margaret Tignor ..second. Plum jelly, MargKi'ct Tignor, second, Candlewick spread, Beryl Tignor, first; Margaret Tignor, second. Towel, Margaret Tignor, first. Plain pillow cas-s, Ollie Marie Grossman, Hopkins, second. Decorated pillow case, Joyce Dowell, Back club, third. CROWD ENJOYS PICNIC SUPPER NEARVHEELER School For Is Preparing First Grid Game WHEELER, Sept. M. —Several young people gathered at Shot-mi's cnnyons Wednesday evening for a picnic. After many game? were played, a picnic supper, consisting if bacon, rolls, pickles, and marsh- nnllows was enjoyed. Present were Helen Green, Anna VIPC Puett, Marguerite Fickc, Helen Qllmorc, Annie Mae Oreen, Mary Eunice Noah, Elizabeth Joss, Pay Ficke, Koah Bi-yant, Jeffrey Me- Crohan, John Ficke, Walter Adams. Coy Hix, Wayland Morrlman, Paul Dafferon. Gralngcr Mcllhatiy, Da- marls Holt, Lindsay McCasland, and Kelly. Coach Bob Clark was the featured entertainer on the banquet program cf the Junior chamber of commerce meeting in the Legion hut in Shamrock at 8 o'clock Monday night. Several talks made by members were also included In the entertainment. Jimmy Smith Is president of the organization and George Riddle chairman of the program committee. Many friends of Miss Edith Ashley gathered at the court house Tuesday afternoon when she was' honored with a shower. Miss Ashley will leave soon to attend college. The Wheeler football squad will open Its season Friday night with a. game against the Miami Warriors In Wheeler on the new lighted field. Bleachers have been built, and, according to Coach Bob Clark, everything is in fine shape for the game. Personals. Misses Marguerite Ficko, Mary Lyn Wiley, and Elizabeth Joss attended a show In Shamrock Sunday afternoon. Miss Bernlc Addlson, who completed work on her B. J. degree at the University of Missouri last week, returned to Wheeler with them. I III K CTITTQ III *1 0 I fl I LO LADIES AID AT SKELLYTOWN IS ENDINGCONTEST Floyd Pennlngton transacted business In Oklahoma City from Sunday until Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buchanan were in LeFors Monday night. C. J. Meek was a business visitor in Shamrock Tuesday morning. RED POPPY SHEAF ON SATIN GOWN PARIS (/P)—A sheaf of great red poppies cascading from the shoul- deis adds a bright splash of color to a black and silver striped satin evening gown. IU_is cut on a slender princess line and finished with a train. lOc State 25c Jean HARLOW William POWELL RECKLESS Cartoon Coconut Grove Orchestra Now Thru Tucs. LOCAL THEATER PROGRAMS The Punipa theater program for this wpclt follows: LA NORA THEATER Today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Will Rogers In "Steamboat Round the Bend": comedy. "Headllncrs." "Circus Days," and Paramount news. Thursday, Kalherinc Hepburn in "Alice Adams"; comedy, "Dixie Lend." find "Film Follies." Fridav and Saturday, Geo Brent and Bette Davis In "Special Agent"; cnnedy "Thicker Than Water," and Paramount news. REX THEATER Today. Monday and Tuesday, 'Shirley Temple In "Little Colonel"; comedy, "What the Birdie," and Fox news. Wednesday and Thursday. Ben Lyon in "Together We Live"; comedy, "Fighting Fish," and "Alibi Bye. Bye." Friday and Saturday, Tim McCoy in "Revenge Rider"; comedy, "Moans and Groans," and "Rustlers of Red Dog," No. 7. STATE THEATER, Today, Monday, and Tuesday, Jean Harlow and William Powell In "Reckless"; comedy, "Buddy Steps Out," and "Star Night at Coconut Grove." Wednesday and Thursday, Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey in "Nitwits"; comedy, "Broadway Highlight," and "Gypsy Sweethearts." Friday and Saturday, Jack Perrin in "Cactus Kid"; comedy, "Swat That Fly," and "Anniversary Trouble." ^. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Landy are guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Babione, en route from Chicago to their home in California. Mrs. Landy is a sister of Mr. Babione. _ Mrs. G. C. Crocker and Mrs. Dan Sheffield visited in Amarillo the last of the week. They took Mrs. Largent, mother of Mrs. Sheffield, to her home there after a visit here. SOFT WATER Is now available through the use of a PERMUTIT water softener. SOFT WATER will —give you a beautiful, clear skin • • • —give you clean, soft hair. —save the wash-wear on fabrics . . . —make your glassware spotlessly clean . . . —give a lustre to silverware ... Let us show you how you can pay for a PEUMUTIT with the money you save. Phone Combs- Wortey Grouw4 Floor GOVERNOR OF IDAHO IS AMONG THOSE TO HONOR HER Col Shirley Temple Is at the Rex theater. Slip's "the little colonel" of four states! Idaho's governor, and the most Important American Legion post in the United Stales, independently conferred on the 5-year old star this signal honor. Kentucky and New Jersey followed suit. Thus Shirley, whose metcorin rise to screen fame within six months, forms one of the most amazing chapters In the book of entertainment history, becomes the world's youngest military officer. It is the reward for her superbly natural gifts, her wonderful personality, the dash and sparkle that make her the envy of seasoned troupers, and the idol of young and old. First to honor the marvelous Shirley was Gov. C. Ben Ross of Idaho. After seeing this 5 year-old bundle of curls and personality in four Pox attractions, he lost his heart to her, and Instantly made her his aide-de-camp. The necessary papers were drawn, and the commission sent to Shirley. Soon after, the American Legion, post 45, Hollywood, Calif.,, made Shirley an honorary colonel with appropriate ceremonies. Little Shirley marched into the auditorium of the post's clubhouse. Preceding her was the post's championship band, nnd on either side, the officers who were to conduct the ceremonies. Shirley, in the presence of an audience of 1,000 Legionnaires, received the commission that permits her to wear the shoulder straps with the outspread eagle. On receiving her commission, Shirley was presented by Post Commander Louis Sanepe with the overseas cap emblematic of the Legion membership and with a medal. This event, which took place in the presence of the proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. George F. Temple, occurred, strangely enough, precisely at the time that Shirley was engaged in making a picture called "The Little Colonel." Sewing Club Is One Active Group Of Week SKELLYTOWN. Sept. M. —The Ladies' Aid met at the church Thursday afternoon in a regular meeting. The attendance contest now In progress will close the first meeting of next month. For the program yesterday. 26 members were present. The devotional. Highways and Byways of Life, was given by Mrs. J. C. Jarvis. Mrs. Harrv sherricb read a paper on Building the Church. Mrs. Gallemorc read a poem by Guest, and Mrs. W. Campbell read mi Interesting story on A Missionary to China. The remainder of the afternoon was spent in business discussions. P. If. Sewing Club. Mrs. Jack Tomlln was hostess to the Pleasant Hour Sewing club on Friday afternoon. A business meeting was held immediately after roll call, and it was decided to have a grab-bag to raise funds. Those present to enjoy the afternoon were Mines. B. Barnes, D. Bqwsher, Carl Williams, W. W. Hughes, E. M. Stafford, Arthur Johnson, J. C. Jarvis, and the hostess. Mrs. Williams is to be the next hostess. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. Feigenspan were Amarillo visitors last Tuesday. children spent the weefc-end with Mrs. Simms' parents in Tulla, Miss Ann Thtirston arrived this week to take up her duties as teacher In the local school. Her mother, who has been 111. has improved so that Miss Thttrston might leave her. •1. O. K'ughes and his aunt, Mrs. Ike Hughes, motored to Porlalps, N. M.. last Friday to .spend tin; weekend with friends. Mrs. Dallas Bcwsher motored to Amarillo last Friday to spend the evening With her husband, who is recovering from an operation in an Amarillo hospilal. Mr. Bowsher has been in the hospilal several weeks. Mrs. F. D. Harvey and children and Miss Buna Harvey of near Pampa. visited In Skcllylown Thursday. «fcV,£| II— Subject: L. Bttrney Sundfty school 10. Morning worship "Tesch Us to Pray." Anthem by the choir "Shepherd, Guide Me" Holten. . Junior Christian Endeavor will meet at 7 p. m. Mrs. K. W. Bunch will be .In charge. 1 Evening worship 8—Subject" .Con- lenlnipnt." "J have learned, In whatever state I am, therewith to lip content." Four additiom to the church last Sunday. If this is the church of your rhoiCT. why not, place your membership with us now. Thf public is cordially' invited to woi-Fhip with us. INITIALS ON BUTTONS LONDON W)—To oe really up- to-diitc buttons on frocks and sweaters must display the wearer's initial. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Simms and home of their oldest daughter, Mrs. J. M. Kempcr of Tulia. Pioneer Has Birthday. MIAMI, Sept. 14.—"Uncle Charlie" Harris, oldest resident of Roberts coinit^, ^celebrated his 91st birthday Wednesday. His children and a host of friends were present for the dinner or during the day. Classes Organize, CANADIAN, Sept. 14.—The senior class in high school here elected John Thomas president, and the juniors chose Stanley Meeks at first meetings last week. (Continued'from Page 4) sons opened this week for a number of groups. The Mother's club had its annual breakfast, with Mrs. George F. Crow as toaslmasler, on Tuesday. Mozart club was entertained by Miss Hope Bussey, and Miss Deris Hollcroffc took office as president. Autrurian club had a breakfast this morning at Mrs. Theo Tipps' home. P-TA Terms Started. Shamrock, Sept. 14. — Parent- Teacher associations started new years last week. Mrs. T. C. Davis is president of South Ward unit, and Mrs. L. E. Ward of North Ward association. Oolrtcn Wedding Honored. WHEELER, Sept. 14.—Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Stovall, residents of Wheeler county for 28 years, were honored on their golden wedding anniversary last Sunday at the Southern Club Now Under New Management The Southern club now under the personal management of George Walters announces a new and 'better class of entertainment to be presented each night for the lovers of dancing: and good music. The best orchestras and featured entertainers obtainable are to be a permanent feature of the club. Courteous treatment and .popular prices at all times will prevail. The club announces a dance and floor show to be given Tuesday night absolutely free to acquaint you with its high class program to be presented all week. Come out and enjoy yourself. The Via Lago review featuring a company of super artists in an exceptionally high class program will arrive in Pampa for a five day engagement. Starting Tuesday evening. This troupn has Just finished a successful tour of new Mexico and Colorado, playing at the better night clubs and dances. Don't miss this entertainment treat. Adv. Sterling Silver Adds Charm and Distinction to Your Table We Present for Your Approval CHANTILLY —by Gorham HERITAGE —by Reed & Barton MINUET —by International ROMAINE —by Reed & Barton On Display for Your Approval We inv-te you to come in and inspect these beautiful patterns by world-famous silversmiths McCARLEY'S ''Jewelry of Integrity" 24 HOUR MECHANICAL SERVICE "BEAR" FRAME & AXLE WORK. COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE HIGH PRESSURE WASHING SPECIALIZED LUBRICATION OPEN AM, — NIGHT Phone «53 Just West of th« Schneider Hotel Phone *BS Style Revue Next Thursday and Friday September 19th and 20th We are having- our Fail Opening. Modeling- of garments will be held throughout both days. In connection with our own style showing a representative with "Fashion Studio" Dresses and Suits will be here both days showing and modeling their garments. You are most cordially invited to come any time either day and witness the Style Revue. Mitchell's "APPAREk FOR WOMEN" 1 *?,",'.'*" ^ >-. l •"• >• ',v\*j Ji uuimi'- iij - ~-,f-T^-™j ^^-ffl5p*^VE|»T^Tr" "•"•"'^"wy'"-4J'rw^fy^S « ~ , f- \ ^ ,-%«*'»;! •« v „ f Mi, '\M i - 1 • . tltt

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